Pablo, the exotic, beautiful newcomer has chosen the spectacular muscleman, Bob, for his 21st birthday. Upstairs he is being gently introduced to the joys of sex for the first time in his young life.

Meanwhile, downstairs Darius is having a totally different experience with the muscle stud, Randy, who has promised him a fantasy. The master is dressed in full leather .. tight leather pants, a studded harness and black leather vest. They have been joined unexpectedly by the stunningly beautiful cop, Mark, still in his black uniform, having just got off duty. The two men talk together, ignoring Darius. To make sure Darius keeps his hands off his big dick Mark has handcuffed his wrists behind him in his chair.

* * *

Darius was in world of total fantasy. A prisoner, he watched the two incredible men, the demon leather man and the god-like cop, drinking, talking, laughing together. They ignored him completely as they began to get slightly drunk. Darius's cock was rigid under his jeans. He strained to touch it but his wrists were handcuffed tight.

He had never been so turned on in his life, having no idea what these glorious men would do with him. He felt pre-cum dribbling down his leg. The room resonated with absolute, rugged maleness. Darius was intoxicated by the smell of leather and the sound of male voices. He closed his eyes and was mesmerized by Randy's deep, guttural voice laced with profanities. Answering him were the cop's rich, dark brown tones, strong and authoritarian.

He opened his eyes and watched as the men drank one beer after another. Mark drained another bottle and, to Darius's huge disappointment, said to Randy,

'Well, buddy, I gotta go. Having a bike between your legs all day makes you horny as a toad. Thought I'd go down to my old hangout on Sunset and find me a piece of ass. The girls in that bar are always ready and willing. Don't worry. I'll take my lady of choice to a motel.'

Randy grinned, 'You fucker. You know any woman would throw herself at you. Maybe I'll tag along.' Darius's heart sank. His night with Randy looked like a bust. He pulled again at his cuffed wrists.

Mark stood up to leave, but swayed a little. 'Hell, didn't realize I was so drunk.'

Randy stood too, so unsteady that he would have fallen forward had Mark not grabbed him. With their hands on each other's shoulders the two studs gazed at each other. Drink and animal lust combined to drain their inhibitions as they felt their cocks stiffen. Instinctively their faces came together, their lips met and they kissed each other hungrily.

Darius nearly went ape shit. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, these two ultimate men, the dark demon in leather, the golden Greek god in police uniform, locked in a fierce embrace. He strained at his restraints, wanting with all his being to be close to these guys. His cock was rock hard and he knew that one touch would get him off. The need to jerk off was overwhelming, but he could not free his hands. He was in a wild frenzy.

Finally Mark pulled back and blinked at Randy. 'Jesus Christ, I am drunk. Sorry about that, man. Don't understand why ....'

'You don't have to understand, buddy. You know that spark will always be there between us. Don't sweat it.'

'Well, I'm obviously not gonna drive anywhere like this. Guess I'll just go to bed and jerk off before I go to sleep.'

He turned and opened the door to leave the room. Darius wanted to scream after him to stay, but Randy had forbidden him to make a sound. Instead it was Randy who spoke.

'On the other hand ... '

Mark paused, his hand on the doorknob.

'... on the other hand,' Randy grinned, 'you could always find yourself a piece of ass here.'


Randy jerked his thumb in the direction of the black man, his sculpted muscles straining as he tried to free himself.

Mark blushed. 'Oh, man. I dunno about that. Look, the stuff you and I did together drove me wild but .. well, I've never done anything with another guy except you.' He hesitated. 'Still, I could use a blow job, so maybe .... Does he give good head?'

Randy grinned again. 'Cost you a twenty to find out.'

'Man, he comes cheap.'

'He sure does,' Randy said. 'Here I'll match you.'

He pulled out a twenty dollar bill and threw it at Darius's feet. Mark shook his head, pulled out his wallet and did the same.

Darius was reeling. He had never felt so cheap and degraded in his life, nor more wildly excited. He couldn't move. He just stared up at the leather man and the cop as they approached him. Randy stood behind him, leaning against his back so Darius's head was immobilized and he was overcome with the smell of the leather pants. He felt big hands clamp the sides of his face, holding it in a vice-like grip.

'Ok, he's ready when you are, buddy.'

Darius's eyes widened as he watched the cop approach. He undid two buttons of his shirt exposing more of his white T-shirt and Darius glimpsed the outline of his rounded pecs underneath. The cop walked right up to his face, slowly unbuttoned his fly and reached inside his shorts to pull out his long, thick tool. It was only semi-hard.

'Think he can make me hard?' Mark asked Randy.

'Try him.'

Mark looked down and in his strong, commanding tone said, 'Open your mouth, boy.'

In a delirium of fantasy now, Darius kept his eyes on the muscular cop and opened his mouth wide. The cop's dick slid easily into the gaping hole and Darius tightened his throat muscles around it. The smell and taste sent shock waves through him.

'Wow,' Mark groaned. 'That's incredible. Better than any girl can do it. Why didn't you tell me about this, man? Feels wild.' And Mark's cock instantly became rock hard. He pushed it to the back of the young man's throat, then pulled it out and plunged it in again. Soon it was like a piston, driving in and out of the hot, hungry mouth. Darius was thrilled to hear Mark's compliment and clenched his throat muscles even more round the pulsing cock.

Mark groaned to Randy. 'Hell, man I love this. Come here, you fucking stud.' Their faces came together and they began exploring the inside of each other's mouth with their tongue. Darius flew into a world he had never dreamed of. He felt the muscular legs, in tight leather, behind his head, which was held in a vice. He watched the cop's black uniform pound back and forth against his mouth. And he saw above him the two glorious muscle gods locked in a ravenous embrace.

He wanted this to last forever. He had never experienced, never imagined, never dreamed of anything like this. But suddenly it stopped and his mouth was free. He saw the iron rod pull back in front of him and heard Mark's voice.

'Hey, man. You want a piece of the action here? I was about to shoot my load but I want it to last. Why don't you take over?'

Darius watched as the men traded places. The cop stood hard behind him, gripping his head, and the huge leather stud stood before him. Randy looked down at the prisoner.

'So, punk. Looks like you got two masters.'

Darius nodded wildly.

'Open up, boy. I may not go so easy on you.'

And he wasn't. Darius saw the veins standing out on his huge, thick cock, and then felt it plunge savagely deep into his throat. He gagged and tears spurted from his eyes as he felt the brutal hammering begin. He saw and smelt the leather pants as they pounded his face. He couldn't move. The cop held him fast and he was at the mercy of the vicious pounding by the leather stud. Several times he thought he would pass out. He was dimly aware of the cop's voice above him.

'Hey, man, go easy. You'll split his throat wide open. You're really hammering his face.'

'Nah .. he can take it. And I want my twenty bucks worth.'

Again the two muscle men buried their tongues in the other's mouth. Locked in a helpless vice Darius concentrated on the piston cock pounding his mouth. His own cock was still rock hard in his jeans and it was agony for him that he couldn't touch it.

* * *

In the fog of his delirium Darius heard, 'Hell, man, we might as well go all the way.' It was Randy, as he pulled his cock suddenly out of his suffering mouth.

'What d'you mean?' Mark asked.

'You said you wanted a piece of ass. Use his.'

'You mean fuck the guy's ass. Hey, I don't know about that.'

'Take his cuffs off, man. Then grab us another beer and come and sit down.' Mark quickly freed Darius and sat down with Randy.

'You,' Randy said to Darius, 'come closer. And don't even think of touching your dick. So, Mark, what do you think? '

'Hard to tell,' said Mark'

OK, punk. Strip. And do it slowly.'

Feeling totally degraded now, Darius pulled slowly at his T-shirt until it cleared his perfectly sculpted torso. He kicked off his sneakers and dropped his jeans. He hesitated, then pulled his shorts down and his massive dick sprang out at rigid attention. He stood naked before these two muscle gods and hung his head.

'Gotta admit,' said Mark, slurring his words a bit. 'He looks pretty damn hot.'

'OK, boy,' barked Randy. 'Turn around, bend over and grab your ankles.'

Darius did as he was told. He should have felt completely humiliated as he displayed his ass to these men, but his only sensation was one of wild exhilaration as he fantasized on what was in store for him.'

'See that ass?' said Randy. 'Sweet enough to make grown men weep. You want a piece of it?'

Mark felt his dick rising inside his uniform pants and said, 'Hell yes. But how do we decide who gets to fuck it?'

Randy grinned. I'll fight you for it. Ever arm-wrestled?'

'You kidding? I was the division champion. So we wrestle and the prize I get is those perfect globes over there.'

'Yeah, except the prize will be mine. I have never lost at warm-wrestling and I won't now. You can turn round now, punk, and bring us that table.'

Darius placed a small table between the guys and stood back to watch. Naked, trembling with excitement he put his hands behind his back and clasped them tight. He knew he was forbidden to touch his cock. He gasped at what came next.

The two men stood up, preparing for the challenge. Randy shrugged off his leather vest and his muscles gleamed under the studded harness that crossed his bare chest. Mark unbuttoned his black shirt, pulled it out of his waist and shrugged it off. He looked absolutely incredible. His white T-shirt stretched across the slabs of his chest and tapered from the broad shoulders in a wide V to the slim waist of his uniform pants. The short sleeves stretched back from his bulging, veined biceps.

They sat down and the fight was on. Gazing intently into each other's eyes, their elbows on the table, they gripped hands tightly and the pressure began. There was no movement other than a tremor as the two massive arms flexed and strained against each other. Their shoulders and biceps bulged and veins stood out hard. Randy's solid muscles gleamed with sweat and Mark's T-shirt became stained with the sweat pouring off his straining body.

Darius was taking deep breaths to stop passing out at the sight. The incredible leather man locked eyes with his challenger, his dark, swarthy, stubbled face gleaming and intense. The god-like features of the blond cop were set in a grim smile as he gazed at the demon straining before him. Their arms moved slightly, bending first one way, then the other, but they were so evenly matched that the fight would be a long one.

Darius knew what the prize was, what these two incredible men were fighting for ... his ass. As the fight went first one way, then the other, he fantasized about being fucked by the winner, either the leather man or the cop. But he had a long wait as the men groaned in extreme, sustained exertion, their macho competitiveness at a pitch. Darius was inwardly screaming to touch his rigid cock as he saw it dribbling with pre-cum.

Then, suddenly, it was over. One arm made a final supreme effort and slammed the other flat on the table.

'I win!'


The two exhausted men, faces streaming with sweat, looked at each other and grinned.'

Darius felt his knees buckling as the realization crashed in on him of who was going to plough his ass.

'Well,' said Randy to Mark. 'Guess there has to be a first time. I'm just glad it was you.'

Mark stood up and walked over to the naked black man. 'Well, boy. Looks like you're gonna feel my dick up your ass. Think you can take it?'

In a daze Darius managed to croak, 'Yes, sir.'

* * *

Darius was on his back, naked, on the bed. His arms were stretched up in a V and his wrists were tied to the corners of the bed. Randy, still in his leather pants and harness was standing behind his head and Mark stood at the foot of the bed. The shuddering black man knew what was coming. He had never been so turned on in his life.

'OK, man,' Mark growled at Randy. 'I won. You lost. Now show me the prize. Show me his ass.

Randy reached far forward, grabbed Darius's ankles and pulled them sharply up and back.

'Like it?' he asked, as Darius's ass was pulled up in display, totally at the cop's mercy.

'Boy, am I ready for that,' Mark breathed.

Darius was again blown away by what he saw next. The cop reached down to his uniform pants, pulled his T-shirt out of the waist and, in one swift movement, yanked it over his head and tossed it down. He stood in front of his victim, stripped to the waist, his incredible golden body gleaming, his magnificent torso tapering down to the leather belt at the waist of his pants, which were still tucked into the high leather boots. The Greek-god features gazed down at him in a malicious grin.

Darius had never seen anything so glorious in his life. His breathing became ragged and for a moment he lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes he saw Mark approach him, kneel on the bed and pull his hard dick out of his pants. He leaned forward between the outstretched legs and put his hands on the bed at either side of the back man's body. Darius felt the tip of the stiff cock touch his ass.

'Hold him tight,' Mark said to Randy.

'Don't worry. I've got him. Go for it, man. Do your worst.'

Darius was riveted by the sight of the massive torso over him and flinched in surprise at the first jolt of pain as the cop's dick speared his ass, plunging down to the depth of his gut. The momentary pain quickly dissolved into an exquisite, warm sensation as Darius saw and felt the cop's beautiful body arch and buck, his dick sliding back and forth inside him. As he heard the deep moan of satisfaction, Darius clenched his ass muscles tight. Mark threw his head back with an ecstatic shout.

'Jesus, man. That's so fucking tight. It's never felt like that before. Man, that ass is hot.'

Darius felt a surge of pride at pleasing this incredible, shirtless cop. Whenever the big shaft plunged into him he tightened his ass, squeezing the big shaft, then relaxed it as the cock pulled out. The pulsing rhythm sent Mark though the roof as each time he buried his cock in the black man's ass the muscles clenched hard around it.

'God, this is wild,' he breathed. 'Your ass is incredible ... like it's fucking my cock. Aaah, keep doing that, man. It's never been this good.' He looked up into Randy's eyes. 'You motherfucker. You know what I'm feeling man. You set this up. I love you, man. Come here.'

Darius watched as the two stunning face came together, the lips locked and the mouths ground against each other. Still the dazed black man squeezed his ass around the cock of the gleaming muscle god pounding him. The sight of the two men, the overpowering smell of leather and the guttural sounds of the studs as they moaned and kissed combined to overwhelm the young man's senses.

'I can't hold on, man,' Mark said to Randy. 'Let me come, sir. Let me shoot my load inside this hot fucking ass.'

Randy grinned. 'You look incredible, man. OK, you son-of-a-bitch. Let it go. Let me see that gorgeous face and body as you shoot.' He shouted, 'Now, man. Cum inside him....'

Darius gazed at the phenomenal sight of this muscle cop streaming with sweat, his blond hair flying as he threw his head back, his body convulsing with spasms of ecstasy. He plunged his cock deep with one final thrust and Darius squeezed his ass tight as a vice around the pulsing shaft. Mark screamed as his incredible orgasm erupted. Darius felt the hot liquid pouring into the furnace of his ass and was aware that his own cock was erupting too, his own semen pouring over his chest and face.

The cop and the leather man brought their lips together again and Darius saw Randy shudder. The cock hanging out of the leather pants reared up and exploded with a jet of cream over Darius's body. It arced high and shot again, this time over the massive, heaving chest of the shirtless cop. Darius was in a world of fantasy, a world he could never have imagined, as he felt his body soaked with cum and watched as the two muscle icons gazed down at him, their sweat pouring down on his face.

* * *

'But his ass still belongs to you, man.' This was Mark after he had finally come down from the incredible high he had been on. They were standing over the exhausted Darius. 'I know the guy belongs to you, his ass too. Jesus, he knows how to use that ass. I have never, ever, felt anything like it.'

Randy grinned. 'Yeah, but you know, I own his big dick too. Look at it. It must me ten inches.'

'What d'you mean, you own it?'

'I control it. Look, I'll show you. Trade places.'

Still stripped to the waist Mark stood behind Darius and pulled his legs up, displaying his ass to Randy. His wrists were still tied to the bed. Randy's rough gypsy-like face glared down at him.

'OK, punk. My turn. Your ass is gonna get ploughed again. And you know how I fuck. It ain't vanilla. This time my rod is gonna control your dick. '

Both their cocks were hard again and Darius did not have long to wait. Randy mounted his ass and plunged his thick shaft deep inside him. As he promised, it was rough, brutal even. Darius watched hypnotized as the leather pants hammered against his ass, already well lubricated by the cop's semen. He groaned as the pounding continued, until finally Randy said,

'You wanna cum, don't you, punk?'

'Yes, sir.'

'You'll wait 'til I give you permission. Clear?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Watch this, Mark. I can make that dick shoot exactly when I want, without him touching it. You just give me the word when you want to see it.'

Mark was amazed at the ferocity of Randy's hammering against the black man's ass. He waited a while and then said.'

'OK, I'm ready. Let me see it.'

The leather man looked down into Darius's beautiful green eyes as he pounded his ass. 'Now, asshole, you look at me and you wait. When I give you the word I want to see cum pour from that huge dick, understand?'

'Yes, sir.'

Randy fucked him hard for a while longer. Then suddenly he shouted. 'Shoot .. Now!'

And at exactly that moment Darius's cock stood up straight and poured a stream of cum high in the air. Randy grinned and plunged his cock one last time as his own orgasm erupted. When their bodies relaxed Randy said,

'Well, Mark, was I right?'

'Damn, you know how to own a guy .. his ass, his dick, everything.'

Randy reached down and untied Darius's wrists. At his command Darius jumped up and stood before him. Randy looked deep into his eyes.

'Who owns you, punk?'

'You, sir!'

'I promised you a fantasy tonight, didn't I?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Well, how was it?'

Darius paused, then his eyes narrowed and he burst into tears. He fell into Randy's arms, held him tight and sobbed on his chest in an outpouring of total adoration. Mark watched the incredible sight and now he understood what Randy had been doing over the last weeks.

Randy and Mark both knew that they were equal in command, strength and beauty and in various ways they had been competing since they met. One was a dark demon, the other a blond god, but they were both stunning muscle studs. Still, Randy always needed to demonstrate his dominance, and that is what he had been doing.

In the desert Mark had watched the young, vulnerable Pablo sob as he held on frantically to his handsome rescuer. Back home Randy had made Mark watch as Bob begged his master to fuck his ass, begged Randy never to tire of him. And now Darius was sobbing uncontrollably against his big master in an outpouring of intense love for him. The man was magnificent and they were all under his spell. They all worshipped him. Randy had said he was 'the boss around here' and now he had proved it beyond a shadow of doubt.

Randy looked over Darius's shoulder at Mark. The cop slowly shook his head. 'Man, you are something else. There's absolutely no-one like you. Everyone here is in love with you. They would follow you to the end of the earth.' He paused and smiled. 'I have to say, man ... that goes for me too.'

'That's good, buddy, 'cause the feeling's mutual. You're fucking wild, man. I love you.'

* * *

'I gotta take a leak,' Mark said.

'Me too,' Randy agreed. 'And the punk is filthy. Needs a shower. '

In a few minutes Darius was kneeling in the shower looking up at the two glorious men who had just used and degraded him. They towered over him .... the blond cop still stripped to the waist, his magnificent gleaming torso tapering down to the slim waist of his uniform pants .... the dark leather man, with the look of a wild gypsy, still in leather, his studded harness stretched over the rounded slabs of his chest.

'Open your mouth, punk!'

As he did so Darius watched wide-eyed as the first jets of hot yellow liquid spurted down to his face, and streamed down his body. After all the many beers they had drunk the torrent of rancid piss was endless. The two huge uniformed studs laughed as their urine gushed into the kneeling black man's mouth, over his face, on his chest, and streamed all down his body.

This was the final degradation for the beautiful young man who had been brought lower than ever in his life, paid like a hustler, face fucked and butt fucked by the two muscle studs. As his face and body streamed with piss he was aware of his humiliating squalor ... but he had never been more exhilarated in his life.

* * *

When Darius had showered and walked into the bedroom, his sculpted body gleaming and sweet smelling, he looked down at the naked men on the bed. The two bodybuilders looked incredible together as they lay on their back, a little apart. Randy patted the bed between them. 'Come on then, punk. And make sure that sweet ass is good and ready. We'll probably need it during the night.'

'You bet, sir,' Darius said, lying down between the two muscle gods. He had never been happier in his life. And he did not get too much sleep that night.

Mark sighed and said to Randy. 'Man, that was wild. But I'll probably feel guilty in the morning.'

Randy laughed. 'Maybe so. But you can always blame it on being drunk. I'm told a lot of guys do that the morning after.'

* * *

Meanwhile, Bob was showing Pablo how to make love. The eager young man had spent a long time worshipping the muscle god's body, bringing himself to spontaneous orgasm several times. But now that the floodgates of his emotion and lust have burst open, he can relax and enjoy the far greater pleasure of making love with the man he has chosen, the most beautiful man he has ever seen.

Bob was taken by surprise at the energy, ferocity even, of the boy's passion. Now that he was released from his earlier inhibitions he could not stop worshipping the incredible body. He kissed Bob's eyes, his forehead, cheeks and lips, then ran his mouth down his muscular neck and onto the rounded slabs of his perfect chest. In his frenzy he even bit lightly into the golden flesh.

'Hey, hey ... steady, kid! What, d'you wan to eat me alive?'

'Yes, sir. That's what I feel like doing. You're so incredibly beautiful.'

'Well keep your teeth to yourself, OK?' Bob smiled.

Pablo resumed his frantic kisses, down over the chiseled eight-pack of his abs, down over the slim waist. Finally he buried his face in the damp hair of Bob's crotch and breathed in the sweaty smell of his manhood. He looked up questioningly and Bob nodded.

'OK, go for it, Pablo.'

Pablo pressed his cheek against the big, rigid cock rising straight up, then poised over it before slowly lowering his mouth down and taking the muscle stud's rod deep into his mouth. He uttered a sob as he tasted, smelled, the damp, sweaty shaft that pulsed in his mouth. He began to suck it feverishly.

This was the first time he had sucked cock and his inexperience showed. In his frenzy his teeth got in the way and Bob winced a little. 'Jesus,' he thought. 'Darius will have to give him lessons on this.'

But it didn't last very long. Suddenly Pablo reared his head back and stood up. He looked down at the magnificent man, whose muscular body now gleamed with a sheen of sweat, and Pablo shuddered wildly.

'Oh, no,' he gasped. 'Not again. I can't stop, sir. I'm cumming!'

And another huge spout of hot creamy liquid poured from his cock down onto the chest and face of the object of his worship. It spurted again and again, until semen was gushing all over Bob's body.

When things calmed down Bob said, 'Jesus, man. You're like Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. But at least that geyser erupts only about once an hour. Yours gushes every ten minutes!'

'I can't help it, sir. Every time I look at you it makes me shoot my load.'

'OK, tell you what. Stop looking at me a while. Flip over onto your stomach and let me look at you for a change.'

Pablo obeyed and buried his head in the pillow. Bob knelt by the bed looking at Pablo's naturally muscled back ... and that glorious ass. He ran his fingers down over the smooth, creamy brown skin, down over the slim waist. He came to the perfect globes of his ass, rising high up from the waist, hovering in two gorgeous round globes and then curving down to the top of the legs. He had never seen an ass like it.

He leaned forward and touched it with his tongue. The skin looked smooth as silk but Bob's tongue felt the downy, soft, invisible fur that covered it. He gasped and his cock became hard as a rock. He knelt over the ass, bent down again and pushed his tongue between the soft, perfect globes. All the smell and taste of callow youth, passion, and warm, moist sex filled his nose and mouth. He lapped hungrily at this virgin ass, tasting the velvet inside, and he knew he had to enter this young man.

'I'm going to fuck your ass, Pablo.'

'I know, sir. It's what I've wanted ever since I first saw you. Please, sir. Please put your cock inside me.'

It was remarkably smooth and easy. The bodybuilder's stiff rod slid easily into the welcoming, quivering hole and Pablo gave a huge, contented sigh as the man he worshipped drove his cock home. Bob stopped still, deep inside the silk-lined ass, and fell against the back of the beautiful young man. They lay still for a long time. Then, keeping his chest on Pablo's back, Bob raised his hips so his cock drew out of the ass, then pushed it slowly back in.

Both men were in a state of bliss as the gentle motion continued. Neither had felt anything quite like this before. Pablo knew that his ass was being fucked by this beautiful muscle man, the man he had chosen from all of them, and Bob felt the joy of opening up this exotic young man for the first time in his life.

'OK, it's time,' Bob said and flipped the young man over without removing his cock. He leaned forward between Pablo's raised legs and continued the gently rhythm, stroking the inside of his ass. He knew without any doubt that Pablo could not delay his orgasm. His eyes were open wide and wild as he focused on the muscle god heaving above him and felt the exquisite sensation of his cock inside him.

'I have to, sir. I can't hold it back....'

'I know, buddy. I'm right there with you. Let it go.'

And their orgasms erupted in perfect harmony. The two beautiful men gazed at each other, sighing in the rapture of sexual release, their cocks streaming with hot white liquid, the one inside the perfect virgin ass and the other pouring over the shuddering brown body. They lay together for a long time, breathing in quiet unison.

'Will you stay inside me all night?' Pablo whispered.

'Of course.'

But in no time Pablo felt his lust rising and he wanted to make love again. He was fucked many more times that night and he experience many more exquisite orgasms. He more than made up for the many dry months of frustration, fear and loneliness. Eventually, though, they collapsed in a dream-filled sleep of total exhaustion. And even when they woke in the morning, Bob was still deep inside the flawless ass,

* * *

The next morning all five men sat silently around the breakfast table. There were no words adequate for the experiences they had been through. But many glances were exchanged and subtle smiles, as their minds replayed some of the incredible sights and sensations of the night before.

Randy looked at Pablo. 'You enjoy your birthday, kid?'

'It was the best night of my life, sir.'

'..of your life so far, kiddo. I'm sure we can find other things to celebrate. Just wait.'

'Now I have to get back to work, sir.'

'You working on my truck?'

'Yes, sir. The timings a bit off but it'll be easy to fix.' He flashed a quick look at Bob. 'Thank you, sir,' and he strode off to the garage.

Randy grinned at Bob. 'Jesus. He's a changed man ... and I mean 'man'. He's not a kid any more. What did you do to him, Buddy?'

'Oh, just showed him a little love. That's been in short supply in his life. Trouble was, every time he looked at me he shot his load.'

'Well of course he did,' Randy laughed. 'Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror lately?'

'All the time,' Bob grinned. 'You taught me to do that. Anyway, Pablo knows what he wants now. He's ready. That gorgeous ass is ready.'

Darius's head shot up. 'It is? You think he's .... I mean, he knows what he wants? He's ready?'

'Hell, yes.'

Darius didn't wait for any more. His eyes glowing he stood up and sped off to the garage.

Randy grunted. 'Seems like my truck will have to wait.'

* * *

The three men got up from the table, stripped and dove into the pool.

'Thank god it's Sunday' sighed Bob. 'I think we need a rest.'

'I sure do,' said Mark. 'Long day tomorrow. I have to go back out to the desert to give evidence at the preliminary hearing of the Baxter trial.'

'What?!' Randy barked. 'Hell, you're not going out there alone with those assholes on the loose. I'll be right there with you, buddy.'

'No, Randy. I can take care of myself. How would it look if I brought my own stud body guard to protect me? I'll be fine. Just a quick court appearance and then straight home.'

'But the other three Baxter boys are not on trial. And they're out there waiting to dish out the payback they threatened you with ...'

'Empty threats,' laughed Mark. 'They know better than to mess with a cop. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.'

But Randy was right. Sometimes the desert can be a living hell .....

* * *

CONTINUED IN 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 26'


Rob Williams

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