The six guys had paired off for a weekend retreat and were all headed in separate directions to the water. The masters would introduce each of their boys to new fantasies and make some of their secret dreams come true.

Randy had taken his newly adopted son Pablo on a fishing trip to the quiet lake high in the Angeles National Forest, though fishing was not the main thing on their minds.

The handsome business executive, Bob, was even now strolling along the pier at Santa Monica with Darius, breathing in the fresh sea air of the Pacific as they prepared for their next flight into Fantasyland.

Earlier that morning, and much farther up the coast, another young man had been fulfilling a fantasy. Jamie was being driven up to the wild and remote Guadalupe dunes by the stunningly beautiful police officer, Mark. The cop was the man of Jamie's dreams (literally), and his dreams were about to come to life.


As they sped up Coast Highway Jamie had leaned back against his door and stroked his cock as he gazed at the stunning cop. In profile the face was indeed like a Greek god, unruly blond hair falling over his brow, square jaw clenched in concentration. The black tank Jamie had given him stretched tightly over his hard chest, the bulge of his shoulders gleamed in the sunlight and his arms flexed as he gripped the steering wheel.

Unable to control himself Jamie had jerked off and blasted his cum all over the man he idolized. Mark knew he was an icon and was used to being admired to the point of orgasm, but he also needed relief himself. So, while the cop kept his attention on the road, his boy had leaned over and given him one of the best blow jobs he had ever had.

After that they drove in silence for a while but Jamie still leaned back against his door, his eyes riveted on Mark. All the time he gazed in awe at the man he worshipped. He couldn't get enough of the magnificent cop.

Mark looked straight ahead, concentrating on the road, but he was acutely aware of Jamie's rapt attention and it began to make him uncomfortable. A frown passed over his face. The lust in the boy's eyes, the hunger, the need, the abject idolatry troubled Mark somehow. It was all so intense. He needed time to think.


It wasn't easy to find the shack that Mark's fellow cop had loaned him for the weekend. Fortunately his truck was a heavy-duty 4-wheel drive and bounced over the sandy track with ease. Finally they saw it, a weather-beaten cabin in the middle of the dunes a few hundred yards from the surf. It had once been a ranger station and now stood alone in the sand, nothing and nobody else around for miles.

'Wow,' breathed Jamie as they went in. The building was rudimentary to say the least. No electricity, no phone or cell reception, though there was a small kitchen and the water and gas was still turned on. There was a fireplace, and oil lamps and candles for light.

Mark grinned. 'Well, just you and me now, Jamie. You feel like roughing it with me for a few days?'

'How about forever, sir?'

Again Mark felt the same uneasiness he had experienced on the drive up. He looked at the eager, youthful face, glowing with admiration and need, and again there was that same stab of doubt. He tried to shake it off. But he knew what it was .... he was having second thoughts .... cold feet.

They had stopped for breakfast on the way up so they were not hungry, just a bit cramped from the long drive. Mark stretched his long, muscular limbs. 'I need some exercise. Ready for a swim?'

Quickly they stripped down to their shorts, left the shack, jogged over the sand and threw themselves into the waves. With long powerful strokes Mark quickly swam out alone to deeper water. Jamie still had nervous memories of the last ocean swim he had taken with Mark when the cop had to rescue him from near drowning, so he stayed closer to shore. Besides, he had detected a strange note in Mark's voice and he sensed that something was bothering him.

He was right. Ten minutes later Mark was swimming back to shore and they both ran back up the beach. They regained their breath leaning on a plank a short distance from the shack. There had evidently been a shed there at one time, but the weather had reduced it to a few poles and a door frame.

Mark stood still, water still streaming over the gleaming wet muscles of his glorious body. 'I'm going for a run,' he said, an edge of coolness in his voice.

'Yes, sir?' said Jamie tentatively.

'Not you though.'

'No, sir?'

There was an uneasy silence. Jamie gazed at the big cop but Mark looked away. His voice was colder now. 'I just need some time to myself, some space. So I'm leaving you here. I don't want you following me and I don't want you beating your meat again either, so I'll make sure you behave yourself.'

Mark strode quickly to the shack and came back with a short length of rope. He grabbed Jamie by the neck and pushed him backward so his back was pressed against one of the old poles. Mark expertly tied his hands behind it.

'Try to get loose,' the cop ordered. He stood back and admired the sinewy young body as the muscles flexed and strained to get free. Mark was satisfied. It was clear that the young stud was bound tight. Mark's translucent blue eyes held Jamie's with a penetrating look.

'Now, boy, you're on your own. I want you to think carefully about who you are ... what you want to become. Are you really sure what you want from me .... or anyone else?'

Puzzled, Jamie waited for more, but Mark turned abruptly away and began a few exercises before taking off on his run. He stretched again, then jumped up to grab the crossbar of the old door frame. He hung there for a while, stretching his upper body. Then he began to pull himself up in a series of chin lifts, raising his face above the bar, then dropping back down.

Jamie had half expected some kind of punishment involving physical pain, another whipping maybe, but this was worse. He was helpless, being ignored by this incredible muscle god whose physique was on glorious display. Jamie was trapped in an extreme session of muscle worship but unable to touch himself. Before him was the man he idolized, stripped down to his wet shorts that clung to his body, his long, thick penis visible through the thin cotton.

The youngster gasped as he watched the golden muscles flex and strain as the body heaved up and down. The lats flared, the shoulders and biceps bulged and the abs tightened in an incredible exhibition of rugged, male beauty and power. Jamie's cock instantly became rigid and he strained to get free so he could touch it. He ached for release, but he was trapped. The tension was unbearable.

Mark finally let go of the bar and ran on the spot for a while, conditioning his powerful legs for his run. Jamie was mesmerized by the cock bouncing up and down under the shorts. Suddenly, without a word or a glance, Mark turned toward the ocean and took off. Bewildered, scared, Jamie watched as the tall cop jogged away from him on the beach. He ran down to the surf and his feet splashed in the shallow water as the muscular legs pounded in the wet sand.

The deserted beach was endless and the image of the cop rapidly grew smaller as he ran further into the distance. Jamie panicked.

'No!' he screamed. 'Don't leave me! I'll do anything for you, sir. Just don't leave me alone. I need you with me, sir. Please!'

But he knew the running man was too far away to hear. Jamie watched as the image became smaller and smaller, became blurred in the mist and spray of the ocean. His eyes strained to keep the figure in sight until it was a small dot on the horizon. Tears came to his eyes as he realized that Mark had completely disappeared. Jamie was alone.


Eventually the sharp panic he felt began to subside, replaced by an acute sadness, bordering on despair. What was happening? Why was Mark treating him this way? The man he loved, worshipped, his whole reason for being, had disappeared. He felt totally bereft. He knew that his life would be an empty void without this incredible man.

He tried to fill the void by re-imagining the gorgeous cop and the things he had done to him. His mind went back to the extraordinary night when his master had broken him, turned him into an obedient slave.

He remembered how he had been handcuffed to the bed, and he now struggled to free himself from his bondage just as he had struggled that night. He pictured again the uniformed cop stripped to the waist, standing over him, legs astride, whipping his chest. He felt the pain again and groaned at the memory. 'Whip me sir. My body's yours. Do anything, hurt me. I need you, sir.'

Then suddenly he choked. It was the memory of the big, hard rod filling his mouth, pounding his face. His mind heard the man scream and he tasted again the warm, creamy liquid that poured down his throat. He swallowed now, trying again to gulp down his master's juice.

And finally, his body bucked as he felt again the pain in his ass, the pain that became unbearable. 'No, sir. I can't do it. Please, sir. It hurts too bad.' And then suddenly his master was inside him. Tears flowed from his eyes as he recalled the sensation of his ass being filled by the man he idolized. He clenched his ass muscles again as he had clenched them around his master's cock.

Jamie's cock was rigid, but this time he couldn't shoot his load as he had done that night, again and again, with his master inside him. He slowly calmed down and felt again the loving arms folding him as he fell asleep pressed against the muscular, god-like, naked cop. Then the images became blurred until they faded from his mind completely and he was alone again.

The only sound was the sighing of the breeze as it blew along the beach and through the dunes. Jamie had never felt so alone in his life. It wasn't just the physical solitude of this strange and beautiful place. Jamie had been alone for much of his young life and could take that easily. But now .... now that he had met this man, come to love him, worship him, given himself to him, become his slave, the sense of abandonment was agonizing.

As he remembered the coolness in Mark's voice when he took off, Jamie moaned in despair. 'He's leaving me. I know I came on too strong ... must've scared him off. God, I need him. He's my life.' He tried to imagine what his life would be without Mark, and he failed. He had no life without him. He was intoxicated by his stunning beauty, the incredible physique, by the power of his raw, rugged masculinity. But it was far more than that, more than animal lust. It was .... he couldn't find the words .... he simply loved him. He realized he had never really loved anyone before. Never, ever like this.

He slumped against the post and his tears blurred his vision. The wind kicked up and sand blew around him. There was a wildness about this desolate place, a strangeness in the air. Jamie was more miserable than he had ever been in his life.


Far up the beach Mark's physical exertion was giving him time to think, to reflect on his life and his values. He knew that he needed to be alone and this remote, deserted beach was about as solitary as it got. As he ran with long, powerful strides he was a perfect physical specimen, a glorious, magnificent male ... and there was no one to see. That was fine with him.

Mark knew, as most beautiful people come to know, that great beauty can be a blessing and a curse. He was weary of the adulation of women and the envy of men and he never let anyone come close.

More and more he sought his own company, loved being on his own. In fact, when he joined the police force he had elected to become a motor cycle cop because he did not want a partner in a squad car. Now he rode around the city alone, and he loved that. He did not want to share his day or, for that matter, his life, with anyone else.

And now, in this wild and beautiful place, his only companions were the sand, the sea and the sky. He stopped running and listened to the comforting sound of the wind and the waves. He gloried in being the only man in the world. Elated, he stood in the surf, looked out to the far horizon, opened his arms and screamed at the top of his voice ... and there was no one to hear him. His voice was lost on the wind. He was utterly, completely and wonderfully alone.

Except .... he wasn't alone. A warm sensation of well-being infused Mark's body, a strange, unfamiliar warmth .... and he knew he was not alone. He gazed at the sand, the sea and the sky and wherever he looked .... there was Jamie. He couldn't get the beautiful image out of his head.

The memories came crowding in. He saw again the young man tied to the bed, his body writhing under the whip. He saw the beautiful face with his cock in his mouth. He got hard thinking of Jamie lying under him, and felt the heat of his cock buried in the young stud's perfect ass. And he felt again the joy of kissing him, making love to him, sleeping with him folded in his arms.

Mark thought again of the hunger he had seen in Jamie's eyes. But this time the memory was intoxicating and he realized that he, Mark, had the same hunger, the intense need to be with the handsome young man. It had to be love.

'What is love, after all,' he thought, 'but hunger, a craving of one soul for another that has to be satisfied again and again.'

He walked a bit further out and stood knee deep in the surf. In a sudden move he ripped off his shorts and watched the waves carry them away. Naked now, he took his cock in his hand and stroked it. Soon it was rock hard and he was ready. He looked up at the sky and screamed out loud, 'I love you, Jamie!', and a long stream of semen shot from his cock and landed in the waves beneath. Mark smiled. Then he threw his head back and started to laugh joyously.

And there was no one to hear him but the wind.

Suddenly he needed Jamie to hear him. And that thought brought to his mind the image of Jamie, alone, tied to the post, bereft, scared, miserable. The truth hit him like a fist to the jaw and he murmured to himself.

'My God .... what have I done? I am such a damn fool. I have to go to him.' He raised his head and yelled 'Jamie!' and he took off running back along the endless beach. He ran in a near panic, half afraid that the young man he loved wouldn't be there anymore.

As he gathered speed his guilt increased. He needed to make amends, to make it up to Jamie, to give him a gift. But what could he give? Here he was, totally naked. All he had was his body. And then he knew .... that was the answer. He knew what he would give to Jamie. He knew that Jamie worshipped his beauty, and that's what he would give him. For once his beauty would be a blessing.


For Jamie the wait was an eternity. He was drained, tears flowed from his eyes and he began to think he would never see Mark again. In desperation he looked up one last time and gazed along the beach into the far distance. And suddenly his heart leapt. Through his tears he saw a small dot appear on the horizon. Was it really ... ? He was afraid to hope, afraid that the mirage would disappear. But it did not fade ... it grew larger, clearer, until he could see that it was a man, a glorious, powerful man pounding through the surf.

It was Mark! The relief was so overwhelming that Jamie's body was again racked with sobs. Now he saw the image clearly, saw the magnificent physique, pumped from the exertion and streaming with sweat. The beautiful man was naked. As he came closer Jamie was about to call out to him but something prevented him. He knew he shouldn't make a sound.

Mark stopped, exhausted, at the water's edge and bent forward, his body heaving as he struggled to regain his breath. Finally he stood up and stretched, his muscles streaming with sweat and sea water. The physique was magnificent, an icon of raw, rugged masculinity. But he did not speak or look at Jamie.

Instead, Mark turned suddenly and launched his body back into the waves, swimming out with long lazy strokes, then turning and swimming back until his feet again touched bottom. With the sun gleaming behind him he strode back through the surf. He truly was a god ... tall, powerful, perfectly sculpted muscles gleaming gold as they streamed with water. His jaw was clenched in the intensity of his effort, wet blond hair falling over his brow, blue eyes shining with the joy of physical exertion.

Jamie wanted to shout with joy, but he remained silent. He would not speak, would not try to get free, make no effort to touch himself. It was enough to be back in the presence of this man. It was enough just to be there .... it was a privilege to be near him. He froze, scared of doing something, anything, that would cause Mark to leave again.

It was only then that Jamie realized just how desperately he needed this glorious man. It was then that he really understood what it meant to be enslaved by another human being.


Mark was near the end of his workout routine. Still ignoring his prisoner completely he did a few more pull-ups on the bar, then fell on his stomach in front of Jamie and did push-ups in the sand. Jamie watched the muscles ripple in the broad back and shoulders, flexing and straining with the effort. Jamie's cock had been rock hard throughout his ordeal and it now began to throb. He longed to touch it.

Suddenly Mark flipped himself over and, right at Jamie's feet, he lay on his back, put his hands behind his head and started to work on his stomach in a series of crunches. His eight pack abs stood out in sharp definition. The man was totally ripped and Jamie watched as the lats flared, the shoulders and chest flexed hard, and the face poured with sweat as the effort intensified.

Jamie was beside himself. Right beneath him was this muscle god, his body now honed to perfection, gleaming, rippling in an exhibition of stunning male beauty. He could hardly breathe. Then something happened that made him cry out. Mark pulled his hands away from his head and reached downward instead, down toward his crotch. He put his hand round his cock that was hard as a hammer. As he began to stroke it his other hand came up to his chest and he twisted his own hard nipple. He groaned with pleasure.

Jamie was in a trance. He had never in his life seen anything as beautiful as this glorious man pounding his hard cock, his body pumped and honed from physical exertion, the most magnificent body he had ever seen. The sculpted god-like features moaned in ecstasy, eyes closed, square jaw clenched.

Jamie felt his body start to shudder. A heat rose up through his legs and into his groin, spreading throughout his body. His entire focus was on the magnificent man beneath him. Suddenly the man's pale blue eyes opened and pierced Jamie like an arrow. Finally, after all this time, Mark was looking at him and ... Jamie couldn't believe it .... the face was smiling.

Jamie felt his cock pulse, he felt the cum rising from his balls. Then, in his delirium, he heard the deep, gentle voice.

'Watch me, Jamie. Watch.'

Jamie saw the superb body spasm and then go rigid. He heard Mark scream and he watched mesmerized as a jet of white cum erupted from his cock and rained down on the sweating, heaving muscles.

The voice yelled at him. 'Look at me, Jamie. You know it's beautiful. It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. It's so fucking beautiful it's making you cum. You have to shoot, Jamie. Now ....!'

Jamie screamed and his orgasm erupted. He struggled against the ropes, desperate to touch his cock, but there was no need. His body was now beyond his control, working on its own. His cock exploded in a huge stream of white liquid that shot high in the air, then splashed down on the flexing muscles beneath him. He still strained to get free, but pulling on the rope served only to intensify his spasms. His cock shot again and again, pouring rivers of hot liquid onto the gleaming body and face of his master.

Jamie lost consciousness for a few seconds. When he opened his eyes he saw the body beneath him, still now, with pools and rivers of semen running over it. He hardly dared to look at the cum-splashed face. When he did ..... it was smiling ... and it was smiling at him. He saw the lips move and heard Mark's voice.

'You are so beautiful, Jamie. So fine. You're such a fucking stud, man.'


Both men closed their eyes and were still, making an effort to control their ragged breathing, their heaving bodies. Jamie became aware of movement beneath him and opened his eyes. Mark was up on his knees, inching forward toward him. Now he was kneeling directly before him, his face only inches away from Jamie's now soft penis.

Mark breathed, 'God, that's beautiful.'

Jamie tugged again at his wrists but was still bound tight. He could hardly believe what came next. The handsome cop put out his tongue and licked the head of Jamie's cock. The young man gasped and tried to pull back. Having just shot his enormous load the head of his dick was now extremely sensitive and the merest touch of Mark's tongue almost hurt. But he kept licking, more and more fervently as Jamie's head twisted with the exquisite pain burning through the tender membrane of his cock.

The tongue kept stroking the cock, harder and harder until .... Jamie stopped breathing .... the cop took the soft dick fully into his mouth. Jamie looked down at the spectacular face pressed against him, his square jaw locked open as he took the cock down into his throat. Incredibly, even though he had cum just minutes before, Jamie felt his cock getting hard again, until it was like a rod in his master's mouth.

As Mark took the cock deep into his mouth he closed his throat muscles around it and Jamie gasped. His master ... this macho, powerful, dominant cop ... was sucking his cock. It was too much for Jamie to watch, to feel, to believe. It was not just the intense sensation in the membrane of his penis, it was the sight of this glorious man, this symbol of authority, on his knees before him, humbling himself in this act of subjection.

Jamie couldn't hold back. Again he felt the warmth rising from his groin, the cum gather in his balls, rise up along his cock and then erupt into the cop's hungry mouth. Mark was sucking him off! Jamie was shooting his load into the mouth of the god-like face he idolized, dreamed of.

Mark took load after load of hot, sweet cum in his mouth, but he didn't swallow. Instead, he stood up, brought his face close to the bound young man's and pressed their lips hard together. He opened his mouth and let the big pool of semen in it flow into Jamie's mouth and down his throat.

Jamie was drinking his own cum from the mouth of his master. It was an incredible fantasy, sending his mind into a delirium of whirling sensations. Their mouths ground together, lubricated by the thick, warm juice as it oozed from under their lips and ran down their chins onto their chests.

With his mouth still pressed against Jamie's Mark reached round behind him and quickly untied the ropes. Jamie's arms instinctively wrapped around the cop's magnificent body. His face fell against Mark's chest and he sobbed in his master's arms.


Half an hour later the wind had become still and the sun was sinking lower in the sky. The two men were sitting in the sand outside the shack, leaning against the warm, wooden wall. They were drinking beer and their bodies and minds had finally relaxed.

They sat in silence for a while, then Jamie said softly, 'You came back sir. You came back for me.'

'Yes, Jamie. I came back.' Mark smiled at him. 'Listen, kid. I want to tell you something. I owe it to you. See, I loved being with you driving up here, and everything you did in the truck. But then I saw you looking at me. You couldn't take your eyes off me. And I saw that same look I had first seen in your eyes ... the lust, the need, the worship, the overwhelming hunger.'

'It was your intensity! .... I've never seen anything like it, and frankly I didn't know if I was up to that. I wasn't sure I could handle a slave with that much force of passion, devotion. That's why I became cold, distant. As I told you, I wanted to be alone, to have space to think. And I took off running far, far away along the beach.'

Mark described everything he had felt, thought and done while he was away. And he told Jamie why he came back.

Jamie was still puzzled. 'But you didn't say anything, sir. You still ignored me.'

Mark smiled. 'I wanted to make it up to you, give you a gift ... but what? I was naked. The only thing I had was myself. Then I remembered how much that excited you.'

Mark jumped up, paced back and forth, then stared down at Jamie and spread his arms wide, his glorious physique gleaming gold in the sunlight. 'Look at that, Jamie. I know how beautiful I am. I've always known that, and I've always been great at showing it off. I wanted to do that for you. I wanted to give you a gift you would remember.'

Jamie gazed up at the spectacular man, speechless with wonder.

'That's why I swam back into the sea and strode back out of the waves. I knew how that looked, the sun behind me, my ripped muscles gleaming wet. I know how it looked when I did pull-ups, then push-ups on the ground, my muscles flexed and straining. I saw the look on your face as I began doing crunches and made my ripped abs stand out. And I heard you gasp as I started to stroke my cock. That's why I shouted out what I did.'

'I knew I would turn you on as never before ... and I did. I knew I could make you shoot your load without touching yourself ... and I did. I knew I could even make you cum a second time right afterwards ... and I did. I did it all for you, Jamie. I wanted to give you something only I could give you. In the most complete sense, Jamie, I gave you myself. And you know why?'

'I think so, sir.'

'I did it all because I love you, Jamie. I love you and I want to be with you. I want to share my life with you. Do you want that?'

Jamie could hardly speak. He whispered, 'More than I've ever wanted anything in my life, sir.'

Mark sank to his knees and looked Jamie full in the face. 'It's a deal then, kiddo.'

Jamie said softly, 'A deal, sir.'

Mark's face became more serious. 'But I have to have it all, Jamie. I'm the kind of man who always gets what he wants ... always have. There's only one way it can be ... and here are my rules. I am the boss, your master, always. I will own you. You will not give yourself to anyone else unless I give you permission. No one will touch you unless I allow it. Is that quite clear?'

'Yes, sir.'

'You will do everything I tell you to and I will do to you whatever I want, whenever I want it. I will tie you down because I love to see you in bondage. I will whip your body because I love to see your face wince in pain and your muscles strain to get free. I will fuck your face and, most of all, I will fuck your ass again and again because it's absolutely the best feeling in the world.'

Jamie was trembling, in a haze of euphoria. All he could manage was, 'Thank you, sir.'

'In return I will protect you. I'll never let anyone hurt you. If they try they'll answer to me .... and believe me they won't try again.'

'Thank you, sir.'

'One more thing, Jamie. I left you alone today, and then came back for you. There will be other times when I have to leave you alone. But here's the promise, kid. And never forget it. I will always come back for you. Always.'

Jamie was crying now. 'Thank you, sir.'

Mark stood up. 'Now, dry your tears because I'm gonna take you inside now. I'm gonna make love to you and fuck your ass again and again for the rest of the day and all night. That's an order ... and a promise.'

In a trance, Jamie stood up and allowed himself to be pushed through the door into the shack. Later, when darkness fell, they lit the oil lamps and candles, lit the fire, and made love some more. In fact they didn't leave the shack until the sun rose the next day.

Of course, Mark could not know at the time how soon his promise of protection would be put to the test .... with shattering results.


Meanwhile, beside a still, deserted lake in the forest two other men were defining the depths of their new relationship. Randy's adoption of Pablo was now final and, to celebrate, Randy had taken his new son on a fishing trip to the lake high in the Angeles National Forest. His present had been a rowboat that they were now launching into the lake.

The big construction worker smiled at Pablo. 'You ever hear the phrase 'pushing the boat out', kid?'

'I think so, sir. Kind of means the same as 'Let the games begin,' no?'

'You're no dummy, are you kiddo? So what are we waiting for? Give the boat a shove and 'Let the games begin'.' He grinned at Pablo. 'And we'll forget about that adoption thing for a while. What I have in mind for you, kid, is definitely not paternal.'


And beside another stretch of water Bob and Darius were taking a breather. The handsome business executive had just taken the young black man on an intense fantasy in a squalid motel room in Hollywood. Bob had shown him the secrets of how he and Randy had first met and spent their first incredible night together, when Randy had broken him in body, mind and spirit.

When it was all over Bob had said, 'Let's get out of this rat-hole. I need to breathe some clean air.' So here they were strolling along the famous Santa Monica Pier, taking in the fresh sea air of the Pacific.

'It's great to be out of that flea pit.' Bob said. 'Now we deserve a little extravagance. You ever stay in a luxury hotel, Darius?'

'There's always a first time, sir.'

'Don't get cocky, kid. You're gonna earn your stay there. You're really gonna earn your keep. You ready for another trip into Fantasyland?'

Darius's eyes shone. 'You bet, sir.'


TO BE CONTINUED IN 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 43'


Rob Williams


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