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I am a senior citizen, partnered and retired in South Florida. I started to write gay erotica as a hobby. My hobby is now a passion.

Stories by Brooksie

  • Writing a "How To" Manual - Chapter 8

    When we were all cleaned up, and lying in bed, attempting to improve on chapter two, oral sex, we found ourselves unusually horny, and attributed it to our recent shower scene. "Beats Hitchcock's Psycho shower scene," I laughed.

  • Writing a "How To" Manual - Chapter 7

    That Monday, when I returned to school, Wolf was not there, and I realized that there was to be a full moon that night. I made a decision that I was going to find out, once and for all, what was going on.

  • Playing Games With a straight Guy

    Max is being tortured at work by his homophobic boss, who is trying to get him to quit. Max decides that revenge will be sweeter.

  • The Tour of Italy

    Two widowers, one gay and one straight, meet on a tour of Italy with romantic results.

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales...Tale Six...The Teacher's Tale

    Three angry, disgruntled students meet one of their professors at a gay resort, with disastrous results.

  • Writing a "How To" Manual - Chapter 6

    As Tim and Wolf get more and more intimate, Tim becomes convinced that his lover is a werewolf.

  • Writing a "How To" Manual - Chapter 5

    Wolf calmed down after a while. He glanced over at me and smiled. He was so handsome, I nearly fainted at the sight of him. I had not been able to swallow very much of his plentiful semen, and my face was covered with it.

  • Writing a "How To" Manual - Chapter 4

    The family moves to Montana, and Timothy falls in love with a local Native American

  • Writing a "How To" Manual - Chapter 3

    "Even though you have just showered, the manual instructs us to start every good love making session with a shower. It's for cleanliness, of course, but it's also where the foreplay begins."

  • Writing a "How To" Manual - Chapter 2

    Ken Cole entered Carl McElroy's hospital room with great trepidation. Ken's wife had caused a terrible accident, which had killed her, his younger son, and damn near killed Carl. The truck driver had every right to ask him to get out and leave him alone.

  • Writing a "How To" Manual

    A young man explores his sexual orientation with his father, whose lover is writing a manual on how to make love to another man.

  • Paying For It

    A rich young high school boy is so hot for gay sex, he solicits other boys, both straight and gay, with the promise of lucrative compensation.

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales...The Twinkie's Tale

    To treat himself, after he becomes eighteen, a young college boy has an adventurous time when he spends spring break at The CUMfort Inn

  • Unexpected Sighting

    While enjoying himself at a gay bar one evening, a young college student sees his step father with another young man. He does not know what to do about this unexpected dilemma.

  • Uncle Ben's Apartment

    A young New York attorney accepts a job offer in Los Angeles, and connects with his long-lost gay uncle, who is just a few years older than he is. Their journey leads to love, with each other, and with others.

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales ... The Proprietor's Tale

    Many romances were generated at The CUMfort Inn, but DD, the proprietor, never thought it would happen to him.

  • My Daddy Done Told Me

    A young man grows tired of the callous narcissism of his contemporaries when he has sex with them. He begins to search for an older, more experienced man, who knows how to give a partner pleasure.

  • My Wife's Best Friend is Gay

    My wife's best friend is gay, and one momentous day, we got snowbound together.

  • Personal Property

    A young college student rents a room in a private home off campus, and becomes the personal property of his landlord, along with the other residents of the house.

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales...The Pastor's Tale

    A young man, trying to determine if the celibate life of a priest is his calling, deliberates his fate at The CUMfort Inn

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales...The Doctors' Tale

    The magic of The CUMfort Inn continues when two doctors, once madly in love, rekindle the old flame.

  • Peter's Dad

    A nearly forty year old man is reunited with a son he has not seen since birth, when he is the only available kidney donor for the ailing young man.

  • The CUMfort Inn Tales...The Mariner's Tale

    The CUMfort Inn weave its magical web on a sailor and a nerd.

  • Cigarette Break

    I am not advocating that smokers quit, or that non-smokers start smoking. It just so happens that a cigarette break might be just the place to meet the love of your life.

  • At The Main Street Bar and Grill

    A serial murderer is targeting a gay bar, The Main Street Bar and Grill. Gay detective, Jack Specio, is sent to investigate, and almost becomes the latest victim.

  • Alan's Angel

    Love is not so much blind as it is transforming. This story is written in the grand tradition of the classic film, "The Magic Cottage" for those of you old enough to remember it. Everyone who enters the cottage is transformed into a thing of beauty.

  • Swapping Sons

    Two gay, single dads bring their sons to college as entering freshman. When they meet their sons' roommates, they both get the hots for the young students.

  • The Wedding

    Colin flies from New York City to Phoenix to attend his sister's wedding. Within the first hour of his arrival, he meets the groom's brother, and loses his heart.

  • One Last Time

    I don't apologize. This is an out and out love story. Man meets man; man loses man; man finds man. If romance is your thing, please read this story, If not, move on.

  • Not Your Typical Father 5

    Happy Endings !!!