The CUMfort Inn Tales

The Teacher's Tale

Chapter Six

Hi folks. It's Darius Dimitri back again. My partner, Jake Harrison, and I took a little vacation in the Bahamas, but we're back now, and ready to resume our tales of love at The CUMfort Inn.

While we were away, we left our former bellhop, Jerry Bloom, in charge. Jerry started out as a bellhop with us, but when Jake and I expanded the room capacity of the inn, we promoted him to assistant manager. I must say that Jerry did an excellent job with his new responsibilities, when he wasn't getting fucked by a guest, that is.

But let me cut to the chase. There was an unfortunate incident at the inn while Jake and I were away. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming Jerry. I doubt we would have known about it, or been able to prevent it ourselves if we were home. Nevertheless, Jerry should have called the police, but he didn't want to bring us any bad publicity, so he kept the incident secret. It's a good thing he did, because in the end the parties involved resolved things on their own, and nobody brought charges.

It happened during the "off-season" in Florida, that is to say, the summer months. Honestly, the guests of The CUMfort Inn spent so much time fucking indoors, that we really did not get affected very much by seasonal trends. The air conditioning worked all year round, and kept our guests comfortable while doing whatever they chose to do.

We had plenty of bookings for the first week of July and the Independence Day holiday, but even so, it was a quieter time than during season, so Jake and I decided to get away for a bit. We went to Nassau. The environment of the resort we were in wasn't much different than what we had at home, but as Jake generously rationalized, "It's a change of sinks."

One of our guests that week was a college English teacher, who taught at Brooklyn College. On his reservation form, he noted that he was twenty-seven years young. He also indicated that he preferred to book a single room, and not get paired with a stranger.

Three college students, who had just completed their freshman year, had booked a double room for the same week. We gave them a corner, oversized room, and added a very comfortable cot, with an extra thick mattress. We weren't worried about it. This being a gay resort, we figured that all three would occupy the one queen sized bed in the room anyway.

The four men represented a recipe for disaster. We could not know at the time, but they all knew each other. Alfred Waterman, the teacher, had all three students in his freshman English Composition class. The course was required, and the three science students had little interest in it. Given what happened, I won't use their real names, but will refer to them as Larry, Moe and Curly. I must also interject at this point that all four of them were devastatingly handsome men. Jerry told me confidentially, upon our return, that he had a crush on all four of them, and would gladly have forfeited his usual fee for services performed.

It was Fred's first year of teaching, and because of their disinterest and cavalier attitude, he was exceptionally hard on them. Toward the end of the semester, they rallied enough to get passing grades of D, but only because Fred was hot for all of them. Unfortunately, instead of blaming themselves, they blamed Fred, and decided to hate him for giving them near failing grades.

They were all damned near on the same plane flying down, but they had booked different airlines, and Fred arrived two hours earlier. As a result they didn't run into each other until the get-to-know-you barbecue the first evening of their stay. Jerry had been in charge of that event for years, and it always ran smoothly. He had it down to a science. There was always lots of booze consumed at this event, and unknown to the guests, two burly private detectives circulated among them. If they saw a problem arising, they were quick to step in and diffuse the situation.

The students got to the party first, and headed straight to the bar. They were all nineteen, but the three of them had phony ID's, showing them to be twenty-two. Our bartender carded them, of course, looked at them dubiously, and made them pina coladas. As I have told you previously, the food was free at the barbecue, but we charged a nominal amount for booze. If we didn't we would go bankrupt. After they got their drinks they joined another group of young students and they all introduced one another.

Larry spotted Fred first. He almost choked on his drink, and pulled his friends away into a corner.

"What's up with you?" Moe demanded to know.

"You're not going to believe this, but that prick, Mr. Waterman just walked in."

"Shit, I had no idea he was gay," Curly sneered. "I'd like to fix his sorry ass."

"I'd like to fuck his ass until he cries for mercy." Moe laughed.

"Well three of us could do that easily enough," Curly smiled, "but not tonight. Let's go over and say hello. Tomorrow we'll invite him to our room, but we'll be prepared."

"What does that mean?" Larry asked.

"I'll tell you later, but right now let's go greet the fucking bastard."

"Somehow, I have a bad feeling about what you have in mind," Larry mused. Curly ignored him.

They fell on Fred like he was a long lost brother. Fred was shocked. These were the last people on earth he wanted to meet. He was sure they would like to kill him. Still they were greeting him so warmly, he allowed himself to relax.

"I had no idea you guys were gay," he said.

"We are just as surprised as you are," Curly said.

"Pleasantly surprised," Larry added.

Fred was convinced of their sincerity, and he joined them in the evening's revelries. All the guests of the inn, whom Fred met that night, were good looking guys, and Fred invited one of them back to his room. His offer was accepted, even though he would have preferred to have asked Larry. He decided not to do that, because it wasn't wise for a teacher to get involved with a student. It was always Larry he yearned for the most when he was teaching his class.

Anyway, Fred's students did not seem interested in making any liaisons, and Fred figured that they would be doing each other. Fred and his trick had a great time together, but the man left after they both came twice, once in their mouths and once in their asses. Neither asked about getting together again during their stay at the inn.

The next morning, Fred was awakened by the persistent ring of his room telephone. He rubbed his eyes, and realized that dawn had barely broken. He looked at the luminous clock dial the resort provided. It was 7:47 AM.

"Are you awake? "Larry's cheery voice asked.

"No!" Fred answered, and was about to hang up, but Larry asked him to join him and his buddies at the pool for breakfast. Fred reluctantly agreed.

"Don't wear any shorts," Larry instructed. We're all nude."

That perked Fred up considerably. He was more than anxious to check out his students, and he didn't mind at all if they checked him out. He was five feet, eleven inches of solid muscle. He worked out at a gym near his apartment almost every single day. His hair was still blond, albeit two shades darker than when he was a toddler. He had blue eyes, and a pugged nose, which made him look like a baby. He still got carded wherever he went. His cock was about four inches flaccid, and grew to about seven when he was aroused. He had been particularly aroused the evening before, and he swore it had stretched to eight inches. He was cut, and he kept that part of his body exceptionally clean and smelling nice. To that end, he jumped in the shower, and bathed quickly. Before he left the room, he put cologne on his ass, dick and balls. He grabbed a dry towel, and met his "friends" at the pool.

After checking them out he was hard put to keep his cock from rising to the occasion, but somehow he managed. Fred could not stop wondering at how nice these boys were being, considering their recent bad history with him.

"Have you got any special plans for later today?" Moe asked with a wink of his eye.

"I haven't given it a thought. I thought I might hang out at the pool this morning before the sun gets too hot," Fred answered. "What are you guys doing?"

Curly sidled up to Fred and whispered in his ear very seductively, "We intend playing all day indoors, and then hitting the bars tonight. We'd love it if you joined us."

Fred's cock twitched, and as much as he would have wanted to say yes, he said, "I don't think it's a good idea for me to get involved with students."

"Technically we aren't your students anymore, and since we are science majors, we are not apt to ever have another class with you," Curly countered Fred's argument.

Fred weakened. It wasn't going to take much to convince him. "Do the others feel the same way?" he wanted to know.

"Definitely, so no excuses now." He took Fred's hand and squeezed it tenderly. "Let's go," he said, and he led Fred back to their room with Larry and Moe right behind him.

As they were leaving the pool area, they ran into Jerry, who smiled at them, wished them a fun day, and wondered if there was room in their bed for one more. They laughed at his poor joke and continued on their way.

As soon as they were in their room, they threw Fred roughly on the bed. He was on his stomach, and Larry held him down while Curly and Moe tied his arms and feet to the bed posts with pillow sheets. Fred laughed a little nervously. "Hey guys," he whined, "this is a little bit too kinky for me. I'd rather not."

"This is our classroom, prick," Moe said.

"Yeah, and this time we get to tell you what to do," Curly sneered.

Fred could see that the three of them had raging hard-ons. They were all oversized, and he grew frightened now. He finally remembered how hard he had been on them in class, and how much they hated him. "Please," he said, "let me go. I don't want to do this. I'm not in the mood for sex, kinky or otherwise."

"We told you," Larry said, "It isn't your decision."

"I gotta tell you, Freddy boy, you smell like a whore. I can't wait to fuck you," Curly laughed.

"Let me get him ready first," Larry said. "His ass smells like a Glade plug in. I can't wait to eat him out."

With that Larry jumped on top of his tied down captive. Fred felt the boy's hard cock rubbing sensuously all over his ass. Some of his anxiety left him. Then Larry slithered down, and started to rim his teacher's ass. His tongue pushed hard against Fred's hole, trying desperately to penetrate, but he could not get it into Fred's tight crack.

Curly pulled Larry off Fred abruptly, and fell hard on top of his prey. Now Fred felt a different cock, but this one showed no mercy. Without a condom, and without lubrication, curly penetrated Fred. Fred screamed out in pain, and Moe slapped a big wad of adhesive tape on his mouth.

For one split second Fred passed out, but he quickly revived. Little by little he felt less pain and more pleasure as Curly's cock grew larger within him, and massaged his prostate. Before Curly could cum, Moe pulled him off Fred, and he took his place. Once again he was impaled brutally, but this time he could not scream out.

Moe refrained from cumming as Curly had, and Larry took his place. Fred was only half conscious. He allowed himself to drift off into some other world so that he would not feel the pain. When Larry entered him, he came back down to earth.

This was no brutal attack. Larry entered him slowly, allowing him to get used to each centimeter of his cock as he penetrated deeper. There was no pain now, only extreme pleasure. Fred sighed beneath his gag, but the students could not hear him. When Larry was all the way in, he not only stroked softly, he kissed Fred on his neck. Even in his near comatose state, Fred knew that Larry wasn't fucking him. He was making love to him. Now he was really confused.

For more than two hours, they went back and forth fucking him, each delaying their climax, but nature finally won out, and one by one they unloaded deep up his bowels. Fred's ass was sore, and he was bleeding slightly. Larry ran to the bathroom and got a wash cloth. He wet it with warm water, and bathed Fred tenderly until the bleeding stopped. Then he leaned down and kissed Fred tenderly on his ass.

"What are you doing?" Moe asked.

Larry laughed. "I'm kissing his boo-boo." Moe and Curly laughed also.

"Hey look at the time," Curly said. "Let's go get some lunch."

They each put on a pair of shorts, slipped into flip-flops and left Fred alone in the room. On the way out they put the do not disturb sign on the door, and stopped at the front desk. They instructed Jerry not to have their room cleaned, and Moe winked at him. Jerry assumed they had hoarded some S & M equipment in their room, so he winked back, and said, "I won't allow the maids to clean a thing." All the maids in The CUMfort Inn were males, by the way.

Once he was alone in the room, Fred concentrated on getting free. Now pillow sheets do not make the strongest of restraints, and with a little bit of twisting and turning, Fred was able to free one arm. Seconds later the tape was off his mouth, and he was totally untied. He ran out toward the front desk, and spotted Jerry. Long before he reached the desk, he started screaming.

"Those bastards raped me. Call the police. I want to press charges."

Jerry was shocked. Nothing like this had ever occurred at the inn before. There was plenty of consensual sex. Nobody had to rape anybody. The police would have looked for any excuse to close us up, even though several of them were regular guests. Jerry grabbed Fred's hand and ushered him into his office behind the main desk.

He sat Fred down on a chair, and tossed him a pair of his own shorts, which were lying around. "Put these on," he said kindly, and let's talk. He explained the consequences of calling the police, and he made the following offer.

"Look," he said, "I'll refund your fee, and you can stay here the rest of the week totally free, and on the house. We'll even allow you an open bar. When those jokers get back, I'll kick them out. If they raise a stink, I'll call the police, and have them kicked out for disturbing the peace. I can even threaten them with accusing them of rape. They won't know it's only a threat."

Fred looked dubious. What if they got kicked out and got even angrier at him, and wanted to get their revenge back home. He didn't think he dared to risk it.

"They're only nineteen," Jerry pointed out. "I'm sure they didn't intend to rape you. Maybe it was some kind of practical joke in their immature minds."

Fred was calming down a little. Maybe Jerry was right.

"Look," he said. "If we threaten them in any way, they might take it out on me at home. When they get back, please have a talk with them. Tell them if they come near me again, you will call the police. I'll just stay out of their way, but I'm holding you to your offer of a free week, or I will call the police."

"You have a deal," Jerry said, and he shook Fred's hand. "Now go back to your room, and freshen up. After I talk to those three idiots, I'll take you to lunch, on me. Frankie, our bellhop can cover the desk for me. There's not much doing between check in and check out anyway.

A half hour later, Fred's phone rang, and Jerry asked him to meet him at the front desk. "They won't bother you again," he said.

After lunch, Fred went back to his room and tried to take a nap. The summer sun was too hot and dangerous to hang out at the pool. He undressed, and before he climbed into bed, he bathed his sore ass with some A & D ointment. He always carried some with him to use after a good fat cock had its way with him. He actually started to doze off, when he heard a soft knock on the door.

He jumped out of bed, and instinctively searched for his robe, before he remembered that he was in a clothing optional resort.

"Who is it?" he asked.

"It's Larry."

"Go away. You promised not to come near me."

"I know, Fred. I have to apologize to you. I want to apologize. I need to."

"I accept your apology. Now go away."

"I swear, Fred, I'm alone. I can't say what I'm about to say with those bozos around. Please let me in. I mean you no harm. I promise."

Stupidly Fred believed him. I guess he was pretty naïve. He relented, and opened the door. Larry was standing there wearing the shorts and flip-flops he had gone to lunch in. He came in and closed the door behind him. Looking at the one chair in the room, he asked, "May I?"

Fred grunted and Larry sat down. He looked like he was trying to say something, but he couldn't get any words out. Instead he buried his head in his hands, and started to cry.

"I am so sorry," he whined. "I don't know how I let those guys talk me into doing anything that awful. I swear I don't hate you."

"Of course you do. All three of you hate me for giving you all D's. Actually, you all deserved to fail."

"Sure we did. Why did you pass us, Fred?"

Fred smiled. "Well now that you know I'm gay, I can admit that I had the hots for all of you, but especially you, Larry. I felt something for you. Many times I wanted to ask you to stay after class so we could discuss your attitude, but if I did, I would have had to ask Curly and Moe also, so I never did."

Larry began to cry uncontrollably. He was sobbing so hard, that Fred could not restrain himself. He stood the boy up, and held him in his arms.

"Okay," Fred said. "I get that you are sorry, and I forgive you, so why are you crying?"

"Because I'm crazy in love with you, Fred. I have been since the day I walked into your classroom. I acted disinterested because of my buddies, and because I thought you were straight. You don't know how much I wished you would have asked me to stay after class. In spite of the circumstances this morning, I pretended in my head that we were alone, and that I was making love to you."

"That's really funny," Fred said. "I certainly felt the difference with you. I was confused because you weren't raping me like the others, I could feel the love in you. If I didn't love you also, I suppose that I would not have been aware of the difference." Now Fred began to cry.

"Look," he said, and he pointed to a little hickey on his neck. "You gave me that," he said. "It's a small token of your love."

Just then there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Fred asked automatically.

"It's Moe and Curley," a voice said. "We know we aren't supposed to come near you, but please let us tell you how sorry we are."

Larry smiled at Fred. "You can let them in," he said. I won't let anything happen to you." Fred opened the door and let them in. They were more than shocked to see Larry and Fred together.

"What are you doing here?" Moe asked Larry.

"Apologizing like you."

In the end, Fred forgave them all, and they gave each other a group hug.

"Do you find that three in a room is a wee bit crowded?" Fred asked the boys.

"Yeah," Curly said. "It's Okay when we're having sex, but that cot is not at all comfortable for sleeping. We've agreed to alternate our use of it."

"That won't be necessary," Fred said. "In less than five minutes, Larry will have moved all his stuff into my room. Then if you are really sincere about apologizing, you can all take me out to dinner tonight, and then we'll hit some hot spots. While you're moving Larry, I need to speak to Jerry and tell him to cool things down like we have. Fred gave Larry a hard, sensuous, very wet kiss, and left Moe and Curly with their jaws hanging loose.

Fred had a long talk with Jerry, and told him about the amazing events of the afternoon. Jerry breathed a sigh of relief. The reputation of The CUMfort Inn was still intact, and its reputation of being a love hotel, remained solidly in place.



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