'There he is, buddy,' Randy said. 'Our beautiful black stallion here has been broken in. Your turn to ride him. He's all yours.' And Randy turned abruptly, strode away to the pool and dived in.

Spread eagled on his back in the hammock, his wrists and legs bound, Darius still looked as if he were in a hypnotic trance. He had just been fucked in the ass for the first time in his life by Randy and it was a mind numbing experience. They had both had two orgasms and Darius had fallen helplessly in love with the rugged construction worker.

As his mind began to clear he focused now on the big body builder in gym shorts and tank towering over him. Bob looked down into Darius's glazed eyes.

'You OK?'

'I......I feel.....I mean.....he fucked me....he fucked my ass. He's so.....God....he fucked my ass.'

'And now he's given it to me.' Bob took off his shorts and stood over Darius in just his tight tank, stretched over his chest. 'Do you want me to fuck you, Darius?'

Darius looked up at the gorgeous body builder towering over him. 'Yes, sir. I just never thought I could, though, but now that Randy has...... '

'....broken you in, as he put it......'

'I've dreamed of your dick inside me ever since I met you.'

'Well, buddy....some dreams really do come true. Here we go.'

He moved forward and brought the head of his dick to Darius's hole. The ass was already slick and lubricated by Randy's cum so Bob slid his cock smoothly all the way in. There was no pain. Darius again was in heaven. The feeling this time was different, though....easy, tender almost, a sweet sensation as his ass was gently massaged by this gorgeous man who had been so kind to him.

They moved in a quiet rhythm together for a long time. Bob marveled at the beautiful face and body beneath him, and saw the change that had come over the young black man. There was a serenity about him now; he was less frantic, less anxious than before. Obviously his experience with Randy had been life-changing.

His asshole felt smooth and silky and Bob groaned in pleasure. He smiled down at Darius and increased the rhythm of his pumping until he could hold back no more.

'OK, buddy. You ready?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Let's do it.'

And their simultaneous explosions of cum made them both throw their heads back and shout with exhilaration.

* * *

'I guess that means you're done.' Randy's voice broke into their trance. Bob pulled off his tank and used it to wipe his still pulsing dick.

'Go, swim,' Randy said. 'I've not finished with him yet.'

Alone again with the captive man Randy looked down at him and said, 'I guess my buddy treated you real well, uh? Not too rough?'

'He was great, sir.'

'Yeah, well I like it rough, Darius. I was gentle with you before because it was your first time. But that's not really me. Now this is how I usually like to fuck. And without missing a beat he plunged his huge dick quickly and savagely into the waiting ass.

Darius's head flew back and he screamed as the long, thick shaft pierced him and slammed against the back of his gut. Randy pulled all the way out and slammed his ass again. Then again....and again and again. He leaned forward and grabbed Darius's hard nipples, twisting them viciously.

His savagery was fueled partly by his angry memory of Darius fucking his helpless ass so recently, partly by animal lust for this beautiful man, and even, oddly, by his affection for the young man who worshipped him. It was his way of establishing ownership and control over the man he felt so drawn to.

As the pounding continued Darius was rocketed into another world, part pain, part ecstasy as he watched the hard, naked, muscular body pound him brutally. The pain soon disappeared....or if it was still there he didn't feel it, he was so enraptured by the punishment his ass was receiving form this rugged, dominant muscle god.

Randy heaved breathlessly and his words punctuated the lunging of his huge body. 'You think you could get away with tying me up and fucking my ass? This, punk, is a real fuck. Your ass is mine. I'm gonna pound it whenever and wherever I want to. And this is what it feels like.'

He attacked the ass with even more ferocity and Darius started to yell.

'Yes, sir. Please.....torture my ass.....rip it open.... it's yours.....I love it......I love you, sir.'

Randy let go of his captive's nipples and grabbed Darius's rigid dick.

'Now I'm gonna jerk you off while I cum in your ass. And I wanna see your spunk shoot right up into your face, is that clear?' he shouted.

'Yes, sir,' Darius screamed back.

His master's big, rough hand wound round his dick and began to slide up and down. Darius watched the veins stand out on the huge arm as the bicep flexed with the rapid pumping action, jerking his dick faster and faster. He felt the stream of sweat pouring down on him from the naked body builder as he worked savagely on the ass and dick. He loved the salt taste as the sweat dripped into his mouth. Finally Darius could hold back no longer. A huge, hot stream of creamy liquid shot like a canon from his dick and splashed over the chiseled features of his face.

'YES,' Randy bellowed and his own cock exploded. As his cum poured into the black man's ass he still pumped the rigid dick with his hand and two more huge jets of semen shot out over the coffee colored body. Darius's face was now streaming with his own cum, and he could feel his master's cum filling his ass. There was a long silence, then suddenly Randy pulled out his cock and it swung over the exhausted prisoner.

As both men sweated and heaved in breathless exhaustion they looked into each other's eyes. No words were needed, or even possible. Darius had been fucked again, this time brutally. His hole had been savaged in a way he would never forget. It was something he would crave every day from now on.

* * *

'I guess that was one of your 'special' fucks, uh?' Bob asked. They were lying on the grass together.

'The kind you know so well,' Randy grinned.

'Doesn't get much rougher than that.'

'I think he might need some tender loving care right around now. You up for it?'

Bob smiled, 'Sure.'

'Then go take care of him.'

Bob jumped to his feet and, still naked, strode over to the hammock. He looked down at the aching body. Then he untied him, first the wrists, then the ankles.

'You're free,' he said. You can get down if you want.'

'I want you, sir. Please.'

'Even after Randy pounded your ass like that?'

'Please, sir.'

The sight of the gorgeous body that had already been ravaged by both of them made Bob's dick rock hard again. He moved close to the waiting ass and slowly pushed his rod deep inside. Darius sighed deeply as he felt his ass being gently massaged and he looked up at the body builder he had come to love and respect so much. The feeling now was warm and tender, rather than hot and savage. Bob's eyes smiled with affection rather than raw lust.

Darius reached up and put the palms of his hands over Bob's bulging pecs and dug his fingers in. Then he took hold of the nipples and began twisting them. Bob threw his head back in the ecstasy of the double erotic sensation, in his cock and his chest.

'Take hold of your cock,' Bob instructed.

To his surprise Darius brought both hands and wrapped them around his huge cock. It was long enough for him to grasp it with one hand above the other. The sight was mesmerizing for Bob....the sculpted face, the perfectly formed, chiseled body and the massive cock being massaged by both hands.

'You are so fucking beautiful, you know that?' Bob breathed.

'Thank you, sir.'

The two men moved together in a union of mind and body until they felt the passion rising in their loins. Bob smiled down at him and he did not need to speak the command. At exactly the same moment they shot their loads....one inside the black man's ass, the other high in the air as Darius held his cock rigid. The shooting arc of semen hit Bob in the face and he drank in the hot, creamy liquid as it ran down to his mouth. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against the other man's so the cum ran between the two mouths.

When it was over Bob smiled at the exhausted young man.

'So now you've had it both ways....rough and gentle. And there's a lot more where that came from. Come sit with us on the grass.' Darius struggled to his feet, rubbing his chafed wrists, and stumbled after Bob to the big construction worker watching them approach.

* * *

The rest of the day was one of the most magical any of the three men could remember. They swam, lazed in the sun, ate and drank together. In the late afternoon, as they all lay naked on the grass, Randy pulled Darius's body toward him and once more pushed his dick inside the perfect mounds of his ass. He fucked him for a while, and then Bob said,

'Hey, buddy, don't be selfish. Let me have a piece of the action?'

'OK, go for it,' Randy laughed, pulled his dick out and rolled Darius over on the grass to his buddy. Bob slid his cock into Darius's soft, moist hole and fucked him rhythmically. In the glowing light as the sun began to go down the two men took turns fucking the perfect ass they both owned, passing the dazed man from one to the other. As he looked at the two muscle gods fucking him in turn Darius was in paradise. This, he thought, is what heaven must be like.

* * *

In the following days Randy decided they should fix up what had been Darius's shack into a proper pool house, with bedroom and bathroom and a small wrap-around porch. Under Randy's expert construction guidance they all three worked hard at it and soon it was a small home fit for a man the two lovers had come to regard with affection and respect....not to mention lust.

'Now we make plans for you, young man,' Randy announced. 'First, I bought you a bike so you can get around on your own. You can go out in your free time whenever you like. You're free to come and go, but with some ground rules. You never meet anyone else without my approval. And you never, ever, think of anyone sexually except us. In fact, when you jack off, as I'm sure you will, you are to think only of us. Is that absolutely clear?'

'Yes, sir. That part's easy. I only ever think of you guys....all the time.'

'And you have to earn your own money. Have you ever worked in construction?'

'Quite a lot, sir. Ever since I ran away from home I've looked after myself, and I did a lot of work as a day laborer.'

The thought of Darius as a kid, shunned by his family, trying to make it on his own as a day laborer moved Randy with a wave of sympathy and affection, sentiments he was not usually given to.

'OK, here's what we'll do. I have a couple of vacancies at the site. I had to fire a guy a few days ago, as Bob knows well.'

Bob caught his buddy's look and remembered the savage fucking he had endured, as the enraged Randy took out on him all the fury he felt at the guy he had fought with.

'So I'll hire you....on probation. But there will be strict rules. I'm now the site manager down there and my foreman is my buddy Jack. He'll be your boss, and I'm his. You will answer to Jack and do exactly what he tells you. It won't be easy, especially at first, and you will receive no special treatment just because you live here. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir,' Darius replied, thrilled at the thought of working with, and for, this man he worshipped.

'Good, you start tomorrow.'

* * *

In the weeks that followed Randy watched Darius at work and he was impressed. The guy was not afraid of hard work and the rest of the crew respected that, even though he was very much the junior on the site. Randy's office was in a trailer at one side of the site and he could keep an eye on all the whole crew from there. As Darius worked, often stripped to the waist, Randy watched through the window of the trailer and always had to suppress the erection that the beautiful image caused in him.

One time, in fact, when Darius was pounding a concrete slab with a heavy hammer, the sculpted black muscles rippled and poured with sweat and the beautiful face grimaced with effort. Randy could not hold back. He locked the door of the trailer and pulled his dick from his work pants. His face behind the slatted blinds at the window, he marveled at the sight of the man as his muscles strained.

'God, he's gorgeous,' he breathed to himself, and with a few strokes of his cock brought himself to his climax. He shot a huge stream of cum onto the wall. Some of it even hit the window and he quickly wiped it off before any of the guys noticed. 'Shit, man. The things this guy does to me.....'

* * *

Then one day the shit hit the fan.

It had been a rough day on the construction site. They had hit a snag and were way behind schedule, so Randy and his foreman Jack were riding the crew hard and everyone was on edge. It was especially tough on Darius who had been assigned a difficult job by Jack. He was trying to pull up a beam by a cable through a pulley, but it kept swinging round dangerously.

'Keep it steady,' Jack shouted.

'I'm trying to but it's tied wrong,' Darius shouted back.

'Just pull harder.'

'That's no good,' Darius shouted in frustration and anger. 'It needs one cable at each end, not just one in the middle.'

'Do what I'm telling you. I'm not asking you to do anything I wouldn't do.'

'Then you do it, asshole. I'm finished.'

'Fuck you, man. You're finished when I say you are.'

Darius lost it. 'And fuck you too. You don't tell me what to do. I don't give a shit about you. You're not my boss, anyway. He is,' and he pointed at Randy who had been standing nearby listening.

Randy flushed and strode over to them. 'I'll handle this Jack,' he said and grabbed Darius by the back of his T-shirt. Half carrying him he pushed him roughly to the trailer and shoved him through the door. Inside he threw him bodily across the room, ripping his shirt, and the terrified black man crashed against the wall. He turned to face the boss whose face was etched with fury, his body heaving. Randy locked the door behind him.

'What the fuck was that?' he yelled. 'You stupid fucker. Nobody ever talks to Jack like that. You crazy or something?'

'Sir, I didn't mean to......'

'Shut up! You fucking shithead,' and he gut punched Darius who doubled over in pain. As Randy shouted at him he punctuated his words with more hard punches to his gut. 'This is what you get for mouthing off. And this!' The agonized man fell to his knees coughing and doubling up in pain.

'Get up!' and he hauled him to his feet. 'Look at me. Have you lost your mind? I told you that Jack's your boss. You do whatever he tells you. And I'm Jack's boss. So when you mouth off to him, you mouth off to me. When you disobey him you disobey me. When you disrespect him you disrespect me.'

'Sir, I didn't realize.....'

'I told you to shut up!' He stood there seething with anger. Darius had never seen him like this and he was terrified.

'If this were anyone else I'd fire their ass. You can count yourself lucky that all I'm gonna do to your ass is fuck it!'

In a quick succession of moves Randy swept the plans and blueprints from off the workbench, grabbed Darius by the back of the neck, pushed him forward over the bench, and yanked down his pants and shorts.

'I'm giving you a chance. If you don't make a sound, not one, I'll think about keeping you on. But one scream, one moan even, and you're off the job and out of the house.'

Randy ripped open the fly of his workpants, pulled out his raging dick and plunged it in one savage move into the black man's ass. Darius had never felt pain like this, but with a supreme effort he managed to clamp his jaw shut and remain silent. Randy pulled out and then the horrific pain stabbed the shuddering man again as the long thick rod pierced his hole and crashed against the back of his gut.

This was a fucking like no other. It was fueled by raw anger. There was no lust, no attraction, nothing but blind fury. Darius knew that this was his punishment and he felt no excitement as his master fucked him, only deep, penetrating pain that shook his whole body. As the savage pounding continued Darius gripped the far edge of the bench and gritted his teeth.

As the head of his master's dick smashed into the back of his asshole he almost screamed, but managed to stifle it. Instead, his eyes streamed with tears and he choked back his sobs. He thought his agony would never end. Yelling obscenities Randy penetrated deep inside the agonized man until they were both on the edge of exhaustion. With one last shattering plunge Randy hit the depths of Darius's ass and shot his load.

'Don't you dare cum,' he hissed in Darius's ear. The devastated, tortured man slumped over the bench in pain and exhaustion. His body heaved with sobs and his tears mingled with the sweat pouring down his face. Randy pulled his head back, swung him around and let loose a stream of hot, rancid piss full in his face. It poured down his cheeks, into his mouth and streamed over his heaving chest. As Darius looked up at the man who had brutalized him so thoroughly Randy got his first glimpse of his utter misery.

'Pull up your pants and get out here,' Randy growled and he yanked open the door and left the trailer.

He joined Jack and they both looked toward the trailer. Darius came through the door, missed his footing on the steps and fell to his knees. He picked himself up and stumbled toward them, his face streaked with tears, sweat and piss. His T-shirt was shredded and hung from only one shoulder.

'OK, guys, listen up,' Randy shouted to the crew. There was sudden silence on the site. 'This man has something to say to his boss.'

Darius was a picture of abject misery and humiliation as he looked up at Jack. He was trembling, his ripped, soaking shirt hung from his broad shoulder, and he showed signs of his beating. His voice cracking, he began to speak.

'Sir, I'm sorry for what I said....'

'Louder,' Randy yelled. 'We can't hear you.'

Darius cleared his throat and spoke up clearly. 'Sir, I apologize. I lost my temper and said things I didn't mean. I never should have disrespected you. You are my boss and I'll do whatever you say. Please forgive me, sir.'

There was a stunned silence as the whole crew looked on. Jack broke the silence. 'OK, guys....show's over. Back to work.' Looking at the broken man he said more softly. 'You, go and give a hand to Dave over there.' He pointed to an older man, one of the senior hands on the site, who was looking on with sympathy. Dave put his arm round the shuddering man's shoulders and put him to work.

'Sorry about that, Jack,' Randy said. 'I don't think you'll have any more trouble with him.'

'Aw, I was pushing him too hard, maybe.'

'No, Jack. Nobody talks to the foreman like that and gets away with it.'

'I've never seen a man so crushed. You sure know how to whip a guy into shape. Maybe one day you'll show me the methods you use.'

'Maybe one day, buddy.'

'I'll look forward to it.'

'Be careful what you wish for, Jack.'

They grinned, bumped fists and got back to work.

Jack looked over his shoulder and said. 'By the way, boss. Darius was right about the cables. There should have been two.'

* * *

Back in his trailer Randy was a mess. The whole episode hade shaken him up and he didn't know why. His mind was reeling as he thought back over what had happened. The end of the work day finally came and he left the trailer. All of the guys had left, and Darius was the last. Randy watched as he picked up his bike and rode out to the street.

'Shit!' Randy said to himself and banged his fist against the trailer. 'Fucking shithead!'

He made a last check of the site, then locked up and jumped into his truck. As he drove along Hollywood Boulevard toward home he passed the bedraggled figure on his bike. The sight brought tears to his eyes. 'Fuck,' he thought. 'What's happening to me?' He pulled over, waited for Darius to catch him up and he leaned out of his window.

'Here! Throw your bike in the back of the truck and climb in. I'll give you a ride. You can't bike though the streets looking like that.'

Without a word Darius did as he was told. And they rode home in complete silence, each with his own swirling thoughts.

At home they made no eye contact. Darius pulled his bike from the truck and walked it out to his pool house. He went in and closed the door behind him. Randy slammed the truck door, went into the house and slammed that door too. Bob was in the kitchen drinking a beer, reading the paper. Without saying a word Randy got himself a beer from the fridge, slammed the door and sat, staring down at the table.

'OK, buddy,' Bob said. 'What's wrong?'

Randy looked up. 'The stupid mother fucker. Stupid fucking kid!'

'What happened?' And Randy told the whole story, all the details. Bob was very aware of the anger and emotion in his voice.

'So, he misbehaved and you punished him. Case closed,' Bob said.

'But he made me so fucking angry. How could he do that? Jesus, I.......' and his hand shook as he grasped the beer.

'Randy, who are you angry at.....Darius, or yourself?'

'Asshole. What d'ya mean. Why would I.......?' But he checked himself and looked into his buddy's eyes. He smiled for the first time. 'Fuck you. You always know me better than I know myself. You can read me like a book. You know my thoughts before I even think them. Yeah, of course I'm angry with myself.... that I got so pissed off. As usual I let my anger take over.'

'I'm familiar with that,' Bob grinned. 'And I've the painful memories to prove it.'

Randy smiled back, 'Yeah, well you deserved it.....and enjoyed it. Seriously, though, do you think I was too hard on him?'

'Well, humiliating him in front of the whole crew was a bit over the top.'

'Yeah, you're right. I don't know why I feel so bad about it, though. I'm so fucking confused.'

Bob put his hands over Randy's. 'Listen buddy. You've never really admitted to yourself how much you like him. He's a great kid. And you feel affection for him, even love. Not to mention lust. Admit it.'

'Shit, man, I think of him like a kid brother. I always wanted a brother I could take care of, protect, teach, show him right from wrong. That's what I have in Darius. And this afternoon I fucked up big time.'

'You beat him, tortured his ass, scared him to death and humiliated him in front of all his buddies. Yeah, I'd say you pretty much fucked up.'

'I don't know what to do.'

'That's easy. Go to him. He's probably sobbing himself to sleep right now.'

'Yeah dammit. You're right.'

And Randy stood up and went out to the garden.

* * *

He didn't knock. He yanked open the pool house door and went in. Bob had been right, as usual. Darius was lying face down on the bed, but when he heard Randy come in he shot up and stood in front of him. He flinched as if he expected more punishment. He stood there in his shredded T-shirt and jeans, his face tear stained, and his expression one of fear and desolation. Randy's heart went out to him. He reached out and Darius flinched again.

'I'm not gonna beat you, asshole. But we gotta get rid of this,' and he yanked the torn shirt clear off his body. Darius stood facing him and started to speak.

'Sir, I wanted to explain, to apologize for...'

'Be quite,' Randy said softly.

'But I can't believe I disrespected you, sir. I worship you. I love you.'

'Not quite the same thing as respect.'

'You're the last man in the world I would make angry....'

'I told you to be quiet. Look, it was a rough day. Let's just say there was more than enough poor judgment to go around. It wasn't just you. But that's all in the past. Let's live for the present. Get naked.'

Surprised, Darius quickly dropped his pants and took off his shorts. Randy stripped too and they both stood there naked. As they looked at each other both their cocks start to rise and that made them laugh.

'Get on the bed. Lie on your side facing the wall.'

Randy looked down at the perfectly formed shoulder and arm, and the graceful curve of the back tapering down to the full, rounded curves of the ass he had so recently ravaged. He would make up for that now. He climbed onto the bed and lay close behind Darius and held him tightly in his arms. He heard the contented sigh of the man as his body relaxed.

Randy's cock was now rigid and it was easy to slip it quietly and smoothly between the cheeks of the gorgeous ass. He felt the other man's body tense momentarily, then relax like a bird coming to rest and folding its wings. Holding the soft, brown body tightly he moved his cock slowly, deeper into the eager ass, and then began to move in and out. The two bodies, wound tightly together, moved in unison with a gentle rhythm. There was no hurry. The love making continued for a long time until finally Randy said,

'You want to cum?'

'Please sir.'

And they both came. There was no sound, except for their breathing as they lay still and calm. Randy did not pull out. He left his cock buried deep inside the warm, velvet ass and pulled even closer to Darius.

As they were drifting off to sleep, Randy whispered to Darius,

'Oh, by the way....you were right about the cables.'

'I know I was, sir.'

Randy smiled and murmured to himself, 'That's my boy.'

And with the master's cock buried in the young man's body, that's how they slept all night long.

* * *

'Get up, punk. Early start today.' It was 5am and Randy was already on his feet, shaking Darius awake. 'I'm gonna shower here. Bob will still be asleep and I don't want to wake him at this hour. Come on.'

Darius shook himself awake and followed the big, naked man to the bathroom. Randy stepped into the shower but Darius hung back. 'Come on,' Randy said. 'No point in wasting water. Come and soap me up.' He turned the shower on full blast and Darius rubbed the soap in his hands. He brought his palms up to the big slabs of Randy's chest and began to rub soap over them. His cock got hard instantly.

It was pure body worship as he spread thick suds over the taut muscles. He ran his hands over the broad shoulders, biceps and pecs and down to the trim waist. He gasped with excitement as he caressed the body builder's muscles. As his hands dropped below the waist they touched Randy's long, thick cock that was fully erect.

'Well?' Randy asked.

Darius didn't need to be told. He dropped to his knees, rinsed the soap off the rigid shaft and drew it into his mouth. He was in ecstasy as he moved his head back and forward, taking the dick deep into the back of his throat. It didn't take long. As he stroked his own cock with his free hand Darius felt the construction worker's cock shudder in his mouth. Suddenly Randy pulled out and a hot stream of thick liquid hit Darius full in the face and ran down his chin. His own cock erupted simultaneously.

Darius looked upward. Through the film of cum, steam and pouring hot water he had a shimmering image of the man he loved and he gasped at the sight. He would do anything for this man. He would take a beating every day if it meant that he could service the muscle god he held in such awe. He fell forward and threw his arms around the thickly muscled thigh of his master, pressing his cheek tightly against the leg.

Randy smiled down at him. 'That's enough. Now rinse off and get dressed.'

They left the shower, dried themselves, and Darius pulled on his jeans and boots. He picked up the shredded remains of his T-shirt from the day before and looked questioningly at Randy.

'This was my last one, sir,' he said.

'What do you mean?' Randy pulled open a drawer in the small chest and laughed as he looked down. It contained only one pair of threadbare boxers...nothing else.

'You poor fucker. Is this all you have?'

'Yes, sir. You remember? You burned the clothes I come here in.'

'Yeah, that's right. Wear this,' and he tossed him his own T-shirt. It was much too big for Darius and hung on him. They laughed as he looked in the mirror.'

'Right,' Randy said. 'After work we'll take you clothes shopping and get you kitted out. Now it's time for work. We'll get a bite to eat on the way.' And they left the house quietly so as not to disturb Bob.

* * *

It was about an hour later that Bob woke up. He reached over for Randy....but he was not there. Must have left early. Funny he didn't hear him get out of bed. Then the truth hit him. Randy must have spent the whole night with Darius, in his pool house....in his bed.

Suddenly the house seemed very empty. And, oddly, Bob himself felt kind of empty.....confused.....forlorn, somehow. His mind swam with confused thoughts. He was pleased that Randy and Darius were finally bonding, that Randy had someone like the kid brother he had always wanted. But where was this going?

Suddenly a sharp sensation went through him like a knife. He missed his buddy like hell. Then the realization hit him. This was the first night he had not slept with Randy since they first met.

As it turned out, Bob's concern was justified. This new development was to bring emotional grief to Bob......and brutal physical pain to Randy. The stunning climax would play out deep in the forest, high above Los Angeles.

To be continued in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 17'


Rob Williams

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