Building Things

Chapter 14

Conner rolled to his side in between the sheets on the ultra soft mattress. He sighed to himself, slowly opening his eyes. In the predawn light, he saw Alec, lying next to him, facing him, sleeping peacefully. Conner watched him for a long minute, and then reached out with two fingers and touched Alec's short bangs. Alec did not stir at the touch. Conner smiled more to himself than openly.

He gently traced the curve of Alec's jaw, then up to his ear. Alec began to stir, slowly. His eyes fluttered open, and then when he had focused on Conner, he smiled. Conner returned the smile, and then slid forward on the pillow to kiss Alec. Alec pulled back and put a hand to his own mouth.

"Something wrong?" Conner asked in low voice.

"Morning breath." Alec said with his mouth still covered. Conner chuckled.

"I don't care. Makes it even sexier."

"I do. Mines really bad." Alec shifted in the bed, and pulled back the sheet and got out of bed. Conner watched him the whole time. "I'll be right back." Alec said as he walked out of the room, into the bathroom, that was adjacent. Conner heard water, and then a minute later, Alec reemerged, walking up to the edge of the bed. Conner watched him walk up to the bed, then pull back the sheet, and then get in.

Alec climbed on top of Conner, rubbing his naked form all over Conner's naked body. Alec rested his elbows to each side of Conner's head, looking down at Conner. They ground their hips into each other. Conner could feel himself getting hard very quickly, but Alec was already there, like a rock, between them. They slid up and down against each other. Alec smiled and then leaned down and kissed Conner, deeply. They pulled back from one another slowly.

"I've got to go." Alec whispered.

"What? Now?" Conner asked with wide eyes.

"Sorry. I told you. I have to go to work." Alec got up off of Conner, and then off the bed.

"But, what about...?"

Alec leaned back down, kissing Conner again. "Later." He pulled back, bending down and grabbing his clothes. He got close to Conner's face again. "After work, if you want to. I've gotta go, though."

Conner was deflated in his reaction, but not with his rock hard cock. He found it very erotic that he was being left like this, and then with the promise of this afternoon, his mind raced at the possibilities, as he watched Alec slip into his clothes.

"So, what am I suppose to do with this?" Conner asked, throwing back the sheet.

Alec bent down, kissing him again. "Save it for later, hot stuff." Alec turned and walked out the door. Conner heard him cross the kitchen, and then the front door open and then close. A minute later, Conner heard the sound of a car start, and then the sound of tires on gravel. The roar of an engine, drifting away from the house. He sank back into the pillow, and exhaled heavily.

Ty slipped out of bed, picked up some shorts and slipped them on. He walked quietly around the bed and out into the hallway. He made the short walk into the kitchen and opened a cabinet door. He pulled out a cup and put it into the coffee maker, and pushed the button. He waited a minute, and then the life giving liquid was filling the cup. He waited another minute and then removed the cup, raising it, smelling it, and then sipping it. He sighed to himself. He then realized he was not alone, and turned around. He smiled at Conner, who was standing there, leaning against the counter, in his tight bikini underwear. Ty looked him up and down.

"Damn." Ty said.

"What?" Conner asked, with folded arms across his chest.

"I was right."

"Right about what?"

"Yesterday, when I was talking to Alec. I told him you were gorgeous, and you really are." Ty sipped at his coffee once again.

"Right." Conner said, stepping toward Ty, then reaching out and opening the cabinet, pulling out his own cup. He placed it in the machine, and pressed the button, then waited.

"Speaking of Alec...was that him I heard leaving?"

"Yeah." Conner sounding depressed.

"He go off to work?" Ty asked, Conner only nodded in reply.

"Sorry, bud. Some of us have to, you know?"

Conner turned and looked at Ty. "What's that suppose to mean?"

"It means, that he has responsibilities, here. That's all." Ty took another sip. "Like you have responsibilities in New York."

Conner rolled his eyes. "Don't remind me."

"Sorry." Ty shifted his weight to his other foot, then sipped more coffee. "So, you really like him, don't you?"

"Sure. Why do you ask?"

"No reason, bud. No reason at all." Ty turned and pulled out another cup and set it on the counter, presumably for Derrick.

"No, really, why do you ask?"

"It's what I notice, that's all. The way you look at him, the way he looks at you."

"He's...different. Special, you know?"

Ty smiled wide. "I know." Ty patted Conner on the shoulder. "Believe me, I know." Ty took his cup and walked around the corner, down the hallway, into the bedroom. He looked down at the sleeping form of Derrick, and smiled. Ty went into the bathroom and closed the door. He reemerged a few minutes later, showered, shaved, and still sipping coffee. He watched the sleeping Derrick for a minute, and then grabbed a shirt and slipped it over his head. He bent down and grabbed his shoes and walked out and back into the kitchen.

Conner was still leaning against the counter. "Derrick still asleep?"

"Yeah. I think he had too much wine last night." Ty smiled, then put his coffee cup into the machine again. After pressing the button, Ty turned and looked Conner up and down again. "So, what are you going to do today?"

"I'm not sure. Alec said he wanted to get together after work again, but until then, I don't know."

"Hmmm." Ty said, turning back to the machine. "I have an idea."

"Really? What's that?"

Ty pulled his cup out, and turned. "Do you have any clothes, other than those skinny jeans of yours?"

"I have some board shorts, and some slacks. Why?"

"Well, I thought maybe you might want to do some construction today." Ty sipped more coffee. "It'll help pass the time, till, know..."

"Okay. I'm game."

"Perfect. Now, you go and get showered and get that hot body of yours dressed. Then, we can get busy outside."

"Alright." Conner said with a gleam in his eye. "I will. Be out in a few minutes." He set his cup down, and then turned and walked toward Paul's bedroom. A few minutes later, Conner came out, dressed in his shorts, a tight tee, and sneakers. He held his arms out, letting Ty look him over. "Good enough?"

"It'll do." Ty said. "Let's go, and I'll show what's going on out there." Ty said, setting his cup down. They walked out the back door together, down the steps, and out to the garage.

It wasn't long after that, Bart and his nephews showed up to start their day. Ty was introducing Conner to everyone, then Bart and his boys got busy. Conner looked at what was going on, trying to make sense of it all. Ty explained a little as things were happening, but Conner was looking lost. Ty pulled him to one side.

"Okay. I think that's enough of plumbing for now. They're going to start trenching, and it's going to get loud. What I need to do, is start to build the doors. Do you want to help with that?"

"Sure." Conner replied.

"Okay. Let's set up the sawhorses around the corner out of their way, then we can do layout."

"Okay." Conner said, sounding confident, but was totally lost. Ty showed him what to do, then within a few minutes, they were ready to start construction of doors. Ty laid out the material, then marked it, then grabbed a saw and made the cuts. He showed Conner how to put it together, making the framework for the doors. Ty grabbed some clapboard siding, and the nail gun, handing it to Conner. He showed Conner how to use the gun, after setting the material in place. Conner nailed his first piece. The gun going off made him jump, and Ty chuckled, telling him it was natural, but the more he used it, the more confident he got.

After about an hour, the first door was built. They lifted it and leaned it against the side of the garage, then went to work on the second frame, making a mirror image of the first one. Ty watched and was pleased with Conner's progress. It wasn't long until the second was also completed. They picked it up and stacked it against the first. Conner was ecstatic over what he had done. Ty shook his hand, and Conner yelled out he wanted to build something else, almost jumping up and down with excitement. Ty just happened to look up and saw Derrick sitting on the back steps of the house, watching, sipping coffee.

Ty walked over toward him, smiling. "Morning, sunshine."

"Morning, sweet thing." Derrick smiled. "How's your boy doing?"

"My boy? You mean, 'Our Boy', and our boy is doing just fine."

"That's good." Derrick said, sipping coffee, looking past Ty. "My God, can he look any hotter in those board shorts?" Ty turned and looked back at Conner, and then back at Derrick.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. You could probably just touch him and make him go off, he's so horned up over this morning when Alec left."

"Really? Alec just left him?"

"Well, I don't know about the particulars, but I can sure tell he's all worked up over it. He kept mumbling about it while we were doing the doors." Ty looked over his shoulder again, than back at Derrick. "I brought him out here so he could kill some time, rather than beating off over and over again in bed."

"You don't say." Derrick whispered, looking up at Ty. "He's got it bad, doesn't he?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't know it yet. He just thinks it's a case of the hornies."

"Poor kid." Derrick smiled. "Are we going to let him suffer?"

"I am." Ty chuckled. "It's good for him, builds character." Derrick chuckled together with Ty. Conner came walking over.

"Morning, Derrick."

"Morning. I see you've been busy, under the tutelage of the master carpenter."

"Oh My God, Derrick! You've got to see it!" Conner was bursting, "Ty showed me how to build! I built those two doors with my own hands! I've never done that before."

"Easy, killer." Ty said, patting Conner's shoulder. "There's plenty more to do."

"Wow, you're really excited about this." Derrick said.

"Oh, wow, yes." Conner turned and looked at Ty. "So, what's next? We gotta go build something else..."

"We will, we will." Ty said, rolling his head over to look at Derrick.

"Conner, you must be hungry." Derrick said, getting up from the steps.

"I'm starving, yeah."

"Thought so." Derrick reached out and pulled Conner by the shoulder. "How about we go in and make breakfast for everyone?"

Conner slowed down a little, looking disappointed. He looked back over his shoulder toward the garage, then looked back at Ty. Ty smiled, knowing what was going through his mind.

"Not to worry, bud." Ty said, putting a hand on Conner's shoulder. "I won't do much without you."


"I promise." Ty winked. Conner followed Derrick into the house. Ty walked back out to the garage, taking off his nail bags, dropping them to the floor. "Hey, Bart." Ty called out over the sound of the jack hammer. Bart looked up. "They're doing breakfast in the house. When are you going to start trenching?"

"Well, I was going to start in about ten minutes or so. Gotta get through the foundation first." Bart replied.

"Okay. You need me to do anything?"

"Naw, we've got it."

"Alright. I'll call you when they're done cooking." Ty turned and walked toward the house. He walked in the back door, and then into the kitchen. Ty stopped short in the hallway, watching Derrick and Conner on the other side of the counter.

", if you do it this way," Derrick was saying, as Conner was watching, "then you can't burn it...see?" Derrick looked up at Conner, giving him a half smile. "He says he cooks, right?"

"That's what he said." Conner answered.

"Well, from what I saw last night, it looks like he does. So, if you want to impress him, show him this trick, and you'll get his attention."

Ty walked out of the hallway, toward the counter. "I think he's already got his attention."

Derrick and Conner looked up, both smiled briefly, then back down at the cook top. Derrick chuckled at what Ty said. He hip bumped Conner.

"Yeah, I got his attention, alright."

"See? What did I tell you?" Ty said to Derrick. Conner looking back and forth at them.

"What?" Conner asked.

"Nothing." Derrick and Ty said at the same time.

"You guys are relentless." Conner took the spoon from Derrick. Derrick turned and moved across to the other counter, grabbing a sheet tray, loaded with something that Ty didn't recognize. Derrick opened the oven door, sliding it in, then closed it. "Really, what did you mean?"

"You two, together." Derrick said. "You two look good together, that's all." Conner blushed, as he was stirring the onions, browning in the skillet. Derrick pulled out a large bowl out of the cabinet, turned and opened the fridge. He pulled out the eggs, set them on the counter, and one by one, cracked them, and placed them in the bowl, a splash of milk, salt, pepper, and then the whisk. He set about whisking away, fluffing the mixture as he went. Once it was where he wanted it, the fridge opened again, Derrick reached in and pulled out fresh parsley. He chopped a few tops off some stems, then rough chopped the parsley, scooped it up and placed it in the egg mixture. He looked over at the onions in the pan, he asked Conner to add a little more butter to it, which he did.

A couple of minutes later, the pan and its contents were ready, Derrick checked the oven, then shut it off. He picked up the bowl and slowly poured the egg mixture in, then lowered the heat.

"See? To keep it from burning, always lower the temperature. Give it a minute, and then slowly start to stir." Derrick said to Conner, turning the spoon over to him. Conner took it and carefully stirred, looking nervous as he did it. "Remember, it's just eggs, you can't screw them up. Besides those guys out side probably could care less at this point."

"What makes you say that?" Conner asked.

"Because they're probably starving to death. Did you see how skinny those boys are? It's like they haven't eaten in months."

"Yeah, I noticed that." Conner said, concentrating on his stirring.

"Sweetie," Derrick said to Ty, "could you get out some plates and silverware for me?"

"Love to." Ty answered, getting up from the counter.

Derrick opened the oven, having Conner step to one side of the door. He oven mitted up, and pulled out the tray. He closed the door and turned toward the back counter. He set the tray and grabbed a large serving bowl. He slid the croissants off the tray, and placed them in the bowl. He covered them with a linen towel to keep in the heat.

He opened the fridge and pulled out various fruits in the bottom drawer. He grabbed a paring knife and another bowl and quickly went to work slicing up the fruit. He added a bunch of grapes and gave the mixture a stir, then dusted it with a little sugar. Both bowls were carried over to the table and set in the middle.

"How are the eggs, Conner?"

"Uh, I'm not sure. Maybe you should have a look."

"Would you eat it right now?" Derrick asked, setting out silverware next to plates with Ty.

"Uh, no."

"Okay. Then keep stirring. When they look like something you would want to eat, take them off the heat."

"Got it." Conner replied. Derrick smiled up at Ty. Ty winked.

"He's getting an education today, isn't he?" Ty whispered.

"Until this afternoon." Derrick cocked his head.

"What's going on this afternoon?" Conner called out from the counter.

"Dinner prepping. Looks like you're the new chef in training." Derrick answered louder.

"Oh...thanks." Conner rolled his eyes. "You sure you just don't want take out?" Derrick and Ty chuckled. "Okay...these are done."

"Pull them off the heat. Let's have a look." Derrick said, coming back around the counter. He came up next to Conner and leaned a little, looking into the pan. "Those look just awesome, bud. Good job." Derrick said, patting Conner on the shoulder. "Now, lets plate it up, and serve it." Derrick looked up at Ty. "Would you call the guys in for me?"

"Sure." Ty answered and went to the back door. He opened it and stuck his thumb and index finger in the corners of his mouth and blew out this incredibly loud whistle. Conner jumped, and Derrick looked in Ty's direction, having never heard him do that before. Ty reemerged in the kitchen. He looked at Derrick, and then raised a finger, stopping Derrick from saying anything.

"Wait for it..." Ty said, and then a moment later, the back door opened, and the boys slid up behind Ty, almost wide eyed. "See? Construction call, works every time." Ty put up his hands in the air a little.

"I'll have to remember that." Derrick said. "Alright, you boys have a seat at the table. Where's Bart?" Derrick asked, and then Bart was there, behind Ty. "Oh, perfect timing." Derrick said with a smile. "Have a seat." Derrick holding out a hand, toward the table. Bart sat down, Ty followed and sat in his usual spot. Derrick watched as the boys were all looking at him. Derrick smiled, "It's alright, go ahead and dig in." Derrick had retrieved his coffee cup, and sat at the head of the table. He just watched as everything was disappearing off the plates. He smiled and shook his head.

Conner and the boys were talking softly to each other, pointing forks at this bowl and that bowl. Derrick got up and made more coffee, for himself and for Bart. He walked back over and sat the cup for Bart in front of him. Bart smiled up at him, briefly.

"I want to thank you for this, Derrick." Bart said, lifting his cup. "We don't get many clients that do this."

"My pleasure, Bart." Derrick leaned a little, looking down the table. "Looks like the boys are enjoying it."

Ty and Bart joined Derrick in looking down the table, watching the boys shovel everything into their mouths. It looked like they were just swallowing, with chewing. It was just a few minutes, and everything was gone. Derrick chuckled.

"I guess I need to go to the store again." Derrick looked at Ty.

"You'll have to take the truck if you do. I don't think the car can carry everything you're going to get." Ty said.

"I think you're right." Derrick then looked at Bart. "Don't you ever feed them?"

"My sister, their mother..., well she doesn't cook very good." Bart said in a low voice. "I usually take them and get burgers or pizza before I take them home."

Ty watched Derrick's reaction carefully at what Bart said. Ty leaned toward Derrick, putting his hand on Derrick's.

"Are you going to adopt this bunch as well?" Ty asked, with a raised eyebrow. "You'll go broke just feeding them."

"Well, if they're not eating..."

"Whoa, hold on." Ty said.

"Couldn't ask you to do it, Derrick." Bart said. "This was wonderful and all, but, really you shouldn't be thinking of doing that."

"Just hate to see anyone going hungry, that's all."

Ty and Bart smiled at Derrick, then looked at each other. Bart sipped his coffee, then set his cup down. He got up from the table, looking down at Derrick and held out his hand. Derrick took it, and gave it a firm shake.

"I want to thank you for doing this. It was really good. And good of you to do it."

Derrick stood, "It was our pleasure." Derrick smiled and then looked down the table. "You boys get enough?"

"Yes, sir." They said at the same time. "Thank you very much. It was really good." They said, and got up from the table. They each walked up and shook Derrick's hand, and then walked out the back door. Bart followed them out. A couple of minutes later, Derrick, Ty, and Conner heard the trencher start.

Plates and bowls were cleared from the table. Derrick was looking sad to Ty. Conner was staying quiet. Derrick emptied the dishwasher, and then set about rinsing and reloading it. Conner helped and Ty came around the counter. He kissed Derrick on the cheek, and patted his butt. Derrick half smiled, as Ty turned and walked out the back door.

"I don't care what Bart said." Derrick mumbled. Conner turned his head.

"What are you going to do?" Conner asked, softly.

"I'm going grocery shopping."

"Really?" Conner asked with excitement in his voice. Derrick looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Do you want to go?" Derrick asked in a low voice.

"Well,...if you're going, know..."

"What? To his store?" Derrick waited a moment watching for it, half smiling.

"Okay, yeah...his store."

"What? Can't wait till this afternoon?" Derrick grinned.

"Ugh." Conner blurted out. "I was just thinking...maybe that might you need some help, that's all."

"Right..." Derrick said in a low tone. He wiggled his eyebrows at Conner. Conner smiled. "You're so busted, bud."

"Okay, okay...I can't wait till this afternoon." Conner rolled his eyes.

"You going like that?" Derrick asked, making Conner look down at himself, and then back at Derrick.

"Should I change?"

"Not if you want to drive him crazy." Derrick smirked. "He'll probably throw on the floor and take you in the aisle."

"That would be hot." Conner grinned.

"You're turning into a slut." Derrick elbowed Conner, and then grinned.

"Oohhh, yeah." Conner replied, grinning.

"Come on, let's go." Derrick cocked his head to one side. They walked out the back door together. Derrick found Ty out in the garage. Ty just held out his keys without even being asked. Derrick grinned, and then kissed Ty on the cheek. Conner and Derrick got into the truck and backed out of the driveway, turning onto the road and headed for town and the store.

Derrick parked the truck, and they got out, walking up to the front, Derrick grabbed a basket, and they entered the store. It was busy, late morning, lots of women shoppers. They were all turning their heads, looking at Derrick and Conner. Conner was oblivious to it, but Derrick seemed to enjoy being ogled over. Conner followed Derrick up and down the aisles, as Derrick was loading all kinds of things in the basket.

They came around the corner and to the back wide aisle, at the meat section. Derrick pushed the cart up, and was looking down at various things, when he heard a conversation going on behind him. He turned and looked over his shoulder, and smiled.

Alec had apparently seen them, and had walked up. He and Conner were almost face to face with each other. Derrick watched them for a minute, not really able to hear what was being said, but catching a word now and then. Alec noticed Derrick was watching them, and looked and smiled at Derrick. Derrick nodded his head toward Alec. Alec turned his attention back toward Conner, looking him up and down. After another minute, Alec turned and walked away, Conner slid up next to Derrick.

"Is he alright?" Derrick asked in a low voice, rummaging through the meat.

"I think he's upset." Conner said, in an equally low voice.

"Oh? What about?"

"It's the way he kept looking at me. It's nothing that he really said."

"What did he say?"

"Only that he would see me later when he got off work, and to be hungry."

"Oohhh." Derrick said.


"I think you're in for a treat." Derrick made a couple of selections, and then put them in the basket. "Let's go over to the deli section, shall we?"

"What do you think he's planning?"

"I don't know, bud, but if I were you?" Derrick looked Conner in the eye. "I'd be ready for anything. That boy's got it bad for you."

Conner turned and looked in the direction that Alec walked, but couldn't see him. He looked back at Derrick.

"You think so?" Conner asked in a soft voice, putting his hand on the basket handle.

"I do." Derrick said, with a smile.

"I...think..." Conner said slowly, looking ahead.

"You think what?" Derrick asked as they neared the deli section.

"I think...I'm in love with Alec."



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