'Jesus, my balls still hurt,' groaned Randy. The five guys were relaxing in the warm pool, and Randy and Mark were nursing their bruised and battered bodies. The residual pain was most intense in their balls and nipples, where they had been viciously tied together

It was the day after the shattering events in the desert where muscle stud Randy and the beautiful cop Mark had been tortured and humiliated by the Baxter brothers. They had been near the limit of their endurance when Pablo miraculously showed up to cut them free. Randy had savagely demolished the gang, who were now safely in police custody.

The horrific experience was over, and Pablo was the hero of the day. He had stowed away in Randy's truck and risked everything to cut the suffering men free. The whole episode had been related in painful detail to Bob and Darius, and now was a day of recovery. As a cop Mark had extensive medical training and he had checked to make sure that the two guys were basically sound. No bones broken .... just bruises and welts all over their magnificent bodies .... that and the searing memory of their harrowing experience.

Nobody was talking much. Bob had been devastated that he had come so close to losing Randy, Darius was still in shock, and Pablo was strangely silent.

Pablo suddenly pulled himself out of the pool and asked Randy, 'Is it OK if I get back to work, sir? I want to finish work on the officer's truck.'

'Give yourself a break, kiddo,' Randy said. 'After what you did yesterday you can rest for a week if you want to.'

'I prefer to work, sir.' He looked at the three men but studiously avoided the gaze of Darius. Then he strode off to the garage.

Randy frowned at Darius. 'He's in a strange mood. You two have a fight, or something?'

'No, sir. He's hardly said a word to me since he came back. The other morning, after he had slept with Bob and .... '

'.... and lost his virginity,' smiled Randy.

'Well, that, yeah. Anyway I went to see him in the garage but he wouldn't speak to me.'

'Maybe you should try again,' said Bob.

'Think so?'

'Absolutely. I think he's ready.'

Quickly Darius got out of the pool, pulled on some shorts and sped off to the garage....

* * *

When Darius skidded to a halt at the garage the door was closed with a padlock and a sign said 'Keep Out ... Man at Work.' But this time Darius was having none of that and managed to pull the chain back enough for him to squeeze through. At the sound of the forced entry Pablo appeared from around the front of the truck. He was naked under his dungarees that were held up by just one strap over his shoulder. He frowned at Darius.

'What the hell are you doing? I'm busy. Can't you read?'

Darius took the beautifully sculpted face in his hands and pressed his mouth on Pablo's lips. But the young man wrenched free and glared. 'Get away from me. What the fuck are you doing? You don't even like me.'

'What the hell gave you that idea, dude? Oh, I get it. You're the big hero now. You've slept with Bob, and saved Randy and Mark, so you're not interested in me.

'Did I say that?' Pablo frowned. 'Man, you are so fucking stupid. Look, we've been sleeping together for almost two weeks now and you've never even touched me. Not once!'

'That was because Randy told me I couldn't. He said you had to make the first move. I couldn't touch you until you were ready. And now Bob says you are. Anyway,' he pouted, 'you never touched me either.

Pablo hesitated. 'I was scared of you ... what you would say.'

'And I was scared of Randy. Man, night after night I couldn't sleep. I lay there with a huge boner, dying to put my arms around you. But I didn't dare.'

Pablo blinked at the beautiful black man. 'Really? You too? I was dying to touch you.'

They looked at each other with the dawning wonder of discovery and realization.

Darius smiled, 'Hell, dude, we've been wasting time.'

Suddenly their faces came together hard and their mouths ground against each other with the hunger of long-denied passion. All the pent up energy of youth and desire fueled their frantic embrace. Finally they separated and gazed at each other.

Pablo broke the silence. 'You mean all this time you wanted me?'

'Dude, I've thought of nothing else .... you and that beautiful, gorgeous ass of yours.'

'And you're such a fantasy for me .... a beautiful black man with a big, long dick.'

Darius grinned and guided Pablo's hands down to his crotch. 'Feel what you're doing to that dick right now.'

Pablo gasped as he felt the huge bulge running down the inside of the black man's jeans almost to his knee. Instinctively he dropped to his knees, ripped open Darius's fly and yanked the hard rod out. He paused to admire it, then opened his mouth and lowered it onto the head, then guided his lips all the way down the long shaft. The cock slid past the back of his mouth and partway down his throat before it stopped. Darius let out a loud sigh of pleasure as he looked down at the kneeling man.

He gloried in the stunning face, exotic high cheek bones, proud forehead and incredible slanting brown eyes. Pablo pulled his head back, looked up at the muscular black man, then pushed his mouth all the way down again, engulfing the huge dick. Darius groaned as Pablo began sucking his cock in earnest, increasing the pulsing rhythm as his head flew back and forth, bringing Darius to the brink of his climax.

Suddenly he pulled out. 'No, not like this. I want your ass. I have to see your ass.'

They were against the open tailgate of Mark's truck. Darius pulled the young man up by his shoulders, turned him around and pushed him forward over the tailgate. He pulled the dungarees loose and they fell around Pablo's ankles. Darius fell to his knees and gasped at the sight of the most gorgeous, perfect round globes he had ever seen.

'Jesus, dude, your ass is incredible. I've dreamed of it ever since we met.' He lowered his head, kissed the smooth, creamy brown cheeks and washed them all over with his tongue. Finally he came to the mother lode ... the hairless crack of his hole. Darius buried his tongue in the warm, moist opening and felt it relax, inviting him in. He fucked it with his tongue, tasting the velvet inside, wallowing in the overpowering, pungent scent of his sweet ass.

Pablo was in heaven as he felt the man's hard tongue probing his inside. He lost all inhibitions and breathed, 'Oh, God, Darius, please take my ass, eat it, use it. Man, I want that beautiful dick deep inside my ass. Don't stop man. I need it.'

Darius suddenly stood up and his voice was now more commanding.

'Your ass is mine, dude. I'm gonna use it. My dick belongs in that ass. I can't wait any more.'

He brought the head of his dick against Pablo's hole and with one slow, gentle thrust penetrated deep, deep inside until his body was hard against the twin mound of the cheeks. And there he remained. Pablo uttered a long, low moan. Both men were breathing heavily, and in the stillness they could feel each other's pulse beating inside the exquisite, warm, tight grip of cock and ass. The ass squeezed and melted around the cock, held it fast in a loving, passionate embrace that they knew sealed their future together.

Finally Darius pulled back and pushed in hard again. He began pounding the young man against the truck's tailgate. 'Yeah,' Darius moaned, 'you're ass is mine, kid. It belongs to my dick, whenever I want it.' Both men howled with joy as the hammering continued. Finally Darius moaned, 'Oh, God. I can't hold back. You're too fucking beautiful, dude. Tell me you want my cum in your ass. Tell me.'

'Yes!' screamed Pablo. 'You're gonna make me shoot my load. Please, sir, please cum in me ... now!'

The young man's cock was resting on the tailgate and it spurted a huge jet of thick cream all the way up the flat bed. His youth, passion and energy combined to produce one eruption after another, coating the truck with stream after stream of hot semen. Darius could not believe his eyes, and his own explosion was simultaneous, deep inside the ass he now worshipped. He pushed even deeper as his rigid dick erupted inside the moist, burning hole. Both men were screaming in the frenzy of their first orgasm together.

Their shuddering bodies finally came to rest. 'Don't pull out,' Pablo breathed. 'I want you to do it again.'

'I'm ready man,' said Darius. His dick had not softened one bit.

Darius reached forward and dragged the blankets that Mark kept in the truck over the flat bed. Then in a feat of strength fueled by pure elation and adrenaline he pressed hard against Pablo and hauled both of them up until they were lying on the flat bed. Still keeping his long dick inside the tight ass he flipped Pablo over and smiled into his deep brown eyes.

'Now I can look at you while I fuck your ass,' he said, pulling Pablo's legs up by the ankles. Pablo gazed up at the handsome face and almond-shaped green eyes and knew he was in heaven.

'Do it again, man. Please, sir. Fuck my ass again. Don't stop. I want to feel that huge dick for ever.'

And so the pounding began again as the two beautiful young faces smiled at each other. Eventually, Darius leaned forward and brought his mouth against Pablo's, probing it with his eager tongue as they embraced with the pent-up frenzy of youth. That did it. Their second orgasm was simultaneous, as they shared their hot, passionate juice once again.

'Let's go to bed,' Darius breathed in Pablo's ear.

* * *

Randy, Bob and Mark were still in the pool and they gaped at the sight before them. The door of the garage crashed open and two naked figures ran across the lawn dragging their clothes behind them. Darius was gripping Pablo by the wrist as they raced toward the pool house. As they entered Pablo hung on the doorknob a sign he had grabbed from the garage. The door closed with a bang.'

'I guess you were right, Bob,' Mark grinned. 'Pablo is ready.'

Randy grunted, 'Don't suppose we'll see those two again for the rest of the day. Can you see what the sign says, Bob?'

Bob squinted and was just able to make it out. He roared with laughter. When he could finally speak he stammered, 'It says, 'Keep Out. Man at Work'.'

'That's my boy,' grinned Randy.

* * *

Their laughter helped disperse the clouds that hung over the three guys. They were now ready to rest and repair their bruised bodies and minds.

'Guys,' Mark said. 'If you don't mind I'm gonna stretch out in the hammock and sleep for a while. I need to let my mind go blank.'

He leapt from the pool, strode over to the hammock and stretched out on his back, naked in the warm sun. He was asleep almost as soon as he closed his eyes.

Randy and Mark left the pool and stood looking down at the incredibly beautiful sleeping cop, his sculpted body still glorious despite the welts and bruises covering it.

'Jesus, he's stunning,' said Bob. 'They beat him real bad, didn't they?'

'Yeah, but he's tough,' Randy said. 'And fucking beautiful. You know how much I admire him ... love him. And I want you to get to know him better too. But that's for later. Now you're all mine.'

Bob smiled. 'How about a massage to soothe that battered body of yours?'

* * *

In their room they stood, naked, looking at each other, with that penetrating gaze that always bonded them together as one. Randy always fought against excessive displays of emotion but at this moment he was overwhelmed. His eyes filled with tears, he stepped forward and took Bob tightly in his arms. He began to sob uncontrollably as the trauma he had endured came crashing back to him. It was only with Bob that he could let go in this way.

'Jesus, man,' he sobbed, 'I was afraid I'd never see you again. Through all the pain .... I kept thinking of you. It was your image that kept me going. I had to survive ... for you. God, I love you man.' And his body heaved, racked with sobs. Finally he was able to pull himself together. He pulled back and wiped the back of his hand over his eyes.

'Jeez, I'm sorry, Bob. I just .... I just lot it for a while there. Some tough guy, uh? I.... '

Bob put his hand up to Randy's mouth. 'Sssh ... that's what I'm here for.' Then he smiled. 'That .... and a massage. On the bed!'

Randy fell face down on the bed. Bob pulled some light, almond scented oil from a draw and poured it slowly over the magnificent broad back,

'Mmm,' Randy groaned. 'Feels good.' He laughed, 'Sure beats motor oil.'

'That's better,' said Bob quietly. 'Now stay still.'

Slowly and gently Bob began to run the oil over Randy's back, starting with the neck and broad shoulders, then sliding his hands down over the wide lats, tapering down to the tight, slim waist

and then over the hard mounds of his perfect ass. Again and again he caressed the gorgeous, muscular body, making the big man moan with exquisite pleasure.

'Turn over.'

Fully relaxed now Randy turned over onto his back and gazed up at the gently smiling face. Once again he was stunned by the boldly etched, Superman features of the pornographically beautiful face, strong, rugged, but infused with the gentleness and kindness Randy had come to love in his soul mate.

Bob looked down at Randy's perfectly chiseled, rock hard chest shoulders and arms, and poured oil slowly over them. Again he ran his hands over the flexing muscles in a sensuous movement that roused them both to a slowly rising, passionate lust. Their cocks were rigid as they smiled deeply into each other's eyes.

Randy breathed softly, 'Bob, I want you to fuck me. After what I went through I need to feel someone use my body with tenderness. I need to feel warm. I love you with all my soul and I need you to be inside me.'

Bob simply smiled and moved his hands lower, over the globes of the ass, then into the warm, moist hole. Using the scented oil he pushed his fingers into the hole and massaged inside, causing Randy to moan with pleasure. He positioned himself between the massive legs, pushed them up with his shoulders and brought the head of his dick against the hole.

'I knew you'd come back,' Bob said softly. 'You'll always come back to me. You're my buddy, my lover. You'll always come back.'

He smiled as he pushed his cock gently but firmly into the pulsing, hot ass of the man he loved. Their gazed melted together as they saw their reflection in the other's eyes. They were one .... there was no division. Bob would heal Randy's wounded body as nobody else could. Gently he began to massage the trembling ass with his rigid shaft, pulling out slowly, then pushing back in, deeper each time. Randy's eyes widened and gazed up at Bob.

He sighed, 'It's never felt like that, man. You're fucking incredible. You really do love me, don't you? I can feel it in my ass, deep inside my body. Aaah ... fuck me, sir. Don't stop. I love you inside me. Feel it, man ... 'and he squeezed his ass muscles tight on the rod that moved inside him.

Bob gasped as he felt his lover's ass grip his cock. He watched the huge chest and stomach muscles flex as the ass flexed around his cock. The man was magnificent, a muscle god. It was a privilege to fuck him. And they belonged to each other. This proud, rugged, virile man had given himself to Bob.'

'I really do own you, don't I?' Bob said.

'Body and soul,' breathed Randy. 'You're my master. Please sir, I beg you. Let me feel your juice in my ass. Please .... cum inside me.'

Bob smiled. 'Let's do it.'

And they both came together. Bob's body bucked and spasmed as he felt his cock release a huge jet of hot cum inside his lover's ass. He watched mesmerized as his own joyous orgasm was matched by Randy's huge explosion of semen over his own magnificent chest and face. They had multiple orgasms. As Bob shot once again deep inside the furnace of Randy's ass, Randy held his own cock and pointed it at the beautiful man above him, splashing his heaving torso with stream after stream of creamy liquid.

When the orgasms eventually subsided they looked at each other in complete stillness. They could not quite believe what they had just experienced. It was beyond explanation, beyond thought. It was an almost supernatural union of two glorious men.

Finally Bob fell forward into the arms of his lover. As they held each other tight Bob whispered in Randy's ear. 'You know you own my ass, too. Do you want it now?'

'Not yet,' Randy said. 'I'm saving that for something special. But there is something I want. I want you to fuck me again ... now.'

'With pleasure, sir,' Bob smiled.

* * *

A week later Mark and Randy had to go to the Hollywood Division police station to give their depositions on the events in the desert. They decided to drive there together. Wearing his uniform Mark joined Randy in his room.

'You're sure all dressed up,' Randy said. 'Don't expect me to.'

Mark ginned. 'Well, you should at least wear a shirt ... if you have one. God, even if you were wearing a tuxedo you'd still look like a construction worker.'

'Asshole,' Randy feigned a punch to his stomach.

The depositions were a formality and did not take long. Then they drove home in Mark's truck. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while. Then Randy stretched his arm over Mark's shoulder and said,

'You know, I've never felt this close to another human being, Mark .... except for Bob, of course. After all we've been through I admire the hell out of you .... I'd do anything for you.'

'You already did. You risked your life by coming out to rescue me. By the way, speaking of rescue, I've been thinking of a way to reward Pablo. I was speaking to a guy in the office back there and I have a few ideas.'

'Good. And I've been thinking of a gift for you .... something special for the guy I love and respect.

* * *

The other three guys were home when Mark's truck drove up. Bob was still in his work suit, and Darius and Pablo were in the pool house, probably fucking as they did most of the time now. Mark called everyone together and they sat at the kitchen table over beers.

Randy spoke first. 'I just wanna say again how much we owe to Pablo. He risked his life going back out to a place he thought of as hell. Pablo, you're one terrific guy, and Mark has something for you.'

Mark smiled at the young man. 'Pablo, how would you like to work as a mechanic at the Police Motor Pool? I spoke to a guy I know in the Motor Transport Division and they have an opening for a good mechanic. But he has to be good. Those vehicles are special .... very high performance and the cops' lives depend on them. Think you could handle it?'

Pablo's eyes were shining, wide open. 'Jeez, really? You could get me in there? That's a dream of mine ... working for the cops, on their cars and bikes.'

'I've run it by Randy and he's OK'd it, so you can start next week.'

Randy growled, 'But that doesn't let you off the hook here, kiddo. You still take care of our vehicles.'

'Yes, sir!' beamed Pablo.

'Another thing,' said Randy. 'For some time I've been meaning to get a new truck. I thought I would turn my old one over to you and Darius. Would you be OK with that Darius?'

'The truck? Ours? Yes, sir! We're together most of the time now anyway, so sharing's no problem.'

'Than that's settled,' grinned Randy. 'Now you two beat it. I need to talk to Bob and Mark.'

The two young guys shot out of the room .... back to the pool house to celebrate.

* * *

Some time later the three guys sat in the basement room. Randy looked at the other two, not sure how to begin.

'Bob, I ..... I've said before that I want you to get to know Mark better. And you, officer, I promised you a real special gift. Just for tonight I'm gonna give you something I value above anything. I'm giving you Bob's ass. There's no one else in the world I would do this for, Mark, but you're now part of our lives and I want you to know Bob as I know him.'

Bob and Mark looked at each other, then at Randy. Bob said, 'Are you sure about this, buddy? I mean, of course I want it .... who in the world wouldn't? But I want it all to be OK.'

'There are two conditions,' Randy said. 'First, you do it now .... right now, before I change my mind. And second ....' he paused. 'I get to watch.'

'You want to watch?' Mark said slowly, and mulled it over. 'Well, I did get to watch you two making love, so I'm OK with that.'

Bob wasn't so sure. 'You just said 'before you change your mind'. What if you change your mind in the middle of it? I know you, buddy. Your anger will kick in and you'll pull us apart.'

'I've thought of that, and you're right. That's why you're gonna tie me up. And whatever I say, however much I tell you to stop, ignore me. It might be tough for me, but there's nothing I want more than to watch my two best buddies make love to each other, however much it hurts me. So you're gonna do this .... because I tell you to. And I'm the boss around here.'

* * *

Minutes later Randy was sitting in a chair, naked. He couldn't move. His massive chest was criss-crossed with ropes binding him tightly to the chair, and his ankles were tied to the legs. This is what he had ordered the two guys to do. In tight bondage he looked magnificent, his chiseled muscles gleaming, his beautiful body helpless as he looked at his two buddies.

They stood a little way off staring at each other. They were still fully dressed, Bob in his work suit and tie, Mark in full cop uniform. There was a long silence as they gazed at each other. Finally Mark spoke softly.

'This is how we first met, remember? In the park, where I made you strip so I could jack off looking at you. Now maybe I can return the compliment and strip for you.'

Bob understood exactly. He looked straight into Mark's eyes, raised his hands and loosened his tie. He pulled it off slowly and undid two buttons of his shirt, revealing part of the white tank top underneath. Mark raised his hands and undid a couple of his uniform shirt buttons to show more of the white T-shirt stretched over his chest.'

Bob shrugged off his jacket and, moving in unison, the two bodybuilders began, very slowly, to strip. They unbuttoned their shirts, pulled them out of their pants and dropped them on the floor. They stood facing each other, Bob's perfect torso covered by a tight white tank top, and a white regulation T-shirt covering Mark's rounded pecs. They looked stunning, their wide lats tapering down to their belt around their slim waists.

Randy was close to drooling at the sight. He gaped at the two most beautiful men he had ever seen, Bob with his dark, Superman looks and Mark, the blond Greek god. They were prefect for each other, as Randy had known they would be. Randy's cock immediately became erect and he struggled a little but he was bound tight. Mesmerized, he breathed 'Take off the shirts.'

Both men lifted their hands behind their necks and slowly pulled the undershirts over their head, revealing their hard-packed abs, then the bulging pecs and finally the broad expanse of their shoulders as they dropped the shirts on the floor. They stood, stripped to the waist, facing each other.

Bob gasped at the sight of the incredible man facing him and dropped to his knees. He needed to worship this muscle god. He dropped to his belly and crawled forward. He grasped one of the tall, shiny boots and pressed his cheek against it. Then he began to lick the leather, lapping at it hungrily, moving his mouth up the length of the boot, then over to the other one and down to the feet. Then he pulled himself up on his knees, reached up, unbuttoned the fly of the uniform pants, pulled the rigid cock out of the shorts and brought his mouth up to it.

He looked up at the god-like face. 'May I, sir?'

'Go ahead,' Mark said.

Bob slid his mouth over the head then let the cop's long dick slide all the way down his throat. As Mark sighed and moaned, Bob smelled and tasted the musky odor of the moist shaft. His head pulsed back and forth, faster and faster, as he made love to his master's cock.

When Randy had seen Bob worshipping at the feet of this god he moaned and struggled but was held fast. Now he stared, part in lust, part in envy, as the cop fucked his lover's face. Again he struggled, with more urgency now.

Eventually Bob pulled back. He reached down to the boots again and Mark knew what he wanted. He raised his foot and Bob's biceps flexed as he pulled off one boot, then the other, and then the socks. He reached upward, unbuckled the wide leather belt and lowered the pants and shorts to the floor. Mark stepped out of them and stood naked before the man kneeling in silent adoration.

'Get up,' Mark said. 'And strip naked, as you did when I first saw you.'

The muscular executive stood up, kicked off his loafers and socks, slowly unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. He stood to attention in just his shorts.

'Naked, I said,' Mark growled, his voice more commanding now.

Bob quickly dropped his shorts and his rock hard shaft sprang out.

'Turn round.' Bob obeyed, showing his perfectly sculpted round ass to Mark for the first time.

Mark turned to Randy. 'Mine, I think you said, asshole.'

Randy stammered, 'I .... I'm not sure I .... I don't....'

Mark cut him off and smiled. 'His ass belongs to me tonight, man. You gave it to me. I'm gonna fuck it, pound it. He's gonna worship me. He'll call me master. Your lover will give himself to me totally. And there's nothing you can do about it. Watch me take your place, big guy.'

Randy flexed and heaved under the ropes. 'That's enough. Let me go. I've seen enough.'

But Mark ignored him and turned to Bob, who was rapidly falling under the big cop's spell. 'On your back. On the bed.'

Swiftly Bob obeyed. He lay naked on the bed, opened his legs and pulled his feet up toward his ass, his knees raised. The gorgeous cop knelt between his legs, took hold of the ankles and raised them high in the air. His rigid cock was inches from Bob's quivering hole. Bob looked up at the glorious face and shuddered with anticipation. He was completely lost to this god-like man. Randy listened in horror as Mark spoke harshly to Bob.

'What do you want, asshole?'

'I want you to fuck me, sir. God, you're unbelievably beautiful. I don't deserve you, sir. But I need your cock in my ass. I beg you, master.'

'You're sure I'm your master?'

'Yes, sir.'

'You have no other?'

'No, sir. Just you. I'm your slave, sir. You own me. You own my ass. God, you're so beautiful. Please, sir. Please fuck your slave's ass.'

'When did you first want me to fuck you?'

'The minute we met, sir. I've dreamed of your cock in my ass.'

'Then take it,' Mark said, and plunged his dick deep inside the hot, quivering hole.

'NO!' Randy screamed. His body flexed and bulged, straining in his desperation to free himself. 'Stop right now!'

But the two men didn't even hear him. They were feeling the most exquisite sensation in the union of cock and ass. Bob looked up at the perfect features of the god's face and could not believe that it was this same man who had his cock deep inside his ass. He shuddered and moaned.

'Oh, God. I've never felt anything like this. Go deeper, man. Push that beautiful cock deep in my body. My ass is yours. Use it, man. It belongs to you.'

Mark pulled back and plunged his cock again deep inside the furnace of Bob's pleading ass. His cock was on fire. It had found its home, inside this stunningly beautiful man. 'It belongs there,' he murmured. 'My cock belongs in your ass. I'm gonna fuck it forever.'

He increased the intensity and rhythm of his plunging cock until he was hammering frantically at the burning hole. He was close to bringing both men to orgasm.

Randy was going wild, straining hard against the ropes that bound him. 'No! His ass is mine! You fucking shithead! I'll kill you for this. Stop!'

And suddenly Mark did stop. With his dick deep inside Bob's ass he looked down at the face that had drifted into complete euphoria. Their eyes locked and Randy was horrified to see what came next. As their penetrating eyes bored into each other they transcended the boundary between reality and rapture. Bob felt himself soaring into a world he had known only with Randy. Mark and Bob became one spirit, their very souls united.

Bob breathed, 'I'm in love with you, man. I want you inside me forever. You're so beautiful. Please own me.'

'I do. I love you. Your ass feels sensational. My cock has never been so alive. Do you want my juice inside you?'

'Yes, sir. Please, master. Cum inside my ass.'

Randy watched in agony as Bob and Mark were united in a way that, until now, had been unique to him and his lover. He knew now that the two men had bonded in a way that could not be broken. He roared in agony.

'No. Don't cum. I beg you, sir. Please, guys .... stop. I'll do anything. NO!'

But Mark didn't hear him. His eyes still locked on Bob's as he breathed. 'Here it comes, buddy. I want you to cum too.'

The orgasms were simultaneous and incredible. Mark streamed into Bob's ass and Bob splashed semen all over his own body. It seemed that the gushing liquid would never stop. The men gazed at each other in disbelief. They had never felt a sensation as intense as this. Mark finally fell sobbing onto the heavy body beneath him and their lips locked in a wild embrace.

Nothing could stop Randy now. He became a wild, churning animal, his massive body straining at the ropes, muscles bulging, veins etched, so no ropes could withstand the pressure. One rope snapped and at the same time, with a massive effort, Randy pulled his wrists free. He bounded from the chair and stood wild eyed and heaving over the two exhausted men. Instinctively he took hold of his cock, which instantly exploded in a stream of cum that soaked both of the bodies beneath him.

He reached down to Mark's pants on the floor, pulled out the wide leather belt and raised it to strike. But Bob saw it and screamed, 'No, Randy. NO!'

Randy was frozen as he gazed down at the two men. Then his body slumped and he let the belt fall. His voice was hoarse as he spoke.

'You're right. There's nothing I can do. I saw it with my own eyes. You two were incredible. You belong to each other.' As the exhausted cop looked up at him Randy said, 'You win Mark. You've beaten me. You've taken my most precious possession. He's yours now. You own him.'

He picked up his clothes pulled on his pants and boots and grabbed Bob's discarded tank top. He held it to his face and breathed deeply. Then he pulled it on over his own sweating torso.

'I love you both, guys. You deserve each other. I'm going away. Be good to each other.'

He quickly left the room and in a minute there was a screech of tires and the sound of his truck roaring into the distance.

Bob and Mark were stunned, frozen in place. Then quietly Bob started to sob. Mark too felt tears running down his face as he put his arms around the devastated man in an embrace of confusion and despair.

* * *

CONTINUED IN 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 28'


Rob Williams



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