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Wolf calmed down after a while. He glanced over at me and smiled. He was so handsome, I nearly fainted at the sight of him. I had not been able to swallow very much of his plentiful semen, and my face was covered with it.

"I'm sorry, Tim," he said referring to my messy face.

"What for? You made me very happy."

"I have never done what you just did to me, what you did for me. May I do it now?"

"Of course, you can," I whispered back in his ear. It was then that I noticed that he had a tear in his eye.

"I know we have barely just met, but I think I love you," I said, so that he would know that I noticed his teary face.

Wolf kissed me and then shocked me. I had not traveled down his body with my tongue because of his prolific hair, but he had no such constraints. He began to tongue me, working his way very slowly downward until he reached my pubic hair. He ran his fingers through it, and tentatively touched my cock. It was stiff with anticipation.

"Now," I said. "Please."

He took all of me into his mouth. His lips pulsated gently on my dripping rod, and his tongue swabbed up and down my shaft. I knew I wouldn't last long, and I didn't. Wolf did not lose a drop of my spunk. He swallowed every last drop.

When I got my breath back, I said, "Next time save some of that stuff for me. I still had some of his semen on my face. I wiped a drop off with my finger and offered it to him. He sucked my finger until every last drop was gone.

We wiped ourselves clean with a towel, and got dressed. We actually spent some time planning out our school project procedures, and when we were done, I took his hand and said, "Wolf, before you leave I want us to tell each other all our secrets."

"We have secrets?" he asked with a grin that melted my heart, and my reserve.

"I think we do," I answered seriously. "Are you or aren't you?"

"Aha," he laughed, "You've been listening to rumors. You shouldn't do that."

"I've got to know."

"Would it make any difference in how you felt about me?"

"Not one iota. I love you too much."

"Then let's just say, I'm different."

I started to laugh. "We're both different," I said. "We're both queer."

That last statement got us both laughing so hard, we couldn't stop, so we grabbed each other and began to kiss as passionately as we could. That stopped the laughter, for sure.

"Next time we get together," I promised him, "I'll instruct you in the next chapter of Carl's book."

"What book?" he asked, looking perplexed.

"Let's just say that I've got a secret too." I broke out laughing, and Wolf knew that he wasn't going to get any more out of me......for now.

The next day in school, we distracted each other by texting under our desks. My last text read, "No more txtg. Concentrate on school. I luv u."

We couldn't get together during the day on the following Saturday. I helped in the store, and Wolf had chores of his own. Some of my football team mates asked if I wanted to hang at the mall Saturday evening. We didn't have a mall in our tiny town, but the guys drove about thirty miles away to a fairly large city, and made the mall there a Saturday night hangout. I immediately called Wolf, and asked (begged) him to join us, but he refused. I suspected he would.

Dad, Carl and I could not believe how quickly all three of us had been accepted and embraced into our edenic new environment and life style. The whole football team considered me a friend and a brother almost immediately. Dad and Carl were asked if they bowled, played poker, drank a little on Saturday nights, and these questions were meant to include them in weekend activities.

Our biggest surprise came on Sunday morning. There were five Protestant churches and one Catholic Church, either right in town, or in the nearby larger city. We decided the first Sunday we were in Fremont, to attend the Episcopal Church. Carl figured it would be good for business. Before the service, we all chatted amicably with some of our customers. A few school mates were there also, and I introduced my dad to them. I introduced Carl as his partner, and they generally assumed "business partner."

Then I saw him. Wolf came in with two people who were obviously his parents. They were all overdressed from what I could see. So now I knew Wolf was a Christian. I ran over to greet him and meet his family. I don't think he expected to see me there, so Wolf was looking and acting very uncomfortable. He shouldn't have been. His folks greeted me warmly and told me how glad they were to meet me.

Luke Coldfoot was several inches taller than his son, and Miriam Coldfoot was much shorter. They were a Mutt and Jeff couple. It made no never you mind. Luke was even better looking than Wolf. I didn't think that could be possible. Miriam was definitely half white. She was tiny and very beautiful. No wonder Wolf looked like Mr. America.

I asked the Coldfoots to please come and meet my father and his partner. They were glad to follow me over, and they greeted my folks even more warmly than they had greeted me."

"I haven't had a chance to visit you in the store yet," Luke said. "I wanted to welcome you both personally. I expect you'll see a lot of me. I own a small produce farm just outside the city limits, and I'll be in often for provisions."

Carl handed him a card. "Call in your order in advance," Carl said, "and I'll have it all ready when you get there."

Luke took the card and smiled. "That's not a very good idea, and not too sociable, Carl. I'd rather visit and chat with you men while you put my order together."

"You're right," Carl said. "I'm afraid that I was offering you New York City service, which is measured in speed. I'll have to get used to western hospitality, especially where there is no need to rush. Carl and Luke smiled at each other, and I sensed they had somehow bonded through the small act of exchanging a little advice.

Our two families sat together about halfway down the aisle. I sat next to Wolf. We put our hands down on the seat of the pew, so that our fingers touched. We both pulled away at the same time. I pulled away because I was getting a hard on, so I figured that was why Wolf pulled away also.

My family was delighted that our pastor did not condemn homosexuality this Sunday. I wondered if he ever did. I somehow believed he did not. I got the idea that God himself, or the Goddess herself, had led us here to a little promise of what heaven was like. The idea of going to college back east was no longer one of my goals.

When the service was over, we introduced ourselves to the pastor. His greeting was as heartfelt as all the others, and he wished us good health and good luck. As Carl, my dad and the Coldfoots were saying their goodbyes, I told my father that Wolf had a secret fishing hole that he wanted to share with me. It was less than a mile away, and we could walk. I asked if it would be okay to go off with him.

My Dad grinned, winked at me, and said, "Sure. Just get home for dinner. Bring Wolf if he has a mind to join us."

We entered a wooded area, but there was a clearing soon enough, and a small lake. "This is it," Wolf said. He grabbed me in a bone crushing embrace. "Let's make love," he pleaded.

"You should have warned me," I scolded him. "I'm not prepared for chapter three. We'll have to repeat chapter two."

"That's okay," Wolf laughed. "I need all the book learning I can get. It's not a bad idea to take a refresher course."

We undressed in record time, and squabbled over who should go first, so we settled for a game of sixty-nine. It was a new experience for Wolf, so he wouldn't get bored repeating chapter three. I barely noticed his hairy body this time. It certainly didn't turn me off. All I needed, and all I could concentrate on was his beautiful, oversized cock.

I took him into me, and he took me. Neither of us lasted very long. Youth was against us. As we had promised each other, we didn't swallow all of our seed. We kissed passionately, and shared our blended semen before gobbling it all up.

As we were lying contentedly on the grassy bed, I heard the cry of a wolf somewhere way off in the distance. Wolf smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"He's wishing us good fortune," he explained.

As much as I loved Wolf, that last sentence tensed me right up, and sent chills throughout my body. I could not help but wonder if I was doing the right thing, loving Wolf as much as I did.

To be continued...........



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