Writing a "How To" Manual


"Even though you have just showered, the manual instructs us to start every good love making session with a shower. It's for cleanliness, of course, but it's also where the foreplay begins."

As my father began his instructions, he took me by the hand, and led me to the master bedroom shower. We were both naked, so no time was lost in shedding our clothing. I also noted that we were both perfectly aroused. We could have had a sword fight with our cocks.

Dad turned on the taps in the shower and when the temperature was to his liking, he stepped in with me in tow. "This is chapter one," he intoned. He stood me under the cascading water with my back to his front. His right arm reached around my shoulder and onto my chest. He had a bar of soap in his hand, and he began to rub it all over my torso. His cock was jabbing at my rear end.

I had died and gone to heaven, but then it got better, and I found myself somewhere beyond this solar system. His soapy hand started to stroke my cock. I wanted to cry and tell him that I would cum too soon, but he knew where I was at. He stopped stroking my cock abruptly, and stepped back from me.

Now he began to soap my back. He started at my shoulders, and worked down to my ass. He reached underneath me and soaped my balls, which were now aching for relief. Again he stopped abruptly, and fell to his knees. He parted my ass cheeks and started sucking gently on my crack, concentrating on my ass hole. I was squirming in delight, as he inserted a soapy finger. He began to ream me like a pipe cleaner, and I marveled that it didn't hurt at all.

When he inserted a second finger, it hurt slightly, but as he reamed me, a wave of untold pleasure enveloped me. My moaning grew louder and Dad inserted a third finger. This time it hurt quite a bit, and he stopped reaming me. He waited until the pain left me, and he pulled out.

"Why did you stop?" I asked, expressing my disappointment.

"Because you are now going to do the same things to me, and then we are going to dry off, and get into bed, where we will get into chapter two.

Once we lay down in bed, we held each other tightly. Dad was caressing my cock, so I did the same to him. Every so often he sighed and I knew I was pleasing him. Once again, he knew just when to stop stroking before my orgasm reached a point of no return.

"Chapter two concerns oral sex," Dad said in his best tutorial manner. "We'll play sixty-nine in the near future, but for now, I want to please you. Study my technique carefully, so you can give me as much pleasure as I am about to give you." The expectation of what was about to happen left me breathless, and totally speechless.

Unexpectedly my father gave me a trip around the world. I had thought he would go right down on me, but it was not to be. I was flat on my back, and his tongue found every square inch of me, from my lips to my ten toes and even inside my thighs. Then he turned me over and did the same to my back side, culminating in a rimming that seemed to go on forever. Finally he turned me around on my back again.

Now his slathering tongue found my pubic area, licking me, fretting me, avoiding my cock, until I thought I would go crazy. When he did take me into him, I did go wild. My body began to buck involuntarily. I could hold back no longer, and I came in violent thrusts. My cum filled Dad's mouth. I could tell he was swallowing some of it, but not all of it. I couldn't move, but he scooted up to me, and began to kiss me passionately. He passed the cum he did not swallow into my mouth, and I guzzled down what was offered to me.

I lay quite still. Dad lay quietly beside me. Neither of us could talk. When I caught my breath I began to explore his entire body as he had explored mine. I was wild with lust, and wanted his cock in my mouth so badly I was becoming crazed, but I proceeded at a slow and steady pace, just as he had. I took plenty of time, and when at last I took his dripping cock into my mouth, he came at least as fast as I did, if not faster. Again we lay side by side without speaking, and hardly breathing.

"Was it everything you hoped it would be?" he asked at last.

"Beyond my wildest dreams," I answered. "We were at it for such a long time, I'll bet Carl will be here any moment."

"Yes," Dad agreed, "and when he gets here, he'll instruct you in chapter three, anal sex. Are you ready?"

"Ready and very anxious to get going," I replied.

"Patience, my boy. Carl will love teaching you. Don't forget when we get to Montana, the three of us will make love constantly, and I want it to be the best for all of us."

Just then I heard someone opening the front door. Apparently Carl had a key. He bounded straight up to Dad's bedroom, took one look at us, and undressed in record time. He jumped into the bed and began to kiss my father with such passion that for a moment I was extremely jealous. The jealousy did not last long as he then proceeded to kiss me in the same passionate manner. I dimly remember my dad telling him that I was ready for chapter three.

Carl smiled at me. "I want you to know," he told me, "I love your father with all my soul, and I love you too. We are going to make a beautiful family."

For some stupid reason, I looked into his dark seductive eyes, and I started to cry. Carl kissed away my tears.

"I gotta ask my dad something." I looked at my father and smiled. I've wanted to ask you this since I was a little boy, but I was too embarrassed, but not now. Why did you never circumcise me like you are?"

Dad had the good sense to laugh. "Because I couldn't bear the thought of someone cutting you and hurting you." In that subtle way, he let me know how much he loved me.

"Well Carl isn't cut either, so we outnumber you Dad."

That elicited a good laugh from all of us, until Carl sobered us up. "You talk too much, and ask too many questions, young lover," he said. "It's time for chapter three, anal sex. That is, if you are ready and if you want it."

I looked into Carl's eyes and then my father's. "I have wanted this ever since I realized that I was gay."

They smiled, and both of them began to kiss me. After a while Dad reached into his night table and extracted a tube of KY jelly.
We won't need condoms between us," he said, "but if one of us wants to be with someone else, you must both promise to use them."

"I won't ever use them," Carl stated emphatically. Dad gave out a slight whimper and kissed Carl gently. I said nothing. That was too deep a sentence for me to comment on.

"I think we should place Tim in the middle," Carl suggested.

"Good idea," Dad answered. "That way he'll experience giving and getting. Two birds with one stone so to speak."

"Top or bottom?" Carl asked Dad.

"Top, this time," he answered. My heart skipped a beat when he said 'this time.' That meant that this encounter was merely the first time for the three of us.

Carl lay down on Dad's queen-sized bed and placed a pillow under his butt. Dad reached for the tube of lube he had taken out of his night table. He squeezed some out, and generously inserted the gooey stuff into Carl's man-hole. He greased my erect cock next, and gently guided me into Carl's waiting receptacle.

"Don't move," Carl instructed me, "until your father enters you."

It was a struggle not to start pumping, but I lay perfectly still, waiting expectantly for Dad to enter me. It was a slow process. Carl put a hand behind my head, pulled me to him and began to kiss me with open lips and thrusting tongue. Down below I could feel my father greasing my ass and reaming it. I wavered between pain and pleasure. I could tell when he put the real thing against my hole.

He pushed in ever so slowly. He had greased me very well, and the pain was minimal. Notwithstanding the fact that I would have endured torture for this moment, by the time Dad was all the way in, I felt nothing but pure sensual pleasure.

The three of us did not move until Carl gave the order to begin. My dad started to pump in and out of me. His strokes were long, but he never came out completely. I tried very hard to emulate him, and I also stroked as far as I could without falling out.

After a very few thrusts, we established a rhythm. All three of us were moaning and groaning in sexual ecstasy. Carl was stroking his own cock, when he suddenly yelled, "I'm cumming."

His ass began to constrict. Until then I had been trying to delay my own climax, but I became a slave to nature and let loose high up Carl's guts. I guess my own contractions spelled the end for my father also. I felt his juices coursing through my colon, and the moans and groans I had been exhibiting turned to screams of joy. I yelled at both of them, "I love you so much."

To be continued......



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