Alan's Angel


David Hanover was no virgin. Still his sexcapades were minimal. He was very fussy who he slept with. At twenty-four, he had been having sex with his "ideal" type for six years. Unfortunately, his ideal type was hard to find, and when he did find lovers who met his standards, none of them seemed to want to enter into a committed relationship. His ideal lover would need to be a clone of himself.

What was his ideal type? Young, of course; tall, dark, handsome and very well endowed. Alan Carson was none of those things, but David didn't know or care, because the two men had never met. The first David heard about Alan was when his step-father invited him to a birthday party that he was throwing for his friend, Alan. David opened the invitation, and he was quite surprised. He called his mother's current husband, Larry, and asked point blank why he had been invited.

"Well, he's quite a good friend of mine. We've known each other since grade school. The thing is, he's gay, and if you don't come, he'll be the only gay person at the party. There will be ten of us altogether. I hoped your presence would help make him feel more comfortable."

"I'm never uncomfortable when I'm the only gay person around," David remarked snidely.

"If you say so," Larry responded equally as snidely.

"You say that he's been your friend since grade school? Just what birthday is this one?" David asked.

"Oh, it's a big one. Fifty!"

"You've got to be kidding me. What could we possibly have in common?"

"I'm not asking you to go to bed with him, David. Just be here, and be friendly. Do it as a favor to me. You don't have to bring him a gift. I'll buy something for you."

David didn't feel that he owed Larry any favors, but he decided to say yes for his mother's sake. He liked Larry. In fact, he was the only one of his mother's three husbands he had ever liked. He never knew his birth father, who was gone two months before he was born. He wanted Larry to stick around. He seemed to make his mother happy, and he was nice to him, even when he found out that he was gay.

Part One

 Alan Carson

David figured that he would stay at the party for an hour or so, and then take off. He even decided to be fashionably late. His mother called dinner for 7:30 PM, and he arrived at 7:45. Dinner was not yet being served. His mother had graciously waited for him.

Larry opened the door for him, and he stepped into the hallway. The guests were still in the living room, which could be partly seen from the entrance foyer. David noticed some sort of a flickering light coming from the living room, and wondered what it could be. He followed Larry into the room.

The first thing he noticed was that one of the men in the room had a glow surrounding his body. It spread out about two feet. The light was silvery-white closest to the man's body, but graduated to a beautiful azure-blue as it radiated outward. David had once read that all living things had an aura, and that some people could actually see them. He himself had never seen one before, and he wondered, is this it?

Larry introduced him to the three other couples, all friends of his and David's mother, but he hardly noticed any of them, and could certainly not tell you their names. His eyes were glued to the man with the majestic aura. He could only wonder if the others could see the radiant shine which surrounded this man. Nobody seemed to notice.

Finally, Larry introduced him to Alan Carson. Alan shook David's hand and smiled at him. When he did, his aura glowed brighter. A tingling sensation went through David's body. He began to shiver, even though his body suddenly got very warm.

David stared at Alan, as if he was in a stupor. The man in front of him could not be fifty. His face appeared young, yet ageless, at the same time. He stood at least two inches taller than David. His body was trim and lean, but solid. His hair was still a sandy-brown color, and showed no hint of grey. If he colored it, David could not tell. His beautiful blue eyes were accentuated by long, black eyelashes. His nose exhibited the smallest of hooks, barely noticeable. But his beauty was in his full, rosy lips, which David found to be very sensual. They were offset by a square, manly chin.

David grew uncomfortable when he realized that he and Alan were holding their hands tightly interlocked. Neither seemed to want to let go. They didn't speak to each other, but their eyes conversed wildly. Each pair was conveying a message that read, "You are magnificent."

It did not enter David's mind for one moment that Alan was 'old.' He didn't even allow age into his emotions. Alan just WAS. What was he? Simply every gay man's dream come true. David was still perplexed by the fact that nobody seemed to notice the aura, except him.

Naturally, his mother sat him next to Alan at the dinner table. Neither man was shy. Under the table their hands clasped. They squeezed hard, and smiled at each other. David leaned over and whispered in Alan's ear. "What's happening here?" he asked.

"I'm not sure, but I think we have just met our soul mates." As Alan said those words, his aura grew brighter and wider. It threatened to engulf David also. David wondered if Alan could see his aura. He grew bold.

"Can you see my aura?" he asked.

Alan nodded.

"What color is it?"

"It starts out a glowing silver and graduates outward into a lovely blue. It's so beautiful, and so are you."

He squeezed David's hand tighter, and the young man abruptly started to cry. He jumped up, whispered, "Excuse me!" and ran to the powder room off the foyer.

Once there, he tried valiantly to stop his crying, but to no avail. The tears refused to be stemmed. There was a light tap on the door, and he heard Alan whisper, "Please come out, my love. I'll be at your side. After the party, I'll take you home, and we'll make love all night."

"Yes," David whispered back. His crying stopped, and he left the room smiling broadly at Alan. They returned to the dining room, and joined in the conversation.

After dinner, the guests insisted that Alan open his gifts. Larry had given Alan a beautiful pair of silver cuff links, presumably from David. Who the hell wears cuff links anymore? David thought. Then he realized that Alan was wearing a pair that very evening. He certainly seemed pleased with the gift. He figured that Larry knew this man very well. Alan went over to David to thank him, and he kissed him chastely on his cheek. As he did, he whispered in David's ear, "God himself has brought us together."

David was uncertain that Alan had ever uttered these words. He thought he had hallucinated the whole thing. Suddenly his head began to spin. In fact the whole room began to spin. He got sick to his stomach and was plunged into darkness.

Part Two

David Hanover

When he awakened, his eyes were still shut. He was afraid to open them, afraid of what he might see. Someone was holding his hand, and quietly calling his name. He was sure it was Alan's voice, and he tentatively allowed one eyelid to open.

He was lying on the bed in the master bedroom. Larry and his mother were standing at the foot of the bed, and looking at him with much concern. Alan was sitting on the bed, and rubbing his hand. When he saw that David was awake, he took a glass from the night table. He slipped his arm under David's neck and offered him a sip from the glass.

"Drink this," he ordered softly. "It's just plain, cool water. It will make you feel better." David sat up, opened both eyes, and Alan placed the drink at David's lips. He took a sip, and Alan put the glass back on the night table.

"I'm fine," the young man announced. "I think I'd like to go home now."

"You'll do no such thing," his mother said adamantly. "You'll spend the night in the guest room."

"Really mother," I'm fine. I just want to go home."

"He probably had a little too much wine at dinner," Alan ventured to say. "I'll take him home; see that he's tucked in, and perfectly safe."

"Yes," David agreed. "I'll be much better off at home in my own bed."

"It's settled then," Alan said as he helped David to stand up. Once he was out of bed, David noticed something. It is more accurate to say that he didn't notice something. Alan looked like an ordinary man to him. He couldn't see his aura at all. Not only was the aura missing, but so was Alan's youth. Even if he didn't look fifty, he certainly looked forty-something. He appeared to be much shorter than when David first laid eyes on him. He had shrunk to about five feet, nine inches. In addition he was slightly overweight.

David was confused, and very apprehensive about what was happening to him. Where was the youthful looking Alan he had lusted after earlier this evening? Had he been bewitched in some manner by Alan? If yes, was he a warlock or an angel? He didn't want to think about it, and he certainly had no desire to make love to this 'old' man. All he cared about at the moment was to use Alan to get him home and in bed.....alone.

Larry's mother called for a cab. The two men could easily have walked to David's apartment, but nobody thought that would be wise after the recent fainting incident.

Alan paid the taxi driver, and put his arm around David's waist. The young man thought that this was a bit of overkill, but he didn't stop Alan, fearing that he might faint again. When David felt Alan's arm around his waist, he thought to himself that Alan had grown taller. More than that, David began to see Alan's aura again. By the time they got upstairs, and Alan steered David into his bedroom, Alan had transformed into the beautiful man David had first laid his eyes on, maybe even more so.

Alan sat his young charge on his bed and started to undress him. He removed David's tie, and David peered into Alan's sparkling blue eyes. They were glowing as bright as his aura, which seemed to brighten with every article of clothing Alan removed.

When he was down to David's briefs, Alan asked, "May I?"

"Yes, yes, please," David whispered.

In seconds, Alan removed David's underwear, and he was lying naked on his back, spread-eagled. Alan began to undress rapidly. His body glowed brighter and brighter. His face grew more beautiful with every passing second. Gently he threw his body on top of David's, and offered David his lips and tongue. David's cock grew, thickened, and hardened the moment he felt Alan's tongue tickling his.

"Lie still, my love," Alan instructed. "Let me do it all." Alan really meant 'do it all.' His very educated lips and tongue bathed David's body from his head to his toes. The entire trip took over an hour as David twisted, writhed, and moaned in ecstasy. His substantial cock was coated with pre-cum. Finally, Alan turned his young lover over, and proceeded to bathe his backside with the same TLC as his front. He spent a long time slathering David's crack, and trying to enter it with his tongue.

David was beyond his endurance. "Fuck me, please," he screamed.

Alan turned David over, lifted his legs onto his shoulders, and began to enter him. He did not apply a condom or lube. David could care less. His ass was so wet from the bathing Alan had given him that Alan's fat, six inch, cut cock slipped in easily. David was amazed. He always started out with a little pain when someone fucked him, but all he felt at this moment was excruciating pleasure. He came the moment Alan entered him, and Alan spurted his juices high up David's guts a few seconds later.

After sometime passed, Alan began to soften, and he rolled over on his back to lie side by side with David. They clasped hands and David fell fast asleep in the afterglow of the best sexual encounter he had ever had in his life. He had found a prize that night, and he was never going to let him go.

Part Three

The Next Day

David woke up, and his first impulse was to reach out for his lover, but he found himself alone in bed and needing to pee badly. He ran to the bathroom and did his business. As he stood at the vanity, about to wipe the sleep from his eyes, he spotted a note. He picked it up and read:

My beloved David: I have waited half a century to find you. I'm not about to lose you. Please love me back just a little. I had an early morning business appointment, and had to run out on you. You were sleeping so peacefully, and looking so like an angel, that I didn't have the heart to wake up my sleeping cherub. Please meet me at six this evening at Duffy's on 47th Street. I'll call you after my meeting to confirm. Hugs and kisses. Sincerely, Alan.

David smiled and put the note to his nose, hoping somehow to capture Alan's scent. He glanced at his watch and realized that he was going to be a little late to work, so he called his office, knowing that the switchboard would not yet be open. He left a message stating that he would be slightly late due to a medical emergency.

David could not concentrate on his work at all. His mind kept going back to Alan and to the magnificent way he made love. He had gained a new found respect for maturity and experience. Sometime during the day, he realized that he had better buckle down if he wanted to remain gainfully employed.

His boss ambled by at one point and asked him what his medical emergency was all about. David admitted candidly that he had passed out during his mother's dinner party, but felt perfectly well now. Somehow he realized that was a lie. He certainly did not feel perfectly well.

Alan called him about 11 AM, and they confirmed their evening appointment. As they were saying their goodbyes, Alan whispered, "I love you David. I give you my soul." He hung up before David had a chance to respond.

David kept glancing at the clock on the office wall. It seemed that time was standing still. He wanted the interminable hours to speed by. He wanted it to be six o'clock at Duffy's. He decided that since he had been so unproductive all day, he would work until 5:30 and then go directly to the bar.

David had completely forgotten that it was Friday evening, and happy hour to boot. Duffy's was packed wall to wall with TGIF revelers. It was a very popular hangout for both gays and straights. David had spent many happy hours there with his friends. Alan was going to be difficult to locate in this crowd, unless David could see his aura. David scanned the room and did not see Alan or anyone's aura. He felt a moment of panic. It was a few minutes before six o'clock, so David should not have been disappointed that Alan wasn't there yet.

Suddenly an arm wrapped around his waist and drew him back. He felt a hard package against his ass, and someone was kissing his neck. He knew instinctively that it wasn't Alan. He turned and pushed the intruder away from him. The last thing he wanted was for Alan to see another man groping him.

"Hey man," Jerry Thornton said. "Why so unfriendly all of a sudden?"

"You scared me. That's all." David stared at Jerry. He was a friend, occasional fuck buddy, and damn close to David's ideal lover, tall, dark, young, and handsome.

"Sorry if I scared you. How have you been old buddy? I haven't seen you in a coon's age."

Before David could answer, he saw Alan approaching him. He saw his wonderful aura first, and then there he stood, more beautiful than the night before. He and Alan embraced and kissed, leaving Jerry with his mouth agape. He could not believe what he was seeing.

David was kissing a middle-aged man, shorter than David by two or three inches, slightly overweight, graying brown hair, and the worst thing of all, his blue eyes were shaded over like he was old, or had cataracts, or some other eye disease.

David introduced the two men. Jerry said, "Pleased to meet you," and made a hasty retreat.

They were not alone in this crowd, of course, but when they faced each other one on one, they were indeed alone in the room. Alan said, "I was so afraid you wouldn't come."

David smiled. "Are you kidding? Stampeding horses wouldn't have kept me away. In fact, let's skip all this bull shit. We'll pick up some fast food, go back to my place, and make love all weekend. Tonight I want to do all the love making. I want you to lie back, be compliant, and enjoy.

Alan smiled back, grabbed David's hand, and literally pulled him out of the bar.

Part Four

The Second Night

David and Alan rushed into Alan's apartment. It was closer to Duffy's than David's so that was where they went. David was impressed. The apartment was lavishly, but tastefully, furnished. Something in the d├ęcor made him feel welcome.

Alan could see the hunger in David's eyes. "Relax, darling," he said. "We have all weekend together. Come on into the kitchen, and we'll eat these hamburgers. It may be the only nourishment we get all weekend, besides the protein we produce ourselves." Alan laughed at his own joke. He grabbed David's hand and pulled him into the kitchen.

He threw the McDonald's bag on the table, and David opened it. Alan put out two place settings with dishes, flatware and napkins. As soon as everything was ready, David put a Big Mac and French fries on each plate. Alan got glasses out of a cupboard, and a two-liter bottle of coke from the fridge.

They sat down to eat and Alan said, "This is a feast fit for a king. It's the best dining experience I've ever had in my life, because I'm sharing it with you, and we're alone." David leaned over and kissed Alan on the cheek, just as his cell phone rang. He answered it instinctively.

"Hi Davie. (David hated being called Davie, and barely tolerated, Dave) It's Jerry Thornton here. Where did you run off to, and where are you now? I thought maybe we could get together tonight. It's been quite a while."

"Sorry man. Not tonight. I'm totally occupied," David said, smiling at Alan.

"Too bad. Maybe another time soon. Call me. By the way, who was that old, chubby dude you were with at Duffy's? He's not your style."

David was flabbergasted. Couldn't Jerry see how beautiful Alan was? Jerry's pronouncement sent an ominous feeling through David's body. He couldn't imagine why. He didn't dare answer, so he just hung up, and turned off his cell phone.

"There," he said, "no more interruptions." He looked at Alan, and he was almost struck dumb. He could not see Alan's aura. Worse, he looked older and a bit out of shape.

The ominous feeling that Jerry had invoked in David was becoming stronger. He had to close his eyes, and when he did, he was overcome by the feeling of love he had for Alan. It was such a strong emotion. Alan was the only man in the world who had ever made him feel safe, and overwhelmingly loved.

He dared open his eyes and saw Alan staring at him. His sparkling blue eyes were full of concern, but never mind. He was youthful and handsome again, and his body was enveloped in the beautiful silvery-white, blue aura, that gave so much comfort to David.

"I've eaten enough," David said. "Come, sweetheart, let's shower together, and then I want to make love to you until I collapse from exhaustion."

"Now that's an offer I can't refuse."

The two men jumped up, clasped hands and headed for the bedroom. They stripped rapidly and walked slowly to the shower. Their beautiful auras filled the entire space, and enveloped them in a mystic glow.

They stood under the running water for nearly two hours, kissing, fondling each other, and growing hornier by the moment. Unable to restrain himself, David turned Alan around and thrust his throbbing cock into Alan's willing and compliant ass. Climax came too quickly, and David apologized.

"Hush, my angel. We'll do this in bed again in a little while and it will take you longer. Promise me you will never regret our time together, nor anything we do as lovers. I told you. God has brought us together."

After a long and sensuous kiss, David whispered, "I promise, but tell me why you keep saying that God brought us together? I might as well tell you that I don't believe in God."

"Until September 11, 2001, I didn't believe either. Come let's dry ourselves and lie down in bed. I would like to tell you what happened to me on that monstrous day, and share the miracle with you."

Part Five


"My office was on the fifth floor of Tower One of The World Trade Center. On the morning of nine-eleven, I got up to get ready for work at the same time as I did every day. After that one bit of repetition, nothing else was the same.

"I stepped out of bed, and right on to a crumpled up towel. That caused me to lose my balance and I slipped. I hit my head on my night stand, and I literally saw stars. I lay still on the floor for a few minutes until the room stopped spinning. I tried to figure out how the towel got there, but I drew a blank.

"When I picked myself up along with the towel, I realized that it was damp. I reckoned that I had gotten up in the middle of the night to pee or something, and I must have dropped the towel that I had used to wipe my hands. I had trouble buying that scenario. I'm a neatnik, and I always hang my towels back on the bars. I would never drop a wet towel on the floor, and especially not next to my bed. Anyway, I put it out of my mind.

"As I left my shower, I realized that the towel bar was empty. I had thrown the damp towel into the hamper. I had to walk clear across the room, dripping wet, to retrieve another dry one from the linen closet. The soles of my feet were wet, and I tripped again on the tile floor. Fortunately, neither fall damaged anything except my rear end, which was getting really sore.

"Little by little, I got myself together, and I managed to dress. I went to the freezer and took out a frozen bagel. I popped it into the toaster, and went to my cupboard to get the coffee can. I prepared the coffee maker, filling it with water, and then I placed a filter into the brewer receptacle. When I opened the coffee can I was struck dumb. I could have sworn the can was almost full when I used it the day before, but now it was completely empty. I convinced myself that I was mistaken, and decided to have breakfast at a coffee shop near the subway entrance.

"After breakfast, I figured I'd be at least forty-five minutes late to work. Make that an hour. For some reason all the trains seemed to be delayed that morning. Again I thought that mine had gotten stuck somewhere along the way. At long last I found myself entering the lobby of the building. It was a little more than an hour later than my usual arrival time.

"Every morning, and every evening, I used the stairs to and from the fifth floor. I did not use the elevator, for two good reasons. First of all, climbing stairs is good exercise, and I prefer that to walking the city aimlessly, or using a treadmill. The second reason, dear David, is that I am somewhat claustrophobic, and elevators scare me a little. Please don't hold that against me."

"Never, never," David mumbled. "Please go on.

"I was somewhere between the second and third floor, when I heard a terrible explosion and I felt the building shake. I knew something bad had happened, but I didn't know what, or what to do, so I kept climbing. I had not yet reached the third floor, when I saw smoke coming out of the ventilator system. The lights went out, and we were plunged into darkness. Before I could assess the situation, people were coming into the stairwell from every floor. Things were orderly at first, but as the mass of humanity increased, panic set in. People began to push and scream as they attempted to get down the stairs. I found myself being jostled, and carried downward by the crowd.

"Then the miracle happened. I saw a white glow ahead of me. It seemed to be occupying the same space as the crowd of souls in front of me. Yet, that was impossible. At first I paid no attention, but as the light came closer and closer to me, I no longer heard the screams of the crowd, and I was no longer being pummeled. The glowing light seemed to lift me up and envelop me. I heard a voice. It was not a voice speaking to me, but a telepathic voice."

David was so awestruck by Alan's tale that without realizing what he was doing, he interrupted Alan. "What? What did the voice say to you?"

Alan smiled and ran his hand lightly across David's cheek. "Please believe me," Alan said. "Everything I tell you is true. As I felt myself floating in the arms of what I have come to believe was an angel, I thought, why me?

"God has blessed you, the angel answered.

"But why? I conveyed my thoughts to it. I have done nothing wonderful. I never go to church. I never worship him. I must admit, I don't believe in him.

"That is of no consequence to God. He has blessed you because you are a rare individual who does not judge his fellow man by his appearance. You never see scarred, old or deformed. When you look at someone, you see his inner beauty, the beauty of a loving soul. For that, you have received God's grace. Someday, you will meet someone who will be able to see past your own imperfections, and see only the beautiful, loving person that you are, and you two will be together through all eternity.

"Sleep now, the angel said. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember is being in the lobby, propelled forward by the crowd, which had now become a mob. I heard the voice one more time urging me to get as far away from the building as possible, for it was going to come down. By this time the second tower had been attacked. Both buildings were raging infernos. I could barely breathe the ash and smoke-filled acrid air, but somehow I managed to wend my way many blocks from the carnage."

David was crying, and Alan wrapped him in his arms. "You saw my aura, and you found me beautiful," he said. Now Alan was crying.

"David, I'm not beautiful, but you were able to look beyond that and see my soul. You are the beautiful one. Your physical beauty is matched only by your loving soul. I found the person my angel promised me. If from time to time you should see my imperfect physical incarnation, will you please still try to love me?" Alan began to sob uncontrollably. It was David's turn to comfort him.

"If you were a misshapen dwarf, I would still love you. Don't you see? You are God's gift to me. I would be some damned fool, not to realize that a gift from God has to be perfect. As far as I'm concerned, you are flawless."

The two men held each other tightly, and kissed for a very long time. "Aren't you forgetting something?" David asked.


"You promised that I could make love to you tonight, and that I could do all the work."

"I never go back on my word," Alan said. He led David to his bed, where he laid on his back, and David proceeded to give him an even longer trip around the world (Alan's world) than Alan had given him the night before. He explored Alan's body completely, carefully avoiding touching his cock or his balls.

In the end, Alan screamed to be taken. He could no longer bear the exquisite agony that David was inflicting on him. David finally gave in, and with one swipe of his tongue up Alan's balls, up the underside of his shaft, and across his piss slit, Alan came, screaming out in ecstasy.

"I love you, David," he screamed over and over again. And then he gave out one primordial cry, and fainted from too much physical joy. David rubbed his hand as Alan had done to him in David's parents' bedroom, and he began to revive. When he did, he not only looked into the eyes of his lover, but standing at the foot of the bed was Alan's angel, who was smiling at him.

David wrapped his arms around Alan, and held him as closely as he could. Then the angel enveloped both of them, and all three fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

The two men made love all weekend. They never left the apartment, and hardly ate a thing. David, and even Alan, came so many times, in so many different places in their bodies, that they both lost count. Neither of them could remember climaxing so many times in so short a time. They agreed that it must be a wedding present from Alan's angel.


When David's lease expired, he moved in with Alan. David's parents were not pleased. They didn't approve of the age difference, but when they saw how much the two men loved each other, they reluctantly accepted their union.

Whenever people saw the two men together, they immediately assumed that David was a gold digger, who had latched on to a foolish old 'daddy.' Some of David's friends even had the gall to ask him what he saw in the aging, overweight man.

David would answer, "More things than I can tell you about. Alan has the soul of an angel. In fact, there are angels out there, who count him among their friends. They assisted him on nine-eleven, and now, they stand by both of us, and protect us still.

"He loves God, and God has blessed him. When I touch him, I can feel magic flowing through all my veins and arteries. In my eyes, he is beyond beautiful. He is magnificent." His friends would then look at him like he was mad.

Alan and David never attended any church, but they held God in their hearts. Every evening, they spoke (not exactly prayed) to their angel. The three friends conversed, and on rare occasions, David and Alan could swear they saw it. They named their friend, Messenger, because it was God's messenger to them.



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