'Go down to the basement room ... and strip naked,' Bob ordered the beautiful young black man.

'Yes, sir!' Darius jumped up and ran downstairs.

It was time for the three men to define their complex relationship, to smooth the troubled waters they had just been through. Randy, the striking, dominant construction worker and Bob, the handsome business executive, had reaffirmed their intense love for each other in an extraordinary way when Randy had demanded that he be punished him for his betrayal of Bob. But Darius had blamed himself for coming between them and thought he should leave.

They were all sitting together, now, and Bob was trying to set the young man's mind at rest.

'Darius, we both love you. You are part of this house. After all you've been though in you'ôre your life you can finally stop being afraid. You're safe. You're with us now. And nothing's gonna change that.'

Randy threw his arm around the young man's shoulder and grinned, 'As long as you make that perfect ass available whenever we want it.'

For the first time Darius smiled. 'No problem there, boss.'

As Darius disappeared downstairs Bob said to Randy, 'He has to feel he belongs to both of us.'

Randy grinned. 'And you're sure you have a plan for that?'

'Sure, I'm sure.'

'Am I gonna I like it?'

'Oh, yeah! Guaranteed!'

* * *

The basement room had once been a gym and had floor-to-ceiling mirrors lining all the walls. Reflected in them Darius was standing naked, waiting. As always, the two men were in awe at his perfectly sculpted coffee-colored body. As they came in he watched them expectantly, nervous, but tingling with anticipation.

He opened his eyes wide as they stood on front of him and both began to strip. The T-shirts came off first, revealing chiseled, muscular torsos. Then they kicked off their boots, dropped their pants and shorts. All three gorgeous men now stood naked, and as they looked at each other their cocks began to get stiff.

Bob walked to the bed and lay down on his back.

'Come here, Darius,' he said. 'Kneel over me.'

Darius got to his knees on the bed, straddling the powerfully built body and looking down at the face smiling up at him. The sight of the young stud made Bob's cock rock hard. Reaching forward he gripped Darius by the hips and lowered him slowly. Darius gasped as his ass felt the tip of Bob's shaft touch his hole. Bob didn't stop. He pulled the round globes of the ass lower until his cock slid gently into the warmth of the sweet, moist hole.

As the tip of Bob's dick touched the back of the young man's gut they both closed their eyes and threw their heads back in the first flush of ecstasy. Bob pushed the hips up, then lowered them again, easing into a pumping rhythm as Darius rose and fell, penetrated by the huge dick of the man he worshipped.

Bob smiled up at him, feeling the young man's body shudder with excitement. He watched as the black muscles tensed and flexed as the shaft penetrated his ass. Simultaneously both men reached for the other's nipples and began to stroke them, sending jolts of pleasure through the heaving bodies.

The action continued for a while and then, even before he opened his eyes, Darius became aware of another presence. Close in front of him he saw the muscled thighs of the construction worker who was standing astride Bob, his crotch up close to Darius's face. With a sharp, excited intake of breath, Darius looked at the huge, thick, rigid cock inches from his face.

'Oh, God,' he gasped and opened his mouth wide. The big dick slid easily into his mouth, not stopping until the monstrous head rested against the back of his throat. Darius was entering a whole new world of wonder as the two dicks pumped him, the one in his ass, the other deep in his throat. The two muscle gods that he worshipped were both fucking him. He ceased to wonder or even think; he simply luxuriated in the exquisite sensation he was feeling.

All three men were groaning with pleasure as they felt the intimate joy of flesh on flesh. Bob and Randy were now moving in unison and Randy whispered to his buddy,

'So this is what you had planned.'

'This isn't the half of it,' Bob said. 'On your knees.'

Randy pulled his stiff dick out of the hungry mouth and fell to his knees, face-to-face with Darius. He brought his mouth forward and began roughly kissing the greedy face. They ground their lips together while Darius still pumped his ass on Bob's shaft beneath him. Darius lost all sense of where he was, reveling in the exhilaration of having the two magnificent studs work him over ferociously.

Finally Randy pulled back and smiled at the dazed black man. Bending lower he took the huge black cock deep into his mouth. The young man threw his head back and moaned with pleasure.

As Randy bent forward his ass was close to Bob's face and Bob could not resist burying his face in his buddy's hot, moist hole and probing it with his tongue. As Randy sucked hard on Darius's huge dick he felt the intense sensation of having his ass eaten by the man he loved.

And so the double teaming of Darius proceeded, the three men luxuriating in the feel and taste of each other's muscular, sweating body. The many mirrors reflected multiple incredible images of three stunning bodies rising and falling in blissful harmony. Finally Bob whispered to Randy. 'Time for my plan. Get behind him.'

Randy walked around and knelt behind Darius, watching as his ass continued to rise and fall on Bob's cock. Suddenly he knew what Bob had meant all along. He looked over Darius's shoulder at Bob, who read his thoughts and smiled up at him. 'You got it, buddy. Go for it.'

Slowly Randy brought his cock up behind Darius's ass as he watched Bob's cock thrusting in and out. He slid the head of his stiff rod up against the hole where Bob was penetrating it and rubbed it against his buddy's cock. Darius felt what was happening behind him and his eyes opened wide. He looked down at Bob.

'No, I can't .... Not both together. Please .....'

Bob smiled up at him. 'Relax. We both want you. And you want us, don't you?' And at that moment Randy's dick entered Darius's ass, rubbing tight against his lover's moist cock. The two big dicks began moving in unison, in and out of the ass that was now stretched to its limit.

Darius screamed at the initial painful thrust but, as the realization that both these glorious men were inside his ass, total euphoria took over and his screams became moans of exquisite joy. He looked down at Bob's face as the big man groaned, feeling his lover's cock pulsing against his inside the hot, moist ass. As the two big shafts rubbed together it felt to both men as if they were fucking each other. Randy too looked down at Bob and smiled. 'You son-of-a-bitch,' he said softly.

'Man, that's incredible,' Bob breathed. 'Are you OK, Darius?'

In reply Darius leaned forward and brought his mouth hard against Bob's, kissing him ravenously as the two big dicks pounded his ass. Randy watched his two buddies making love to each other while he felt the intense sensation of his dick sliding against his lover's. Randy knew it was nearly time.

'OK, guys,' he said. 'Get ready.'

Darius pulled back so he was kneeling straight up and Bob took hold of the black man's huge dick with both hands. He began pumping, and that put Darius over the edge.

'No....!' he screamed as he felt the juice pulsing up through his cock. Here it comes......!' And he let loose a huge stream of white hot cum that splashed heavily over Bob's face, shoulders and chest. As Bob felt it Randy watched it and they both tensed as their own dicks began shooting inside the burning asshole. Darius felt the rush of hot liquid filling his hole. The glorious men that he worshipped, adored, were both streaming cum into his ass. He was in paradise.

As their heaving bodies grew still and their gasping breaths returned to normal, the two big men slowly pulled their dicks out of Darius's cum-filled hole. Darius and Randy fell forward onto the bed on top of the exhausted Bob. As they lay together the two muscular lovers leaned forward and kissed Darius together, licking his lips, his cheeks and his eyes. Then they pulled back and smiled at him.

'Welcome home,' Darius, Bob said.

* * *

'I gotta hand it to you.' Randy smiled at Bob. 'That was one hell of a plan.'

'You think it worked?' Bob asked.

'What do you think? Look.'

They both looked over to the bed where Darius was curled up on his side in a deep sleep, with a big satisfied smile on his face. He began making small grunts and moans .... He was dreaming.

'What d'you think he's dreaming about?' Randy asked.

'Well .... just possibly .... it could be about two dicks up his ass.'

'Asshole,' Randy grinned. 'Anyway, we can't wake him and shouldn't leave him here alone. What do you say we sleep here with him?'

'You read my mind.' And Bob lay on the bed up against Darius. Randy lay on the other side and both reached over and linked their arms across the sleeping body. Soon all three men were entwined in the deep sleep of exhaustion. And they stayed that way all night long.

* * *

Early next morning Randy was standing by the bed looking down at a sleepy Darius. 'Time for work. Get up,' he said, then grinned. 'That is, if you think you can stand.'

Darius leapt to his feet. 'No problem, boss. Feels great ... just great,' and he rubbed his ass with a wide grin on his face.

'What about you, buddy?' Randy asked Bob. 'You going to work today or you just gonna lie here and dream about double teaming our friend here?'

'Nah, I gotta go too. Got a big lunch today. Prospective new clients ... trying to land their account.'

Randy grinned. 'No problem there, big guy. Just impress them with what you did last night. They'll be eating out of your hand.'

* * *

Well, Bob did not take Randy's advice, but he did land the account, though it took at least three martinis and several bottles of wine to do it. After the handshakes he left the restaurant and decided to go home and work from there. He was too drunk to go back to the office. He was also too drunk to drive, but he thought he would just take a quiet route, through the back roads of Griffith Park.

Griffith Park is a very extensive, hilly, semi-wilderness area at the tail end of the Santa Monica Mountains. Bob could cut through there as a quiet, untraveled route to his house. Despite the martinis he negotiated the narrow roads well until he realized he had taken a wrong turn. He made a quick U-turn and was driving back down hill when he heard the siren and saw red lights flashing in his rear-view mirror.

'Shit!' he said to himself. 'Oh shit. This I don't need.' He pulled over and the motor cycle cop pulled behind him. Bob realized he was still drunk and knew he was in real danger of getting a DUI ticket. He knew what that would mean ... possible loss of his driver's license for a few months and sanctions at work. He had to get out of this somehow.'

'You performed an illegal U-turn back there, sir. Could I see your license and registration, please?' Bob looked up through the open window and found himself looking into one of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen. Chiseled, Nordic features, high cheek bones, square jaw, grey eyes and a shock of blond hair falling over the wide brow. The cop was stunning ... straight out of Central Casting.

'I, er ... what .... ?'

'Driver's license, please sir. And step out of your vehicle.'

Bob knew he was fucked. He'd never pass the sobriety test. He stumbled out of the car.

The cop looked at him and narrowed his eyes. He took in the sight of the gorgeous business executive, his eyes lingering longer than was usual or even necessary.

'Turn around, sir. Hands on the car, legs spread.'

Bob obeyed. He knew better than to mouth off to a cop, especially in his condition. The cop came up behind him and began to frisk him. Leaning against him he reached round and ran his hands over the muscular chest, down the lats and narrow waist and finally stroked the thighs. Bob had been frisked once before and it had never taken this long.

'You can turn around now. Wait here please, sir.' He went back to his motor cycle, got on the radio and called the license in to the office. After a pause he came back and appraised the big man again.

'Your license is clean, sir. But I have reason to believe you are driving under the influence of alcohol. I'm going to have to administer ..... '

'Look officer,' Bob cut in. He looked at the cop's name tag ... 'M. Matsen'. 'Look, Officer Matsen, is there some way we can make this go away?' He began to pull his wallet out of his breast pocket.

'Bribery of a police officer is a felony, sir. You know that.'

'Jesus, you are by the book,' Bob said. 'Are you sure there's no way around this?' and he gave the cop his most dazzling smile.

The cop seemed taken aback. He looked Bob up and down, and their eyes met for several long seconds. Bob had to admit that Officer Matsen was quite a sight. In his black uniform, tapering to high black leather riding boots he looked like something out of a fantasy. A flash of white T-shirt at the open neck of his shirt set off the stunning face perfectly.

The cop's professional cool seemed to falter. He looked around. It was a quiet road, no traffic, and right by the car there was a narrow trail leading into the woods. He cleared his throat, nervously Bob thought, and spoke.

'Well, there may be a way. But I want no false moves. Try anything and I'll cuff you for resisting arrest, is that clear?'

'Yes, officer.' Bob had no idea what was coming but he knew he could take care of himself if there were any rough stuff. Officer Matsen told him to walk along the dirt trail. He walked slowly along it for several minutes, the cop following him. Finally they came to a small clearing.

'This will do. Turn around.' Still dressed in his business clothes, Bob turned to face the cop who stood about ten feet away. There was a long pause before Officer Matsen spoke. His voice was softer now, less authoritarian.

'Please remove your jacket, sir. Slowly'

Apprehensively Bob unbuttoned his jacket, took it off slowly and let it fall to the ground. Underneath he was wearing a crisp white shirt and a red tie, and underneath that a tight white tank undershirt. He thought he caught a slight gasp from the cop, who stood motionless staring at him.

'Loosen the tie and take it off ... very slowly.'

Bob did as he was told. He pulled the tie down, undid it slowly, letting it hang loose round his neck, and he undid the top button of his shirt.

'Undo two more buttons.' The cop's voice was becoming slightly hoarse.

As Bob unbuttoned more of his shirt the tank became visible underneath, stretching across his muscular pecs. The cop's mouth was dry and he licked his lips.

'Unbutton it to the waist.'

He did so and pulled one side slightly out of the waistband of his pants.

Officer Matsen began to breathe more deeply as he gazed at the body builder with his shirt wide open.

'Now slowly, very slowly, remove the shirt.'

Bob pulled off the tie and let it drop. He pulled the tail of his shirt from his waistband and let the shirt hang open. Then very slowly he began to pull it off, first uncovering one broad shoulder, then the other, until finally the shirt dropped to the ground. He stood there in his dress pants, his beautiful, muscular torso covered by the white tank. Now he was sure that he heard a gasp from the cop who stood transfixed in front of him.

'That's good ... very good.' And office Matsen brought his hand down to cover his own crotch.

'Now I want you to take off the tank ... again, very, very slowly.'

Bob reached up and took hold of the back of the tank behind his neck. Slowly he pulled it up and it began to rise up over his torso. As it rose it uncovered his rock hard six-pack abs and he paused.

The effect on the cop was unmistakable as he gasped and began to rub his crotch very slightly. Bob pulled again until the tank uncovered his heavily muscled chest. Finally it came free and he let it drop. He now stood stripped to the waist, facing the cop, and he put his hands behind his waist. The cop gasped.

'Incredible,' he said. 'You're a very beautiful man.' He rubbed his crotch harder as he took in the sight of the magnificent man before him.

'Now I want you to undo your belt and unzip your fly. When you have done that, drop the pants.'

Bob began to do this, but realized that he had a problem. As he watched this stunningly handsome cop get off on him he felt his dick getting rock hard. There was no way he could disguise it. The silence in the woods, the heavy breathing of both men, their obvious mutual admiration ... Bob found all this strangely exciting. What the hell, he thought, and he let his pants drop round his ankles.

He was wearing white boxers underneath and his big, stiff dick pushed again them. His hard-on was on full display.

Officer Matsen gasped again. 'You're so fucking gorgeous, man. Open the fly.'

Bob stretched the opening in his shorts and his huge cock sprang out at full attention.

'Oh, man,' the cop gasped and rubbed the front of his pants hard. Without being asked, Bob let the shorts drop; he now stood naked in front of the drooling cop.

The officer cleared his throat. 'Now, you want me to forget about the citation, right?'

'Yes, sir,' Bob said, responding not to the authority figure but to the incredible beauty and lust of the man facing him.

The cop walked forward until he was only four feet in front of the naked man, and said. 'OK, here's what you do. Stroke that huge piece of meat slowly until you have an orgasm. I want to see you shoot your load.'

Bob had a moment of hesitation, making the cop speak again.

'Please, sir.'

Bob began stroking his cock, not so much because he was ordered to but because he wanted to. He found himself wanting to please the beautiful blond man who looked so incredible in his black uniform. They eyes of the two men locked and something passed between them that had nothing to do with cop and captive. They admired each other, respected each other, and found themselves lusting for each other.

As he gazed at Officer Matsen Bob could not hold back for long. He stroked harder and harder and finally said.

'Here it comes, officer.'

His cock shuddered and a huge jet of creamy white semen shot from it, arcing between the two men and splashing the cop's face and uniform shirt. Bob shot again and again until the beautiful Nordic features were streaming with his cum.

'Aaah ... aaah,' the cop screamed and his body shuddered as he rubbed the crotch of his pants in a frenzy. His head jolted back and his body spasmed. He had creamed in his shorts. Bob looked down and saw a big stain spreading over the front of the uniform pants.

Chests heaving with sharp intakes of breath the two men held each other's gaze. Finally a slight smile spread over Bob's face.

'Does that mean I don't get a ticket?' he asked.

Despite his obvious exhilaration, Office Matsen now began to look guilty and uncomfortable. He swallowed hard.

'You're free to go, sir. Get dressed.' And he watched mesmerized as Bob pulled up his shorts and pants, put on his shirt and hung his tie loosely around his neck. As the cop turned to leave Bob bent down and picked up his discarded tank from the ground.

'Here,' he said, holding out the shirt to the cop. 'Wipe your face, man. You're a mess.' The officer paused, then grabbed the shirt and wiped his face that was still covered in Bob's semen. He held the shirt to his nose and breathed deeply. Then he stuffed the shirt into his pocket. Bob was surprised to see that the handsome blond cop was blushing, and he flashed the officer a big smile. After one last, confused, lingering look at the stunning businessman, Office Matsen spun round on his heels and quickly left the clearing.

Bob followed him down the winding trail but as he reached his car he saw that the cop was already astride his bike. He kick started it and sped off. Bob watched in a daze as the figure disappeared into the distance. And he suddenly realized that he was now stone cold sober.

* * *

'You're late,' Randy said as Bob came in. 'Thought you were coming home after lunch. Did you land the account?'

'Yeah ... and that's not all I landed.'

'What d'you mean?'

Bob and Randy had no secrets from each other and shared everything, so Bob related the whole story of Officer Matsen.

'Son of a bitch,' Randy growled through clenched teeth. 'I wish I could get my hands on the bastard.'

'Oh, it could have been worse. And he didn't give me a ticket. He could have got me on 'driving under the influence'. I was smashed, after all. I would have lost my license.'

Randy gave him a puzzled look. 'What did he look like, this cop? A fat pig?'

'No, as a matter of fact. He was ... uh ... pretty good looking.'

'Fuck that. He wouldn't look so good or so pretty after I'd worked him over.'

'Anyway, it's all over ... except for one thing. I just realized he forgot to give me back my driver's license. Now I'll have to get a new one.'

* * *

The week wore on, crammed with hard work for all of them, and they were relieved when the weekend arrived. They played hard Saturday night so slept in late on Sunday. Bob was woken by the buzz of the front doorbell. 'Who the fuck....?' He groaned, pulled on his shorts and went to open the door. He stood still and his jaw dropped. It was Officer Matsen, his motor bike parked in the driveway.

'What the hell ....? Bob stammered.

'I'm sorry to disturb you so early, sir. But I realized I did not return your license to you. Here it is,' and he held it out to him. Although he was in full uniform, Officer Matsen's attitude was far different from the efficient cop of a few days ago. He looked rather sheepish, and Bob was amused to see that he was blushing again.

Bob gathered his thoughts. 'Well, you didn't need to return it in person. But thanks. I wouldn't like to get arrested for driving without a license. No knowing what would happen to me,' he said with a grin.'

'Look, about that. I would like to apologize for the way I handled that incident. I was way out of line, sir. You have every right to report me.'

'Hey, go easy on yourself, man. You didn't give me a citation after all. I couldn't afford to have a DUI. So we're even. What about my undershirt. Did you bring that too?'

'Er .. no, I ... kept it.'

'Enjoy,' Bob smiled.

Office Matsen made no move to leave. Instead he stood nervously on the doorstep twisting his cap in his hands.

Puzzled, Bob said. 'Look, I was about to have coffee. Join me?' Matsen hesitated. 'Come on,' Bob laughed. 'You can't make me strip again. Look at me,' and the cop looked at the perfectly sculpted body, naked except for his boxers.

The cop managed a slight smile and followed Bob tentatively into the kitchen. Bob brewed coffee and they sat at the table.

Bob looked straight into the nervous gray eyes. 'Now what's all this about? You didn't come here just to return the license did you?'

'No,' the cop stammered. 'I ... I...'


'I just wanted to see you again,' and this time Officer Matsen blushed deeply.

Bob paused and stared at the gorgeous, chiseled features in front of him. Nervous as he was, the cop looked even more striking than he had before. Bob looked down at his name tag ... 'M. Matsen.'

'What's the M stand for?'

'Mark ... Mark Matsen,' and he held out his hand.

'Bob,' and he shook the hand.

'I know .... The license ... I ...'

''Matsen' is Scandinavian, no?'

'Norwegian. Both my parents were born in Norway and came here when I was a kid.'

'You sure have that Nordic look,' said Bob admiringly. There was an awkward pause.

'Look I shouldn't have come, sir.'

'Oh, shut up. And drop the 'sir'. You're off duty now. Just tell me what you're feeling.'

And the truth started to pour out. 'Look, it's not what you think. I'm not ... you know ... well, I have a steady girlfriend and we're very happy. But there's something missing. I don't have any guy buddies. The other cops at the precinct, they're OK but they're always kidding me about the way I look. Say I should be in movies or something. And they keep their distance.'

'They're jealous,' Bob cut in.'

'You think so? Why? I can't help being ....'

'....one of the most beautiful cops ever to straddle a bike,' Bob grinned. 'You know what you need? You need a buddy who is a match for you ... in body and mind. Someone who looks great, as you do, and has the same ... inclinations.'

'That's about it, Mark said. 'And ... I would only say this to you, because you know already. I just get off looking at beautiful men ... their face and body. And when I saw you the other day, I ....

'.... made me strip naked and shoot my load for you. And please don't blush again, man.'

Mark laughed for the first time, flashing a perfect set of gleaming white teeth in his wide mouth. 'You really seem to get me. I kind of guessed you'd understand how I feel.'

'More than you can imagine,' Bob said, almost to himself.

* * *

They were still talking when the door opened and Randy walked in. Straight from the shower his magnificent body was still streaming with water, naked except for a towel wrapped round his waist.

'Hey, asshole, you coming for a swim....?' He stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the stunning cop sitting at their kitchen table. 'Who the fuck are you?'

'It's OK, buddy,' Bob said hastily. 'This officer just came round to return my driver's license.'

Randy clenched his fists and took a step forward. 'You mean this is the cop who ...? Now listen you piece of.....'

Bob cut him off. 'Hey buddy, everything's OK. Cool it. We were having coffee. Come join us.'

Randy stopped himself. He leaned forward and looked at Mark's name tag. 'What's your name? Matsen?'

'Mark Matsen,' said Bob. 'We were just talking. Come and sit with us.'

'No thanks,' Randy said, clenching his jaw. 'Officer Matsen and I will have our talk later. Depend on it. Right now I'm gonna cool off in the pool.' He bent down and whispered in Bob's ear. 'You said he was 'pretty good looking'. He's a fucking Greek God, and you know it, being one yourself.' He stood up, whipped the towel off and strode naked from the room.'

Mark gaped after him. 'Who was that...?'

'That's my buddy Randy. We share the house. And a lot else besides.'

Mark stammered. 'He's one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen.'

'Randy's a great guy.'

'I don't think he liked me at all.'

'Oh, I told him about our incident the other day. He's very protective of me.'

'I sure wouldn't like to have any trouble with a guy like him.'

'That may be unavoidable, I'm afraid.'

* * *

Bob was spared giving an explanation as the door opened again and Darius walked in, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was wearing nothing but white Jockey briefs, and his coffee-colored muscular body had a slight sheen of sweat. He looked stunning.

'Jesus, he said, and started backward.

'It's OK,' Bob said. This is Mark Matsen, a new friend. He hasn't come to arrest anyone.'

But Darius still looked nervous. 'I ... I think I'll join Randy in the pool,' and he beat a hasty retreat. He'd had run-ins with the law when he was living rough on the streets.

Mark looked dazed. 'What the...? He's a knockout too. Are you guys all fitness models or something?'

Bob laughed. 'No, that was Darius. He lives in the pool house out back. He and Randy work in construction and I'm a vice-president of a financial firm. We don't model ... except for each other....sometimes .... Quite often actually, in a way.'

Mark stared at Bob. 'God, I wish I could .... No, forget it.'

Bob reach over and touched his hand. 'Look, Mark, let's cut to the chase. I know what turns you on. I saw you cream in your pants the other day looking at me. There's nothing wrong with that. You and I think alike.' He paused to consider something. 'You know, you can't often find someone like me to jack off to.'

'Tell me about it.'

'But you don't have to. Randy taught me something that blew my mind. And I'm gonna teach you. Come with me.'

Mark got up and followed Bob down the stairs. He gasped when he saw the basement room. 'Jeez, all these mirrors.' And he looked at the multiple images of Bob and himself. He couldn't believe it, but he felt a slight stirring in his groin.

'It used to be a gym' Bob said. 'Now come here.' He brought the uniformed cop in front of the mirrors and said, 'Look at that. No, asshole, not at me, at yourself.'

Mark looked at his mirror image: chiseled Nordic features, unruly blond hair falling over his forehead. His tight uniform could not hide the muscular body rippling beneath it. His black shirt was open at the neck revealing a triangle of white T-shirt. His biceps bulged from under his shorts sleeves and the broad shoulders tapered down to a small tight waist, his wide belt hung with his night stick and handcuffs. His muscular thighs were clad in tight black pants, tucked into high, shiny black, motor cycle boots.

Bob sighed. 'Now that, Office Matsen, is a truly stunning sight. I don't think you realize how fucking beautiful you are. You are a walking fantasy for most people, you know, men and women alike. You are what's known as a 'masturbatory image,' the kind of guy people go home and masturbate thinking about.'

Mark didn't respond. He just looked at himself in the mirror and his hand instinctively went to his crotch.

'You see?' Bob smiled. 'The other day in the park ... I shot my load not because you told me to. I did it because you turned me on so damn much. And I'll tell you another thing. From today on, if you can't find a man like me to drool over, there's always him,' and he pointed to Mark's reflection in the mirror. 'Wait here ... don't move.'

He ran upstairs and was gone for just a few minutes. When he came back he was followed by Randy and Darius, both dressed just in shorts, who sat down on a couch against the wall facing the mirrors. Darius was wide-eyed with anticipation. Randy's face was grim. He didn't want to be here, but Bob had told him that this was his way of getting back at the cop - tit for tat - the punishment fitting the crime.

Bob came up behind Mark and they both looked into the mirror. 'Bob reached round and undid one button of Mark's shirt. 'We start here,' he said. 'Now just do everything I tell you.'

Darius whispered to Randy beside him. 'This is incredible, don't you think? The cop is magnificent. He is such a fucking turn-on.'

'Cool it, young man,' Randy said in a low voice. 'We'ôll let Bob do his thing and maybe we'll even get off on it. But when he's done it'll be my turn. You know that 'good cop, bad cop' routine? Well, Bob's good, and I'm bad. And I plan on being real bad. That shithead cop made Bob strip naked and jack off for him. Nobody humiliates my buddy and gets away with it. Nobody.'

'Can I get a piece of the action?'

'Oh yeah. I've got something in mind for you too.'

'I can't wait,' said Darius, and turned his attention to the show that was starting.

* * *

Continued in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 19'


Rob Williams

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