Randy and Bob, both beautiful, proud muscle studs, had forged a perfect relationship through many intense experiences. They were joined now in a union of souls that made them inseparable. Or so it seemed......

They had also come to both admire, respect, even love, the incredibly handsome cop, Mark. The three men, equal in strength and beauty were being drawn ever closer together. For some time Randy had promised Mark that he would let him fuck Bob's ass, his most prized, almost sacred possession .... while he watched.

But the result was shattering. Bob and Mark were, of course, perfect for each other and their love making soared to heights of passion that nobody could have anticipated. Bob had given himself totally to the beautiful cop .... called him 'master'. Randy was shattered. As he stood over the two glorious, exhausted men, he had to concede defeat.

'You two were incredible. You belong to each other.' Randy looked down at the cop. 'You win Mark. You've beaten me. You've taken my most precious possession. He's yours now. You own him.'

Randy pulled on his pants and boots and grabbed Bob's discarded tank top. He held it to his face and breathed deeply. Then he pulled it on over his own sculpted torso.

'I love you both, guys. You deserve each other. I'm going away. Be good to each other.'

He quickly left the room and in a minute there was a screech of tires and the sound of his truck roaring into the distance.

* * *

Bob and Mark were stunned, frozen in place. There was nothing to do but hold each other. They could not deny the intensely beautiful experience they had shared. What began as an act of physical lust, one bodybuilder fucking the other, had been transformed into a transcendent bonding of two minds, two souls. Bob had been transported into a fantasy world that, up to now, only he and Randy inhabited.

But they paid a heavy price. Bob had lost the man he had devoted his life to, his soul mate, the man he loved and worshipped. And Mark had driven away the only man he had ever given himself to, the ultimate man's man, his equal in power and beauty. As they held each other tightly in shared desperation their lives seemed to be spiraling out of control.

Mark was the first to pull himself together.

'That's it. I caused all this and I have to put it right.' When Bob tried to speak Mark cut him off.

'No, Bob. When I met first you I saw two guys who were so right for each other that they were joined body and soul. Nothing could separate you ... but I did. You're a magnificent man, Bob, and fucking you was an experience I'll never forget. But I have shattered the life you had with Randy. '

Bob put his hand on Mark's gleaming chest. 'I'll go to him. I'll plead with him, beg him. Maybe I can ..... '

'No. I did this. This is between Randy and me. This has to be the final confrontation. Do you have any idea where he's gone?'

'I know exactly where .... even the room number. There's a scruffy hotel on Sunset where we spent a week together when we first met. That's where he .... where he became my master. I know him so well. I'm sure he's there .... room 14.'

Without another word Mark stood up, picked his uniform off the floor, pulled on his pants and boots, buckled his belt and threw his uniform shirt loosely over his muscular chest.

* * *

The number 14 was printed in faded, peeling paint on the door. Bob had been right .... Randy's truck was in the desolate parking lot. Mark stood at the door and took a deep breath. He tried the handle and the door opened. He stepped inside, closed the door behind him and looked at the bed. Stretched on it, his hands behind his head, his eyes closed, was Randy. Even now, even in these tense circumstances, Mark's cock stiffened as he looked down at the swarthy, muscular giant, still wearing his jeans, boots and Bob's white tank top.

'You've come to beg?' the guttural voice growled. Randy had heard the door open but kept his eyes closed.

'It's not Bob, it's Mark .... and I don't beg.

'Oh, it's you. Come to gloat, have you?'

Mark moved round to the foot of the bed and stared down at Randy with an even gaze. Randy opened his eyes and his first thought was how incredibly beautiful the man was. That was always his first thought on seeing Mark. He saw the soft, steady look in Mark's gray eyes and instantly regretted what he had said.

'That's not fair, I know. So why are you here?'

'I've come to tell you that I never wanted to come between you and Bob, so I'm leaving. Leaving the house, leaving your lives.'

'The hell you are,' Randy growled. What happened next startled Mark. Randy jumped off the bed, looked at Mark, then enclosed him in his big arms in a bear hug. The two men held each other in the solid, masculine embrace of powerful men acknowledging their mutual affection.

They finally pulled away and held each other's gaze. 'So what now?' Mark said.

'You're not going anywhere. I told you before. You won. He's yours. Man, I love you like a brother ... no .... much more than that. But there's always been this edge between us. We're two tough alpha males and we have to compete. Well you won the final contest. I'm finished.'

'Sit down.' Mark pulled Randy down and they sat side by side on the edge of the bed staring straight ahead. Finally they turned to each other and their eyes met.

'I'll tell you something, Randy. As long as I can remember I've been the big alpha male. Being a cop and all, and looking the way I do, everyone .....

'....everyone bows down to the gorgeous Greek God,' interrupted Randy, smiling now.

'Kind of, yeah. Everyone except you, that is. And that's what I love about you. When I first saw you I knew I had met my match, my equal in power and beauty. You totally blew me away. I knew I could fight you, whip you, fuck you and you would never submit. Look, what I admire most in a man is strength and beauty .... and you are the toughest, most beautiful man I've ever seen. I don't think I would know how to live without you as my friend.'

'Yeah, but now you've beaten me.'

'You really don't get it do you? Listen, I'll tell you something else. When I was out in the desert, being whipped and tortured by those thugs, you know how I kept going? I imagined that it was you whipping me, that you were thrashing my body. And that eased the pain. Shit, man, I even enjoyed it .... so long as it was you beating me. You're the man, Randy. You're the master. You could do anything you want with me, just as long as you still want me.'

Randy stared at Mark. 'You mean ....? No, man. Doesn't work. When I saw Bob grovel at your feet, beg you to fuck him, call you his master, I knew I was beaten. Shit I should have known. I should have realized that you and I are so alike that he would feel the same intensity for you as he did for me.'

'But you're the king, Randy. You're the master of that house and you own Bob body and soul. Show them. I'll submit to you, man. Show them you're my master. It's the only way, man.' His voice lowered almost to a whimper. 'I need you, Randy ... I can't lose you now.'

Randy hesitated. Mark jumped up and stood facing him.

'Shit, man what do you want from me?' He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall, standing legs apart, stripped to the waist. He flexed his pecs and biceps. 'Look at this, man. You wanna beat me? You want me to grovel, to crawl? Isn't that the way you usually solve things, with your fists?'

Randy looked up at the magnificent shirtless cop.

'Damn right, I do!' He leapt to his feet and came face to face with Mark. 'OK, officer. That sounds like a challenge .... and you've got it. I'll show them once and for all who's really the top man. And if that's what you want we'll see how much you can take in a real trial of strength. I'll break your body and your mind. I'll make you crawl. I'll humiliate you into total submission. But I warn you, I play rough.'

'I know,' Mark said scornfully. 'I've seen it. The rougher the better, asshole. Bring it on. I can take anything you dish out, and more.'

'Oh, man .... You just sealed your fate.' They stared at each other defiantly and were both surprised to feel their dicks growing stiff in their pants.

No more was said. As they looked onto each other's eyes there was a deep understanding between the two alpha males. One of them had to prove his supremacy once and for all. Randy reached down and unhooked the handcuffs from the cop's belt. Instinctively Mark put his hands behind his back and Randy cuffed them. He put his hand behind Mark's neck and pushed him to the door.

* * *

They were silent as they sat in the truck, Mark still shirtless with his hands bound. Randy had pulled a rope from the back of the truck and looped it around the cop's neck. As he drove he picked up his cell phone and made a call.

'Shut up, Bob, and listen. Get the other guys into the garden and all three of you wait until we get there. Nobody moves or says anything. You just watch.' And he snapped the phone shut.

* * *

And they did watch .... awestruck. Bob, Darius and Pablo were standing motionless in the garden. There was a breathless silence, like the heaviness before a thunderstorm. Bob was still reeling from what had happened and frightened of what came next. The two younger guys glanced anxiously at each other. They knew that something big was up and waited with a mix of fear and exhilaration at would happen.

Finally they heard the screech of tires on the gravel outside. The truck doors banged, the gate flew open and the three men gasped. Randy came first, grim-faced, his jaw set. He was holding a rope, the other end of which was noosed around the neck of the muscular, shirtless cop, his hands still cuffed behind his back. Staring straight ahead the big construction worker dragged the stumbling cop forward.

They reached the big tree. Randy unlocked the handcuffs and slammed Mark's huge body, chest first, against the tree trunk. He pulled the rope free from Mark's neck and threw it over a high branch on the other side of the tree. Then he pulled the cop's arms around the tree and tied the wrists high up to the tree branch. Mark's torso was pressed against the tree, his arms tied tightly around it. His back, stretched upward in a perfect, wide V, was helplessly vulnerable.

Randy turned round to the other three men. 'This man is being punished for challenging me. And you will all be the instrument of his ruin.'

He slid the belt from his pants, stood back, raised it and brought it crashing down across the wide, muscular back. Mark yelled in pain. 'You asked for it, asshole,' Randy yelled and whipped him again, six lashes in all. Then he turned to Bob. 'You .... come here. Six lashes. Count them off loud. And if you hold back I'll throw you out of the house.'

Terrified, Bob hesitated. He was about to speak but was stopped by the look on Randy's face. Randy growled through clenched teeth. 'Whip him.'

With tears in his eyes Bob raised the belt and, shouting 'One!' he brought it across the shuddering, flexing back muscles. Mark screamed as the crack of the whip brought more searing pain until the count ended at 'Six!'

Randy turned and Darius wanted to flee. He couldn't do this. But he had never disobeyed Randy. 'You, punk. Here!'

Tentatively Darius stepped forward and took the belt. He looked at the broad back, with red welts already forming, and suddenly he was filled with lust for the helpless cop. He brought the belt across the back and shouted out loud, 'One!' Ritualistically he repeated the punishment with five more lashes. When he had finished he hoped that would end it. But Randy played really rough.

'Pablo,' Randy said. His voice softened. 'I know you've never done this before and the idea horrifies you. But it is necessary. And I'm ordering you, man to man, to do it.'

'Yes, sir.' His master had ordered it. Pablo straightened up, took a deep breath and put all his strength behind the six blows, counting off as he did so, trying to block out the sound of Mark's screams. When he had finished Randy went up to him. He put his arm round his shoulder and spoke gently to him.

'You did great, kid. I know it wasn't easy. Now go stand with the others.'

Randy walked to the tree and pressed himself against the stripe-covered back. He brought his mouth against Mark's ear and whispered, 'I told you I play rough.'

Mark turned his head round as far as he could and looked at Randy. There were tears in his eyes. 'Thank you, sir. God, I love you, man.'

'This is just the start.'

'I know, sir.'

* * *

Randy put his hands round the waist of the bound muscle god, unbuckled his belt and loosened his uniform pants. Then he pulled them down just clear of the ass, so they rested at the top of his tall black boots. Mark's white shorts still covered his ass but with one quick, sharp move Randy ripped them off. The prefect mounds of the cop's ass were now naked, clenched defensively but totally vulnerable to Randy's desires.

Randy again came close to Mark's ear. 'You ever get dry-fucked, asshole? It's gonna hurt.'

'Thank you, sir.'

'And just so we don't hear your screams ...... ' He pulled the shredded shorts round his prisoner's face, pressed them onto the mouth and tied them tightly behind his neck. The shirtless cop was now bound to the tree, gagged with his own shorts, his beautiful ass awaiting its punishment. He didn't have long to wait.

The three spectators watched with a mix of horror, lust, and admiration for these two muscle studs going through a ritual of pain, submission and domination. Randy's cock was rock hard at the sight of this beautiful man enduring his torture. He now brought it up against the helpless ass and started to push. He breathed in Mark's ear, 'This is because I love you, man. You're fucking magnificent.'

The agonized scream was muffled by the gag and the handsome blond jerked his head backward as he felt the pain of the dry fuck, the hard rod penetrating his hot ass. His body bucked and heaved as he felt his hole being violated, until the head came to rest deep in his gut. Then it pulled back and began to piston back and forth inside him.

The searing pain quickly dissolved as Mark realized what was happening to him. The swarthy body builder he had come to worship was overpowering him. He had tied him to a tree, gagged him and was now fucking his helpless ass. During his agony in the desert he had survived by imagining this man torturing him, had found relief in the fantasy. Now it was real. Randy was torturing his ass. Mark spun into a totally foreign world that would seduce him for ever. He would always need this, and Randy was the only man on earth who could do it.

'I'm gonna shoot my load in your ass, man.' Randy had been pounding the shuddering ass for a long time and was now close to orgasm. With a last savage lunge he pushed his long dick into the depths of the suffering man's ass, with an eruption of hot juice that Mark felt splashing deep in his gut. The three onlookers gasped as they saw the bucking, straining muscle cop impaled on the rod of the huge construction worker. There was not a sound in the garden .... the air was still.

Eventually Randy pulled out and pulled the gag down around Mark's neck. Mark gasped, 'Don't ever leave me, man. I didn't know how much I needed this. You're incredible. I am completely your slave. Use me, hurt me, control me. I'm your animal, sir.'

'Then show me,' Randy growled. 'Show everyone.'

Randy pulled up Mark's pants and buckled the belt. He unlocked the handcuffs and the cop's arms dropped free, his body slumped against the tree. Randy walked back to the far side of the lawn and told the other men to stand with him. He raised his voice to Mark.

'Turn round. Face us.' Mark fell back against the tree.

'Who is the master of this house?'

'You are sir. I am your slave. I worship you, sir.'

'Show us, man.'

Mark slowly dropped to his knees. The shirtless cop looked up at the four men in the distance and fell on his belly. Raising his handsome, sculpted face to stare at Randy, he slowly, painfully began to drag himself along the ground. His muscular arms reached forward, his naked back muscles rippled as he slowly crawled forward, his pants and boots dragging in the dirt, his ripped shorts round his neck. The four men gazed in awe. All had iron hard erections at the sight of this glorious cop, debasing himself, in total degradation as he proved his abject submission to his master.

Mark was beyond all rational thought and reason. He was dragging himself into a realm of existence that he could never have dreamed of. He was the ultimate alpha male, the cop, the powerful authority figure, the Greek god whose strength and beauty intimidated everyone. But now he was a broken man, submitting to his new master.

Here he was crawling in degraded submission to a man whose very masculinity had conquered him. He was his slave. His manhood was being crushed. And the relief and euphoria were tremendous. He had never given himself to any man before. But as he crawled toward the muscle stud towering over him he knew he was in a world he never wanted to leave.

The men heard the cop's groans get louder as he painfully approached. His blond hair was matted, his huge body streamed with sweat, his back was marked by the welts of the lashed administered by all four men. He was groveling before them. Never had humiliation been this extreme.

Finally he was in front of Randy, who loomed over him, his arms folded across his chest. Mark looked up at the dark demon face, saw the white tank top stretched over the bulging pecs of the torso. He had to submit to this glorious stud. He lowered his head to his mud-covered work boots and licked them, pressing his cheek, his mouth, his tongue against the pungent, worn leather. Then he looked up at the construction worker towering above him. 'Please, sir. Tell me what to do next.'

'Hands and knees .... now!' Randy barked. Surrounded by the four men Mark got up on all fours, motionless on his hands and knees. Randy reached down and once again unbuckled the belt and pulled the uniform pants down from his ass. The perfect globes waited, vulnerable.

Randy looked at Bob. 'You .... kneel behind him. Take out your cock.' Bob obeyed, grasping his rigid dick. 'Now .... Fuck him.'

Bob looked up at Randy and started to protest. 'I .....'

'FUCK HIM!' Resistance was impossible. Bob brought his dick close to the waiting ass and pushed it deep inside the broken cop. He heard Mark gasp and felt the luxurious warmth of the cop's ass, already bathed in cum from his previous fucking. Bob could not hold back long. He looked down at the magnificent, beaten man and gloried in the sight of the naked, striped back and ass. His orgasm came quickly. He exploded inside the beautiful ass, again and again, until he finally slumped forward exhausted.

Mindful of Randy's piercing gaze he pulled out and got to his feet. Randy turned to Darius, who recoiled.

'Now you, boy. Let's see that huge piece of meat of yours disappear into the cop's ass.'

Darius hesitated, torn between reticence and lust. He had never dreamed of burying his huge dick in the ass of this stunning, macho cop. But now he did it. And he did it quickly. In one fluid movement he knelt down, touched the tip of his cock against the ass and pushed hard. Mark howled as the whole ten inches of the rigid shaft pierced his cum-soaked ass and buried itself deep in his gut.

Darius was immediately close to orgasm. He extracted the whole length of his cock and plunged it in again. After a few more piston lunges his whole body shuddered as he shot his load in the beautiful ass. He looked down at the suffering cop in confusion. He pulled out his cock quickly and stood up, hanging his head before the frowning gaze of the master. He stole a glance at Pablo, afraid for him. Surely not .......

But his fears were realized. Pablo looked up at Randy and pulled himself to his full height. 'Excuse me, sir. I can't do it. I've never been inside anyone before. Darius and me .... Well, he always fucks me. I love this police officer, sir. He saved me. I worship him. I won't hurt him.'

Randy clenched his fists, then relaxed as he stared at the defiant boy. He saw something in his eyes that reminded him of himself when he was young. His heart went out to him. Pablo, the young, inexperienced newcomer was the only one with the courage to defy him. He admired him and wanted to take him in his arms. But he had to insist.

'Pablo, it is because you love this man that you have to do what I tell you. It is because I love him that I'm ordering you to do it. One day you will understand. For now, kid, do what I say.

Pablo could not resist the look in Randy's eyes, the steely toughness tinged with kindness. He took a deep breath and knelt behind the battered cop. He looked at the ass that had already endured the penetration of three big cocks, was already filled with cum. He was surprised that his own cock was rock hard. He leaned forward and, for the first time in his life, pushed his cock inside another man's ass. He threw his head back and howled with the unexpected jolt of ecstasy that shot through him.

The three men were mesmerized. This was the ultimate humiliation, the big, muscular cop being ass fucked by the young newcomer, the young, nervous kid to whom everyone was master. Except for now. Right now he was on top. The beautiful young boy was pounding the cop's ass with the raw strength and exhilaration of youth, and the newfound joy of fucking another man.

He had never been good at holding back his orgasm and he couldn't now. In no time he felt his cock burning inside the cum-slicked ass and, with a piercing yell that echoed round the hills, he shot his load inside the first ass he had ever fucked. All he could feel was the exquisite burning, pulsing sensation in his cock. But as the explosion of cum lessened Pablo jolted back to reality, and in confusion and embarrassment he pulled out and stood to attention in front of Randy.

'Good boy,' Randy said softly. 'You're a great kid. I love you, Pablo. We'll talk later.'

'Thank you, sir.'

* * *

But it wasn't over. Randy really played hard. He knelt behind Mark's ass and pointed at his face. 'Stand there,' he said to Bob. He leaned forward and whispered to Mark. 'You know what to do. Get him hard.'

Mark opened his mouth and took the whole length of Bob's semi-hard cock deep into his mouth. The shaft immediately stiffened and filled his mouth and halfway down his throat. As he choked on the cock he was shocked to feel Randy's stiff dick once again entering his ass. He was now being ass-fucked and face-fucked as the two young men watched mesmerized.

The double pounding seemed to go on for ever. The back of his throat was being hammered by the hard rod stuffed into his mouth. His ass, fucked for the fifth time, was sore, shattered, burning hot and flooded with the semen of the men who had dominated him.

Suddenly Mark had a kind of out-of-body experience. It was as if he was standing over the scene watching a beautiful cop get double fucked, his uniform pants around his knees, ripped shorts round his neck, his shirtless body bucking and flexing, streaming with sweat. The imagined sight of this made his own cock rock hard.

Then he was brought back to earth with the harsh sound of Randy's voice shouting to Bob. 'OK, now!' And Mark felt cum stream into his ass and his mouth. He choked and bucked as his body seemed to be filled with the semen of men. His humiliation was complete. And he had never felt more exhilarated in his life.

* * *

A few minutes later Randy put his boot against the kneeling body and kicked Mark over onto his back. He said to Darius, 'Strip him.' Darius quickly leaned down and pulled off first one boot then the other. He pulled off the pants and tossed them aside. Mark was buck naked, staring up at the four men surrounding him.

'Now jack off,' Randy ordered. Mark didn't need telling twice. He took hold of his hard cock and began to stroke it, then pound it. He had never been in such a pitch of excitement. It wasn't just the sight of four glorious men standing over him, it was the exhilaration of knowing that he had been abused, destroyed by all of them, whipped by them all and fucked by them all.

But the image that brought him to orgasm was the searing memory of crawling in groveling submission to his master, the magnificent stud towering over him. He looked up at Randy and their eyes met in a penetrating gaze of total understanding. They both knew that this is what had been needed, that this would bind them together for ever.

He was barely aware when his cock erupted in a huge fountain of cum, until it splashed back onto his heaving, gleaming chest. He saw a smile spread over Randy's face as he shot his gushing load again and again, streaming up over his face and hair. The blond god's sculpted features were coated in creamy liquid.

The other men were transfixed, gazing down at the most beautiful man they had ever seen, lying naked, broken, degraded but magnificent, his muscles covered in his own hot semen.

Randy spoke softly. 'I want you spread eagled.' Obediently the naked cop stretched his arms up and out and spread his legs. 'OK, men. Wash that cum off him.' Mark watched with a mix of horror and elation at the four cocks pointing down at him. He felt the first drops fall on his face, then saw four streams of hot, yellow, steaming piss gush toward him. It blinded him as it splashed onto his face, then gushed all over his body, already gleaming with cum and sweat.

The hot sweet taste of the piss almost suffocated him, but it kept on coming. When it finally stopped, the broken cop's torture was over. He lay there, his huge muscles heaving and flexing, his breathing ragged, almost in sobs. He looked up and marveled at the four men looking down at him, still holding their dripping cocks.

* * *

'Get up!' Randy leaned forward and held out his hand to the broken man. They locked arms, hands over wrists and with one strong heave Randy pulled Mark to his feet. He stood unsteadily, his naked body still heaving, streaming with sweat, piss and cum. His face ran with piss too but he looked at Randy with a level gaze. The men all held their breath. Then Randy pulled Mark toward him and threw his arms around the glorious man in a tight bear hug.

He whispered in his ear. 'I told you I play rough.'

Mark tried to respond, 'I ... I didn't know I wanted .... that I needed to .....'

'But I knew it. Don't try to talk. I know what you feel. Me, too. That was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. We're now bound together for ever. I love you, man.'

Mark gave in to the intense emotion he felt and began to sob against the shoulder of the man who had broken him, proved his supremacy beyond any doubt. He held on as if desperate not to lose him. Randy sensed this.

'I'm not going anywhere, Mark. And neither are you.'

Then, as they embraced each other, they heard something amazing .... applause. The other three men were not quite sure what they were seeing but they knew it was spectacular. They only thing they could do was clap their hands.

Randy turned round and raised Mark's arm high in the salute of a victorious fighter. 'Gentlemen, I give you this incredible man, who has taken all we could throw it him and is still standing tall. I guarantee you will never see anything like that again. I tell you now .... he and I are equals. I am master of the house, but you take orders from him too. And you will always love and respect him.'

Randy raised his voice to a shout. 'Mark is not a broken man. He is triumphant. He is a fucking glorious, spectacular Greek god.'

And nobody could deny that.

* * *

'You two,' Randy said to Darius and Pablo. 'Grab a couple of towels from the pool and dry the officer off. 'And you,' he stared at Bob. 'Strip naked, except for your boots. Our conversation is just beginning.'

The men all obeyed as Randy strode off to the house. It was a full twenty minutes before he returned and the four men waiting for him gasped. Once again he was dressed in full leather .... tight leather pants and boots, a studded harness crossing his massive chest, and a black leather vest over that. He was carrying a bulging kit bag .... and a long whip with leather braids.

'Here's what's gonna happen. You two,' looking at the young men, 'are gonna take care of the officer here. You will tend him, clean him, help him in whatever way he wants. Tonight you are his body slaves. You will do everything he orders you to .... everything. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir!' the two young men said in unison.

Randy turned to Bob, standing naked before him, wearing just his boots. 'As for you, man. It's time for us to get reacquainted. You got way out of line and we have to deal with that. We've a long night ahead of us, one you won't forget.'

He came behind him and tied his wrists with a rope. Then he looped the whip around his slave's neck and pulled him away. Bob stumbled after him, naked, fearful, and the gate closed behind them. The truck roared into live and sped away.

* * *

The two young guys had eagerly toweled off Mark's soaking, muscular body and stood looking at him expectantly. He smiled at them.

'Well, I guess you have your orders. You OK with that?'

Darius said, 'It will be an honor, sir.'

'Good. First you'll run me a bath and you can both wash, soothe and massage my body. It took quite a beating as you know. Then you can make me dinner. I'm starved, so I want the best meal you've ever cooked. Think you can handle that?'

'Certainly, sir.' The two young men grinned and their cocks stirred in anticipation of their evening as servants to this glorious man.

'By the way. You can join me for dinner .... and afterwards if you like. Follow me.'

Mark strode off to the house and, as they followed, Darius and Pablo looked at each other in wide-eyed excitement. Pablo managed to whisper, 'Hey, dude. That thing Randy made me do back there. I've never done it before. D'you think we could ....?'

'You want my ass, don't you?' Darius whispered. 'Later, dude, later.'

* * *

On the road nothing was said for a while as Randy and Bob sat beside each other in the truck. The construction worker looked over at the naked muscle stud, his hands tied behind him, whip looped round his neck. A slight smile crossed Randy's face. 'We're going back to where it all began, man. You remember that night?'

'Yes, sir,' Bob replied. His mind flew back to those extraordinary events when Randy had first broken his body and spirit. Seemed like a long time ago. He took a deep breath as the truck pulled into the shabby motel parking lot.

* * *

CONTINUED IN 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 29'


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