The CUMfort Inn Tales

Chapter Three

The Pastor's Tale

Hi. It's DD here again.

A couple of weeks ago, I checked in James O'Connor, a handsome young man, who hailed from Boston. He was alone, and he had booked a private room. Nonetheless, I told him that I had another single, who had requested sharing a double, but I had been unable to accommodate him. I asked the young man, if he would reconsider, and share a double room. I assured him that the other man was about the same age as he was, and very good looking. I pointed out that if he did share, he could save a few bucks.

"I think not," he replied in a manner that I thought was rather sad. I didn't want to pry, and so I was surprised when he offered me an explanation without my having said a word.

"I've been in a seminary for the past couple of years," he began, "studying for the priesthood. A few weeks ago, I began to have serious doubts about taking my final vows. I've always known that I was gay, but I never acted on it. In seminary, I found myself desiring some of the other men. You see, I had never been in an all-male environment before. I asked for a sabbatical to examine my feelings, and to make sure that becoming a priest was the right thing for me. The Monsignor was very understanding. He told me to take all the time I needed. He reminded me that straight or gay, if I remained celibate, sexual orientation was a non-issue." James stopped for a moment and smiled. "Then he made me pray with him, that I would return to the seminary. I came here to get a taste of the gay life, but if I feel the need to meditate and examine my emotions, I'll have the private room to do so."

I assured him that I understood. I invited him to the get-to-know-you party that evening, and informed him of the rule to wear shorts or a bathing suit, for that event only. He smiled. "I'm not much for nudity," he muttered.

I handed his key to Jerry, the bell-hop, who escorted James to his room. Jerry offered him the same sexual favors he offered all the guests. James remained silent, so as soon as he tipped him, Jerry ran from the room. James unpacked. It was hours before the party was to begin. He decided to shower, and then go out for a light bite to carry him over. At the same time, he could explore the neighborhood. The brochure for the inn assured all prospective guests, that anything they could possibly want, or need, could be found on the premises, but James didn't want to be confined inside the resort for the entire week.

He walked along Ocean Drive, and came across a small coffee shop. He decided that a sandwich would keep him going until the barbecue. He would have preferred to sit at a counter, since he was alone, but there was no counter in this restaurant. Reluctantly he took a small table meant for two. He ordered a tuna fish salad sandwich on rye toast with lettuce and tomato. On a whim he topped it off with a vanilla milk shake. He hadn't had one of those since high school.

The waiter put his sandwich on the table. "I'll be right back with your shake," he said. James smiled at the waiter. He bit into the sandwich, and he heard a voice say, "Didn't you check into The CUMfort Inn about an hour ago?"

James looked up into the smiling face of a handsome dude in his late twenties. "Yes, I did," he smiled back. How did you know?"

"I checked in right after you did. I saw you leaving the desk with the bell-hop. My name is Karl with a K." He stuck out his hand to shake James's. James returned the greeting.

"Nice to meet you, Karl with a K. I'm James, but most people call me Jimmy."

"Can I join you?" Karl asked, glancing at the empty seat. "I guess I had the same idea as you did, a light snack before the party."

"Sure, I'd like the company," Jimmy lied. He would have preferred to inflict solitude on himself. He had to wonder, why then did he go to a gay resort. In that moment he vowed to be a little bit more sociable. After all, he was here to find out if he wanted to be a priest, or to live life as a lay person.

Karl sat down, and the waiter delivered Jimmy's malt. He took Karl's order. "Same as he's having," Karl said.

"Where are you from, and what's your line?" Karl asked brazenly.

Jimmy hesitated before answering. "I live in Boston, and I'm a student."

"Boy, am I glad to be done with school days. I graduated from the University of Vermont four years ago, and I live in Manchester, New Hampshire. We're practically neighbors. Isn't that fortunate?"

"It's a coincidence, meeting so far from home, but I wonder why you would refer to it as 'fortunate'."

"Why should I be coy with you? We're both checked into a gay resort. I sure as hell am looking for some action, and if I hit it off with someone, I'd want it to be with a guy I can see again back home. That's better than a vacation romance and then ta-ta, see ya, maybe."

Jimmy remembered his resolve to be more sociable. He smiled at Karl. "Oh," he said, "I'm sorry to be so naïve."

"Don't be. It's a wonderful trait. Didn't you have similar thoughts when you reserved a room here?"

"Frankly, I hadn't thought beyond this week, but I have an open mind."

After their snack, Jimmy suggested a short stroll before returning to the Inn.

"Nix, on that," Karl smiled. "I want to do some nude sun bathing, before the rules change at the pool this evening. I'll look for you tonight." He hurried back toward the Inn.

For a second, Jimmy thought about joining him, but he had something else in mind. He had not missed a Sunday Mass, since as far back as he could remember, and he did not intend for this Sunday to be the first time. He asked the cashier in the coffee shop if she knew where the closest Catholic Church was. It was only four short streets away, and she gave Jimmy directions. He knew exactly where he would be on Sunday morning.

In spite of his pledge to be more sociable, Jimmy did not go to the party that evening. He gave in a little bit on Saturday, by sun bathing nude at the pool for about half an hour in the afternoon. He had brunch at the coffee shop mid-morning, and dinner at a restaurant down the street. Other than that, he spent Saturday in his room, reading his Bible and meditating. At the end of the day, while his fellow guests were partying at the inn or in the city, Jimmy did not feel any closer to a decision than he had at the seminary.

Sunday morning dawned slightly overcast. The cloud cover and the ocean breezes kept the temperature down, and made for a pleasant stroll. Jimmy headed for the coffee shop for breakfast before going to the church. He ate a hearty breakfast, fully intending to skip lunch. It was a good hour before mass would begin, and he walked slowly toward St. Vincent's.

He mounted the church steps, and heard someone call his name. He glanced over to see Karl smiling broadly at him.

"I'll bet we're the only two residents of The CUMfort Inn going to church this morning." He laughed heartily.

"Maybe you're right," Jimmy mumbled. "I never miss church on Sunday. I wouldn't feel right about it, if I did."

"It seems as if I'm always asking you the same question. May I sit with you?"

"Unless they have a seating plan, you're more than welcome." Jimmy didn't feel that Karl was welcome at all. 'Why can't everyone just leave me alone?' he wondered.

They sat down together toward the rear of the sanctuary. Once seated, neither spoke. They just soaked up their surroundings, studying the faces of the parishioners. When the mass was over, they shook the pastor's hand on the way out, and stood in front of the church, not knowing how to part from each other. Finally Karl asked, "Would you like to have lunch with me?"

"I had a huge breakfast. I'm good until dinner. I think maybe I'll just go back and relax at the pool."

"I'll look for you there after lunch," Karl said.

"Okay, but I can't stay in the sun too long. I may be gone by the time you get there."

Karl looked like he had been slapped in the face. Jimmy could have kicked himself for saying that. Now Karl knew for sure he was trying to avoid him, and he had no reason to. Karl was a really nice guy. Jimmy felt he had to make amends.

"Hey," he said. "Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie while you have lunch. Then we can go to the pool together." Karl's face lit up.

"That'll be great," he said. "Very cool."

During lunch they opened up to each other. Jimmy told Karl about the spiritual quest he was on, trying to discover which path to take in life. He even admitted to still being a virgin to any kind of sex. Karl listened to him, and then gave out one muffled sob. "Oh my God," Karl whimpered.

"What's wrong?" Jimmy asked, genuinely concerned.

"You are. You're me four years ago, and then again in the present."

"What do you mean?"

"When I graduated college, I entered a seminary also, but I moved out to San Francisco. A friend of mine went there, and he was getting ready to be ordained. We were together at the seminary for six months, and during that time, we couldn't fight our urges. We had sex together all the time. I felt it was the wrong thing for Frankie to do, but he got ordained in spite of his feelings. He never had any intention of obeying the chastity rules. I was overcome with guilt, and I left the seminary. I went home and got a good job in an ad agency. I was okay for a bit, but lately I began to question if I had made the right decision. I started to convince myself I should go back to the seminary. This trip here was supposed to be my last hurrah."

Karl buried his head in his hand, and started to weep silently.

"Don't cry," Jimmy said. "You're better off than I am. At least, you've made a decision to return to the seminary. I still don't know what to do."

"It's not that simple. Things have changed again."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I met you. The minute I did, I had an overwhelming desire to spend my life with you. It was love at first sight. I don't expect you to feel the same way, but let me help you make your decision."

"How can you do that?" Jimmy asked in his usual naïve fashion.

"Dear sweet Jimmy. I'm asking you to make love with me. I said, love. It's what makes the world go round. It's what Jesus preached was the greatest force in the universe. Even if we both go back to our respective seminaries, let's have a night to remember, before taking vows."

Jimmy looked so frightened. "I don't know what to do," he said. "It's such a big decision. It's not only about losing my virginity, it's about performing a homosexual act, and that's a major sin."

"I refuse to believe that love, in any of its incarnations, is a sin. Besides, you took this sabbatical to discover yourself, and all I see is that you are burying yourself in solitude, and avoiding having any experiences at all. I love you, Jimmy. Who better than I to show you the joys of love, to give you the experience which will help you decide your future?" Karl took hold of Jimmy's hand and squeezed it in his. He pulled Jimmy up, paid the lunch bill, and still holding Jimmy's hand, ran all the way back to the inn.

They went to Jimmy's room. Karl was sharing, and appreciated the complete privacy they would have here. Jimmy was as useless as a rag doll, and as limp as one. Karl closed and locked the door. The windows of the room overlooked the pool. He drew the drapes, and started to undress. All he had on were a pair of shorts, and a tank top. He wore no underwear. He stepped out of his sandals and stood naked in front of Jimmy.

"Please," he begged Jimmy. "Take your clothes off." Jimmy broke his trance. He had on a pair of jockey shorts, so it took him a nano second longer than Karl to get stripped. The two men stared at their nakedness. Jimmy was fully erect, much to his surprise. He was not cut, and his erect cock was close to seven inches. It was pretty normal in girth, neither too fat not too thin. Karl was cut, but the rest of his cock resembled Jimmy's.

Karl grabbed Jimmy in a bear hug, and placed his lips on the novice. Jimmy was delighted at how good it felt. He hardly noticed that Karl was forcing his lips open, and thrusting his tongue into his mouth. When he realized what Karl was doing, Jimmy began to respond. In no time at all, they were kissing passionately, as one tongue tickled the other sensuously.

Suddenly, Karl fell to his knees and buried his face in Jimmy's crotch. He grabbed Jimmy's ass, and pushed his crotch further into his face. His tongue came out. He began to lick Jimmy's balls, and then he began to swipe his tongue up and down Jimmy's shaft. Lightly he ran his tongue over the crown of Jimmy's cock. Jimmy's knees began to buckle. Karl had to grab him even tighter to keep him from falling.

"We'd better climb into bed," he suggested. He had Jimmy lie flat on his back and spread eagled. He climbed between Jimmy's legs and took the cock of his desires into his mouth. Every time he took a breath, he mumbled, "I love you Jimmy."

As he sucked away, oblivious to Jimmy's gurgles and sighs, he played with Jimmy's balls. It took him awhile to realize that they were hardening, and shrinking. He stopped sucking.

Jimmy cried out, "You can't stop now."

"Shush, my love. I have a treat in store for you." Karl ran to get his shorts. He extracted a wrapped condom from his pocket, and ripped it open before it was fully released from his pocket. It was lubricated, and he rolled it down Jimmy's rod as quickly as he could.

Jimmy's eyes were closed. He thought Karl was tickling his cock and he giggled. Before he knew what was happening, he realized that something had changed. He opened his eyes, and saw Karl hovering over him. Karl held Jimmy's cock gently and aimed it at his waiting ass. When Karl felt that the cock was in place for entry, he sat down hard, and Jimmy jabbed him to the hilt.

"Oh my God," Jimmy whelped. "Tell me what to do, Karl."

"Don't do anything. I'll do all the work."

Karl began to pump up and down on his love's tool. Instinct took over, and Jimmy started to thrust upward as Karl pushed down. Jimmy's cock was massaging Karl's prostate gland, and Karl came first. He screamed and groaned at the same time, and shot a load up and down from Karl's nose to his innie. As he did so, his ass constricted, and Jimmy came with one primordial scream. Karl tried to keep track of the number of times Jimmy squirted into the condom, but he lost count. He could feel gravity forcing Jimmy's cum out of the condom and out of him, and Karl was elated at his triumph in getting Jimmy to make love to him.

Karl didn't give a damn about the mess the two men had made. He pulled up from Jimmy and then lay down beside him. He pulled the novice to him and wrapped him in his arms.

"Before you tell me how you feel, I want you to remember that I love you. I want us to be a couple and spend our lives together. Please keep that in mind."

Jimmy was quiet for a long time. He was weighing his words carefully. Finally Karl had to say, "Please, love, tell me what you are thinking."

"Once upon a time, I thought that if I gave my life to Jesus I would experience Paradise. But, Karl, you just brought me to that sacred place. Paradise was mine for the entire time you were making love to me, and beyond. If I commit to stay with you, can you promise that every time we make love, we'll visit Paradise?"

"I can promise to try. If it will ease your mind, we can get married. I know a priest who will marry us in a religious ceremony, if that's what you want."

"I hadn't thought about it, but I think I'd like that very much. It will assure me that Paradise is in my future and not Hell."

Karl was thrilled. He began to kiss Jimmy as hard as he could. Jimmy took hold of Karl's resurrecting cock, and began to fondle it. "Do you realize that this is the first time, I've held another man's cock in my hand? It feels wonderful."

"Give me a moment, Love." Karl bounded out of bed and went into the bathroom, where he washed his cock thoroughly.

"What are you doing?" Jimmy asked.

"My cock was up your ass. Even though it was covered, I just cleaned it so you could taste cock at last."

"Yes. I've waited for this a long time."

This time Karl lay down on his back, and spread his legs. Jimmy got on his knees between Karl's legs, and started teasing him with his tongue. He swabbed all around Karl's crotch, and when Karl started to ask for relief, he took his lover's cock into his mouth, and started stroking it with his tongue. Karl rarely came twice in succession, but he was so aroused, he felt an orgasm about to erupt. Jimmy may have been a virgin, but he knew the signs. He pulled off Karl, and asked, "Do you have any more condoms?"

"I have three more in my left hand pocket."

Seconds later, Jimmy was rolling a lubricated condom down Karl's cock, and assuming the position. As he descended downward on his lover's cock, Jimmy was in excruciating pain, but he kept right on pushing. When he was all the way in, both men lay perfectly still. They were smiling at each other.

The pain left Jimmy rather quickly, and he began his thrusting motion. Mark's cock was massaging his prostate. He wasn't sure what was happening to him, but he was feeling sort of weird. He realized that he was beginning to experience another orgasm. He began to thrust harder and harder, and erupted all over Karl's chest. He was groaning so loudly, he never heard Karl screaming as loudly as he was, as he came in the condom.

This time they both got out of bed. The dirty condoms were flushed down the toilet, and they showered together. Jimmy had never had a shower like this before. Karl was driving him wild, fondling and sucking his cock, but when Karl began to rim Jimmy's ass, he started to laugh and cry at the same time.

When finally they began to look like prunes, they got out of the shower, dried off, and climbed into bed. They pushed their bodies together and dry humped each other's cocks, until they fell asleep thoroughly exhausted.

So it turned out that the fellow who insisted on a single room, spent the rest of his week with another guy. Of course, I didn't reduce his fee. Business is business, after all.

More tales to come....



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