Personal Property

Part One


I came out to my folks the evening before I left my home in Fresh Meadows, New York, to attend college at SUNY Buffalo, about four hundred miles away.

I had diligently saved my summer job earnings when I was in high school, and with that money, I purchased a four year old Chevy Malibu. It only had thirty-thousand miles on it. I was going to leave before dawn, so the evening before my departure I loaded the car with my absolutely must-have belongings. I intended on turning in early, and before I did, I wanted to drop my bomb.

Thinking back on it, I had no need to come out to my parents, but something within my soul was compelling me to take the step. I'm not a complete idiot. My dad had paid for my entire freshman year; tuition, books, and fees, long before I told him that I was gay. Even if he cut off my allowance, I felt certain that I could get a part time job to cover my sundry (rather meager) expense requirements. When I was in high school, I had worked for Burger King for three years. There were plenty of them around the Buffalo area, and near the university, so I was certain my experience would get me a job and pay off for me.

It turned out that I needn't have worried. My folks informed me that they suspected for some time now that I was queer (yes they said, queer), but at the same time, they were extremely disappointed in me, and feared for my future. I wasn't cut off or disinherited, and my allowance remained intact, but there was a vast difference in how they related to me.

When I said goodbye, they were cold, and neither of them hugged me. When I called them from school, they never asked how I was doing, how was school, was I making friends, and all the other things parents ask. They said hello and goodbye and seemed totally disinterested in my life. I began to wonder if I should bother to go home for Thanksgiving and winter break. As it turned out, I had other problems to occupy my attention, besides my parents.

My first year at UB was a freaking disaster. I had the roommate from hell. He never washed, rarely shaved, wore the same filthy clothes day in and day out, never helped me clean our room (he could care less), and hardly ever left the premises, except to go to classes. He spent all his time smoking pot in our room, and yes, he actually studied. Without regard to my presence, he even whacked off into his underwear, and wore it the next day. The room smelled so badly, I gagged almost every time I came in. My room deodorizer spray can was always near at hand. In fact, I walked around with it.

I complained to the housing office. They told me that there were no rooms available that I could transfer into, but they promised that next year they would assign me to one of the rare single rooms available, as compensation for what I had to put up with this year. I didn't believe their promise, so I made up my mind that I would look for off-campus housing for the following school year. I did the math, and determined that it wouldn't cost my father any more money than he would pay in dorm fees.

When I called my father to explain the situation, and to get his approval to move off campus, he absolutely floored me. "Your roommate is God's way of punishing you for being gay. He hates sinners and gays," he intoned.

"I don't think God hates anyone. Last I heard, Jesus embraced sinners."

"Only so they would stop sinning, and don't cop an attitude with me, young man."

I wanted to shout back that he was the one with the attitude, but I kept quiet. Instead I asked, "Can I look for off campus housing or not? It won't cost any more than dorm fees."

"Do whatever you want, but drop the attitude," he answered me.

I knew instinctively that if I didn't go home for Thanksgiving or winter break, the situation between us would exacerbate. I decided to go home, and act as normal as I used to before I came out. I vowed not to mention my sexual orientation at all, if they didn't. Anyway, I was still a virgin at eighteen, and had no boyfriends. What did I know about being gay?

So I drove home for Thanksgiving. My mother turned her cheek when I tried to kiss her, and my father failed to shake my hand. They barely spoke to me.

The house was full of relatives for the occasion. Fortunately, my parents were too ashamed of me to have told them that I was gay, so they were all cordial, and many of them were interested in how I was doing in college. My Aunt Caroline was the one who asked me all the questions my parents should have asked, but never did.

I wanted to leave early Friday morning, but my father insisted that I stay until Sunday.

"You'll go to church with us, and you can leave directly after the service," he said. I truly believe he thought that a Sunday mass would somehow cure me of my dreaded disease.

I decided to tell my folks that I would be home for Christmas, but that I would return early to Buffalo because I had New Year's Eve plans with friends. That was a whopping lie. Not only was I not making friends at school, but practically everyone went home for the entire holiday break. I wasn't even sure if the dorms would be open. It turned out that they were. There were more students who stayed on than I dreamed of. I wondered if they were all gay. I was too shy to find out.

Not only did my folks buy my story, they seemed relieved. When I got back to school after Christmas, I decided that I could not tolerate being in the same room as my filthy roommate any longer, so I got a part time job at a nearby Burger King. That gave me plenty to do, and a valid reason to get out of my dorm room. It also gave me a chance to tell my folks another lie. I told them that I had to work during spring break and I wouldn't be able to come home. They had no objections.

It was during the spring break that I started to hunt for a room to rent in a private home near the campus. There were plenty of nearby big old houses that were very expensive to maintain. The owners covered some of their costs by renting to students. I made up my mind that if I could find a place with an annual lease, I would tell my folks that I was working all summer, and couldn't get home. I reckoned that they wouldn't mind in the least. At this point, I think that they wished I had never been born. I soothed my hurt with the knowledge that they hadn't really disowned me....yet.

Part Two

Adonis and Son

I had seen Judge Judy often enough to know that there was a big risk in business arrangements originating from Craig's List. Many of them ended badly, and had to be adjudicated in front of the famous lady judge. I wasn't sure where to start my search, so I went to Craig's List anyhow. Nobody used the newspapers anymore, at least nobody I knew. I spotted what I was looking for right away.

Room for rent in early twentieth century colonial style house. Ideal for University student. Close to UB campus. $650 a month. Nine month or twelve month lease available. Use of all common areas of the house. Call Frank at 716-778-1234 after 6 PM.

It was 5 PM, so I had an early dinner, and called Frank at exactly 6:00 PM. I was unprepared for the voice that said, "Hello." I think I expected some gruff, landlord like, guttural sound. But with that one word, I started to get an erection. It was a manly voice, but sexy, soft and youthful. It sounded like Frank was welcoming me into his arms. I remained speechless.

Finally Frank repeated, "Hello. Is anybody there?"

I got myself together. "Yes," I mumbled. "I'm calling about your ad on Craig's List."

"Good," Frank said, "but I must tell you that the room won't be available until June first. The present occupant is a graduating senior, and he won't be moving out until the end of May."

"That's perfect," I said. "I've got a summer job in Buffalo, and I won't be going home, so I'd be interested in a twelve month lease, and it would be great if I could move in on June first."

"It's only a five minute walk from the campus. Could you come over now and see the room?"

"Yes, yes," I blurted out. "I'll be right over." I was more interested in seeing the man behind the voice, than the room itself. He gave me the address and directions, and I took off.

I was not disappointed. The door was opened by the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my short life. He looked to be about twenty-five years old, but I found out later on that he was forty-three. He was 5'10'' tall, bare footed, wore too tight jeans, and his muscles strained at his tee shirt. He had dark blond hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, small nose, and a strong chin. I doubt he was wearing underwear because his package was clearly outlined in his ancient, thinning jeans. His cock was about four inches long, and I could even tell that he was uncut. It seemed to be rather hefty in girth.

I tried not to gawk, but it was a losing battle. Frank either didn't notice, or pretended not to. He shook my hand, and my knees buckled as he spoke. "Jaden, the present occupant, is out for the evening, but he gave me permission to show you the room, so follow me, please."

I wanted to say that I would follow him to hell, but I remained silent. I followed him up the stairs, and he opened the first door on the right. "This is the master bedroom," he informed me. I was surprised that he beckoned me in to see his room. It was about fourteen feet by twelve feet. The room was neat and clean and the bed was made up. That was a welcome sight from the pig sty I lived in. More shocking, it had a private bathroom. This was also unusual for a house this old. Frank must have seen my surprise.

"This room used to be much larger, but some previous owner took a chunk of it and added the private bathroom, which makes me a happy camper," he said by way of explanation. It was still light outside, and his curtains were open. The room faced out onto a beautiful back yard with lots of trees. I walked over and looked out. I could see a barbecue and a picnic table with benches.

Frank came up behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck. He smelled like lavender. I wanted to turn and smother him with kisses, but I continued to control myself.

"We use the back yard for cooking dinner, and relaxing, almost every day in the summer," he said, causing his sweet scented breath to stream out even more strongly. "Come let's move on," he said. I followed him out.

Right next to his room there was an open door. He opened it wider. "This is the hall bathroom. It was the only one when the house was first built. You'll be sharing it with Jimmy."

"Jimmy?" I asked.

"Yes. He's my son. He's just finishing his sophomore year at UB. Maybe you know him? Jimmy Crane?"

"No. I can't say that I do."

"His mother died just before he started college. It's just been him and me ever since then." Frank's voice cracked when he gave me that sad bit of information. I wondered why he shared it with me, a perfect stranger.

We advanced to another closed door, which completed our tour of the side of the house facing the back yard. Frank knocked on the door. "Come in," I heard a voice say. The voice was pleasant, but did not have the sexiness that Frank's did.

He opened the door to a room about ten feet by eight feet. Jimmy was seated at a desk doing what appeared to be homework. Frank introduced us. "Jimmy, this is Darin Hicks. He's interested in renting Jaden's room after Jaden leaves us."

Jimmy stood up, and we shook hands. We both agreed that we had not previously met. Jimmy was about an inch shorter than Frank, and I didn't see a great deal of resemblance. He was unusually handsome, but not nearly the god his father was, nor did he turn me on like Frank did.

The room was furnished with a standard sized bed, a desk, a dresser and a bookcase. The bed was neatly made up. I said a silent prayer of thanks. "Your room is a replica of this one except it faces the street instead of the back yard," Jimmy said. I didn't mind that at all. The house was located on a quiet tree-lined street. The trees were very old, and seemed to cover and embrace the road in a tunnel like setting. I liked everything I saw so far.

"It's been great meeting you," Jimmy said. "Look for me on campus." He shook my hand again, and smiled at me. That smile made him look even more handsome than he was.

At last I got to see the room that would be mine. It was indeed a replica of Jimmy's. Once again the bed was neatly made. Even Jaden was a neatnik. Frank saw me staring at the bed. "I supply all the linens, towels and so on," he informed me. "All I ask is that you buy your own food. If you prefer, I'll charge you an additional $75 a month, and I'll buy you the same food that I buy for Jimmy and me. For your information, that's what Jaden does now."

I quickly calculated that my food plan at the University came to about $110 a month, so I agreed to Frank's proposal, assuming my dad would definitely go along with it.

"We don't eat junk food," Frank added. That was obvious based on their appearances. "So if you want to foolishly indulge, that's from your own wallet." I nodded to let him know that I understood. I walked over to the window and looked out. It was like looking into a park, the trees were that thick and plentiful. From the perspective of the second floor, I confirmed my opinion that the street looked like it was a tunnel, which had been formed by tree branches and leaves.

I reeled around quickly, and said, "Frank, I'd love to take the room."

"Come, let's finish the tour, and then we'll talk business."

There was one other room next to mine. Frank opened the door, and I saw a nicely furnished office. "I'm a lawyer," Frank said. "I do a lot of work at home, and on my computer. You can barge in on me any time if the door is open, but if it's closed, the room is off limits." Once again, I nodded to let him know that I understood.

"Let me show you around downstairs," Frank said. He smiled at me, and his smile was even more captivating than Jimmy's. I didn't think that was possible.

The lower level consisted of three large rooms; an eat-in kitchen, a large dining room, and a living room, which I reckoned to be a smidgeon smaller than the dining room. I remembered reading somewhere that houses built about this time had large dining rooms to accommodate large families. The living rooms did not need to be that big. Family gatherings centered on the dining room, and not the living room.

"Let me show you the basement," he said. He led me down a narrow staircase which emanated from behind a door in the kitchen. The basement was the entire area of the house. It was supported by four pillars. The furnace and hot water tank were behind a wall with a slatted door. The rest of the cellar was finished with knotty pine paneling, and contained a fully equipped gym with nautilus exercise machines.

"Wow," was all I could manage to blubber out.

"You're free to use the equipment anytime you want to," Frank smiled his killer smile at me. "Jaden, Jimmy and I work out as much as possible. You're nicely put together, but you could use a little more muscle." He smiled at me again. I grew weak-kneed once more.

The most beautiful part of the house, I thought, was the big front porch. It ran the width of the house in length, and was about eight feet wide. It was furnished with two cane sofas, four cane fantailed chairs, and two wicker coffee tables. The sofas and chairs were heavily laden with designer cushions. Frank saw me admiring the set-up.

"We store this furniture, and the backyard furniture, in a shed at the side of the house in the winter," he said. "We only just took them out a couple of weeks ago. Come it's time to talk business." He led me back into the kitchen, and sat me down at the kitchen table.

"Can you come around on Saturday morning to sign a lease?" he asked.

"Sure, I can"

I'll leave the rent at $650 on the lease," he said. You can pay your food plan in cash or a check as you go. This way, if you change your mind, I won't hold you to it. I'll need a check for first month's rent, and a security deposit of $650."

"No problem," I said. "I'll call my dad as soon as I get back to my dorm. Frank, there's something I need to tell you before we conclude the deal."

"Shoot," he said.

"I'm gay," I stated simply. If that'll make a difference, I'll walk away from here right now."

"It makes no difference at all young man. In fact, I suspected it when you came to the door. Why did you feel you had to tell me?" I proceeded to tell him, how my parents barely tolerated me since I came out, without actually disowning me.

"Their attitude is such that I fear they could disown me at any time," I confessed to him.

"It's still a deal. Should they disown you, we'll worry about that, if and when the time comes." Frank smiled warmly at me, and extended his hand.

We shook on the deal, and I ran all the way back to campus. As soon as I got to my room, I called my father, and explained the setup to him I described how lovely the house and neighborhood were, and expressed to him how lucky I was to have found such an ideal place to live. When I told him about the costs and financial terms, he said that he would transfer $1,375 into my checking account first thing in the morning, so that I could pay the first month's food bill as well.

I tried to thank him profusely, but he interrupted me, and asked bluntly, "Your landlord isn't queer, is he?"

I was stunned. "I have no idea," I blubbered. "He's a widower, with a son about my age, and he's a lawyer. That's all I know."

My father grunted and hung up.

That Saturday, when Frank and I signed the lease, something disturbed me greatly. Frank signed the lease as Francis Baylor. He introduced his son as Jimmy Crane. They had different surnames. I decided not to question that anomaly at this time.

Part Three

Personal Property

I had been living in the house about a month when it happened. I was now going through a different kind of hell. I went from living in a pig pen to living a life of sexual frustration.

Both Frank and Jimmy often wore nothing but sexy boxer shorts around the house. In addition, I often encountered Jimmy going or coming from the bathroom, and he would be naked. His cock was beautiful. It was cut like mine, about four inches flaccid, and I could only imagine it hard. One morning, as he was going to the bathroom, his morning woody marched ahead of him by at least eight inches. Mine stretched to about seven. Even so, my first thought was still about going down on Frank, not Jimmy.

The back yard was perfectly private, and the only clothing my roommates wore to our summer barbecues was their underwear. At first, I would join them fully clothed, but they urged me to loosen up, creating more sexual tension in me.

I only owned jockey shorts, and I feared appearing in them, but when I finally did, Frank said, "That's more like it."

Every so often, Jaden visited us, and he was worse than they were. Sometimes he wore underwear, and other times he went nude.

My desire to have sex with Frank was growing exponentially with each passing day. It could certainly be classified as an obsession by now. Strangely enough, I had no such desire for Jimmy, even though he was nearer my age, and nearly as handsome and attractive as his father. The same goes for Jaden.

I masturbated constantly in my room, fantasizing that I was making love to Frank.

One Saturday morning, maybe my fourth or fifth in the house, I came downstairs to find Frank and Jimmy fully clothed. Frank explained that he had to meet a client at his office. The man could not break away from his business during the week. Jimmy said, he had to use the school library for some research. He was taking two summer courses. I preferred to put in longer hours at Burger King than take summer courses. I wasn't the student Jimmy was. Besides, I liked the pay check.

After they left, I went down to the basement and worked out vigorously for a good hour. On the way to the shower, I stopped at the laundry room. I removed my sweaty jock strap and my gym shorts, and was about to drop them into the hamper, when I saw it.

A pair of Frank's boxers was lying at the top of the dirty clothes hamper. I grabbed it and put it to my nose. I just wanted to smell him, to enjoy his essence. The underwear smelled very slightly of a mixture of sweat and shit. I was in no way repulsed. In fact, I sprung a boner. It was so hard, it actually hurt a little bit.

I carried the dirty boxers up to my room. I didn't bother to close my door. I needed desperately to whack off. I lay down on my bed, and began to stroke. The underwear was in my nose, and I was sniffing hard, like a druggie sniffing cocaine or heroin.

Suddenly I heard someone coming upstairs. I stopped what I was doing and stuffed the offensive evidence of my indiscretion under my buttocks. Some of it could still be seen.

It was Frank. He looked around. "Where's Jimmy?"

"Still at the library, I guess," I managed to say.

I was surprised that Frank did not make any comments about my nakedness and still erect cock.

"What are you hiding there?" he asked. He was standing at the foot of the bed and smiling at me, but it wasn't the smile that usually enchanted me. It was more of a leer. In fact it almost looked villainous.

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"Nonsense," he said. "I can see it." He reached for his boxers and pulled them out from under me.

"What have you got to say about this?" he asked. His question sounded malevolent and I was frightened. I couldn't answer, I was mute.

Now his face was pure evil. "Do you want to be my boy?" he asked.

I sure did want to be his boy, so I nodded. It was all I could do.

"If I make you my boy, you'll be all mine. You'll be my personal property. You'll have to do whatever I ask you to do, and you will never question me. Do you still want to be my personal property?"

I nodded again. "Good," he said. "Get out of bed." I jumped out of bed and he lay down on his back. He was fully clothed.

"Take off my shoes," he said, "and quickly."

I did not hesitate, and removed them as quickly as I could. I was grateful that they were loafers. In my present state of fear and anticipation, I didn't think I could have handled laces. He was wearing black socks. I could not see the top of them and I assumed they were knee-highs like my dad wore to work.

"Now suck my toes, all ten of them, one at a time."

"Should I remove your socks?" I asked in a quivering voice.

"I thought you wanted to be my boy, my personal property."

"I do, Frank, I do," I stuttered.

"I told you not to ask questions. Now do as I asked you, and start sucking."

I took his right foot, and began to suck his big toe right through his socks. "That's it. Now you're getting it. You're beginning to understand what it means to be my boy." I spent a good five minutes on each toe so that nearly an hour passed before I was done. I looked up into his leering face, waiting for further orders.

Now take all five toes into your mouth and suck away, my boy. I stretched my jaw to the limit, and began to do as he requested. When I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and rest my jaw, he admonished me not to stop until he gave the order. I went back to my task, and in due time he ordered me to do the other foot.

"Now I want you to take off my socks, and repeat everything you just did." I virtually ripped off his socks. I was going to caress his flesh at last, even if it was just his feet. I couldn't wait to experience that extreme pleasure.

When he was satisfied with my toe sucking, he ordered me to suck his cock. I was about to ask if he wanted me to remove his trousers, but I remembered the rules, and remained silent. He had a big fucking hard on, easily visible and defined. I began to lick the bulge in his pants. I had hoped to hear him moan a little, but he was mute, and lying perfectly still.

At last he said, "Remove my jacket and tie, boy, and when you have done that remove my shirt. I obeyed immediately. He helped me along by moving his body to make my task easier. In no time at all, he was naked from the waist up.

"Have you ever tasted cock, boy?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"Are you a virgin, then?" he asked. I nodded, and tried to look sad.

"Well, no boy of mine can do everything I ask him to do, and remain a virgin. Let's remedy that situation immediately." If I wasn't so scared, I would have smiled, and let him know how willing I was to please him.

"Undo my belt and remove my trousers," he commanded. Seconds later, he was lying on his back wearing only a pair of his sexy boxers. "Suck my cock again," he said. His voice sounded much kinder than it had at first.

It was easier now with his pants off. I didn't smell any shit this time, but I did smell a mild odor of sweat on his boxers. My head was spinning. I thought I would go crazy if he didn't let me remove his underwear.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear his next order. I continued to suck his cock through his shorts. "What's wrong with you?" he asked. "I thought you wanted to be my boy, my property. I told you to remove my underwear."

I was angry at myself. By losing concentration, I had missed the one order I wanted to hear the most. Well, that wasn't going to happen again. I hooked my thumbs under his waist band and pulled down the final restraint to the object of all my desires. His eight inch, uncut cock sprung up straight into the air. I held back, waiting for the order to suck it.

"You'd love to suck that wouldn't you, boy?"

"Yes sir, very much," I answered meekly.

"In good time, but not now. You'll have to be patient. Turn me on my stomach."

I helped him turn over. "Now suck my asshole, boy, and get your tongue in deep." If only he knew how much I wanted to do this, how often I had dreamed of it, but I was afraid to open my mouth to tell him. I approached his ass, and I could smell a very mild odor of shit. It wasn't offensive. It was just enough to stimulate me. This time, I must have begun to satisfy him, because he began to purr, and I thought I heard him mumble, "Oh God."

"Go into my room," he said. His voice was getting kinder and kinder. I was losing some of my fear. "You'll find a tube of lube in the top drawer of my dresser. Go get it, and be quick about it. Prove to me how much you want to be my boy, and to belong to me."

I was back in a few seconds. I held the tube of lube in my hand waiting for his next order. He turned over, and looked at me. His evil face had returned and I was scared, but not as scared as at the beginning.

"Lie down next to me," he said. "I'm going to suck your cock so it'll be nice and hard for fucking. When I decide it's hard enough, you'll grease it and stick it up my ass. When you're done fucking me, I'll fuck you. Once we've fucked each other, you'll be my boy, my property, my personal property. You'll continue every day to do what I tell you, and you will never question me. Do you understand?"

I could only nod meekly, but I felt that I had to remind him that I had just worked out, and needed to shower badly. "No problem," he said. "I like my boys hot and sweaty."

What happened next came as a complete surprise. Frank turned toward me. He leaned into me, and began to kiss me. He parted my lips with his tongue, and I felt a tickling sensation as his tongue started to play with mine. After some time, he began to tongue me down my body. He started with my neck, bathing it with his tongue and nipping it with his teeth. I had a whopping purple hickey by that evening. Then he entered my ear, and he worked down to my nipples, suckling them and tweaking them lightly with his teeth. By this time, my brain was unable to think and my body was in outer space.

Frank did not go directly to my cock. First he bathed both of my inner thighs and when he had enough of that, he attacked my toes, and sucked them as he had bade me suck his. That seemed like hours ago. At long last, he began to suck my balls and the underside of my cock. I was writhing in ecstasy, and he took me into him.

Frank was giving me my first blow job, and it was more than I ever dreamed it would be. I kept thinking that the heat and dampness of his mouth, were hotter than any vagina could ever be. Then I realized that I was going to fuck him, and could only wonder at how hot and wet his ass would be. I got so excited, I felt an orgasm growing in me. Frank stopped sucking abruptly. I imagine he felt my balls hardening and shrinking.

"I want you to fuck me now," he ordered, "but remember you are my property. You belong to me. If you are going to be my boy, we will never use condoms. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I murmured.

"If I give you permission to play with anyone else, you will use protection or we will never make love together again. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"Good," he said. "Now since it's your first time, I'll show you what to do, but in the future, you will prepare to fuck me by yourself." I was euphoric. There was to be more in the future. He just said so.

He took some lube, and I watched intently as he put some on the fingers of his right hand. He shoved the glob up his ass, and reamed his opening in bigger and bigger circles, like he was opening himself up. Then he put some lube on his palm and began to bathe my cock in the goo. I almost came, so he stopped.

Lying on his back, he moved to the edge of the bed. He placed a pillow under his buttocks, raised his knees to his chest, and stretched his ass cheeks. His hairless pink male vagina was beckoning to me, urging me to invade it. He ordered me to enter....very slowly. I did just as he asked. I slipped in effortlessly. When I was all the way in, I awaited his order to proceed.

"How does it feel, my precious little boy, my adorable virgin?" I couldn't speak. The best I could do was sigh. It was my first time, and again it was better than I ever expected. I felt like I had entered a furnace, but I wasn't being burned. I was being warmed all over. Frank began to contract his ass muscles, and I felt my groin begin to tingle. I was going to climax and soon. I started pumping, and to my total surprise, Frank began to yell, "Harder, cocksucker, harder."

I came screaming and bucking, and crying and laughing, and thanking Frank for his gift of love. When we calmed down and my cock fell out of him, he said. "You don't have to thank me for loving you. You are my property now, and I will always love you. You're my boy." We started to kiss, and after a while he said. "I'm going to fuck you now. Turn on your stomach."

I did as he instructed me, and moments later his tongue was up my ass. This was another new sensation among the many I had already experienced this miraculous day. I was excited just knowing that there was more to come. I was aware when Frank removed his tongue, and started to ream my ass with lubricant. There was a pause. I assumed that he was lubricating his beautiful tool. I knew I was right when I felt it against my opening.

"Even though you are well lubricated," he told me, "this is going to hurt, but stick with it. The results are well worth it." He had lubricated us very well. He entered me as slowly as he could, and I never really felt any pain. When I didn't feel any more movement, he stated simply, "I'm all the way in."

I surprised him by constricting my ass muscles just as he had done.

"Wow," he yelled, "I'm cumming." He began to pump fast, furious and hard. He was stimulating my prostate, but I didn't know it at the time. We came simultaneously. I was laughing, crying and screaming as before. Frank came with a primordial scream. He was growling like some wild jungle beast. When I felt his cum filling my guts, I had yet another out of this world experience. I never felt so connected to another human being in my life. I also concluded that man sex was even more glorious than I dreamed it would be. When we calmed down, we rolled on our backs, and there was Jimmy staring at us. He didn't look very happy.

"Jimmy," Frank said, looking thoroughly embarrassed.

"I'm angry," Jimmy spat at his father. "We agreed to seduce him together."

"I'm sorry, Jimmy, but the opportunity arose, and I had to take advantage of it." That last remark sure raised my earlobes an inch or so.

"What does that mean?" I asked. "I didn't need to be seduced. I would gladly have made love to either one of you, if you had made your feelings known."

"I know," Jimmy said. "We were waiting for the right time."

"Why don't you get undressed, Jimmy? Climb into bed with us, and we'll explain it all to Darin."

Part Four

Frank's Personal Property

The three of us were sitting on my bed. We were naked, but nobody was touching anybody else. Nobody was speaking either. Jimmy and I looked at Frank as if to say that he should explain it all to me. He got the hint, and began.

"When I started Law School, I had been sleeping mostly with women. I had experienced a couple of gay sex sessions, and I found them to be very satisfying. In fact, sex with men was more thrilling for me than sex with a woman. Still, my mind was muddied, and I continued to identify myself as straight.

"On the very first day of classes, I met Carl, Carl Jensen. He was gay, out and proud. He came on to me, much to my delight, and asked me to go with him to this great bar he knew of. I asked if it was a gay bar, and he said that it absolutely was. I went gladly, got a little drunk, and Carl maneuvered me into his bed that night. I don't have to tell you boys how glorious it was, and what a wonderful experience it was.

"Carl and I became life partners. I inherited this house from a rich uncle, and we chose to renovate it, and live in it. We led an idyllic life for thirteen years. We worked at different law firms, and like all married couples, we only saw each other at the end of the work day.

"One evening I came home from work, and found all of Carl's clothing, personal stuff, and some of our furniture gone. I went crazy until I found a note on the front hall table. It seems Carl was bored with our life. He had met a young law student who was clerking in his office, and they were going to move in together. I guess you might say, he left me for a younger man.

"You know how big this house is. I rattled around in it. I never dated, and I was growing lonelier every day. I put in longer and longer hours at the office, until the senior partner ordered me to take some time off. It was during that time that I hit on the idea of renting out a room to a college student. I was so close to the university, I thought that I would have no trouble. I knew I didn't want a female student, but I was afraid of my own urges. If I rented to a straight student, and gave in to my desires, I might come on to him and get a fist in my face. I decided to advertise in the gay press.

"Jaden was the first student to answer the ad. He was going into his sophomore year. When I interviewed him he asked me point blank if I was gay. I said I thought that was obvious since he saw my ad in a gay newspaper. He told me that he just wanted to make sure because he was very attracted to me, and was holding back jumping my bones.

"Well of course, we went right to my bedroom, but Jaden had a fetish. He liked to be dominated in order to achieve a full and satisfying orgasm, and to give the same to his partners. I had to oblige him, if I was to enjoy his glorious body. With Jaden, I perfected my act of domination, and making him my personal property, my boy slave. He had to be someone who would obey my every command, and not ask any questions. It worked so well, I never had better, more satisfying sex.

"Then when Jimmy came along, I just kept doing it, and enjoying the effect it had on both of us."

I had to interrupt. "What do you mean, 'when Jimmy came along'? Isn't Jimmy your son?" I asked Frank, but I looked at Jimmy.

Frank took hold of Jimmy's hand and kissed the back of it. "Why don't you go on from here?" he asked.

"Sure," Jimmy said. He looked at me, and this time, he took my hand in his. We hadn't been intimate before, and here we were naked in bed together, and he was holding my hand. My body began to burn, and paradoxically I began to shiver.

"I wasn't as lucky as you, Darin. I came out to my folks just before I left for school also, but my dad kicked me out of the house and declared me to be a pariah. He totally disowned me. Like you, I had my freshman year covered. I learned that if I was emancipated, I could apply for lots of aid programs and scholarships, but I had to get documents to prove my status. My dad wouldn't even talk to me. I sent him letters explaining my needs. He never answered them. Then I heard about this lawyer who specialized in gay legal matters. It was Frank, of course. I made an appointment to see him.

"He was able to get me some aid, student loans, and some scholarship money, but it was barely enough. I asked him what else I could do. He invited me to have dinner at his home where we could discuss it. He, Jaden and I had dinner together, but Jaden left to go out with some friends. As soon as he was gone, Frank asked me if I would consent to be his boy. He said he would pay my school expenses even if I wanted to go on to graduate school. I was speechless, but when I got my voice back, I said that I would love to be his boy.

"He told me that if I was to be his boy, I had to obey his every command without question. That evening, he commanded me through the best sex session I had ever had in my life, and I was delighted to be his boy, even when he refers to me as his personal property. I am forever grateful."

"But it's not for infinity," Frank interjected. "When you can take care of yourselves, I want you boys to find life partners, and strike out on your own. I don't want repayment. I just hope you will continue to be my boys, and love me forever. If your father ever does disown you, Darin, I want you to know that I have plenty of money, and I intend to see that you get the best education money can buy."

The three of us hugged and embraced and promised to care for each other as long as we lived.

"OK boys," Frank said. "I want us to shower now. Darin and I need it especially after our recent session. Then we are getting dressed and we are having a family dinner at Mario's. It's on me, and Jaden is joining us. He's going to introduce us to his boyfriend tonight. You are all my boys, and that makes you brothers. I want you to stay in touch, and be brothers all your lives, and that's an order that you will not question."

We all laughed. "And when we get home tonight, you two, my dear boys," Frank continued, "can sleep together if you want to. I'm too old for another sex session. Darin did me in. Why don't you both shower together, and break the ice, while I shower in my room? Hey I didn't mean for that to be a question. It's an order."

Hand in hand, Jimmy and I ran off to shower. We were giddy with excitement, knowing that before this day came to an end, we would make love to each other at last, not only as two consenting adults, but as brothers, bound together for life.



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