It was a hot Saturday afternoon and the three men were consumed by their work and lost in their own thoughts. The brawny construction worker, Randy, and the new arrival in the house, the beautiful young black man, Darius, strained and flexed as they swung their pick axes at the slab of concrete they were demolishing. Indoors, by the open window, Randy's muscular, handsome buddy, Bob, concentrated on a spreadsheet on his lap top.

In the blistering sun Darius was wearing just the old, ripped black shorts Randy had given him. Randy was stripped down to loose cargo work pants. As he swung his axe in wide powerful arcs, Randy contemplated the man beside him. He had been very reluctant to take Darius into the house on a month's trial. He could not rid his mind of the sight of the bastard fucking Bob's ass in a drunken expression of lust. He hated him for it. Still, the guy was strong, and evidently devoted to the two men he worshipped.

Randy recalled with embarrassment his own stirrings of lust as he had stood behind Darius showing him how to hold and wield the axe. He remembered the intensity of the look that had passed between them. Even now, as he glanced at the bulging, sweating muscles of the younger man, his cock started to stiffen. 'No,' he thought, 'that's not gonna happen.'

He had made that brutally clear to Darius earlier when he told him, 'Don't get any ideas, punk. You're a shit and an asshole and I still hate your guts. Now get back to work or I'll throw your ass out on the street.'

But Darius was in paradise. He was in the same house as the two most beautiful men he had ever seen, men he had fantasized about, lusted for and followed here. He would never, ever, forget the sight of the shirtless men pissing on him from the edge of the empty pool as he lay on the floor of the concrete pit. He was being treated as a slave and loved it. He would do anything for these guys.

Indoors, not much was lost on Bob. He had seen the axe 'lesson' Randy had given to Darius and was aware of the subtle stirrings of lust between the two men. But he also knew that Randy would dismiss any idea of pursuing that. Randy prided himself on his masculinity and toughness; he was straight and had never before been intimate with a man until Bob. Theirs was a uniquely close relationship, finding expression in sex and physical competitiveness that tested their endurance and pain threshold.

Bob tried to concentrate on his laptop, but the hammering outside distracted him. Raising his head from his computer screen he looked through the bedroom window at the two sweating men. God, they were glorious. Bob was wearing only white Jockey briefs and a white T-shirt and he felt his cock getting hard. He watched the stunning men for a while until finally he could take no more and got up from his work.

He walked outside and stood at the opposite side of the pool from where the men were working. He saw the muscles flexing and pumping as the two powerful bodies exerted themselves. The sculpted V-shaped torsos glistened as they raised their arms again and again and smashed the axes down on the slab. Bob rubbed the cock that was straining under his Jockeys. Randy and Darius saw him standing on the other side of the pool and they stopped work.

There was a stillness as they all gazed at each other. Then Bob moved. Slowly he raised his arms behind his neck and began to pull off his T-shirt. The other men gasped as the shirt rose above the body builder's tight abs, then his sculpted chest and broad shoulders. He discarded the shirt and stood there naked except for his white Jockey briefs, stroking his swollen crotch.

Randy knew what Bob wanted to see. The sweating construction worker picked up a bottle of water, took a long drink, then poured the rest over his head, face and chest to cool off. He tossed another bottle to Darius who copied what his master had done. The two men stood there, stripped to the waist, with water pouring over their pumped bodies

Then Randy abruptly turned to the younger man and clipped him behind the head.

'Did I say you could stop work?'

'No sir.'

'So, work, dammit.'

And the two bodies became alive again, redoubling their efforts with blow after blow on the crumbling concrete slab.

On the other side of the pool Bob took his time, slowly rubbing his rigid cock through his briefs. He was overcome with lust and admiration for the two gorgeous, shirtless men, their bulging muscles streaming with water and sweat as they worked in the blazing sun. Finally he could stand it no more and he pulled out his cock; he needed only a few strokes. His legs started to tremble as he felt the heat rising up through his muscled thighs to his groin and his cock began to throb. The two men stopped work and watched in awe as the magnificent muscleman stopped moving and became rigid. There was a long, silent moment, and then he threw his head back and screamed, 'Aaahh!'

Out of his big, motionless cock, a huge stream of white liquid gushed out in a high arc and splashed on the pool's bottom far below. It was followed by another torrent of semen, then another as Bob kept his eyes on the glorious men watching him. Down below a pool of thick white cum gathered on the concrete floor. The streaming finally ended and Bob's throbbing cock was still.

For a few minutes there was silence as eyes met across the pool. Darius gaped in stunned excitement. Bob and Randy grinned at each other. Then Bob picked up his discarded T-shirt, threw it over his shoulder and walked quickly back into the house. He sat down at his laptop and resumed his work.

* * *

Progress on the yard was rapid in the three weeks since Darius arrived. The three men worked long hours and transformed the landscaping from jungle to garden. The pool was now clean and structurally sound so they filled it with water and were finally able to swim. Randy also decided that they should construct a wooden deck by the pool, so he ordered lumber and supplies. He was well able to do the work himself - with the help of his apprentice, Darius.

Throughout this period of hard work Darius was in his own private paradise. He had dreamed and fantasized about these two beautiful men and now here he was working beside them all day. His month there would be up in a week and he had worked hard to prove himself so they would keep him on.

He had only one problem....his more or less permanent erection. Every time he looked at one or other of the men his cock became stiff, but there was no release. Randy had made it very clear to him that sex was not part of the deal. He was not allowed to masturbate, not even to touch himself. An orgasm would be grounds for immediate expulsion from the house.

Still, Randy was impressed by Darius's willingness to work. He was teaching him many skills of the construction trade and they worked closely together on the new deck. Bob watched with satisfaction as they worked shoulder to shoulder, Randy taking the younger man under his wing.

'No, asshole,' Randy said. 'You hold the chisel like this and hit at this angle. Got it? Now try again.'

'Yes, sir.' Frowning with concentration Darius got it right this time and Randy grinned and clapped him on the shoulder. 'That's it, good. You learn fast. We'll make a carpenter of you yet.' His feeling for Darius was like a master to his apprentice, or even big brother to kid brother. And yet not quite......

The beauty of the young black man was stunning, and not lost on the big construction worker. Many times, as their bodies brushed against each other, or as Darius looked up at Randy with his astonishing green eyes, Randy felt a stirring in his groin, and he spent much of the time with a semi-erection. But he shoved this to the back of his mind and stifled the urge. Randy was a straight man. His only exploration into another man's mind and body was with Bob. That relationship was exceptional, and the only time he had lusted for a man...or so he told himself.

* * *

One afternoon Bob was still at work but Randy came home early carrying a big package. He called Darius over from the work he was doing in the garden.

'Here, give me a hand with this.' He opened the box and rolled out a large rope hammock. 'Look good to you? We'll hang it in these trees here. But first I need to cool off.'

Randy stripped off his work short and T-shirt and Darius gasped yet again at the sight of his beautiful swarthy torso. Quickly Randy kicked off his boots, dropped his pants and stripped down to his boxers. He strode to the pool and plunged into the cool, welcoming water. Darius watched in awe as the muscular arms powered through the water in long, languid strokes.

'Come on in.'

'It's OK if I do, sir?' Darius stood tentatively at the edge.

'I gave you permission didn't I?'

So Darius, still in his shorts, dived into the pool and luxuriated in the cool water. They swam a few laps, their bodies sometimes rubbing past each other. Randy had to admire the younger man's body as the perfectly chiseled black muscles streamed through the water. Darius swam up to him laughing, his almond-shaped eyes shining with happiness. Randy put out his big palm and pushed Darius's head under water, and they began playfully tumbling over in the water, wrestling each for supremacy.

But Randy suddenly realized that his cock was rock hard and he swam abruptly to the edge of the pool and hauled himself out. 'That's enough,' he barked. 'Get out and help me with this.' The two men, dripping wet, their shorts clinging to their ass and stiff cocks, began work on the hammock. In no time it was suspended by its four corners between trees, ready for a man to stretch out in it and relax.

They stood back and admired their work, then looked at each other. Maybe it was their earlier arousal in the pool, or the sight of each other in their clinging shorts, or even the scratching sound of the cicadas in the hot stillness of the day, but for a moment they were in another world. Darius brought his face to Randy's and their lips touched. Then the black man slid down to his knees, and clamped his mouth over the bulge in Randy's wet shorts.

Randy gasped and threw his head back. He reached down, pulled out his rigid dick and pushed it into Darius's mouth. His pulsed raced and he felt his cock pound. He looked down at the gorgeous face sucking him.....and then reality crashed in on him. This couldn't be happening.

'What the fuck?' he screamed. Get away from me!' And he kicked the kneeling man savagely, sending him sprawling on his back. 'You fucking whore! Is this how you seduced my buddy? So that's why you came here. You just wanted to suck my dick.'

Darius was devastated. 'No, sir. It's just that being with you makes me crazy. I worship you. I love you. Please, sir, please allow me to cum. Please, just looking at you....' Gazing up at the man who towered god-like over him, stripped to his shorts, muscles gleaming, Darius forget where he was, forgot all the rules and began stroking his own cock.

'I just need to cum, sir. Just once. It's been weeks now. I.....'

'NO!' Randy screamed, and kicked the body further away. He looked down at the terrified man cringing before him. 'I warned you, you cheap piece of shit. You're out of here. Tomorrow you leave. And I'll make sure you don't touch yourself again.'

He pulled Darius up by the leather collar round his neck, then punched him brutally in the stomach. Darius gasped, but managed to stay on his feet. Still holding the collar Randy brought his other fist crashing again into his stomach. Darius flexed his abs as the fist pounded him again and again. Then Randy stood back, looked Darius full in the face, and brought the back of his hand viciously across his cheek, sending him sprawling on the ground.

The stunned black man tried to crawl away, his wet body becoming streaked with dirt. Randy stood there, his chest heaving, watching the beaten man drag himself through the mud. In his fury he bent down and, with a remnant of rope left over from the hammock, tied Darius's hands tightly behind his back. Then he went to his tool kit and brought back a length of chain.

'You're a fucking animal,' Randy growled, 'and that's how you'll be treated.

* * *

Several hours later Bob came home from work and walked through to the kitchen to get himself a beer. As he drank it he looked idly through the window....and he could not believe what he saw outside. On the far side of the pool Darius was kneeling in the dirt, his hands apparently tied behind his back. Attached to his collar was a long chain, the other end tied round a tree.

Darius hung his head. He was streaked with mud and had clearly been beaten. The sun beat down on his naked body, his muscles streaming with sweat. In front of him was a shallow bowl of water. Evidently parched with thirst he fell forward on his stomach, crawled to the bowl and lapped the water like a dog.

Having no idea what had gone on Bob's first impulse was to look for Randy. He ran upstairs and was about to go into the bedroom when he stopped at the half open door. Randy was inside, gazing through the window at the beaten and degraded man. But what shocked Bob was that Randy had his hand wrapped around his cock and he was stroking it as he looked down at Darius.

Randy was riveted by the sight of the chained black man and unaware of anything around him. Bob heard him mutter under his breath, 'God, you're beautiful,' as he pumped his thick shaft even faster. Darius started to crawl again, which aroused the big construction worker even more. Soon his breathing became heavy, his muscles flexed and he threw his head back. His eyes still on Darius he breathed, 'Here it comes man,' and he shot a huge load of cum that splashed on the window and ran down in a thick stream.

Randy stood still, gazing at the man in the dirt. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck,' he said to himself and threw himself exhausted onto the bed. Silently, Bob turned round and went down to the kitchen. He grabbed a second beer and took it back upstairs. He sat down on the bed beside his buddy and touched his shoulder with the cold beer. 'Here, take this.' Startled, Randy turned, looked at Bob and took the beer.

Randy looked away embarrassed and, after a long silence, Bob said gently, 'So what's up man? What's all that outside?'

Randy grunted, 'He leaves tomorrow. I knew it was a mistake taking him in.'

'But what happened here?'

'I'm not gonna talk about it. I hate the guy's fucking guts.'

'Is it really hatred you feel?' Bob asked gently. 'Or is it affection....and lust?'

'Just shut the fuck up. He leaves tomorrow.'

'Look, man. I 've seen how you worked with him, helped him, taught him. He's become almost a younger brother to you. Also, I saw you jack off in the bedroom. The guy's so fucking hot he turned you on.'

Randy wheeled round and came face to face with Bob. He snarled, 'Now get this clear, mother fucker. I'm a straight man. The only guy I have ever looked at in that way is you. You're the only man who's ever turned me on....but that's one else. No way I'm gonna feel anything for that piece of shit out there. I'm not into guys, dammit.....except for you. Get it!?'

'Ok, OK, I get it,' Bob said evenly. 'I know what you are. It's your masculinity that I love about you, that turns me on so much........ Look, do you want me to call the girls to come over?'

'Yeah....yeah. Do that. For tomorrow evening. That's good.'

'And in the meantime, will you leave Darius to me?'

'Do what the fuck you want with him. Just keep him out of my sight.'

* * *

Ever since the two men had moved in together their heterosexual needs had not been neglected. They would often have two girls they liked over for dinner. Afterwards, each man would retire to his own bedroom with his girl and fuck until his needs were satisfied. And so it would be the next evening. Bob had suggested it as a way for Randy to reassert his machismo and forget, at least for a while, whatever conflicting feelings he had for Darius.

But first Bob had to take care of Darius. He went outside and his heart went out to the broken man who looked up at him.

'What did I do wrong, sir?' he pleaded, his beautiful eyes filled with tears.

'Be quiet,' Bob said, and untied his wrists and unchained his neck. 'Let's get you inside and cleaned up. As Darius showered he winced at the soreness of his stomach muscles and Bob noticed the bruises on his body.

'Jesus. What happened to you anyway?'

'I'm not sure, sir. We went swimming, then I helped Randy hang up the hammock. Then I guess I said I loved him and he lost it.....beat me up. I only wanted to cum looking at him. He hasn't let me cum since I've been here. Almost four's driving me crazy. You guys turn me on so much my cock is hard all the time. I really need to cum, sir. But I won't until he says I can.'

'Look, for now, just stay out of Randy's way. I'll see what I can do. I'll think of something. OK?'

'Thank you, sir.' Darius leaned forward to touch him but Bob pulled back.

'That's enough of that. Don't want any more trouble. Oh, and by the way. We're having company tomorrow evening. So stay out of sight, OK?'

'Yes sir. I'm sorry, sir. Thank you, sir'

'Jesus!' Bob breathed to himself.

* * *

The dinner had been a good idea and went off well. It was great for the guys to talk and laugh with the girls, leading to the inevitable pairing off for sex in their separate rooms. Bob heard the loud moans from next door and knew that his buddy was enjoying himself. He always played hard, and a bit rough.

When the girls had left, Bob watched Randy preen a little, evidently proud of himself and his sexual prowess. Then they both lay on Randy's bed and fell asleep together. But Randy seemed restless, tossing and turning in fitful sleep. Sometime later Bob reached over for him, but he was gone.

Bob pulled on his shorts and went downstairs. Grabbing a couple of beers, he went outside. It was a full moon and he knew where to look. Randy, wearing his boxers, was leaning against the wall of the shack. Bob walked over and said, 'Hey, buddy. Come here.' Randy joined him at the window of the shack. The curtains were drawn back and they looked into the small room.

Darius was naked on the bed, sleeping restlessly. He was tossing and turning and murmuring to himself, as if he was having a dream. And all the time his massive ten-inch cock was rock hard. His body was lit by the moonlight that streamed into the room and he looked extraordinarily beautiful. His sculpted muscles flexed as he stirred, and his face was sublime as he dreamed.

'Stunning, isn't he?' Bob said as they both looked at him.

'Yeah,' Randy breathed.

'Come here,' Bob said, and they went and sat together at the edge of the pool drinking their beer, their legs dangling in the water.

'Look,' Bob said. 'I know how you feel and why you want to avoid Darius. But he's really a great guy. He's worked so hard to please you and, admit it, you feel a lot of affection for him.'

'I know, I know,' said Randy. 'But the other thing, his lust, his need to.... I can't handle that.'

'Maybe you were a bit hard not letting him have an orgasm. Every time he looks at you he gets an erection. Jesus, he's hard all the time, and it's been a month since he came. He must have built up such a head of steam. When he finally cums it's gonna be like a fucking volcano erupting. Wouldn't want to be on the other end of that.'

'Yeah, well that's never gonna happen,' Randy growled. 'While he's in this house, no sex for him, got it? I'll never give him permission to cum.'

Bob smiled,' Not willingly, maybe.'

'And what's that supposed to mean?' Then Randy grinned, 'Asshole.'

'Meanwhile,' said Bob looking down at the bulge in Randy's shorts. 'What you gonna do about that.'

Randy grinned. 'You're gonna take care of it. On your back.'

Bob flipped onto this back in the grass, pulled down his shorts and with his hands behind his knees, pulled his legs upward, exposing his bare ass.

'It's all yours, sir.'

'You bet your life it is,' and Randy pushed Bob's legs higher. Randy's cock sprang through the fly of his boxers and he brought it up to the beautiful ass that he owned. As he eased the tip into the hole and pushed it gently inside the ass he breathed, 'God, I love you. You're so good.....and so fucking gorgeous,' and he slammed his stiff rod deep into the back of Bob's gut.

They gazed into each other's eyes, and that miraculous transformation occurred where they melted into each other's eyes and became one. Their minds, spirits and bodies were united as the big swarthy man flexed and moaned and pushed his cock again and again, deep into his lover's burning hole.

'Here it comes, man,' said Randy.

'Yeah,' breathed Bob. 'My ass is yours, man. Take it.'

Randy stiffened and flexed as he felt the cum rising from deep inside him. He felt it in his groin, then his balls and finally pulsing up his raging dick until it poured into his lover's pleading ass. Bob shot his own huge load and threw his head back in ecstasy. There was no feeling in the world like getting his ass fucked by the gorgeous man he loved.

* * *

Unseen behind the window of the shack the beautiful black face gazed out in awe. Darius was breathing heavily as he watched the two men he worshipped fucking in the moonlight. His cock was raging hard, his balls pulsing with the load of cum that had been straining for release for a month. But he would wait. He had to. And Bob had promised to take care of it. He would wait.....

* * *

In fact Bob did have something in mind, a long shot that might change Randy's animosity toward Darius....though it also risked blowing everything apart.

Randy had got into the habit of relaxing when he got home from the construction site. Bob and Darius always watched in silent awe as Randy stripped naked and dived into the pool. The chiseled body cut through the water with powerful strokes, easing the aching muscles. Then Randy jumped from the pool and, still naked, threw himself down on the hammock and dozed. Usually he stretched his arms and legs to the four corners of the hammock. The spread eagled sleeping giant never failed to cause stiff cocks in the watching men.

And so it was a couple of days later that Bob waited until Randy slept in the hammock, then drew Darius aside and told him what he must do. 'I hope this works. If it doesn't then we're both totally fucked. Do whatever I tell you, no matter how nervous it makes you.'

A few minutes later the two men stood on either side of the sleeping man spread eagled on his back, his arms and legs stretched to the four corners of the hammock. They each held lengths of rope. Bob took a deep breath, then nodded to the Darius. With lightening speed they brought their ropes up to Randy's wrists and, in an instant, tied them tightly to the top of the hammock.

'What the fuck?....' Randy woke with a start and instinctively looked up at his bound wrists and began tugging at them frantically. With his face turned upward, he didn't see the guys at the other end of the hammock as they just as quickly roped his ankles. Randy was now bound tight, stretched to the four corners of the hammock and at their mercy.

'Fuck you!' He screamed. 'What the fuck are you doing? Untie me now or I'll kill you!'

Darius stood out of sight behind the struggling prisoner. Bob came up to Randy and stood between his spread legs. He pushed the edge of the hammock back so Randy's ass hung over the edge, totally vulnerable. Bob watched as the muscular giant tried to twist his body, flexing and jerking as he strained to be free of the ropes. The sight of the struggling body builder immediately made Bob's cock rock hard, which is just what he wanted.

'Forgive me, Buddy. But believe me, you're gonna enjoy this.' He moved forward and pressed the tip of his dick against Randy's heaving ass. Looking deep into his lover's eyes he eased forward until the head of his cock slid into the hole.

'NO' Randy screamed. 'Back off, man. You mother fucker. I'll kill you for this.'

But his bellowing soon subsided as he felt his lover's hard rod sliding deeper into his ass. God, it felt good. His shouts of fury faded into moans of pleasure as he looked up at the chiseled features of his gorgeous lover and felt his cock penetrate his burning ass. Randy was always a top man and Bob had fucked him only a few times before. He had forgotten how incredible it felt.

'Jesus, man, that's fucking unbelievable. Fuck me, man. Yeah. Push your cock into my hole buddy. Fuck your master's ass.' As Bob eased himself forward and back, massaging the inside of Randy's ass with his dick, the bound man moaned in ecstasy, threw his head back and closed his eyes.

Suddenly, Bob pulled his cock all the way out. With his eyes still closed Randy pleaded, 'Don't stop, man. I want your cock inside me. Please.....' But when he opened his eyes his face twisted in a burst of anger. It was not Bob standing was Darius! And his huge, thick ten inch cock was rock hard, and inches from the victim's ass. Randy forced himself to speak quietly, his voice steely with anger.

'You fucking piece of shit. If you move another inch you're a dead man. I'll thrash you....and then I'll kill you, I swear it. So just untie!'

But Bob was right behind Darius and whispered in his ear. 'Go ahead. Don't be afraid. Do what I told you.'

Trembling with fear Darius looked down at the body builder writhing against the ropes that bound him. Spread eagled he looked magnificent. His wide shoulders and lats tapered to a slim, tight waist and his huge thighs bulged in the effort to get free. Scared as he was, Darius had never seen anything so beautiful and his cock remained stiff as a rod. He brought the huge head to the opening of Randy's ass, paused, and then pushed hard so the monster dick penetrated quickly.

Randy's head flew back and his screams echoed around the hills as he felt the massive rod push into his gut. He had never felt pain like this. He thought his ass was being ripped open.

'NO!' he screamed. 'Pull it out. You're tearing me apart. You fucking bastard. I'll kill you.'

Darius withdrew his cock a few inches, then pushed it in again, deeper this time. The pulsing became methodical as he pulled out, then penetrated a bit farther each time. He was entering another world as he looked down at the beautiful man he worshipped, his master, writhing in pain as his, Darius's, cock plunged inside his gorgeous ass. He could never have dreamed of anything like this. He had not had an orgasm for a month and now all his semen was building in his swelling balls. No matter what happened to him after this, it was worth it for this euphoric sensation.

Near exhaustion, Randy's writhing and screaming diminished and he opened his eyes to face his tormentor. He was stunned by the look on the beautiful black face that stared down at him. Darius was in a trance, the ecstasy in his eyes making the perfectly sculpted features serene, sublime, more beautiful than ever. As he moved back and forth his muscles rippled, his coffee colored skin dappled with the shade of the trees above them.

Randy murmured to himself, 'God, you're beautiful.' Soon he felt no pain, just the unbelievable sensation of this man's huge cock massaging the inside of his ass. He had never felt anything like this. The sight of the man and the feel of his cock were one and the same. Randy was entering a state of rapture as he gazed into the almond green eyes gazing down at him.

Darius sensed the profound change in the man and he pushed harder. Finally he pulled back and plunged his cock all the way deep inside his master's ass, touching a spot in the back of his gut that made Randy jolt and gasp. He opened his eyes wide as he felt a sensation that sent shockwaves through his entire body like a lightning bolt.

Darius looked deep into his eyes. 'Sir...please sir...may I cum now sir?'

Randy lost all sense of where or who he was. 'Yes....yes. Cum, man. Cum in my ass.'

Darius wanted to be sure. 'Do I have your permission to cum, sir?'

Randy yelled, 'Yes, dammit. Cum. It feels so fucking good man. You're so fucking beautiful. Shoot your load in my ass. It's all yours. Take it. Please, I'm begging you, man. Please cum in my ass.'

'Here it comes, sir.' Darius looked down at the muscle god in bondage before him, the man he worshipped. He pulled his long cock nearly all the way out, paused, and then plunged it deep, deep inside the burning hole. His cock shook and pulsed and the orgasm that had been building for weeks like molten lava in a volcano finally erupted, deep inside the man he loved. He pulled back and plunged his cock again, causing another eruption of white hot semen deep inside the man's gut.

Randy's head was thrashing from side to side, his magnificent body shuddering in spasms as he felt his insides bathed with cum. Bob had been standing at the side of the hammock enraptured by this stunning spectacle. His cock was hard as iron as he held it over the heaving body of his lover. 'Pull out,' he breathed to Darius.

Darius's orgasm was not over, but he pulled his cock out suddenly, sending new spasms into the screaming man. Darius and Bob both held their cocks over the muscle man's heaving body and they erupted simultaneously over the sweating torso. Randy watched as the two beautiful men aimed their streams of creamy cum all over his body and face. The spectacle was too much for him and his own cock shuddered and exploded in a jet of hot semen over his own chest and face. The sight was awesome: three beautiful, perfectly sculpted men shooting uncontrollable torrents of creamy liquid over the bound body.

As their heavy breathing subsided Bob and Darius looked down at the pools of cum on the muscular chest. Without thinking, they both dropped to their knees on either side of the hammock. They buried their faces in the hot semen and lapped it up, sucking in the sweet, pungent taste and drinking it down. Bob took in a big mouthful and moved up to Randy's face. He brought his lips to Randy's and the big man greedily swallowed the cum that poured from his lover's mouth.

Finally, Bob pulled back and gave a slight nod to Darius. The black man hesitated, gazing down at his gorgeous master. He figured that by now he had nothing left to lose so he bent down, slurped up a mouthful of cum, and brought his lips to Randy's. Randy breathed in hard, pulling the cum and Darius's tongue into his mouth and grinding the lips in a long passionate kiss. It was a long time before he let go.

* * *

The tangled mix of emotions was heavy in the air. Tentatively Bob untied Randy, who stood up, his heaving muscles streaming with cum and sweat. He did not look at either man but strode straight to the pool and dived in.

Bob and Darius pulled on their shorts and waited anxiously by the pool to learn their fate. Bob had no idea what he had unleashed. And Darius was a wreck, scared not so much that he was in for a beating, but that he would be thrown out of the house.

Randy finally pulled himself from the pool and pulled on his shorts, his body gleaming with water. He strode up to Darius, crossed his arms and looked him straight in the face.

'Well, punk. What have you got to say?'

Darius was trembling. His throat was dry, but finally he was able to croak a reply.

'Th...thank you?.....sir?'

Randy stared at him, then threw his head back and roared with laughter. 'Come here you asshole.' He opened his arms and drew Darius to him in a hug. Then he held him at arm's length and looked into his eyes. 'I've been pretty rough on you all these weeks haven't I? I whipped you, worked you hard, beat you and treated you like an animal. And you took it all and came back for more. I admire that in a man. You're a hell of a guy, Darius.'

Darius's beautiful face broke into a huge grin. 'Thank you, sir.'

'But one thing that's not gonna change is the hard work. I'll help you, teach you, look after you, but you'll do everything I tell you to. Clear?'

'Yes sir!'

'And you know you have to get punished for what you did here today.'

'Yes sir,' said Darius eagerly.

'One more thing.' Randy reached behind Darius's neck, took off the leather collar and threw it to the ground. 'Welcome to the house, buddy.' They shook hands. 'Oh, and Bob....' With one sharp pull he ripped the tattered shorts off Darius. 'For God's sake get him some clean shorts. Now, Darius, go to bed. Leave me with Bob.'

Darius was in paradise. He almost floated back to his shack. Bob smiled in relief. Evidently Randy's emotional log jam had broken and he was now free to express his pent up feelings.

Randy looked at his buddy. 'As for you......' He grinned. 'You fucker...' and he pulled him close in a bear hug. 'It's scary how well you know me...better than I know myself. God, I love you man.' Then he pulled back and looked him deep in the eyes.

'You're gonna pay for this, you know.'

'I'm counting on it....sir.'

Randy grinned. 'Asshole.' He threw his arm around his buddy's shoulder and they walked back to the house.

* * *

That night they all fell asleep with thoughts of retribution in their heads. The master had been tied up and fucked in the ass by the other two men. Everyone knew that Randy would have to reassert his supremacy, reemphasize his dominant position in the house. The two men could only imagine what punishment was in store for them.

But one secret Darius was keeping to himself out of fear. Although men had tried, his ass had never been fucked. He had never had a cock inside him......

Continued in A Trial Of Strength - Part 15


Rob Williams

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