Not Your Typical Father

Part Five

The small shower was a very tight fit for two men. No way could three fit in there. The three men tossed a coin. Jim and Nick got heads and Mike got tails, so Jim and Nick showered together, but Mike went first.

They dried themselves, all the while laughing. The three of them were hard as nails and dripping pre-cum. In the big king-sized bed they formed a daisy chain. Nick and Jim resumed where they left off when Jim's telephone call had interrupted them.

Instinctively, they all stopped before cumming. While preparing themselves to fuck and be fucked, Jim said, "It's been so long, guys. I don't know how I can thank you."

"There is no need to thank us," Dad said. "We are having as much fun as you. Just forget everything and enjoy yourself."

"No offense," Jim said, "but Nick is bigger than you, Mike. Would you mind if I fuck you and he fucks me."

"That's exactly what I was going to suggest."

The three mature men knew exactly how to prolong their orgasms as long as possible. They fucked each other slowly and sensuously for nearly an hour before they all came. Dad came shooting on his chest. Nick and Jim removed their condoms and turned them inside out, adding their juices to Dad's. Then all three feasted on the mixture as if it was custard pudding.

They didn't shower again, but cleaned themselves with a wash cloth. Cuddling and fondling each other, they enjoyed a satisfying sexual afterglow. After a long silence Dad asked, "You know Jim, our sons hit it off really well, when you sent Tom around to us on his eighteenth birthday. I fully expected him to visit us again. I doubt there would have been any charge, given how Brad had fallen for him. To tell the truth Brad was devastated when Tom never came around again. In fact, he never turned another trick. Have you any idea why Tom didn't call again? He promised that he would."

Jim gave out one long sigh. "I am so sorry, Mike," he mumbled. "Tom told me how he felt about Brad, and I threatened him that if he persisted in a relationship with a prostitute, I would cut him off, and not help him with his education. I'm so sorry, Mike. At the time I thought I was doing the right thing."

"Tell you what," Dad said. "Let's all get some sleep, and we'll talk about this in the morning. Stay here in our bed, Jim. You'll find out that Nick and I only take up one space."

"I'd like that. It's lonely sleeping alone. I have been doing that since my wife died."

"We're expecting Brad and his boyfriend for breakfast tomorrow, so you'll get to renew old acquaintance."

"I'm looking forward to it. I met Tom's main squeeze at graduation ceremonies. He seems like a fine young fellow. Maybe we can get the four of them together. They might become friends."

"Sounds like a great idea," Nick said, trying very hard not to laugh.

"Speaking of friendship, I'm glad we are all becoming friends, Jim. We'll have a ball at Smiley's tomorrow night." Little by little they all drifted off to sleep.

Jim was the last to awaken. He could smell bacon frying in the kitchen. He poked his nose into the aromatic room. "Have I got time to shave, shit and shower?" he asked.

"Yeah, the boys always sleep late on Saturday. Take your time. They won't be here for at least another forty-five minutes." By that time the three men were showered, shaved and dressed, and waiting for Brad to arrive with his lover.

"Don't listen for a knock on the door," Dad said to Jim. "They have a key and will barge right in. Occasionally they have caught Nick and me in a compromising position. But it's only fair. Before they got a place of their own, we caught them often enough. Ain't love grand?"

"It sure is," Jim said. "I envy you guys, and my son and his friend."

"Who knows? Maybe tonight at Smiley's will be your lucky night. Before you woke up, I called some friends to make sure they would be there this evening. I told them we had a real hunk visiting. The word 'hunk' is magic. They'll be there," Nick assured Jim, who could do nothing but smile.


When they heard my key in the door, Dad and Nick both began to shake a bit. I opened the door and held it for Tom to enter first. He saw his father before I did. I heard two visible gasps before I saw the reason for the shock.

I hate to say it, but Tom was quivering in front of his father. The rest of us were speechless. Jim was beginning to realize just who I was.

"Brad," he said, "you're that Brad. What a fool I've been." He rushed to his crestfallen son and engulfed him in his strong arms.

"Forgive me," he cried. "I am so sorry." He waved for me to join him. Reluctantly I approached him and he began to hug both of us. I glanced up to see my dad crying, and Nick smiling. Somehow I felt that we were all experiencing some sort of a reunion. Tom was sobbing on his father's shoulder, but I knew how happy his tears were.

When we separated, Dad insisted we sit down and have breakfast. He took two bridge chairs from his front hall closet and we all squeezed around the table. Nobody knew exactly what to say. It was Tom who broke the ice.

"I'm sorry I disobeyed you and deceived you, Dad, but I loved Brad too much to give him up. I love him even more now. I could never give him up."

"I would never ask you to."

Finally, I got my own tongue back. "However did you get here after all these years?" I asked Jim. He told me about the missing piece of paper he found when he was moving into his small apartment in Manhattan.

"I called your dad, Brad, and when he realized who I was, he asked me to come over. Thank God he didn't dismiss me out of hand. I deserved it for sure." I reached out and touched Jim's hand. He smiled at me, and with that smile, I entered the first day of a life even more wonderful than Tom and I had known up to now.

Nick told us about their plans to play match-maker that evening at Smiley's, and Tom and I announced that nothing would keep us away.


Smiley's! Saturday night! The joint was jumping. The five of us went in, and searched for Dad's three friends. We found them in a circle near the piano player. Tom and I knew them all well, so we joined in with the hello kisses. Finally Nick introduced Jim to Roger, Art and Stan. They were all about Dad and Nick's age but slightly younger than Jim.

It was Art who took possession of Jim before anybody else could. He grabbed Jim's arm and steered him toward the bar. "Let me buy you a drink, handsome," he said. Jim was awe struck. It was his first time in a gay bar, and this good looking guy wanted to buy him a drink. He just followed Art silently to the bar. Art was indeed a stunner. He was thirty-eight years old, six feet, one inch tall, with blue eyes. His sandy blond hair was receding, but that did not diminish his rugged good looks.

"What's your drink of choice?" Art asked.

"Scotch and soda, and thanks Art."

"No need to thank me. You can get the next one. Frankly I'm trying to get you high so you'll go home with me."

Jim looked long and hard at Art before replying. "You don't need to get me high to go home with you. I'd rather do that cold sober." Art smiled, leaned into Jim, and kissed him on the lips. Jim responded by parting his lips and soon their tongues were tickling each other. They got their drinks, but did not return to their friends. Instead they found a different space to talk to each other.

"What's your line?" Art asked.

"I'm a sales rep for a paper company out of Ohio. How about you?"

"I own a Radio Shack franchise. Mike used to work for me until he landed that great job making micro chips. What's your territory?"

"New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania."

"You must travel a lot? I'd hate that. I'm very much a home body," Art admitted.

"I didn't mind it so much in my younger days, but I do now. My son Tom has settled down here in Buffalo. I'd like to be closer to him and his partner." After some hesitation, Jim added, "...and his partner's fathers."

"It seems to me that you could move to Buffalo and still handle your territory."

"Sure, but I wouldn't be here any more than I get to be here while living in New York City."

Art smiled. "How about coming home with me now. I'd like to discuss this further. I like you Jim. I like you a lot."

"Could we finish our drinks first, and say goodbye to the guys?"


A year later, when his lease was up, Jim moved out of his Manhattan apartment and moved in with Art Frazier in Buffalo. They bought a second Radio Shack franchise from a friend of Art's, who was retiring. Jim managed the new acquisition, and Art managed the old one.

Both men had been seeking a loving partner all their lives. Jim had loved his wife, but she could never satisfy his emotional needs like Art could. Art's quest was to find the perfect lover. When they made love that first night, it was wild and unrestrained. They sucked, fucked and rimmed each other, shouting obscenities all the time.

Initially, what they had between them was lust, and compatibility in the bedroom. Little by little they began to love each other. Their love making remained lustful, but it changed subtly. There was more desire to please the other. At the beginning, each was interested in only pleasing himself. Sensuality gradually replaced raw sex. They reached a point where they could not bear to be apart. It was then that they made the decision to buy the available franchise and for Jim to move to Buffalo.

Art and Jim, my dad and Nick, and Tom and I, became a close-knit family in every sense of the word. We celebrated holidays together and all our birthdays. When we ate out it was usually together. If one of us had a serious problem, he bounced it off all the others, seeking their help and advice.

My dad's career on the streets (and my very brief one) was never discussed. Dad never missed those days at all. He made a good living, and he got to sleep with Nick every night. Nick's children called him Papa. He loved them dearly, and he and Nick spoiled them silly.

After Tom and I got our certification, we gave up our jobs to start our own firm. It was tough at first, and we lived minimally. But we prospered and our firm grew to where we now have four associates, two bookkeepers and three clerical workers. We are still growing.

That's not all that's growing. I can safely say that Tom and I love each other more every day. I was only on the streets a few days, but if I hadn't been there, I would not have met Tom. Truly, I have no regrets.

Nick and my dad have told me that they have the same gratitude. If Dad had not been on the streets, they would never have met either. When you get right down to it, Jim and Art also met as a result of my father being a prostitute.

Everything happens for a reason.

The End



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