Ty was leaning against the wall of the shower, the water was gently cascading down him from the showerhead. He opened his eyes, looking down, seeing his hands on Alec's hips, he looked further down and saw himself deep inside of Alec's narrow, tight ass, buried, as Alec moved himself back and forth, pushing against the glass to steady himself. Ty watched himself go in and out as Alec fucked against him, moaning, taking almost all of his enormous length.

Alec paused a moment and then reached down, picking up the wand. He turned it and aimed it up, letting the water spray intensely on Ty's large balls. Ty tilted his head back against the tile wall, letting the water pound him from below, as Alec started to move again, letting himself control the motion of the fuck. Ty was in heaven and felt it build up inside him, and then moaned loudly, grasping Alec's hips tighter.

"Cum, baby." Alec growled. "Yeah, fuckin' cum in me...oh my...oh...I can feel you...pumping it...yeah, fuck me..."

"Aw, bitch." Ty moaned out, feeling it going through him, shooting inside Alec again. Ty pushed his full length into Alec with his last pulse, making Alec moan louder.

"Fuck." Alec whispered and stopped moving. He took the wand and reached up and cradled it into the rest of the head, snapping it into place. He leaned back against the thick muscles of Ty's chest, letting arms wrap around him from behind. He turned his head sideways, letting Ty fill his open mouth with Ty's tongue. Alec reached up with one arm and brought it behind Ty's head, pulling him tighter to him, still impaled on the huge length. Slowly, they pulled away from each other. Ty gently let himself out of Alec, leaving Alec an empty feeling. Alec turned and stepped into Ty, wrapping his arms around Ty's thick neck, kissing him deeply again, feeling Ty's hard length up against his stomach and lower chest, trapped between them. Alec drew back, looking into Ty's eyes.


"You're welcome."

"You made one of my fantasies come true."

"Glad I could help." Ty turned and rubbed himself with the water, then went to step out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and started to dry himself, then turned back and watched Alec rinse all of the fluid that was leaking out of his tight ass. "Need a hand with that?"

Alec looked over his shoulder, and wiggled his eyebrows. "Are we going to do it again?"

"Little horn dog, aren't you?" Ty asked, just shaking his head. "No, we're not doing it again, until Conner comes back." Ty snickered, seeing Alec pout. "Then I'm going to fuck you both."

"That will be fun." Alec said, rinsing himself off, then shutting the water off. He took the towel that Ty handed him, and began to dry himself. "Can I ask you a question?"


"How many times can you do it?"

"Too many." Ty said, flatly. "It's a curse."


"Let's just say, there have been a few guys that didn't like it. Some have a problem with my size too."

"Are you kidding me? I think it's fucking amazing." Alec said quickly, making Ty raise his eyebrows. "I mean, don't get me wrong, Conner is big, and I love his cock and what he can do with it, but yours is...amazing."

"Thanks." Ty started to turn away. "Are you going to be late?"

"No. Shift starts at four. Gives me time to stop by the restaurant and talk to Emilio."

"Oh, good. Don't want you to be late."

"What are you going to do?"

"Go hang sheetrock."

"Like that?"

Ty looked down at himself and then back up at Alec. "Why not? I do it whenever I can get away with it."

"That's fucking hot. I'll be hard all night just thinking about it."

"You need to be hard about somebody else."

"Conner." Alec almost whispered.

"Yes...Conner." Ty said, leaning against the bathroom doorjamb.

Alec stepped out of the shower, walking up to Ty. He dropped the towel, and gave Ty the dreamy eyed look. He draped his arms over Ty's shoulders and went crotch to crotch with Ty. Ty smiled out of the corner of his mouth, as he put his hands on Alec's hips.

"You are fucking amazing." Alec said softly. "I could so steal you away from Derrick."

Ty smirk and kissed Alec softly. He stared into Alec's eyes for a long moment. "Not gonna happen. I told you how I feel about Derrick. What we did was fun, and I know that if I explain it to Derrick, he'll be cool with it. But, it's Derrick I want." Ty kissed Alec softly again, seeing his face drop. "You are so fuckin' beautiful. And I would snap you up, if Derrick wasn't in the picture, but he is, and he's hopefully always going to be."

"I get it." Alec said, looking down, then lifted his eyes back up to meet Ty's. "But, if I wanted a quickie with you?"

"Maybe, if the timing was right." Ty winked, then let go of Alec's hip, standing straight. "Now, I have a job to go do, and I think you do too, right?"

"Yeah, you're right." Alec answered, quietly. "But, thank you for what we did."

"I enjoyed it very much." Ty reached up and touched the tip of Alec's nose, then turned and walked away out the back door. Alec picked up the towel and hung it up and then got dressed.


Derrick hung up the phone, as he stood behind his desk. He looked up and saw Kim standing there in the doorway. Derrick just looked at her, and then he nodded his head toward her.

"Sid is here. I don't know where Terry is."

"It's alright. Terry's in Calvin's office with Tom. You can send Sid in." Derrick said softly.

Kim turned, and then looked back at Derrick, stepping out of the way of the door. Sid came into view and walked in. He looked worried, with wide eyes. He crossed over to Derrick's desk, reaching out his hand.

"Thanks for getting here so quick." Derrick said, taking Sid's hand over the desk. He looked down, seeing a folder in Sid's left hand. "I guess that's it?"

Sid pulled his hand back and looked at the folder, then back up at Derrick. "Yes. How did you get him to agree to this?"

"Let's just say, I used...gentle persuasion."

"Oh, Jesus. You didn't get physical with him, did you?"

"Well, maybe a little." Derrick said, shrugging his shoulders. "It came to a head, and I guess I kind of lost it."

"And he still agreed to it?"

"I gave him no choice."

"He can fight this, you know?"

"He won't." Derrick said, flatly, getting riled up again. "I have something on him that you don't know."


"It's big, it's monetary, and it's personal." Derrick said, and then sat down in his chair, breathing a sigh of relief. "I don't think he counted on it when he tried what he did. Or, maybe he did, I don't know. But, the fact remains that he has no choice and is willing to sign everything over, and in front of witnesses."

"Wow." Sid said, his eyes wide. "Maybe you can fill me in on it another time?"

"Sure. Let's just get this over with, shall we? I want that son-of-a-bitch out of here."

"Okay. Where is he?"

"Follow me." Derrick said, getting up, and then walked out of his office, with Sid in tow behind him. They walked to Calvin's door, and when Derrick reached it, he turned the knob and threw the door open, letting it bang against the wall. Everyone jumped. Derrick walked in and walked up to the desk. It looked to him that Calvin was regrouping, gathering some of his strength back, judging by the look on his face. Derrick saw it and stepped over to the desk quickly and put his fists on the desktop, leaning over toward Calvin.

"I have Sid here, with the document that requires your signature. I have spoken to the bank, they're prepping a cashiers check for you. I'll have it in my hands before close of business. All I need to know is do you want me to mail it to you? Or do you want me to hand it to you?"

Calvin's eyes flashed as he sat back a little. He could see the anger still in Derrick's eyes. He gulped and chose his words carefully.

"You can send it to me." Calvin said quietly.

"You need to speak up. The others didn't hear you." Derrick said louder.

"You can send it to me!" Calvin spoke loudly.

"Did you hear that Sid?" Derrick asked, without turning away from Calvin.

"Yes, I did." Sid replied.


"Yes, I heard him."

"Good." Derrick said, then leaned closer to Calvin. "Now, may we have the document, please?"

Sid stepped forward and opened the folder. He pulled out the document and lay it on the desk. Derrick glanced down at it. There was an 'X' next to a line that was blank, with Calvin's name typed underneath it. Derrick watched Sid turn it and slide it in front of Calvin.

"It requires your signature at the 'X'. I can provide you a copy if you wish." Sid said, feeling around his pockets for a pen. "I don't seem to have a pen..."

"Here, by all means, use mine." Derrick snarled, pulling a pen from his shirt pocket, clicking it and then slamming it on the desktop. Calvin cleared his throat and then picked it up, glancing up at Derrick and then signed the paper, and set the pen down. He sat back. Sid reached out and took it, turning it and sliding it in front of Derrick.

"It requires your signature as well, Derrick." Sid said. Derrick picked up the pen, then signed where Sid indicated, then back at Calvin. "Tom, you need to sign it as well." Tom stepped forward, and signed. "Good. Now I need two witnesses."

"Terry? Neal?" Derrick called out. "Would you be willing to witness this?"

"Yes, boss." Terry said, stepping forward.

"Just a moment." Sid said. "For legality, I need to ask if Calvin agrees to them witnessing." Sid turned and looked down at Calvin. "Calvin?"

Calvin looked at Sid for a moment, just a moment, giving him a look like he was in desperation. Sid just stood there. Calvin looked at Derrick, who still had that glare, that glare of death. Calvin sat back, relenting.

"It's fine with me." Calvin said. Terry and Neal stepped forward, each signing the document where Sid indicated. Finally, it was done. Sid picked it up and returned it to the folder, closing it. He stood straight, waiting.

"Now," Derrick said, "I want you out of here."

"Derrick..." Calvin started to say.

"Not a word...do you understand?" Derrick snarled, leaning even closer. "Get...up."

Calvin got up slowly from his chair. He looked around the empty office for a moment and then walked around the desk. Tom backed up to the far wall slowly, leaning against it, folding his arms over his chest. Derrick was watching Calvin intently, his every move, as he pulled back from over the top of the desk, turning to face Calvin.

"I'll see you out." Derrick said as he walked slowly toward the door, Calvin following him. Derrick stopped at the door, looking back at everyone. "I'll be back in a minute." He looked at Calvin and then they walked out of the door. Derrick walked to the back of the firm's offices to the back door, Calvin behind him. Derrick reached the back door and opened it, standing out of the way, holding the door. Calvin walked through, then turned. He looked at Derrick for a moment and then Calvin hung his head, he turned and walked toward his truck. Derrick watched him get in and start it up. Calvin sat there for a long minute, and then put it in reverse. He backed out slowly, then pulled out of the parking lot. Derrick closed the door.

"You should have seen it." Tom said to Sid. "Derrick reached out with one hand, grabbed Calvin and pulled him over the desk to the floor." Tom shook his head. "Derrick has always been very muscular, but it was like he was Superman or something. Jesus, I've never seen anyone do something like that."

"Then what?" Sid asked, wide eyed.

"I grabbed him by the shoulders to pull him off, but I couldn't budge him. Then Terry jumped in to help me."

"Yeah, even with both of us, we couldn't move him." Terry chimed in.

"He scared me. For a minute there, I thought he was going to really kill him." Tom said.


"Wow, what?" Derrick asked. Everyone jumped hearing him.

"They were telling me what happened." Sid said, stepping toward Derrick. "You know, Derrick, he can still press charges for assault."

"Let him." Derrick said flatly, looking at Sid. Sid, seeing the look, leaned back a little. Derrick turned and looked at Tom. "I was going to talk to you." Derrick said, making Tom tilt his head. "I pulled Terry into my office earlier and asked him if he would be the new office manager. Would you have a problem with that?"

"Absolutely not." Tom said without hesitation, stepping forward, and then smiled at Terry. "I think it's perfect. He's more than capable, he's shown it over and over." Tom looked back at Derrick, smiling. "Good call. But, where should we put him?"

"Why not in here?" Derrick asked. Tom's eyes went wide.

"Uh...bad idea." Tom said, his face dropping.

"Really? Why?"

"One, what just happened. Two, I would think he needs to be more near the front, to be accessible to everyone. Don't you agree?"

Derrick nodded, then gave Terry a side glance, then back at Tom. "Where should we put him then?"

"I suggest that we put him in my office, and I'll move into here. My office is becoming a little too small, and I could use the peace and quiet back here. I might get some more done back here as well."

Derrick smiled, then turned toward Terry. "Well? Is that alright with you?"

"It's perfect, boss."

"Then it's settled. You guys can work out the details later. But, Terry, as your first task at being the office manager, I need you to get a locksmith here. I want all the locks changed. Have keys made for only those that need them. I'll call the alarm company and have everything updated."

"Sure, boss. Who needs keys?"

"Me, Tom, you, Kim, and probably Claire. She likes to come in early. Make sure it happens today, alright?"

"No problem."

Tom stepped forward and shook Terry's hand, and then patted him on the shoulder. "Congratulations, Terry." Terry just beamed. Tom turned and looked at Neal. "Neal, how about you and I go and pack up all my crap?"

"Sure thing." Neal said, following Tom out.

Derrick turned and looked at Sid. "Why don't you and I go have a little chat, if you have time?"

Sid smiled. "For what I charge you by the hour? I have all the time in the world."


Ty was standing on the small platform holding the sheet in place up against the studs of the wall he built for the bathroom. He fussed with it just a little and then reached down with one hand and grabbed his drill. He put it to the screw head and sank it, pinning the sheet to the stud. He moved to the next one and sank it, and so and so on. Once all of the screws were sunk, he turned and stood the next sheet. He re-measured the studs and then made marks on the sheet. He picked up his sheetrock square and drew faint lines and set some screws using his drill. He placed the sheet and screwed it to the wall. He stopped when he heard the wolf whistle behind him. He looked over his shoulder, seeing Alec standing at the big door.

"Now that's fuckin' sexy. Just wearing your bags."

Ty turned and smiled, giving Alec the complete show. Ty was totally naked, except for his nail bags. His flaccid cock hung down between his legs, with his large balls behind them, pushing him out slightly. Alec just grinned at what he saw before him.

"Told ya." Ty said, and then went back to getting another sheet ready. "You leaving?"

"Yeah. Wish I didn't have to though. Seeing you like this, makes me want to strip and help you."

"Yeah, I know, sorry." Ty smiled, looking at Alec. He turned his attention back to sheet and began mark it with faint lines. "When you coming back?"

"When Conner comes back." Alec said as he came closer to Ty, watching his every move.

"Really? Are you going to the apartment after work?"

"There's some things I need to do there, yeah." Alec said, staring at Ty's tight cheeks, flanked by the nail bags. "I want everything just right before he gets here. You know?"

Ty looked over his shoulder at Alec. "Yeah, I know. Don't worry too much, he'll be glad to see you."

"I hope."

"Trust me." Ty said with a smile, then winked. "Text him tonight when you get a minute. Tell him you didn't pass out."


"He'll know what it means. Tell him I said it."

"Oh, gotcha." Alec said, with the realization. "Well, I gotta go."

"Okay. See ya." Ty said screwing down the sheet. Alec dipped his head down and went to turn. Ty looked over his shoulder. "Alec." Ty turned toward him. Alec turned around.


Ty stepped forward and kissed Alec softly. "Thanks for today. I really enjoyed being with you."

Alec beamed back at Ty. "Thanks. I really enjoyed it too. I hope we can do it again sometime."

"We will." Ty winked and kissed him again. Alec grinned and turned and walked away. Ty watched him walk out the big door and across the lawn. He turned back to another sheet.


"So, now you know." Derrick said to Sid, sitting across from Derrick. Derrick got up from his desk and walked around it, leaning on the edge, putting his hands on the desktop.

"For God's sake, Derrick. Why didn't you ever tell me before?"

"It was a personal matter. I didn't think it important enough, until today."

"That's a hell of a trump card you've got."

"I think so as well." Derrick said, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Come in." The door opened and it was Terry.

"Sorry, boss."

"What's up?"

"I wanted to tell you, the locksmith won't be here until late this afternoon, maybe early evening."

"Is there someone else you can call?"

"I tried everyone in town that's reputable."

"Alright then. I guess we'll have to wait or do it tomorrow. You make the call."

"The guy I would want can be here in the morning, first thing."

"Then I would say, that would be the call. Right?"

"Got it."

"Thanks for letting me know. Tell Tom, will you?"

"Sure will."

"Oh, and Terry?" Derrick asked. "Tell everyone that there will be a staff meeting in the morning in the conference room, okay?"

"Got it."

"Everyone, alright?" Derrick asked, tilting his head slightly. Terry nodded in reply and then walked out, closing the door behind him.

"You made a good choice in him." Sid said, getting to his feet.

"I think so." Derrick smiled. "He makes it easy."

"Good." Sid said, and then reached out his hand. Derrick took it. "I'll get you copies of this, along with a few other things to go over. We can meet in a day or so."

"That will be fine." Derrick said, letting go of Sid's hand. "I really appreciate you getting here so quick with that."

"Tom said it was more than urgent when he called."

"Good old Tom." Derrick said, as he walked Sid out to the lobby. "Thanks again, Sid. I've got to go check on Tom."

Sid turned and smiled. "You're welcome, Derrick. I'll call and let you know when everything is ready." They shook hands again, and Sid walked out of the lobby. Derrick looked down at Kim and winked, then walked off in search of Tom.

"Looks like you're moving well enough." Derrick said, leaning against the doorway, watching Tom and Neal pack boxes. Tom looked up and smiled.

"I think so." Tom said, smiling at Derrick. "I'm getting excited about moving."

"Oh? Why's that?"

"Larger office." Tom answered flatly. "I can put my drafting board in there now. Maybe get some work done with pencil and paper, rather than that damn computer."

Derrick snickered hearing Tom. "Yeah, I know how much you love the computer." Derrick rolled his eyes toward Tom.

"Makes me feel like it's old times again, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." Derrick said, folding his arms. "Want any help?"

"Nooo. Neal and I can do this. Did you call the alarm company?"

"No. I've got to go do that. Thanks for reminding me. I'll catch up with you later." Derrick said, and went back to his office. He flipped through his rolodex and found the alarm company phone number and made the call. He was talking to them and looked down at the phone, noticing that the alert line in the system was blinking. He knew Kim was trying to get a hold of him. He finished up with the alarm company, removing Calvin from the list and having his code dropped, thanked them and then hung up. He buzzed Kim's desk. She picked up.

"Derrick, thank goodness you're off the phone." Kim said in a huffed voice.

"What is it?"

"Mr. Van Owen keeps calling. He's insistent on speaking to you. He says you know the number and calls every few minutes."

"Alright." Derrick grumbled into the phone. "I'll take care of him. Thanks." Derrick hung up the phone. He took a deep breath and picked it back up. He pushed a button, opening a line, then dialed the number. It was strange to him how he remembered the number. It rang a few times. He hoped he would get a machine, but a soft voice answered.

"Van Owen residence."



"Derrick Jacobson."

"Oh yes, Mr. Jacobson." Her voice was so pleasant on the phone. "It's good to hear you, sir."

"Thanks. Is everything there alright?"

"What do you mean, sir?"

"I mean that Mr. Van Owen keeps calling my office. What's happening?"

"I'm not sure what you mean, sir. If you can hold on a moment, I'll see if I can find him for you, sir."

"Phoebe...it's me, remember? Tell me what's going on."

"I'm sorry, sir. Can I ask you to hold on a moment while I find the Mister?"

"Sure." Derrick said, giving up from getting information from her. He waited a couple of minutes and then he heard the phone pick up again.

"Jacobson?" Came the gruff voice over the phone.

"Mr. Van Owen." Derrick said flatly, calmly.

"Good of you to return my calls."

"What can I do for you? I thought I made it clear..."

"I'll ask only once." Van Owen said, cutting Derrick off. "Where's my son?"

"Well as I said before, as far as I know, he's returned to New York."

"I know you know where he is. No one in the city has seen or heard from him. It's like he's dropped off the Earth. Tell me if you know where he is."

Derrick took a deep breath in, then let it out slowly, trying not to get angry. "Mr. Van Owen, I'm only going to say this one more time, so please listen and hear me. I have no idea where your son is or what he's doing. I have not spoken to him since he left, and that's the truth. Now, if you could please stop calling my office..."

"Not good enough." Van Owen yelled into the phone, Derrick having to pull it away from his ear. "You know where he is and what he's doing. Your kind always keep track of each other."

"My kind?" Derrick said, "My Kind? What in the hell do you mean by that? Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Probably a bad choice of words, but you know what I mean."

"No, I don't know what you mean, and frankly I don't care. Now, I've told you I don't know where he is, or what he's doing. And if it's not good enough for you, then frankly sir, you can go screw yourself. Now, don't call me again." Derrick said, slamming the phone down.

"Telemarketer?" Came the voice from the doorway.

Derrick looked up and saw Terry standing there. Derrick grinned at what he said. "Far from it." Derrick said and then exhaled. "What's up?"

"Locksmith will be here first thing in the morning. It's the best he can do. I wanted to let you know."

"Thanks, bud." Derrick sighed. "Tomorrow will do then." Derrick looked at Terry. "You know, I haven't really asked you." Derrick got to his feet, then came around the desk, motioning Terry to come in. "Are you okay with all of this?"

"With what?"

"The promotion, the change, the new office?"

"Are you kidding?"

"No, I'm not." Derrick said, waving his hand to have Terry sit down. "I was just thinking, I kind of threw this at you. I want you to know that it's not just reactionary to what happened today."

"I know that, boss." Terry said, clasping his hands together, looking up at Derrick. "I really appreciate that you offered it to me, that you trust me to do things for you, and the firm. I want you to know, I won't let you down."

"I know that, bud." Derrick said, leaning against the desk. "I trust you and your judgment, that's why I gave you this."

"As I said, I won't let you down."

"Good." Derrick said. "Did you tell everyone about the staff meeting in the morning?"

"Yes, and they all know."

"Perfect." Derrick said, standing up. Terry stood as well, reaching out a hand. Derrick smiled and took it. "Now, I've had a really full day. I think I'm going to go home."

"I've got it covered, boss. I can tell you look a little beat."

Derrick looked at him and raised an eyebrow, then went back to his desk. He shut down his computer and then grabbed his keys. He walked out, patting Terry on the shoulder as he walked by, then walked up to Kim's desk.

"I took care of the Van Owen deal," Derrick said to Kim, "I'm going to go home. Any calls, take a message, I'll call them tomorrow. I'll see you bright and early, alright?"

"Alright," Kim replied, looking up, "oh, and Derrick?" Derrick turned and looked back at her, lifting both eyebrows, "I just wanted to say thank you for today, from everyone."

Derrick smiled and winked at her, then turned and walked out the front door of the lobby. He walked around the corner of the building and unlocked the door of the car when he reached it. He climbed in and started it up, backing out and then pulling out of the parking lot, he hit the street. He made the turn down the main drag and headed toward home, breathing a sigh of relief as he accelerated the Audi.

In a few minutes, he pulled into the circular drive in front of the house and parked. He got out of the car and walked in through the front door of the house, setting his keys down on the sideboard of the bar, looking at the machine for messages. There were four. He would listen to them later. He walked back through the living room and into the bedroom, unbuttoning his shirt as he walked. He undid the buttons on his sleeves and then pulled it off, dropping the shirt to the floor by the bed. He didn't hear anything in the house. He walked around the bed and into the hall into the kitchen. It was empty. He smelled the air, it smelled wet, and of soap, body wash.

He walked into Paul's old room, looking around, no one was there. The bed was made, no clothes anywhere. He turned and walked into the hall that led to the back door. He stopped and looked into the bathroom to the right, again, it was empty but smelled of body wash and had a moist feel to the air. He thought he heard something and continued toward the back door. He stopped, listening only at the screen before opening it. He smiled, knowing what the sound he heard was. He opened the door and walked out.

The screen closed behind him as he went down the steps, across the lawn to the new structure. He saw it in a different light now, after today's events, and knowing deep down that he would never see it again as he had envisioned, being able to work from home. He knew that he would now have to be there, still, full time. Calvin did this to him, had changed his plans, had fucked him over. He angered for a brief moment, until he walked in the large door. Then he saw him, and it changed his mood, filled him with the desire that had brought him home in the first place, and it brought a smile to his weary face. He leaned against the doorway, watching Ty, swing up the sheet of sheetrock, put it in place, and hold it with one hand, while he was naked, just wearing his nail bags.

Derrick watched him reach into a pocket and pull out his drill and screw down a screw, then the next, and the next after that until the sheet was firmly attached. Derrick was in awe of his beauty, his muscular body, the ease of motion that he had doing his job, and it made Derrick desire him that much more. He decided to just watch him and wait.

Ty had actually attached the last of the sheets and undid his nail bags, setting them on the platform that he was using to stand on. He looked over all of the sheets, checking for screw heads that were not set right, carrying only a pencil. If he found one, he drew a circle around it quickly, then moved on, his way of double checking. Once he was done, he went back to his bags and grabbed his drill and went to the circled screws, setting them till they were perfect. Once he was done, he returned the drill to his nail bags.

Derrick waited till Ty had his back to him. He walked across the floor of the structure, coming up behind Ty, watching Ty's tight, muscular cheeks as they moved, shifting from side to side. Derrick came up close and reached out and softly touched a muscular cheek. Ty stopped what he was doing and looked over his shoulder, smiling wide, seeing Derrick standing there.

"Hello, beautiful." Derrick said softly.

"Hello, gorgeous." Ty said, turning around, reaching out, putting his hands on Derrick's hips. "Where did you come from?"

"I was in the neighborhood and heard the drill. I thought I'd check out what you were doing. Do you always hang rock in the nude?"

"When I can get away with it."

"Well, I have a sheetrock job that I need done. Can I get your number?"

"I'll have to sneak you in. My boyfriend has me on a tight leash."

Derrick moved in closer, wrapping his arms around Ty's waist. "Then I guess I'll have to be careful. He's the jealous type, huh?"

"Kind of. But, he might make an exception for someone who looks as good as you do."

"Really? Is he hot?" Derrick said, leaning close to Ty's ear, whispering, then tonguing his lobe.

"He is so fucking hot."

"How hot?"

"He has got this really big cock, and he knows how to use it."

"Anything else?"

"Big hanging balls," Ty whispered with a moan, feeling Derrick work his ear, and then his neck, as he felt hands slide up his sides, "he's muscular, and is drop dead gorgeous."

"Anything else?"

"He has sparkling eyes and a smile that melts you." Ty moaned and then felt a hand grasp his hardening cock.

"I so need you to fuck me right now." Derrick whispered in Ty's ear.

"Really?" Ty gulped. "Because, I really wanted you to fuck me. I have been thinking about it since we had lunch."

"I want you to fuck me first." Derrick whispered, tonguing Ty's ear. Ty moaned loudly, rubbing Derrick's muscular back.

"Okay." Ty moaned. "Deal. You first, and then me, all night?"

"Oh yeah, baby." Derrick whispered as lipped down Ty's neck, then came back to his ear. "Will you cum in my mouth?"

"Oh, fuck yes."

"Perfect." Derrick whispered. "But I really need to have you fuck me first."

"Oh...whatever you want, baby, whatever you want."

"Let's go in the house then. I want you to fuck me in their bed first."

Ty's eyes went wide. "I need to tell you something." Ty said, grasping Derrick's shoulders. They looked each other in the eye. Derrick smiled wide.

"Let me guess." Derrick smirked. "You fucked Alec, didn't you?" Ty was speechless. He could only nod at Derrick in reply. "It's alright, baby. I understand. You know that I had trouble not doing it the other morning with him." Derrick smiled wide. "He is really hot, isn't he?"

"You have no idea."

"I do. When all four of us were together, in the kitchen. I have been thinking about it a lot lately."


"Yeah." Derrick leaned forward and kissed Ty's neck again. "I think we should do it again when Conner gets back. I really want to fuck Alec."

"You do?"

"Yeah. And I know you really want to fuck Conner again."

Ty backed up a step, looking at Derrick. "How did you know that?"

"You talk in your sleep." Derrick winked, then grinned. "Now, come on and fuck me in their bed." Derrick said, turning and walking out of the structure toward the house. Ty looked down at his thick long hard member, then back in Derrick's direction, then walked quickly to catch up.

Ty walked into the house and walked through the kitchen into Paul's old room. Derrick was dropping his pants and climbing up on the bed, on all fours. He had his perfect ass pointing in Ty's direction, looking over his shoulder.

"Eat me." Derrick said, hunching down, spreading himself a little more open. Ty licked his lips and stepped forward, seeing Derrick's perfect hole pointing toward him. Ty put his hands on Derrick's cheeks, spreading them apart a little further and leaned down. He licked at Derrick's hole, making him moan, and licked some more, and then he spit once, and then pushed his face in between Derrick's cheeks, thrusting his tongue inside of Derrick. Derrick dropped his head and moaned loudly.

"Oh, fuck yes. Tongue me, yeah. Give it to me."

Ty was relentless thrusting in and out of Derrick. He slid one hand down underneath Derrick, grabbing his hanging balls, rubbing them, encircling them, pulling on them, then moved to Derrick's hardening cock, pulling on it, bringing it back against the direction it wanted to rise in. Derrick moaned and lifted his head.

"Yes...yes...suck it, suck my ass..." Derrick moaned out, loving what Ty was doing to him. "Oh baby, is this what you did to Alec?"

Ty pulled back, then licked Derrick's hole, making him tense and quiver. "No." Ty answered. "Do you want what I gave him?"

"Yes." Derrick replied. "Fuck me like you fucked him."

"I will, in a little bit. You'll see, but first I want to fuck you like I fuck my boyfriend." Ty said, bringing his tip to Derrick's wet hole, rubbing it against it, teasing it. "Do you want that?"

"Yes." Derrick moaned. "Fuck me like you fuck him."

Ty entered Derrick, making him moan with the penetration, then he pulled out. He slowly entered Derrick again, giving him his whole head. Derrick moaned and pushed against him. Ty pulled all the way out, then he thrust in again a little deeper. Derrick almost screamed with the penetration.

"You like that, don't you?" Ty said softly, pulling his hips back.

"I fucking love it. Fuck me."

Ty slid his tip inside Derrick, popping through Derrick's tight ring, feeling a little resistance to his thrust. Derrick pushed back against Ty, bringing more of him in. Derrick moaned as he did it. Ty tilted his head back, standing on the floor next to the bed. He placed his hands on Derrick's hips, grasping firmly and pushed in harder, sending his full length deep inside Derrick. Derrick moaned loudly being penetrated so deeply, but loving every inch of it.

"Fuck me now...fuck me hard." Derrick called back over his shoulder. "Treat me like a cheap whore you would do, fuck me hard. Yeah, just like that." Derrick moaned out as Ty began to pound him, spreading his hole wide. "Come on, fuck me." Ty kept pounding, pushing, slapping against Derrick's ass with his upper thighs. Ty's balls were swinging up and back with every thrust. "Come on...come on..." Derrick moaned, looking over his shoulder, "...fuck me harder...harder." Ty kept pounding, sliding in and out just a little, keeping himself buried deep. "Yeah...fuck me....fuck me..." Derrick called out.

Ty moaned loudly, knowing he was ready to blow his load. Derrick knew it as well and was counting on it. He wanted it, needed it, had to have it. Derrick pushed back against Ty, matching his rhythm, in opposite, each fucking each other hard. Ty moaned loud and then Derrick felt him throb and felt the pulse come from him, going deep inside him. Ty kept pumping, shooting over and over inside Derrick. Derrick moaned softly at the feeling inside, making him warm all over. Ty slowed for a minute, and then Derrick pulled away from him.

Derrick turned over and lay on his back, spreading his legs, under Ty. Derrick reached down and grabbed Ty's still hard length, pointing it toward his used hole, and tried to put back inside himself, but he was having a little trouble with the maneuver. Ty saw and felt it and helped, rocking his hips out, pointing himself, letting himself slide back into Derrick, making Derrick moan and roll his head side to side with the full entry. Ty buried himself all the way into Derrick and stopped. He looked down on Derrick.

"You alright, babe?"

"Yeah, fucking awesome." Derrick said, through hazed eyes. "Fuck me, fuck me hard, please."

Ty had one of Derrick's legs up and on his shoulder, the other leg was half wrapped around Ty's tight ass, as Ty worked himself in and out of Derrick's hole. Ty had one hand holding Derrick's upright leg, the other was running a hand up and down Derrick's firm abs and lower chest, as Ty was watching what was going on below him.

"You are so fucking hot, you know that?" Ty said as he was almost panting. "I wish my boyfriend could see what a piece I had under me right now."

Derrick opened his eyes, licking his lips, lifting his head a little, loving what Ty was doing to him. He raised his right hand and tweaked Ty's left nipple, pinching it tight as Ty was thrusting in and out of him. Derrick was breathing hard, looking up at Ty, watching his expression, the look of concentration on Ty's face as he was working his long thick cock in and out. Ty started breathing heavier and pushing deeper now. Derrick knew it was coming again, getting ready to fill him even more. Ty tipped his head back and pushed deep, going all the way, burying his full length inside of Derrick. Both of them moaned loudly as Ty throbbed inside Derrick, Derrick feeling it shoot inside of him. They both slowly eased their breathing, Ty remaining still, inside of Derrick, running his hand over Derrick's chest, smiling as he looked down on him. Derrick dropped his head back on the bed.

"Was Alec like this?" Derrick asked softly.

Ty bent down, laying his muscular body on Derrick, searching Derrick's soft eyes. "There's no way he would or could be like you." Ty kissed Derrick, then pulled back. "There's no one that's like you." Ty smiled wide. "Now, it's your turn. I can't stand it anymore."

"Can't stand what?"

"I need you inside me." Ty said, looking into Derrick's eyes. "But not here."

"Where then? Our bed?"

"No. You suggested the couch earlier, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember. But, where did you fuck Alec?"

"In their shower." Ty grinned. "It was amazing what he did with the shower wand. I'll show you later."

"You bet you will." Derrick winked. Ty slowly pulled out of him, leaving him with that empty feeling. Derrick only sighed. He sat up on the edge of the bed, wrapping fingers about Ty's thick length, pulling at it, kissing Ty. Derrick moved his hand faster as Ty pulled back.

"Babe, you keep that up, you're gonna make me cum again."

"You promised you'd cum in my mouth, remember?" Derrick moved his hand just a little faster. Ty tilted his head back, feeling what Derrick was doing to him. It wasn't long before Ty was moaning and panting, running his fingers through Derrick's hair. Derrick bent over getting close to Ty's head, watching it expand as the slit opened a little wider. Derrick could smell himself on Ty's length, he opened his mouth, licking at the slit, still moving his hand rapidly, and then Ty moaned and erupted, sending the milky white thin fluid out onto Derrick's waiting tongue. Derrick took it all from him, wrapping his lips around Ty's expanded head, letting him send it, coating his tongue more and more. Derrick hummed on Ty's head, swallowing everything that Ty gave him. Ty eased in his pulses slowly, Derrick sucking the last of it from Ty, loving it so very much. He pulled back, looking up, smiling.

"Fuck, that was incredible." Ty whispered and then bent down to kiss Derrick.

"You want it now?"

"You bet your ass I do." Ty said as he backed up a step to let Derrick up off the bed. Derrick walked by him, taking Ty's hand, pulling him into the kitchen, through and then into the living room. Derrick pulled him to the big couch and had Ty lay over one of the arms, one leg bent on the cushions, the other standing on the floor. Ty turned his head as he watched as Derrick got on the couch behind him, bending down, putting his hands on Ty's ass, spreading his cheeks apart. Derrick dove in, tonguing Ty's tight hole, making Ty hiss at being penetrated. Derrick went in and out quickly, then started going deeper with his steel like tongue, as if he was starving trying to engulf every bit of Ty's tight hole. Ty turned his head back forward and tilted it down, moaning softly.

Derrick pulled back and got up close behind Ty, wetting his hand and then applying it to himself, then pointed his tip at Ty's entrance and rocked his hips forward. He pushed his head barely inside. Ty tilted his head back and let a deep moan. Derrick reached up grasped Ty's thick shoulders, giving him a minute to let his muscles expand. Derrick slowly pushed inward, using his hips, balancing on his knees on the couch cushions.

"Like that, baby?"

"Oh...you fucking know I do." Ty answered with a deep tone to his voice.

"Yeah, I thought you might." Derrick said as he slid in further, feeling the warmth inside of Ty. "Yeah, nice and tight."

"Oh...you big...son-of-a-bitch..." Ty moaned, "...fucking give it to me."

"Yeah? You want it?" Derrick tightened his grip on Ty's shoulders.


Derrick bottomed out against Ty's firm ass cheeks. He held his place for a long minute and then slowly began to slide in and out, taking his time, wanting this to last as long as he could. Derrick moved slowly, letting Ty feel all of him in his motions, in all the way and then out, slowly, almost teasingly.

"You like it like that, don't you?" Derrick asked in a soft voice, watching himself slide in and out.

"Yeah." Ty whispered in reply, breathing hard at the slow feeling inside of himself. "You fuck so good. I love it when you fuck me."

"Yeah...I love fucking you slowly, making you want it more and more."

"Oh...God..." Ty moaned, rolling his eyes back at the sensation of being slid in and out of. "I always want this...I want it this way."

"Yeah, it's almost perfect like this, isn't it?"


Derrick looked out the window, seeing something moving. He saw a car pull into the driveway, a black sedan. As he slid back inside Ty, he saw another car pull in behind it. They parked. Ty heard the car doors close and turned and looked out the window, as Derrick was sliding out of him. They watched as three men walked toward the house.

"Who the fuck is that?" Ty asked.

"I have no idea." Derrick said, as he pulled all the way out of Ty. "But, we'd better get some clothes on." They got up off the couch and walked toward the bedroom. Derrick grabbed a pair of his cargos and slipped them on, and then pulled on a tee. He turned watched Ty trying to hide his huge length inside of his own shorts, but wasn't having any luck. Derrick grinned, and walked over to Ty, looking him in the eye, then kissed him as he grabbed Ty's bulge.

"We'll take care of that later." Derrick winked.

"Don't tease."

"Have I ever?" Derrick was wide eyed.

Derrick walked out of the bedroom as the doorbell rang. He walked to the door and opened it, then looked over his shoulder to see where Ty was. Seeing him coming out of the bedroom, slipping into a long tee, pulling it down to try and hide the bulge. Derrick half smiled and then looked at the men standing at the door.

"Derrick Jacobson?" Ask the lead man, dressed in a dark suit, over a white shirt. He was wearing dark glasses. His hair was cropped very short, almost in a military style. Derrick saw the two behind him were in uniforms, police uniforms.

"Yes." Derrick said.

"I'm Detective Lance. These are officers Campbell and Wright."

"Gentlemen." Derrick said, nodding in their direction. "What can I do for you?"

"We'd like to talk to you about your business partner, Calvin Sinclair."

"Oh? You mean my ex-business partner?" Derrick said, shifting his weight at the door to one foot. "Won't you gentlemen come in?" They walked in, looking about the room, keeping a watchful eye on Ty as they entered. Derrick shut the door behind them.

"Can I ask, what you mean by ex-business partner?"

"Won't you gentlemen sit down?"

"We're fine, thank you."

"We had our partnership dissolved this afternoon. Our attorney has the paperwork. May I ask what this is all about?"

"Mr. Sinclair is dead." Detective Lance, said matter of fact, watching Derrick.

Derrick's eyes went wide. "What?!"

"It appears that his wife found him when she returned home."

"How?" Derrick asked, as he sat on the arm of the couch. Ty crossed the room and came to stand beside Derrick, putting an arm around Derrick's shoulder. The two officers shifted their position, moving to flank Ty.

"It appears that he was shot."

"He shot himself?" Derrick asked with a bewildered look.

"It doesn't look like it. It looks like someone shot him in the chest at point blank range."

"He was murdered?" Derrick asked, looking up at Lance.

"Where were you this afternoon?"

"You think I did it?"

"You can answer questions here, or you can answer questions downtown." Lance said, as the two officers moved a step closer.



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