Bob stood behind Mark and they both looked into the mirror at the stunningly handsome uniformed cop. Bob smiled. 'Now that, Office Matsen, is a truly stunning sight. I don't think you realize how fucking beautiful you are. You are a walking fantasy for most people, you know, men and women alike. You are what's known as a 'masturbatory image,' the kind of guy people go home and masturbate thinking about.'

A few days ago it had been the other way round ... Officer Mark Matsen had been getting off on looking at Bob. The cop had pulled him over in a traffic stop and, instead of giving him a ticket, had watched as he made the handsome business executive strip and jerk off in front of him. Unable to forget that glorious image, Mark had shown up at the house one Sunday morning and Bob was now showing him that simply looking in the mirror could be a huge turn-on.

'Bob reached round and undid one button of Mark's shirt. 'We start here,' he said. 'Now just do everything I tell you.'

Watching them on a couch at the other side of the room were Randy and Darius. The young black man, Darius, was wide-eyed with anticipation, but the big construction worker, Randy, was glowering.

Darius whispered to Randy beside him. 'This is incredible, don't you think? The cop is magnificent. He is such a fucking turn-on.'

'Cool it, junior,' Randy said in a low voice. 'That shithead cop made Bob strip naked and jack off for him. Nobody humiliates my buddy and gets away with it. Nobody. We'll let Bob do his thing, but when he's finished it'll be my turn. You know that 'good cop, bad cop' routine? Well, Bob can be as good as he wants, but I plan on being real bad.'

'Can I get a piece of the action?'

'Oh yeah. I've got something in mind for you too.'

'Can't wait,' said Darius, and turned his attention to the show that was starting.

* * *

Mark looked over at the couch and said to Bob, 'I don't feel comfortable doing this in front of those guys. You know, I've never done anything like this.'

Forget about them,' Bob reassured him. 'In fact, forget about everything except the guy in the mirror. Focus on him, stare at him. Even narrow your eyes if it helps. And eventually you'll be looking not at yourself but at some incredibly hot stranger who turns you on. Now, take your time, go slowly .... and enjoy ..... '

Bob walked away and sat on the couch with his two buddies. In a low voice he said to Randy.

'Look, buddy. There's something I have to tell you .... a confession. When I look at Mark I get an instant hard-on. To me he's a mind-blowing turn-on. So if you have a problem with that we can stop right now and I'll send him away.'

'Are you crazy?' Randy growled. 'Send him away before I've done what I have to do? He humiliated you, buddy. I can't let that go. So we'll keep him around until I've had a little talk with him. For now, let's just watch.'

Mark had, indeed, forgotten that the guys were watching him. Taking Bob's advice he was staring at his mirror image: chiseled Nordic features, unruly blond hair falling over his forehead. His tight uniform could not hide the muscular body rippling beneath it. His black shirt was open at the neck revealing a triangle of white T-shirt. His biceps bulged from under his short sleeves and the broad shoulders tapered down to a small tight waist, his wide belt hung with his night stick and handcuffs. His muscular thighs were clad in tight black pants, tucked into high, shiny black, motor cycle boots.

He ran his hands through his hair, then down over his neck, and over his shirt feeling the hard pecs underneath. He raised one arm and flexed, so the short sleeve slid back off the bulging bicep. 'Yeah,' he breathed as he ran his hands further down, over the leather belt round his narrow waist, over his pants and the shape of the hard-muscled thighs underneath. Then his hands came up and cupped his crotch. He was startled to feel that his cock was rock hard under his uniform.

He took a deep breath, narrowed his eyes and stared. He gasped as he transcended the reality threshold ... the difference between looking at himself and watching a magnificent stranger. All he could see now was a beautiful blond cop, one of the most riveting sights he had ever seen. From that moment he did not think or reflect. His hands moved of their own accord. They came up to his neck and he undid another button on his shirt, then another. He pulled the top of his shirt open to reveal the dazzling white T-shirt underneath.

The three men watching held their breath. They could not believe what they were seeing. This gorgeous, powerful man, stunning in his uniform, was starting, slowly, to strip. They all three had rigid hard-ons. Darius was breathing hard, his gaze riveted by the sight.

Bob turned to Randy. 'Whadya think?' Randy smiled at his buddy. 'You son-of-a-bitch.'

Officer Matsen was now undoing the remaining shirt buttons and pulling his shirt tails from his belt until the shirt hung open. He was breathing heavily as he raised his hands to the front of his T-shirt and with his thumbs gently rubbed his nipples through the thin cotton. He smiled at the stranger in the mirror as he removed his shirt completely and let it drop.

And there he stood, his rippling torso etched under the white T-shirt tucked into this uniform pants. He stood mesmerized by the image in the mirror and rand his hands over the T-shirt ... the chest, the arms and down to the waist. He paused, just looking at the mirror.

Bob whispered to himself, 'Take of the shirt man. Let's see the body.' Darius moaned, 'He's fucking incredible.'

Slowly, the cop reached behind his neck and began to pull at the T-shirt. It came clear of his pants and rose over his stomach. The three guys gasped in unison as the saw the hard, ripped, six-pack ... no, eight-pack ... abs. Their jaws dropped as the white shirt rose over the hard slabs of the chest, revealing perfectly chiseled pecs. Then the shirt came off and dropped to the floor.

Darius moaned. 'He's a Greek God ... a fucking Greek God. Look at that.'

Officer Matsen stood stripped to the waist, his naked torso defying anything they could have imagined. His skin was a light golden brown, with light, barely visible blond hair on his chest. His chest heaved as he took deep gulps of air. 'Yeah, man.' he moaned as he looked at the stud in the mirror. Again he ran his hands over chest, now naked, and with a slight sheen of sweat.

As his fingers touched his nipples he groaned louder and he began to twist his nipples, tighter and tighter. His moans got louder and he started to speak. 'Yeah, look at that fucking body, man. That's so fucking beautiful. Come on, fucker, hurt those nipples ... make that cock hard. God, you turn me on, man.'

On the couch the three men had all pulled out their dicks and were stroking them slowly. They watched in awe as the shirtless cop turned himself on. Now his hands dropped down until they were at his crotch. 'Let's see your dick, man,' he whispered to the mirror. Slowly he unzipped his uniform pants, reached inside his shorts and pulled out a huge stiff rod. He dropped his hands and let his beautiful cock stand straight out from his pants.

'Jesus,' breathed Bob. 'Will you look at that?' Even Randy, reluctant as he was to praise the man he disliked, said to himself, 'That is fucking unbelievable. Look at that body.' And Darius was beside himself. 'What a stud!' he whispered. 'He's so hot. That gorgeous cop ... Come on man, beat your meat.'

Mark was, in fact, starting to stroke his cock. He was staring hard at the mirror and running his free hand over his muscular chest. He was in another world, a world of fantasy and lust, and he was aware of only one thing ... the stunning image in the mirror. As his frenzy mounted he began to speak again. 'God you're beautiful. You're such a fucking turn-on. Look at that cop, stripped to the waist, beating his meat. Just don't cum, man. Men like you don't make themselves cum. You're not gonna make me cum, asshole. I can hold back. You're not gonna beat me.'

'Oh, God. You look so good, man. You're so fucking hot. Please don't make me cum. Please, sir. Oh, man. I can't hold back. No .... OK, you win. You're so fucking beautiful you're making me cum. No! .. No! .. I love you, man ....' And from his rigid shaft there shot a powerful stream of creamy white liquid, splashing on to the mirror and obscuring the stunning image of his fantasy.

On the couch they could not believe their eyes. Randy breathed, 'OK, go ahead, guys, and Bob and Darius screamed as they let loose their own jets of semen, pumping in double, triple orgasms as they looked at the moaning cop. Only Randy did not shoot his load. He was saving himself for later. He still had a job to do.

* * *

Bob wiped his dripping cock, got up and walked over to the dazed cop. Standing behind him he whispered in his ear. 'You haven't finished. Walk forward.' As if in a trance, Office Matsen walked right up to the mirror. Without being prompted he sank to his knees and looked at the reflection of his face, still obscured by the streams of come running down the mirror.

'Clean it off,' Bob whispered. Mark leaned forward and began to lick the hot semen from the glass, lapping at it until his face became clear. He did not stop licking. Now he was running his tongue over the chiseled features of his handsome face. He came to the lips and, as if hypnotized, kissed his own mouth with hungry passion.

* * *

On the couch Darius was recovering from his own orgasm. He looked at Randy. 'That was so fucking hot, don't you think?' But Randy stared straight ahead and did not reply.

'What's up?' Darius asked.

'OK, he's hot, I'll grant you that. But he has his weak point. Everyone does. What would you say is Officer Matsen's weakness?'

'I don't know anything about him, except that he's totally gorgeous ... and he sure likes looking at beautiful men.'

Randy slapped him on the back. 'That's it ... you got it in one. He fantasized looking at Bob in the park, and then at himself in the mirror. Now he's gonna look at me.'

'What are gonna do ... take your clothes off?'

'No, I'll put them on.' He looked at Darius and smiled. 'You know how I used to get around before I bought the truck?'

'You told me you had a motor bike.'

'A Harley ... and I had the outfit to go with it ... still have. Officer Matsen hasn't seen anything yet. Wait here, I'll be back.' And he jumped up and went upstairs.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later Bob and Darius were talking to Mark. The cop was recovering from his vivid experience, though he looked somewhat nervous and embarrassed. He couldn't believe what he had just done and he was quick to wipe himself off and put his T-shirt back on. Bob and Darius were still complimenting him when suddenly they saw him look up and freeze. They turned in the direction of his gaze and they too gaped in awe.

Randy had come in. He was dressed in his motor cycle gear ... heavy boots, black leather chaps over his jeans, black tank top under a black leather vest. To complete the picture he was wearing mirrored sunglasses and a leather cap. The swarthy, masculine hunk looked incredible, like something out of a leather fantasy. None of the men had seen anything like this, anything so awesome.

Mark gasped, 'Jesus!' That looks ....' But he couldn't find the words. There was a long silence as they stared at the stunning image before them. Randy broke the silence.

'OK, guys. I need some time alone with Office Matsen. Why don't you go upstairs and take a swim? Wash that cum off yourselves. Don't cum again, though. Save that for later. You're gonna need it.'

Bob grabbed Darius and pulled him across the room and up the stairs, leaving the two men alone. The silence was heavy as Randy folded his arms and looked across the room at Mark, dressed still in his uniform pants and boots, and white T-shirt that hung loose, untucked into his pants.

They stood motionless, in anticipation of what was to follow. Both stunningly beautiful, they were physically polar opposites ... the golden, Nordic cop, his muscles bulging under his tight white T-shirt, versus the dark, swarthy, macho biker, his sinewy body spectacular in black leather.

Randy knew what he had to do, but he was not sure of his reasons. First, he was still mad at the cop for making his buddy strip and jack off for him. He would have to be punished for that. But more than that, in a strange way Randy hated him for being so incredibly beautiful. A Greek God, Darius had said, and both he and Bob had cum just watching him.

Was Randy jealous? All he knew was that he had to dominate this man, to assert his supremacy. The alpha male kicked in; he needed to break the man and he knew just how to do it. He walked forward and stood up close to the mesmerized cop.

'So, Officer Matsen. It's just you and me now. You knew it would come to that, didn't you?

'I ... I wasn't sure what ... Man you look so good. What are you gonna do?'

'Well, for a start, try these on.' From his pocket he pulled two leather straps that he quickly buckled around the cop's wrists. 'Now raise your arms up and out.'

Riveted by Randy's commanding voice Mark did as he was told without thinking. He should have paid more attention. He did not realize that he was standing under a chin bar that had been part of the old gym. In a flash Randy reached up and clipped the wrists to the bar. In his white T-shirt, uniform pants and boots the cop was now helpless, his arms and shirt stretched upward, revealing bare skin at his waist.

Mark suddenly came out of his trance and looked up at his bound wrists. He started to panic.

'Now wait a damn minute. You can't do this. Let me go ... now! I'm a police officer. I can arrest you for this.'

Randy smiled and growled, 'I think not, Office Matsen. As I said before, you and I have to talk. What you did to my buddy is unacceptable. Nobody uses him like that, except me. And certainly not you. Just because you're so fucking gorgeous you think you can get away with anything.'

Mark struggled to get free of his restraints. 'It's not like that. Let me out of here. What're you gonna do?'

'Well, now, let's see,' and Randy picked up the bullwhip that was lying on the ground. He draped it around the cop's neck and he flinched. 'I could just strip you and whip you into submission.'

Randy smiled. 'Nah ... that would be too easy. Besides, it would be a shame to mark that beautiful body of yours.' He threw the whip on the floor. 'No, here's what's gonna happen, Officer Matsen. I'll just use my bare hands. I'm gonna crush your body and then blow your mind. I'm gonna control you, break you.'

'So here we go. First, I want you to describe exactly what you did when you pulled my buddy over the other day.'

'Fuck off. Just leave me alone,' snarled the cop.

'OK, have it your way.'

Still in full leather, Randy stepped forward against the muscular, bound body, and curled his arms around Mark's waist. He linked his hands in the small of the cop's back, hand over wrist, flexed his hard muscled biceps and began to squeeze the tight waist in a brutal bear hug. The two men were pressed tightly against each other .... chest to muscular chest, thigh to thigh and crotch to crotch. Their faces were inches apart. Mark inhaled sharply and shouted as he struggled to twist out of the vice-like grip.

'Aaah! Stop. You're breaking my back.' He tried to look into Randy's eyes but all he saw was his own reflection in the biker's mirrored sunglasses. He saw the clear image of a beautiful face twisted in pain. Worse, he knew that Randy was seeing exactly the same face. They were both looking at the chiseled features of the tortured cop ... and it made their cocks hard. Pressed hard against each other they were aware of their mutual hard-ons.

Randy increased the pressure and snarled at the agonized man. 'I said I'd crush you, Matsen. This is just the beginning. You know you can't take much more. Give up.'

'You fucking bastard,' groaned the big cop. 'I'll kill you for this.' But the pressure increased and became unbearable. 'Stop! You'll snap my spine. Aaaah! OK, OK .... I give up, I submit. Please stop.'

The pain dissolved as Randy released his grip.

'What do you want from me?' gasped the heaving man hanging from the restraints.

'It's real simple. I told you. I want you to describe exactly what you did to my buddy in the park ... what you saw and what you felt.'

'You're sick, you know that? Why would you want that?'

'Because I'm gonna show you something better. I told you, I'm gonna blow your mind. Now talk. Don't hold back anything.' Randy walked back about ten feet and, still dressed in full leather, stood looking at the cop.

Mark pulled at his wrists but realized he was bound tight, at the mercy of this powerful stud. He licked his dry lips and started to speak hesitantly.

'OK. We were all alone in a clearing in the woods, looking at each other. He looked incredible. I told him to take off his jacket.'

Without a word Randy took off his cap and threw it to the floor. 'Then what?'

'I told him to loosen his tie and take it off.'

Randy took off his glasses and threw them down. For the first time his blue eyes looked directly into Mark's, and the cop gasped. 'OK, fucker,' Randy said. 'What next?'

Mark cleared his throat. 'I told him to unbutton his shirt and then take it off slowly.'

'How did he look then?

'Incredible. He was stripped down to his white tank and I could see the shape of his chest underneath.'

'Like this?' Randy said. He slowly put his hands on his leather vest and shrugged it off, letting it drop. His black tank top accentuated the shape of his body ... broad shoulders, tapering down through wide lats, past ripped abs to where his leather chaps gripped his slim waist. He looked magnificent, and Mark gasped. His cock grew even harder.

'Go on.'

'Then ....' Mark's voice cracked and he cleared his throat nervously. 'Then he began to pull up on the back of his tank.' Randy did the same with his own black shirt. 'He pulled until it came clear of his pants and showed off his stomach.'

'Like this?' As Mark described the scene, Randy played it out. The captive man was not sure if he was describing what Bob did or what Randy was now doing before him. He was losing himself in the fantasy.

'He pulled the shirt up over his chest. Then it came free and I could see him stripped to the waist. He was magnificent.' Following the narrative Randy now threw down his tank and stood shirtless in front of the gasping cop. He could see the bulge straining at the uniform pants.


Mark's throat dried. He coughed and stammered, 'I ... I told him to drop his pants.'

Randy unbuckled his chaps, unzipped them and let them drop. He stood before Mark in just his jeans and boots. He kicked off his boots, then quickly unbuttoned his jeans, lowered them and kicked them off. He stood naked, his gloriously muscled body rippling in front of the hypnotized cop.

'Did he look like that?'

Mark swallowed hard. 'You're a fucking god. I've never seen anyone like you, man.'

'What happened next?'

'I told him to stroke his meat.'

Randy took his rigid pole in his hands and began to stroke it. His eyes remained locked on the astonished gaze of the bound cop.

'Then he shot his load.'

'And you?'

'I rubbed my crotch and came in my pants.'

Randy walked toward Mark and said, 'We'll this time, Officer Matsen, you're tied up. You can't touch yourself. But that's not a problem. First let's even things up a bit.' He grabbed the white T-shirt at the neck and in one sharp pull, tore it completely from the beautiful torso. He quickly pulled off the long boots, unbuckled the belt and pulled down the pants and shorts. Throwing them aside, Randy stood back and looked at the man he was seeing naked for the first time. He was truly magnificent.

'Darius got it right. You are a Greek God. Now that we're both naked, let's try this again.'

Randy repeated what he had done before, wrapping his arms around the tight waist and started to squeeze in a tight bear hug. Only this time the pressure was not so brutal. He pressed his bare chest against the heaving naked pecs of the blond cop and pushed his raging cock against the cop's rigid shaft.

The faces were again inches apart but this time there was a difference. The glasses had gone and the two men look deeply into each other's eyes. They saw themselves reflected in the other man's eyes and Mark became lost in delirium at this incredible, swarthy, masculine face. He saw the eyes smile at him.

'OK. You rubbed yourself to an orgasm looking at my buddy. Then I saw you jerking off looking at yourself in the mirror. Now you're looking at me ... but your hands are tied.' He looked hard into the beautiful gray eyes. For the first time he used the name. 'Come on, Mark. With me, you don't need your hands. You and I know each other. We're two of a kind. We're two incredibly beautiful men. We're equal. You know what I want.'

And he squeezed the waist tighter, pressing their naked bodies together, harder and harder. They felt their hearts pounding in their chests, and their cocks were pressed upward against their stomachs. Mark was in a world he had never visited. The only thing he was aware of was this hard body crushed against his, the two dicks pulsing together, and the eyes ... the incredible blue eyes boring into his.

He saw the beautiful dark face inches from his. He was lost, hypnotized. He moved his face forward, looked deep into the pale blue eyes and pressed his lips hungrily against the mouth. They savaged each other's mouth with their lips, licking, probing, eating, grinding, their eyes still locked together.

Somewhere in the middle of this passionate frenzy their cocks began to pound and simultaneously they erupted, shooting huge, hot jets of semen upward, covering their stomachs and chests. The force of the eruption was so great that some of the semen reached even to their mouths as they ground together. They shared the taste of their cum, the sweet, creamy, fruit of their passion.

And so, two unbelievably beautiful men, a Nordic god and a swarthy demon, had met at last, locked together in an outpouring of passion and lust.

* * *

Randy held Mark tight for a long while. As he gazed into the gray eyes he was surprised to see that the big cop was blushing. Finally, Randy reached upward and quickly freed the wrists. Mark's arms dropped to his side, his body slumped, and his strength seemed to desert him. He sank to his knees.

Randy took a step back and watched as Mark bowed his head. This was part exhaustion, part embarrassment, but mostly an act of submission to the man who had conquered his body and his mind. His mind was reeling, rational thought was beyond him. He did not even react when he felt the cold touch of leather on his skin as Randy fastened the black leather collar around his neck. He was only dimly aware of Randy walking away.

The naked construction worker went to the top of the stairs and shouted, 'OK, guys. I'm done. You can come back now.' Bob and Darius, both wearing shorts, followed him back down to the basement and stopped abruptly, their jaws dropping in astonishment at what they saw. The proud cop, this stunning man, now buck naked, stripped of his uniform, was kneeling, head bowed, with a leather collar around his thick neck.

'Jesus!' breathed Bob. 'My-oh-my,' whispered Darius.

'You like?' asked Randy with a broad grin.

'Incredible,' Bob said.

Randy's voice softened. 'Look up Mark.'

The beaten cop raised his head and stared at the three beautiful men. His eyes were glazed. He was not sure where he was.

Darius turned to Randy. 'Hey, boss, you said you had something in mind for me.'

'Oh I do,' Randy smiled. 'You know I always keep my promises. Come here.' And he led the excited black man forward, a few feet away from the naked, kneeling cop.

Randy again fixed on the gray eyes looking up at him. 'Officer Matsen, we're not quite finished. I have something special to show you.' And with one swift move he pulled down Darius's shorts. Mark gasped as he saw the huge cock flop out of the shorts and hang down almost to Darius's knee. His eyes opened wide. He had never seen anything like it.

As Darius looked down at the handsome, sculpted features of this god-like man, his cock began to stiffen until it stood erect, pointing straight at Mark's astonished face. Through the haze of his confusion Mark heard a voice.

'Open your mouth, Mark.'

Mark shifted his gaze to Randy's face. He gasped as he realized his fate. 'No, I can't do that. I've never ... I mean, you got it wrong. I'm not a ....' But he didn't finish. Randy leant down, cupped his face in his hand and gave the man another piercing look.

'I said, open your mouth, Mark.'

Hypnotized again by this powerful man Mark did as he was told. Darius knew what to do. He walked forward, brought the tip of his stiff rod to Mark's lips and slowly, very slowly, eased his cock into the virgin mouth. Mark's eyes widened in horror and tears filled his eyes as he felt, for the first time in his life, a man's penis push toward the back of his throat.

He choked as the cock filled his mouth and slid down, deep inside his throat. He thought he would pass out, when suddenly the pressure eased and he felt the cock pulling out. He took a few deep breaths, then the rod pushed back in and made him choke again as it massaged the back of his throat. He was amazed and relieved to find that he began to go with the rhythm, and even to welcome the slow thrusts of the big shaft.

Darius put his hand behind the big man's head and, to steady himself, Mark grasped the hips of the coffee-colored body before him. His hands went around the slim waist and cupped the globes of the perfect ass. He felt them as they flexed and bulged as Darius moved back and forth. Mark found himself pulling the ass toward him as the cock continued to pump his face.

Bob looked at Randy and smiled. 'You son of a bitch,' he said. Darius was becoming delirious as he watched his huge cock slide in and out of the mouth of this beautifully chiseled face. He knew he couldn't hold on much longer without shooting his load. Randy knew that too.

'That's enough,' he ordered. Darius slowly pulled out. 'Come on guys,' Randy smiled, 'Lets welcome Mark to the house.'

The three men stood before Mark as he looked up at them, three of the most beautiful men he had ever seen. And they were all stroking their cocks. He was motionless, mesmerized by the pounding fists before him. He had never been so focused on anything in his life. As he watched in awe he heard a voice say, 'OK, guys .... now.'

Mark heard hoarse shouts and had a glimpse of three jets of white liquid spurt toward him before he was blinded by thick wads of cum that splashed into his eyes, his hair, down his face, dripping off his chin onto his heaving, naked chest. He lost all sense of reality and exulted in the smell and taste of the juice of these glorious men. His body heaved and flexed, his heart pounded and he

screamed, 'YES! ............' Then his body slumped forward and he started to weep, his body racked with deep sobs.

* * *

Randy leaned down, cupped Mark's chin in his hand and brought his face upward. He wiped the cum from his eyes and said. 'You were great, man. Take your time, then come and join us. Darius, help clean him up.'

He and Bob turned to leave. As they walked upstairs Randy smiled at his buddy. 'Impressive, uh?'

'What, him or you?'

'Both of us. But you know what? I missed you.'

'But you and Mark .....'

'Oh, he's hot alright. But you ... well, I love you, man. I want to make love to you.'

'Now? But you already came with him.'

Randy smiled, 'Twice, actually. Think you can make me cum again?'

Bob grinned at him and threw his arm over Randy's shoulder.


And they walked into the bedroom.

* * *

Back in the basement Darius was taking Randy at his word and helping Mark clean up ... in his own way. The cop's face was still streaked with cum and tears. Darius knelt in front of him, leaned forward and began to lick at his face ... the eyes, the forehead, cheeks and chin. He even leaned further down and licked the splashes of cum from the cop's magnificent chest. Then he wiped him dry with the remains of Mark's ripped T-shirt.

'God you're gorgeous,' he sighed. 'I guess you got the full Randy treatment.'

Bob blinked and started to gather his thoughts. 'He's just ..... I mean ... I've never met anyone like him.'

'And never will,' Darius grinned.

'He and Bob are real close, aren't they? I don't understand. I mean ... are they ....?

'.... inseparable,' Darius cut in. 'That's what they are. But don't try to understand. Just sit back and enjoy. I do.' He held out the T-shirt, sticky with cum and tilted his head. 'By the way, can I keep this?'

'Enjoy.' And for the first time Mark smiled.

* * *

Half an hour later all four men were standing by the pool, all just wearing boxers. Mark was looking uneasy, embarrassed even, still coming to grips with the events of the morning. Bob felt his unease and smiled.

'Do you have to leave?'

Mark relaxed a little. 'Well, when I came here I had just got off the night shift. I'm kind of exhausted ... really beat. I'm not working today.'

Randy put his hand on his shoulder. 'Good, then you should crash here, buddy.' He smiled. 'You've earned it, God knows. There's a great hammock over there.' He shot a warning look to Darius who was grinning at the memory of the events in the hammock.

'Well,' Mark stammered. 'If it's OK with you guys. That'd be great.'

* * *

A short while later the beautiful, near-naked, pale golden body lay sprawled in the hammock in a deep, exhausted sleep. His arms and legs were splayed out, spread eagled to the four corners.

Randy looked at Darius and growled, 'Don't even think of it, punk.' The three men were staring down at the incredible sight. The cop's gleaming muscular body heaved as he breathed deeply, a slight smile on his face.

'So, what comes next?' Bob asked.

'Let him sleep,' Randy said. 'And when he wakes he can get to know us better. I have a few ideas left.'

Bob smiled and shook his head. 'You son-of-a-bitch.'

* * *

Continued in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 20'


Rob Williams

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