It was over. It was still hard for Randy and Bob to clear their minds of the extraordinary experiences of the last twenty-four hours. And every minute of it had been watched greedily by twenty men in a group of voyeurs, in this lavish house in the Hollywood Hills. The group had sure got its money's worth, watching the swarthy construction worker and the clean-cut muscular businessman, two stunningly beautiful men, fight and suffer together.

The two body builders showered and washed from their faces the semen of the beautiful black man Darius. As they pulled on their clothes in the bedroom, memories raced through their heads....the whip fight that Bob lost, and then endured the humiliation of being spread eagled on the floor and pissed on by all twenty men. The wrestling match where Bob was victorious and subjected Randy to the nightmare of having his face fucked by twenty cocks. And the incredible torture of being tied to wooden crosses by Darius, with massive black dildoes forced into their asses. And finally the way they climaxed together with Darius, ending in a passionate three-way embrace.

But probably the most intense experience of all for two macho, straight men.....they had made fierce, passionate love to each other for the first time, all under astonished gaze of the spectators on the other side of the two-way mirror. The memory brought mixed feelings of elation, joy and some embarrassment. After that they saw each other in a whole new light.

There was a knock at the door and the leader of the group, and owner of the house, Mitch, came in. 'I hardly know what to say to you guys, except that if you ever want to come here again, we'll all be waiting. It was the most incredible sight any of us has ever seen. You were both magnificent. Believe me, the memory of this will be the cause of many orgasms among our group over the coming weeks.'

He held out a fat envelope. 'Mere money seems inadequate, but you'll fund an extra bonus in there as a mark of our appreciation. And here's a memento that I think you'll appreciate,' handing them a small bag. He put his arms round their shoulders, led them out through the front door and said a regretful goodbye.

They were striding to their truck when they heard footstep behind them. Darius was running after them. The beautiful, perfectly sculpted black man, shirtless, in jeans and boots was breathless. 'I'm gonna miss you guys. That was the most unbelievable experience of my life. I really hope I'll see you again. I'll be thinking of you....and jacking off at the memory. I brought you this gift. Make use of it.'

* * *

Driving home along Mulholland Drive the friends were silent. Words seemed inadequate to express their swirl of emotions. Finally Bob spoke.

'So what did you think of Darius? He sure seemed to be turned on by us.'

Randy frowned as he remembered his first sight of the gorgeous black man with the enormous dick as he fucked his face, trapped in the ropes of the wrestling ring. It was hard for him to accept humiliation at the hands of any another man except Bob. 'He's OK. Comes on a bit strong. He's a stud, I'll give you that - one of the most beautiful black men I've seen. Still, that's all past. Don't suppose we'll be seeing him again.'

'No, I guess not,' said Bob, though the memory of that awesome body and huge cock still stirred something in his groin. 'I guess we won't.'

* * *

It was with relief that they got home to their newly-leased house in the rustic neighborhood of Mount Washington. They realized that they were exhausted and they stripped off their clothes and lay naked next to each other on the bed. Bob was asleep almost as soon as he hit the bed, lying flat on his stomach. Randy propped himself on his elbow and looked at his sleeping buddy. There was a smile on Bob's face and, in his sleep, he licked his lips like a contented puppy.

Admiring his broad muscular back Randy ran his hand lightly down Bob's spine until it came to rest on his ass. God, it was a beautiful ass. Randy gazed in awe at the perfectly rounded twin mounds and the tight crack between them. He smiled as he realized that it actually brought tears to his eyes. He loved that ass, and it was all his. The man belonged to him...he owned that gorgeous butt. He bent and kissed the bubble cheeks and ran his tongue over them. Then he buried his face in the ass, probing the warm, moist hole with his tongue.

Bob stirred. 'Don't move,' Randy said. But Bob did move just a bit, enough to push his ass higher in the air. Randy moved to straddle the half sleeping man, his swelling cock pointing directly at his ass. Lowering himself, his rigid cock pierced the beautiful ass and slowly penetrated deep inside. Bob groaned with pleasure.

'Fuck me, man. My ass is yours. It belongs to you.'

'Only me?'

'Of course. Fuck me. I love you.'

And so Randy fucked the ass that he worshipped, slowly and tenderly. It didn't take long before he felt the semen rising up from his groin and he stopped still, letting his rigid cock do the rest. As semen poured into the warm ass Bob's own cock erupted and splashed cum all over the sheet beneath him.

'I love you,' Randy breathed, and fell forward onto his lover's body. With his cock still inside the tight ass he fell asleep. And that's how the men slept all night.

* * *

In the morning Randy and Bob knew that it was time to get on with their lives, and they soon realized that their heroic efforts while they were on display had paid of handsomely. Bob opened the envelope Mitch had given them and counted out the contents...a wad of $100 bills, 120 of them.

'Wow, twelve grand,' Bob said. 'They told us it would be ten. They really did give us a bonus.'

'And we deserve every last nickel,' Randy grinned. 'Now we can afford to get this place in shape. What else we got?

Bob opened the bag Mitch had given them and pulled out the torn, cum-stained T-shirts and boxers they had worn when they made love to each other for the first time. Randy smiled at the memory and threw the clothes into a drawer.

Finally they opened Darius's gift and gasped. 'Well, will you look at that?' Bob said.

It was the two huge dildoes, the hard rubber cocks that were taken from a mold of Darius's monstrous shaft. Ten-inches long and as thick round as a beer-can, these were the instruments of torture that had filled their asses and caused so much pain.

Randy gave a roguish grin. 'They go in the room downstairs. Maybe for later?'

* * *

In the days that followed the men began to shape their lives. They both started their new jobs. Bob took up his post of vice- president at the Los Angeles branch of the finance company he had been with in San Francisco. And Randy took over as the foreman of his former construction site. As the boss he was always on call and often had to go down to sort out some problem or other.

Randy worked hard on the house and it began to take shape. He began with the large basement room. It had evidently been used as a gym as it was lined with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and had spotlights, bars and hooks in the ceiling. It was ideal for the kind of activities they had in mind and, as he looked around, Randy felt his dick getting hard as he fantasized about his buddy and what he would do to him. They had bought all kinds of leather toys...whips, restraints, leather bondage straps...for when the mood took them. When they had put in a king-size bed the room was complete.

Their lives took on a routine of work, gym, construction around the house....and lots of time in the basement. They played hard and rough and sometimes painfully, always testing their strength, endurance and masculinity. This was what had first bound them together, but there was one new dimension now. They also made love to each other.

So, their lives seemed to be bringing them everything they wanted. They were happy, in love, and explored every kind of raw sexual pleasures with each other. The basement was getting a thorough workout.

And then, one day everything changed..............

* * *

They had just got home from work and Bob was preparing dinner when there was a knock at the door.

'Who the fuck...?' said Randy. 'We're not expecting anyone, are we?'

He opened the front door, stepped back in surprise and said, 'What the hell are you doing here?' Bob looked up.

Standing on the doorstep was Darius. Dressed in jeans, boots and a tight white T-shirt he looked as striking as they remembered him. His muscles rippled under the shirt and his massive cock was clearly outlined in his pants. His beautiful face had a sheepish, nervous grin. He cleared his throat and started to stammer out an explanation.

'Hi, guys. Sorry I didn't call. I just......I just thought.....' He paused, and then it all came out in a rush. 'Hell, I had to see you guys. I've thought about nothing else since you left. God, I've fantasized about you, jerked off thinking about you a million times. I guess I'm more or less bisexual, but mostly I get off on beautiful people and you are two gorgeous fucking men. I stole your address from Mitch's files. He doesn't know. I'm not supposed to contact you but I had to. God, you must think I'm stupid. But please don't send me away. I just want to talk.'

Bob smiled at the nervous energy of the beautiful black guy who was clearly embarrassed and out of his depth. He felt a sympathy for him and said impulsively, 'We were just about to have dinner. There's plenty of food. Join us.'

Randy gave him a sharp look. He was not sure about this at all. He still had vivid memories of how Darius had been part of his brutal humiliation and he still resented him. But, what the hell, it was just dinner. He stepped back and let Darius in.

The meal turned out to be not as bad as Randy had anticipated. Darius was at least ten years younger than them, open, innocent and chatted happily with the men he looked up to and revered. His handsome faced smiled with pleasure, his astonishing almond-shaped green eyes shining as he gazed at the two gorgeous, virile, straight men sitting with him.

The three guys drank a lot of beer and dinner was almost over when Randy's cell phone rang. He had a brief conversation and snapped it shut. 'Shit,' he said. 'There's been an accident at the site. One guy hurt, so I have to go down there for all the follow-up and paperwork. Shouldn't take more than an hour. When I come back, we'll see. Maybe show Darius the basement.' He grinned as the pulled on a denim shirt and left the house.

* * *

Bob and Darius sat together on the couch, a bit ill at ease now Randy was not there. After all, he was the guy who made the decisions, who ran everything. They would have to wait.

'What did he mean, 'basement'?' asked Darius.

'Come, I'll show you. Bring the rest of the beer with you.'

Darius followed Bob downstairs and his eyes opened wide at the sight of the room. 'Wow! This is awesome. Is this where you....? Sorry but it looks like....'

'It is,' Bob smiled. 'This is where we play.'

They sat on the bed and drank more beer. There was a tension in the air and their nervousness made them drink faster. They were getting really smashed and soon Bob lowered his eyes to gaze on the outline of Darius's monster cock that was now rock hard in his pants. Darius began to stroke it as he looked into Bob's deep brown eyes.

'You know,' Bob stammered. 'We gotta wait for Randy.'

'I know,' said Darius. 'It's just that I'm so fucking turned on. You're fucking gorgeous, man.'

'By the way,' Bob tried to change the subject and picked up one of the black dildoes Darius had given them. 'Thanks for the gift. Are they really taken from a mold of that?' pointing at the bulge in Darius's pants.'

'Sure are. You wanna see the original?' Even though Bob protested Darius unbuttoned his fly and slowly pulled out the massive, hard rod that reared straight up in his hand.

'Jesus,' Bob gasped. 'Look, man, I'm really drunk. I don't think....I mean I know we shouldn't...' But the hungry look in Darius's beautiful green eyes was too much for him.

* * *

It was half an hour later when Randy came in the front door. He had cleared up the mess at the construction site quicker than expected and he needed a drink. He was surprised that Bob and Darius were not around. He frowned as he looked at the used dinner things still on the table, with no sign of the guys.

It was clear they were not upstairs so, on a hunch, he walked down the stairs to the basement and opened the door silently. His eyes followed the clothes that had been discarded on the floor all the way to the bed. He stood stock still, his face blank, as he struggled to take in the sight that greeted him.

Both men were naked. Bob lay flat on his stomach, his perfect ass pointing upward. On top of him lay the big, sculpted black man. Unbelievably, his massive cock was in Bob's hole, moving slowly in and out. Randy watched mesmerized as the whole thick ten inches pulled all the way out and plunged back into his buddy's ass, the beautiful ass that belonged to him, Randy, that only he had ever fucked. He was struck dumb, paralyzed, as he watched and listened.

'God, that feels great,' Bob groaned, looking at Darius in the mirror. 'Yeah, fuck my ass. Your prick is so damn hot.'

'Take it all,' Darius said. 'You love it, don't you? You've never felt a cock this big. Give me your ass.'

'Yeah, take it. My ass is yours. It belongs to you and that huge fucking pole.'

Drunk and completely engrossed in each other the two men were unaware of Randy's presence. Eventually the construction worker's body and mind finally unfroze and came back to life. His instinct was to howl and launch himself on the two men, drag them apart. But his seething anger took another form and an eerie calm came over him.

He said in a steely monotone, 'If either of you moves a muscle I'll kill you.'

Startled, the two drunken men froze, with Darius's huge cock still buried in Bob's ass. Randy picked up four of the long straps they had bought earlier. Working quickly and efficiently he brought a strap under Bob's waist and buckled it tightly over Darius's back so their bodies were lashed tightly together, the hard dick still inside Bob's ass.

Without a word Randy tied another strap around their upper thighs, just below the ass, so their asses were strapped tight and there was no way Darius could withdraw his cock. Randy used two more straps, one to bind their ankles and the last to tie together their wrists. Their arms were still stretched upward, so they were now lashed tightly together, stretched on the bed with Darius on Bob's back and his cock now imprisoned in his ass.

They were stunned into silence, but Randy came to life. He did not yell at first; his voice was calm, steely. 'You fucking bastards. You miserable pieces of shit. Couldn't wait to get me out of the way so you could fuck. Now I see exactly what you both are.' Finally he yelled. 'And're gonna pay!'

Randy took off his belt and, with all the strength he could muster, smashed it down on Darius's broad back. The black man screamed and his body bucked and reared on top of the man he was tied to. Screaming obscenities the construction worker used his huge muscles to bring the belt down crashing down on Darius's back, again and again and again.

Darius was howling in terror and agony and flexed his muscles desperately as the belt bit into his back. Then the blows moved down to his ass and the perfect mounds of his butt were punished savagely as they bounced under the rain of blows. Randy was quickly losing control. All he could see was the beautiful body of the man who was fucking his buddy, his lover whose body and ass belonged to him.

Tied as they were, Darius's face was pressing down against Bob's cheek and his frantic screams shattered his ears. Bob had to stop this. Tensing his muscles he twisted and with one quick heave turned himself and Darius over so that Bob was now lying on top, his chest vulnerable to the crazed man with the whip. He looked up at the wild eyed man.

'Don't,' Bob whimpered. 'It was my fault. We were drunk. We didn't know....'

'SHUT UP!' screamed Randy. 'Shut the fuck up. You fucking traitor. I thought you loved me. You were mine, you belonged to me. Your ass was mine, and you let this prick fuck you. Guess my dick wasn't big enough for you. Fuck you....fuck you!'

And he brought the belt crashing down across Bob's beautiful, sculpted chest. Time and again the belt lashed against his pecs and his nipples, leaving angry red welts and bruises. Randy spared no part of the muscular body he had once made love to. The vicious belt thrashed his chest, his straining arms, his thighs and legs, even his cock.

Screaming in pain Bob's reflex was to try to avoid the blows and he turned again, so Darius was now on top and bearing the brunt of the torture. Instinctively he too turned, so the two strong bodies, bound tightly together, began turning over and over, falling to the floor, each trying to avoid the whip. Randy was now completely out of control. He saw the two bound bodies churning over and over and, in a frenzy of anger, blindly brought his belt smashing down. The two tortured men were screaming in pain, begging the big man to stop. Streaming with sweat their bodies bucked and flexed, twisting over and over, but the brutal pounding continued.

It would have gone on and on, but suddenly, even in the blindness of his fury, Randy glimpsed something out of the corner of his eye. He stopped and picked up one of the huge black dildoes lying there, made from the mold of Darius's huge dick. He dropped it on the bed, then went over to the shuddering, sobbing men on the floor still strapped together in mutual agony.

Endowed now with the strength of adrenaline and anger Randy bent down and, grabbing two of the straps, picked up both bound bodies and with one mighty heave, threw them down on the bed. They had been tied so tightly together that Darius's cock was still plunged deep into Bob's ass. It was trapped there.

Randy kicked at them so that Darius was on top, his back vulnerable again. As Randy looked down at the rounded cheeks of the black man's perfect ass he was shocked to feel a stirring in his groin as his own cock grew hard. But he ignored it and, picking up the huge black dildo, he growled in Darius's ear.

'OK, mother fucker. This is what you get for helping yourself to the ass that belonged to me. Nobody fucks with me. I am the master in this house, and you are just a miserable piece of shit. You think your huge piece of meat is so fucking gorgeous that you can put it where you like. You wanna know what your dick feels like in my buddy's ass? Well, I've got one right here in my hand. And this is what you get for messing with me.' Darius whimpered as he started to understand what was in store for him. In the mirror he saw Randy holding the dildo above his trembling ass.

Bob saw it too and, for the first time in his life was terrified by the look on Randy's face. 'Don't,' he groaned. 'Please Randy. Please sir, master. I'll do anything. Just don't do that.'

'Shut up, asshole,' Randy said, and watch. Randy reared up gripping the dildo in both fists and touched the head to the crack of Darius's ass. 'Remember me, Darius,' he said and with all his might plunged the black rubber cock deep inside Darius's hole. The black man's screams shook the room as he bucked and reared up in the most searing pain he had ever felt. He felt as if his body was being split in two and the innermost part of his gut was being smashed. His spasms and his screams went on and on as Randy ground the dildo, Darius's own dick, into his ass.

But Randy wasn't finished. Suddenly he pulled the dildo all the way out, sending another jolt of agony into the stunning body. Again he plunged it deep inside, to the renewed screams from the tortured man. Then he really began to fuck the body he hated passionately. Again and again he plunged the dildo in his ass.

Darius was close to passing out as his ass became insensitive to the pain. He was feeling nothing now, except........He was feeling something, not in his as but in his dick, still buried deep inside Bob's ass. As the massive rubber dick massaged his ass his cock began to get hard in the hot furnace of the muscleman's hole. He was crossing the line between pain and rapture, unable to distinguish the two.

Darius's dick was now rock hard and burning hot. In the mirror he watched the construction worker torturing his ass, and he saw the other body builder tied underneath him. His fantasies took over and he felt the heat gathering in his groin. He couldn't hold back and his screams of agony turned to ecstasy as he felt the stream of cum rushing through the length of his cock and then flooding the beautiful ass of the man beneath him.

As Bob watched the scene in the mirror he knew what was happening, and the effect on him was electric. His own cock became rock hard as he watched Randy's fury and Darius's lust and felt the long hard shaft buried deep in his ass. When he felt Darius's semen pouring inside his gut his own cock exploded and hot, creamy cum spurted out, soaking the sheet beneath him.

* * *

Their shuddering bodies finally became still and they lay limply, bound together, both sobbing close to each other's faces. Randy looked down at them and frowned. Everything had suddenly changed and for a moment he did not know what had happened. Then he reached round, under Bob, and felt the hot sticky cum.

Suddenly it was clear. He, Randy, had caused the very thing that was the source of his anger. Through his whipping and fucking with the dildo he had brought the two men to their climax of passion and Darius had shot his stream of cum Bob's ass, the ass that had belonged to him. And the feel of Darius's massive, hard dick had caused Bob to climax too. He had shot his load because another man was fucking him.

'NO!' Randy screamed. He shook in anger and frustration. His uncontrolled anger had caused these men to consummate their passion. He hated them and hated himself. His mind was racing in tortured confusion. He looked down at them and knew he had to get rid of them. With one vicious heave he pulled the dildo from Darius's ass, causing one last scream and shudder from the exhausted man.

Randy was fast. He untied the man and picked Darius up bodily by the scruff of the neck and pulled his face close to his own. He growled into the terrified features of the black man.

'Get! I can't stand the sight of you. And if I ever see your face again I swear I'll kill you. Is that clear? IS IT?'

'Yes, sir,' Darius stammered.

Without letting go of the trembling stud, Randy pushed him across the room, grabbing his clothes as he went. Then he half carried him upstairs, dragged him to the front door and flung him bodily out onto the gravel, tossing his clothes after him. He slammed the door and went back downstairs. Bob was sitting on the edge of the bed, his head buried in hid hands. Randy walked over and, grabbing the trembling man's hair, pulled his face back.

'And now for you.' As he looked into the terrified face his voice softened and became almost pleading. 'How could you do that? I thought I knew you? We were buddies, soul mates. I loved you, man. You said your ass belonged to me. You were mine...I was your master. And you let another man fuck you......We're finished. You know that?'

'No,' Bob pleaded, tears running down his cheeks. 'Please Randy...sir...master. I'll do anything. Please. Beat me, whip me, torture me...anything. I'll show you. I'll be your slave. I need you. I love you.'

'No, that's all over,' Randy whispered. 'You killed it tonight. When I saw that, something died inside me. We're over. Don't say anything else.'

Bob picked up his clothes, took his wallet and keys and headed up to the front door. Tears streaming down his face he turned to face Randy but the steely look in his eyes was implacable.

Randy said the last words.

'Come back for the rest of your gear when I'm not here. I wish to God I'd never met you. Get out. I never want to see you again.'

And Bob stumbled out the door.

* * *

Randy leaned against the closed door. Then he walked back down to the basement and knelt by the rumpled bed. Taking a deep breath he smelled Bob's cum that was still pooling on the sheet. He fell on the bed, rubbing his face in the pool of cum, smelling, feeling the man he had loved and had expelled from his life. His body was now heaving with sobs as he ground his face into the warm creamy liquid of the man he had lost.

* * *

His mind in a daze Bob drove away from the house, and away from the man he worshipped. His thoughts whirled as he drove aimlessly, sobbing in despair. He was so disoriented that, as his streaming tears clouded his vision he turned on the windshield wipers as if to clear the rain. He knew he had to find shelter, try to sleep.

As he had done once before, he eventually found himself pulling into a seedy courtyard and he parked in front of the motel room where he had spent the first glorious weeks with Randy. Pulling himself together he went to the office and asked if Room 14 was available. It was, he rented it, went in and caught his breath as the memories came flooding back. Then he threw himself on the bed, and sobbed himself to sleep.

* * *

Early next morning Randy came groggily to his senses. He was lying on the basement bed, face down on the sheet, and he slowly became aware of the stickiness all over his face. Sickening memories came flooding back, and he realized that he was lying in the remains of Bob's cum. He found himself licking hungrily at the sheet, trying to feel and taste every last trace of his former lover.

Realizing what he was doing he leapt to his feet and yelled, 'Godammit! Get a grip.' He stumbled upstairs to make coffee and sat hunched over the table. Without thinking, he opened the drawer where he had tossed the T-shirt and cum-stained boxers that Bob had worn when they had recently made passionate love for the first time. He buried his face in the shorts and breathed deeply, intoxicated by the scent of his lost buddy.

Randy was wound tight. He walked around, slamming doors, banging on walls and muttering to himself. 'The fucking bastard. I hate his fucking guts. I'll never see him again. Asshole.'

He couldn't settle. He went down to the basement and looked at himself in the mirror. Without thinking he rummaged through the box of dirty laundry and pulled out an old sweat-stained tank shirt and shorts that Bob had worn at the gym. He ground them into his face and breathed deeply, his head swimming with the smell of Bob's sweat in the filthy clothes. He stripped off his own clothes and put on the tank and shorts.

Looking in the mirror he stroked the shirt that was stretched tightly over his chest, then moved his hands down to his crotch and grabbed his cock. He narrowed his eyes trying to imagine Bob in the mirror. He started to stroke his cock and it immediately grew rigid. He was not thinking, moving by impulse, unaware that he was talking to Bob in the mirror. 'I love you,' he said and felt a surge in his groin. His cock erupted in a stream of cum that splashed over the mirror. As he breathed raggedly, reality came back to him and all his saw in the mirror was his own, distraught image.

* * *

In the motel Bob woke slowly and reluctantly. Disoriented, he looked around and reached over to feel Randy. But he was alone, and the hideous memories of the day before came crashing back to him. He had no idea what he would do. He got up and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked terrible. The reflection of the room brought back memories of the intense experiences he and Randy had shared there.

Without thinking he pulled off his shirt and slid his belt from his pants. He tried to imagine Randy behind him, whipping him. In his fantasy he began to lash his own body with the belt, curling around his back and his ass. With his other hand he started to stroke his cock. He put all of his strength into the whip strokes, punishing his body harder and harder until he felt the heat rising up through his legs. As he watched his own body get thrashed his mind flashed on Randy and he shot a huge stream of cum onto the mirror.

The relief lasted only a short while and the depression soon returned. He picked up the discarded T-shirt and twisted it tighter and tighter into the shape of a thick rope. Then, as if in a trance, he walked into the bathroom.

* * *

At the house Randy had been drinking, hard. He was in a mindless frenzy as he paced back and forth. He never wanted to see Bob again, and yet......He rationalized to himself.

'He's probably forgotten me....but he's not gonna get away so easily. He's gotta pay. I'll show him he can't fuck with me. I'll give him the thrashing of his life and then throw him out on his ass for the last time. Yes....that's it. Punish him, thrash him. And that'll be the end of it.'

Still wearing Bob's filthy tank shirt and shorts Randy pulled on his jeans and walked barefoot out to his truck. He threw himself into the cab and screeched out through the gate. By instinct he knew exactly where Bob had gone. There was only one place. Breaking every speed limit, he drove crazily, fueled by liquor, anger and adrenaline until he finally peeled into the parking lot of the motel. He was right...Bob's car was there.

* * *

Moving by instinct, not logic, Randy went to Room 14 and silently opened the door. The room was empty. 'Shit,' Randy said under his breath and he stopped short in a frustration bordering on panic. Then he heard a muffled sound from the bathroom. He opened the door and looked in amazement. Bob was there, sitting on the toilet seat, his hands tied behind him. He had somehow used his twisted T-shirt to tie himself to the pipe in back, exactly as Randy had once tied him there.

Bob raised his shattered tear-stained face and couldn't believe it was Randy. He had come for him. Their hearts both leapt at the sight of each other. Their eyes met in that familiar but unfathomable union of souls that they shared. There was no thought, just sensation. As Bob looked up at the disheveled, rugged construction worker he slowly opened his mouth.

Randy took out his cock and leveled it straight at Bob's mouth. There was a pause, and then a stream of hot piss gushed into the mouth of the shattered body builder huddled before him. Bob frantically gulped down as much as he could of the steaming urine and the rest poured out of his mouth, down his chin and onto his heaving chest.

When he had finished Randy looked down at the soaking face. Even in his misery Bob looked stunning. God he was beautiful. Randy's impulse was to take him in his arms and comfort him. But suddenly he jolted back to reality and into his mind flashed the image of Bob flat on his belly, begging Darius to fuck him in the ass with that monster cock. All his intense anger flooded back and he brought the back of his hand hard across Bob's face. He hit him from side to side again and again until Bob was spinning in an agonized daze.

'Asshole. Nothing's changed. I hate your guts and we're finished. But I came here to teach you a lesson, and then I'll throw your sorry ass onto the street.'

He reached behind the dazed muscleman and released his wrists from the pipe. They were still tied behind him as Randy pulled him roughly to his feet. Yanking his arms painfully high behind his back he pushed the terrified man to the door. Outside Randy opened the tailgate of his truck and bodily threw the big man in. He sprawled on the tarp in the flat bed of the open truck. Randy took off his tank and used it to tie Bob's ankles. Then he bent Bob's legs and tied his ankles to his wrists. The big body builder was hogtied on the truck's flat bed, open to the sky.

'Get ready for a taste of what's in store for you,' Randy barked, and leapt into the cab of the truck. He burned rubber as he screeched out of the parking lot and hit the road. Driving dangerously fast he soon made it to the hills where he took every winding road and sharp turn at a sickening speed.

In the open back of the truck the big body was jerked violently from side to side, rolling over and slamming into the metal sides. Bob lost all sense of time or place as he flexed his muscles to lessen the pain as his body was savagely thrown around like a toy. He crashed again and again into the sides of the flat bed, his body bruised and battered until he screamed for Randy to stop. But inside the cab Randy couldn't hear and turned the steering wheel manically to inflict the maximum pain on his helpless victim.

* * *

They finally, mercifully, arrived at the house. Randy leaped out of the cab and threw open the tailgate. 'Had enough?' he screamed and, with the strength of rage and adrenaline he grabbed the ropes behind his prisoner and lifted him up bodily. He carried him into the house, staggered down the stairs to the basement and threw him onto the bed.

'You thought that was bad? Now you'll see what happens when you give your ass to another man. I'm gonna torture and destroy that pretty ass completely, and when I've finished nobody will want it again. And then I'll throw you and your sorry ass out for ever. Is that clear?'

Bob managed to croak, 'Yes, sir.' He looked in wild eyed terror at the crazed construction flexing and heaving over him, and he waited for his punishment to begin.

Continued in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 13'


Rob Williams

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