The euphoria of their various weekend journeys made for a raucous celebratory dinner for the three masters and their boys. Randy, the brawny construction worker and boss of the house had reaffirmed his dominant sexual relationship with his newly adopted son, Pablo. Bob, the businessman with the body and features of a Superman, had taken Darius on a fantasy-filled journey.

But it was the change in Mark and Jamie that was the most striking. The stunningly beautiful cop and the handsome young man had obviously shared a transformation of sorts and their newly forged bond was unmistakable. Mark had, in fact, taken excusive ownership of Jamie. His new master promised the boy, 'In return I will protect you. I'll never let anyone hurt you. If they try they'll answer to me ..... and believe me they won't try again.'

Throughout the boisterous meal Jamie gazed at Mark with an awe and admiration that was palpable. Bob saw this clearly ...... and so did Randy. And Bob watched his friend's expression with unease. Randy's reaction to Jamie's adulation of the gorgeous cop was disturbing. There was a hint of resentment there, jealousy even, and Bob sensed that it could lead to trouble. All the guys were, after all, strong-willed men and Bob knew that their friendly rivalry could change quickly, assume a life of its own.

The bond of friendship between Randy and Mark had always been intense and complicated. They were two strong, beautiful and authoritative top men. Their beauty, stunning physiques and strength of mind was the cause of great mutual admiration between the two alpha males but also the reason for the competitive edge that existed just below the surface. And now they both owned handsome young men who worshipped them.

It was hard to imagine that the house was big enough for two such totally dominant personalities to co-exist. As Bob watched the construction worker glower at the cop he knew that trouble was always simmering just below the surface. He just never guessed how soon it would erupt.


'Shit,' Randy growled and slammed the phone down. 'That's just what I need!'

It was a week later, and he was in his trailer office at the construction site He made another call. 'Darius,' he barked into the phone. 'Get your ass over here now. Jack's called in sick. You and I will have to cover both shifts.'

Darius heard the anger in the construction boss's voice and rushed out of the house. Randy had entrusted the young black man with the job of second shift foreman. The early shift was covered by Randy's long-time buddy Jack. Darius knew that Jack's absence was a real problem, just when they were facing a tight completion deadline. So Darius and Randy would be facing a twelve-hour workday.

It turned out to be grueling with Randy barking orders to his crew all day long. He paid them well, better than anyone, and expected a hard day's work in return. They all respected the boss, with his heavily muscled physique and darkly glowering good looks, and knew that absolute obedience was essential. Darius knew this better than anyone, and had several times paid an agonizing price for disobedience.

Some weeks before, at Mark's request, Randy had agreed to hire his boy Jamie, and the young guy was really pulling his weight. He had a strong body and had quickly gained the respect of the other workers. He was usually supervised by Jack and this was the first time Darius had been his foreman.

'Hey, careful up there,' Darius called out to his friend.

Jamie was balancing on a plank eight feet above the ground, trying to grab a hook dangling just out of reach. Like everyone else he was feeling pressure from Randy and took just one risk too many. His foot slipped and he fell heavily to the ground. He landed badly on his wrist and was stunned. Darius ran up to him.

'You OK, dude? Can you get up?'

Jamie struggled to his feet but was still dazed.

'I dunno, man. My wrist hurts like crazy. I think I better rest for a minute.'

A deep voice growled, 'What the fuck's going on here? I don't pay you two to hang around and chat.'

Darius looked up at Randy and said, 'He fell, boss. Hurt his wrist. He needs to rest.'

Randy glared. 'I'm the one who makes the decisions round here, punk, and there'll be no rest for anyone.' He looked at Jamie. 'You .... get back up there.'

Jamie was scared but stood his ground. 'I don't think I can, sir. I feel a bit dizzy.'

Randy was used to being obeyed. He shoved Jamie and barked, 'Talk back to me, kid, and I'll give you something that'll make you so fucking dizzy your head'll spin. I'm ordering you. Get back to work.'

The shove made Jamie lose his temper. 'I won't. Mark told me that I ......

'Mark!! What the fuck's he got to do with this?'

'He's my master. Not you!'

Jamie was pressing all the wrong buttons. His mention of Mark touched a raw nerve with Randy and his eyes blazed.

'Not around here, he's not. He's nothing. I'm your boss here, asshole. You do what I tell you or I whip your fucking ass.'

'You can't. Mark said he if anyone ever hurt me they'd answer to him.'

'Oh is that so? So Mark's your big protector, is he? Well, we'll see what he has to say about this. No one talks back to me and gets away with it. And there's nothing your big stud cop can do about it. You're my boy here, and Mark can go fuck himself. Now, I'm ordering you. Get back to work.'

'I will not!'

'Fuck you, asshole. We'll see about that.' Randy grabbed Jamie's T-shirt and dragged him bodily away to his trailer.

His fury was roused not so much by the disobedient kid as by the thought that Mark's influence extended even here, to Randy's territory. In the house all of the other men were subservient to Randy. He was the undisputed boss. Everyone except Mark, that is. And now his boy Jamie was defying him in front of the whole work crew.

All of the construction boss's smoldering resentment of his rival now burst into flames. This kid represented the cop's power and magnetism and Randy was about to punish the boy's beautiful master as much as the kid himself.

Darius stared in horror as Jamie was dragged away. Some months past he had been in exactly the same predicament when he sounded off to Randy. The big man's anger was legendary and Darius knew painfully well what Jamie was in for. Taking a big risk Darius crept up to the window of the trailer to watch.


Randy hauled the terrified boy into the trailer and slammed him face down on the drafting table.

'Now, you little shithead, I'll show you who's boss around here. You can forget your big stud cop. This is me you're answering to now.'

Jamie trembled as he bent over the table, his vulnerable ass in the air. In one savage move Randy ripped his pants down exposing the perfect globes of his ass. He raised his arm and brought his hand crashing down across the firm, round cheek, making Jamie buck and scream with pain. Blinded by his fury Randy slapped and pummeled the ass savagely, knowing that it was a prized possession of the macho cop. Jamie's body shook and tears of pain and anger poured from his eyes.

'Yeah, that looks better. Your big, tough cop's gonna enjoy looking at that nice red ass. Now, I'm gonna show you who it really belongs to.'

Randy picked up the shuddering body and flipped it over. Jamie was now lying back on the table, his terrified eyes looking up at the massive body looming over him. The construction worker's greasy, sweat-soaked tank top clung to his muscular torso as he yanked open his work pants. He pulled out his thick dick and with a few strokes made it rock hard.

'No,' Jamie whimpered. 'You can't. Mark's the only guy who's ever fucked me. He said I couldn't let anyone else touch my ....... '

'Fuck Mark!' Randy bellowed. 'He's nothing. I'll fuck his sorry ass too. Right now you belong to me.'

He pulled up Jamie's legs and with one agonizing thrust he plunged his stiff rod straight into the trembling hole and buried it deep in the boy's gut. Outside the trailer Darius winced as he saw the kid's agony and heard the terrified scream. He watched in horror as the brutal fucking began.

Jamie too kept his eyes open, looking up at the muscular demon as he felt the piston of his cock ravaging his asshole. The pain was agonizing but, in open defiance of his tormentor, he gritted his teeth and refused to make any more sound. As the huge body pounded against him again and again he stared rebelliously up at the steel blue eyes. Tears poured from his own eyes but he determined to resist this man out of loyalty to his real master, Mark.

Randy sensed this and it added fuel to his seething anger as he rode the ass savagely. 'You fucking little shit. You will submit to me, boy, or I'll rip you apart. Now tell me ..... who's your master?'

There was even a curl of a smile on Jamie's face as he answered. 'Mark is my master.'

'OK, asshole,' Randy growled. 'So pain's not gonna break you. But I know what will.'

Suddenly Jamie felt the pain lessen as the onslaught ended. Now the cock eased back and forth gently in his burning hole. As Randy leaned forward and held his wrists down on the table Jamie knew he was trapped but he didn't struggle. He relaxed, took a deep breath and looked up at the body rising and falling over him, the cock gently caressing his insides. The rhythm was soothing somehow, and he heard the deep, calming voice.

'That feel better, kid?'

'Yes, sir.'

'What do you say now?'

'Thank you sir.'

'Look at me, Jamie.'

Jamie looked up at the dark, swarthy face, the pale blue eyes set into sharply chiseled features. He saw the square, stubbled jaw, the strong forehead covered with a tangle of black hair. The flexing chest muscles were etched under the stretched, sweat-soaked tank top, and Jamie gazed at the broad shoulders, flared lats and bulging biceps as the man lowered himself gently over the awestruck boy again and again.

As sweat dripped down on him from Randy's face and body Jamie was overpowered by the smell, the taste and the sight of this incredible man. A change came over him as he became mesmerized and began to fall under his spell. Until now Mark was the only man ever to fuck his ass, but now he was drowning in the raw sexual power of this other master. He saw the eyes smile and heard the voice.

'You get off on that Jamie?'

'Yes, sir,' Jamie breathed heavily.

'You feel my big dick in your ass?'

'Yes, sir.'

'How does it feel?'

'Incredible, sir.'

'You like what you see, kid?'

'You're ..... you're beautiful, sir.'

Losing all awareness of anything or anyone else, Jamie was transformed by the overwhelming sexuality of this magnificent muscle god whose glorious cock was caressing his ass. He was hypnotized by the beauty, the strength, the absolute macho dominance of the man. He became aware that his own cock was rock hard and he felt a heat rising up through his body.

'You want me to make you cum, Jamie?'

'Oh yes, sir. I want to feel your juice in my ass.'

'Who does your ass belong to, Jamie?'

'You, sir,' Jamie whimpered.

'OK. Cum with me, kid. You feel my cock getting bigger? You feel it in your sweet ass? It's all yours, Jamie. Cum with me because you love me.'

'Yes, sir. Please sir. Fuck my ass, sir. You're making me shoot. Oh God, that feels ...... aaah!'

He shut his eyes tight and his cock erupted in a huge stream of creamy, hot liquid that splashed down onto his chest and face. At the same time he felt Randy's huge dick pulse and explode in his ass and saw the stunning face jerk backward as the glorious man poured his semen inside him. Suddenly the cock pulled out and continued to pour its juice over Jamie's face and body.

There was a pause as the heaving, sweating bodies subsided and the men regained their breath. Jamie finally opened his eyes and gazed up again at the face looming over him. But now it was different. Now he saw a demonic face, the face of a man who had dominated him, overpowered him sexually and made him betray the man he loved and worshipped. Jamie was horrified.

'NO!' he yelled.

'Oh yes, you little fuckhead. You wouldn't submit to pain ..... you're tough I'll give you that. But you had to submit to me. Everyone does. That's why I'm the master. I am the best. You gave your ass to me, kid. They all do. You begged me to fuck you. They all do. And you shot your load without touching yourself. They all do that too.'

'NO!' Jamie yelled again.

'So you go back to your big stud cop and tell him he lost. I won. Tell him you gave your sweet ass to me and I made you shoot your load. He thought your ass belonged to him but he was wrong. And tell him that whenever he needs his own ass fucked he knows where to find me.'

Jamie was sobbing now as Randy leaned forward, put his fingertips on the boy's nipples and squeezed hard. This time Jamie could not hold back his screams.

'Now you know what it means to defy me, asshole. I always take revenge .... and I always win.'

Randy released the nipples and stood back. His cock was still hanging out of his pants and he took hold of it and pointed it at Jamie's face. Before the horrified boy could react he felt the sting of hot, bitter urine pouring over him. He closed his eyes but it soaked his face and his body, making his ripped T-shirt cling to his chest.

When he finally stood up the rivers of piss ran down his legs and soaked his jeans. He stood there dazed, totally defeated, soaked in piss and cum, sobbing in the misery of abject humiliation.


Outside, Darius pulled away from the window and leaned in shock against the wall of the trailer. He had seen and heard everything. But he couldn't make sense of anything, couldn't get his mind round what had happened. He just knew instinctively that it was very bad, and would not stop there. His thoughts whirled. He desperately wanted to comfort Jamie but wouldn't dare defy Randy. And he couldn't begin to imagine what Mark's reaction would be.

He heard sounds from inside and ran back to a safe distance. The door to the trailer was flung open and Jamie was hurled through it. Soaking wet, his torn clothes drenched in piss and cum, the broken young man stumbled toward the gate. Behind him he heard Randy shout out to Darius and the rest of the crew.

'That asshole is fired. I never want to see his face here again. And if anyone else wants to mouth off to me go right ahead. You'll get the same treatment. Now back to work!'

Outside, Jamie grabbed his bike from the back of the Darius's truck and started to peddle home. His ass was agonizingly sore from the beating and the fucking so he could not sit on the saddle. He stood on the pedals and pumped his legs furiously, desperate to get to the safety of home.

He sobbed in despair. It wasn't so much the beating and ass fucking he had endured from Randy. It was the fact that he had submitted to him so completely. The cock in his ass had felt so incredible that he had shot his load. Jamie had been so intoxicated by the man's beauty and power that he had given his ass to him willingly, the ass that belonged to Mark. To Mark, whom he loved more than life itself. He could never, ever forgive himself.


'Hey, kiddo. I'm home early.'

Still in his police uniform Mark came in and was surprised that Jamie wasn't there. He went to get himself a beer, when he heard a noise from the bathroom. He went in and stood riveted by the sight that greeted him. Jamie was huddled on the floor in the corner hugging his knees, his eyes glazed over.

'Jesus Christ,' breathed Mark.

Jamie raised his head. He managed to stand unsteadily and stumbled forward into Mark's arms. Now, at last, he gave way ...... uncontrollably. He sobbed as he buried his head in Mark's shoulder, on the edge of hysteria. Mark held him tight and let him release all his pent up emotion. Despite his shock, his bewilderment and his building anger Mark was a cop and knew he had to let the boy recover at his own pace.

As the young man shuddered in his arms Mark could smell the piss and cum soaking his ragged clothes. Finally he held Jamie at arm's length and looked calmly into the tear-filled eyes. His voice was soft, steady, reassuring.

'What happened, Jamie? Who did this to you? Can you tell me?'

The words tumbled out in an incoherent stream. 'I .... I deserved it, sir. I mouthed off, I disobeyed ...... You said I should never go with..... but I did. I gave my ass to him ....... I didn't mean to cum, sir. But he made me. Forgive me, sir. I tried ....... Am I still your boy, sir? ..... I really tried but ..... '

And he broke down again, sobbing uncontrollably in Mark's arms. When his shuddering slowed down Mark pulled away, walked over to a cabinet and took out a bottle of brandy. He poured a glass for the shattered boy and made him drink it all.

'Now, here's what's gonna happen, kid. First we get you out of these clothes and you take a long, hot shower. Here.'

Gently Mark pulled off the shreds of his T-shirt, undid the buttons on his pants and put his hands round to pull them off. But as his hands touched Jamie's ass the boy yelled and pulled away. Mark walked round, pulled down the pants and gasped at the sight of the flaming red cheeks still bearing hand prints.

'Bend over a bit, kid.'

Jamie painfully bent over and Mark gently pulled the cheeks apart, exposing the raw, inflamed hole. 'Jesus Christ,' Mark breathed, but still held his composure. He took off the rest of the clothes and led Jamie to the shower. As he felt the first touch of warm water Jamie shook himself and felt his terror draining away. He looked up as if he were seeing Mark for the first time.

'I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to give way like that. I'll be fine now. Just let me shower on my own and I'll be fine.'

Mark understood. 'OK, kid. I'll be right here in the next room.'

Mark went into the bedroom and flopped down in a chair to compose himself. Now he started to react. He clenched his jaw and felt the anger rising in him. His slammed his fist against the arm of the chair and it took all of his willpower to control his emotions. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He went to open it ...... and there stood Darius. The young black man blinked and started to stammer.

'Oh. Hello, sir. I er ..... I came to check on Jamie, sir. I er ..... didn't know if he ...... '

Still calm, Mark interrupted him.

'Do you know what happened, Darius?'

'Well, I er ...... '

Now Mark gritted his teeth and almost lost it. He raised his voice. 'I said, do you know what happened? If you don't tell me, kid, I'll fucking beat it out of you.'

Darius saw the building fury and knew he was deadly serious. He would not dare to defy the raging cop. He came into the room.

'I do know, sir. I saw it ..... and heard it ..... sir.'


'All of it, sir.'

'Then Darius, you are damn well going to tell me all of it. You will tell me the whole truth. You will not exaggerate and you will not hold anything back. I'm a cop. I know when someone's lying. If you lie I will thrash you. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir. Perfectly clear sir.' He swallowed hard. 'Well, sir. It was like this ..........'

And Darius told Mark the entire story, from start to finish. Every last detail.


When Jamie came back into the room, drying himself, Darius had finished talking and Mark was standing with his back to them. He was breathing deeply, his fists clenched. When he turned round both young men were shocked by the look in his eyes ..... a cold steel-like fury they had never seen before. But he spoke calmly as he put his hands on Jamie's shoulders.

'Feeling better now, kid?'

'Much better, sir. I just .....'

'Don't say anymore, Jamie. Darius told me the whole story. You have nothing to blame yourself for.'

Darius took a step forward and looked at Jamie. 'Hey, dude. I came by to see if you ..... well, if you needed ......' But Mark cut him off.

'Darius. I thank you for being so honest. You're a good guy and you have done nothing wrong. Now, you need to leave us alone.'

Darius managed a weak smile at Jamie and left the room.

Mark looked hard at Jamie. 'OK, kid, we're leaving. I'm taking you away and you're coming to live with me. Throw what you need in a bag and I'll arrange for everything else to be picked up later.'

Jamie was suddenly charged with renewed energy and he sprang into action. The two men worked quickly and soon they both had big overstuffed bags slung over their shoulders. Without a backward glance they left the room and walked across the lawn to the gate. Just as they reached it, the gate swung open .... and Randy walked in.


The construction worker had had a tough day since Jamie walked off the site. He had run roughshod over the crew at first, yelling orders and instructions, but then spent the rest of the day in his trailer. He tried to concentrate on the blueprints and paperwork but failed. He was still consumed with anger.

But the anger was now not merely focused on the defiance of the young boy. Randy was angry at himself ...... no ...... angry at his own anger. He was acutely aware of his tendency to fly into a rage and many a man had been a recipient of his fury.

This time Jamie had been the victim ...... deservedly so, maybe, but it was more than that. If he was honest with himself Randy knew full well that the real target of his anger and resentment had been Mark. Jamie had just been a surrogate. Deep down Randy was ashamed that he had vented his anger on the young boy. He had beaten him and fucked him savagely. Hell, he had raped him.

He needed Bob. He needed the steady, unwavering support, the loyalty and love of the glorious man who meant everything to him. He left work and drove fast, wanting to gaze into the clear, reassuring brown eyes of the man he loved.

But instead, when he walked through the gate, there was the last man he wanted to see. There was Mark.


There was a still, heavy silence as the swarthy construction worker and the blond uniformed cop faced off. Two pairs of steely blue eyes locked onto each other like flying daggers. Randy was taken aback by the ice-cold fury he saw in the cop's face. He was so mesmerized by it that he did not see the fist that smashed into his jaw from the cop's brutal right hook. Randy's head flew backward, his massive body spun round twice and he crashed to the ground.

'Get up!'

Stunned and dazed the construction worker heard the distant sound of the cop's words. As his eyes tried to focus he slowly became aware of the big, uniformed figure standing astride him.

'I said get up, asshole!'

Randy tried to move but his head still swam. He felt a hand grab the front of his tank top and he had the sensation of being pulled bodily to his feet. All he saw was the blazing eyes of the cop who was holding him up by his shirt before an uppercut sent a fist smashing into his gut. With his left hand Mark held onto the tank top while his right fist slammed repeatedly into the big man's stomach, making the body arch upward again and again.

The construction worker doubled over in pain, hanging by the shirt in the cop's fist. His agonized face looked up at Mark when a second right hook smashed into his face. His body jerked back violently with such force that the shirt ripped clean off his body, and again he spun backward and crashed to the ground. In his delirium he again heard the cop's snarling voice.

'You miserable piece of shit. You bastard. You fucking chicken-shit coward, picking on a kid like that. You're too scared to take me on man to man, so you attack my boy. You beat him and rape his ass. I'm gonna kill you man. I'm gonna fucking kill you.'

Mark watched as Randy groveled at his feet, stripped to the waist, using all his strength to pull himself to his knees. He was still trying to stand up when Mark's boot smashed into his stomach and sent him sprawling once more in the dirt. The construction worker howled and grabbed his stomach in agony. He was trying to vomit when the boot smashed into him a second time.

Again and again Randy somehow managed to get to his knees before the boot sent him flying backward. Both men knew that the construction worker was finished, systematically destroyed by the towering strength of the magnificent cop. Mark took a few steps backward and watched the beaten, shirtless man crawl painfully through the dirt, trying desperately to get away.

'That's it you mother-fucker. Crawl like a fucking animal. 'Cause that's what you are, man, a fucking piece-of-shit animal. Nobody rapes my boy and lives. I should beat you to a pulp but I need to get my boy out of here. So I'm gonna finish you off quickly. I'm gonna kill you, man.'

Mark kicked Randy over onto his back and dropped to his knees astride him. Quickly he pulled Randy's arms to his side and knelt on them, trapping him helplessly beneath him. Before he finished him off, Mark took a breather as he looked down with satisfaction at the handsome, swarthy face, twisted with the misery of pain and defeat as it looked up in agony. The god-like, blond cop had destroyed the dark, macho stud.

Even in defeat the construction worker was magnificent, with his beautifully etched demon features and incredible physique, now helpless, flexing hard and pouring with sweat. Mark gazed at the perfect slabs of his naked chest, bulging shoulders and arms.

Filtered through his hatred of the man Mark felt another sensation that he couldn't define. Admiration maybe? Then the answer came with Mark's horrified realization that his own cock was getting hard. The man's incredible sexuality was turning him on.

Then he knew the truth. This was not a trial of physical strength and pain. It was a contest of sensual prowess. Just as Jamie had submitted to Randy's powerful sexual magnetism, offered his ass to him and then cum without touching himself, now Mark was falling under the spell of his incredible raw masculinity. The dark demon's magnetism was of such sensual force that it was a siren song, inspiring lust in whoever heard it.

Randy saw the bulge in Mark's uniform pants and, despite his pain, his expression was one of triumph and he managed to speak.

'You too, officer? First your boy submits and cums for me, now you're lusting for me too. They all do. That's why I'm always the master. Your boy gave his ass to me. He shot his load for me. I always win. I am the best.'

Mark knew he had to destroy this man. His eyes blazed as he looked down at the snarling face.

'NO!' he howled and pounded the hard pecs with his fists. The handsome face jerked back in agony once more as he flexed his naked chest to absorb the brutal beating. Mark slammed the back of his hand against Randy's face, again and again. 'I'm gonna fucking kill you, man!'

Mark stopped, picked up of the ground the ripped remains of Randy's tank top and twisted it tight round his thick neck. He pulled it tighter and Randy's eyes bulged as he felt the intense pressure on his throat. In his panic he managed to pull his arms free. He reached up, grabbed Mark's wrists and tried to pull them apart, but that only made the cloth pull tighter round his neck. Soon his strength failed and his arms fell lifeless at his sides.

Mark snarled in triumph. 'You're finished, man. You raped my boy. Now you pay.'

Randy was slipping into unconsciousness when he heard a voice.

'No, Mark! Please. Please stop.'

Bob was walking through the gate. Mark looked up at him with a puzzled look, lost in the intensity of his fury. He explained, almost plaintively.

'He raped my boy ..... he raped my boy ..... he has to pay.'

Bob dropped to his knees and looked at Randy's half-conscious face, the cloth tight round his neck. He knew he was no match for Mark. One more twist of the rag would finish it. All Bob could do was beg. He looked at the cop full in the face.

'Please man, don't do this. Whatever happened, let him go.'

Mark growled, 'He has to pay.'

Bob was desperate. 'Please, Mark. For me, not for him. Do it for me. I'm begging you, man. I love him. He's my life. You still have Jamie. Let me keep mine.'

As Mark stared into the beautiful, pleading face something stirred in him. His grip on the cloth loosened. Randy coughed desperately and grabbed his throat as he felt life returning to his body. Mark and Bob stood up and the cop looked Bob in the eyes.

'I have no argument with you, man. I don't want to hurt you. So you can have him ..... though God knows why you would want an animal like that.'

Mark looked down at the shirtless man's dark, macho face, now streaked with dirt and tears, eyes staring wildly up at him, sobbing in total defeat. Mark jabbed a finger toward him.

'But I'm warning you, you worthless piece of shit. If you ever mess with me again, if you come within a mile of my boy, so help me I'll finish you off. I'll kill you man. That's a promise.'

He picked up his bag, slung it over his shoulder and grabbed the arm of the awestruck Jamie.

'Come on, kid. We're out of here.'

As Bob knelt back down at Randy's side he heard car doors slam and the squeal of tires as Mark's truck roared away from the house.


Later that night Darius and Pablo were in bed together. Darius was still in shock.

'Dude, you sure missed a show today. You've never in your life seen anything like that.'

He had explained everything, every detail, to his lover as Pablo listened in wide-eyed amazement.

''Course, it had to happen,' Darius continued knowledgably as he warmed to his story. 'I could see it coming a mile off.'

'But what's gonna happen?' Pablo asked in bewilderment. 'Randy's my master, my dad for God's sake.'

'Oh, he's still that, kiddo. Always will be.'

Pablo gasped as a thought hit him. 'D'you think Mark will come after me in revenge for what Randy did to Jamie?'

'Nah, not a chance,' Darius reassured him. Then he grinned. 'Anyway, getting fucked by Mark wouldn't be much of a punishment, would it? He can plough my sweet ass any day of the week.'

'Dude, this is serious. What d'you think we should do? I should go talk to Randy. He might need me. '

Darius put his arm around his friend. 'Listen, dude. I once saw this movie about Ancient Greece. The Gods lived on Mount Olympus and were having this knock-down drag-out fight with each other. They were slinging thunderbolts at each other, setting off lightning flashes .... one hell of a shindig. Anyway, the mortals were all scared shitless, and you know what they did?'

'No ..... what?'

'They hid, that's what. Crawled into caves and under rocks until the gods calmed down and the storm ended. And that's what we gotta do, kid. Keep our heads down, stay out of the way until the storm clouds roll away. '

'But I don't have a cave or a rock to crawl under,' Pablo said plaintively.

'Yes you do, lover. This is your cave and I'm your rock. We mortals will be just fine. We'll let the muscle gods do battle on Mount Olympus and fight it out together.'

'But what d'you think will happen next?'

'I have no idea, dude. Beats the hell out of me.'

'Guess we'll just have to wait and see.' And Pablo pressed closer to his friend.


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 45'


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