Although Jamie was still pale from the ordeal, his face now suddenly flushed a deep red. He was embarrassed by the applause, accompanied by whoops and whistles from Darius and Pablo.

Mark had just brought Jamie home from the hospital where he had stayed overnight for observation. His left arm in a sling the young man was still somewhat dazed from the trauma of the pit-bull attack. He had come home the day before to see Pablo's dog Billy in a vicious, losing fight with the savage pit-bull that had broken into the garden.

Jamie had risked his life to save Billy and had managed to fight off the savage attacker. The vet had said to Mark, 'I've never known anyone attack a crazed pit-bull and live to tell about it. The guy's real lucky to be alive .... so's this dog. That's a hell of a brave kid you've got there sir.'

Which accounted for the wild applause greeting Jamie now in the garden. Along with Darius and Pablo, Randy and Bob joined in the enthusiastic greeting as Mark put his arm around Jamie. No doubt about it, Jamie was the hero of the hour.


When the applause died down nobody quite knew what to do, except for Billy who gazed admiringly at Jamie and wagged his tail furiously. Soon Pablo walked forward and joined him. His eyes held Jamie's in a steady gaze and he thrust his hand out to him. Jamie took it and they shook hands, rather solemnly.

Pablo cleared his throat. 'I ..... I've been a real prick to you, dude. I treated you like shit, then ignored you ...... and then you go and risk your life to save Billy's. You could have died. Why did you do it, man?

'Because you love him.' Jamie said simply. 'I've seen the way you are together. You're crazy about Billy. You'd have fallen apart if anything happened to him. I had to save him ....... for you.'

'Jesus, man.' Pablo's eyes filled with tears and he grabbed Jamie in a tight bear hug. The enormity of what could have happened overwhelmed him now and he started to sob. 'I can never thank you enough, dude. Billy's everything to me and ..... I owe everything to you.' He pulled back and held Jamie at arm's length. 'You were incredible, dude. Taking on a pit-bull single handed ..... I never thought I'd say this but ....... I admire the hell out of you, man.'

'That goes for two of us.' Darius had come up to them and it was his turn to hug Jamie. 'We've been real mother-fuckers, the way we treated you. We'll make it up to you, dude.'

Jamie smiled, 'I always wanted us to be friends ..... from soon after I started working for you.'

'Hey,' a deep voice growled. 'Enough of this Kumbaya shit.' Randy was smiling. 'This calls for a few beers. Darius, can you rustle up something quick for us to eat and plenty to drink?

'Sure thing, boss,' Darius said, and he and Pablo ran into the house.


OK, guys!' Randy stood up and there was silence. They were all sitting round the outdoor table eating and drinking noisily. Now they looked expectantly at Randy.

'Relax, I'm not gonna make a speech. I'll say just one thing, though. Jamie, when you know me better you'll understand that the thing I value most in a guy is toughness. One way or another I've put all these guys through a trial of strength .... made them earn their place here. But you're something else! I thought I'd seen everything, but never a guy taking on a mad dog single-handedly. You are one tough son-of-a-bitch and I salute you. You belong here, kid. Welcome to the house.' He raised his beer bottle, then looked at Mark.

'And Mark, you've got yourself a hell of a boy.'

Caught off stride Mark said, 'Oh ..... we're really just .....' But he trailed off as he caught the look on Jamie's face. He was gazing at Mark with a mix of exhilaration and adoration, a look that told made Mark they were more than just good buddies.

Mark corrected himself, smiled at Randy. 'Thanks, man.' Then looking straight at Jamie, 'I know I have.'

Bob looked at Darius and Pablo. 'Jamie's one of us now, and we're counting on you guys to make him feel at home.'

'On one condition,' said Darius eagerly. 'That he tells us everything that happened on the trip with Mark up north.'

'Everything?' Jamie asked wide-eyed.

'Of course everything,' said Pablo. 'Every detail.'

Bob laughed. 'Jamie, you should know that around here Darius is known as the 'King of Fantasy.' So you might want to dress the story up a bit.'

'No need, sir,' said Jamie. 'It was a fantasy.'

As the three young guys ran off to the house Randy grinned at Mark and tapped their beer bottles together. 'Cheers, man. Treat him well, you hear?'


Late that evening Bob and Randy were in the house talking business. Mark was out working and would not be home until midnight. The three young guys were outside in the pool. Darius and Pablo were swimming but Jamie was just standing in the water to keep his arm dry. It was no longer in a sling but still bandaged and couldn't get wet.

All three had spent a good day together, with the two lovers listening wide-eyed and open-mouthed as Jamie related the story of his extraordinary bike trip with the glorious cop. He had intended to hold some details back but Darius's enthusiasm had somehow dragged out of him every last intimate detail ...... the ride, the beach, the rescue in the rip tide, his spontaneous orgasm, the scene on the balcony where he and Mark had cum looking at each other.

'No way, dude,' Darius breathed. 'Awesome ..... totally awesome. Has he fucked you yet?'

Jamie was taken aback and blushed deeply. 'No, you guys. You got the wrong idea. I know we got off looking at each other ...... '

' ........ who wouldn't?' Darius interrupted. 'The man's a total god.'

' ..... but that's all,' Jamie protested. 'We're just good buddies, friends. I could never ..... you know ..... do anything like that. Even with a guy like Mark.'

'There are no guys like Mark,' said Pablo.

'Well, whatever. I'm only living with him until Randy has remodeled my room. That's all. We don't get into ..... all that stuff.'

'O....K,' said Darius slowly, grinning at Pablo. 'Just as you say.'

'What?' asked Jamie, catching their look.

'Nothing,' Pablo reassured him. 'It's just as you say, dude. We believe you.'


As Jamie's bandaged arm prevented him from swimming he left the guys in the pool and went upstairs to wait for Mark to come home from his shift. The day had gone great. And yet ......... he was still troubled somehow .... confused. He imagined what Mark must be doing right now, the powerful, unformed cop astride his bike. And this incredible man was coming home to him. They were going to sleep together. Jamie frowned.

'And then what?' he thought. He desperately wanted to give Mark everything he needed. 'I want him to like me. I want ..... I want ..... to serve him.' He winced. 'No, shit, that's not the word. I want to .......'

But he couldn't find a different word.

He heard laughter coming from the two guys outside. He stood at the window, looking down at them playing in the pool. Soon they got out, their bodies gleaming wet in the moonlight. He had to admit they were great looking guys. They stood looking at each other and Jamie sensed a change in their body language. They leaned toward each other and kissed.

Embarrassed and a bit shocked Jamie was about to turn away when he saw Pablo lower his gaze. He was staring at ..... what? No doubt about it, he was staring at Darius's cock. Jamie stood unseen at the window wide-eyed as Darius's huge black cock rose until it stood out rigid.

'Jesus, that's incredible,' thought Jamie. 'It's massive.' He watched mesmerized as Pablo slowly sank to his knees trailing his hands down the length of Darius's smooth, coffee-colored body.

'What the fuck .....?' Jamie wanted to turn away but stood enthralled by what came next. Pablo grasped Darius by the hips, lowered his head forward and brought his mouth to the head of Darius's huge shaft. Darius placed his hands behind Pablo's head and pulled it slowly forward so his cock slid into his lover's mouth.

'Jesus Christ,' thought Jamie as he watched the whole length of the black cock disappear into Pablo's mouth. Then he did turn away from the window, stunned by what he had seen, and threw himself onto the bed.

'I can't watch that shit,' he thought in total confusion. 'They're ....... I mean .... I guess I knew they did something like that but, man .........' He lay there for only a few minutes before he found himself drawn again to the window. He looked down again at the garden. By now Pablo's mouth was being hammered by Darius's cock, the hips pounding back and forth against his mouth.

Suddenly Darius pulled his cock out and said something to Pablo that Jamie couldn't hear. He had the crazy idea that it was like watching a silent porn movie. But he couldn't tear himself away. He watched hypnotized as Pablo knelt on all fours on the lawn, his back to Darius. Pablo pushed his ass in the air and Jamie gasped. It was only then that he realized how perfect that ass was ...... two flawless round globes, smooth-skinned, hairless.

Instinctively Jamie knew what was coming next, and also knew he shouldn't be watching, didn't want to watch .... but had to. He saw Darius's long pole move forward, enter the perfect ass and bury itself deep inside the kneeling man. As Jamie watched the fucking begin he was horrified to feel his own cock get hard. His hand moved down and he felt himself stroking his cock.

The fucking grew more intense and now he heard the guys because they were screaming. He saw the bodies shudder and then go rigid and he knew what was happening. Both young guys were shooting their load, one all over the grass and the other deep inside his lover's ass.

In spite of himself Jamie was now aroused with lust as he watched the ecstasy on the faces of the two lovers. Without thinking he stripped naked and began beating his meat hard. He felt his climax approaching and was ready to shoot his load ..... when suddenly the gate opened and Mark strode into the garden, home from work, still in full uniform.


Jamie took his hand off his cock and watched. He was amazed at the cop's reaction. He heard him laugh but couldn't catch what he said to the two guys who were lying together on the ground. They laughed back at him and Mark walked toward the house. In a flash Jamie left the window and threw himself on the bed, taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself.

He heard Mark coming up the stairs and he propped himself on his elbows. The bedroom door opened and there he stood, the stunning blond cop, strong, handsome face, his muscular body etched under his tight black uniform. The shirt, open at the neck to show his white T-shirt, tapered from his broad shoulders to his tight waist, the black pants tucked into high, black leather boots. Jamie gasped at the sight.

Mark stopped in his tracks and stared at the bed. 'Jesus Christ,' he breathed. Before him lay the naked young man, his beautiful body gleaming in the moonlight that shone through the window. And Jamie's cock was still hard as a rock.

Neither man spoke another word. Mark walked forward and stood, legs apart, at the foot of the bed. As Jamie gazed up in awe Mark slowly began to unbutton his shirt. He pulled it apart to reveal more of the white T-shirt stretched over his chest. Then he pulled the shirt from his waist until it hung open. The cop paused, then shrugged off the shirt, letting it fall to the floor.

Jamie fell back on the bed and narrowed his eyes a little so that the tall figure above him became his only focus. The cop stood stripped to his T-shirt, stretched in a wide V from his broad shoulders, down to where it was tucked into the belted waist of his uniform pants. Mark knew the visual effect he was having on Jamie, whose hand reached down to grasp his still raging cock.

Mark smiled and be began to pull at his T-shirt. Slowly he pulled it up from his waist, up over his chest, then over his head, and let it drop. Jamie moaned at the sight and began to beat his cock harder. The cop was now stripped to the waist, and he unzipped his pants. He pulled out his cock, which was already rigid, and began to match Jamie stroke for stroke.

The visual impact was intense for both men and they couldn't hold back for long. Jamie watched and saw the muscular, shirtless body shudder and tense. The steely blue eyes bored into his and the cop said one word. 'Now.' His cock shot a long stream of white liquid that hit Jamie in the face. More cum followed, then more, splashing onto his chest.

Jamie was transported into another world as he stared wide-eyed at the magnificent god-like cop pouring out his juice. He gasped as he felt the hot liquid splash into his face and over his body. Then he felt more semen hit him and he realized it was his own. His own cum was now spraying over him, mixing with Mark's all over his naked body.

His body was still heaving as he saw Mark bend down and pull off his shiny boots. Then he unbuckled his pants and let them drop. Soon he was naked, towering over the exhausted young man. The cop knelt on the bed then dropped forward on top of Jamie, their bodies sliding together on the pools of cum all over Jamie.

As Jamie got used to the weight of the naked cop on him his euphoria began to calm down. He was in a sort of heaven, but a heaven that still had a shadow over it. Jamie knew that what they had done felt incredible, but he also knew that he had not been able to give Mark the ultimate gift ...... his ass. His mind went back to the sight of the young guys fucking and he resolved to speak to them tomorrow.

Ten seconds after that he was asleep.


The next morning, Sunday, Darius, Pablo and Jamie were sitting at the outdoor table eating a big cooked breakfast.

'I wish you'd let me help with the cooking,' Jamie said.

'Sure. You know how to cook?' asked Pablo.

'Well, my mom was AWOL most of the time so I always fed myself. I got quite good at it. Where are the other guys, by the way?'

'Oh, that's a Sunday ritual here. While we eat breakfast the three masters work out downstairs in the gym.'

Jamie frowned. 'The masters?'


'Why do you call them that?

''Cause that's what they are,' Darius said. 'You still don't get it, dude. They are the masters and we are here to serve them.'

Jamie frowned again. 'That's not the way it is with Mark and me. We're buddies.'

'Oh really.' Pablo looked skeptical. 'You don't want to serve him? Most guys I know would give anything to serve a spectacular guy like him.'

Jamie remembered that the word 'serve' had been the only one he could come up with when thinking about Mark the night before.

'Do you call him 'sir'?' Darius asked

'Well, yeah, I guess I do, but that doesn't mean ......'

'There you are, then,' Darius cut him off. 'He's your master.'

Jamie let the subject drop. Then, after a silence he said, 'Can I ask you guys something? It's kind of a personal question.'

Darius grinned. 'That's the best kind. Shoot, dude.'

'Well ..... first I gotta confess something. Last night while you ...... well, after you got out of the pool ...... I was watching upstairs.'

'Great,' laughed Darius. 'Did you get off on it?'

Jamie just blushed in reply. Then he stammered, 'What I wanted to ask is ...... how does it feel to get fucked in the ass?'

'Hell, dude,' said Pablo. 'That's not something you can describe in words. It's out of this world. Feels like nothing else.'

'Trip to the moon,' added Darius.

'But ...... does it make you feel ...... you know ..... less of a man?'

'Shit, no,' said Pablo. 'You have to be a real man to take a thing like that all the way,' and he looked down at Darius's crotch.

'Does it hurt?'

'Only the first time,' said Darius. 'For me it was Randy, of course, the boss man. He tied me spread eagled to the hammock over there and he was the first man ever to put his cock in my ass. I'll never forget that.'

Jamie gaped. 'He tied you up and then fucked you.'

'Oh man, you should try it. It feels sensational to be at the mercy of a man like Randy.'

'Jesus.' Jamie shuddered. 'I would never let anyone do that to me.'

'Mine was with Bob,' Pablo said. 'It hurt, but he was awesome. The thing is, I really wanted it. You have to really want it.'

'But Mark's different. He doesn't want to fuck me. He likes things just the way they are.'

'You sure about that, dude?' Pablo asked.

Jamie frowned ..... then suddenly knew what he had to do.

Just then the three muscle studs came out from the downstairs gym. They looked truly stunning, all of them in nothing but gym shorts and sneakers. Their sculpted bodies, pumped and sweaty from their workout, gleamed in the sunlight.

'Jesus, will you look at that?' said Darius. 'Yeah, they're masters alright. I'd sure like to know what goes on in those Sunday gym sessions.'

'Hey,' Randy shouted. 'You boys coming for a swim?'

As they passed by Mark smiled at Jamie. 'These two punks treating you OK , kid?'

Jamie smiled back. Yeah, he thought, he knew now exactly what he had to do.


That night Jamie again waited for Mark to get home after the evening shift. The cop was beat when he came in and stripped off his uniform right away. He had a quick shower, then came out into the bedroom with a towel wrapped round his waist. As always he looked spectacular, his still-wet chiseled body gleaming in the moonlight. He let the towel drop and threw himself naked on the bed. He smiled up at Jamie who was standing uncertainly by the bed.

'What's the matter, kid? Come to bed. Take your clothes off and climb in.'

'Sir, there's something ....... there's something I want to do. Something I want you to do to me.'

'OK,' Mark said lightly. 'What's on your mind?'

'Sir ..... I want .... I want you to fuck me in the ass.'

Taken aback, Mark pulled himself up on his elbows. 'Shit, you don't mess around, kid, do you?'

'Of course, if you don't want to, sir, I understand. I mean, I know you like Pablo's ass but if you don't like mine that's ......

'Jamie,' Mark laughed, cutting him off. 'Listen kid, I'll tell you something. A few days ago when I finished my shift I went to the men's room at the police station, looked into the mirror and beat my meat. I shot my load all over the mirror. And you know what made me cum?'

'No, sir,' Jamie whispered.

'I was thinking about you, kid. Thinking about fucking your ass.'

Jamie gulped, wide-eyed. 'Really, sir?'

'But, Jamie, I didn't really think you were into that. I still don't. You're not nearly ready for something like that.'

Jamie's tone became defiant. 'I am, sir.'

Quickly he stripped naked and threw himself face down on the bed. He pushed his ass slightly up into the air and said, 'Please, sir. I want you to fuck me, sir.'

Mark paused. He knew what he had to do, even though he also knew Jamie wasn't ready. 'OK, Jamie. If you're sure you want this.'

Mark knelt astride the naked body. Looking down at the naturally beautiful young body, the smooth skin, the perfect, rounded young ass, his cock began to get stiff. He leaned forward placing his hands on the bed beside Jamie and brought his cock close to his ass.

As Jamie felt the head of the big dick resting on his hole he gulped a deep intake of breath, gripped the sheets hard in his fists and buried his head in the pillow. He gritted his teeth waiting for the moment.

It came right away. Slowly Mark started to push against Jamie's virgin ass and, as he felt the pressure build, the young man clenched his ass muscles tight. He felt the big cock press harder and harder, the pain became more and more intense. The worse the pain, the more he resisted. .... . And then suddenly he knew he couldn't take it. It hurt far too much.

'No!' He twisted over and looked up at Mark in desperation. 'I can't do it, sir. It hurts so bad. I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry, I ..........'

Mark flopped down beside him and cradled Jamie's head to his chest. 'Hey, hey. No sweat, kid. I knew you wouldn't be able to but I also knew you wanted to try. Don't beat yourself up about this.' He pulled back and looked into the troubled eyes. 'You don't listen to me, kid. I've told you before, you only do things that feel good to you.'

'But I wanted so bad to please you, sir.'

'You do please me, Jamie. Just sleeping with you in my arms pleases me. Never do anything that hurts you just to please another guy. You'll know when the moment feels right, OK?'

'Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.'

Mark wrapped his arms around Jamie, even tighter than usual. 'Now let's get some sleep. You feel OK now?'

'Yes, sir.'

But that was only partly true. Jamie loved being folded in the arms of this gorgeous cop. But he still desperately wanted to give Mark the ultimate gift ..... his ass.


The week that followed was full of confusion for Jamie. Although Mark held him tight in bed there was no more sex. Mark held back, feeling that they needed a break after what had happened, and Jamie was scared of more failure, more disappointment that he could not give Mark everything he wanted.

Sunday rolled round again, and once more the three young men were at the outdoor breakfast table. Darius and Pablo were aware that Jamie had been downcast all week but they didn't ask him why ....... even though Darius, as usual, was dying for details.

Suddenly there came the sound of raucous laughter and the other three men appeared, on their way to their Sunday ritual of a heavy workout in the gym downstairs. As always the muscle studs were wearing just their old gym shorts and unlaced sneakers, and as always the three young guys gazed in awe at them.

'So, Jamie,' Bob said. 'How's the arm coming along?'

Actually it was coming along very well. The healing process was remarkably fast and the bandage was off.

'I'm doing great, sir, thanks.'

'Shit,' Randy growled. 'No sense just nursing the thing. It needs to be exercised. He should start working out again, eh Mark?'

'Well, real light weights might be a good idea,' Mark said.

'So come down to the gym with us,' Randy smiled. 'Mark'll put you through your paces while I put this guy here through his,' and he threw his arm around Bob's shoulder.

'Really, sir?' All three young guys looked astonished. None of them had ever before been invited to join the masters in their Sunday ritual.

'You wanna come, Jamie?' Mark asked.

Jamie looked at his companions, whose eyes opened wide. 'Go ...... go, asshole,' Darius whispered. 'You'll never get another chance like this. And tell us everything after you get back.'

Jamie stood up and Mark put his arm around him and said quietly. 'It all gets real competitive and kinda raunchy down there, but I'll take care of you, kid.'


The scene and the atmosphere in the gym was like nothing Jamie had ever experienced. It was like something out of a fantasy. Three gorgeous bodybuilders, almost naked, laughing and joking as they urged each other on to heavier weights and feats of strength. They yelled and taunted each other and seemed eager for bodily contact whenever possible.

The straining bodies quickly began to drip with perspiration as veins bulged in the flexing muscles. The air was heavy with testosterone, pure masculinity, smelling of hot, male sweat. The room rang with deep, macho shouts and obscenities.

'Come on, asshole,' Randy yelled at Bob. 'You're a fucking pussy today. Here, grab this bar. You can bench more than that.' He stood over the sweating stud as Bob strained to press the impossibly heavy weight Randy had put on the bar.

Jamie watched spellbound as the men grunted and yelled in a display of powerful, masculine physicality. He found the whole experience stunning and ..... he had to admit ..... intensely erotic. He was acutely aware that his cock was quickly becoming rock hard.

Which presented a problem when Mark said, 'OK, kid, strip down to your shorts. We'll just ignore those assholes and I'll get you started on something simple.' He must have seen the bulge in Jamie's shorts but didn't let on. He made Jamie lie on a bench and loaded on a few light weights.

'Here, I'll spot you.' And he stood astride the young man, looking down at him as he handed the bar to him. 'Now, try to press this, and if it hurts your arm we'll stop.'

Jamie found he could handle more weight than he thought, and Mark was there to assist. But at one point Jamie almost dropped the bar when he looked up at the muscle cop towering over him and could see, under his shorts, his balls and cock swaying with the motion. He was, simply, in heaven. He had never been so turned on by a man before. He watched the rivers of sweat pour over the cop's naked chest, and gasped as it dripped down onto his face.

Mark pushed him to further effort and the routine carried on for some time until he was starting to feel he needed a break. Just then it seemed that the competitiveness between Randy and Bob had reached a climax.

'OK,' Randy growled. 'This is it. The final contest ...... pull-ups on the chin bar. I'm gonna ream you, man. And we know the penalty for the loser. Grab hold.'

It was an amazing sight. The two bodybuilders faced each other, grasping the chin bar, naked chests pressed together. Locking eyes they pulled their straining bodies up to the bar, then down, again and again, daring the other to give up. They groaned as their biceps and shoulders rippled, their lats flared with the intense effort. Their wet bodies slid against each other as the steady rhythm continued up and down. Jamie stared awestruck.

Finally, it was Bob who caved. He strained mightily but his muscles failed, he could not make one final pull and his feet dropped to the floor.

'Pussy,' yelled Randy in triumph and did two or three more pull-ups. 'I win. Now for the prize. Get naked, big guy.

Soon both men were naked and they reached for the chin bar again, with a difference. This time Bob had his back to Randy as they began more pull-ups.

'Assholes,' Mark grinned and tried to distract Jamie with his own exercises. But when Jamie heard the guys start to yell louder he had to look again. They were now in a pitch of exhilaration. Bob was hanging motionless and Randy was still pulling himself up and down.

But it was their expressions that amazed Jamie, a look of ecstasy that he had seen somewhere before. Then he remembered. It was the same look he had seen last week on the faces of Darius and Pablo as they fucked in the moonlight. The truth hit Jamie like a rock. Randy was inside Bob. His cock was in his ass. As he pulled himself up and down his cock was sliding in and out of his lover's ass.

The flexing bodies started to shudder, their shouts grew to a pitch ....... and then they went rigid, motionless. Bob's stiff cock began to stream thick white cum, which splashed down on the gym floor, and it was clear that Randy had exploded in his lover's ass. Jamie was riveted by the look of exhilaration on their faces.


The incredible workout session was almost over. 'You've got to stretch now,' said Mark. 'On you back kid. We'll do hamstrings first'

Jamie lay on his back and Mark knelt at his legs. He grabbed his ankles and slowly pushed his legs up and back to stretch the hamstrings. 'Let me know if it's too much,' he said. But as he pushed Jamie slid backward on the mat.

'Hey, Bob,' Mark shouted. 'Give us a hand here. Can you hold Jamie's hands down so he doesn't slide backward?' Bob knelt at Jamie's head and pinned his hands to the floor. Randy stood at the side watching, his arms folded over his chest.

'That's got it,' Mark said. 'Now he can't move.' Mark pushed Jamie's legs back again, stretching them back almost to his head. 'That's better,' Mark said. 'A great stretch.' As he leaned forward his crotch came forward and touched Jamie's ass through his shorts.

The effect on Jamie was electric. He couldn't move. The man he worshipped held his legs and was pressing the bulge in his shorts against his ass. Jamie could see Bob above him, his bare chest dripping sweat down onto his face. And the naked construction worker was watching it all, grinning down at him.

Mark was so focused on stretching Jamie safely that he was unaware what was happening. But Jamie was entering a whole new world. He was pinned to the ground. He could see Mark bending over him, could feel his cock pressing against his ass. And he couldn't move. He was at the mercy of the muscular cop.

He remembered what Darius had said about being tied up and fucked. 'Oh man, you should try it. It feels sensational to be at the mercy of a man like that.' This was it. This is what he had wanted for so long. He was helpless, a captive of the beautiful cop, and he loved it.

Jamie felt his cock become totally rigid and the head poked up out of the waistband of his shorts. He felt Bob's dripping sweat, he saw Randy grinning down at him, and most of all he felt the euphoria of Mark holding his legs and pressing his bulge against his ass.

It was too much. Jamie gazed up at Mark, his body went stiff ...... and his cock erupted. Hot cum poured over his stomach and chest and sprayed up over his face. He screamed as his eyes locked with Mark's. And that was the look that did it. An understanding passed between the two men. They both knew now. They knew what Jamie needed, knew what they both wanted more than anything. There was only one way they could go from here.

Jamie was shaken from his trance by Randy's laughter. 'Hell, kid, that was awesome. Now you're really one of us. You got a great boy here, Mark. You're both gonna have a shit load of fun. I envy you.'


That night Jamie was ready as he waited for Mark to come home. He lay naked on his back on the bed, his arms and legs spread-eagled. His gaze was fixed on the door, knowing that soon the cop would come through it. He was still mesmerized by the memory of the gym, lying on the floor unable to move, his wrists pinned hard to the ground, his legs held up rigid, and Mark looking down at him.

He had been helpless, totally in the cop's power. Never in his life had he had a real authority figure, never felt the need to be dominated ...... never loved or trusted anyone enough. He had always thought of himself as a macho, alpha male, the top man. But that was before he met Mark.

The bedroom door suddenly opened and Mark came in from work, still in his black uniform. He looked down at Jamie, spread eagled and naked, and smiled. 'You got it just right, kid.' He walked forward and looked down into the boy's eyes.

'Well Jamie, I guess you and I both know now what you need ...... what you've been wanting all this time.' His eyes narrowed and he clenched his jaw. His tone changed, became harder. 'Get ready, boy. I'm really gonna enjoy this.'

And the cop unhooked the handcuffs from his belt.


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 40'


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