Building Things

Chapter 18

Derrick let the water run over him coming down from the rain head, as Ty was behind him, his firm hands working Derrick's lower back, kneading the muscle. Derrick had his own hands on the tile, his legs spread a little. Ty leaned in, kissing Derrick on the back of the neck, and then continued to work the muscle. Derrick moaned softly at the wonderful feeling on him.

"You like this, don't you?"

"You have no idea how much." Derrick replied, moaning softly again. "I think I could let you do this for hours. But I need to get out and get dinner done."

"You and your cooking." Ty said softly, then chuckled.

Derrick looked back over his shoulder. "Do I hear a complaint?"

"Not at all. I love your cooking, you know that. But, I love this more. Don't you?"

"Mmm, yes, I do." Derrick said, as he turned and wrapped his arms around Ty's neck, pulling him into Derrick. He kissed Ty deeply, their bodies blending together under the water, cascading down on them. Derrick tongued Ty furiously, moving his hands up and down Ty's thick muscled back. After a long minute, Derrick pulled back, looking at Ty with longing in his eyes.

"Are you alright?" Ty seeing the look in Derrick's eyes, as the water gently rolled over his face.

"When I'm with you, I am." Derrick smiled. "I never want this to change."

Ty leaned in, kissing Derrick, then pulled back. "It won't. Not now."

Derrick smiled and then moved around Ty. He reached for a towel and started to dry himself, as Ty watched him, washing himself. Derrick walked across the bathroom toward the bedroom. He looked back at Ty, who was watching him as well. Derrick pursed his lips together like he was sending him a kiss. Ty winked and then lifted his arms, bringing his hands to the back of his neck, rubbing at it with his hands. Derrick sighed to himself, watching Ty flex his powerful biceps and thick forearms. He shook his head slightly and walked into the bedroom, picking up his shorts and stepped into them. He walked out of the bedroom and down the hall into the kitchen. He stepped up to the counter, looking at everything still spread out, seeing where he left off. He picked up the knife and continued the prep. He stopped for a moment, hearing something.

He realized what it was. The sound of deep moaning coming from across the house. It was from Paul's room. He couldn't tell who it was, either Conner or Alec, but it brought a smile to his lips, knowing that they were engaged in something hot, pleasing one another with their hot, young bodies. Derrick stirred in his shorts, thinking about it. He realized that he had left his wine glass in the bedroom. He set the knife down, turned and walked back to get it. He walked in as Ty was coming out of the bathroom. Ty smiled as he was toweling his short hair.

"What's up?"

"Forgot my wine." Derrick said, picking up the glass, with a smirk on his lips.

"Really." Ty seeing the smirk. "What else is going on?"

"I think the boys are busy in Paul's room."

"Oh?" Ty perked.

"I hear a lot of noise." Derrick smiled, and then gave Ty a wink.

"I'll bet it's hot to watch 'em. Hey, maybe we should sneak a peek. It's probably better than porn."

Derrick chuckled a little. "I caught them out in the garage earlier. It was very hot."

"And you didn't tell me? What's up with that?"

"You were...occupied."

"Oh, when she was here. Gotcha." Ty saddened at the recent memory.

Derrick smiled and walked back out of the bedroom, carrying his glass. He returned to the counter, and set the glass down and picked up the knife again. He heard more sounds and muffled talking, as Ty came in, walking up beside him, listening as well. They looked at one another, smiling, tilting their heads as if to hear better.

"That sounds like Conner." Ty whispered. Derrick nodded quickly. "Sounds like Alec is really hammering him." Derrick nodded quickly again. "I can't stand it. Let's go sneak a peek, come on."

Derrick set the knife down, and followed Ty across the kitchen toward the doorway of the little hall that went to Paul's room. They stepped lightly in their bare feet, trying not to make any sound at all. They got to the doorway. The door was open, and partially blocking the view. They looked between the door and the jamb, and could see the bed beyond.

Conner was laying on his back at an angle on the bed, his legs spread, Alec was laying on top of him. Derrick and Ty could see their hands and arms of one side only, theirs hands together, fingers interlocked, Alec was kissing Conner, and then lifted his head up, flexing his tight narrow butt, rocking his hips inward to Conner.

"You want it again, don't you?" Alec asked ,looking at Conner with soft eyes.

"Fuck, yes." Conner answered, still breathing hard.

"How bad do you want it?" Alec asked, sounding more commanding.

"So fucking bad. Please...please, won't you fuck me again?" Conner begged, rolling his hips, carrying Alec with him. "I can feel your hard cock." Conner moaned. "Put it in me. Fuck me hard again."

Derrick was below Ty, watching, Ty above him. They looked up and down at each other. Ty mouthed "Whoa" to Derrick, Derrick nodded and then turned and looked back at the scene on the bed. Ty looked as well, watching Alec move, getting his hands free from Conner's. Alec shifted his hands to the backs of Conner's legs, holding them up, bending Conner, forcing his ass open. Alec bent down and licked at Conner's balls making him moan. Alec did it again, with more force on them, tossing them with his tongue. Conner moaned again. Alec brought his head down over Conner's ass, licking at the crack.

"You're still wet from me."

"Lick it again." Conner moaned. "Eat my ass, babe." Alec licked at it again. "Yes." Alec brought his tongue to the opening and tickled the opening with the tip. Conner moaned, spread his upturned legs apart.

"Bring them back together a little." Alec said, using his hands. "Yeah, that opens you a little more." He buried his tongue again. Conner grunted, and then moaned deeply. Alec was relentless in his tonguing on Conner, he went deeper and deeper with his tongue. He had spread Conner out from their earlier hammering and was tasting himself as well as Conner. Alec pulled back, looking down at Conner. "Mmm, tastes so good. I don't think I'll fuck you...I think I'll just keep eating about that?"

Conner groaned loudly. "You have to fuck me, babe...oh, God, have to fuck me...I need it so bad."

"Maybe..." Alec said in a teasing voice, "maybe not...maybe I'll just get up, and..."

Conner gasped as Alec, with his teasing voice, his own desire welling up in him, was too much for him. He pushed his legs back out of Alec's grip, spun around on the bed, as Alec sat back on his knees. Conner dove onto Alec's hard cock and swallowed it, sucking it furiously. Alec threw his head back, putting his hands on Conner's shoulder blades below him. He moaned loudly as he was being taken now. Alec had successfully brought out the beast in Conner, and he loved it.

"Suck me, baby...aww, yes, suck me,...take it all, yes...yes...squeeze my balls, yes...squeeze 'em...yeah...make me scream...oohhhh, yeah..."

Derrick and Ty were breathing hard themselves as they watched these hot bodies work each other over. Ty was rubbing his own hard length in his cargos. He looked down at Derrick, licking his lips. Derrick looked up, trying to deal with his own hardon. He nodded to Ty to go with him. Ty reluctantly turned and followed out of the hall. Once back in the kitchen, Ty was wide eyed.

"What are you doing?" Ty whispered, looking at Derrick. "That was so fucking hot, I was about to cum."

"I know, me too." Derrick whispered. "But, this is their last night together for a while. Let it be special between them. We don't need to watch them like a couple of old pervs."

"Watch them, hell, I want to join them. Don't you?"

"I think we should be invited first. Then, I would love to get a taste of Alec."

"Well, Conner invited himself, or don't you remember?"

"Oh, I do. But this is special between them right now. If they were doing it in the living room or here on the table, I'd say, yeah, but they're in the bedroom."

"I guess you're right." Ty looked depressed all of a sudden. "But, what am I suppose to do with this, now?" Grabbing his hard length, holding on to it in his cargos.

"I'll take care of it for you, you know that. Where do want it?"

Ty looked around. "On the table. If we can't join them, I want to hear them."

Derrick smiled wide, and wiggled his eyebrows, he took Ty by the hand and led him to the end of the table. Derrick leaned Ty against the end of the table, and got to his knees. He undid the snap on Ty's cargos, unzipped them, and pushed them down. Ty's long thick length fell out against Derrick's cheek. Derrick reached up and fingered the tip, spreading the clear fluid around the head. Ty was breathing heavy at the touch, watching Derrick do it to him. Derrick looked up at Ty, they both heard Alec moan, and they smiled at each other.

Derrick grabbed the base of Ty's length and opened his mouth. He tongued the tip as he slid his hand back and forth on it, making Ty's hanging balls swing in and out. Derrick swallowed the head and part way down the shaft, then closed his lips around it, dragging his lips, back to the tip, then running his tongue around it, and then opening his mouth again. Ty exhaled through his nose, moaning softly.

"Oh, fuck, yes." Ty whispered.

Derrick did it again, and again. Ty reached down and cradled his own balls. He pulled at them, and them rubbed them with his palm and then his finger tips. He spread his legs a little wider, as Derrick kept driving his mouth on his length, going a little deeper each time. Ty put his other hand into Derrick's hair, as he breathed in and out of his mouth, sucking air in through his teeth.

"Oh, yeah...oh,'re getting me close." Ty said as Alec was moaning in the background, echoing in the hall. "Oh, fuck, Derrick."

Derrick looked up, seeing Ty had his eyes closed, leaning his head back a little. He applied tighter suction on Ty, drawing his mouth back. He felt the throb of Ty's cock in his mouth, and as reached the base of the head, Ty let loose, shooting into Derrick's wanting mouth. Derrick wrapped his hands on Ty's ass, squeezing his tight muscular cheeks. Derrick swallowed all of it, not wanting to waste it, then slid back down the length. Ty moaned over the top of him.

"So fucking good, so good." Ty said in a low voice. He pulled his hips back, pulling his cock away from Derrick. "Now, fuck me." Ty bent down, kissing Derrick. "Fuck me right here at the table." Ty lifted Derrick up off his knees, then kissed him again. "Put your big cock in me." Ty whispered as he manhandled Derrick's hard cock in his shorts. "You know you want it. Listening to those boys fucking each other." Ty whispered, as he tongued Derrick ear. "I know you want to fuck them, too, just like I do."

"Oh, God." Derrick moaned, feeling wonderful at being manhandled, as well as being talked to.

"Yeah, you do, I know it." Ty tongued all around Derrick's ear. "So fuck me, fuck me, long and hard." Ty moaned in Derrick's ear, as he undid Derrick's shorts with his hand, dropping them to the floor. Ty turned around and bent over the table, resting on his forearms, pointing his ass in Derrick's direction. He looked over his shoulder as Derrick placed the tip of his swollen dripping cock at Ty's hole. "Yeah, give it to me." Ty said, Derrick pushed and entered, making Ty take in a deep breath. Derrick put his hands on Ty's shoulders, hearing Alec moan again in the background. He shoved his cock in further, further, not giving Ty time to adjust or himself, he slid in all the way, burying his whole nine inches, pushing even harder when he bottomed out.

"Oh, fuck." Ty moaned loudly, dropping his head to the table top, taking all of Derrick in him. "Uhhh. Yeah." Ty moaned, looking over his shoulder, gasping for air. "You're so big, I love it."

"Yeah, you want this big thing? You want it rough?" Derrick growled.

"Yes...yes, fuck me hard...make me scream. We'll get those boys attention. Yeah, do it. Do it to me."

Derrick slammed his cock in Ty, pushing his thighs against the heavy table. Derrick gripped Ty's shoulders, for balance and leverage, and then started to bang in and out. Ty moaned louder and louder.

Conner heard something, and pulled off of Alec's cock. He realized what it was, and smiled. He had heard that voice moaning before. Alec looked down at Conner with a nervous look.

"What was that?" Alec asked.

"It's Derrick and Ty. They're fucking in the kitchen, I'll bet." Conner grinned. "You want to see?"

"I don't know...maybe."

Conner got up to his knees, grinning at Alec. "They are so fuckin hot."

"Well, maybe they want to be alone?"

"Then maybe they shouldn't be fucking in the kitchen?" Conner grinned.

"I guess you're right." Alec said in a timid tone.

"You think Derrick's hot, don't you?"

"Yeah, he's gorgeous." Alec said, with a lust in his eye.

"You should see his big dick, then." Conner grinned, hearing Ty moan again. "See? Ty loves it. Do you think Ty's hot?"

"He's beautiful, with all those muscles."

"Yeah, and his dick is even bigger than Derrick's."

"You know that?"

"Yeah...I do." Conner grinned at the memory. "Come on, we'll go spy on them." Conner said getting off the bed. He took Alec by the hand and quietly walked out of the room, and slid down the wall of the hall, pulling Alec behind him. They got to the doorway into the kitchen and looked around the corner. Alec got behind Conner to see, holding onto Conner's back for support, as they leaned. Alec's eyes went wide at what he saw.

Ty bent over the table, a perfect side view of his long cock, laying on the table, Derrick hanging onto Ty's shoulders, pumping the hell out of his ass, Ty looking over his right shoulder, away from where they were standing. Conner stood up, and turned and leaned against the wall of the hallway, his cock pointing straight up, Alec leaned back, standing in front of Conner, his cock also standing up.

"Told you they were hot." Conner widened his eyes. "Fuck, it gets me hard."

"Yeah, they are." Alec said in a nervous voice.

"Come on. I want you to see how hot they really are." Conner started to move toward the doorway. Alec stopped him.

"What are you doing?"

"Going to join them, come on. You'll love it." Conner kissed Alec, then took him by the hand, pulling him into the kitchen. Conner led Alec up next to Derrick, who looked Alec up and down, never stopping his thrusting in Ty's ass.

"You're fuckin' beautiful, you know that?" Derrick said to Alec, and leaned sideways. Alec closed his eyes, as Derrick's lips met his. Alec wrapped an arm around Derrick's neck, he lost himself in the kiss.

Conner leaned on the table, in front of Ty, putting an arm over Ty's shoulders as Derrick removed his hands, Conner thrust his tongue into Ty's waiting mouth. Conner took in a deep breath through his nose, moaning softly in Ty's mouth.

Derrick slowly pulled out of Ty, turning and wrapped hands around Alec's upper arms, pulling him in tighter. Alec melted in Derrick's hands, wrapping his hands around the soft skin of Derrick's waist, his hands glided around down over Derrick's hips, resting at the tops of Derrick's butt. Their hard cocks trapped between them, Derrick could feel the slickness of Alec's smooth cock. He loved it. He thrust himself up and down against it, making Alec's cock slide up and down on him.

Ty reached up and cradled Conner's cheeks in his firm hands, pulling Conner across the table, tonguing him with such force. Conner was almost gagging on Ty's tongue, moaning deep in Ty's mouth. Ty pulled and Conner had to climb up on the table, as Ty stood up, pulling him more to him, he dropped one hand and went around Conner's back, his fingers stopping over Conner's spine, Ty pulled him tighter to him, dragging Conner across the smooth table top, his other hand sliding down Conner's smooth chest and stomach, reaching his hard cock. Ty wrapped his fingers around it, and pulled a few times, his other hand slid down the back, as Conner wrapped his arms around Ty's thick neck, Ty reached the long narrow slit above Conner's legs and slid his fingers in, finding what he wanted, Conner had one leg bent under him, the other stretched out behind him across the table. Ty shifted his hand from Conner's hard cock, to his balls, and cradled them in his palm, squeezing them gently, making Conner moan again. Conner pulled back, and tilted his head back, gasping for air.

"Fuck, oh fuck." Conner moaned, as Ty buried his face into the base of Conner's neck, below his Adam's Apple, chewing on the soft skin, kissing it, licking it.

Derrick reached down with a hand slowly and took hold of Alec's slick cock. He felt it flex at his touch, running his thumb over the slit at the tip. Alec groaned at the feeling of it being opened and worked. Derrick pulled his mouth back.

"You're leaking all over the place."

"Is that a bad thing?" Alec asked with his sparkling eyes.

"Not at all." Derrick said in a soft voice. "Tells me that your excited."

"I am...I so am."


"Do you want me?" Alec whispered.

"I've wanted you from the first time you loaded those groceries in my car, bending over to put them in, showing me your tight little ass." Derrick kissed him again.

"Then you can have me." Alec whispered. "I want you to have me." Derrick smiled a devilish smile at what Alec said.

"First, I'm going to suck off. I want you to cum in my mouth. And then, I'm going to take your ass." Derrick whispered, kissing Alec again, making Alec moan.

Derrick stepped with Alec to the edge of the table, resting Alec there, next to Conner and Ty. Derrick kissed his way down Alec's chest, licking and chewing on his nipples, and then worked further down, over his tight stomach, holding Alec's cock at the base. Alec moaned softly, watching Derrick move down, and then looked to his left, seeing Ty and Conner, Conner getting kissed and chewed on by Ty. Alec turned back to see where Derrick was, as Derrick swallowed his cock, making Alec moan, and spread his legs a little. Derrick cradled Alec's firm balls in his hand, rubbing them, as he went up and down on Alec's leaking cock, pulling more clear fluid out of him with his tight suction. Alec placed a hand in Derrick's hair, the other rose to one of his own nipples. He twisted it, and rubbed it with his fingertips. He was breathing harder, as Derrick took his other hand, reaching up, pushing Alec back on the table top, making him lie back, Derrick followed him, not missing his fluid motion as Alec rested on his forearms, his head turned and watched what Ty was doing to Conner.

Ty had pulled Conner off the table, and got his feet to the floor, Ty leaned Conner back against the edge, next to Alec, as Ty went down and began licking Conner's smooth, hairless balls, then up his length to the tip. Ty ran his tongue back down again, and then started back up. Conner spread his feet apart, resting a leg against Alec's. Ty kept going and going, making Conner crazy with lust at the feeling, while Ty firmly gripped Conner's thighs.

"Oh, fuck yes." Conner moaned out. "Fuck , yes. Suck my balls, suck 'em."

Ty did what was requested, he opened his mouth and took one in, as he reached up and encircled Conner's cock with his fingers, pulling on the smooth, wet skin. Ty sucked on Conner's nut tightly, then let it go and moved to the other one, doing the same doing thing to the next one. Conner moaned, as he watched Ty.

"Ty, let me suck you." Conner said. Ty let him go, and stood, taking Conner's face in his hands, kissing him. Conner wrapped fingers around Ty's cock, pulling on it.

"Not a chance, buddy. We've been hearing you two, driving us crazy out here. We're going to fuck you both silly. You can suck me another time. This is all about you two."

Conner's eyes went wide, seeing the look in Ty's face, one of lust and determination. Conner melted, knowing what Ty's monstrous cock was like inside of him. He remembered the last time, and gulped at the thought. He wanted it, wanted it bad, but it also scared him. He took a deep breath, and then licked his lips, as Ty moved in and kissed him hard again. Conner's cock flexed, as Ty moved his hands, and his mouth down Conner's smooth body. Ty got to his knees again, but this time, he swallowed Conner's full length. Conner tilted his head back, taking in the feeling.

Derrick moved up and down on Alec's cock faster, and was using a hand at his lips as well. Alec was breathing deeply, watching Derrick go up and down on him, feeling Derrick rub and tug at his balls. Alec let his arms out and lay on his back on the table. He put them up and over his head, enjoying what was happening, glad that Conner was so bold and led him into this. Alec looked and could only see the back of his lover, his true desire, Conner's head was tilted back, as Alec knew what Ty was doing to him. His thoughts of Conner running through his mind, brought him closer and closer to his climax. Derrick was really doing a thorough job on him, but it was Conner that his mind was on. Alec took a deep breath feeling it build, he knew Derrick wanted it, didn't need to be warned of it approaching, just to let it go. Alec moaned as it came, pumping his load out as he watched Conner's back, Derrick taking it all in his mouth.

As Alec was easing through his orgasm, Derrick pulled off him, standing, leaning over Alec, looking down at his true beauty. Derrick showed Alec what he had left of his load in his mouth. Alec loved the taste of it, and sat up, wrapping his arms around Derrick's neck plunging his tongue into Derrick's mouth, trying to steal it away from Derrick. Alec moaned as he took more and more. Derrick pulled back, looking into Alec's sparkling eyes.

"You want the next part now?" Derrick asked. Alec smiled.

"Your cock is so big. And you are so hot. Yes, I want it." Alec whispered as he was nose to nose with Derrick. Derrick smiled, and lay Alec back on the table. He lifted Alec's legs, resting them against his shoulders, rubbing his cock up and down in Alec's canal. Derrick looked to his right, seeing that Conner was watching, licking his lips.

"You're getting close, aren't you, bud?" Derrick asked. Derrick leaned to his right, and kissed Conner, their tongues collided, fought each other for a long minute and then Derrick pulled away. Conner opened his eyes and nodded. "Watch this then, it will make you shoot the biggest load." Derrick said as he entered Alec, slowly at first getting his head in through Alec's ring, Alec moaning deeply. Conner took a deep breath, watching, and then Derrick pushed in more, Alec moaning deeper as Derrick went in further. Conner looked down as he felt it, Ty continuing his tight suction. Conner groaned, and Ty got tighter, going faster, holding tighter onto Conner's smooth balls. Conner let go, pumping stream after stream into Ty's mouth, Ty swallowing it, until it started to ease. Ty held the last of it, and pulled off, getting to his feet, still clutching Conner's balls. Conner could see his cum on Ty's lips and leaned forward for it, but Ty pulled back.

"It's not for you, buddy." Ty said, turning, he and Derrick made eye contact. Ty leaned and opened his mouth, letting Derrick take it from him. He cleaned Ty's mouth, licking around his lips. Ty pulled back and looked at Conner, smiling. "Now, I'm going to give you what you really want. Lay back next to your sweet boyfriend." Conner lay back next to Alec, as Ty lifted Conner legs, spreading them a little. Ty went down and licked and sucked at Conner's hole. It was still lubed up from Alec being there earlier. Ty could taste it. He stood back up. "Looks like Alec left you something." Ty licked his lips.

"What?" Conner asked.

"His cum. It's got you all wet and lubed for me. It's so hot." Ty leaned over a little. "Ready?" Conner nodded and rolled his head, looking at Alec, who was breathing deep from Derrick's pumping into him. Ty pressed himself against Conner's loosened hole. He pushed in, Conner groaned, as Ty slid the head past the ring. He gave Conner a moment to adjust, then moved in more and more, and then more, Conner grabbing the back's of his legs, raising his head off the table, moaning loudly as Ty was moving into him. He watched till Ty was bottomed out in him. Conner lay his head back on the table, as Ty began to slide in and out of Conner. Conner's eyes glazed over, as he rolled his head to look at Alec again.

Alec licked his lips and then leaned over to kiss Conner. Conner instinctively kissed him back, then opened his mouth a little, tasting Alec's tongue in his mouth. Conner craned his neck for more, and then felt Alec's hand in his. They interlocked fingers as they were both being pounded. Conner was moaning from the size of Ty, going in and out all the way, Alec was grunting from Derrick's tight thrusting. Conner could feel Ty pushing against his spot, it was sending him over the edge, he loved the feeling of it, making him want to touch himself, wanting to cum, but Ty stopped him from doing it, knowing what he was doing to Conner. Ty watched Conner's now hardened cock, flex and bob as he slid in and out.

Conner moaned deeply in Alec's mouth and then pulled away, lifting his head off the table, watching his cock flex and then shoot everywhere, all over his stomach and lower chest, some of it hitting the table.

"Oh, fuucckkk." Conner moaned. His head dropping back to the table, he licked his lips, taking in deep breaths. Alec watched, feeling so filled with Derrick's cock in him. He moaned at watching Conner. Ty moaned deeply and sent out his first volley, deep inside Conner. Derrick was breathing hard as well, and watching Ty and Conner, he lost it himself, pushing into Alec hard and deep, he shot out, flexing his cock, pumping again, in hard tight thrusts, gripping Alec's thighs tightly. He kept pulsing and pulsing. Ty was doing the same. After a few deep pulses, Ty slowed, took a deep breath, and opened his eyes. He leaned over and kissed Derrick, who was standing still now.

Ty reached down and used his left hand to spread Conner's cum all over Conner's stomach and chest. Conner moaned from Ty still being in him, stretching him out. Ty moved his cum covered palm over to Alec, and spread it out over his stomach and chest as well. Alec smiled up at Ty. Ty looked back down at Conner.

"Want more?" Ty asked.

"Oh, God." Conner whispered. "I can't do any more. You're so fucking huge. It's like it's up in the back of my throat." Ty chuckled, and then looked at Derrick.

"You going to let me have Mr. Gorgeous, there?"

"Maybe later, sweetie." Derrick said softly. "I thought you told me you were satisfied earlier?"

"That was before these hot boys got me all worked up again."

Derrick chuckled, and then looked down at Alec. "You alright?" Alec nodded, placing an arm folded behind his head.

"He looks alright to me." Ty said. "In fact, he looks totally hot, laying like that. You're both so fucking gorgeous, you know that?" Ty, looking between Alec and Conner.

"Thanks." Derrick said, as he slowly pulled out of Alec. "Where does that leave me?"

Ty smiled, looking at Derrick. "As being the most beautiful man on the planet."

"Alright, smoothie, you're forgiven." Derrick chuckled and kissed Ty. Ty slowly pulled out of Conner, making him moan as he did it.

"You okay, buddy?" Ty asked.

"I'm just hoping there won't be a lot of bumps on the plane tomorrow. My ass is killing me." They all laughed.




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