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Single guy, fertile imagination, love to write, and write all kinds of things. Just changed the email to [email protected] I love to hear from you guys. Your criticism, comments, whatever is always appreciated. Have any ideas, let me know as well. Whatever I can do to help out.

Stories by icevuk2634

  • Building Things - Chapter 46

    The story continues. I had tried to close but found it more than difficult. These guys have become part of my life. I walked away from it but kept playing with it from time to time. I have decided to continue it after many emails and notes from those of you that love this as much as I do. So, this is for you, Rahul, and also for you, Skate, my dear friend. You both have spurred me to continue, and for that I thank you. Enjoy...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 52

    Callum is reeling with his promotion. Events take hold, and he follows the summons of the letter he received...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 51

    Things begin to happen at a rapid pace after the brawl in the tavern... the inquiry begins at the Admiralty...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 50

    The peace of the Boar's Head becomes a bit much for one member of the group....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 49

    The group settles into the familiar surroundings of the Boar's Head near the Admiralty...my friends I apologize for the delay. I have had another spinal procedure and have many difficulties. I cannot really sit or lay or really stand for very long. Train wreck doesn't really begin to cover it. It may be some time before I can deliver the next.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 48

    The time draws near as they reach Sunderland, Callum walks into a trap....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 47

    The pursuit of Lord Upton begins...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 46

    All is revealed...or is it?

  • VOYAGE HOME - 45

    Confrontation in the boarding house....things begin to all come together.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 44

    I know it has been some time, my friends, my readers. Most of you know why. I am back at it, and will continue.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 43

    The break in to Lord Upton's home leads to many things to Callum...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 42

    Another cliffhanger, I know...what can I say? I love to tease. Bare with me, it may be some time before the next one, I apologize in advance. I will try, work is getting in the way...yet again.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 41

    Hold on to your seats with this one. I hope you like it.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 40

    Things begin to happen with our group...many things....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 39

    Discussions begin in the House of Wellington with His Lordship and His Grace. Late in the evening they group takes their leave and there is a surprise in store for them, one in particular..... A Merry Christmas to all, my friends, my readers. I hope you enjoy this, this journey that I take you all on. I wish you peace and love .

  • VOYAGE HOME - 38

    The trip to London is underway. Our group is enjoying their own company, but there is another that keeps the tension a bit high....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 37

    Preparations are made for the trip to London....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 36

    A conversation with Paupling gives Callum a thought...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 35

    no description available for this story.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 34

    "My Lord." Pennysort said at the open door, his hand on the knob, giving a slight bow to the man behind the broad desk. The large chamber was dark but he was bathed in the lamp light that spread out over the broad desk and was bent over slightly as he wrote with the quill.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 33

    More revelations made by the group, and one that is very surprising...


    Home life sets in, Callum waits for word from The Duke and is taken in by his young one...

  • VOYAGE HOME - 31

    The blade: it teaches one to focus, to control ones feelings. The lessons begin and a very valuable lesson is learned,...yes indeed....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 30

    Pennysort...a nickname from his school days, but it has stayed with him, and for good reason. Albert Bancroft was his real name, named after his father, and his father before him. Gangly in stature, Adam's Apple standing very proud, and when he spoke in his soft spoken, almost feminine voice, it moved at almost a violent pace, sliding up and down shifting his necktie and high shirt collar.


    Callum and Dustin enjoy the peace of home with one another.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 28

    Things are revealed and more suspicions arise. A closeness between members of the household of the Cross has a new life. Authors note: Yes, I am alive, no, no hospital was involved. As some of you know, the wedding was last weekend, not mine (damn) in Tahoe and it was beautiful and I was bit preoccupied. My work schedule is changing rapidly and I am being forced with more mandatory overtime. My writing will have to take a back seat for the moment. The next chapter will not be posted next Monday, but rather I am changing the dates to Fridays now. I hope you understand.

  • VOYAGE HOME - 27

    The aftermath of the battle in the drive Of Harbroughs....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 26

    Sadly, Carson and Hans are sent off, leaving Callum empty, Dustin is set to task, Thomas is on the mend, and Callum is once again taken under the care of Dr. Stivers....

  • VOYAGE HOME - 25

    For those concerned, I offer my humble apologies as I am a victim of technology. The cell tower that provides my 'satellite internet' has been down for the past few days, and for that I apologize, again a victim it seems. I offer what was due on Monday past, and again, I off my humble apologies.

  • Building Things - Chapter 45

    Derrick was sitting at the table, talking with Phoebe. She had cleaned as well as had cooked and Derrick had been thrilled by it all, but wanted the chance to talk to her about her situation with the elder Van Owen, her possible future with that situation. He was concerned about her very much.


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