'Adoption approved. Good luck, gentlemen.'

These words from the Family Court judge had brought a chill of both excitement and apprehension to the two men ..... Randy, the dominant, macho construction worker, and Pablo, the beautiful young man he had taken under his wing. Now they were trying to define their new relationship on a fishing trip to the lake high in the Angeles National Forest.

The drive up there had begun strangely, each man silent, neither one quite knowing how to react to the other. Up to now they had certainly been intimate with each other many times as Randy had firmly established his sexual domination of the 21-year-old boy. Randy was his undisputed master and there was still, as always, a sexual charge between them. But now they were related, if only by adoption, and were not sure how this would impact their sexual relationship.

But then, in the truck, Randy had dispelled all the tension and doubt when he pulled off the road, taken Pablo's head in his hands and kissed him ravenously, almost savagely. They ground their lips together, tongues searching deep inside each other's mouth as they breathed into each other. Randy's passion built as his mouth explored every inch of Pablo's face ..... his cheeks, his neck, his brow and finally bathing his eyes.

Pablo was intoxicated by the male smell of his master's sweat, his taste, the feeling of his warm, wet mouth covering his face and the rough, stubbled chin grinding against him. Their virile, passionate embrace seemed endless.

Then, abruptly, it ended and Randy pulled back onto the highway with a smile on his darkly handsome face. He knew now that it was up to him to re-establish his total physical and sexual dominance, even if it meant getting rough.

And from that moment there was no more coolness between them. Far from it.


'Think of it as a sort of graduation present,' Randy had said when he presented Pablo with his gift ...... a long, wide bottomed rowboat. Now, having just arrived at the lake, they were impatient to launch it.

But first Randy said, 'OK, get naked kid.' Quickly Pablo obeyed and stood naked before his master. The big construction worker smiled at Pablo.

'You ever hear the phrase 'pushing the boat out', kid?'

'I think so, sir. Kind of means the same as 'Let the games begin,' no?'

'You're no dummy, are you, kiddo? So what are we waiting for? Let's give the boat a shove and 'let the games begin'. Get in, kid.'

Pablo stepped into the boat and then got a shock. Randy didn't load the fishing gear or even the oars. Instead, his muscles flexed as his body heaved against the boat and with a powerful lunge pushed it hard out into the lake. Pablo gasped as he felt himself floating away from the shore, all alone with no control.

On the small beach Randy heard a whimper behind him. They had, of course, brought Pablo's Doberman, Billy with them (boy and dog were inseparable) and Billy was confused. Randy ruffled the fur on his head. 'Stay here, buddy, and guard the gear. We'll be back.' Billy climbed on top of their clothes and gear and lay down with a mournful gaze. He would be a silent witness to the events on the lake.

Randy watched the boat drifting out into the lake and murmured to himself, 'OK, time to show the kid who's boss. Son or not, he's gotta know I'm still his master and he's just a fucking slave.'

With nervous exhilaration out on the lake Pablo lay on his back in the boat, propped on his elbows. He watched as the gorgeous, rugged man, stood up, stretched his limbs, then quickly pulled off his grimy tank top, kicked off his boots and dropped his work pants. Pablo gazed at the awesome physique standing naked on the shoreline..... and then it disappeared! Randy had walked into the lake, dived into the water and disappeared.

Breathless, Pablo watched and waited. By now he was a good distance out into the lake ...... alone and helpless. After long minutes he was becoming anxious. But there was nothing ...... no sound, no ripple on the water. But suddenly the silence was shattered as a huge body broke the surface of the lake and in one powerful move pulled itself into the boat.

Randy stood up, astride the stunned boy. Pablo looked up at the glorious body, heaving from the exertion of a long underwater swim, muscles flexed and gleaming in the sunlight, streaming with water He was like a naked god appearing suddenly from the depths of the water ...... no .... more like a dark, powerful demon.

'So here we are, kid. We're all alone in the middle of the lake, and you're completely at my mercy. For now we'll forget all that father and son shit. What I have in mind is a lot rougher. And it sure as hell ain't paternal.'

Pablo was shaken by the harsh guttural voice and the savage look in Randy's eyes. This was not what he had expected. This was not the gentle, nurturing parent. This was the wild, ferocious man who had first imposed his total dominance over Pablo.

He stammered, 'Sir, you're making me scared, sir. I never thought that ......'

'Did I say you could speak?' Randy thundered 'Guess I'll have to put a stop to that.'

Randy fell to his knees in the boat, astride Pablo. He fell forward and pinned Pablo's hands above his head on the floor of the boat, so his massive, rock-hard cock was inches from the frightened face. In a nervous reflex Pablo opened his mouth, and the huge rod plunge in and down into his throat. Pablo choked and gagged as his master's shaft pulled back, then pistoned back into his mouth. The savage face fucking began and tears sprang to Pablo's eyes as they opened wide and looked up at the dark, stubbled face, it's steel blue eyes gleaming.

The voice growled. 'So, you were wondering what it's like to be my son, eh? Well nothing's changed, kid. You're still my slave. You're here to service me.'

And the rod kept plunging in and out of Pablo's mouth, bruising the back of his throat, choking him as tears flowed down his face. The agonized young man thought he was about to suffocate when suddenly it all stopped. The huge cock pulled out of his mouth and Randy sprang again to his feet. He was sweating now as his body heaved and his eyes burned down at him.

'You begin to get the picture, punk? I'm your master. I own you. Get it?'

'Yes, sir,' Pablo stammered. 'Thank you, sir.'

'You scared, kid?'

'A bit, sir.'

'Good! You a good swimmer?'

'Yes, sir. Very good.'

'Just as well,' Randy said, leaning forward. He grabbed Pablo round the waist and lifted him up bodily. With his massive strength he held the helpless body over his head, then launched it far out into the lake.


Pablo gasped as he hit the water, back first, and sank beneath it. He was a strong swimmer and quickly surfaced, taking in great gulps of air, and tried to gather his scattered thoughts. He was feeling the full, fierce strength of the big construction worker, just as he had once before. He was scared, it's true, but the sexual charge than ran through his body was exhilarating. He caught sight of the muscular body diving off the side of the boat then disappearing under the water. Pablo treaded water and waited. Suddenly his master surfaced right beside him.

'Take a deep breath, kid.'

Pablo did as instructed and felt his head being pushed under the water. In the clear water he saw the dark, stubbled face come up to him, felt the big hand cup the back of his head, and then the lips clamp over his mouth. Held forcefully under water Pablo opened his mouth and felt Randy's hot breath blowing into him. Trying to calm himself Pablo began to breathe steadily. The two men breathed as one, sharing the air that passed between them.

The effect was intoxicating. Pablo was totally helpless, held prisoner under water, but being sustained by the breath of his powerful captor. He was dependent on his master for life itself. Pablo was dimly aware that his cock had become rock hard as he felt the hard body pressed against his and tasted the hot breath flooding his mouth.

He was becoming dizzy, disoriented, when suddenly Randy let him go and they both shot to the surface. The two men took in gulps of fresh air as they looked at each other. Randy laughed with the thrill of domination of this beautiful boy he now owned.

'You're terrific, kid. I love you, you know that? You OK now? You trust your old man?'

'Yes, sir. I love it. I love you, sir. Do anything you want with me.'

'Race you back to the boat.' Randy shouted.

They both swam with powerful strokes but Randy let Pablo arrive first. The young man clung breathlessly to the side of the boat, trying to recover, still too weak to pull himself aboard. He felt Randy swim up behind him and press his body against his back under the water. Then Pablo opened his eyes wide as he realized what came next.

He felt a pressure against his ass and knew that Randy's cock was stiff as a rod. He gasped as he felt the pressure under the water, and then the pain as the head entered him. The rest of the long, wet shaft followed, sliding effortlessly deep into his hole. He clung tight to the boat as Randy's body bucked against his under the water.

'Oh ..... yes, sir,' Pablo moaned. 'Please, sir. Fuck my ass. Aaah ...... I love that, sir. Please, sir. Harder.'

Randy increased the pressure and tempo and whispered in Pablo's ear. 'You're still my boy, kiddo. I can do whatever the fuck I want with you. Your ass is mine,' and he laughed, 'even when it's under water. Get ready, boy. I'm gonna pump your ass full of my juice.'

The piston plunging in and out of the young man's hole became harder, faster, more insistent and Pablo was spinning into a world where pain and delight mixed together, its focus uniquely on the feel of his master's rod in his ass. As he felt the huge head pound against the tender depths of his gut his own hard cock began to throb and he knew he couldn't take much more.

Randy knew that too and felt his own cock close to eruption. He reached down under water and brought his hand round to grasp Pablo's cock. 'OK, kid. I'm gonna make us shoot together. 'You feel my hand stroking your pretty dick?'

'Yes, sir,' Pablo moaned.

'And you feel my rod in your ass?'

'Oh yes, sir.'

'OK ........ cum now, son.'

Their orgasms were huge and simultaneous. Randy's cock exploded deep inside his boy's ass and Pablo's cock shot a stream of cum into the water. As the head of Randy's dick throbbed in Pablo's burning hole, the boy's creamy semen floated in the water and up to the surface. Both men were yelling with the exhilaration of spectacular release. Their shouts turned to laughter as Randy pressed hard against the young body and began kissing and bighting the back of his neck.

He pulled his cock out of Pablo's ass and spun him around to face him. Again the faces came together in another passionate, burning embrace. Their lips churned together in a bruising, virile display of affection.

Suddenly Randy reached down under water, grabbed Pablo by the waist and heaved him bodily into the boat.

'Hang on, kid,' Randy yelled, 'We're going ashore.'

The big man came round, gripped the stern of the boat and began to kick his legs. The power of his strong thighs in the water propelled the boat smoothly and rapidly through the surface of the lake. In no time they were approaching the small beach and there was a splash as Billy launched himself into the lake. Barking joyously he paddled out to greet his master.

As the dog came close Randy picked him up and threw him down into the boat on top of Pablo. The two rolled over joyously in the bottom of the boat, Billy furiously licking his master's face.

Randy's feet touched bottom and he pushed the boat the rest of the way until it rested on the sand. As Pablo wrestled with Billy he looked up at the superb, muscular physique towering over him, the muscles pumped with exertion and streaming with water. He marveled at the man who had tossed him into the lake, pulled him underwater and kissed him savagely, then fucked him hard and long as he clung to the boat. His master was simply magnificent.

Randy grinned as he looked down with pride and affection at his boy ..... his son now ..... at the beautiful dark brown eyes laughing joyously up at him as he hugged his panting, soaking dog in his arms.

Randy shook his head. 'Not bad, kid. Not bad at all. No doubt about it ...... you're my boy.'


As the two men and their dog settled in to make camp by the lake, their friends Bob and Darius were taking a much more relaxed stroll near another body of water .... the Pacific Ocean. The handsome business executive had already taken the young black man on an intense fantasy in a squalid motel room in Hollywood. Bob had shown him the secrets of how he and Randy had first met and spent their first incredible night together, when Randy had broken him in body, mind and spirit.

When it was all over Bob had said, 'Let's get out of this rat-hole. I need to breathe some fresh sea air.' So here they were strolling along Santa Monica Pier, and they stopped to watch the famous carousel going round and round.

'Look there,' said Bob pointing to a young boy riding up and down astride one of the ornate, shiny carousel horses. The kid had his arms folded tight around the horse's neck, his eyes shining, his imagination running wild.

Bob smiled. 'He sure thinks he's riding the range. He's on such a trip.'

'Thank God for fantasy, eh, sir?'

Bob put his arm round Darius's shoulder.

'Darius, my boy ....... it's all fantasy. All of it.'

As he reflected on this Darius's imagination was fired up. He was mesmerized by the carousel turning round and round to the haunting music of the calliope. A thought struck him and his eyes opened wide.

'Hey ..... if this is all a fantasy, do you think it could be a dream, sir? Maybe we'll wake up and realize that all this time we've been living in another guy's imagination!'

Bob laughed. 'Kiddo, I think you just entered the Twilight Zone.' Again he caught sight of the little boy with the shining eyes clinging tight to the neck of his horse. 'Even if you're right Darius, just like that kid there, we're sure having one hell of a ride.'

As they strolled back to Ocean Avenue Bob's mind went back to a few hours earlier. 'Hmm .... that dingy Hollywood motel room wasn't much of a place for a relaxing weekend was it?'

'Wouldn't have missed it for the world,' Darius said, his memory flashing back to his enthralling experience there.'

'How about a little luxury for a change? That dump barely had bed sheets. I think we deserve Egyptian cotton. You ever been to the Shutters?'

They came to their car and within minutes were pulling into the luxury beach-front hotel. The desk clerk looked dubiously at the two guys strolling in, dressed in old jeans and boots. But his mood changed when Bob showed his business card ... senior vice president of a major financial services company that used the hotel a lot.

'Sorry, sir. I didn't realize. Welcome to Shutters. Your usual corporate rate?'

A few minutes later they were waiting for the elevator. Bob had over his shoulder a bulky garment bag that he had brought with him from the truck. He turned and gave Darius a piercing look. 'Well, this sure is a step up from that dump of a motel we were in. But I don't think you should take luxury for granted, kiddo. You should earn it. How's your imagination doing? You up for another trip?'

Darius's eyes lit up.'

'You bet, sir.'

'OK, here's what you do. Go outside, walk around for fifteen minutes. Then come back into the hotel and come straight up to.....' he looked at his room key ...... 'room 414.'

Intrigued, and a bit nervous, Darius was nevertheless eager for this new fantasy. 'Whatever you say, sir.' He turned on his heels and left the hotel as Bob stepped into the elevator.


As Darius walked around outside his thoughts were spinning and he wondered what Bob had in mind. He was still nervous as he walked back up the hotel steps. He took the elevator to the fourth floor and knocked on the door of room 414.

'Come in! It's not locked,' the voice shouted.

Tentatively Darius opened the door and went in. He blinked as he looked around the room awestruck. It was luxurious alright, and through the huge balcony window he could see the ocean glinting in the setting sun. Sprawled in an armchair by the window was the big, powerfully built man sipping on a beer and reading a newspaper.

Bob was dressed in a blue blazer, dress shirt and tie, and beige slacks. He was the perfect image of a handsome businessman relaxing after a hard day in the office. He wore the black rimmed glasses he sometimes used for reading.

'Jesus,' Darius thought as he gazed at Bob's Superman features, 'he looks like Clark Kent.'

Bob ignored him at first, engrossed in his newspaper and Darius stood awkwardly just inside the door. Then the businessman looked up and sized up the black man wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Darius was starting to feel uncomfortable when he heard, 'Yeah, you'll do. Black's good. Makes a change. What's your name?'

'Darius, sir,' he stammered.'

'Grab yourself a beer from the fridge and come here.'

Darius obeyed and took the chair by the window facing Bob, a small table between them. Nervously he sipped on his beer.

Bob pulled his wallet from his pants pocket and counted out some money. 'Two hundred, you said ...... for an hour?' He tossed the money across the table.

'That's right, sir.' Darius's whole body shook and his cock became rigid in his pants. Now he understood. This was something he had often fantasized about. And now it was really happening. This handsome businessman was paying for his services. There was a silence as Bob sipped his beer and looked at his newspaper.

Darius cleared his throat. 'Nice room,' he said hesitantly.

'It'll do. You used this hotel before?'

'No, sir,' said Darius.

'But you must work a lot. Good looking black stud like you. You get a lot of repeat clients I bet.'

'Yeah, sure but ...... '

'But what?'

'Well, if you don't mind me saying so, I've never had a customer who looks like you, sir.'

'There aren't many around like me.' Bob looked at his watch. 'OK, enough small talk. We only have an hour so let's get down to business. Stand up, kid.'

Darius got up and stood in front of the man sprawled in the chair.

'What was your name again ..... Darien?'

'Darius, sir.'

'OK, Darius, take your shirt off.'

Darius slid easily into the role he knew he had to play. Smiling seductively he moved slowly and Bob watched as he pulled the T-shirt over his head. Darius stood there, stripped to the waist, slightly flexing his chest, shoulders and arms, showing off for his customer.

Bob loosened his tie and breathed more heavily. 'Yeah, kid, you'll do fine. Now strip naked.'

The boots came off, then the jeans. Darius reached down and stroked the huge bulge in his shorts.

'I said naked!'

'Whatever you say, sir.' He dropped his boxers. The beautiful young black man stood there for inspection, his smooth coffee-colored skin gleaming in the soft light of the setting sun, his massive cock hanging down almost to his knees. His sharply etched features, high cheek bones and slanting green eyes were lit up by a dazzling smile.

'I'm all yours, sir.'

'You bet your life you are. That is some piece of meat you have there. Bet they love that. But I want something else.' He frowned a little. 'You do take it up the ass, don't you?'

'For you, sir, anything you want.'

Bob smiled a little. 'You may be sorry you said that, kid.'

'I doubt it sir.'

'On the bed.'

Darius lay back on the bed and his cock started to grow as he watched the handsome businessman, his 'client', stand up and stare down at him.

'You're beautiful, I'll give you that. Quite the stud. But you know something? You're still a hustler. Oh, I know you call yourself an escort, but you're just a cheap hustler. Not so cheap, either, at two hundred bucks a pop.'

Darius flinched, feeling demeaned and humiliated by Bob's words.

'OK,' Bob said, 'let's get down to business.'

Bob shrugged off his blazer and threw it on the chair. Then he undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Underneath Darius could see his white tank top stretched over his muscular torso. Bob peeled off the shirt and tie and stood for a minute looking down at the mesmerized black man, stripped down to his tight tank. Then he reached behind his neck and pulled it off over his head, revealing the perfectly chiseled musculature of his chest, shoulders, bulging biceps and eight-pack abs. Darius gasped, awestruck by the man's awesome physique as he stood there stripped to the waist, his dark, sculpted features looking down at him.

'Show me your ass.'

Darius put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs up, displaying the mounds of his ass. Bob reached forward and ran his fingers over the warm moist crack of the ass.

'Hmm. Not bad at all. Stay like that.'

Bob walked forward and knelt on the bed. Again he sized up the merchandise. He reached down again and ran his hand over Darius's huge cock that was now standing straight up like a steel rod. Bob unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, also rock hard. Without a word, and without touching Darius with his hands, Bob eased himself forward until the head of his cock was resting against Darius's hole.

'OK, stud,' he grunted. 'Now we'll see if you're worth the money.'

He pushed his hips forward and his cock slid effortlessly inside Darius's ass. The young black man took a deep intake of breath as he felt himself penetrated by this muscular, powerful man. He saw Bob close his eyes and groan with pleasure. He grabbed Darius's ankles and pushed his legs back further. He started to pound the ass now, pushing deeper and deeper inside.

'Yeah, that's it, fucker. I bought your black ass and you're gonna take every inch of my cock. Understood?'

'Yes, sir. My ass is yours, sir. You're the boss, sir.'

'You bet your life, you cheap hustler. For the next hour I own you. You're gonna earn every damn penny. Here goes, kid.'

Bob now applied every ounce of his strength, plunging his cock ever deeper into the furnace of the guy's ass. Darius gasped as he felt his ass being plundered, violated by this man who had rented him. The punishment continued for so long that he wasn't sure how much more his ass could take when, suddenly, the huge rod pulled out and his ass snapped shut. Darius gasped again as the heaving, sweating muscle god looked down at him.

'Do you do bondage?'

Darius thought fast. 'That costs extra, sir.'

'Another hundred?'

'That'll do it, sir.'

Bob took his wallet from his pants and tossed more money on the bed. Then he picked up Darius's discarded T-shirt and ripped it in two. With the strips he tied Darius's wrists to the bedposts above him. He got off the bed, kicked of his loafers and unbuckled his belt.

'Now we'll really get down to business.'

Naked now, Bob knelt back on the bed, grabbed the ankles again, pushed up the legs and with one swift lunge buried his raging dick in the ass again. This time the punishment was brutal. The pounding was merciless and Darius looked up in fear at the obsessed, sweating, heaving muscle stud.

'Sir, I don't think I can take much more.'

Bob's eyes flashed. 'You'll take whatever I give you, asshole. You're a hustler ...... I'm the boss. Didn't I tell you? I like to hurt the boys I rent, especially the studs. And you're special so you get the full treatment.'

Genuinely afraid Darius struggled to get free, pulling at the wrist restraints, but his writhing body only turned his torturer on more. He had never seen anything like this huge, hard body crashing down on him, never felt anything like the piston torturing his ass. Despite the pain and the fear his cock was still rigid and it began to tremble. He felt the heat rising from his balls and he knew he was close.

'Sir, I ..... I think I ......'

'You'll cum when I'm good and ready, punk. You cum before I give you permission and I'll rip you apart.'

Darius gritted his teeth and tried everything to hold back his orgasm. But the sight of this incredible man was destroying him. Finally, he felt the cock in his ass start to pulse. He watched the look on the handsome face change and saw the head thrown back.

'OK, man,' Bob yelled. 'Now!'

The two orgasms were simultaneous. Darius felt the eruption in his ass and he shot his own load high in the air, splashing the magnificent body above him with thick, warm juice. The pounding continued, and his cock kept exploding until finally both men were spent. Bob's eyes were wild as he gazed down at the exhausted man. His sweat poured down onto the black face as both men fought to get their breath under control.

They were totally spent. Bob reach up and untied the young man's wrists. They fell into each other arms, kissing each other ravenously, rolling over and over in the bed in a wild display of hunger and passion. Finally Bob broke free, stood up and gazed down at the gleaming black body.

'That was incredible, man. Tell me, how much d'you charge for all night?'

Darius shook his head. 'Nothing at all, sir. For you it's on the house. It would be my privilege.'


An hour later the two men were facing each other across the meal table. They had showered, put on the thick robes supplied by the hotel and ordered dinner from room service. Darius had ordered prime rib 'cause that's what he thought a call-boy would order. Also, prime rib was his favorite.

The amazing thing for Darius, what he had never expected, was that the fantasy continued. Bob was still the client, a very satisfied client, and Darius even came to believe that. The scenario felt so real, Bob was utterly convincing, and Darius felt totally like a boy for hire.

'You know, sir,' he said. 'I've never had a client like you. I've never felt so ..... well so .... '

'Careful, kid. What's the escort's first rule .... never let feelings get in the way? No emotional involvement?'

'That's right, sir. Forget what I said.'

Bob studied Darius as the young guy worked on his prime rib. 'You ever think of getting off the game, kid?'

Surprised, Darius stammered, 'Well, I ........'

'Guess you'd still need someone to take care of you.'

'Well, sir. It would depend on the guy.'

'What about me?'

Surprised Darius stammered, 'You, sir? Well, I guess ..... I mean ....... I've never met anyone as hot as you. Of course I ........'

'What if I asked you to give it all up and come live with me?'

Darius looked Bob straight in the eye, and he meant what he said. 'I'd say yes, sir. In a heartbeat.'

'OK, here's the deal. I'd still be the boss. I get to fuck you whenever I want. You do whatever I tell you to. I live with a few other guys ...... they look as hot as I do .... and I might loan you out to them sometimes. What d'you say?'

'I say yes, sir!' Darius was as enthusiastic as if the situation were real, as if he was really being offered the opportunity of being with this glorious man for the first time.

'That's settled then. Tomorrow we leave the hotel and I take you home with me. No more customers ...... except me.' Darius was embarrassed to feel tears coming to his eyes.

'But for now, you're still on the clock, so let's go to bed.'

They fell into the big, luxurious bed with its Egyptian cotton sheets and made love for hours. Darius took Bob's cock up his ass several more times until at last they were both totally exhausted. Wrapped in Bob's muscular arms Darius was finally coming down to earth, drifting out of the fantasy. Bob kissed him lightly on the forehead and the spell was broken.

'How was that, kiddo?'

Darius sighed heavily. 'You are absolutely the best sir. That was totally awesome. I think it's the best time I ever had.'

'Thought you'd like it. You're fun to play with, Darius.'

The smile on the young man's face never left it, even when he was fast asleep.


And so the weekend of fantasy and emotional exploration came to an end. The three couples arrived back at the house early on Sunday evening within an hour of each other and the boys busied themselves in the kitchen making dinner. The clatter of pans and dishes was drowned out by the chatter of their voices as they tumbled over each other to relate their adventures.

Their masters sprawled in chairs at the table nursing their beers and discussing the week to come. The meal turned out to be a noisy affair, filled with shouted anecdotes, laughter, and the affable masculine rivalry of men who were satisfied with themselves and their lives.

But they were, after all, strong-willed men and domestic harmony such as this was too good to last. That friendly rivalry would inevitably assume a life of its own and become less friendly. It was Bob's keen intuition that first detected the hairline cracks in the fabric of their lives.

It was evident to everyone that each couple had had an intense and profound experience in their respective journeys. Randy and Pablo had defined their solid father/son relationship, adoptive though it was. Bob and Darius had developed a new intimacy and deep respect for each other.

But it was the change in Mark and Jamie that was the most striking. They had obviously shared a transformation of sorts and their newly forged bond was unmistakable. Jamie gazed at Mark with an awe and adulation that was palpable. Bob saw this clearly ...... and so did Randy. And Bob watched his friend's expression with unease.

The bond of friendship between Randy and Mark had always been intense and complicated. They were two strong, beautiful and authoritative top men. Their beauty, stunning physiques and strength of mind was the cause of huge mutual admiration between the two alpha males but also the reason for the competitive edge that existed just below the surface. And now they both owned handsome young boys who worshipped them.

It was hard to imagine that the house was big enough for two such totally dominant personalities to co-exist. This was Bob's concern as he watched Randy's reaction to Jamie's adulation of the gorgeous cop. There was a hint of resentment there, jealousy even, and Bob sensed that some kind of climax was approaching.

He was right. Events of the coming week were to shatter the domestic calm of the house and pit master against master in a brutal showdown that threatened to tear the house apart. As Bob watched the construction worker glower at the cop he knew that a new trial of strength had to erupt. He just never guessed how soon it would be .......


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 44'


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