The Wedding

The huge jumbo jet lifted off the tarmac, and Colin Tyler was on his way from LaGuardia Airport in New York City to Phoenix, Arizona. He hadn't been home since he was twenty, and his baby sister, Carrie, was fourteen. He was twenty eight now, and he had not had any contact with his family in eight years. The shock he got, when he received an invitation to Carrie's wedding, overwhelmed him. He nearly collapsed.

He could not believe his little sister was getting married. In his mind's eye she was still a young girl, an early teen-ager, at that. Carrie was the only member of his family that he missed. They had been very close. Carrie idolized her big brother, and always sought his advice. She rarely went to her father. As a matter of fact, neither did Colin. Both siblings feared, rather than respected, their parents.

Naomi and Colin, Sr. were fundamentalists, who took The Bible literally, including the creation. Everything their children did was a sin in the eyes of God or Jesus, whoever was handiest at the moment. They doled out harsh punishment, and the poor kids rarely knew why.

During the summer between his sophomore and junior years at college, Colin's parents, and his sister, went to a bible camp for a two week study vacation. They left Colin alone in the house. He had a summer job and didn't want to lose it. Besides, the thought of a Bible Camp turned his stomach. During that time, Colin invited a young man to visit him at home. He and Charlie Burrows met at the University of Arizona in Tucson and became good buddies. To be more accurate, they became good fuck buddies. Charlie lived in Phoenix also, and during the two weeks that Colin's parents and sister were away, the two men had sex almost every evening after work. Charlie even slept over a couple of times.

Colin was unaware that while he was away at college, his parents installed hidden security cameras in their home. They had an unwarranted fear of a home invasion by one of the illegal aliens, who crossed the border on a regular basis. They also didn't trust Colin to be alone in the house during their upcoming trip. His father was sure that his rebellious son would use the empty house to fornicate with some willing female slut. There were two cameras in Colin's room.

When the family returned, his parents were on a high over their recent camp experience. Carrie just rolled her eyes and said nothing. It was several days before Colin's father got around to reviewing the security tapes. Halfway through, he stopped his viewing and did two things. First he went to the bathroom and vomited. Then he kicked Colin out of the house. Carrie cried and begged her father to reconsider, but he slapped her across the face, and sent her to her room.

On her eighteenth birthday, she moved out of the house, and in with her boyfriend, George. Her parents disowned her, just as they had disowned Colin. George was ten years older than she was. He had a good job, and he helped her complete her education at Arizona State University in Tempe. She got her degree in sociology, and had no trouble finding work with a local not-for-profit organization.

Once she became an independent woman, George's attitude changed. He had enjoyed taking care of his little doll child. He felt the need to be a nurturer. When he realized that she didn't need him anymore, he began to find fault with everything she did. He wasn't physically abusive, but he bombarded her with verbal abuse. One day, she just packed up and moved into her own apartment. It was the best thing she ever did, because not three months later she met Bill Houston, the man she was about to marry.


Life was tougher for Colin. He returned to Tucson, and got a full time sales job at a nearby Walmart. He resumed his studies on a part time basis. With his meager earnings, and the help of student loans, he completed the last two years of his college education in four years. He attended school in the summers as well. He majored in finance, and after graduating, he secured his dream job with a large investment management firm in New York City. He found a one bedroom furnished apartment in Queens, and began to rebuild his life. As his career soared, and he could afford it, he moved to an upscale, two-bedroom apartment in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. In Chelsea, he met plenty of fuck buddies, but nobody special.

When he got the invitation to Carrie's wedding, he was so deliriously happy, he broke down and cried tears of joy. There was a personal note from Carrie inside the invitation. It read:

My dearest, dearest Colin:

Forgive me for waiting so long. I should have done this years ago, but better late than never. I finally traced you down with the help of a private detective, and the internet. As you can see, I am getting married in two months. I can't wait for you to meet Bill. I just know you two will be great friends.

Mom and Dad have refused to acknowledge that I live and breathe. They turned down my invitation, because they believe I lived in sin after I left them on my eighteenth birthday. My prayer is that you will come to my wedding, and walk me down the aisle. Please say you will do that. If you don't, I have decided to walk down alone, and give myself away.

My telephone number is on this letterhead. Please call me as soon as you receive this invitation. I love you so much.


Colin had opened his mail when he came home from work. It was now 6 PM in New York and 3 PM in Phoenix, so he decided to wait three hours to make sure that Carrie was home also. She said that she was living in sin, and he wondered if she and Bill were already living together. He didn't consider that there might have been anyone prior to Bill. He was right, the happily engaged couple were living together.

In fact, it was Bill who answered the phone. When Colin identified himself, Bill said very quietly, "Colin, you have no idea how happy this will make your sister."

"Bill, you have no clue to the happiness that I'm feeling right now."

"We'll talk another time, Bro, but for now let me put Carrie on."

Brother and sister spoke for almost two hours. They filled themselves in on their lives since last they saw each other. In closing, Carrie told Colin that she and Bill lived in a three bedroom town house. They wanted him to occupy one of the guest rooms, when he came for the wedding. Bill's brother, who also lived in New York, was staying in the other.

The flight to Phoenix was scheduled for five hours. The return flight would only take about four hours and fifteen minutes. To Colin, the flight seemed interminable. He tried to read some male erotica on his kindle, but he couldn't concentrate and finally gave up.

When the aircraft finally landed, and he deplaned, he ran towards baggage claim. Retrieving his suitcase seemed as long a process as the flight itself, but finally it arrived on the carousel. If he hadn't had to pack a tuxedo, he could have gotten away with a flight bag. Carrie told him that Bill would pick him up at baggage claim. He looked around and saw a handsome young man in his mid-twenties holding up a sign with his name on it.

Assuming that it was Bill, he approached him and extended his hand. "Bill Houston, I presume." He pronounced Houston, house-ton, like the famous street in New York City.

Bill smiled broadly, corrected the pronunciation of his name, to sound like the city in Texas, and was not content to shake Colin's hand. Instead he gave him a good strong hug. "Thank you for coming," he said. "You've made us both so happy. Now let me buy you a cup of coffee while we wait."

"What are we waiting for?"

"Not what, who. My brother, Joe. He was on a business trip to Boston. He's coming directly from there, and his flight is due to arrive in just under an hour."

They went to a nearby coffee shop in the terminal, found a table, and Bill got them two coffees and cinnamon buns. He laid the sign with Colin's name on it on an empty chair at their table, and Colin could see that the backside read, Houston.

Colin could not stop staring at his almost brother-in-law. He was one handsome dude, and Colin's gay heart was going pitter-patter. He was six feet tall, lean but muscular, brown hair, which he wore a little too long, brown eyes, and a seductive smile. His after shave lotion was intoxicating Colin.

Bill could see Colin staring at him, and as if he could read Colin's mind, he said, "I know I need a haircut. I've got one scheduled for tomorrow morning, the day before the wedding."

"You look plenty good to me," Colin said. He immediately regretted what he said. He didn't want Bill to think that he was being inappropriate.

To change the subject, he said, "Tell me about your brother."

"Not much to tell. He's two years older than I am, and he's a buyer for Bloomingdale's."

"Do you know where he lives in New York?"

Bill took out his cell phone and did a little search. He gave Colin the address.

"Wow," Colin gasped. "He lives only one street away from me. Is he as good looking as you are?"

Once again Colin wondered what was wrong with him. That was a dumb and very inappropriate question to ask a straight man. Besides, he would meet the guy within an hour.

"He makes me look like a gargoyle." Bill started to laugh.

Colin wanted to ask Bill if his brother was straight or gay, but at last he kept his foolish mouth shut. They were both silent for the moment so Bill said, "The master bedroom in our town house is downstairs. The upper floor has two bedrooms, but you guys will have to share a bathroom. On the night before the wedding, Carrie will be staying with her matron of honor, and she'll get dressed there. After the reception, we'll head on home, change, and catch a plane for our honeymoon. We're going to Maui."

"How about a bachelor party? Did you have one?"

"Usually the best man plans that, so Joe is expecting to take us three, and my two closest friends, to dinner tonight. Just a nice dinner; no strippers or anything sexy. I hope you're cool with that?"

"For sure! It sounds like great fun." As a gay man, Colin could care less if there was a female stripper present. What if she offered to lap dance the men? Yes, Colin was glad it was only to be a dinner with a few friends.

Colin's sexual tension began to escalate when Joe got to baggage claim, and the two brothers spotted each other. Colin was surprised that they kissed on the lips. Immediately, Bill explained. "Our whole family are lip kissers," he said.

"My dad never showed an ounce of affection. I like your custom," Colin mumbled.

He was busy staring at Joe, who was as gorgeous as Bill had promised. He was an inch taller than his brother, but he resembled him completely down to the muscular frame. Colin could even tell that they used different after shave lotions. He was dying to know if they were cut or uncut; not that he gave a damn. Bill introduced them, and they shook hands. Colin withdrew his hand from Joe's way too quickly. He had to, because he was getting an erection. He prayed that Joe didn't feel slighted. Joe did not seem to mind at all. He was smiling broadly at Colin.

Feeling the need to diffuse the awkward moment, Colin said, "Hey Joe, Bill told me your address, and we live only one street away from each other. Ain't that a hoot?"

"Man, that's fantastic. We'll have to get together at home when this shindig is over."

"Absolutely. It'll be a pleasure.

"I'm glad you feel that way. We're practically family now. I wouldn't want us to be strangers," Joe concluded.

Colin was attracted to Joe to the nth degree. He had so much he wanted to say to Joe, and to ask him about, but the ride home was very quiet. Nobody spoke much. Joe sat up front with his brother, and Colin sat in the rear. He decided that maybe he could have a private conversation with Joe when they were getting ready to turn in this evening. After all, they had the whole upstairs to themselves.

"Carrie's at work," Bill informed them, and broke the silence. "She's got lots to do before we take off for two weeks. She promised to get home as soon as possible. She's hoping she makes it before we guys go out to dinner."

Colin was disappointed. He would have to wait just a little bit longer to embrace his baby sister. He was dying to know what she looked like. Was she as beautiful a woman, as she had been as a child?

When they arrived home, Bill said. "I'll show you two upstairs, and then I'll make us some lunch before it gets so late that it's time for dinner. After lunch, you might want to freshen up and shower after your long trips."

Colin, for one, thought that was an excellent suggestion, and he said so. "Good idea. I could use a hot shower. How about you Joe?"

"I can't wait."

Bill made them each a ham and cheese sandwich with a glass of beer. "I'll clean up," he said. "You two unpack, and freshen up."

The two men unpacked in their respective rooms, and hung up their tuxedos carefully. Colin undressed to his boxers, and took the towel and wash cloth that Carrie had considerately left in both rooms. He stepped out into the hall to go to the bathroom just as Joe stepped out of his room. The only difference was that Joe was totally naked.

Colin gawked, and instantly sprung a boner. As soon as Colin erected, Joe did also. Both men smiled at each other.

"Dare I hope?" Colin asked.

"Hope away, handsome. Carrie and Bill have already clued me in that we are both gay." Their smiles got broader.

"I am so hot for you," Colin whispered, "that if I don't touch you soon, I'm going to explode."

"I'm glad to hear that. I haven't had anything for a week, since I went to Boston. How would you like to shower with me?"

"What took you so long to ask?"

"I have no protection with me," Joe informed Colin. "Do you?"

"No, but if you tell me that you are healthy and always used protection when you were with someone, I'll believe you. After all we are almost brothers."

"I'm healthy. How about you, Brother?" Joe answered.

"Healthy and horny, Brother. Let's not waste any more time."

They started the shower and when the water temperature suited them, they stepped in. They fell into each other's arms and started kissing with lots of tongue. Both their pricks stiffened and grew. Now they knew that they could each wrap a fist around the other's cock and have a couple of inches left over. They also knew that they were both cut.

Joe was the first to grab the soap and start scrubbing Colin's body. He soaped everywhere, front and back. When he was soaping Colin's back, he inserted one, then two, then three soapy fingers up Colin's ass, and began to ream him in a circular motion. Colin was purring.

"You took that rather easily," Joe said. "I'm glad."

"I should have warned you that I'm an old war horse. You can fuck me anytime it suits you, but let's try to delay our orgasms as long as possible."

"We don't know when Carrie will be home. It could be any minute, and we have 7:00 PM reservations for dinner, Bro. We can't delay forever, but just you wait for tonight, when we turn in."

"I hope that you're in the habit of standing by your promises," Colin said. "Good God, Handsome, where have you been all my life....and just one street away?"

"I know. Isn't it crazy? Before I fuck you, I want to taste you." Joe fell to his knees. He allowed the falling water to cleanse the soap from Colin's throbbing love tool. He took Colin's cock into his mouth, and started to suck wildly, but managed to remain gentle and sensual. Colin's balls began to stiffen, and Joe stopped his labors. Colin turned, put his hands on the wall, and stuck out his butt.

"Now," he said, "before I go crazy."

Joe soaped up his cock, placed it at Colin's entrance, and entered him slowly. As he did, he whispered in Colin's ear. "Next time when we are dry, and in bed, and I am not so desperate, I'll rim you good and proper."

Colin didn't hear a word after, "Next time."

Joe's initial strokes were short and gentle. As he felt his orgasm building, Colin could sense it too. "Fuck me harder," Colin yelled. "Fill me with your juices, Brother Lover."

Joe stifled his scream as he discharged high up Colin's ass. When Colin felt Joe's juices filling him up, he nearly cried. Nobody had ever made him feel so good, so connected. He knew without a shadow of a doubt, that he and Joe had something very special going on.

Joe stayed inside Colin as long as he could. His arms were wrapped around Colin's torso. Neither of them said a word, but they began to sway, as if to the music of a phantom orchestra.

"That was fantastic, Bro. It was very special. You're very special." He turned Colin around and they began kissing again.

"Did you hear that?" Joe asked.

"I think I heard Bill yelling to get a move on, Colin said. "I'll fuck you later tonight, but for now...." He didn't finish the sentence, but fell to his knees, and brought Joe to a happy conclusion with his lips, and tongue.

Joe advised Colin to dress casually for the restaurant they were going to that evening. They couldn't get enough of each other, so Colin watched Joe as he dressed, and then Joe did the same while Colin dressed. When they were dressed and ready to go, they went down the stairs holding hands. Bill heard their shoes on the stairs, and turned to look. He saw them holding hands, and he grinned from ear to ear.

It was almost 5 PM. Carrie had called moments before, and she said that she would be home any minute. Bill made them cocktails, and they sat down to wait for her. Joe had met her a few months ago, when he flew in for their engagement party, but Colin began to tremble. He hadn't seen his beloved sister in eight years, and as Bill handed him the cocktail, his hand began to shake. Bill put his arm around Colin's shoulder.

"It'll be all right," he said. "This is a great moment."

Carrie didn't come into the house; she stormed in. Colin had just enough time to see that she was as beautiful as she had promised to be when she was a child. She threw herself on him and wrapped her body around his, kissing him all the while. Her face was wet with tears, and Colin began to weep as well.

Eventually everyone calmed down, but Colin and Carrie held hands and kept staring at one another. The Houston brothers just kept smiling at them. "Let's leave them alone to have a moment together," Bill said to Joe, and they went into the kitchen.

"I'm not blind," Bill said when they were alone. "You and Colin seem to have hit it off together."

"Hit it off is putting it mildly. I think I'm in love little brother."

"You think?"

"Well, I've never been in love before. I have no yardstick."

Bill roared with laughter and slapped his brother on the back. "I couldn't be more pleased," he said.

The brothers chatted for a while, and Bill said, "Let's rejoin the happy pair. My friends, Gil and Sandy, will be here soon. They are picking us up and driving us to the restaurant. We can all drink and be merry. Sandy has volunteered to be the designated driver. He never drinks anything harder than tea or coffee. In case you are wondering, both of them are straight and married. Sandy's wife is Carrie's matron of honor. That leaves you free to lay all your attention on Colin."

"Did you say, lay?" Joe asked with a leer. Bill punched him on his arm.

The dinner was quiet compared to most bachelor parties. It was a simple celebration with close friends and families. Joe chose a five star restaurant. The service was impeccable. The food was even better. Joe and Colin ordered the same dinner, and the same cocktails. Joe squeezed Colin's hand and whispered in his ear, "We seem to like the same things outside the bedroom as well."

"Yes, it seems that way. Do you think that's an omen?"

"I sure hope so."

Joe and Colin only had one drink apiece. They wanted all their faculties when they were alone together later that night. As much fun as the five men were having, Joe and Colin had only one thought between them, to get home and make love. Somehow the time passed, and they and Bill got dropped off at Bill's town house.

Carrie was waiting up for them. She offered to make each of them a cocktail, but they all declined.

"Between the time difference and jet lag, I'm bushed," Colin said. "I'd really just like to turn in."

"I'm having trouble staying awake also," Joe echoed. "I'm making tracks for bed also." Bill gave his brother a sly grin. Joe did not acknowledge that he noticed.

The two men climbed the stairs together. As soon as they reached the landing and were out of sight of their siblings, they ran into the first bedroom at hand which happened to be Joe's. They closed the door quickly, quietly and completely. They shed their clothing even quicker, and fell into each other's arms. Their kisses were too desperate to be sensual. It could more accurately be described as hard core. As they became more and more excited, they grabbed each other's cocks.

"Please let go of my cock before I cum," Colin begged. "It's my turn to fuck you, if you want me to."

"Please fuck me, Colin. I need you to do it so badly."

"We'll have to go to the shower and get soaped up again. I have no lubricant."

Joe began to laugh. "When my brother told me you were gay, I hoped you would be as handsome as your sister is beautiful. You didn't disappoint me. Anyway, when you were busy getting reacquainted with Carrie, I borrowed a jar of Vaseline from Bill. Hold on while I get it."

"You are a sly devil," Colin laughed.

Colin put Joe on his back, and placed a pillow under his butt. Joe positioned himself at the edge of the bed, so that his ass hung over about an inch. Colin fell to his knees and began to kiss Joe's cheeks, while kneading them at the same time. He licked up and down Joe's crack, and then he tried to enter with his tongue. He didn't get very far, but he had Joe moaning and groaning.

"You better get yourself into me before I cum," Joe pleaded. Colin obliged. He greased Joe's crack generously, and then he attended to his own cock. He positioned his knob at Joe's entrance way, and proceeded to enter very, very slowly. He was meeting a lot of resistance so he pulled out, and told Joe to relax.

"Why are you so tense?" Colin asked. "Just take a deep breath, lie back and enjoy.

"I have a confession to make," Joe said very quietly. "You're the first guy, I've ever let fuck me. I know it's probably way too soon, but I love you Colin. I want you inside of me so badly, my body is actually aching."

Colin leaned over Joe's prone form, and started to kiss him. He could feel the tenseness leave Joe's body, so he placed his cock at the entrance to Joe's love canal, and began to enter. He was all the way in much more easily this time, but he could tell that Joe was in pain. He lay perfectly still and let his body fall gently on Joe's.

"You'll be fine in a moment," he assured his lover. "Just tell me when the pain leaves you."

Joe never said a word. Involuntarily, as the pain subsided, he started to thrust his butt up and down, and Colin began to pump. He was able to stop several times before cumming, but eventually he couldn't hold back. He gushed a heavy load of semen up Joe's guts. Just as he did, Joe screamed. He tried to muffle it, but he didn't do a good job.

Colin hadn't realized that his cock was caressing Joe's prostate, and Joe came a second or two after he did. Colin fell gently on top of Joe once again. Their kissing resumed.

Colin spoke first. "You said it was too soon for us to be so much in love, but that you loved me anyway. I think...I think..." he hesitated. "I'm sure I love you too." He rolled over so that he and Joe were lying side by side. Neither of them bothered to clean up. They wrapped their bodies together, and fell asleep. It was almost 3 AM back east.

Carrie and Bill had written their own wedding vows, which the minister approved. It was short and sweet. When they were saying their vows, Colin and Joe stared at each other. They nodded to one another, as if to say, that goes for me too.

At the reception, they were dying to dance together, but they didn't want to offend anyone or make a scene to spoil the wedding, so they each danced one dance with Carrie, and of course, Joe had to dance one dance with the matron of honor. They promised to dance together at home, as soon as possible, at some gay bar or other.

Other than that, they lavished all their attention on each other, and spoke of their immediate future as a couple, as well as their long term plans and dreams. Their immediate future started when a limo showed up at the townhouse to take the newlyweds to the airport. As soon as it was out of sight, Colin and Joe were naked and making love on the plushy carpeted living room floor. They sucked each other off twice, and then they fucked each other twice, using lube from a tube that Joe had secreted away in his tuxedo jacket. Finally, before going upstairs to the bedroom, they played a sensual game of sixty-nine, but even these young men couldn't cum again.

Both their flights left early in the morning. They rose before dawn, neatened the house, and waited for the cab they had hired to take them to the airport. When it arrived, Joe said, "Make sure you have everything, because when I close the door, we're locked out."

"I'm cool," Colin said.

Unfortunately they were flying home on different airlines, but their flights arrived within minutes of each other early in the evening. They made up to meet in baggage claim, so they could share a cab ride home.

They had already determined that Colin's two-bedroom apartment was bigger than Joe's one-bedroom, so the cab took them there. Joe was intending on moving in with Colin when his lease was up in three months.

As much as they ached to make love in their own apartment, they took the time to have dinner at a nice little neighborhood restaurant. They split the bill and rushed home. Their adventure began in the shower. A lot of water was wasted that evening. As the water cascaded out of the shower head, Joe dropped to his knees and began to suck Colin's cock. When he felt himself beginning to cum, Colin stood Joe up, and he fell to his knees. He sucked Joe's cock as lovingly and sensuously as he could.

When Joe felt an oncoming orgasm, he stood Colin up, turned him around, and began to rim him, trying often to penetrate with his tongue. After a while Colin said he wanted to reciprocate. They played back and forth like this for well over an hour, successfully delaying their orgasms.

When the water was turning cold, they finally vacated the shower. They dried and went into the bedroom. Colin took some lube from his bed stand drawer and laid it on top of the table. The lovers fell onto the bed. They began to kiss passionately, and to fondle their rigid cocks and balls.

Finally Joe said, "I can't stand it any longer. Please fuck me Colin. Fill me with your seed to let me know how much you love me."

Joe rolled over on his back, and Colin grabbed the tube of lube. He began to put globs in Joe's ass, and then he coated his own rod. He took Joe's legs and raised them on his shoulders. He began his entry very slowly, and when he was only partly in, Joe wrapped his legs around Colin's waist, and forced him all the way in.

With all the foreplay they had indulged in, it was not unexpected that Colin came after a very few strokes. There were no inhibitions now, and he screamed out, wailing like some other-worldly creature in a horror film.

"Stay inside of me as long as you can," Joe begged. "I love you so much." Colin would have liked to have stayed in all night, but nature and peristalsis dictated otherwise.

They lay side by side, and Colin realized that Joe had not reached happy hour yet. He leaned over his handsome lover, and began to suck him off, slowly and sensuously. Joe lay on the bed, writhing with pleasure, and constantly screaming, "I love you Colin."

Colin didn't swallow. Instead he shared Joe's cum with him. At last, they lay back, side by side, thoroughly exhausted.

"The wedding was beautiful," Colin said.

"It was," Joe answered, "but what brings that up all of a sudden?"

Colin sat up in bed. "I never thought I'd ever say this," he stammered. "Joe Houston, will you please marry me, and be my husband?"

Joe sat up like a bolt. "What?" he asked.

"I asked you to marry me. We deserve to have as nice a wedding as Carrie and Bill had. We'll reverse everything. Bill will be your best man, and Carrie will give me away."

Joe remained silent for a long time...too long. "Aren't you going to say anything?" Colin urged, hoping to break Joe's silence.

"This is so sudden."

"I know, but I love you so much. I don't want to let you get away."

"Of course, I'll marry you. Baby. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew we were going to make this life's journey together. I want to be with you, and make love to you, until the end of time."

Colin began to blubber. "Thank you," he managed to say. "Let's not tell the newlyweds. We'll surprise them with an invitation, just like I got the surprise of my life when I received theirs," Colin suggested.

"If we're going to get married," Joe said, "we have to be more fiscally responsible. Set your alarm clock for 6 AM. I need to get home and change clothes for work tomorrow. Tomorrow evening, let's start moving my stuff over here."

"That, my darling husband, will be an absolute pleasure."



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