Randy roared with laughter. 'Hey, guys. Will you look at this?'

After their adventures in the desert, Randy and Mark had just come home, bringing the rescued Pablo with them. They were reunited with Bob and Darius who had been indulging their own fantasies at home. They were all an extraordinary sight as they looked at their reflections in the big picture window of the house .... five incredibly beautiful guys, all filthy, disheveled, ripped clothes hanging from their sculpted bodies.

There was the muscular Randy, in leather, tousled, grease stained, one arm of his tank torn from his shoulder. Next to him stood the gorgeous cop Mark, his T-shirt almost shredded. They had brought with them Pablo, a hesitant, exotically beautiful young man, with a naturally sculpted body and chiseled features, high cheek bones and slanted deep brown eyes. He was in dungarees, but these too were torn, hanging from one shoulder. Obviously they had all been in some kind of fight.

Bob and Darius had spent the time at home, but they looked filthy, covered in dirt, their shirts ragged, hanging half off their muscular chests. They too had apparently been in a fight.

Pablo reached into his pocket and put on his owl glasses.

'Wow,' he said.

All five men burst into uncontrollable laughter as they looked at their own astonishing reflections.

And that was Pablo's introduction to his new family.

* * *

When the laughter died down Randy took charge. 'OK, before we all hit the showers we need a beer. Darius, go to the kitchen and bring us five beers...... That's right ... it's five now.'

'Right, boss.'

Soon the group was sitting round the table in the garden. But there was an air of hesitancy; nobody quite knew what to say. Randy broke the silence.

'OK, we have a new friend here so I'll make the introductions. Pablo, you already know me, Randy. I'm the boss around here. I make the rules. Mark you also know. He's a cop and ... well, what can I say? Just look at the guy ... a Greek god. He fits right in.'

Mark blushed and muttered, 'Asshole.'

'And this muscle stud is Bob, my lover .... the most beautiful lover a man ever had. Finally,' throwing his arm around Darius, 'this punk is Darius, who's going to be your new best friend. Welcome to your new home, kiddo. Gentlemen, a toast.' He raised his beer bottle, 'To Pablo, our new buddy.'

They touched bottles and said in unison, 'Pablo.'

'OK, that's settled. Now, let's hit the showers. Darius, take Pablo to your shower, and Mark you can use the one downstairs, buddy, if that's OK.'

'Great,' said the beautiful cop. 'I need to wash off the smell of those scumbags back in the desert.'

'Back here in an hour,' Randy shouted. 'There's a lot to discuss. And Darius, have Pablo help you rustle up some food.'

* * *

A few minutes later Randy and Bob were alone in their bedroom. They stood for a while just looking at each other.

'You have a good time?' asked Bob. 'With Mark,' I mean.

'Incredible. I'll tell you all about it later.'

'You better .... all the details.'

'You OK with all that?'

Bob hesitated. 'Well ..... to tell the truth I did feel kinda jealous this time ... scared. I mean, Mark is one hell of a guy, real special ... not to mention spectacularly beautiful. I knew he would fall in love with you as we all do, and I was afraid you might ... well.'

Randy's eyes blazed. 'Stop right there. Don't ever say anything like that again. God, you make me crazy. You must know by now that you and I have something nobody can match. You're still the man, buddy, and always will be. Look, I'll send them all away if that's what you want. It'll be just you and me again, like before.'

'No, I don't want that at all,' Bob protested. 'I want us all to live here. And we can do it. I've been making plans.'

Randy smiled. 'You are something else, you know? I always miss you ... and I always forget how fucking beautiful you are. Look at you.' His eyes roved over Bob's filthy torn tank shirt stretched over his perfect chest, then his mud-caked work cargo pants and heavy boots.

'Those are my work clothes. You look just like me.'

'That was the idea,' Bob grinned.

'One of Darius's fantasies?'

'How d'you guess?'

'Randy looked deep into his eyes, 'Man, I've missed you. You look so fucking hot. You're making me rock hard. You gonna do something about that?'

Bob fell to his knees and his superman face looked up at the leather man towering over him. He reached up, unbuttoned the fly and pulled Randy's stiff rod from inside his shorts. Bob put his hands behind his back, leaned forward and slowly slid his mouth over the thick cock until the big round tip hit the back of his throat.

Randy moaned. 'That's it, man. Eat your master's cock. God, it feels good. I love fucking your mouth.'

He pulled his hips back, paused, and then rammed his shaft deep inside the stretched mouth. He put both his big hands behind Bob's head and began to pound his face, pushing his cock deep down his throat. Bob's eyes widened and brimmed with tears as the hammering continued. He looked up and watched the incredible leather muscle stud throw his head back, his thick black hair flying wildly, as his huge body slammed forward again and again, and the hands pulled the beautiful face forward, choking the mouth with his gorged cock.

Just when Bob thought he was at his limit, it all stopped. The cock was ripped out of his mouth and Bob looked up at his master, with deep, heaving breaths.

'Thank you sir.'

'Remember now who you belong to?'

'You sir ... always.'

'So give yourself to me.'

'Yes, sir.'

Bob pulled himself to his feet, then fell back onto the bed. He lay there staring up at the dark demon approaching him.

Randy's steely blue eyes pierced him.

'You know what else belongs to me, don't you?'

'My ass, sir'

'Show me.'

Quickly Bob undid his belt and pulled the work pants just clear of his perfect ass. Still wearing his pants and boots he put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs backward, offering his vulnerable ass to his master.

'Jesus, you're incredible, man,' Randy breathed. 'What do you want now?'

'I want you to fuck me, sir. I want to feel your rod deep in my ass. Please, sir. Fuck my ass .... Because you own it......'

'.......and because I love you.' Randy smiled. He grabbed two old T-shirts from the floor and quickly tied Bob's wrists to the bedposts so his arms were stretched up and out. Then he fell to his knees on the bed and pulled Bob toward him until his dick was resting on the soft tissue of Bob's hole. He stopped.

'Maybe you don't want it enough, you fucker. Maybe you didn't miss me. Maybe you don't deserve it.'

Bob was in a delirium of need and frustration as he tugged at his restraints and his ass trembled. 'Oh, please sir. I beg you. I want it real bad. Please don't pull back, sir. My ass is yours. Take it sir, please.'

With an evil grin Randy pulled his dick back from the hole.

Helplessly bound, Bob was desperate. 'No, sir. Please don't. I'll do anything. I have missed you, sir. I missed your cock inside me. Please, master. Plea ........... Aaargh!'

He screamed as the leather stud's dick suddenly, savagely pierced his burning ass and crashed hard against the inside of his gut. It immediately pulled out and rammed in again ... and again and again. Bob spun into another world, where all he felt was the joy of his master's cock hammering his ass.

'You feel it now, you cocksucker?'

'Yes, sir ... thank you, sir. Please, sir. Don't ever leave me. Don't ever get tired of me.'

'Shut up, asshole. As if I could ever leave this...' and he pushed his cock deeper than ever. 'You're the man, Bob. You're my man. I own you and I will own you for ever.'

'Thank you, sir. God, your cock feels incredible. Rip me open, man.'

Randy took the captive at his word and plunged his dick faster and deeper into the furnace. They were both unaware of the door opening until a voice said,

'Hey, guys. Do you have a T-shirt I could borrow? I.......'

Fresh from the shower Mark was wearing only a towel round his waist. His voice trailed off in embarrassment as he gazed at the sight. He blushed deep red. 'Shit. I'm sorry guys. I didn't know ..... I'm gone.'

'Stay!' The harsh growl stopped him in his tracks. He couldn't believe what Randy had just said. He wanted him to stay? Mark hesitated. As a cop he was usually the one who gave the orders. He was about to turn and leave when the sharp order came again.


Rooted to the spot Mark took in the scene. These two incredible muscle gods were making love. The one, in greasy, sweaty work clothes was tied by his wrists to the bed, his legs high in the air. The dark, sinewy leather man in the torn tank was pounding the victim's ass with his rigid shaft, savagely, again and again like a battering ram. His sweat poured over the muscles of the suffering stud. Mark's cock became rock hard. He couldn't take his eyes off the incredible spectacle.

Randy and Bob were in a world of their own, oblivious of being observed. The demon's pale blue eyes pierced the eyes of the enraptured man. Gradually the pounding slowed into a gentle, pulsing rhythm. Bob's eyes looked up imploringly.

'Please, sir. Please let me touch you.'

Without breaking the rhythm Randy untied Bob's wrists. Free now, Bob ran his hands over the sweating chest of his lover, rubbing them against the torn tank and over the nipples, feeling the pecs flexing underneath. Then he stroked the broad, rock hard shoulders and ran his hands over the huge biceps, veins bulging, as they pushed against his legs.

Bob breathed, 'You are such a fucking stud, man. I will always be your slave. Aaah .... Fuck me because you love me, sir. My ass is yours.'

'You bet your life it is, you fucker. Don't even think of giving it to anyone else. God, I love fucking you.'

The rhythm was now gentle ... tender even .... as the two men locked eyes. Again, they saw each other reflected on the other's eyes and they passed into that magical world where they were one soul, in an intimacy that passed all understanding.

Looking down in frozen awe Mark realized he was watching something he had never seen before ... the absolute union of two souls. He watched with a mixture of exhilaration, lust and envy. He knew now that these two glorious men were indivisible.

Randy held Bob's gaze. 'You want my juice?'

'You know I do, sir.'

'You gonna cum for me?'

'Of course, sir.'

'Then let's do it.'

They stopped moving. There was a stillness, no sound, as Randy began to stream inside his lover's warm, welcoming ass. He watched as his lover's cock shuddered and pumped hot, creamy juice over his own muscular chest, soaking the filthy tank, splashing in his face and hair. Their chests heaving, the two men looked into each other's eyes as their orgasms continued.

Mark was in a lost world, mesmerized by the unbelievable sight before him. His towel had long since dropped to the floor and he stood naked, stroking his rigid cock.

Finally Randy pulled his cock out and he flopped over by Bob's side. Their faces were close, side by side.

It was too much for Mark. He looked down at the beautifully sculpted faces: the one square jawed, golden tan, high cheek bones; the other dark, stubbled, wild like a gypsy, demon-like. The cop could not hold back. He felt a burning sensation in his legs, rising to his groin and his cock started to pulse. As his cum streamed out he pointed his cock at the beautiful faces, covering them with hot, creamy semen, splashing over the mouths, chins, foreheads and hair of the two lovers.

He was in a daze. He could not separate the sensation of intense lust, exhilaration, and envy at having watched these two glorious men make love. He was even angry that he had been relegated to just a bystander at this spectacle. He could not believe what he saw next. Each of the men began licking the other's face, sucking on the cop's warm cum running over it, drinking it in. They lapped hungrily at their eyes, cheeks, forehead, lips, until they finally fell back looking up at the spectacular, naked cop.

In total confusion Mark blushed deeply. He stammered, 'Oh shit. Jesus, guys, I don't know what made me do that. I was just ..... I don't know what to say. You two....'

Randy cut him off. 'Mark. Do you want to come and live with us?'

Mark reeled and couldn't believe the sound of his own voice as it said, 'Yes. Oh yes. More than anything.'

'OK. That's settled. And one more thing, that I never thought I would say to any other man. But I can say it to you, Mark. You know that I own this man's ass. But when the time is right I will loan it to you. OK, Bob?'

Bob smiled. 'Asshole. You know damn well it is.'

* * *

'I'm hitting the shower,' Randy said, leaving them alone.

Mark sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Bob. 'You know, I was wrong. I can't live here with you.'

'You don't want to?'

'Sure I do. But .... I have to confess something.' He blushed deeply. 'Out there in the desert, I ... jeez, I never thought I'd say this about a guy but ... I fell in love with Randy.'

Bob threw his head back and laughed. 'Well of course you did. We all do. I think it happened to me when I first laid eyes on him. And Darius fell when Randy penetrated his virgin ass.'

'It happened to me,' Mark said, 'when I watched Randy, after giving three guys a vicious, brutal beating, turning to comfort young Pablo with the tenderness of a dove.'

'That's it, then. I mean look at the man. He's magnificent, the king of the gypsies. You have to love him. So join the group, and welcome to the house, buddy.'

* * *

Half an hour later the guys were sitting around the table outdoors. Darius had brought our food and beer and they were all eating ravenously when Pablo suddenly stood up and his exotically beautiful features creased in a grimace. He put on his rimless owl glasses and cleared his throat. 'I want to thank you, sir, but I can't do it. I can't stay here. It's too good for me. I just have to pay my own way, be my own man. I can't live on charity.'

Randy cut him off. 'Sit down, kid.' He leaned forward to him. 'Perhaps you didn't hear me earlier. I'm the boss, I make the rules, and you, kiddo, are not going anywhere unless I say you can. Got it?'

Pablo was totally intimidated. 'Yes, sir.'

'And you will earn your keep. I brought all your tools from that filthy garage in the desert for a reason. From now on you'll be our mechanic. We have two trucks, an SUV and two Harleys, not to mention the punk's bicycle. And they all need servicing. The garage will be your workshop. You'll be the boss there. Anyone wants anything they'll come to you. Is that clear to everyone?'

There were general murmurs of 'Yes, sir' all around. Randy's authority was unquestioned.

'You say you're such a hotshot mechanic. Prove it. There'll be a shit load of work to do. Think you can handle it?

'Yes, sir,' Pablo beamed.

'OK. Darius, take Pablo and show him around.'

Darius and Pablo jumped up and the eager black man put his arm around Pablo's shoulder. 'Let me show you the pool first. It's real sweet. I cleaned it up, you know, way back when .........'

Randy took a big slug of beer and turned to Mark. 'Now for you, officer. What about your old apartment? '

Mark blushed again. 'It was my girlfriend's apartment. I moved in with her ... until my best friend decided to have an affair with her.'

'So, you lost your home, your girl and your best friend all at once. Well, buddy, welcome to your new home. For the time being the basement is all yours.'

Bob jumped in. 'Which brings me to my plan. I've been talking to the landlord and he wants to sell this house. If we bought it we could expand the pool house into a proper guest house ... a duplex.'

He'd worked it all out. As vice-president of a big financial service company he had access to all the financing they'd need. And Randy had architects and permit pullers on the payroll at his work and access to all the lumber and equipment he would need. Randy grinned, 'No problem there. I'll build something special .... a place fit for a Greek god, you might say .... plus an apartment for Darius.'

Bob frowned. 'What about Pablo?'

As if on cue Darius came running out to them, having left Pablo in the kitchen. 'He can stay with me,' he said eagerly'

'You don't mind?'

'Mind?! Have you got a look at that ass lately?'

'Yes,' Randy said. 'And that's all you're gonna do is look. Don't even think about touching it.'

'Aw, boss. My dick and his ass.....'

'I know, 'A Match Made in Heaven.' Well heaven can wait, buster. So back off.'

Bob intervened. 'What Randy's saying is this, Darius. Pablo's had a really rough life and, even though he's nearly 21, he's still trying to work things out, who he is, what he wants. But he has to make those decisions, not be pushed into them by a horny guy with a big dick. What he needs now is kindness and a really good friend.'

'Well that's no problem. We're friends already. But you mean I can't....?'

'No,' Randy barked. 'He can sleep with you but you don't touch him. When he tells us he's ready, we'll let you know. Hands off 'til then ... understood? '

'Understood, sir. You're the boss.'

'And don't you forget it, punk.'

* * *

During the next week things began to settle down. Bob quickly got the financing for a mortgage and put the real estate wheels in motion. Randy and Darius resumed their work at the construction site and Mark became a working cop again. Pablo lost no time in cleaning out the garage and setting it up as a workshop for himself.

Then came the 17th. Pablo was starting to settle in and get to know the other four guys and he was taken by surprise as they all sat at the table. Randy said, 'You thought we forgot, didn't you, kid? It's your birthday, isn't it?'

'That's what the welfare lady once told me.'

'Then that's it ... your 21st .... You ever celebrate your birthday before?'

'Not that I can recall, sir.'

'Well that's about to change.'

Darius brought out a cake, Pablo blew out the candles and they all sang to him. Bob could see the young guy fighting back tears and he reached over and touched his hand. Always the sensitive guy in the group, Bob felt a real empathy for this damaged kid and went out of his way to make him feel at home.

'No present yet,' Randy said. 'We had no idea what to get you, so we thought we'd let you choose. Have you any idea what you want? Think big ... it's your twenty-first.'

Pablo blinked behind his owl glasses and stared at them.

'Come on, Pablo,' said Bob. 'There must be something you want.'

Pablo hesitated, then muttered, almost inaudibly, 'Sex.'


He cleared his throat and said more defiantly, 'Sex, sir. I'm twenty-one and I've never had sex with anyone in my life. I want it now ... today.'

Mark smiled at him, 'You mean with one of us?'

'Yes, sir. If that's OK, sir.'

'Are you sure you're ready for this?' Randy asked.

'Yes, sir! Pablo was again defiant.

'Then that's it,' Randy said. 'Stand up kiddo.' Pablo got to his feet. 'This is the gift of a lifetime. Look at the four men in front of you. Pretty damn awesome, no? You get to choose one of them ... to spend the whole night with.'


'That's what I said.'

There was a stunned silence. Any of the men would be willing to sleep with this beautiful, exotic young man, with the exquisite face and naturally sculpted, perfect body. And it would be his first time ever. They all looked at Pablo expectantly. He froze.

'Come on, kiddo,' Randy said at last. 'The night awaits you.'

'Yes, sir.' He looked from one to the other of the expectant faces.

'Well, do you know who you want?'

'I do, sir.'

'Point him out, then.'

Pablo raised his hand and pointed. 'You, sir. Please, sir.'

And he pointed at Bob.

* * *

Again there was complete silence. Darius's face fell as he realized his dream would have to wait a while. Once again it was Randy who took charge.

'That's it then. You and Bob it is. Go to the bedroom in the pool house and wait. Darius, you'll have to bunk in with me for the night. Any problem with that?

Darius grinned. 'No problem at all, boss.'

Randy turned to Bob. 'Well, buddy. Looks like you get to break the kid in. That's usually my job.'

'I don't intend to break him in. I'll ease him in.'

Randy smiled. 'That's why he chose you. The kid's instincts are good. Plus, for his first time ever he wanted a man who is absolutely, totally, fucking gorgeous. And that's you. Just one thing. Your ass is off limits. It belongs to me, OK?'

'Of course, sir.'

Bob left the table and Mark stood up also.

'I've got to go too. My shift starts soon. I should be back about nine.'

'Just one thing, man. I intend to give Darius a night he won't forget. And you can help. Here's my plan......'

* * *

Bob walked into the bedroom where Pablo was standing still, trembling.

Bob took him by the shoulder. 'Are you absolutely sure you want this, Pablo?'

'More than anything, sir.'

'Why me, Pablo?'

'This is the first time in my life sir. I wanted someone who would be kind and gentle'

'I'll sure try to be. Are you scared?'

'Very scared, sir.'

'You don't have to be. We're not going to do anything you don't want to, OK? And if you want to stop we will.'

'Thank you, sir.'

'Now, usually the first thing is to take our clothes off. Let me see you do that.'

Pablo looked at the beautiful man before him and, his hands trembling, he slowly pulled off his T-shirt. He kicked off his sneakers and pulled down his jeans. Then he hesitated, standing stiffly in his Jockey briefs. Bob's eyes widened as he looked him over. He hadn't realized how beautiful the young man was.

With his genetic mix of Latino and Indian Pablo's features were exotic, the slanted, brown eyes, high cheek bones and jet black hair falling over his high forehead. The body too was perfect, his physique sculpted by nature, not a gym. The skin was like chocolate milk, with not an ounce of body fat.

'Go on. Now the shorts.'

Pablo heisted, then blushed. He reluctantly pulled down his briefs and a huge hard-on sprang out.

'Sorry, sir.'

'When did you last shoot your load, kid?

'I can't remember, sir. A long, long time ago. The guys at the garage wouldn't let me.'

'So, you've built up a big head of steam, I guess.'

'I guess so, sir.'

'Well, we'll take care of that. My turn now.'

Bob pulled his white V-neck T-shirt over his head and let it fall to the ground. He stood before Pablo stripped to the waist, barefoot in blue jeans, the white waistband of his shorts just showing above the waist of the jeans. The perfect muscles of his torso gleaming, he looked incredible.

Pablo, naked, was rooted to the spot, blinking rapidly behind his owl glasses, his rigid cock pointing straight out. For a moment he thought his legs would buckle. Finally he spoke one word.


Randy smiled, leaned forward and took off Pablo's glasses.

'You won't be needing these,' he said.

'Sir,' Pablo managed, and cleared his throat. 'Could I touch you sir?'

'Of course.'

Hesitantly Pablo reached forward and nervously brought his finger tips to Bob's chest. Gaining confidence he laid his palms flat against the hard, rounded slabs of his perfectly sculpted pecs. He moved his hands down and ran his fingers under the exquisite curve at the bottom of the pecs, then up toward the neck, down the sloping trapezius muscles, over the hard, bulging shoulders, down past the solid biceps.

Then he felt behind the shoulders, running his hands down the incredible V of the bodybuilder's lats, down over the eight pack perfection of his abs, down further to the tight waist disappearing into his shorts and jeans. Pablo even ran his fingers slightly inside of the shorts all round the waist. The young man was trembling even more now, as he again said one word.


Realizing that his body was being worshipped, and enjoying the sensation, Bob asked, 'Do you want me to flex?'

'Yes please, sir.'

Bob raised his arms and flexed his biceps. Then he put his fists on his waist, flared his abs and pushed his shoulders forward. The sight of this gorgeous bodybuilder, flexing his huge, perfect muscles was incredible. Pablo was now trembling feverishly in a pitch of excitement. He leaned forward and placed his palms hard against the slabs of the muscle god's pecs, digging his fingers in. He looked up at the impossibly beautiful face and his trembling turned to a violent spasm.

'Wow ... oh god ... no .... Nooooo!....'

Bob felt the hot liquid splash hard against his chest and looked down. Pablo's rock hard cock was alive, standing straight up, spurting stream after stream of pent up semen onto the flexed muscles. It looked like it would never stop. All the lust, frustrations, fantasies and dreams of his young life had come to this moment. He was transfixed by the sight of this muscle god, and his cock would not stop streaming.

When it did stop he looked in terror at the torso streaming with his cum. He thought he had defiled this exquisite body.

'Oh no! I'm sorry, sir. I messed up. I couldn't stop it. I'll go now,' and he started to pull on his jeans.

Bob smiled and took him by the shoulders. 'Pablo. You just paid me the biggest compliment I ever had. And you're not leaving. You're spending the night with me. But there's one thing you have to do for me.'

'Anything, sir. I'll do anything in the world for you.'

'Go kneel by the bed.'

As Pablo obeyed, Bob took off his jeans and shorts and lay naked on his back on the bed.

'Now, clean all this cum off my chest. Oh, just one thing. No hands.'

Pablo looked puzzled. Then he understood. Leaning his face forward he brought his tongue to the naked body. Just as he had worshipped it with his hands, he now worshipped it with his tongue. He licked at all the same muscles, sucking in his own semen, cleaning off the chest, shoulders, arms and hard packed waist. He was in an ecstasy of lust and wonder.

When he stopped Bob said, 'Now kneel on the bed astride me. Put your hands on my chest again.' The eager young man obeyed leaning over the massive body and looking into the eyes of the man he was starting to love. Bob licked his palms, reached down and took hold of his own rigid cock.

'Now, slowly, sit back.'

Pablo did so until he gasped as he felt the head of Bob's big dick against his ass.'


'Don't stop. That's an order, Pablo. You said you'd do anything for me.'

It was amazingly easy. Without further hesitation Pablo slid back down onto Bob's cock, letting it slide all the way into his ass until he was sitting hard down on Bob's groin. His eyes widened and he moaned. He looked down at this stunning man and realized that his cock was deep inside his ass. He could not believe the sensation. He had entered a world he could never have dreamed of.

Suddenly ... 'No ... no .... No ... aaah ....' His body shuddered and his cock streamed with another torrent of cum, splashing all over the muscles and sinews of the bodybuilder's torso. Again, it seemed it would never stop, jets of white hot liquid spurting out in a high arc.

'No!' he groaned. 'Oh wow. I'm sorry sir. I did it again. I messed up again. Do you want me to leave?' And he eased himself off the rigid cock.

Bob smiled up at him. 'I told you, Pablo. You're spending the night with me. Just a few rules though. One: You never apologize again for shooting your load. Two: You try not to drown me. Three: You don't cum again for at least the next ten minutes. Oh, and four: You never, ever, say 'wow' again.'

Pablo looked down at the gently smiling, handsome face and started to laugh. The damn was broken. All the pent up lust of months, the fear, pain, loneliness and longing of his young life suddenly dissolved in a joyous peal of laughter. He had found himself, thanks to this glorious, loving man. His inhibitions melted in the exhilaration and freedom of discovery, and he finally relaxed.

Bob heard the joy in his laughter. 'That's right, Pablo. Now you know. You're home. You're safe. Now, at last, we can make love. Happy birthday, Pablo'

Pablo fell forward, pressed his lips hard against Bob's mouth and kissed him hungrily. He had never kissed anyone in his life before now.

* * *

Meanwhile, Darius was having a totally different experience. Randy had taken him down to the basement room, saying that he had exchanged rooms with Mark for the night. He had, in fact, spoken earlier to Mark and explained his plan.

'So,' Randy said to Darius. 'While I was away Bob helped you act out some of your fantasies. Was he good at it?'

Darius's eyes gleamed. 'Unbelievable, sir. Awesome.'

'Well, we'll see if we can top that. Wait here.'

Randy left. Ten minutes later he returned and Darius gasped. Randy was a leather icon. He was wearing tight leather pants and heavy black boots. A studded leather harness was crossed over his magnificent chest and under his black leather vest. He wore a black leather cap and dark glasses.

Darius started to tremble in anticipation. 'Oh, man. That's fucking incredible. What are you gonna do to me ........ ' but he was interrupted by a tap at the door. 'Shut up,' Randy said. 'Stand over by the wall. Not a word.'

The door opened and Mark came in holding a six pack of beer. He had just got off work and was still in his full cop uniform ... black pants tucked into high leather cycle boots, black, short-sleeve shirt stretched tight across his perfect chest, open at the neck to reveal a small white triangle of T-shirt.

'Hi, buddy,' he said to Randy. 'Wanna beer?'

Randy smiled. 'Sure. Sit down. Rough day?'

'The worst ... a hostage stand-off. These two guys..........' And he began to tell Randy the story.

The two men sat in armchairs facing each other. Mark threw his leg over the arm and relaxed. Randy laughed at his stories and recounted a fight that had taken place at the construction site.

Darius looked on in disbelief. These two muscle gods, at the peak of their masculinity, were relaxing and chewing over their day together. The one, dark, swarthy, tousled thick black hair falling over his brow, muscles gleaming in full leather. The other, a golden blond uniformed cop with the body and features of a god. The testosterone flowed thick between them as the two studs chatted together.

They ignored Darius. He stood motionless and stared. He was so turned on by the sight that he brought his hand down to stroke his rigid dick under his jeans.

'Hey, boy!' Randy barked. 'Did I say you could do that?' He turned to Mark. 'I was gonna bunk in with him but now you're here he'll have to wait. But he obviously can't keep his hands to himself.'

Mark stood up. 'You forget, I'm a cop. Fixing that's easy.' He walked over to Darius.

'Sit in that chair, boy.'

Dazed, Darius sat down.

'Hands behind your back.'

Darius put his hands down around the back of the chair. Mark quickly pulled handcuffs from his belt and clipped them onto Darius's wrists behind the chair. He walked back to Randy and sat down.

'Now, man. About this fight. How did you break it up?'

Darius was in world of total fantasy. A prisoner, he watched the two incredible men, the demon leather man and the god-like cop, drinking, talking, laughing together. They ignored him completely as they began to get slightly drunk. Darius's cock was rigid under his jeans. He strained to touch it but his wrists were handcuffed tight. As he waited to learn his fate he felt pre-cum dribbling down his leg.

* * *

TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 25'


Rob Williams

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