Officer Mark Matsen. All three men gasped at the sight of this beautiful, muscular cop striding toward them. He was like a fantasy image of a cop, in his black uniform and tall, shiny motorcycle boots. His shirt was open almost to his waist baring his sculpted pecs and tucked into the slim waist of his uniform pants. His chiseled features were stunning behind mirrored glasses. He dropped his helmet and crossed his arms over his chest.

He gazed down at Randy, the musclebound, dark, macho top man who lay dazed and sprawled at his feet in abject submission. Their fight for supremacy had been inevitable. The two alpha males had needed to see who would dominate. Mark had won the fight and fucked the defeated muscle god, reducing him to a pleading wreck.

Forced to watch the humiliation of their master were Randy's lover Bob, himself a tall commanding muscle stud, and Darius the perfectly sculpted young black man who worshipped his master. A stunned silence hung in the air. As Mark spoke the men realized that he was back to being a cop. The voice was steely, all business.'

'It's almost over. But before I leave there's one last act. The deal was that I get to see you two complete the humiliation of your master. I thrashed him, dominated him and broke him. Now he will submit to you.'

He turned to Randy still lying helpless on his back on the ground. He put his boot under the muscular body and flipped the shattered stud over onto his face.

'On your knees, asshole.'

Now totally subservient Randy came up on his hands and needs, head bowed.

'You,' the cop barked at Bob. 'On your knees behind him.' Bob instantly did as he was ordered.

'Now. You're gonna fuck your master in the ass. But I want him to suffer, so you will not climax until I give you permission. If you cum too soon he will be handcuffed and whipped. Is that clear?'

Bob looked up at the towering cop. 'Yes, sir.'


Bob hesitated, until he heard Randy growl softly, 'Do as he says.'

Despite his reluctance, Bob had a roaring hard on. It was partly the anticipation of fucking his buddy, but mostly the incredible sight of this powerful, muscle-bound cop. He brought the tip of his dick to Randy's ass and was shocked at how wet it felt. It was still dripping with the cum that Mark had poured into it minutes before.

The big, broken construction worker waited for the pain, and he groaned loudly as he felt his lover's big rod sliding inside him.

'All the way!' the cop's voice commanded.

'Yes, sir,' moaned Bob and pushed his dick deep into the soft inside of Randy's gut. The ass was still flooded with the pool of Mark's semen and Bob gasped as he felt the hot, sticky wetness of the cop's juice. The sense that his cock was being washed by this glorious cop's semen made Bob's cock even more rigid.

Then the fucking began. With Mark's threat of whipping hanging over him, Bob did not dare to hold back. Pulling his dick clear out of the hole, he plunged it back in and heard his buddy scream as he pounded the inside of his gut. Again and again he penetrated deep inside the ass, and his eyes filled with tears as he heard his buddy's screams.

But Mark did not let up. And it was not simply that he wanted to hurt his victim. Despite his desire to end all this and leave the house, he felt his own crotch bulge as he watched one muscle god fuck the other. It was an incredible sight.

The fucking seemed endless and Bob needed the punishment to be over. He raised his head and looked in front of him. Standing with his legs astride, his arms folded across his massive chest, his eyes hidden behind mirrored glasses, the cop looked magnificent and made Bob's dick even harder. Bob was ashamed that their tormenter was turning him on, but he was helpless before this beautiful, dominant man. It was as if he was fucking two men, Randy and Mark together.

Randy too looked up, and the same image caused his cock to stiffen, in spite of the humiliation and pain he was suffering. He was totally overwhelmed by the power of this god-like man. He heard Bob moan behind him.

'Please, sir. Let me cum. I'm so fucking close. I don't wanna hurt him any more. Do you want me to beg?'

Mark pointed to Randy. 'I want to hear him beg.'

Randy looked up at him. 'OK, I'm begging, man. My ass can't take any more. I'm finished, you know that. Have mercy on us. Let him cum in my ass.'

'Both of you. Who is your master?'

The two suffering bodybuilders moaned in unison. 'You are, sir.'

'And you submit to me?'

'We submit.'

'OK. Show me the final degradation of the broken stud. Cum ... now!'

Both men were looking up at the gorgeous cop towering over them as Bob screamed. His cock shuddered and exploded deep inside the shredded ass of his buddy. Randy's body bucked and heaved as his own orgasm erupted. He did not take his eyes off the man who had defeated him so completely.

Mark was silent. He had never seen anything as intoxicating as this ... two beautiful muscle gods, one fucking the other into agonized defeat. His own dick was rock hard, but he held his orgasm back. Not yet, he thought.'

* * *

Mark permitted a few moments of rest before the final act of the drama. As Bob crawled away, the cop hooked his boot under the kneeling body and flipped Randy over onto his back.

'You see now what it means to be beaten by me. But the rules were set by you, in your macho pride and arrogance. You needed me to break you, you know that?'

'Yes, sir.' Sprawled on his back Randy looked up at the stunning cop and knew he was right. He had needed this. And it took a man as supreme as this Greek God to do it.

Mark looked over at Darius, who had witnessed the whole seen in horror, watching his master's body systematically broken and, worse, his spirit crushed. 'Now you,' Mark barked. 'Get over here.'

Darius came and stood before the cop, instinctively clasping his hands behind his back.

'What is this man to you?'

'He's my boss, sir. My master. He was the first man to fuck me. I worship him.'

'Well, now you'll worship me and do as I say.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Let me see that huge cock of yours.'

Darius dropped his shorts and his dick flopped out and hung down almost to his knee.

'Have you fucked him before now?'

'Once, sir.'

'Well now that cock is really gonna penetrate the ass of the man you call master. Not because you want to, but because I order it.'

Darius screwed up his courage. 'I don't think I can, sir.'

The cop bristled. 'Be quiet. You'll do as I say or it's the same deal as before. I will handcuff and whip the man senseless. So get on your knees. Fuck him. And you too will wait for permission before you cum.'

Darius's eyes filled with tears as he knelt between the spread legs of the suffering victim lying sprawled on his back. He wanted to say something but there were no words. He looked into the eyes of the man he loved and then up at the cop standing above him. It was the sight of both men that made his cock stiff. The huge shaft reared up, he brought it quickly to Randy's hole, slick with the flood of semen from the two men who had already fucked it. With one quick movement, Darius pushed the entire length of his monster cock deep inside the muscular body.

The effect was instantaneous. The scream echoed around the hills, bouncing off walls and trees, as the beautiful, swarthy face jerked back and the pain speared through his shuddering body.

Mark was in awe. He had never seen a man suffer so much, tortured by the giant cock of the young stallion who worshipped him. Darius looked up, terrified, at their tormentor and began to plunge his huge rod deep into the shattered man, time and again battering the depths of his gut. His eyes streamed with tears as he looked down at his agonized master.

Darius lost all sense of where he was and what he was doing. The only thing he was aware of was the exquisite sensation in his cock as it pistoned back and forth inside the burning asshole. He was dimly aware of the screams but he focused on the cop, standing legs astride before him.

Like Bob before him, the images of the suffering Randy and the dominant Mark both had their effect on Darius. He was riveted by the visual image of the cop, and simultaneously felt the burning sensation of the muscle stud's shattered ass. He and Randy both looked up at their tormentor with pleading eyes.

'Please, sir. Please let me cum,' Darius groaned, tears streaming down his cheeks.

'You can when you tell me who your master is.'

'I can't.....'

He heard Randy scream again as the iron rod brought searing pain to his insides.

'OK,' Darius yelled at Mark. 'Please, master. It's you. It's not him. You own me. Do anything with me, but just let me cum.'

The cop smiled and said softly, 'So what's stopping you? Shoot.'

Darius's body shuddered and heaved as his cock erupted into the furnace of Randy's ass. And the broken stud on the ground reached a another orgasm as he looked up at the magnificent cop who had broken him, ground him into the dirt and debased him in front of his buddies. His muscles heaving, he shot a fresh load of white hot semen over his already cum-soaked body. Darius fell exhausted on top of him, his body racked with sobs.

* * *

The agony of the shattered, ruined, macho muscle stud was almost over. He lay on his back, his ravaged ass still searing with the pain of the three cocks that had pierced him. Bob and Darius watched as Mark stood astride the exhausted man looking down at him.

'You know,' he said, staring into Randy's eyes. 'We cops are trained to make sure we have totally subdued a suspect. And the tougher the suspect, the rougher we have to be. Well you are one tough son-of-a-bitch and I needed to dominate you, destroy you, show you who's the boss. Who owns you now?'

'You do, sir.' Randy's exhausted eyes looked up in total submission at the incredibly sculpted features of the cop towering over him, eyes hidden behind mirrored glasses.

'I have to admit,' Mark continued, 'I've enjoyed thrashing a man as beautiful as you. You may think you can't take any more but I haven't finished. I'm going to complete your humiliation now while your buddies watch.'

The cop unzipped his fly and pulled out his big, thick dick that was already hard, his semen straining for release. Randy moaned as he realized what was coming. He looked up at the stunning sight of the uniformed cop, shirt pulled back over his sculpted pecs, stroking his rigid cock. Randy could not take his eyes of him. It didn't take long. After a few quick strokes Mark's body shuddered, then stiffened. He stopped, held his cock still, pointing down at the beautiful, agonized face and body.

'You want it?' he asked.

Randy was desperate. 'Yes, sir. You're my master. Please cum over me.'

The cop stood motionless as his pulsing cock began to shoot a heavy stream of white liquid toward the fallen man. It bathed his face, hair, chest and shoulders, streaming all over his sinewy body. Randy moaned in ecstasy as he looked up at this magnificent icon, this powerful cop, pouring his juice down on him. His tongue flicked out to gather the semen as it flowed down his face.

When his cock finally stopped shooting Mark looked over to Bob and Darius.

'You two. Come over here. One each side of him.'

Randy looked up to see the cop astride in front of him and his two buddies on each side. The three muscular men overwhelmed his senses.

Mark's voice was steely as he addressed the two men. 'Now ... do as I do,' he ordered.

There was a pause, and then a hot, golden liquid began to spurt from the cop's cock. Instinctively Randy opened his mouth, which was instantly flooded with the bitter, rancid taste of his master's piss flooding into it. He gulped it down as his eyes pleaded for more. At the same time he saw the other streams of urine coming from either side of him. Now all three men were emptying their full bladders onto the broken man lying helpless on the ground. As he writhed under the deluge of urine he was at the lowest depth of his agony and degradation. His body gleamed as the three torrents of piss poured down and mixed with the semen already coating his body.

* * *

Never had a man been so completely beaten, crushed, humiliated and degraded as this muscle stud, this powerful top man who, until today, had strode through his world unbeaten. His broken body lay shuddering in the agony of defeat, staring up at the muscle god who had broken him.

He watched as the cop put his cock back in his pants and zipped them up. Bob and Darius stood back as Mark fell to his knees astride his victim and took off his glasses. Leaning forward he pinned Randy's biceps to the ground. Their faces inches apart, their eyes met. Not knowing what came next, Randy was amazed to see Mark smile.

Mark spoke. 'You're fucking incredible, man. I've never seen anyone suffer so magnificently. You're such a beautiful stud that the minute I saw you I knew I needed to break you. And you needed it too, didn't you?'

'You fucker,' Randy said softly. 'You can see inside me. I would never have thought I would let anyone do this to me until I saw you. Then I knew what I needed.'

'We're two of a kind, man ... equals. I've never felt as close to a guy as I feel to you. And your buddies are two gorgeous fucking men. You know they're both in love with you, don't you? You are their master. Take good care of them.'

Mark stood up and reached down for his helmet. 'But the fact is that you are all too much for me. I don't regret what happened today but I need my life back. I'm a regular guy, a working cop, with a girl waiting for me at home. I need that back.'

Turning to Bob he held out his hand and Bob shook it. Mark smiled at him. 'I'm real glad we met back there in the park. You are totally fucking beautiful and Randy's one lucky guy that you love him. Take care of him. I won't see you again,' and he grinned, 'unless you do another illegal U-turn in the park.' He put his hand behind Bob's neck and squeezed it.

'As for you, junior,' Mark said, turning to Darius and placing both hands on his shoulders. 'They're both crazy about you and I can see why. You have an incredibly handsome face and physique. But don't run away and become a fitness model. They need you. Never forget, Randy is your master. Do whatever he tells you. Obey him.'

'Yes, sir,' Darius said, mesmerized by the gray eyes penetrating him.

Mark put on his glasses, buttoned up his shirt and finally put on his helmet. He became again everyone's fantasy of a stunningly beautiful cop. 'Be good to each other,' he said. 'Don't forget me.' And he turned sharply and strode out through the gate. The men heard him kick start his bike and with a roar of the engine he was gone.

'NO!....' At the sound of the scream Bob and Darius turned to see Randy on his belly crawling naked over the grass toward the gate, his face still pouring with cum and piss ... and now tears.

'He wants revenge,' said Darius. 'No,' said Bob. 'He wants Mark.'

* * *

'Don't forget me!' Mark had said. As if they could. The rest of the weekend was spent mostly in silence as the men clung to the memories of the shattering events they had experienced. Randy found it hard to make eye contact with his buddies, having been so totally humbled before them, publicly crushed by such a stunning, dominant man.

They were all strangely silent for the rest of the week. At the construction site Darius went through the motions of his work, but he was distracted by the searing images that invaded his thoughts. Randy, the site manager, shut himself up in his trailer office. He said he had to work on budgets and crew rosters, but when Darius glanced through the window he saw his boss sitting motionless, staring straight ahead with glazed eyes.

Bob was even more distracted. One day he even went so far as to drive home through the park, take the same turning he had taken before and make the same illegal U-turn. But when he looked in the rear-view mirror there was no flashing light, only trees and scrub. Jesus, he thought, he must be losing it.

All three men looked inward, searching their memories for images of the incredible man who had blazed through their lives. In their own private ways they tried to satisfy their lust for this fantasy cop.

One day when he was alone in the house Darius went down to the basement room and looked at the spot on the floor where he had seen the gorgeous cop on his knees, stripped naked, a leather collar round his neck and his head bowed in submission. Darius had kept the cop's shredded T-shirt that he had used to wipe the cum from Mark's face. Now he buried his own face in it, conjured up the image of the defeated cop, and jerked himself off to a shuddering orgasm.

'Thank you, sir,' he said to the fantasy in his mind.

Bob too spent time in the basement with his own memories. He stood alone before the mirror where Mark had stood. He slowly took off his clothes but, instead of seeing himself undress, he saw the unbelievable image etched in his mind of the magnificent cop as he slowly stripped off his uniform. Bob stroked his cock as he said softly, 'Cum for me, Mark. Let me see you turn yourself on and shoot your load.' And he did, streaming his cum all over the mirror, as Mark had done that memorable day.

Randy was really having a rough time. He resented the fact that he could not rid his mind of the man who had fought him, overpowered him, thrashed him so completely and finally fucked him. He had to satisfy his lust for this man. He waited until late one night. He went down to the basement and picked up one of the big black dildoes that Darius had first brought to the house. Then he went outside into the bright moonlight.

He lay on his back on the grass in the same spot where he had endured the cop's brutal fucking of his ass. Bringing his hand round behind his ass he pressed the head of the hard rubber shaft against his hole. He gazed upward and visualized the unforgettable sight of the muscle god kneeling over him, his cock against his ass.

'Fuck me, sir,' he breathed. 'You've beaten me. I submit to you, body and soul. My ass is yours. You own it. Please, cum inside me.'

He pushed the whole length of the dildoe deep inside his gut and gasped as he felt the cop's dick invading his ass. It only took a few strokes to bring him close. 'Please, sir,' he moaned to the image of the beautiful cop. 'Please let me cum. You're fucking incredible, man. Let me shoot my load for you.' And his cock jolted in a huge outpouring of hot creamy juice, all over his face and chest.

* * *

At the end of a week, Bob came home from work late in the afternoon to see Randy and Darius sitting silently at the kitchen table, dressed just in T-shirt and boxers.

'You eaten yet?' he asked.

There was silence, then Darius mumbled, 'Not hungry.'

This has gone far enough, Bob thought. He had to take charge. 'OK, you guys. Into the bedroom ... now!'

He led them upstairs to the bedroom he and Randy shared. 'Randy, lie on the bed. Darius, stand by the bed.'

They obeyed listlessly and Bob stood at the foot of the bed. 'Enough of all this. We all know what we're feeling. I miss him too. But Randy, there's one thing you and Mark never did ... make love. And now I want you to make love to me. Look at me.'

Still dressed in his business suit, Bob started to strip slowly ... first his jacket and tie ... then he unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off, then pulled up on his white undershirt to finally expose his sculpted chest. As always whenever he saw this Randy got hard. He gasped as he saw his lover stripped to the waist. Bob quickly kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants and shorts and stood naked before the mesmerized construction worker.

As Darius watched in awe, Randy leapt up and took over. 'On the bed.' Bob lay on his back and pulled his knees upward. Randy quickly stripped off his shirt and shorts, knelt between Bob's legs and brought his hard, thick dick against his hole.

'Please, sir,' Bob said. 'You're my master. Please, sir ... fuck my ass.'

And Randy did just that. He hammered the beautiful ass hard, pounding again and again as he re-established his supremacy over the man he loved. They looked deep into each other's eyes and smiled as they experienced the familiar sensation of crossing a threshold and becoming one, joined body and soul. They shot their loads together, the big body builder streaming into the other's ass, and Bob shooting hot cum over his own sweating body.

'Thank you sir,' breathed Bob.

Randy was a changed man ... re-energized. He leapt up and pointed to Darius. 'You! Take his place.'

Instantly Bob got off the bed and Darius lay down in his place. He looked up and gasped. Incredibly, Randy was still rock hard. He knelt down and in one swift, sudden moved lunged forward and buried his rod deep inside the young man's perfect ass.

'Now it's your turn,' Randy growled.

'Yes, sir ... thank you sir.'

'Who do you belong to?'

'You, sir ... always. Please fuck my ass hard, sir. I need it real bad.'

Randy plunged the piston of his cock into the pleading ass, harder and deeper than he had ever done. Darius threw his head back in ecstasy, screaming obscenities as he gloried in the feel of the massive construction worker's brutal pounding. Interminably Randy ravaged the ass that he owned, until finally the shattered young man watched as his master convulsed and shot his second load of the day into his burning ass. In his delirium Darius was unaware that his own cock had exploded in a huge shower of cum over his own chiseled, coffee-colored body.

Randy finally pulled himself free, stood up and faced Bob with a smile. 'You're too fucking much, you know that? You always know how to make things come right. I love you more than my own life.' And he kissed the beautiful face savagely in the heat of his passion.

Randy was back. He was the alpha male, the top man, master of the house. Sure, he had suffered mightily, but that had simply proved the strength of his manhood. His two buddies now looked up to him as the undisputed boss.

* * *

'We need a project to focus us,' Bob said the next day. 'And I know what'll keep us occupied. I never use my bedroom to sleep in and never will ... unless you want me to stop sleeping with you,' he grinned at Randy.

'Asshole,' said Randy.

'I only use it as an office so I want it turned into a proper one now that I work so many days at home. You two are supposed to be construction workers. How about it?'

'Think we can manager that?' Randy smiled at Darius.

'Mmmm...maybe,' Darius said.

'The first thing is to get rid of the bed,' said Bob. 'Where can we put it?'

Darius was jumping up and down. He had a small bed in his pool room and the thought of having Bob's big California king-size thrilled him. So that's how it happened. Darius helped Randy build a proper work-station, shelves and cabinets in Bob's room, and it took all three of them to move the big bed into Darius's room.

'Wow,' said Darius. 'There's room for all of us in that ... that is, if ever you feel like it.' Randy clipped him round the head.

As Bob intended, the project took their minds off the recent past and the house settled back into a routine, though there still hovered over them the memory of the man they would never see again.

* * *

A couple of weeks passed. Late one night, around 1am, the house was dark and everyone was asleep. It was Randy who woke at the sound of a hammering on the front door. 'What the fuck?' he mumbled as he leaped out of bed and pulled on his shorts. He unlocked the door and gasped when he opened it.

'Jesus! What the hell are you doing here? You look terrible, man.'

Mark was breathing heavily as he stood on the doorstep. Dressed in a dirty gray T-shirt, black jeans and boots he looked distraught and had obviously been in a fight. His blond hair was disheveled and the beautiful features of his face were stained with dirt and traces of blood. His sweat-stained T-shirt was ripped at the neck and sleeves.

He gazed wildly at Randy, then blurted out his story. 'There was a fight at home. Came home early to find my girl in bed with one of the other cops from the precinct. Turns out they've been having an affair for six months. I lost it, fought with the guy and beat the shit out of him. Then I got the hell out of there.'

'You OK, though?'

'Think I look bad? You should see the other guy.' There was an uneasy silence.

Mark shook his head. 'Look, I'm sorry man, I shouldn't have come here. I was so fucking angry I just drove and found myself here. I wasn't thinking straight. I'll go.'

'The hell you will,' said Randy. 'You came to the right place. Come here.' And he stepped forward and hugged the big man tight. He whispered in his ear, 'God, I've missed you, man.'

'I know. Me too.'

Mark followed Randy into the kitchen and joined Bob who was already sitting down in front of three beers.

'Drink,' Bob said. 'I heard what you said. I'm glad you came.'

'You guys ....' And Marks eyes welled up as the adrenaline of the evening crashed in on him. They sipped their beers in silence. Mark finally calmed down. He drained the bottle and said, 'God, I'm beat. Never felt so exhausted.'

'So you'll crash here,' Bob said. 'No need to explain anything now. You need sleep.'

'If I could just bunk down on the floor here. I'm just not thinking straight. I'll be gone first thing.'

'You fucking idiot,' Randy said. 'Don't you know us by now?' We're your buddies. We'll take care of you. And the last thing you'll do is sleep on the floor. What do you think, Bob?'

'Well, there's no bed in my room now. But .... Darius has that huge king size.'

'That's it, then,' said Randy standing up. 'Darius sleeps like a log. You'll bunk in with him for the night. He won't even know you're there. You can shower in the morning. Come with me.'

Mark thanked Bob and followed Randy out to the pool room. Inside they stood looking at Darius, gorgeous in his nakedness, as he lay motionless on the bed. 'Told, you,' whispered Randy. 'Out like a light. Just make yourself at home. See you in the morning. Welcome.' He punched Mark on the shoulder and left the room.

Deep in sleep, Darius had been dreaming. And as usual he had a hard-on dreaming of Bob and Randy. The quiet click of the closing door roused him only slightly. His eyes flickered open for a second, then he went back to his dream. But dreams have an odd way of shifting, drifting from one image to another. And in this young man's dream the picture of Randy slowly morphed into the stunning vision of the cop, Mark. Only now he was not in uniform. He was wearing a torn T-shirt, jeans and boots.

Darius smiled in his sleep as he imagined this incredible muscle stud. His cock grew harder as, in his dream, the man pulled off his T-shirt and stood naked to the waist, his perfectly sculpted torso gleaming in the moonlight that streamed through the window. God, the dream was vivid! Darius could almost smell the man's sweat, almost hear the boots drop as Mark took them off.

The cop finally unbuttoned his fly and dropped the jeans. He stepped out of them, naked now except for his boxers. Darius was terrified of waking up and losing the intoxicating vision of the tall, naked muscle god walking toward the bed. It looked so fucking real. It was the most incredible dream he had ever had. He even felt the sheet being pulled back, heard the bed creak as the body got in beside him .... and touched him!'

'Aaah!' He yelled as he sat bolt upright.

'Jesus,' Mark said. 'I'm sorry, man. Randy said I could sleep here. I'm sorry I woke you. I'll leave.'

'NO!' Darius said. 'Don't! I thought you were a dream. You're not a dream, are you?'

'No, I'm really here ... in the flesh,' Mark smiled and lightly flexed his muscles to prove it. 'It's a long story. Do you mind if I stay the night?'

'No, sir. I mean, yes, sir. Stay .... Please stay.'

'Thanks, buddy. Now go back to sleep. Forget I'm here.'

Mark put his head back on the pillow and instantly feel into a deep, exhausted sleep. Darius stared in disbelief at the square-jawed, gorgeously chiseled face of this god as he slept beside him. He was scared to move, and he lay on his back staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, his cock raging hard.

But finally even he fell asleep. And neither man was aware that during the night the young black man nestled up against the naked cop and put his arm around the flawless, muscular body. And that's how they slept.

* * *

Next morning it was late when Marked stirred and slowly woke up. The bed was empty. Just then there was a tap on the door and Randy walked in.

'Feel better?'

'Yeah, thanks. Slept like a log. Darius was great about the intrusion. I had a strange feeling he even had his arm over me as we slept.'

'I bet he did, 'Randy grinned. 'He's out there making breakfast for you now.'

'Then, I gotta leave. Gotta get out of town.'

'You're not going back home?'

'Hell no, man. I'm out of there for good. I was so fucking mad. I just grabbed a few clothes, my uniforms, work gear. I also put my two Harleys in the truck. Wasn't gonna let the fucker get his hands on my bikes.'

'Where you gonna go?'

'I need to feel my bike underneath me, need to ride fast. I know a place way out in the desert, a great place to get lost and think.'

Randy hesitated and looked Mark in the eyes. 'You want company?'

'I was kinda hoping you might say that.' Mark smiled. 'I do have two bikes. Think you can handle a Harley?'

'Asshole,' Randy grinned.

'Just one condition,' said Mark, with an embarrassed grin. 'Will you wear that leather outfit you had on that first day in the basement?'

'Try to stop me.' Randy put his hand behind Mark's neck. 'Buddy, I have a feeling we're gonna have one hell of a ride.'

* * *

To be continued in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 22'


Rob Williams

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