'You'll pay for what you did.' Randy smiled at Bob as they lay in bed together.

'Yeah...but it'll be worth it,' Bob said. 'I'll never forget the sight of that monster dick pumping your ass. I'll jack off for weeks thinking about it.'

Randy, the big, swarthy, muscular boss of the house, the indisputable top man, had been tied up and fucked in the ass, first by his lover Bob and then, to his horror, by Darius. Randy had reluctantly been giving the beautiful young black man a month's trial working in the house, but he had found himself being turned on by him. Priding himself on his masculinity he had resisted his lust for the younger man.

So Bob had engineered the whole bondage scene, where first he, and then Darius, had fucked Randy. Bob's intention was to break the logjam of emotion and lust that Randy had suppressed....and it worked. Randy was still getting his mind around the sight and feel of Darius fucking his helpless ass with his enormous cock.

'Come on, admit it,' Bob said. 'It felt sensational, didn't it?'

'Smartass. Sure it did....but you knew it would. You know me better than I know myself.'

As a result of the wild experience Randy had now embraced Darius as a member of the household, a buddy even, but he still had to be punished. And his firm round ass was the obvious target. Everyone knew that the big construction worker would have to reassert his supremacy, reemphasize his dominant position in the house.

As Bob began to fall asleep that night with his arm around his friend's sculpted body, he was elated at the way everything had turned out. He had genuine affection for the young black man who was so eager to please the two guys he worshipped. But Bob too would be punished eventually....he knew that, and fantasized about what form it would take. Bob was a powerfully built, self-assured corporate vice president, but he knew he could be reduced to a pleading wreck by his glorious master.

Meanwhile Darius, sleeping alone in his shack out back, was over the moon. He still could not believe that his first orgasm in a month had been inside of the most beautiful man he had ever seen, his master, the man he lived for. But there was one problem. He knew that Randy would exact his revenge....and this was a source of dread for Darius.

He felt pretty sure that his master would attack his ass, but there was a secret Darius had never dared to share. Although many men had tried to fuck him he had always fended them off. The pain was excruciating and he would never let a cock penetrate his ass. He was a virgin. He could not ever let anyone fuck him, not even the god-like Randy.

* * *

In the days that followed the two big guys resumed their jobs and daily routine and Darius worked hard on the renovations of the house. An eerie calm settled over the house as Bob and Darius wondered anxiously about Randy's next move. But Randy was biding his time. Let them wonder....and wait.

There was one thing that increased as a result of the enforced fucking of the master of the house.....Randy's sexual appetite for Bob. He couldn't get enough of him. What Bob had dared to do, tying him up and pounding his ass, had blown his mind. He loved him for it. Randy and Bob read each other's thoughts and needs, and this event had brought them even closer.

So Randy's lust for his beautiful, muscular lover now overflowed. At all times of the day or night he reached out for him. Sometimes he expressed his needs in tender love making, sometimes in passionate displays of lust, and often in rough, savage couplings where he would tie Bob up, work him over and fuck him brutally. Bob loved satisfying the voracious hunger of the electrifying muscle stud and willingly submitted to all his emotional and physical assaults.

He never knew when, where or how these attacks would occur....in the bedroom, downstairs in the basement playroom, or outside in the blazing sun. Sometimes in the middle of the night Bob would be aroused from a deep sleep by the muscular body wrapping him in a hug, the big dick pressing against his ass. Still half asleep he felt the huge rod slide into his ass and massage his insides with a rhythmic movement that increased slowly and became an explosion of semen deep inside him.

When he was engaged in a complicated job for his company Bob would often work at home, shutting himself in his bedroom with his spreadsheets and laptop. But often he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the construction worker on his lunch break. Bob responded immediately. He stood up, stripped naked and fell to his knees. The sight of his ripped body roused Randy even more and he pushed his iron hard dick into the mouth of his lover's beautiful face. Bob came to long for these moments where he drank his lover's hot cum or felt the semen pouring into his ass.

But there was one such time in particular that he would never forget.

* * *

Randy had been having a tough morning at the construction site where he was the hard-driving foreman. His orders had been challenged by a burly giant of a contract worker who had a habit of defying the boss. Randy's well-known anger had got the better of him and a fight ensued. The two big men rolled in the dirt, trading brutal punches and kicks in a trial of strength for supremacy. The other guy was getting the upper hand and Randy, battered and bruised, sprawled on the ground with his face bleeding.

He looked up in humiliation as the boot came crashing down, but, with a final supreme effort, Randy grabbed it and twisted the man off balance. He crashed to the ground and they came together again in the dirt. But this time Randy got on top and brought his fist crashing down on the swarthy face until the man submitted and begged for release. Randy got up, dragged the beaten man to his feet and shouted in his face.

'You're fired. Don't ever let me see your pathetic face here again.'

The man slunk away and Randy stood still, his huge body heaving with anger, exhaustion and pain. His pumped chest flexed under his torn tank that was streaked with grease and mud. He looked over to his second-in-command, and said, 'You're in charge Jack. I'll be back.' And he strode off the site, leaped into his truck and burned rubber as he peeled off toward home.

* * *

Bob had been finishing some work at home before heading off to the office. He had just showered and put on dress slacks, a crisp white shirt and blue tie. He looked admiringly at himself in the mirror. He looked good, every bit the handsome, successful business executive. 'Hmm...not bad,' he said.' Randy had taught him to get off on looking at himself. And he needed to look good today because, as vice president, he was going to have to crack the whip a little in the office. The staff had been slacking and a project was way behind schedule.

He was about to put on his jacket when he was surprised to hear the truck screech to a halt and then the front door slam. Randy burst into the bedroom and Bob looked in amazement. It was obvious his buddy had been in a fight. His anger still boiling over, he stood there, breathing deeply, dressed in old cargo work pants, boots and his grimy tank shirt. He was filthy. The flexed, sinewy muscles of his chest and arms were caked in dirt and blood and his dark swarthy face was bruised and bloody. And he was stinking of sweat.

He didn't say a word. He grabbed Bob by the neck and propelled him through the door and down the stairs to the basement. He threw the muscular executive onto his knees on the bed and in one quick move pulled down his slacks and shorts, exposing his naked ass. In the mirrors lining the room Bob looked up and saw himself, dressed in shirt and tie, on his knees, vulnerable.

He watched nervously as the construction worker ripped open his fly buttons and pulled out his raging cock. He cupped Bob's perfect ass in his hands and in one savage movement, plunged his hard dick deep into his hole. Bob screamed at the sudden brutal invasion of his ass as he felt the back of his gut battered by the head of his master's huge cock.

Venting the rage he had brought with him from the construction site Randy pulled his dick out then jammed it back deep into the ass. The fucking was brutal and merciless. He pounded the burning ass harder than he ever had before and Bob's screams bounced off the walls of the room. Bob watched in the mirror as the filthy, sweating, heaving muscleman concentrated all his anger on the ass of the powerful, handsome executive.

Finally, mercifully, Randy reached his climax. His cock and his whole body shuddered as he pulled back and then pushed deeply into the ass one last time and shot his load. For a few moments he held his dick deep inside, then quickly pulled it out, buttoned up his fly and stormed out of the room. He had not uttered a word.

Bob heard the truck door slam and the squeal of tires as Randy headed back to work. He stumbled to his feet and looked at himself in the mirror. Disheveled in shirt and tie, with his pants and shorts down around his legs, Bob still felt the burning pain in his ass where his buddy had brutally fucked him. The pain, and the image of the ravaged, handsome, half-dressed businessman in the mirror, turned him on and his dick got hard.

He undid his tie and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his solid, rounded pecs underneath. He brought his left hand up and twisted his nipple hard. With his free hand he took hold of his dick and began stroking it. In another mirror he could see his ass, still red from the pounding it had suffered. He flashed on the image of the enraged, filthy construction worker streaked with mud, sweat and blood, fucking that ass, and he jerked himself off, shooting a stream of semen onto the mirror.

He had to put on a fresh shirt, and shorts before he dressed again for work. Then he left the house, to instill some discipline in his slacking staff....show them who was boss.

* * *

That evening both guys got home late from a tough day at work. Bob was in the kitchen fixing a snack, still dressed for the office in shirt and tie. He heard Randy's truck pull up and the next thing he knew a pair of burly arms wrapped round him from behind. Randy whispered in his ear a word Bob had never heard him use. 'I'm sorry, man. It's just that a son of a bitch at work made me so fucking mad I......' But Bob interrupted and turned to face him. 'Hey....you always say never apologize. And there's no need to. I understand. I'm glad I was here to help.'

'I love you, man' said Randy and kissed his mouth hungrily. Bob pulled back and smiled.

'Was that my punishment for tying you up and fucking you the other day?'

Randy grinned back. 'No. That was the guy's punishment at work for challenging me. You've still got yours to come, asshole.'

'OK, sir,' Bob smiled. 'You're the boss.' Then he frowned as he looked Randy over. The messy construction worker looked about the same as he had earlier, covered in mud, bruised, bloody and sweaty. He was still wearing cargo work pants and boots, with his old, filthy tank shirt tight across his chest.

'You're still a fucking mess, though,' Bob said. You look as if you took quite a pounding.'

'Yeah, but you should've seen the other guy,' Randy grinned.

'And you stink.'

'Wanna help with the cleanup?'

'Yes sir!'

'OK. Follow me, Mr. Vice-President....sir' and he grabbed Bob by the tie and pulled him downstairs to the basement room. Randy threw himself fully dressed on the bed and lay on his back, his hands cupped behind his head. Bob got on his knees on the bed, straddling his muscular buddy, rubbing his hands over the filthy tank.

'So go for it,' Randy said.

Bob undid his tie and took off his shirt. He was now stripped to the waist, still wearing his dress slacks. Randy looked up at him.

'Jesus. Have I told you lately how fucking gorgeous you are?'

'Er....this morning, in bed, as I recall.'

'Asshole. So start cleaning.'

With his hands behind his head Randy's armpits were the obvious first target. Bob lowered his head and brought his tongue into the stinking pits lapping feverishly at the stale, rancid sweat. Then he moved his mouth over the broad shoulders, licking greedily down the arm, over the veins that bulged in the huge biceps. He even licked the tank, slick with oil and sweat as it was, exulting in the feel of the massive chest underneath. God, he loved this man. It was his raw, rugged maleness that always turned him on.

'You are such a fucking stud,' he said.

'What about cleaning up the face?'

Bob fell forward onto the big torso and rubbed his own chest against the rough, filthy tank. He brought his face close to Randy's and licked the dark five-day stubble on his chin. Then he lapped at the dried blood stains on the cheeks and forehead. The smell of grease and sweat on the construction worker was overpowering and was driving Bob wild.

As he moved his tongue to Randy's lips he was acutely aware of the huge body writhing beneath him. Both men were still wearing pants and Bob's groin was directly on top of Randy's. He ground the bulge in his slacks into the crotch of Randy's work pants. He felt the swelling in his buddy's pants grow hard through the rough fabric.

He looked hard into Randy's eyes and that, as always, did it. They melted into each other and their bodies became one. The grinding of their stiff cocks through the pants became frantic until Randy breathed in Bob's ear, 'Now!' And they both shot a massive load of cum inside their pants, soaking their shorts with sticky, creamy liquid. Their bodies shuddered and their breathing heaved.

'Oh, man,' Bob sighed as he lowered his head onto the dirty tank stretched across his lover's heaving chest. Randy cupped his big hands around the head and face of the exhausted man. And that's how they fell asleep.

* * *

Darius was aware of much of the intensified sexual activity between his two masters. He kept himself out of sight at these times, but when the guys made love outdoors he could watch them through the window of his shack. The sight of them together thrilled him and he jerked himself off to a spectacular climax. Randy had told him that orgasms were no longer off limits.

But the experience was bitter-sweet for the beautiful black man. He watched as Randy fucked his lover hard, and knew that he could never endure that. As much as he worshipped the man, he could never let Randy penetrate his ass. The pain would be too great...and he had a mental block that he had never confessed to anyone.

* * *

Darius was still allowed into the house only when invited by one of the guys, but that was happening more and more. They liked having him around, and he was good at preparing and serving meals. One day they were sitting round the kitchen table drinking beer and Randy asked Darius about something that had been puzzling him.

'One thing I don't understand. We met you at that voyeurs' group of rich guys, and yet you don't seem to have a lot of money.'

'I don't have any,' Darius said. 'I wasn't a member there. I performed for them a couple of times....my big dick and all....and they invited me back as an assistant, like I did when you were there.'

'Yeah,' Randy said, remembering how Darius had joined in the group fucking his face when Randy was tied up helpless. 'I haven't forgotten. That's something else you still have to pay for.'

'I bet those guys fucked you good, too,' said Bob.

Darius lowered his head. 'Not really, sir.'

'Shit,' Randy said. 'Why the hell not?'

Darius raised his eyes, brimming with tears. He spoke haltingly.

'There's something I haven't told you guys. I....I don't get fucked. I can't.'

'What?!' Randy slammed his hands on the table. 'What the fuck are you saying?'

'Lot's of guys have tried, but it's just hurts too much. I've never let anyone fuck me. I can't. And with my big dick they always settled for that. Fucking me was not a big deal.'

Randy reached over and cupped Darius's chin in his hands. 'Now let's get one think clear, punk. I'm your master. You and your asshole belong to me. I own that pretty ass and I can do whatever the fuck I like with it. And I am gonna fuck it. Hard. OK? What kind of a guy do you think I am, shithead? Do you really think you could stay here, be my buddy, without me putting my dick up your ass?'

He stopped as tears started streaming from Darius's beautiful eyes. 'There's something else, sir. I've never told anyone this.'

Bob reached over and touched his hand. 'Well you can tell us, Darius. What's the problem?'

Darius hesitated. 'When I was a kid my dad used to fool around with me. He said I was cute, called me his pretty boy, and made me suck his dick. He often tried to fuck my ass but I squeezed it tight shut and he could never get in. God, it hurt so bad. He swore he would split my ass open, so I ran away from home. That's about it.'

Randy's face clenched in anger. 'Jesus Christ,' he growled. 'I'd like to get my hands on the son of a bitch.'

He exchanged looks with Bob and a heavy silence hung over the table. Finally, Randy looked into Darius's eyes.

'How much do you like me, Darius.'

'Sir, I worship you. I'd do anything for you, except.....Please, sir......please don't send me away.'

'Do you trust me?'

'Yes sir.....with my life.'

'Look into my eyes.'

Darius met the firm gaze in his master's pale blue eyes.

'Listen to me, Darius. Here's what's gonna happen. I am gonna fuck you....that's not negotiable. Your ass belongs to me and I will fuck you as often as I want. And then I'll give your ass to my buddy here and he'll fuck you. You have two masters, and your ass will be ploughed whenever we want it.'

Darius looked terrified and was about to protest.

Randy cut him off. 'But I'm gonna give you a break. I won't fuck you until you really want it. And you will want it, I promise you. You'll beg me to put my dick inside you, and then I will. But only then. Deal?'

Darius looked from one gorgeous man to the other.

'Yes, sir,' he stammered. 'Thank you, sir.'

He and Randy stood up, and Randy put his big arm around the younger man's shoulder as he led him to the door. He kissed him lightly on the side of his head.

'Now go to bed. And dream of us. You can jack off if you like.'

Darius left, and Randy turned to Bob.

'Poor fucking kid,' he said.

* * *

After that a strange atmosphere hung over the house. They all went about their usual routine, but there was a heaviness in the air, like the sultry feeling before a storm breaks.

Saturday morning came and the two guys walked out of the house in their underwear. They saw that Darius had set up breakfast on a table outside in the shade of a tree and was standing waiting for them, he too in boxers and T-shirt. Having lived so long on his own, Darius had taught himself to cook and prepare food, and he had laid out a good meal. Soon the three men were eating enthusiastically....but in silence. That strange feeling of anticipation was even heavier today. Randy, broke the silence.

'OK. Here's the deal. There'll be no work today. We've earned a day off. The deck's finished, the landscaping looks real good, and the pool's ready. So let's swim.'

He stood up, stripped off his T-shirt and shorts and plunged naked into the cool water. Bob did the same thing, stripped and dived in with his buddy. As they swam they saw Darius clearing away the breakfast things. Randy called out.

'Hey, punk. Leave that for later. Come join us.'

Darius broke into a wide grin and took off his shirt. He was always a bit shy about his massive cock so he turned his back to drop his shorts. The guys in the pool watched as his ass was exposed. It was perfect....two exquisitely rounded globes, a shade lighter than the rest of his coffee-colored skin. Randy and Bob looked at each other and grinned. 'Not bad, uh?' said Bob.

So the three guys rough-housed with each other in the water, wrestling, struggling and laughing together. Eventually Randy and Bob had had enough. They pulled themselves out and twisted around, sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. They watched as Darius kept on swimming. He moved smoothly through the water as it streamed over his shoulders, back and legs.

The mounds of his ass sometimes broke the surface of the water and gleamed in the sunlight. Darius was completely unaware that he was turning the guys on. They sat mesmerized by the sight of the streamlined body and the globes of his ass flexing in turn as his legs kicked. Their cocks were rock hard. Randy murmured, almost to himself.

'I've got to have that. I don't care. That sweet ass is mine.'

Bob looked at his buddy and saw the determined look on his face that he knew so well. He understood.

'Hey, punk. Come here,' Randy called and Darius swam over to them.

'Look what you've done,' looking down at the two rigid cocks. 'What're you gonna do about that?'

Darius gazed up at his master's swarthy face and knew what he had to do. Still in the water, but grabbing the edge of the pool he pulled himself forward and in one smooth movement brought his mouth to Randy's cock and took it all the way down his throat. Randy threw his head back and moaned as Darius began sliding the thick rod in and out of his mouth. Darius's cock was also rock hard under the water. He was in heaven, giving this beautiful man pleasure and bringing him close to his orgasm.

But Randy pulled out suddenly and said. 'Enough. Nobody cums yet, is that clear? Now what about my buddy?'

Darius slid over to Bob's raging hard-on and swallowed his gorgeous cock all the way down. God, it felt great as he raised his eyes and watched the beautiful features of the muscleman as he sighed with pleasure. But again Randy interrupted.

'That's enough. Now step back, Darius.' It was shallow enough for him to stand and he faced them expectantly. All three men still had raging hard-ons. Randy looked deep into the black man's almond-shaped eyes and finally spoke.... only now his tone was softer

'Look at these cocks, Darius. You know where they belong, don't you?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Are you ready?'

Darius was mesmerized by Randy's piercing blue eyes. He took a deep breath and stammered, 'I.....I think.....Yes, sir. I'm ready.'

'Get out of the pool and into the hammock. Wait for me.'

When he had gone Bob looked at his buddy. 'Are you sure he's ready?'

'No. But I'm damn sure I am!'

'Just go easy with him. Don't push him too hard. Sometimes you can be......'

But Randy whirled on him and snapped, 'Are you telling me what to do, asshole?'

'No sir. I would never.....' and Bob's voice trailed away.

'Damn right, you wouldn't. Who's the master here?'

'You are, sir. Always.'

'OK. Get in the house. Work out or something. Just don't jack off. I'll call you when I'm ready.'

Chastened by Randy's harsh reprimand Bob pulled himself from the pool and strode into the house. He pulled on shorts and a tank, went to the basement and worked out hard, stifling the remorse he felt for having pissed his buddy off.

* * *

Outside there was a stillness in the air. Randy pulled himself from the pool and strode naked over to the hammock. He looked down at the waiting man who was in the same position Randy had been in a few days before. Darius knew what was expected of him and had stretched his arms up and out to the top corners of the hammock. His legs were stretched out to the bottom corners. Spread eagled he looked stunning.

Rand pulled the body down a little so the perfect black ass was hanging over the end of the hammock. Darius watched as his master picked up pieces of rope and tied his wrists and ankles securely. Randy stood at the foot of the hammock and his piercing blue eyes locked into the anxious green eyes of his prisoner. Something passed between them, an understanding and acceptance of what was about to happen.

Randy dropped to his knees and brought his mouth up to the waiting ass. As he pushed the legs open he was surprised to see that the hole was hairless, entirely smooth.

'God, you have a beautiful ass,' he said. 'Tell me who it belongs to.'

'It belongs to you, sir,' Darius breathed.

Randy began to lick the silky skin and pushed his tongue inside the hole. For a long time he sucked hungrily on the quivering ass as Darius moaned in ecstasy. Then the big man stood up and pushed a finger into the hole. He massaged the velvet inside of the ass, then inserted another finger, then another. His fingers twisted inside the hole and Darius was going wild as he looked up at the muscle god standing over him.

'What do you want, Darius?' asked Randy.

'I want you to fuck my ass. Please sir. Please....'

'It's gonna hurt like hell, the first time, you know that.'

'Yes sir, but I want it.'


Randy bent down and kissed the beautiful face lightly on the lips. At the same time he brought the bulging head of his stiff shaft up to the opening of the ass and began to push. Darius felt the first stab of pain and closed his eyes. As Randy increased the pressure the pain got worse and Darius's breathing became ragged.

He fought against the pain, which triggered memories from his past, memories of men trying to penetrate him. It was so intense he became delirious, flashing on the image from long ago of his father pushing against his hole, with stabbing pain that made him clench his ass tight. He did that now as the pain became unbearable and he began to whimper, as he once had to his father.

'No, no. I can't take it. Please stop. The pain.... Please, dad, don't. I'll be a good boy. Just don't hurt me any more. Stop....please......'

The intense pain made him lose consciousness momentarily. And then, from a long way away, he heard a deep voice calling him. 'Darius, open your eyes.'

Despite the pain he managed to open his eyes slowly. At first he was blinded by the sunlight, but then he saw the face. It was not his father's. It was the most beautiful face he had ever seen. With sunlight gleaming behind it, the rugged, swarthy, perfectly chiseled face gazed down at him. The pale blue eyes smiled gently at him and he heard the voice again.

'Darius......I'm inside you.'

And it was at that exact moment that Darius fell helplessly and totally in love. It was true....he felt the big head of Randy's cock resting just inside his ass. The pain disappeared. The sensation in his ass was indescribable. He was in another dimension. His ass had been penetrated for the first time in his life, by the most beautiful man in the world.

There was total stillness as he luxuriated in the feeling of his master's cock resting inside his ass. He was hypnotized by the steady gaze from those steely blue eyes. It was as if the eyes were speaking to him.

Suddenly Darius was startled to feel his cock shuddering. At first he didn't know what was happening to him, but then he felt the cum rising from his balls. Desperately he tried to hold it back, but Randy spoke again.

'It's OK, buddy. You can let go. I'll be right there with you.'

And as the faces stared intensely at each other, in total stillness the two cocks began streaming with cum. The master smiled down at his beautiful captive as he watched the white liquid splash on the coffee colored chest. His own motionless cock was streaming semen inside the ass he now truly owned. Nothing else moved and their intense gaze never wavered. It was as if they were fucking each other with their eyes.

'I love you,' Darius breathed.

Randy smiled, 'I know.'

The moment stretched into what seemed like an eternity. Even when the orgasms finally came to an end, both throbbing cocks remained totally rigid. At last Randy leaned forward, the head of his cock still inside the ass, and he licked the semen from the smooth chest. He raised his head and pressed his lips to Darius's mouth, sharing the hot cum. They ravaged each other's mouths hungrily for a long time until Randy finally raised his head and breathed into the dazed man's ear.

'And now, Darius, I'm really going to fuck your ass.'

'Yes, sir. Please, master. I want you deep inside me. I beg you.'

Slowly Randy began to ease his rigid dick deeper into Darius's hole. There was more pain but Darius was beyond feeling it. He watched as the man he loved pushed his rod deep, deep inside his ass, then slowly pulled back. He again felt the thick shaft sliding inside him, then out again, as Randy gently massaged his ass. Darius was intoxicated by the sensation and soon he felt another climax approaching.

'OK, buddy,' Randy said. Let's cum together again.' And they did. As the head of Randy's dick touched the back of the man's gut they both erupted for a second time. Darius had finally been fucked. Randy had kept his promise. And Darius was in love.

* * *

'OK, Bob, get out here!' Hearing Randy's shout Bob ran out of the house, and saw his buddy wiping his dick, staring down at the dazed man in the hammock.

'There he is, buddy,' Randy said. 'Our beautiful black stallion here has been broken in. Your turn to ride him. He's all yours.' And Randy turned abruptly, strode away to the pool and dived in.

Darius still looked as if he were in a hypnotic trance. As his mind began to clear he focused on the big body builder in workout shorts, and tank towering over him. He knew what he was going to do to him, and he longed for it. He also knew that Randy hadn't finished with him yet.

It was obviously going to be a very long day for the handsome young man tied to the hammock.

Continued in 'A Trial of Strength - Part 16'


Rob Williams

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