Unexpected Sighting

There are two things which are very pertinent to this story. The problem I am having is deciding which one is more important than the other. I usually like to reveal the more important fact first. At any rate, if you, the reader, decide that I mixed them up, please forgive me.

The first fact ... no ... let me word it this way. One of the facts that I must reveal to you is that I am gay. The other fact is that my mom got married about nine months ago, just before my twenty-first birthday. Those are the important facts. Of less importance is the fact that my birth dad ran off when he learned my mom was pregnant with me, and he just disappeared off the face of the earth. I'm sure that in this age of technology, we could find him, but who wants to? He was a fuck 'em and leave 'em kind of guy, and I have no desire to know his whereabouts. I don't know if he is alive or dead, and I don't care to know.

My mom shocked me one time when I was a tween. She told me that the man who made me, was exceptionally handsome, and had a really big penis. She let me know how lucky I was to have inherited his good looks and prominent endowments. She embarrassed me so badly, I had to run from the room. Who tells that to an eleven year old?

When I was just shy of my nineteenth birthday, my mom started dating a nice enough guy named Larry Harris. They worked together. He was about my mom's age, and very good looking. He took us out on my nineteenth birthday, and we happened to go to the men's room together. Naturally we checked each other out. He was uncut, and very large. I myself am cut, and as I told you, I am larger than average also. Neither of us said anything, but I can tell he was impressed, and so was I. Obviously my mom prefers big dicks.

Larry moved in with us a few weeks before the wedding. I was at college, so it didn't matter much to me. When I came home on school breaks, he was nicer to me than he needed to be. I could tell that my mom was pleased about that. I began to wonder why I was being so negative about the guy. Obviously he loved my mom, he was making her happy, and he wanted to be a friend to me. I vowed to be nicer to him.

I was just finishing my junior year, and I was lucky to get a summer job as a counselor at a very ritzy summer camp. The campers were very wealthy kids, and I figured that the tips would be good at the end of the season. Naturally, I hid my sexual orientation. A lot of good that did.

There were three or four teenagers I had to fight off, because they were so hot for me. I had to tell them that they were acting inappropriately, and I would report them if they didn't stop bothering me. One of the little monsters came into my cabin one night, and begged me to have sex with him. I told him to get lost until he turned eighteen. He told me he wouldn't give up on me, and I should keep my mouth shut, or he would accuse me of rape or something. Needless to say, I decided never to be a counsellor at a boys' camp again.

After camp ended, I had three weeks before school began. I was looking forward to my senior year. Now that I was legal, I began to frequent Hot Spot, a gay bar in Greenwich Village. I liked this place because the average age of the patrons was between twenty-one and thirty-five. The place was so noisy with blaring dance music, that the older guys stayed away. Except, of course, there were always older men looking for younger meat. They could be spotted all over the place. The older guys were also known to pay for someone, who really caught their eye, and turned them on.

I went there the first night I was home from camp. I needed badly to get those bratty, rich boys out of my system. It was Friday evening, and I didn't feel the need to stay home since my mom was in Chicago on business, and Larry said that he had a lot of work to do which he had brought home from the office. They were both lawyers, and worked for the same firm. That's how they met.

I know that I was on my second drink when it happened. I was going home by subway, so I wasn't worried about drinking too much. Of course, there was always the possibility that I would go home with one of the hot guys I was ogling. I was standing at the edge of the dance floor, watching the sexy, gyrating bodies, most of them shirtless, when I sighted him. Larry was just entering the bar. I happened to look toward the front door just as he came through.

I panicked. What should I do? What was Larry doing in a gay bar? I allowed myself to get lost in the crowd, and out of his sight, but I kept an eye on him. He seemed to be searching the room, looking for someone. Suddenly his eyes lit up. A very handsome young man ran towards him. I swear the guy was younger than I was. The two men wrapped their arms around each other, kissed passionately and ran out of the bar.

Whatever action I had dreamed of when I came into this place, it was all gone now. My libido was in the cellar. I started to examine my options. As I saw it, I had two courses of action. I could pretend it never happened. I didn't like that idea. My mother had never married. She raised me as a single mother, and waited all these years to find the right guy. Larry was in a position to hurt her badly, and I couldn't let that happen.

The other alternative was to confront him. I didn't know what I would ask him to do, but if he knew that I knew, he might cut off his extra-curricular activities. I decided to go home, wait up for him, and tell him what I had seen. Just so I remain completely honest with you, I was also anxious to learn what made a man bi-sexual. I don't believe in bi-sexuality. I figure that a bi-sexual is merely someone who can't admit that he is homosexual.

I came home, sat on the living room sofa, and began my vigil. I actually fell asleep, fully dressed. Larry came home about three in the morning. He saw me sleeping, and became very fatherly. He sat down beside me and lifted my head onto his lap. I woke up, and it took me a moment to realize where I was. Just the night before I had slept on a cot in a cabin in the Catskills, and when I awakened, I was disoriented.

I looked into his eyes. He was smiling at me. "You fell asleep on the sofa, son. Let me help you get undressed, and I'll get you to bed."

"I can undress myself, thank you," I said unkindly. "Besides, I'm not going to bed until we have a little talk."

"Okay. If you're up for a chat at this hour, it's all right with me. I guess you want to know where I've been, since your mother is away."

"I know where you've been. What I want to know is what were you doing there?"

Larry turned ashen. I almost felt sorry for him. "You saw me at Hot Spot?" he asked.

I nodded. "I saw more than a straight man in a gay bar. I saw you leave with a dude, who was no older than I am. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the rest."

Larry looked defeated. He sat down next to me, and our bodies touched. I was distinctly uncomfortable. He put his arm around my shoulder, and started to cry. What are you supposed to do when a grown man cries on your shoulder? I did nothing.

After an uncomfortable silence, he started to talk. "Please don't tell your mother. I love her very much."

"You have a strange way of showing it."

"I don't know how to explain it," he cried. "I know it's hard for you to understand. Did you ever sleep with a woman or desire to?"

"No," I answered emphatically. "The thought of it makes me sick."

"A beautiful woman like your mother, or a hunky guy like you, it doesn't matter to me. Either one turns me on. The boy you saw me with is going to law school, and he's clerking in my office. He was helping me with research one afternoon. I don't know what happened, but before we knew it, we were fucking our brains out in his rented studio apartment."

I cringed at the mental picture this evoked. Larry closed his arm tighter around my shoulder, and started to move his face toward mine. I got frightened.

"What are you doing?" I asked meekly.

"I saw the way you looked at me when we pissed together in the men's room. This is what you want. I know you do."

"So what if it is what I want, which it isn't. It's all wrong."

His face was coming closer to mine. I could smell his breath. It was sweet, and his body smelled of soap. He must have showered before leaving his law clerk's apartment. My libido suddenly came back to me with a bang, and I could see sparks in the air.

"You're so handsome," he whispered in my ear, "and I do love you."

"I thought you were beginning to love me like a father and son. This isn't what fathers do."

Larry laughed. "It's what some fathers do with their sons." He was trying to convince me to enjoy a romp in bed with him, but he needn't have bothered. I was already hooked. My hard on was ripping at my pants, but still I pretended reticence.

"I don't have to remind you that we aren't blood relations, do I?" he began to plead with me. I realized that Larry was really hot for me, and I softened. I stared into his eyes. They were a deep brown, and I thought that they were exceptionally seductive. I reached up and stroked his cheek. At last he smiled at me.

"Let's continue in your bed," he advised. I was so weak now, that all I could do was to nod at him. He stood up quickly and helped me up from the sofa. He had to support me all the way to my bedroom. When we got there, he undressed quickly, allowing his clothes to drop haphazardly to the floor. I stood in awe, staring at his oversized uncut cock, and realizing how much I wanted that monster inside of me.

I wasn't moving; I couldn't move; maybe I was comatose, so Larry started to undress me. Finally I regained consciousness and I helped him. When I was naked, he took my arm gently, and laid me down on my back. He climbed on top of me, and I hardly felt his weight. He began to kiss me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I responded, and I soon found myself tickling his tongue with mine. We both began to make little mewling sounds.

Eventually he vacated my mouth, and began to lick his way down my body. I wanted to move and reciprocate in some manner, but I was virtually paralyzed by the magnificent event that was unfolding. As Larry gave me a trip around the world that seemed destined to last an eternity, it occurred to me that my mother and I were making love to the same man. The insanity of that scenario sobered me up, and I shuddered. But Larry's tongue was performing magic on my body, and I soon gave into lust. I wondered if my lust wasn't sprinkled with love as well. If it was, Larry and I were in a terrible mess.

Finally I abandoned all my cerebral activities, and all my reservations concerning an incestuous relationship. I simply gave into carnal lust. I let myself go, and screamed out, "Yes, Larry, make love to me. Please fuck me." I didn't give a damn that this man put this very same dick up my mother's realm of Venus, and maybe her ass too.

"There's jack-off lube in my night table drawer," I said, lowering my screaming voice.

Larry retrieved the lube and started coating my receptive ass. For a moment I remembered that he had just fucked a young man, or vice versa, or both, and I thought he should use a condom, but the thought quickly vanished. At the moment, I was a pure sex machine. That is to say, I didn't have a brain in my body. Larry lubed his cock, raised my legs, and rammed into me. He wasn't slow, and he pushed in fast and hard. It hurt like hell, and I didn't give a shit. It's what I wanted. Besides, I knew the pain would leave me quick enough, and turn to pleasure.

Suddenly everything went black.

When I came to, I was aware that somebody was fucking me. I had fainted dead away from the pain, and the eroticism of being fucked by my stepfather. Larry was totally unaware of my blackout. He kept fucking and yelling obscenities. I woke up just as he roared, and shot his load far up my guts. I had no pain at all now, only extreme pleasure. I wanted him to know, but I couldn't speak.

His body fell onto mine. He lifted my head and enveloped me in his arms. He resumed kissing me, and his kisses carried me into another space, perhaps the stratosphere. I began to sob loudly, tears of joy. I vowed never to tell him that he had fucked me when I was in a state of unawareness.

When I returned to earth, I looked into his eyes. "Thank you," I said. "That was the best sex I ever had."

"We didn't have sex," he corrected me. "I made love to you. You must realize how much I love you."

"I really didn't know," I answered him. "In fact, I haven't been very nice to you."

"Haven't you been? I never noticed. I guess that's what love is. It blinded me." He smiled broadly, and my heart melted a little bit more."

"You didn't cum," Larry said.

I was so euphoric, I didn't notice or care. He got on his knees, and knelt between my legs. He leaned over and took my still hard manhood into his mouth. His educated tongue began to work its magic. I thought I would cum quickly, but Larry was a pro. He brought me to the edge several times. I never had to tell him when I needed relief. He knew just when not to stop this time, and rather, to keep going. I gushed the biggest load I ever had, right down his throat. Larry crept up my body, put his lips on mine, and shared most of my juices with me.

We lay down side by side on my bed. His hand was clutching mine. Little by little we were coming down to earth. Reality was beginning to set in. "What have we done?" he asked with a little sob in his voice.

"What have we done, indeed?" I echoed.

We grew silent, each of us lost in his own thoughts. It was I who spoke first. "My mother must never know," I said, taking the lead.

"Never, never," he repeated.

"I don't only mean about us. I mean about any man you might sleep with. If it were just me, I'd cut us off right here and right now, but there are others. I know you will give in to your urges, so I want to make you a proposition."

"Anything. I'll consider anything you have to say."

"You can't see any more men, and you can't hurt my mother. Anytime you feel that you can't go on without male sex, I'll make myself available to you. I swear, I'll always be there for you."

"I could accept that in a heartbeat," Larry said, "but it's not fair to you. I want you to find someone to love as much as I love your mother."

"What if I told you I've already found the love of my life?"

"I'd be so happy for you, but where would that leave me, us?"

"Right where we are. Don't you know it's you I love? Now I realize that was why I was so mean to you. I was jealous of my mother. Ironically, I had an awakening while you were fucking me. The big question is, have you got enough for both of us."

"Yes I do, but it's still not fair to you. You and I will have to steal time to be together."

"I love you. I won't mind. Our time together will be all the sweeter." I could see that Larry still wasn't convinced, so I leaned over him, and gobbled his cock into my mouth. He erected immediately. He was indeed a sexual animal. I had no idea how many times he had cum this evening, but he was ready to go again, much to my delight. I brought him off yet again.

After he caught his breath, he said, "I'm willing to give it a try, if you are."

He wrapped me up in his arms again and he fell asleep. I lay awake for some time thinking that it would never work, but vowing to make it work.

It struck me how unpredictable love is. Who can know with whom one will fall in love? Certainly, not I. Before I spotted Larry in Hot Spot, I couldn't have conceived of this ever happening. I tried very hard not to think of the consequences, but I knew that someday there would be hell to pay. It was just a question of when.



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