It was early on a Sunday morning that Officer Mark Matsen had knocked on the door of the house shared by Randy, Bob and Darius. One of the most beautiful cops ever to straddle a motor cycle, with his god-like, chiseled features and perfectly sculpted body, Mark had been drawn there by the memory of the stunning business executive, Bob. At the house he had met the muscle stud Randy and the beautiful young black man Darius. Amazed at the sight of them he had asked Bob, 'What, are all you guys fitness models or something?'

Now, a few hours later, Mark's beautiful, near-naked, pale golden body lay sprawled in the hammock in a deep, exhausted sleep. The three men of the house were staring down at the incredible sight. The cop's gleaming muscular chest rose and fell as he breathed deeply, a slight smile on his face.

'So, what comes next?' Bob asked.

'Let him sleep,' Randy said. 'And when he wakes he can get to know us better. I have a few ideas left.'

* * *

When Mark eventually stirred, in the twilight haze between sleeping and waking, fragments of memory came back to him. He saw himself in full uniform before a mirror, slowly stripping and then shooting his load at the sight of his own incredible body.

He frowned as he remembered what came next. In his mind he saw the glorious muscle god Randy, dressed in stunning black leather, working him over and eventually dominating him to the point where he shot another load and was left on his knees, naked and wearing a leather collar.

As these thoughts crashed in on him he experienced a mix of elation and revulsion. He considered himself a normal, straight, macho guy, a cop living happily with his girlfriend. How had he ever allowed this to happen to him? He had to get out of here, forget that this nightmare ever took place.

He heard shouts and splashing nearby and when he opened his eyes his resolve to get away melted. He saw in the pool three glorious men horsing around with each other. Bob, whom he had met first, with his perfectly proportioned muscular body, and wide, handsome, square-jawed face. Darius, the young black man, eager and enthusiastic, perfect, smooth, coffee-colored body, stunning features and almond shaped green eyes.

And finally the boss, Randy, the construction worker who was one of the most magnificent men Mark had ever seen. Dark, swarthy, rugged face, powerfully built, sinewy body, honed to perfection by years of manual labor. This was the man who had humiliated him ... and amazingly Mark had loved it. Mark and Randy were equally matched in beauty, the one a Nordic god, the other a supremely masculine muscle stud, and it was inevitable that one would challenge the other for domination. His thoughts were interrupted by a shout.

'Hey, get over here!' Mark looked up to see Bob calling him over to the pool. 'Come and get clean ... and cool.'

Groggily Mark roused himself and climbed out of the hammock. He walked over to the pool and stood gazing down at the three beautiful men. As they looked up they were again awestruck by the sight of this gorgeous, naked muscleman. A Greek God, Darius had called him.

'What the hell,' Mark thought, and dove into the pool. Soon his memories of embarrassment and humiliation evaporated and he found himself enjoying the boisterous company of these gorgeous men. Randy was especially vigorous, challenging the big cop to various playful trials of strength. Bob and Darius could see that the rivalry between the two alpha males was as strong as ever.

* * *

Some time later the four men were stretched out on the grass, wearing just boxers. There was plenty of food and beer and any early inhibitions had disappeared, so conversation flowed freely. Randy and Mark talked motor bikes a lot, comparing Randy's former Harley with the two Harleys that Mark owned. But even in their conversation there was an undercurrent of competitiveness, mostly friendly but with glimpses of something more edgy.

Many beers later Randy stood up and spoke. 'Mark, I think it's time you knew us better. Before you really become one of us, you should see how hard we play. What do you think, Bob?'

Bob hesitated. 'Well, I guess so.' Bob put a hand on Mark's shoulder and said gently, 'This may blow your mind, and you may want to get the hell out of here. It's your choice.' Mark looked at him in nervous anticipation.

Randy called to Darius. 'Hey punk, get over here. You know what to do.'

Darius looked nervously at Mark and frowned at Randy. 'You sure, boss?'

'Sure I'm sure. I want Mark to see it all. Now do it.'

Darius bent forward and grabbed his ankles. Randy yanked down the young man's shorts and looked at the perfect mounds of his ass.

'Look at that sweet ass,' Randy said to Mark. 'And it belongs to me.'

As Bob heard the boastfulness in Randy's voice he realized that his friend, with more than a few beers inside him, was still being competitive, showing off to the macho cop. Randy needed to demonstrate his dominance in the household because he knew that Mark was a match for him, in looks, body, strength and his commanding attitude. Bob felt somehow uneasy about the outcome of all this.

'And now,' Randy said to Mark, 'stand by for something new. You might call it our specialty of the house.'

He stood behind Darius and put both hands on the cheeks of the bubble butt. He brought his big, hard dick up to the crack and with one quick, smooth movement pushed it deep inside the waiting ass. Darius moaned as he felt the rod penetrate his gut and Randy shouted, 'Yeah!'

The effect on Mark was stupefying. His first reaction was one of shock and revulsion and he turned to walk away. But he looked back and found himself riveted by the sight. Not by the act of penetration itself, but by the sight of these two beautiful men moving together in a muscle-flexing rhythm as one pushed his huge cock deep inside the other man's ass. Mark had never seen anything like this, never even thought about it, and he stood wide-eyed.

As the fucking continued, the words uttered by the men were almost as intriguing to Mark as the image itself.

'Yeah, boss. Drill my ass, sir. Please, master, push your dick deep inside. My ass is yours, sir. I belong to you.'

'You like that, punk? You like your master's big dick filling your hole? I own you, man. I'm gonna rip your ass open. And you know I'm gonna shoot my load deep inside that beautiful body.'

Mark stood riveted to the spot. He watched in a trance as the ass pounding continued and the two men groaned in ecstasy. Then he felt something that shocked him. His own dick was growing hard in his shorts.

Randy yelled, 'Hey, Bob! Get over here. Grab a piece of the action.'

Bob came over and stood in front of Darius, his crotch level with the moaning face. Darius looked up and opened his mouth. Bob's cock instantly became rock hard and he pushed it into the black man's willing mouth. He moved back and forth, slowly at first but then with a more insistent rhythm as the head of his cock hit the back of Darius's throat.

Mark could hardly believe his eyes. In fact he closed them for a second and wanted to run away, but he found that he couldn't turn around. He opened his eyes and was transfixed by the sight of these three gorgeous men moaning in ecstasy and moving together, muscles flexing, bodies gleaming with sweat.

Bob looked into Randy's eyes and they smiled at each other. Slowly, Bob leaned forward and their faces met. Their open mouths touched, then pressed together as their tongues searched frantically for each other and lips ground together. The sight was incredible .... the big construction worker pushing his huge dick in and out of the perfect globes of the black ass, and the other muscle stud pounding the young man's mouth, making the green, almond eyes run with tears. Darius cupped Bob's ass in his hands and pulled him deeper into his mouth.

The two big studs were now kissing each other feverishly, bringing them to a fever pitch. Suddenly the mouths separated and the two heads flew backward, screaming as their orgasm mounted. Mark watched the incredible sight awestruck. He knew he was about to witness the climax.

'YES!' Randy yelled and the two muscular bodies convulsed as their dicks exploded, one deep inside the ass, and the other in the back of the black man's throat. Darius's gleaming body also shuddered as his cock erupted beneath him and spurted hot, creamy semen all over the grass. Mark thought the orgasms would never stop. He looked on mesmerized at the muscles bulging and flexing as the bodies heaved in a pitch of exertion.

The sight was too much for the shattered cop. Without even touching himself he felt his bulging cock shudder and he could not hold back. He felt the eruption inside his shorts, and his cum soaked the white fabric and ran down his leg. He blushed and turned his back to the group, unable to grasp what he was feeling or thinking.

* * *

Minutes later Mark forced himself to turn around and was surprised to see the men had moved away. They were at the pool and they dove in one after the other. Soon they were playing, splashing and yelling in a pitch of exuberance.

'Come on in!' he heard Bob shout, but he remained rooted to the spot. His feelings swung widely between revulsion and excitement. He still couldn't process the idea of what the men had done to each other, and even worse, the effect it had had on him, his spontaneous orgasm. The whole thing went against who he was, how he saw himself, his very masculinity.

He heard Darius's voice. 'Come on Mark. We need you. Come and cool off.' The temptation was too great and Mark dropped his cum-soaked shorts, walked over to the pool and dove in. He was soon swept up in the excitement and the events of the afternoon began to seem less shocking to him.

* * *

Some time later the four men were again lounging together on the grass. They were ravenous and Darius had put together a big meal of salad, cold meat, pasta and a huge bowl of strawberries. There was plenty of beer and wine to go with it. Inhibitions fell away as they lazed and talked in the hot afternoon sun.

But underneath the camaraderie, Bob had an uneasy feeling that the conversation had traces of the unhealed rivalry between Randy and Mark, two evenly matched macho males. Randy had never boasted before ... he never needed to ... but now he was. He talked of his life as boss of a construction crew, how rough it could be and how he had never lost a fight in his life. Mark found himself giving as good as he got, describing how tough he had to be as a cop in the meaner parts of town.

With too many beers inside him, Randy began to taunt Mark, reminding him that he had earlier submitted to Randy's domination in the basement room.

'Hey, man,' Mark countered. 'It's easy being tough when the other guy is tied up. The first thing you did was shackle my wrists. Wasn't exactly an even playing field. Do you always have to tie a guy up to win?'

'Fuck you. You think it would have been any different in a straight fight?'

'Sure it would. I've been trained in the police academy and I've subdues hundreds of guys ... before I cuff them!'

'And I fought my way up since I was a kid,' Randy countered. 'My 'academy' was the streets. I'm a street fighter.'

'I could take you any time.'

Randy pumped his fist in the air. 'Hey, guys, what d'ya think? Sounds like a challenge to me. That does it, man. Let's wrestle.'

The two men jumped up and faced each other, staking out their turf. They were both wearing only shorts, and Randy said. 'Whoever gets his shorts ripped off first is the loser.'

'And what's the prize for the winner?' Darius asked.

'That's easy,' Randy said. 'The other guy's naked ass. The loser gets fucked in the ass.'

Mark flinched. 'Now wait a goddamn minute. I don't go in for that kind of stuff. No way.'

'You see?' Randy taunted. 'He's chicken. Won't take the challenge ... too scared.'

Mark bristled. 'OK, have it your way. No way you're gonna win, anyway.'

Bob listened to all this with increasing alarm. He wanted to stop it. He thought he would make the stakes so high they would call it off.

'OK,' he said. 'But let Darius and me get a little of the action. The loser gets fucked by the winner .... and by us too .... all three of us.' But he had overplayed his hand. The two rivals were now running only on adrenaline and Bob was appalled by their reaction.'

'Done!' barked Randy. 'Agreed,' said Mark. And the battle was on.

* * *

The two glorious muscle studs circled each other, getting the measure of each other. Randy put his arms straight up, palms outward as a challenge to a trial of strength. Mark did the same and their hands came together, palm to palm, fingers locked. Their muscles flexed as their bodies pushed against each other, trying to force the other to the ground. The locked each other's eyes as they their arms bulge and strained with the effort. Their strength was evenly matched but gradually Randy took control and Mark sank slowly to his knees.

Bob and Darius watched, mesmerized. Darius whispered to him. 'You know what this means? We're gonna get to fuck that gorgeous cop. I can't believe it.'

'That's for damn sure,' Bob agreed. 'Randy's tough. He never loses a fight.'

Just then Mark found a second wind and began to stand up. By sheer brute strength he pushed back against the big construction worker until they were back where they began, facing each other. Randy was surprised by the cop's strength and decided it was time for action. Breaking his grip he lowered his fists and punched Mark hard in the stomach.

The cop doubled up in pain and started to fall backward. But before he fell Randy grabbed his shorts and there was a loud ripping sound. One whole leg of Marks shorts tore away leaving just the waistband on that side. The instant Mark crashed to the ground Randy was on top of him. He knelt astride the blond muscle stud and pounded his pecs with his fists.

Mark screamed in pain, but he had been well trained. Pulling his legs up he managed to position them on either side of the big body over him; he linked his legs behind Randy's back and squeezed. With a howl of pain Randy doubled back and in seconds he was on the ground trapped in a vicious scissor lock.

His biceps bulged as he pushed desperately at the iron hard thighs that were holding him in their vice-like grip. It became another long trial of strength, and while Randy focuses on freeing himself Mark put his hand down to Randy's side and ripped at his shorts. One side split open but did not come away. He pulled again, but still the shorts did not come off.

The effort he made caused Mark to relax his legs and Randy took advantage of this to heave himself out of the scissor lock. Crawling behind Mark he pulled the cop up on his knees, knelt behind him and grasped his wrists behind his back. He pulled them upward behind him, trapping Mark in a vicious hammer lock.

Mark howled in pain as he struggled to free himself. Bob and Darius gasped at the sight of the incredible body, muscles straining and flexing in pain, head thrashing, blond hair flying, his sculpted features twisted in pain. They had rarely seen anything more stunningly beautiful. They watched in awe as the two muscle gods, locked together, fought for supremacy.

Mark finally managed to loosen one elbow and brought it back hard against Randy's side, making him lose his grip. But Randy was quick. As he staggered backward he grabbed at Mark's shorts and yanked hard. The other leg ripped away, so there were now just shreds of the shorts hanging loosely from the still intact waistband. Exhausted, Mark fell on his back and Randy leaped to his feet.

'He's done for,' Darius said. 'Randy's won. Can't wait to see him fuck the cop's ass, and then it's our turn. The boss is such a fucking stud. He's the man.'

Brandishing the ripped piece of cloth, Randy taunted the fallen cop who lay panting on his back, his shorts ripped to no more than the band of cloth round his waist.

'You're finished, Matsen. You're nothing. You're ass is mine. These guys are gonna watch you're sorry cop's ass get split wide open.'

With a manic grin Randy leaned forward to grab the last shreds of Mark's shorts. His hand had almost reached its goal when the cop made one last desperate move. He bent his knee and managed to press his foot against Randy's chest as he leaned forward. With a final supreme effort he pushed his leg hard against the massive chest and, with a howl of pain, Randy began to fall backward.

As he did so Mark lunged desperately for Randy's shorts. The force of the big body falling quickly backward was too much for the thin fabric and, as Randy staggered back, the shorts ripped clear off his body. After a few steps his back came crashing to a stop against a tree, and stood shaking his head in a daze. It took a few seconds for his mind to clear.

His head was still bent forward when he opened his eyes, and as he looked down he realized that he was naked. He raised his eyes and stared in horror. Mark was standing a few feet away, a big smile on his face. He was still wearing the shredded remains of his own shorts round his waist, and he was holding up his trophy, Randy's ripped shorts.

Darius and Bob leapt to their feet. 'NO!' they yelled in unison. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. It took a few moments for them to grasp the unbelievable truth. Randy had lost. He never lost! But this time the muscular cop had beaten him. Mark was going to fuck the big macho stud, the top man, their master!

* * *

Bob ran across to Randy. 'You don't have to do this, buddy. The whole thing was just a game. Let's just forget it. Mark's not into that. He doesn't really want to fuck you.'

'Oh, but he does,' said the cool, firm voice over his shoulder. When Bob spun and faced Mark he saw a steely determined look in his eye that he had not seen before. Mark continued.

'Randy and I have some unfinished business.' He turned to face Randy and looked him hard in the eyes. 'This morning you tied me up, humiliated me. But you and I know that couldn't be the end. We're two of a kind. That's why you've been taunting me all day. But now I've beaten you, and your ass is mine. Get on the ground, on your back.'

Randy looked at Bob. 'He's right. I'm beaten. A fight's a fight. And I lost.'

He sank to his knees in front of his muscular conqueror and bowed his head in submission. Then he fell onto his back on the grass his arms and legs spread eagled. Mark breathed deeply as he looked in awe at the beaten muscle stud, the powerful, sinewy body, dark skin, swarthy stubbled face, the ultimate macho top man. He knelt down between Randy's legs at his groin. Leaning forward he grabbed his wrists, pinning them to the ground. Their faces were inches apart. Mark gazed into the pale blue eyes and spoke softly.

'So this is it, big guy. This is a first for both of us. I've never done anything like this, never even thought of fucking a guy ... until I met you. And you ... I'm sure your buddies over there have fucked you once or twice, but no other man has ever owned your ass as I do now. I think you knew it would come to this. Deep down you even wanted it.'

He continued, 'It wasn't the fight, you know that. That could have gone either way, we're both evenly matched. No, when you first saw me you knew you had met your match, in strength and beauty. And you didn't know what to do. I overwhelmed you. And you knew that, sooner or later, I would dominate you.'

It was true and Randy knew it as he looked up at the stunning Nordic face, the chiseled features and the perfect body arching over him. This god-like man had thrown him totally off balance. He had thought that he needed to dominate Mark, but he had been wrong. He needed to be dominated by him! Randy needed to be overpowered by him, crushed, beaten, penetrated by him. He needed to be owned by this beautiful muscle god. Only then would his lust be satisfied.

As he gazed into Randy's eyes Mark read his thoughts. 'You see. You know I'm right. And now I'm going to fuck your ass'

Bob stood up and pulled Darius with him. Both had tears in their eyes as they saw their master pinned by the gorgeous cop. 'We don't have to watch this,' Bob said. 'We'll come back.'

'No!' Mark commanded. 'You stay. You watch as I enter your friend's ass and make him submit to me, body and soul. And then I'll watch as you both fuck him, one after the other. Today this man will be broken completely.'

He turned his gaze back to his victim. 'Now your humiliation begins. Your buddies will watch as I become the only man but them to penetrate your ass. Look at me, Randy. That's it. A Greek God, you called it. This face and body will break your will and make you its slave. Have you anything to say before I begin?'

Summoning up the last vestiges of his free will Randy growled, 'Go fuck yourself.'

'Wrong, asshole. It's you who's gonna get fucked.'

* * *

There was a long silence as the two men stared at each other. Then Mark said, 'You know what to do.'

Hypnotized by the magnificent man pinning him down, Randy raised his legs and hooked them over Mark's broad shoulders. Mark had no experience of this, but looking down at his magnificent captive his cock was rock hard and he brought its head to rest lightly against the crack of the warm ass. Randy tensed. He looked up at the muscle stud who had thrashed him and knew what was coming.

Without breaking his gaze into Randy's defiant eyes Mark suddenly pushed forward and his long shaft slid quickly and easily into the furnace of the big man's ass.

'Aaaah!' Randy screamed, throwing his head back at the intense pain as his body was impaled on the cop's rigid shaft. His body convulsed, flexed and thrashed as he tried to free himself. Instinctively he clenched the muscles of his ass tight, squeezing the cock inside him. Breathing deeply he flexed his ass muscles tighter and tighter. He was trying to crush Mark's cock so hard that it would pull out.

But the effect on Mark was the opposite. Mark had, of course, fucked many women. As beautiful as he was he could have his pick. But he had never felt a sensation like this. His cock was tight in the furnace of this gorgeous man's ass and the effect was electrifying. His dick throbbed and pulsed, sheathed as it was inside the burning walls of the man's hole. Jolts of ecstasy shot from his groin through the rest of his body, which flexed and heaved as if struck by lightning. He screamed out loud as the sensation raced though every fiber of his being.

The scream made Randy open his eyes and he gasped at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. The perfectly sculpted, god-like man was in a delirium, his huge muscles heaving and flexing as his body thrashed, streaming with sweat. The face was thrown back in ecstasy, his eyes wide open with wonder.

Then the moment came. Mark's face became still and his eyes bored into he pale blue eyes staring up at him. That instant was transforming. The two men crossed the threshold from reality to fantasy. They had passed into another world. For a moment they were strangers in that world and neither knew what to do.

Randy was drowning in the cool, grey eyes and he heard himself speak. 'Fuck me, man. Fuck my ass. It's yours. It belongs to you. I need you inside me. Please, sir. Deeper.'

As Mark felt the ass relax he was able to push in further, into the innermost limits of the furnace. Then he pulled back and plunged in again. He could no longer think. He was aware of only two things: the stunning beauty of the face imploring him, and the exquisite sensation in his cock that raced through his whole body. He was in a world of enchantment, a place he had never been to, and which he never wanted to leave.

Randy relaxed and looked up at the magnificent body rising and falling before him, filling his insides with indescribable pleasure. He watched as the beautiful face began to smile down at him ... and suddenly he knew that he had seen this picture before. He realized now that, in the deepest recesses of his subconscious mind, he had seen this glorious image the very first moment he had set eyes on Mark. He knew now that he had wanted this from the very beginning.

The two magnificent men came together as one, their stunning bodies rising and falling in a natural rhythm as they explored each other. Mark had been pinning Randy but he now released his wrists and gazed down, his face dripping sweat onto his victim. Enraptured by the sight, Randy reached upward and ran his hands over the perfect slabs of Mark's pecs, shiny with sweat, then over his shoulders, down his biceps, over his ripped abs and finally down to his groin. He gasped as he touched the long shaft that was pounding his ass.

Mark spoke to him. 'You are incredible, man. I have never felt this before in my life. I could fuck your ass for ever. You are so fucking hot, such a man, and I love dominating you. Tell me, who does your ass belong to?'

'You, sir. Your cock feels so fucking beautiful inside me. I love running my hands over your body, watching you fuck me. Don't stop. Push deeper inside me. You own my body and my mind.'

Both men had completely forgotten that this act of lust and love was being witnessed by two other men. Bob and Darius were spellbound, unable to speak or move as they watched the unbelievable sight of these two muscular bodies writhing together, the blond Greek God penetrating deep inside the ass of the dark, macho, muscle stud. The big top man was being dominated, broken.

They heard Mark speak. 'It's nearly time, man. Time for me to prove I can make you do anything.' And leaning forward, he again gripped Randy's wrists, pinning him to the ground. You will do exactly as I tell you, is that clear?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Is your cock hard?'

'Yes, sir!'

'Are you gonna shoot your load for me?'

'Yes, sir.'

'But only when I give you permission.'

'Yes, sir.'

Mark started to pound harder and deeper and Randy groaned as his cock started to pulse. He looked up with pleading eyes.

'Please sir, I'm so close.'

'No! You wait until I permit it.'

'Yes, sir!' Randy clenched his jaw.

'Look at me. Look into my eyes.'

They locked eyes.

'Now I'm going to flood your ass with my juice. My cock is going to shoot inside you. And you will watch. I've beaten you, Randy. You knew I would. And your buddies are watching me break you. Let them hear you give in.'

Randy shouted, 'I submit, sir. You've broken me. I'm your slave. Please, sir. I beg you. Cum inside my ass.

'OK. Here it comes, man. It's close. Feel the cock swelling inside you. Feel it pounding your ass. You've lost, man. I've beaten you ..... AAAH!' His cock convulsed, paused, and then began to stream inside the burning ass of the broken stud. The huge shaft penetrated the inner depths of his gut as it gushed again and again, one orgasm after another.

Mark shouted, 'OK, now! Now you can shoot.' And Randy screamed, 'Thank you, sir!' as his cock reared up and he shot jets of hot, creamy liquid over own body, his chest, his shoulders, his face, until his whole muscular body was streaming with semen.' The two bodies flexed, convulsed and heaved together as both men experienced the most incredible, multiple orgasms.

After a long while they began to relax and looked deep into each other's eyes.

Mark smiled. 'You wanted that from the very beginning, didn't you?'

Randy panted, 'But I never dreamed it would be like that. You're fucking magnificent.'

Mark fell forward onto Randy and the two gleaming bodies came together, one on top of the other, sliding together on the slick pool of Randy's cum. They gripped each other for a long time, until finally Mark breathed into Randy's ear, 'Now I'm going to pull out.' As each man uttered their final moan, the cock slid free of the shattered ass.

* * *

Bob and Darius had witnessed the whole incredible sequence in total silence. Their dicks were rock hard but they had not cum. They hadn't dared to. They sensed the supremacy of this glorious man and waited for his command. Mark leapt to his feet.

'Wait here. Nobody move.'

He strode back to the house and went down to the basement room where he had first taken off his uniform. Now that he had cum and fulfilled his lust his body felt drained. He was reeling from the events of the day. Reality was crashing in on him. What had he done? What the hell was he doing here? He had done things here that were unimaginable.

He looked in the mirror. He was Mark Matsen, regular guy, a working cop, with a girlfriend waiting for him at home. He had to get out of here, get his life back. He needed to get dressed. His shorts had been ripped off, so he grabbed a pair of Randy's from the floor and put them on. Then he pulled on his uniform pants and buckled the wide belt. He pulled on his motor cycle boots and tucked the pants into them.

His T-shirt was gone, so he pulled on his uniform shirt, fastened the bottom two buttons and tucked it into his waistband. As he looked into the mirror at the handsome cop his cock stirred and began to get hard. Jesus, what had these guys done to him? He found his sunglasses and put them on. He picked up his helmet and went back outside to confront the men.

All three men gasped at the sight of this beautiful, uniformed cop striding toward them. His shirt was open almost to his waist, baring his sculpted pecs, and his chiseled features were stunning behind mirrored glasses. He was like a fantasy illustration of a cop. He dropped his helmet and crossed his arms over his chest. As he spoke the men realized that Mark was back to being a cop. The voice was steely, all business.'

'It's almost over. But before I leave there's one last act. The deal was that I get to see you two complete the humiliation of your master. I thrashed him, dominated him and broke him. Now he will submit to you.'

He turned to Randy who was still lying dazed on his back on the ground. He put his boot under the muscular body and flipped the shattered stud over onto his face.

'On your knees, asshole.'

* * *

Continued in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 21'


Rob Williams

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