In his fury Randy slammed Bob's muscular body down heavily on the bed, still hog-tied. Their intensely close soul-mate relationship had been shattered by a stunningly thoughtless act. Bob, drunk and mesmerized by the beauty of their new acquaintance, Darius, had allowed the perfectly built black man to fuck him with his enormous ten-inch cock. Finding them together Randy had punished them brutally before throwing them both out of the house.

But the bond between Randy and Bob was so powerful that their separation was miserable and painful. Pacing in frustration Randy finally acted in desperation and had gone to find Bob, tied him up and brought him back to the house, telling himself that he would inflict one final punishment and then break with him forever. He towered over the beautiful, bruised and trembling body builder and vented his fury.

'That ass was mine. It belonged to me. You belonged to me. And you let that shithead fuck you with his huge godamn prick. I guess my dick wasn't big enough for you. So be it. Now you're gonna find out what happens when you give your asshole to another man. I'll make sure nobody ever wants it again. I'm gonna torture that pretty ass, destroy it, tear it to shreds so there's nothing left. And then I'll throw you and your sorry ass out for ever. Is that clear?'

Bob managed to croak, 'Yes, sir,' and waited helplessly for his agony to begin.

Randy untied him and pushed the powerful body face down on the bed. 'Put you ass in the air. Let me see it one last time before I ruin it.'

Bob obeyed and, pulling himself to his knees, thrust his perfect round cheeks upward as an offering to the enraged construction worker above him. Randy looked down at the stunning ass and tears came to his eyes, part anger and part lust for what he had lost. Mustering all his strength he brought his arm crashing down and his open palm smashed against the waiting ass. He raised his other arm and delivered the same savage blow to his other cheek.

Bob howled in pain as the hand pounded his stinging ass. It was burning hot, marked with the imprint of Randy's big palms. All Randy could see were the mounds of the ass as they bounced under his terrible blows. This was the ass that had betrayed him. He had loved it, loved the man, but that was over. Now all he wanted to do was hurt it. He thrashed the ass again and again and stopped only when his hands were raw.

He slid his belt from his pants and began to whip the blazing, ravaged ass without mercy. Bob could not think or speak. All he was aware of was the searing pain in his butt as it was brutally tortured. The pain was so intense that he was unaware when it stopped. He was sobbing, tears pouring from his eyes as he begged his former lover to stop.

But Randy was not finished. He flipped the big man over onto his back and pulled Bob's legs upward. They were now resting on Randy's broad shoulders and the panting construction worker stared down into the eyes of the helpless man.

'Now I'll ruin your ass for good. I'm gonna split it wide open.'

He reached over and plunged his left hand into a jar of lubricant. He brought the tips of his fingers up close to the crack in Bob's ass. The terrified man realized what was coming.

'No. Please, sir. Don't. I can't take that. You'll rip me open.'

'That's the idea,' Randy growled. Slowly he twisted his fingers against the hole and narrowed his hand into a tube shape. He pushed and his greased fingers began to slide into the hole, two fingers at first, then three and four until the base of his thumb was resting against the hole. Bob closed his eyes and waited for the pain. When it came it was terrible. As Randy's hand pushed further and further the tortured man's sphincter was stretched wider than he thought possible. As the pain became intolerable he screamed and thrashed his head from side to side. But Randy was implacable and increased the pressure.

And then suddenly everything changed. The pain lessened and the hand stopped moving. The men looked at each other in disbelief. Randy's big hand was all the way inside his buddy's ass. Bob's sphincter muscle had closed tightly around the hairy wrist and the pain subsided. They held each other's gaze and it was as if they were drowning in each other's eyes. The intimacy of the act was so intense that they were joined as one sprit.

Randy was intoxicated by the silky, warm, moist insides of his lover's ass. It was like caressing velvet. And Bob had the euphoric sensation of his hole being filled with his lover's fist. His eyes feasted on the virile, rugged man; his gaze followed his arm from the broad shoulder, past the bulging biceps and down to the wrist as it disappeared into his ass.

Very slowly Randy curled his fingers until finally his hand clenched into a fist. Then he began to turn his fist slowly inside the beautiful ass. The feeling for both men was incredible. They had never felt such a sensation, the bond, the intimacy that united them as one. Randy was inside his lover's ass!

'God I love you.' Not breaking his intense gaze Randy smiled down at the moaning man. He bent his face forward and kissed Bob lightly on the lips. What had begun as an act of punishment, of brutal torture, had become an expression of passionate love. The past, the anger, the fear....all of it dissolved in this sensation of total ecstasy.

'Make me cum,' Bob breathed as they became aware of their raging hard-ons. As he bent over the trembling body Randy's dick was touching Bob's. He wrapped his big hand around both the rigid shafts together and began to stroke. His other hand was deep inside the burning ass and he twisted it slowly round and back against the silky lining of the hole. Both men entered another state of being. Looking deep into each other's eyes it was as if they could see their very souls.

As Randy held the two big dicks together he stroked harder and faster. Then suddenly he stopped as he felt them throb under his tight grasp. His fingers felt the cum surge upward inside the motionless cocks and he watched spellbound as two huge jets of semen gushed out, erupting all over the heaving chest of the gorgeous man on the bed. Again and again the shafts gushed with cum and the muscular torso was streaming with white creamy liquid. The two men had not uttered a sound and they now stayed completely still, gazing at each other as if for the first time.

* * *

They did not move for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, very slowly, Randy began to pull his hand from inside the furnace of his lover's ass. Bob winced at the momentary pain, but then relaxed with a deep sigh as his ass became free. Randy quickly wiped his hand on a towel and then fell forward onto the beautiful cum-soaked chest of the man he had just fist fucked. Their faces pressed together, Rand whispered,

'Promise me, don't ever leave me again. I can't live without you.'

Bob looked at him and began to stammer. 'I...I...I'll never forgive myself for giving my ass to Darius. We were drunk and....' Tears began flowing from his eyes, but Randy bent to lick his face and tasted the salty cheeks. He came close to his ear again.

'Sshh. That's all behind us. No apologies, no need for forgiveness. After today we're together for ever. We'll never see that guy again. He's in the past...forgotten. I love you.'

* * *

And so they turned their back on the past and lived for the present and the future. They resumed their former idyllic lives, going to work, coming home, then exploring each other's bodies and minds. They still played rough, having sexual adventures testing each other's strength and endurance. And when their bodies were tortured to exhaustion they stopped....and made love.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of work to do around the house. The big garden in back was still like a jungle and as they worked on it they made a few discoveries. There had been a sizeable lap pool that was overgrown and had long since fallen into disuse, though Randy found that it was still structurally sound so they decided to bring it back to use. There was also a dilapidated shack near the pool that had evidently once been a pool house, with a sink and toilet, but it was now loaded with junk and would have to be cleaned out.

'Jeez, we're gonna need help with this,' Randy said to Bob as they worked in the garden. In the hot sun they were both stripped to the waist, in jeans and boots, and hacking at the dense undergrowth. 'I'm gonna have to go down to the lumber yard and pick up a day laborer or two to help with the heavy stuff.'

They paused and looked at each other. They never ceased to be amazed at the absolute beauty of the other man's perfect body, muscles now pumped from the exhausting labor and streaming with sweat. Shirtless they looked magnificent and their cocks strained under their tight jeans.

'Time for a break,' Bob said, and his hand slid down to rub his crotch. Randy did the same, coming forward to stand a few feet in front of his buddy. They looked into each other's eyes and read each other's minds. Ripping open the fly of their jeans they pulled out their raging cocks. With the sun burning down on their naked shoulders, back and chest they began to pump their dicks, gazing silently at each other. The only sound was the dry cackling of the cicadas and the men's heaving breathing as their excitement grew.

Their faces broke into wide grins as they felt their orgasm approach. Then, with a triumphant shout, they simultaneously shot their load, gushing streams of semen arching high and splashing hard onto the other man's heaving chest. They began to laugh and came together in a tight embrace, rubbing their chests together, sliding against the hot creamy juice of their cum. Their laughter echoed around the hills, a celebration of their lust and passion.

Then they got back to work.

* * *

It was early on a Saturday morning some weeks later, and Bob was the first to stir. Reluctantly leaving his naked buddy asleep in bed he pulled on a pair of boxers and went to the kitchen to make coffee. They planned to spend the day in the back garden tackling some of the really heavy work that needed to be done.

Bob threw the old coffee grounds in the trash, picked up the trashcan and took it to the back door. Drowsily he unlocked the door and, as he stepped outside, almost fell over a bundle of clothes on the doorstep. He looked down and what he saw made him gasp. 'Hey, Randy,' he called out. 'Come and take a look at this.'

Randy woke and, pulling on his boxers, stumbled to the back door. He followed Bob's gaze down to the step. 'Jesus Christ! What the fuck's he doing here?' The bundle of old clothes was actually a man, huddled asleep on the doorstep. Randy kicked the body over. It was Darius!

The big black man came quickly to his senses and leaped to his feet, blinking at the two near-naked body builders. He looked terrible. His face was streaked with dirt and he clearly hadn't shaved for days. He was wearing jeans, boots and a work shirt over a sweaty back T-shirt. He had evidently been living rough for some time.

There was a stunned silence as Darius looked at the astonished men, his nervousness bordering on terror. Even though he was filthy and disheveled he was still a great looking man, his handsome face grimacing in confusion and his sculpted body rippling under his filthy clothes. But Randy could see only the man he despised, the man he had caught fucking his lover's ass with his huge cock, the bastard who had almost ripped their relationship apart. He broke the silence.

'OK, asshole. Speak.'

Darius opened his eyes wide and began to stammer incoherently. 'I....I just....I didn't know what to......Oh God...' and he started to weep.

Bob took him by the shoulders and asked gently, 'What's up, Darius? What are you doing here? Just take a deep breath and explain.'

Then it all came tumbling out. 'I know what I did to you was terrible. I know you hate me. But I couldn't get you both out of my mind. You guys are.....I need to.... Anyway, I couldn't sleep, couldn't work. I lost my job, couldn't pay my rent, got thrown out. I've been living rough for a couple of weeks, but I couldn't stop thinking about you guys. The only thing I could do was to come back here. I wound up on your doorstep last night but I was so tired I guess I fell asleep.' His head fell forward.

'What the fuck do you want from us?' Randy barked. 'Money'

'No, no. Nothing like that. I...I just...I just wanna be near you guys.'

'You want to stay here?' Bob asked.

'I know I don't deserve anything from you, but....'

'Jesus Christ!' Randy exploded. 'You've got balls I'll give you that. You fucking crazy, or something? After what you did you really expect we'd give you house room? Shit, you're lucky I don't fucking kill you,' and he stepped forward clenching his fist. Bob intervened, and pulled Randy aside, out of earshot of the trembling black man.

'Listen, we can't just send him away like that. Look at him. He probably hasn't eaten in days.'

Randy folded his arms and said sarcastically to his buddy, 'So what do you suggest, asshole?'

'Look, you were saying that you need help with the heavy work around here. You were going to hire a day laborer. Well, what if we put him to work. Let him work off some of the guilt he's feeling?'

'And let him stay here?'

'Well, there's the old shack out back.'

Randy lost his cool. 'Shit, man, you just want him here so he can shove that big dick up your ass again.'

Bob winced and stepped back as if Randy had physically struck him. Randy immediately regretted his words and, putting his hand behind Bob's neck, pulled his face next to his. 'Jesus, man, you know I didn't mean that. I'm a damn fool sometimes. I love you, man. I shouldn't have said that.' Then he pulled back and looked into his buddy's eyes. 'OK. We'll see. And I hope we don't live to regret this.'

They walked back over to Darius who waited nervously. Scared as he was, as he watched the two men approach him, stripped down to their boxers, their muscles rippling in the sun, Darius wanted desperately to stay, to be near them.

Randy stood in front of him, deliberately intimidating him. 'The first thing you should know is I hate your guts. And that's never gonna change. The only reason I'm even talking to you is that my buddy here spoke up for you. So, you wanna work? Well we've got work, back-breaking, punishing work. I doubt you'll last. You ever done manual labor before?'

'Yes. Yes I have.'

Darius flinched as Randy strode angrily up to him and gripped his chin tightly in his big fist. 'Now let's get one thing clear. When you speak to either of us you will address us as 'Sir,' get it?'

'Yes, sir,' said Darius, almost in relief.

'You look strong enough, but I need someone who can take punishment without giving up. You think you can do that?'

'Yes, sir. Please, sir.'

'We'll see. Strip!'

Darius acted feverishly to obey this big, rugged man that he had thought about day and night, dreamed about even. He tore off his shirt, then his filthy T-shirt, and his sculpted torso gleamed in the sun. He kicked off his boots, quickly dropped his jeans and his monstrous cock hung free. He stood still with his hands behind his back.

The two buddies stared at the naked man, his coffee colored skin gleaming under the hot sun. God, he was stunning. He had naturally honed, rippling muscles without an ounce of fat. Filthy as he was, his face was near perfect, high forehead and cheekbones setting off incredible almond-shaped green eyes. And that huge shaft hung halfway down his thigh.

Randy gave the orders. 'Bob, get the ropes from the shed. This tree should do.'

* * *

Five minutes later Randy stepped back and admired his work. Darius stood buck naked, his arms stretched up and outward, his wrists tied to the high branch of a tree. His body strained and flexed, his feet barely touching the ground. He looked magnificent.

Randy turned to Bob. 'Pick up a rope and stand behind him.' Then he came up and looked Darius hard in the face. 'Now listen, you piece of shit. This can be a rough house so I wanna see how tough you are. Here's what's gonna happen. My buddy Bob is going to thrash you......twenty lashes on your back. I doubt you'll last more than three. And while he's torturing you, you will look into my eyes and you will not make a sound. The first sound out of you, we'll stop and you're out on your ass. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir,' Darius shouted firmly.

'And you,' he said to Bob. 'The rope you have has a knot in the end, worse than any belt or whip. You put every ounce of strength you have into this. No pulling punches. I want him hurt. If I think you are holding back the deal's off and he goes. Get it?'

'Yes, sir,' said Bob, remembering again how the toughness of this rugged construction worker had first turned him on. His cock got hard at the thought. He knew he had to obey. Randy stepped back and folded his arm, looking piercingly into Darius's green eyes. Bob paused, then raised his arm and brought the rope smashing down on the broad black back.

Darius's body leapt with the searing pain of the first blow, but he never took his eyes off the big near-naked man in front of him and never made a sound. Then the next blow came, even harder. Darius gritted his teeth as the raw rope bit into his flexing muscles. Again he made no sound and riveted his gaze onto the steely blue eyes of the man he wanted desperately to please.

So the torture continued, each lash of the rope searing across his back with incredible pain. But he refused to submit. As he locked eyes with the construction worker, tears began to well up and flow down his cheeks. Randy stood rock still, watching the torment of the man he hated so much for violating his lover's ass.

Randy had intended for this episode to be short. He had been sure that Darius would give up screaming after one or two blows and they would be rid of him. But here he was, halfway through his torment, still locking eyes with him. Even though his body leapt and flexed under the blows and his face grimaced with pain, his beautiful eyes remained rock steady as they bored into Randy's. As he watched him Randy became aware of just how much the tortured man wanted to be accepted by him.

Randy was a man's man. The thing he respected most in a guy was a rugged masculinity, his toughness and endurance, his ability to accept pain without flinching. And this is exactly what he was now seeing in the steady, unflinching green eyes of the man enduring such a thrashing. Randy hated him for what he had done, but he could not help admiring his strength, his determination not to submit. He was not only beautiful. It was his very maleness that earned Randy's respect. Randy suddenly knew that Darius would not give up.

Both men continued to gaze into each other's eyes until Bob shouted 'twenty' and suddenly the beating stopped. Darius had not uttered a sound. Randy approached him and brought his hands to the black man's hard nipples. Not breaking his gaze he twisted the nipples hard, but Darius still did not flinch. In fact, he may have been mistaken, but Randy could swear he saw the faintest trace of a smile on the handsome face. He looked deep into his eyes and saw something he had seen only once before in a his buddy Bob. And he felt his cock stirring in his shorts.

Then the spell was broken. Randy jolted back to reality and, reaching up, untied his victim's wrists. Exhausted and racked with pain Darius collapsed forward onto the muscular construction worker, his arms falling round his neck. Slowly he slid to the ground, rubbing against Randy's naked chest, his waist and then his legs. As Darius's face brushed past the bulge in his shorts Randy felt his cock leap and he watched mesmerized as the agonized man fell in a heap at his feet.

Meanwhile Bob, even while he put all his strength into the beating, was aware of every subtlety of what was happening. He still felt a kind of tenderness for the younger man, knowing that the two of them were equally guilty of the terrible mistake they had both made. He was pleased to see Randy's reaction to the man's endurance and smiled to himself. And now it was over.

'Not bad,' Randy said and kicked the limp body away from him. 'Now we better clean you up.' He walked over to the garden hose and turned it full blast onto the huddled heap of muscle. Rolling over Darius tried to shield himself from the force of the water and held his arm over his eyes until the stream of water stopped.

'Get up,' Randy shouted and, despite his pain and fatigue, Darius dragged himself to his feet. He stood unsteadily and faced the two near-naked men he wanted, the men he lusted for. Randy folded his arms across his chest and spoke.

'OK. I made the deal thinking you would flake out and I could get rid of you. But you're tougher than I thought and you didn't break. A deal's a deal, so here's what I'll do.....reluctantly. I'll take you on for a month, during which you will work harder than you've ever worked before. You will do whatever I tell you to. You will obey me in everything. Here are the rules.'

'While you are here you will never leave the house or grounds. You are here twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Understood?'

'Yes, sir. Darius's voice was firm and clear.

'You will serve us both, whatever we tell you to do. You will live in the shack there. You will enter the house when we give you permission. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Oh, and one other thing, just in case you were thinking about sex. While you are here you will never, ever, have an orgasm unless I authorize it. No jacking off, not even touching yourself. If you break any one of these rules, or fail to perform your work to my satisfaction, you're out. OK?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Don't move.' Randy walked over to the trash bin, rummaged inside it and pulled out a piece of cloth. He threw it to the naked man. 'Yesterday I threw out these old shorts of mine. They're torn, filthy, stained with sweat, grease and piss and no more use to me. This is all you will wear until you finally leave here. The only exception is that you will be allowed to wear boots when working in the yard.'

'Thank you, sir,' said Darius, pulling on the ragged, filthy shorts. He was embarrassed that the head of his long, thick dick hung out below the bottom of the leg.

'Wait here.' Randy went into the house and came back moments later with something in his hand. 'Kneel!'

Darius fell to his knees and hung his head. 'Look at me!' Randy barked. As Darius raised his eyes to the muscle man towering over him Randy held up a leather collar and fastened it ritualistically around the muscular neck of the kneeling black man.

'You will wear this at all times. You are a slave here. You exist only the serve my buddy and me. Do you accept all these conditions?'

'Yes, sir. Please, sir.' And, without thinking, the beautiful man bent to the ground and kissed the feet of the construction working in an act of total submission.

'Get up!' Randy ordered, and Darius sprang to his feet. 'Today we work. Before that you will have two hours to prepare. You will clean yourself up and clear out the shack so you can live in it. Bob will bring you the bare essentials. When did you last eat?'

'I don't remember, sir.'

'Jesus. OK, he'll bring you food too. Then we work.'

'Thank you sir.'

Randy growled at him. 'Don't thank me, punk. I still hate your guts. You're here to work. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir.'

Randy kicked at the pile of filthy clothes on the ground that Darius had discarded. 'As for these....' He went into the shack, brought out a small bottle of kerosene and sprayed the clothes. He threw a lighted match on them and they blazed to ashes in a few minutes. Randy kicked the ashes and looked at Darius.

'Now you own nothing. You are entirely dependent on us. As far as I am concerned you are nothing - just hired labor. Be ready to work in two hours.' And he turned and walked back into the house.

* * *

Half an hour later Darius was energetically clearing the trash out of the old shack. All that was left was an old table and chair and a single bed. There was a small closet, toilet and washbasin. Bob came in with a couple of towels, soap and a razor. He also had a plate piled with sandwiches.

'OK,' he said. 'You can eat.' Darius sat and ate ravenously.

'Shit, you really haven't eaten in a while have you?'

'No, sir. I couldn't think of anything else but you guys. Can I ask you something, sir?'


'Do you think Randy will ever forgive me?'

'Look. Randy never apologizes or forgives. He just turns his back on the past. But what we did really shattered him and he punished me big time. You will have to earn his respect. That's if he doesn't break you first. Work hard. Do exactly what he says. But first, clean yourself up. You're a mess.' And Bob left him alone.

* * *

Two hours later Darius's cock stiffened as Randy and Bob strode out to the garden. The big construction worker was wearing loose cargo pants, boots and an old grubby white tank shirt stretched over his broad chest. He wore a tool belt round his slim waist. Bob was shirtless, in jeans and boots. To Darius they looked incredible.

For most of the morning Randy worked repairing the roof of the dilapidated shack, while Bob made Darius help him digging out the root of an old tree. Darius worked hard, determined to prove himself and he was soon panting and gleaming with sweat. He allowed himself a few sideways glances at the beautiful shirtless man working beside him and his cock never lost its hard-on.

When the root was out, Randy shouted to Darius to come over to the pool. 'You're going to spend the next few hours scrubbing the bottom of the pool. Get down there. Take some drinking water with you.' Darius scrambled down the steps and Randy threw down to him brushes and cleanser. The empty pool was like a furnace, but the eager slave immediately began his work.

A while later Randy had finished the roof of the shack and took a breather. Sweating, he pulled off his tank shirt and went over to check on the hired help. As he looked down into the pool he felt a surge of admiration for the beautiful black man, his muscles straining and streaming with sweat as he scrubbed feverishly in what was for now just a concrete pit. The noontime sun was merciless, bouncing off the white walls and beating down on the near naked man, wearing only stained and ragged shorts. He looked up at the magnificent construction worker, shirtless now, whose pumped muscles gleamed with the sun behind him.

'You hot?' Randy yelled down. 'You wanna cool off?'

'Yes, sir.'

Randy shouted, 'Hey, Bob. Get over here.' Bob came and stood by Randy and they looked down at the muscular slave in the pit.

'Our friend here says he wants to cool off. He needs a shower,' Randy said, unbuttoning the fly of his pants. Bob grinned at him and did the same. 'On your back,' shouted Randy.

Darius dropped to his knees, then fell flat on his back, his arms and legs spread wide. He was spread eagled on the burning hot concrete. He looked up, squinting in the harsh sun. The sight was incredible and his cock became rock hard. The two gorgeous body builders were standing way above him, both stripped to the waist. As the bright sun shimmered behind them they looked god-like. Darius was looking up at heaven. And he knew the heavens were about to open.

The two big men were pointing their cocks down at the spread eagled slave. Darius waited what seemed like and eternity. Then he felt it.....two streams of burning hot, rancid yellow liquid began to pour onto his face and splash down his body. The two men he had fantasized about, the men he had dreamed of, worshipped, were pissing down on him. He was in ecstasy. He opened his mouth and gulped down the hot liquid flowing from the big cocks of his two masters.

Randy and Bob looked in awe at the beautiful slave eagerly swallowing their piss. It splashed in his face and streamed over his perfect muscles. Urine mingled with his sweat and made his body gleam. The filthy shorts were soaked and clung to the outline of his enormous, rigid cock as it stood straight up. Soon the spread eagled man was lying in a pool of yellow urine, obviously in some kind of rapture as his masters' piss poured over him. He looked up at the two giants towering above him and screamed.

'Thank you sir! Thank you, God!'

* * *

Randy broke the spell. 'Get up,' he barked. 'Hose down the pool and yourself and come up for something to eat.'

After a quick lunch they were ready to work again. Bob had work to do for his company on his computer so he went into the house, showered, pulled on some underwear and settled in front of his lap-top in his bedroom, by the window overlooking the garden.

Randy pulled on his old tank shirt again and went outside, where there was a major job to tackle. On one edge of the pool was a big, ugly concrete slap that had apparently once been the beginnings of an uncompleted Jacuzzi. Randy had decided it had to be removed. He turned to Darius, who was looking up at him like an eager puppy.

'This has to go,' said Randy. 'I could get a jackhammer from work but I figure if we both work together on it with pick axes it'll be faster.'

'Yes, sir,' Darius said. He loved to hear the phrase 'both work together' and his cock started to get hard again. Randy brought out two pick axes and tossed one to Darius. 'You ever used one of these?'

No, sir.'

'I'll show you.' And the muscular construction worker stood back, swung the axe in a wide powerful arc and brought it crashing down on the concrete. Darius joined in and for a while they both swung their axes hard, so the concrete began gradually to crumble. After a while Randy watched Darius's clumsy efforts with a frown.

'Asshole. You're not very good at this, are you? You're holding it wrong. Here, let me show you.' He got close behind the sweating body of the black man and brought his arms round to the axe Darius was holding. 'Here, your hands should be higher....round this way.' He put his hands over the other man's and showed him how to swing the axe. Darius felt Randy's hard muscles scrape against his back through the thin tank and, as the two bodies rubbed together, his cock became rigid.

Randy was now pressed against the muscular black back, his cock resting hard against the firm, rounded cheeks of Darius's ass. As his crotch rubbed against the other man's shorts the construction worker felt his own dick swelling. Darius adjusted his hands on the axe and looked over his shoulder. 'Is this right?' His handsome face was up close to Randy's, who found himself looking straight into the shining green eyes, so eager to please. His cock became rigid as he felt their bodies stick together with the sweat pouring off them.

There was a long moment as their eyes locked. Then Randy pulled away sharply. He saw Darius's long, thick cock now hanging stiffly way down below the bottom of his shorts. 'That's enough,' he growled abruptly. Grabbing the leather collar he had made Darius wear and pulling his face close, he raised his voice. 'Don't get any ideas, punk. You're a shit and an asshole and I still hate your guts. Now get back to work or I'll throw your ass out on the street.'

'Yes, sir,' said Darius, with the faint trace of a smile on his lips. Then they both raised their axes and resumed work.

And so the two gorgeous men swung their axes hard down on the concrete, blow after blow. With the black man wearing only dirty, ripped shorts, and his big master in tank shirt and loose cargo pants, they were a magnificent sight. In the blazing sun their bodies gleamed with sweat.

When his shirt was soaked, Randy pulled it off and used it to wipe his face, chest and shoulders. Then he flung it to Darius who wiped his own face slowly, breathing in the raw, intoxicating smell of the big man's heaving body and stale sweat.

None of this was lost on Bob who had raised his head from his laptop and was watching from the bedroom window. He looked on in awe at the two gorgeous bodies, pumped and rippling as they worked. He had seen the pick axe 'lesson' as the bodies rubbed together, and the lustful reaction in both men. He saw with amusement the look that passed between them, and he also heard as Randy cursed the younger man and sternly ordered him back to work.

Bob had seen everything and understood everything. He smiled with satisfaction as he murmured to himself. 'Hmm....we'll see how this develops. Should be an interesting month......'

Continued in Trial Of Strength - Part 14


Rob Williams

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