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“A Trial Of Strength”

The Cast of Characters in our story is now so numerous that readers sometimes have a hard time figuring out who’s who. Some time ago, as a guide, I posted a list of regular characters (with the chapter number in which they first appear).  I thought it would be useful to post an updated version, especially as the upcoming chapter, 316, includes so many of the men and boys in a tribal gathering.  Tough to keep the names straight, I know.

I get around to featuring all of the characters sooner or later but if you feel I have neglected your favorites please let me know and I’ll try to let them have their crack of the whip … so to speak.  In fact, if you have any comments or suggestion send me those too. 

Thanks, guys. 


Randy (Ch:1) Leader of the tribe and boss of the Construction Company. Bob’s lover. Pablo’s adoptive dad. 

Bob (Ch:1) With his Superman looks loved by all. Co-founder of the tribe. Randy’s lover. Master of the twins. Senior VP of Investment Company. 

Mark (Ch:18) ‘The most beautiful cop in the world’. Co-owner of Construction Company. In love with both Bob & Randy. Jamie’s master. 

Zack (Ch:66)  Black leather master. Randy’s buddy and co-boss of the construction site. Master of Darius. 

Hassan (Ch:91) Exotic, Arab/Asian muscle-god Marine. In love with Mark. Master of Eddie. 

Adam (Ch:128)  Tall, handsome Aussie. Works for an Australian airline. Lives in a house next door with his Aussie boy Nate. 

Jason (Ch:148)  Gorgeous fireman, featured in the Firemen’s Calendar. Lives in a rustic house close by. Ben’s master. 

Pete (Ch:219) Handsome Forest Ranger. Lives up the hill with his boy Brandon. 

Steve (Ch:60) Psychologist – therapist to the tribe. Randy's brother - looks like his twin. Lives in Hollywood Hills with his lover Lloyd. 

Lloyd (Ch:48) Company Architect. Lives with his lover Steve in the Hills. Addicted to gorgeous men (isn't everyone?) 

Mario (Ch:186) Sophisticated young Italian. The tribe’s landscape gardener. Becomes Grady’s lover. 

Grady (Ch:264) Starring as the “New Tarzan” movie now filming. Soon to be rich and famous. Mario’s lover. 

THE BOYS (all over 18) 

Darius (Ch:11) Senior Boy. Handsome young black man with 10-inch endowment. Zack's boy. Pablo's lover. 

Pablo (Ch:22) Senior Boy, Company's chief mechanic. Randy's boy and adopted son. Darius's lover. 

Jamie (Ch:34) Senior Boy. Company’s office manager. Blond surfer. Mark’s boy. 

The Twins (Ch:84) Identical twins (and lovers) Kyle & Kevin. The house chefs. Bob’s boys. 

Nate (Ch:121) The young Aussie. In charge of the running of the house. Adam’s boy. 

Eddie (Ch:139) Nate’s assistant plus works in office part-time. Hassan’s boy. One of the ‘3 Amigos’. 

Brandon (Ch:220) In a wheelchair, ultra-independent. Jamie’s office assistant. Pete’s boy. One of the 3 Amigos. 

Ben (Ch:166) Randy's kid brother. Assistant mechanic to Pablo. Jason’s boy. One of the 3 Amigos.

Danny (Ch:289) Chef and house manager at the Grady House for Grady and Mario. Close friend of Brandon, Eddie and Ben.

Thomas (Ch:289) The Golden Boy, his arrogance masks his need to be dominated. Pablo’s boy at first he becomes the housekeeper for Steve and Lloyd.

Brian (Ch: 314) Lived a reclusive life in the desert.  In a wheelchair like Brandon who befriends him and brings him to the tribe. Gets a job at the Grady House.


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