The stage was been set for the final showdown between the cop and the construction worker. Randy had thrashed Mark's boy, Jamie, and Mark had taken a brutal revenge, beating Randy savagely and leaving him humiliated in the dust. Mark and Jamie had moved out of the house.

As it happened, not long after that Mark had been able to save Randy's adopted son Pablo from being raped by a sadistic cop. So now Randy's lover Bob saw his chance to play the diplomat. He reasoned with the reluctant cop and eventually hit on the root of the rivalry.

'Ah,' Bob's eyes gleamed. 'That's the part that really gets to you, doesn't it? Randy is so fucking gorgeous, such a stud, so overpowering sexually that everyone submits to him. Jamie gave his ass up to him, just like everyone does. Hell, you even got you turned on while you were thrashing him. Randy can make anyone shoot their load without touching themselves, and that's the real challenge, isn't it, Mark? It's not a trial of strength any more, it's a sexual contest.'

Bob had touched a nerve and Mark had to agree. 'OK, so you're right ...... it's about sex. Well then ..... that's my price for coming back. He thinks he's such a macho fucking sex god, everyone submits ..... cums when he orders them' He stood up and looked into the mirror. 'Well look at me, man. Don't you think I can do that too?'

'Mark, you're one of the most beautiful men on the planet. You know you can make me cum just looking at you. You already did that once, remember. Hell, I've got a hard-on now just talking to you.'

'Well maybe the great and glorious Randy needs a taste of that,' Mark said. 'OK, another thrashing will do no good 'cause we know he can take a beating ...... but let's see if he can resist that,' and he pointed to his own stunning reflection in the mirror.

He sat down and looked at Bob. 'OK, man. I'll do it for you. But here's what I want. And I'll take nothing less.'

As Mark laid down his conditions Bob's eyes opened wide. He couldn't believe Randy would go for it. But he had to. And Bob would be forced to watch. As he thought about it he felt his cock getting hard.


Engaging in shuttle diplomacy Bob took Mark's startling conditions back to Randy, who instantly rejected them.

'Fuck him! Who the fuck does he think I am? He thinks because he looks like a fucking Greek God I'll submit to him? No way I'll give the asshole that satisfaction.'

'Because you're scared to?' Bob asked tentatively.

Randy's eyes blazed. 'Scared of that mother-fucker?! Take that damned uniform off him and he's nothing. It'll be a cold day in hell before I submit to that asshole.'

'Then prove it. Give him the chance.'

Randy turned his back on Bob and stomped across the room. The challenge lay heavily in the air and the big construction worker clenched his jaw. He had never in his life backed down from a challenge. Finally he whirled round.

'I'm going downstairs to the gym. Don't follow me.' And he left the room.


A hard workout always helped Randy get over his anger and sort out his thoughts. But this time was different. As he paced in their basement gym he knew he needed something different before he could even consider Mark's ultimatum. But what?

He stopped and looked at himself in the mirror. He was still in his work clothes ..... the usual grubby cargo pants, boots and the greasy old tank top stretched over his muscular chest. He gazed at the image and, without thinking, flexed his biceps shoulders and pecs. He didn't usually pay much attention to how he looked, but now he had to admit that the mirror image was pretty sensational.

His eyes travelled down from the tousled black hair, past the steel blue eyes, over the high cheek bones and the square chin, heavily stubbled with a week's growth. He gazed at the broad, muscular shoulders, the pecs and eight-pack abs straining under the tank, and the hard, flexing biceps. He put his fists on his hips, pushed the shoulders forward and flared his lats into a wide V that narrowed down to a tight waist. Yeah, he was a magnificent sight. He smiled at himself in the mirror.

'You're fucking gorgeous, man. You're the best. They all cream in their jeans looking at you. And you just proved yourself to Bob and Pablo ..... yeah, you made them shoot without touching themselves. You can do that to anyone, man. Fuck, you did it to Mark's little punk, Jamie.' He laughed at himself.

He had never looked at himself this way before. Never had to. It was a major factor in his innate, raw, rugged masculinity that he never gave a shit how he looked. He was used to the stares and stunned reactions of others and took it for granted. He was completely sure of himself ....... master of his world.

But that was before he met Mark. He had known at once that Mark was his equal in every way ..... beauty, power, strength and authority. The cop was the blond Greek God to Randy's ruggedly handsome dark demon. And the beating he had recently taken from Mark had unnerved him. He needed to reassure himself, to reassert his masculinity. Sure, he had already done that with Bob and then Pablo. But that was easy .... routine, almost. They loved him, lusted for him. They would do anything in the world for him. He could always turn them on, bring them to spontaneous orgasm.

But now, before he felt able to confront Mark in a sexual contest he needed the challenge of turning on a man the equal of Mark. But Mark had no equal. Except one ....... Randy looked into the mirror and saw the only man who could best the powerful cop. And suddenly he knew! He hit on the ultimate test of his sexual prowess. Before he confronted Mark he needed to triumph sexually over the man looking back at him .... the man in the mirror!


He stared again at his magnificent body and spoke to his mirror image. 'You think you can turn me on, stud? Think you can make me shoot my load. Think you're man enough? I'm a master just like you. If you can make me cum then you are the best. Come on, man. You're better than that asshole cop. Prove it. Show me.'

Again he flexed his perfect muscles and smiled at the blue eyes looking back at him, set in the rugged, swarthy face. 'You're a fucking demon, you know that? And they call me a muscle god. So make me cum, man ..... god against the devil.'

He paused and gazed at the dirt-stained clothes stretched over the hard muscles. 'Let me see you get naked, man.' He watched as the construction worker in the mirror put his hand on the front of his greasy tank and pulled it slowly. It stretched more and more, until one of the straps broke and hung down, leaving one shoulder bare and exposing part of one of the huge pecs.

'More, man.' He pulled again at the shirt until the other side ripped and the shreds fell around his waist.

'God, you look beautiful stripped to the waist, man. Look at those fucking pecs. And those abs .... Jesus Christ. Flex them for me, stud.' He watched as the shirtless bodybuilder flexed his hard eight-pack until the veins bulged.

'Now the rest, man. Strip for me.' He kicked off his work boots and unbuckled his belt.

'Slowly ...... I wanna enjoy this. I wanna get hard.' So he took his time. He lowered his cargo pants to just below his butt. He breathed softly, 'Turn round.' He saw the man turn round and look back over his shoulder.

He gasped. 'Shit, will you look at that ass. It's perfect, man, those hard round globes. Hell, so what if the asshole cop wants to fuck your ass? You can take it, stud. You can take his rod inside that gorgeous hole.'

He turned back to face the mirror, dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He was now wearing just his boxers and the tattered remains of the tank round his waist. 'OK, stud, let's see it. Let's see how much I turned you on.' With one move he ripped the shorts from his body and the huge cock sprang out hard as a rock.

'Oh, yeah! I knew I could do that to you, man. Look at that fucking rod. God, I'm gonna enjoy watching it shoot.' The man in the mirror went to pull off the remains of the shirt but he said, 'No ..... leave it. It looks real hot just hanging round your waist like that. Hell, you look fucking incredible.'

But it was not yet enough. 'OK, get ready man. You're such a macho stud, you're not scared of pain from that asshole cop. Let me see, man. I wanna see you hurt. I wanna see the master suffer. I wanna see pain in that glorious face.


He left the mirror, walked over to the black bag he kept on the floor in the corner and pulled out two items. Then he went back to gaze again at the magnificent image of the near naked man in the mirror.

'See these, asshole? Put them on ...... now!'

He was holding a pair of heavy-duty tit-clamps joined by a chain. He had never used them before because he knew how brutal they were. He held one in each hand and clamped them to his hard, protruding nipples. As the serrated edges bit into his flesh he saw the handsome face in the mirror fly backward and howl with the sudden stab of pain.'

'Aaah! The pain in my chest ....... Fuck you, man. No, I can't take it.'

He watched the massive chest flex to absorb the pain in the nipples, and saw the agony in the rugged face. And then saw a trace of a smile. 'Not man enough, asshole? Can't take it? You give up now and you'd give up to the cop in a heartbeat. OK ..... submit to me now. Give up, man.'

Randy gritted his teeth. 'Fuck you! And fuck the cop! I can take anything you throw at me, shithead. The cop too. And I'll show you.'

He bent down and picked up the other object he had pulled from the bag. He looked up at the naked man in the mirror who was holding a thick, shiny black butt plug. 'Think you can take this, stud? Wanna see that perfect ass stretched around this huge plug? Go ahead, man. Show me.'

Randy reached behind himself and put the pointed end of the plug against his hole. He took a deep breath, looked into the steely eyes of the man in the mirror and shoved the plug all the way into his ass. He saw the massive body convulse in a spasm of pain and spin round, screaming in pain.

'No, man. My ass, man. I can't take the pain. God, my body's on fire, man. My chest, my ass. You're torturing my body, man.'

He had always believed a body could feel only one source of pain at a time. But now the multiple pain points joined to ignite his whole body in a searing cauldron of pain. He saw the huge naked muscle stud shudder, the rugged face contorted in agony, tears pouring from his eyes. The body was pouring with sweat now, the soaking shreds of the shirt clinging to the waist.

And it was the biggest visual turn on he had ever encountered. It was unbelievably beautiful. As he watched, his body started to absorb the pain until it melted into something close to ecstasy. The body was bulging, chest muscles flexing to absorb the pain of the knife-like clamps, his ass muscles clenching round the plug to ease the throbbing ache in his ass. He watched the incredible top-man, the powerful alpha male, the master, being subjected to agonizing torture. And his cock was raging hard.

'Oh, man, that is so fucking beautiful. You're turning me on, man. God, look at that body. Feel that pain, stud. Watch the master suffer.' He took deep breaths and groaned with a mix of pain and elation. 'That's it, man. You are the best. You're gonna make me cum, man. Come on stud ...... go for it!'

Above his head was a chin bar fixed to the ceiling. Despite the intense pain in his body he jumped up and grabbed the bar. Slowly he pulled himself up to the bar, then slowly back down.

On the next lift he stopped halfway up, and his rigid body strained hard to maintain the position. His shoulders and biceps bulged and flexed, his lats flared and he held his abs in tight.

He saw the muscle god poised in mid-air, veins standing out all over the suffering body, chain swinging between the two tit-clamps, legs kicking wildly to ease the pain in his butt, the huge rigid cock standing straight out. His low, guttural voice moaned. 'You are fucking incredible. Feel the pain in your body, man. Watch that stud suffer.'

He gritted his teeth as his entire body strained to hold onto the agonizing stress position. ' Aaah .... I can't take much more, man. The pain ...... I can't ...... Please let me go, sir. Please, sir. I'm begging you. You've beaten me, sir.'

He looked into the steel blue eyes of the suffering man in the mirror and passed into a delirium of pain mixed with unbelievable joy. The eyes held him ..... he saw their image and then, incredibly, he saw the reflection of his own eyes in that image. There was a sensation of infinity as the gaze of the two men merged, became one.

The slave felt the intense pain and watched the master inflicting that pain. The master and slave were one and the same magnificent man. The end had to come now. The pain was intense, unbearable, and Randy looked at his master.

'OK, man. You win. I can't take any more. You've beaten me. You are the best. You're my master. I submit, sir. Please let me cum, sir. Let me shoot my load. I beg you.'

He saw the face in the mirror smile. 'I knew I could beat you, asshole. I win. OK, I release you. Do it now, man. Shoot your load, slave. Now!!'

Randy watched in wide-eyed disbelief at the rigid, muscular stud hanging in front of the mirror. The rigid cock pulsed, shuddered, and a massive torrent of creamy white liquid shot from it, arcing outward, upward, and finally splashing onto the mirror. He heard the man scream, saw the muscular body heave and shudder and watched the river of come pour down over the glass, obscuring the image.

He was finished. Strength drained from him and he went limp. He lost his grip on the bar and his massive body crashed to the floor in a heap.


It was a few minutes before he became back to consciousness. The first sensations were of intense pain in his ass and his nipples. Reflexively his ass muscles relaxed and he expelled the plug. He reached up to his chest and pulled open the clamps, causing a jolt of intense pain as the serrated edges pulled away from his skin.

He fell forward onto his chest but managed to raise his head. He looked into the mirror and saw an agonized, brutalized face, made stunningly beautiful by the suffering, by the tears and sweat streaked over it. Then he saw the cum flowing down over the mirror and crawled toward it. He came up against the mirror and spoke to the man he saw there.

'You are the best. You made me cum. I knew you would. I love you, sir.' He brought his lips up to the lips in the mirror and began to kiss them ravenously. The semen flowing between them lubricated their embrace as Randy tasted the sweet thickness of the juice. Their eyes met as their tongues lapped hungrily at their own cum.

Randy was only dimly aware of the feet standing beside him, at the panting sound above him that grew faster and faster, reaching a crescendo in a scream. Randy jerked his head upward to be met by a blast of hot cum hitting him in the face, splashing his hair and running down over the brow, into his eyes and down his cheeks. His vision was obscured by the cum so he heard, before he saw, his lover Bob.

Bob had been unnerved by the piercing scream coming from downstairs and rushed down to see if Randy was OK. He had been greeted by the sight of the magnificent stud crawling toward the mirror on his stomach. He had watched as he made love to his mirror image, kissed himself, and licked at the cum streaming down the glass.

It was the most amazing sight he had ever seen. He had never seen his lover, his master, look more magnificent. He was watching master and slave make love to each other. He was watching Randy make love to himself! He had become rock hard instantly and instinctively pulled out his cock. He didn't need to stroke it. He pointed it downward and, just as Randy had looked up, his spontaneous orgasm had erupted.

As his eyes cleared of the cum, his own and Bob's, Randy looked up at his lover and said, 'You too, uh? He made me shoot too.' He looked for a last time at the face in the mirror and smiled. 'I knew he could. He is the best. I am the best. I am the master.'

His face still covered in cum and sweat Randy looked back up at Bob and laughed. 'OK, man,' he shouted. 'You can tell the cop the deal's on. I can take whatever he throws at me, and I will win. I am the master. Bring him on!'


Several days later the afternoon sun was beating down on the garden, the silence broken only by the insistent chirping of the crickets. The air was somehow heavy with anticipation. There came the sound of wheels outside on the gravel and car doors banging. The gate opened.

'He's back!'

It was the voice of Darius that broke the silence as the excited black man ran out of the house and across the lawn, followed by Pablo. Coming through the gate was Jamie, and the three young men met in an exuberant embrace, all talking at once over each other.

Bob came out of the house and smiled. This was the moment he had worked hard for, using all his powers of insight and diplomacy. But there was a long way to go yet and the outcome was far from certain. He watched the youthful reunion and thought to himself, 'If only it could all be that easy. Hell, we could learn a lot from those kids.' Still, he thought, time to get the show on the road.

He walked over to them and gave Jamie a hug. 'Welcome back, Jamie. We've all missed you.' Jamie looked into the warm brown eyes of the stunningly handsome face and replied, 'It's good to be home, sir. Thank you.'

Then Bob was all business. 'OK, guys, here's the deal. You are to go into your house and stay there. I don't care what you do, just don't come out until I say you can. Got it?'

Darius frowned. 'Oh, sir ...... I thought we could .......'

'That's your trouble, Darius. You think too much. Now get!'

Thy turned round, Darius flung his arms round the shoulders of the men on either side of him and together they disappeared into their house.

A deep voice growled, 'You gonna send me away too?'

Bob spun round to see Mark, looking magnificent in his black cop uniform. Smiling, Bob held out his hand and the two men greeted each other with a firm handshake.

'You came straight from work,' Bob said.

'Just stopped to pick Jamie up, that's all.' He paused and frowned a little. 'You still sure about all this, buddy? 'Cause I sure as hell am not.'

'It's all set, man. Here he comes.'

Randy was striding out of the house, dressed in jeans and boots, a denim work shirt over a white T-shirt. He had an aura of supreme confidence about him, the ultimate alpha male, afraid of nothing. His stunning experience with himself in front of the mirror had completely restored his confidence. He was ready for anything.

He stood in front of Mark and they locked eyes. As the two macho bulls stared at each other it was as if their nostrils were breathing fire. Bob quickly intervened. 'OK, you both know what we agreed. You ready?'

Randy smiled into Mark's eyes and opened his arms wide, palms forward. 'Here I am, man. Bring it on.'


The contest Bob had made Randy agree to was not a trial of strength. It was to be a test of sexual power between the two muscle gods. Randy had fucked Mark's boy Randy and the force of his sexual magnetism was so strong that Jamie could not hold back from shooting his load without touching himself. It was this that infuriated Mark.

So now, the only way Mark would come back to the house is to challenge Randy in the same way. He would use his own incredible beauty and sexual power to force Randy to cum as he had made Jamie. Mark would overpower him through raw lust. The construction worker's submission would be a spontaneous orgasm. Except that Randy laughed at the idea. No way would he surrender sexually to this man.

In his supreme confidence Randy had agreed to let Mark set the conditions and use whatever means he wanted. Bob had set it up and the trial was about to begin. Bob stood at a distance and watched as two pairs of steel blue eyes pierced each other like daggers. Finally Mark spoke.

'OK. First you strip.'

A slow smile spread over the construction worker's face. Oh yeah, he would strip alright. He had turned himself on a few days ago doing just that in front of the mirror. Now to give the cop a taste.

His eyes gazing steadily at Mark's with an arrogant smile, the big construction worker slowly unbuttoned his denim shirt, pulling it open to reveal more of the white T-shirt stretched over his chest. He pulled the shirt tails out of his jeans, then shrugged off the shirt and let it fall. Again he repeated the open-armed gesture, palms forward, showing off his magnificent V-shaped torso that strained through the shirt.

'Not bad, uh?' he smiled. 'Watch this, buddy.'

He put his hands behind his neck and pulled up on the back of the T-shirt, slowly drawing it upward, over the ridges of his eight-pack abs, up over the slabs of his pecs, then over his head until he was standing stripped to the waist. He looked incredible. Mark took an involuntary intake of breath and felt his cock stir. Randy noticed this, cocked his head sideways and smiled.

'Thought so,' he taunted.

He kicked off his boots, turned around and slowly lowered his jeans, exposing his naked ass. He looked back over his shoulder and smiled at the cop's reaction to his perfect, hard globes. Then quickly he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. Buck naked now he stood facing Mark and again opened his arms in the open-handed gesture, as if to say, 'Look at that!'

'You like?' He nodded down to the bulge in Mark's uniform pants and laughed. 'I guess you do.'

Mark had had enough of Randy's teasing.

'OK, Bob. Get him ready. Just as I ordered.'


Three young faces gazed awestruck from an upstairs window.

'You think we should be watching?' asked Pablo.

'Sure we should,' Darius replied. 'Bob just said we couldn't go out. Said nothing about watching from here. Hell, dude, this is gonna be the fantasy of a lifetime.'

And then there was silence, except for the very heavy breathing.


A short while later the naked construction worker was lying on his back on the ground, arms stretched out sideways, wrists secured by ropes tied to trees at the side of the lawn. Despite his bondage he still maintained the steady, arrogant half-smile as he looked at Mark.

'OK, stud. Here I am as ordered. Do your worst.'

Mark did not reply to the taunt. Looking commanding in his black uniform he walked back and forth, all the time gazing down at the spread-eagled man. Finally he stood in front of Randy.

'That was quite a show you put on there, man. Now it's my turn. Watch this, asshole.'

Smiling down at the bound man tall, the muscular cop was an icon, like a square jawed Greek God. He mimicked Randy's open-armed gesture and repeated his taunt.

'You like?' He smiled as he saw the first stirrings of Randy's cock as it began to stiffen. 'I guess you do.'

Just as Randy had done, Mark reached up and undid the first button of his shirt, then the others slowly, revealing, like Randy, the T-shirt underneath. He pulled open his black uniform shirt, shrugged it off and let it drop. His T-shirt tapered from his broad shoulders, down over his wide lats to the tight black belt at his slim waist. The short sleeves clung to the bulging biceps.

He looked spectacular and watched with satisfaction as Randy's cock grew rock hard. For the first time the arrogant smile left Randy's face as he realized the sexual power of this beautiful man.

'OK,' Mark said. 'Let's get down to business. You fucked my boy and made him shoot his load. Now you're gonna get some of your own medicine. But it won't be a bitter pill, I promise you. You're gonna love it. The bondage is just so you don't break the rules and touch your cock. 'Cause you are gonna want to. I promise that too.'

He dropped to his knees, grasped Randy's ankles and pushed them up and back, exposing the construction worker's naked ass high in the air.

'Oh, yeah. I'm gonna enjoy this.' He looked into Randy's eyes. 'So are you, man .... a whole lot.'

He bent down and began licking the warm, moist hole, pushing his tongue hard inside, lapping at the tender membrane. With satisfaction he heard Randy moan. The bound man had not expected this. He had anticipated forcible entry, pain ...... but never this. His confidence began to crumble.'

Mark pulled back and let Randy's legs down. He looked down at the now-raging hard-on and smiled at Randy. 'Well, at least we wiped that conceited smile off your face. Now feast your eyes on this.'

He reached behind his neck and with one quick moved pulled of his T-shirt and tossed it aside. His golden torso gleamed with the first thin sheen of sweat, his muscles flexed, the magnificent chest rose and fell with his heaving breaths. This time Randy's cock jolted upright. The cop was so fucking gorgeous, stripped to the waist, that Randy turned his face to one side in alarm. He was scared now, too scared to look.

'Uh, uh.' Mark protested lightly. 'Against the rules, man. You have to keep watching. Don't worry. You'll like what you see.'

He unzipped the fly of his uniform pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. 'Well, will you look at that? See what you did to me with all your preening. Just makes my job easier.'

He again grasped Randy's ankles, pushed the legs high and rested the tip of his cock against the quivering hole of Randy's ass. Then he stopped. The suspense was too much for Randy and he made a final attempt at bravado.

'Come on, stud. Is this all you got? Hammer my ass, man. You know that's what you want. I can take all you got, man, and more.'

Mark smiled. ''Hammer' is such a crude word. No, what I had in mind is something more like this.'

Gently his pushed his cock until the head went in just past the sphincter of the ass and then stopped. Randy looked up at the beautiful face above him and realized that something was about to happen that was quite different from the savage fuck he expected. He felt the head of the cock pull out, then slide past the sphincter again. Mark was, in effect, massaging the rim of his ass with the head of his dick.

The effect on Randy was electrifying. He moaned as he watched the god-like face and felt the soft, sensual stroking at the entrance to his ass. His ass relaxed, his whole body relaxed, and he felt himself drowning in the incredible sensation. Mark smiled at him.

'You want more? Here ........ '

And gently he pushed the whole length of his shaft into the ass, slowly, inch by inch. He felt the head come to rest against a ridge in the depth of Randy's ass. It was the inner sphincter. His cock was long and as he pushed further he felt the head slide over the ridge into the burning inner depths of the ass.

'Aaaah......!' Randy's eyes opened wide as he looked at the stunning face and knew that this was the same man who was creating the most sensual, erotic feeling in his ass he had ever experienced. 'Oh, man. Oh, God,' he moaned in mounting delirium.

Slowly Mark pulled his cock back, over the inner ridge, back up the length of Randy's ass until he was once again massaging the outer sphincter. Soon he repeated the movement, back inside the ass and over the incredibly sensitive inner ridge into the furnace of the ass beyond. And that was the magic spot, when Randy felt the head of the cock rest against the deep, inner rim, then pass over it and rest, pulsing, in the warm recesses of his gut. It was as if his whole body was being invaded by this beautiful man. Every fiber of his being came alive. Randy was on fire.

It went on for a long time, the alternate massaging of the outer ass, then the inner sphincter. Randy knew he was lost ..... but wonderfully, magically lost in the warm, gentle, incredibly erotic sensation in his ass. His own cock was blazing, throbbing, screaming for release. Randy looked up at the smile on the god-like face and felt he was being transported into another plane of existence.

He stared at the beautiful face as he felt the whole glorious length of the shaft making love to his ass. The pale blue eyes met his and smiled. Randy gazed into their inner depths. He was hypnotized, spellbound as their gazes melted into each other. All of his senses told him he had fallen in love with the man.

All thoughts of the challenge, the contest, evaporated. The proud man who had earlier boasted arrogantly that he would never succumb to this man's sexual appeal now begged to be allowed to shoot his load. His overwhelming desire was to please this god who was fucking his ass.

'You win, man. You are the best. I submit. Tell me what to do.'

'You like my cock in your ass?'

'More than anything in the world. Please, man, let me show you how much.

Mark maintained the gentle rhythm of his cock sliding deep into the man's ass as he said. 'OK, stud. When I tell you, you will cum. You will shoot your load for me. Are you ready?'

'Yes, sir.'

'OK, buddy. Now!'

And Randy's cock exploded. His scream echoed round the garden, his body shuddered and jolted, his muscles flexed, his wrists pulled wildly at their restraints. As he felt the cock sliding deep inside his ass, his gaze locked onto Mark's blue eyes and his semen spurted out in multiple spontaneous orgasms, load after load, until his face, hair, chest and whole torso was splashed with thick, creamy rivers of white juice.

In the convulsion of his climax Randy's ass muscles contracted like a vice round the cock inside it, and the effect on Mark was instantaneous. His cock was already furnace hot and now it blazed alive as his juice rose from the depths of his body and gushed into the ass he had just made love to. Both men were moaning, weeping, shuddering in an ecstasy that overwhelmed all their senses. They gazed at each other in wonder. Then Mark fell forward exhausted onto the magnificent cum-soaked chest.

At that same moment, three more shouts of pure joy could be heard from inside the house as three awestruck young men shot their loads, and three streams of white cum could be seen running down the upstairs window.


Recovery took a long time. Randy was shaken to the core. He had expected a hard, brutal ass-fuck that he knew he could withstand. But instead, the beautiful, shirtless cop had made love to his ass in the most spectacular, erotic way. Not only had Randy been unable to resist a spontaneous orgasm ..... he could not resist the man. He now felt a bond with him that could never, ever be broken.

But, after all, Mark had won the contest. Randy had failed to withstand the cop's overpowering sexuality and had submitted to him in the most dramatic way possible. And there was a price to pay.

They stood now face to face. Bob had watched the whole episode spellbound, his own cock rock hard, but he had resisted the temptation to shoot his load. Now he walked forward and looked at Mark.

'You won, man. No doubt about that. And we all know the deal ....... if you won, your prize would be something that Randy valued most. Take what you want ...... use it the way you want to. What's it to be?'

Mark's eyes moved slowly over Bob's magnificent body and down toward his perfect ass. Then he raised his gaze toward the upstairs window and rested on the awestruck face of Pablo, Randy's adopted son, staring down at him.

Mark had a choice to make.

Upstairs Darius whispered, 'This is it, dude. The moment of truth.'


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 47'


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