Unsettled by the news that Randy intends to adopt Pablo, the tension between Darius and Pablo had culminated in a fight. Bob and Mark watched in awe as Randy disciplined the two young men in his own special, painful way. Bound tight together they had eventually formed a closer, more intimate bond than ever before.

Randy finally released them and growled, 'Never, ever let me see you fight again. Go now. Make your peace with each other.' As they walked back to the house Pablo turned his head back toward Randy with a cheeky grin.

'Sir? Are we still on for the Galaxy game tomorrow?'

Taken aback Randy said, 'Yeah, yeah. Now get lost before I decide to whip your ass some more.'

'And that,' Bob whispered to Mark, 'is precisely why Randy loves him.'

As Randy turned round and walked back toward the house he could not suppress the smile that spread over his face. He looked over at Bob and Mark and said, 'And what are you two grinning at? Assholes.'

Randy disappeared into the house and Mark shook his head. 'Wow, the guy is fucking unbelievable. No wonder they worship him. Has he made love to Pablo yet?'

'No, that comes next,' Bob said. 'But you know something strange? He's nervous about it. I've never seen him like that before. He wants it to be perfect.'


But that event was still some days off. In the meantime, harmony was restored the next day when Randy kept his promise and took Darius and Pablo to the Galaxy soccer match. Pablo sat between Randy and Darius in the truck as they drove down the Harbor Freeway to Carson. Randy smiled to himself as the young guys chatted excitedly, thrilled to be to be seeing their first major league soccer match. They were also hyped up by the new intimacy between them, forged by the effects of the extraordinary discipline Randy had subjected them to the day before.

The game was a cliffhanger. With a minute left in extra tie Beckham made a brilliant pass and Galaxy scored the winning goal. The kids went wild and shouted themselves hoarse. With their vocal cords shot, the ride back home was much more silent than the trip down, though the contentment was palpable as Pablo stretched his arms over the shoulders of Randy on one side and Darius on the other.

When they got home Randy said to them, 'I'm bushed. You two got enough energy to make dinner? We'll be four; Bob's home but Mark's working.' The guys scooted off to the kitchen and Randy went into Bob's office where he was working at his laptop. Bob raised his head and grinned.

'Good day, obviously.' He leaned back in his chair and looked at the big construction worker. 'So, what's up? You look restless, nervous. What's eating you?'

'OK, smartass. Since you can read my thoughts why don't you tell me?'

'Well, let's see. You had a great day with the guys. Made you feel like a real dad, which you will be when the adoption goes through. You feel closer and closer to Pablo and are scared by what you feel. You know you're longing to make love to him but you're nervous as hell about it .... probably for the first time in your life.' He grinned, 'How am I doing so far?'

'Fuck you. Bull's-eye, of course. You psychic or something?'

'I am with you, you know that by now.'

'What else?'

'You want more? OK. Well, when it comes to sex you always say you play rough, and I've had my ass hammered often enough by you to attest to that. Usually you just pull a guy's pants down and plunge that big dick in. But Pablo brings out all your protective instincts .... paternal, if you like. He's been hurt and damaged in the past and you're scared shitless of causing him pain now.'

'OK, OK. If you're so fucking smart, what do I do about it?'

'Just don't underestimate the kid, Randy. Pablo's smart, tough .... and he worships you. I have a feeling he'll let you know what he wants. The only way you could hurt him is to stop loving him. The one thing I can do is make sure all the conditions are right. And I have a plan.'

Randy grinned. 'Don't you always?'

'You know that next weekend I have to go to a director's meeting at our Head Office in San Francisco. I'm up for a big promotion. I'll be away the whole weekend.'

'Yeah, I know. Don't get any ideas up there, either. Remember ....... '

'..... my ass belongs to you, yeah I know that. I've still got the bruises to remind me. Anyway, here's my plan.'


So Bob played the diplomat. He had a conversation with Mark and Darius, and Darius had a heart-to-heart with Pablo. The arrangements were set. With Randy's approval Bob told Mark about their special place by the lake in the mountains of the Angeles National Forest high above L.A. Mark was enthusiastic, but the conversation with Darius was a bit more delicate.

'You know,' Bob said to him gently. 'Randy is soon gonna make love to Pablo for the first time. How do you feel about that?'

'Oh, I know all about that,' Darius said cheerfully. 'Pablo and I have talked about it. I just wish I could watch but Pablo says that's not on.'

'Well,' Bob chose his words carefully. 'How would you feel about a weekend with Mark? He is fixing to take one of the Harleys up to the forest and camp by the lake for a couple of nights. Think you could handle that?'

Darius's eyes lit up. 'What, me and the officer .... just us? For two nights? Me and Mark .... just us? That's awesome. Wait 'til I tell Pablo. When I get back we'll have a shit load to talk about.'

'Compare notes, you mean. Well, whatever.'


And so Bob's planning paid off. Friday was an evening of departures. Randy took Bob to Burbank Airport (closer and easier than LAX) for his flight up north, with a final reminder about who his ass belonged to. As they embraced Randy said, 'You're incredible, man. You've been so ....' He paused. 'Hell, I'm wild about you, buddy. And when you get back ......'

' .... we'll celebrate. And you can show me again just how hard you play.'

'Asshole.' Randy even hung around to watch Bob's plane take off. Then he came back to the house to see off Mark and Darius. The Harley was loaded up with gear and Darius was wearing Pablo's bike helmet.

Mark came out and, as usual, Darius gaped when he saw him. He was wearing leather chaps over his jeans, big black boots, and a sleeveless denim shirt over a ribbed white tank. With his incredible body and sculpted blond looks he was an icon, a fantasy ..... what Bob always called a masturbatory image.

'You ready, kid?' Mark smiled. 'Ever ridden a Harley before?'

'No, sir,' Darius stammered.

'Well, I'll do all the work. All you have to do is hold on tight. Think you can manage that?' and he winked at Randy.'

'Yes, sir!' Darius beamed.

He climbed on behind the cop, put his arms around the muscular body, and with a roar of the engine they were off.

Randy turned back to the house, where Pablo was waiting. It would be just the two of them for the whole weekend.


It was a warm night, the kind of Southern California evening where the heat of the day sticks around. Pablo was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Randy smiled to see that he was all cleaned up ..... clean shorts, sneakers and a clean white T-shirt that hugged the contours of his perfectly proportioned young body. 'Fuck,' thought Randy to himself as he felt his dick get hard just by looking at the kid.

'You doing OK, kid?'

'Sure, sir. Darius is a great teacher when it comes to cooking .... among other things,' and he smiled sideways with his cheeky grin.

'I'm gonna jump in the shower,' Randy said.

When he dried off he found himself being careful about what he wore. He pulled on clean jeans and borrowed a clean white T-shirt from Bob's drawer, as all his own shirts were old and worn.

'Jesus,' he said to himself. 'Feels like I'm going on a first date. I've gotta get over this shit.'

A few minutes later the two guys were sitting together eating dinner. At first there was an uneasy silence and they avoided making eye contact. The heavy atmosphere was broken by Pablo who spoke in his usual direct way.

'It's OK, sir. I'm not nervous. I know you're gonna fuck me. It's what I want, sir. More than anything in the world.'

'Shit,' Randy grinned. 'Bob said you'd tell me what you want. I forgot how direct you can be. But tell me something. On your birthday, when you were given your choice, you chose Bob to have sex with for the first time. Why?'

'I knew he'd be gentle with me, and that's what I needed for the first time. I thought you might be a bit rougher. But ever since that time when you first rescued me and held me in your arms I've wanted you, sir .... real, real bad. I know you'll do whatever you want with me and I'm not afraid.'

'Even after I whipped your ass last week?'

'I know I deserved that, sir. Anyway .........' he trailed off.


'Well, sir, when I was tied up and you were whipping me ......' He lowered his eyes and mumbled, 'I liked it, sir.'

'You did, uh? After all you've been through in your life?'

'But this time it was you, sir. Thing is, I want to give myself to you. I want you to own me, sir.' He cleared his throat and said softly, 'I want to be your property, sir.'

As Randy gazed at him Pablo stood up and took a step back from the table. He looked hard into Randy's piercing blue eyes and paused. Then slowly he reached behind his own neck and pulled at the top of his T-shirt, sliding it slowly over his body, over his head and then dropping it to the floor. He stood shirtless before the man he wanted to serve.

Randy stood up and looked into the beautiful, exotic face of the young man who was offering himself to him. Pablo undid the fly buttons of his shorts and they dropped to his ankles. He stepped out of them and kicked off his sneakers. He stood naked before his master. And now he lowered his eyes in submission to the man he worshipped, the man who had rescued him, saved him, the man he wanted to belong to.

Randy could not believe his eyes, especially at what came next. He stood motionless as Pablo slowly sank to his knees. The young man reached down and pulled something from the pocket of his discarded shorts. It was a dog collar ..... a heavy brown, braided leather collar. With both hands he reached up and offered the collar to the man towering over him.

Randy understood. He took the collar, bent down and fastened it around the young man's neck. It hung there loosely, like a halter. Finally Pablo allowed himself to look up into his master's eyes.

'Thank you, sir.' He cleared his throat. 'Please, sir. I want to be your slave, sir. You are my master, sir. Please accept me, sir. I don't deserve you, sir, I know that. But I want to learn. Please teach me.'

He fell on all fours, lowered his head and began to lick the boots of the construction worker standing over him. Randy gazed down at the beautiful, naked young man kneeling in submission. His cock was rigid inside his jeans and his breathing became ragged. Finally his deep vice growled.

'Go outside and wait for me.'

Pablo stood up and left the room.


Randy stared after the door as it closed. His mind raced with exhilaration and fear. He trembled at the thought of the power he had over this beautiful young man. Part of him wanted to go outside and fuck the hell out of that perfect ass, to whip him, hurt him, make him beg. But he knew that he could not do that to Pablo. This kid was different, and for the first time in his life Randy felt out of his depth.

Finally he went out to the garden and stopped dead in his tracks.

'Oh, God,' he breathed.

There was a full moon that night, bathing the garden in a bright, silvery light. In the middle of the lawn stood a young man, naked, beautiful, perfect body, handsome face, his brown skin gleaming in the incandescent light of the moon. A collar hung loosely around his neck, his arms hung straight by his sides and his head was bowed. Randy felt his knees weaken as he stood still and watched.

The young man raised his head and gazed at his magnificent master whose muscular body was outlined under the white T-shirt that gleamed in the moonlight. The sight of the glorious man made Pablo's cock burn. He remained motionless, hands at his sides, as his cock began to stiffen, rising slowly until it was rigid, standing straight out from his black pubic hair. It was a magical sight, the young man standing at attention for his master, his cock rigid, his soft, brown skin bathed in the soft light.

'Pablo,' Randy breathed. 'I love you.'

'Thank you, sir,' and Pablo lowered his head.

Randy walked up to Pablo and took him in his arms, holding him in a tight, trembling, endless embrace. Pablo breathed hard as he felt the sinewy muscles rippling through the tight shirt. Finally Randy pulled away.

'Turn around,' he ordered.

As the young man turned the moonlight fell on the firm, round globes of his incredible ass. This time it was Randy who fell to his knees, with another 'Oh, God.' He lowered his head to the ass and began to lick the soft, velvet skin. His tongue became more frantic until his mouth pressed hard against the perfect ass. He lost control and began to bight into the firm mounds, lightly at first, then chewing harder and harder on the soft skin. Realizing what he was doing he was about to stop when he heard Pablo shout.

'Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Oh yes, sir!'

Randy was now entering territory that was more familiar to him, taking control, doing exactly what he wanted without reserve. He bit harder into the kid's ass, finally coming to the warm, moist hole and burying his tongue deep inside. He lapped hungrily at the velvet skin of the sphincter, pushing the tip of his tongue into the furnace inside, aware of the sighs and moans of the young man above him.

Suddenly Randy pulled back, looked at the ass that he now owned and, without even thinking, slapped it hard with the flat of his hand. Pablo yelled, not in pain but in ecstasy.

'Thank you, sir. Please, sir. Please use my ass, master. I beg you, sir.'

The round globes bounced as Randy slapped again and again until the skin was red with the prints of his palm. But suddenly he stopped, shook his head and stood up. He spun Pablo around and again took him in his arms. His chest heaved.

'Pablo, I hurt you again. That's what I was afraid of. But that's what I do, kid. I always play rough, I hurt guys. But I don't want to hurt you.'

'But I want it, sir.' Pablo pulled back and stared into Randy's eyes with a steady gaze. 'That's what I want, sir. I worship you, master. I want to give you everything you want. I want to show you how much I love you.' The two men gazed at each other, chests heaving. Pablo swallowed hard and spoke again.

'Please, sir. I beg you. Tie me up, sir. I want to be completely at your mercy. I want to be helpless.' He voice cracked with a sob. 'I want to belong to you sir, to be your property. I want to be your slave, sir.'

There was a silence as Randy stared at the earnest, handsome young face. At last he understood. As Bob had predicted, this tough, determined kid would let him know what he wanted. Randy had always said that he and Pablo were alike, and suddenly he realized the full truth of this. All Randy had to do was to be himself, follow his instincts.

Finally he was on familiar ground. All fear and reticence left him as he looked at the beautiful man he now owned. He took charge. Once again he was the master of his world.

'OK, kid. You asked for it!'

He grabbed the dog collar round Pablo's neck and pulled the naked young man toward the hammock.


Pablo lay on his back spread-eagled in the hammock, his arms and legs stretched to the four corners. His eyes followed his master as the big construction worker began to bind his ankles and wrists. As he worked Randy spoke.

'OK, kid, this is it. You do exactly what I order you to do, is that clear?'

'Sir, I want .......'

Randy slapped his hand hard across Pablo's chest.

'Shut up,' he growled. 'Get this straight. From now on it's not what you want, it's what I want. You're here to serve me. You're my boy. Got it?'

'Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.' Pablo felt the blood surge into his cock, making it stiffer than ever.

Randy stood back and admired his work. 'Try to get free,' he ordered. Tightly bound now Pablo pulled at his restraints, twisting his body with the effort. Randy watched the young man writhing in bondage, his sculpted muscles flexing and straining against the ropes. The moonlight streamed through the leaves of the tree above and dappled the gleaming brown skin with a luminous light. Randy had rarely seen anything so beautiful and he shook his head in amazement. His cock was rigid in his jeans.

Pablo's brown eyes looked up in alarm at his captor as he realized finally how it felt to be helpless, to be entirely at the mercy of his master. There was even a moment of panic when he really wanted to get free, causing him to moan and strain even harder. Randy saw all of this and spoke to his prisoner.


'Yes, sir.'

'Now you know how it feels to be absolutely in my power. I can do anything to you, and you know I play rough.'

'Yes, sir,' Pablo stammered.

Randy leaned forward and put his hands over Pablo's bound wrists. His steel blue eyes bored into him. 'OK, kid. I give you one last chance before I start to work you over. Say the word and you're free .... like nothing ever happened.'

A new kind of panic gripped Pablo. 'No, no, sir. Please. Please don't untie me. You're my master, sir. I want to serve you.'

Randy stood back, undid his belt and slid it from his jeans. He snapped it taught between his two fists as he stood over the young body that was motionless now. Pablo looked up at the spectacular demon-like man towering over him and braced himself for what was to come. But there was no pain. Randy raised the belt, bent forward and placed it lightly across Pablo's throat, letting it hang there.

He stared down and smiled at the look of relief in the young man's eyes. 'And now, Pablo, I'm gonna fuck your beautiful ass. It's what you've been waiting for since the day you first saw me, right?'

'Yes, sir, Pablo breathed. 'Yes please, sir.'

'Now, Bob told me that when you were with him you shot your load just looking at him. Can't say I blame you for that. The man is fucking gorgeous, enough to make anyone cum. But with me it's different. You don't shoot your wad until I give you permission. Is that clear?'

Pablo swallowed hard. 'Yes, sir,' he croaked, though he knew that would be tough as he already felt the blood pounding in his cock at the sight of his powerful master. Randy knew this and intended to make the strain of holding back his orgasm even harder for his slave. He paused to let the tension build.

Then he kicked off his boots and, still locking eyes with his captive, he slowly unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop. His huge, thick dick sprang upward, rock hard. He stepped out of his jeans and stood before the young man wearing only the white T-shirt hugging the contours of his muscular chest. There was another pause before Randy spoke.

'You still want it?' he asked softly.

Almost incapable of speech Pablo managed to croak, 'Yes, sir. Please, sir.'

Rand reached back behind his own neck and pulled at his T-shirt. Pablo fell into a kind of hypnotic trance as he watched the white cotton slide slowly up the body that gleamed in the moonlight. The ripped abs, the bulging chest, the wide lats and shoulders all became visible until finally the shirt came clear and fell to the ground. Randy stood there in the dappled moonlight, stripped naked, stunning in his male beauty, ready to take possession of his slave.

'Oh .... Oh God.' Pablo's breath came in sobs as he gazed at the incredible sight, and his eyes filled with tears. He was in a world of enchantment where only his master mattered. He narrowed his eyes slightly and the massive figure, the moonlight streaming behind him, became a demon-like fantasy, dark, swarthy, his tousled black hair, his muscles gleaming. Pablo felt that he was about to be possessed, penetrated by the Devil himself.

As if in a dream Pablo watched the figure approach. He saw the man raise his hand to his mouth and he licked his fingers. The hand was lowered and Pablo's body jolted as he felt the warm, wet fingers press against his ass. He moaned as he felt his hole being probed, at first one, then two and three fingers played softly with the membrane inside his ass.

The fingers withdrew, the man walked closer and Pablo again felt pressure against his ass, this time by the tip of his master's rod. Randy too was in an ecstatic state. This beautiful young man, the man he had come to love, the man he wanted as his son, was lying helpless before him. And his cock was about to enter that glorious ass, the ass he had first marveled at weeks ago, the perfect globes that made his cock stiff every time he saw it. Now, finally, it was to be his.

'It's time, kid. It's here. You want it?'

'Aaah!' was all Pablo could moan as his body trembled uncontrollably in anticipation.

The moment had finally arrived ....... but it was over in a minute!

Slowly Randy pushed his raging dick against the hole and slowly it entered the warm, moist, tender ass of this beautiful young man. Pablo closed his eyes as he felt his master's shaft sliding inside him, pushing deeper and deeper until it rested against the softness of the deepest recesses of his gut.

It was too much for Pablo. He could not hold back. He was helpless, he could not think, he had lost all control as he felt the fiery sensation of this huge cock inside him. His body started to convulse. He looked up and saw the man he worshipped, the god, the devil that now possessed him. He pulled helplessly at his restraints as his cock reared up one last time and erupted. A huge plume of white liquid shot high into the air and splashed against the magnificent chest leaning over him.

Randy saw and felt the young man's perfect body jolt and spasm as the orgasm erupted. The ass too convulsed, clenching tightly around the thick rod, almost drawing the semen out of it. Randy watched the young man's spectacular climax and felt the ass muscles grip his cock like a vice. He was powerless to stop his own cock from exploding inside the soft, warm ass. Pablo stared in amazement at the huge body shuddering over him as he felt the hot liquid pouring deep inside his hole.


Pablo sobbed uncontrollably, part ecstasy, part horror at what had happened. Through his sobs he stammered, 'I messed up sir. I'm sorry, sir. I came without your permission. I couldn't help it, sir. What .... what will you do to me sir?' And in a panic, 'Please don't leave me.'

Randy smiled down at the distraught face. 'Take it easy, kid. Don't beat yourself up. I shot my load too, so it's OK. There's only one way I'm gonna punish you. '

'Yes, sir?'

'Now that the first orgasm it out of the way, now I'm really gonna fuck your ass.'

Pablo suddenly realized that he was still rock hard and that the dick inside his ass was also still rigid. His eyes opened wider as he felt the rod start to move in him. He watched the huge body flex over him as his hole was invaded even deeper than before. The sensation became incredible, his ass was on fire and his mind began to swim as he again narrowed his eyes and saw the fantasy image of his master, stunning in the gleaming moonlight.

As the rhythmic pounding gathered strength both men entered a world where they had only one focus ..... Pablo on the piston in his ass, Randy on the fire burning in his rigid shaft. As they gazed at each other the image they saw was no longer of the man they knew. They were strangers.

Randy saw a beautiful young man moaning with pleasure, his exotic features bathed in the joy of total surrender. Pablo looked up and saw a vision of supreme masculinity, a dark force that had totally overpowered him, had penetrated him, a dark demon who owned him body and soul and was now taking possession of his ass.

As he pushed his cock slowly in and out of the young body trembling before him Randy moaned. 'Man, your ass feels incredible. It's setting my cock on fire. I'm burning up inside your hole. Look at me, man. Tell me what you see.'

'Aaah,' Pablo groaned. 'I see my master. You own me sir. You are so beautiful, sir. I'll do anything for you. Please, sir, do whatever you want with me. I'm your property .... I'm your slave, sir. Please, sir ....' he raised his voice, 'please hurt me.'

Randy gazed at the pleading face and leaned forward, placing his hands over the heaving chest. He brought his fingers to the hard nipples and squeezed them tight. Pablo opened his eyes and groaned,

'Oh yes, sir. Oh, that feels great. Oh please, sir. Harder sir.'

Randy's eyes narrowed and he began to twist the nipples more and more savagely. He felt the hard skin became tender, sore, burning under the onslaught of his fingers. He brought his nails to the tips of the nipples and as they bit savagely into them he heard the young man's screams. He saw the beautiful face thrash from side to side as the features twisted in an ecstasy of pain. The sight made him twist harder until the nipples were raw.'

Pablo was in a delirium. He had felt pain before in his life but never like this. It wasn't really pain at all. It was an extreme sensation that was neither pain nor pleasure. Its intensity set his whole body on fire, sent jolts of electricity radiating from his burning chest through his entire being. As he looked up at the beautiful man torturing him his body bucked and strained, pulling at the ropes binding him. His mind was in a whirl of confusion. He desperately wanted to get free .... no, he didn't want to be free .... he never wanted to be free again. He wanted to be bound, tortured by this man forever.

And suddenly it stopped. As the pain in his chest diminished he opened his eyes and saw that Randy was still there. He realized too that the hard rod was still sliding rhythmically in and out of his ass. His body was still on fire as he gazed up at his master. A smile came to Randy's face and he said,

'There's one more thing I want.'

'Anything, sir.'

'I want you to love me, Pablo.'

Pablo's eyes closed again and he threw his head back. When he recovered he look straight into Randy's piercing blue eyes. 'I love you, sir. More than anything in the world. I love looking at you, feeling you, feeling your cock in my ass, giving myself to you, sir. I love it when you hurt me. I love you, master. Please'

'Now, kid, I'm gonna show you how much I love you.'

The smile left his face and the pounding of the ass gathered speed. Soon he was really hammering the burning hole, fucking as he really liked to fuck, hard, brutal, punishing the ass that he owned. This was Randy in his own world, the savage demon who showed his love through pain. His hard rod plunged deeper and deeper, battering the soft insides of the young man's ass.

As he watched the bound body jolted by the piston inside him, saw the frenzy in the young man's face he realized he was losing Pablo and he had to bring him back. Pablo was in a twilight world and in the far distance he heard a low voice calling him. 'Pablo. Hey, kid. Come back to me.' Pablo opened his eyes and saw the most tender, loving smile he had ever seen.

'It's time, kiddo. You want to shoot don't you?'

'Please, sir. I beg you. Let me cum for you.'

With a mighty heave Randy plunged his dick hard against the innermost part of the furnace. He said quietly, simply, 'OK, kid. Shoot your load now.'

Instantly Pablo erupted with another stream of cum, this time bathing his own chest and face with the creamy liquid. And he felt his master's juice pouring into his body, saw the muscular torso flex and heave over him, saw the steel blue eyes piercing his very soul. Then he passed out.


As if in a dream Pablo was dimly aware of his wrists and ankles being untied. He thought he felt the collar being removed from his neck. Then suddenly he had a sensation of being alone. In the panic of desertion he opened his eyes, but he was soothed by the sound of a voice. 'Over here.'

As life began to flow back through his body the boy raised his head. There in the middle of the lawn lay the spectacular naked body of his master, gleaming in the bright moonlight. Slowly, painfully, Pablo raised himself out of the hammock and stood up unsteadily.

'Come here to me.'

He walked over to his master.

'Lie down.'

He lay next to Randy and quickly recovered his senses, relaxing in the warm closeness of the man he revered. After a while Randy turned his head and smiled. 'You OK, kiddo?'

'Terrific,' Pablo sighed. 'How did I do sir?'

'You did great, kid.'

'Thank you sir.' He turned toward Randy with a cheeky grin. 'Just checking, sir.'

'You little fucker,' Randy laughed. He grabbed him and they rolled together over the grass, hugging, kissing, laughing in the joyful release of shared emotion. They were exhausted. Finally they lay together, naked in the hot night. Pablo turned over and pressed his back against the sinewy chest of his master. His ass was resting against his cock, which stirred and became hard. Instinctively Randy slid his rod between the cheeks and deep inside the moist hole.

In a few minutes they were still. If anyone had come into the garden they would have seen two beautiful, naked men, sleeping peacefully, curled up together, one with his cock inside the other. And that's how they stayed all night, bathed in the soft light of the full moon.


The same full moon was shining down on Darius and Mark. Darius had clung to the big body of the muscular cop as the Harley sped out of town. They had driven fast, high up into the Angeles Forest, and finally turned off onto the bumpy dirt road until they reached the silent lake. Now they stood at the water's edge and marveled at the expanse of water shimmering in the bright moonlight.

It was still warm even up this high and Mark shook off his shirt, stripping down to the white tank stretched over his magnificent torso. He put his arm around the young man. 'Well, we're all alone up here for the whole weekend, just the two of us. Happy, kid?'

Darius smiled up at him. 'It's like a fantasy.'

Mark smiled. 'Is that so? You know what Bob calls you?'

'No, sir.'

'The King of Fantasy.' Darius laughed. Mark turned to him and grinned. 'Maybe we should put that to the test, see if Bob's right.'

'Whatever you say, sir'


At that moment Bob was gazing at the same full moon through the window of his suite at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. He was in a good mood, having been given great news by the board of his company. But his mind was on the house in the hills back in Los Angeles.

He stripped naked and fell into bed. 'I wonder how the guys are doing?' he thought. He tried to imagine Randy and Pablo in the house, and Darius and Mark by the lake. His hand went to his cock as he focused on the image of Randy, perhaps even now pounding Pablo's ass. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load under the fine cotton sheets.

'Can't wait to see them on Sunday,' he thought, just before he drifted off into a dream-filled sleep.


TO BE CONTINUED IN 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 33'


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