The CUMfort Inn Tales

The Proprietor's Tale

Chapter Four

I am the proprietor of The CUMfort Inn, and my name is Darius. Everybody calls me DD, so if you should read those initials later on in the story, you will know that it's me they are talking about. I am very happy to report that my inn and I have been the catalyst for many romantic unions among my guests. Some ended when their stay ended, but many became permanent. It never once occurred to me, that I myself might one day succumb to the magic cottage I had named The CUMfort Inn.

When I retired from the US Navy, I converted an old mansion on Ft. Lauderdale Beach into a gay resort. I have been running it for five years now, and I am pushing fifty. In spite of my age, my body is fit and muscular. I work out almost every day at a nearby gym, for at least an hour each session. The policy of the inn is that clothing is optional. I often spend a good part of the day hobnobbing naked with the guests at poolside. I am better built than most of them. My cock is five uncut inches when flaccid. My balls have not begun to sag. They are round and firm and full of my juices. I can say the same for my ass. It too is solid, round and bubbly.

I have had many guests come on to me, guests of all ages, from the twenties to the eighties. Let me tell you, I have never discriminated against any age group. You might be eighteen or a hundred and ten; if I am attracted to you, I have no problem climbing into bed with you. Of course, I have to adjust my technique based on age, and I have to defer to you if you want to call that discrimination. I can hear you young whippersnappers saying that those untrue words were spoken by a middle aged man; no young man would utter them. I can't wait until you put on a few years, and learn that I tell only the truth. In fact, I always do.

The usual stays at the inn were for a weekend, a week, or two weeks. It was rare for anyone to book more than two weeks, or conversely to book a single day. The normal check-in day was Friday afternoon, and Friday morning was check-out for those who booked a week or two. Imagine my surprise when I got a request from someone to book a single room for the entire months of December, January and February. It was a first for me, although I did offer a fifteen percent discount for extended stays of a month or more. Even so, nobody had ever taken advantage of the discount in the entire past five years. I crunched a few numbers, and I realized that the guest could spend three months here, for much less money than he would pay for a condominium rental for three months. He'd be on the beach, and as an extra added bonus, he would enjoy a gay environment. I wondered if I shouldn't actively pursue long-time guests, and do a little advertising in that regard. Well, I could think about it, when I saw how this first long-timer worked out. I couldn't wait for him to arrive. The first of December fell on a Wednesday, and a check-in day other than Friday, was also a rarity.

My booking procedure included a question, the answer to which was optional. I requested to know the guest's age. This way, if I needed to hook up two singles in a double room, I could be as compatible as possible. Not everyone felt as liberal about age as I did. Jake Harrison answered the question and I knew that I was expecting a man of forty-five.

When Jake arrived, I was at the desk in the lobby. I always wore a swim suit or shorts, when working the front desk. I did a double take when Jake walked in. He was only about five feet, nine inches tall, but he made me look like the before picture in a Charles Atlas ad. His tight tee shirt and his tight denim shorts could hardly contain his muscles or his package. I gawked, and Jake had to say, "Ahem."

I should have had the good sense to look at his face instead of his attributes, and I would have recognized Jake before he recognized me.

"Good God, it's you, DD," he said, sounding utterly surprised.

In my last year in the navy, I was assigned to teach some courses at a navy boot camp. Jake was a fellow instructor, but he was transferred after I was there about six months. We knew each other casually, but never got really well acquainted. I came out from behind the check-in counter, and we gave each other a very manly hug. I could clearly feel Jake's package, and I knew it was hardening. Then it struck me that Jake was gay, and I had never known.

I pulled away from him, and smiled, "You're gay, you old salt. I never knew."

"I could say the same thing about you, old timer. Isn't it great not to have to hide who we are anymore?"

"Absolutely, old friend. It's so great to see you."

Jake hugged me again. "I think we'll see a lot of each other," he said. "I just got discharged, and I came down for the winter to check this paradise out. If I like it, and I think I will, I might rent or buy something, and settle down."

"I'll help you in any way I can," I promised.

"I've got a shit load of stuff in the car, as you can imagine. Do you have somebody to help me get it to my room?"

"Sure, I'll get Jerry, the bellhop, and we'll both help."

The three of us unloaded Jake's car, and he moved it to a guest parking space. Then we brought his luggage to his room. Since I was in the room, Jerry failed to offer Jake his services, and I could see how disappointed he was. Jake tipped Jerry, and sent him on his way.

"Let me help you unpack, and get everything stowed away," I offered.


We worked in silence for a while, and then I had to say it, "Jerry you are a first class hunk. I wish I had known you were gay, when we were stationed together."

"And what about you DD? I'm getting all turned on just looking at you."

"Would you like me to offer you some relief?" I said, without smiling and looking very serious.

Jake laughed. He went over to the door, and locked it. In a nano second he was naked, and so was I. I was too hot for preliminaries. I fell to my knees, and took his magnificent cock into my mouth. Like me, he was uncut, and at least eight inches at the moment. I began to suck, using my tongue generously, and allowing my lips to pump his cock lightly. I would have expected a man in his forties to last longer, but he came quickly, and I was very disappointed.

He raised me up, and we began to kiss, passing his cum back and forth, until it was all gone.

"I'm so sorry," he said. "It's been a long time for me, and just looking at you, and touching you, got me all worked up."

"It's Okay," I hummed. "You're going to be here for three months. I hope we'll do this again and soon."

Jake didn't answer me. He just fell to his knees, and returned the favor. I'm afraid that I didn't last any longer than he did.

Afterwards, we lay naked in his bed, and kissed, and fondled. It occurred to me that we were having little boy sex, and I couldn't be happier.

Finally, I said, "I have to get back to the desk, but look, it's almost dinner time. Let me treat you to dinner, and I'll show you around the area. If you're not too tired, we can hit some of my favorite bars. I'm a fellow business man, and they never water down the drinks for me."

"It'll be a pleasure. What time should I meet you?"

"Be at the front desk at six, and remember to dress very casually?"

"What's casual in this neck of the woods?"

"Shorts, no underwear, muscle shirt and sandals. Anything more, and you're overdressed."

Jake laughed, and we reluctantly parted. As I walked to the desk, I thought, 'parting is such sweet sorrow.' I broke out laughing, and Jerry asked me what was so funny. I wanted to tell him that nothing was funny, but that I thought I was in love. Of course, I said no such thing.

I took Jake to my favorite gay bar and restaurant. Not that I cared, but on Wednesday evenings they featured the second meal at 50% of the cost of the lower priced meal. I had intended to pick up the tab, so I was pleased. At the same time I didn't want Jake to think I was cheap. Where was I getting all these shit thoughts from? I got my sanity back, and realized that we had three months to break bread together, and he would get his turn to pick up the check, or we would go Dutch.

After dinner, Jake bought us a drink at the bar, and we listened to the piano player for a while. I didn't want to usurp all his time, so I said, "Jake, my guests all party half the night, but when they come back to the inn, they hang out at the pool naked, until they make a contact, and then they hurry to one of their rooms. I think we should leave now, and you can join the fun."

Jake got the funniest look on his face. I couldn't read what he was thinking. Finally he said, "I found the guy I want to hook up with tonight, and as often as he'll let me. Stupid me, I thought you felt the same way."

"I grabbed Jake, and squeezed him as hard as I could. "Of course I feel the same way. I just didn't want you to think I was taking up all your time."

"I want you to take up all my time. If I'm not enough for you, I wouldn't object to a threesome or even a foursome."

"You're enough for me big boy. There's plenty of time to add another guy or two to our mix."

"Then let's get out of here. This afternoon was too hurried. We had sex like two high school boys. Let's go back and make love."

"You haven't seen my apartment yet," I smiled. "I have an idea. Let's go back to my place and strip. Then let's go to the pool separately. You go first. The guys will be all over you. Then I'll wander in, and you'll make a play for me. Finally, hand in hand, we'll leave the pool area. Those guys will be so jealous, and I'll get a kick out of it.'"

"I'll make you a deal. Your plan is just too time consuming for tonight. Let's go back now and make love. None of the guys have seen us together. We can pull your little joke tomorrow evening."

"I could lose you to someone else by tomorrow night," I whined.

"Not a chance in hell," Jake laughed. "Before we leave, I have a confession to make. I don't want to start us off with a lie."

"Should I be afraid?" I asked.

"Just the opposite. Listen, and don't interrupt. For weeks before my discharge, I searched the internet for a nice gay resort to spend the winter. Ft. Lauderdale was on my list, but it wasn't necessarily a priority. When I found your web page, and saw the name listed as proprietor, I nearly flipped. You see, old man, I had the hots for you back at that boot camp, but I didn't dare act on it. I was just getting my courage up to ask you to go on liberty with me, when I got transferred. DD, I didn't just wander into The CUMfort Inn by coincidence. It was by design. I fell in love with you way back when, and I have never stopped loving you. The only regret I have was my reticence to tell you how I felt, and for all the years we have wasted."

"But what if you had come on to me, and it turned out that I was straight?"

"I loved you enough then to take the risk. I love you more now."

We were still holding each other tightly. Somehow our lips met. Good thing we were in a gay bar.

"Let's get out of here," Jake said with great urgency.

We rushed back to my little three room apartment, which was adjacent to the main lobby. There was nobody in the lobby at the moment, and for some reason I was glad about that. I closed my door, but I couldn't lock it. The lock had never worked, and I had never bothered to have it repaired.

I started to take off my tank top, and Jake stopped me. "Let me undress you," he said. He removed my shirt, and before he could remove more, I took off his tee shirt. He removed my shorts and I removed his. We removed our own sandals, and fell into each other's arms. We held close, but did not kiss. We were standing cheek to cheek, when I realized that Jake was crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked with concern.

"Nothing is wrong, but I've been dreaming of this moment for so many years, I can't believe it's real. Please, DD, let's not rush."

"We'll take all the time we need," I answered. "Tomorrow is a light day ... no check-ins ... no check-outs. My crew will take care of the breakfast at the pool, and I can stay in bed all day if I want to.

We lay down in bed together, and immediately I felt Jake's hand on my cock. I put my hand around his arm, but I could only encircle about half of it. He was so muscled and hard, and I was having a difficult time believing that I was making love to Mr. America. We started to kiss, passionately. His tongue was tickling mine, and if I weren't trying to stay macho, I swear I would have swooned. In my head I could hear one of Scarlet O'Hara's neighbors fanning herself and stating, "I've got the vapors." I feared I was going mad, but at least I was in the protective arms of the strongest man in the world. I surrendered to him completely. If he wanted me to be his woman, I'd play the woman's part, and never ask him to reciprocate. I had never felt so submissive in my life before. Usually, I was the dominant partner. My tricks seemed to want it that way, and now I knew how they felt. So I just lay back and let him work his magic on me.

He stroked my cock lightly, and started to kiss his way down my body. He took plenty of time, and suckled my neck, my ears, my nipples, my outie, my pubic area, and when I thought he had reached my pleasure dome, he bypassed it completely. He kissed his way down the inner sides of both my legs, and suckled all my toes. I was moaning and writhing until I was sure I could be heard at the pool.

When I could bear it no longer, I uttered one word. "Please." He took my cock into his warm, moist mouth, and after a few deft strokes, I felt my orgasm developing. Jake stopped sucking me abruptly, and it subsided.

"Where's the lube?" he asked.

"In the top drawer of my night stand." There were condoms in there also. Jake hadn't asked for them, and I could see him deliberating. In the end, he opened a condom, and put it on his vibrating cock. He doused himself generously with lube, and put a glob up my ass. He stretched me with two fingers, but he should have known that an old warhorse like me needed no stretching.

He put a pillow under my butt, pulled me to the edge of the bed, lined up his rod with my asshole and started to enter.

He went in so slowly, I almost grew impatient and nearly said something, but I held my tongue. This was his ballgame and I wasn't going to spoil it for either of us. At long last, he started to stroke. Every time he started to cum, he stopped. He would then bend over and kiss me. One time he lay still for so long, I felt someone had to say something. It was me being submissive. "Let's get tested real soon, love. I don't want to use condoms anymore."

"Yes," he whispered back. He began to stroke again. "He emitted some sort of guttural sound, and I heard him whisper, "I don't think I can stop this time."

"Then give it to me hard," I begged. He did. His stroking became longer, harder, and he was massaging my prostate. "I'm cumming," I yelled.

"Me too," he moaned back, and we came together.

When we caught our breaths, Jake fell out of me. He threw the soaking wet condom on the floor, and lay beside me. He smiled at me and kissed me. "What do you think of that?" he asked.


"We had a simultaneous orgasm right out of the gate. We're perfect for each other. I love you."

"I love you too," I purred.

"Honey, in the morning, will you do something for me?"

"Sure," I answered, "anything."

"I want you to dominate me. Do whatever you want. I want you to do whatever your heart desires. I swear not to balk at anything. We're not kids anymore."

We smiled at each other. We kissed. We fell asleep.

We talked about a committed relationship almost every day after that, but we couldn't make a decision. Our sex life got better and better. Our social life improved tremendously also. So many of my friends were coupled, and I often found myself being excluded from some social event. Not so anymore. Jake and I were invited everywhere. We were wonderful eye candy ... two muscled navy vets. Oh, and did I say, two handsome navy vets?

It was in the middle of Jake's third month that I began to have nightmares about his leaving me. One evening, he was holding me in his strong arms after a wonderful sexual encounter, and I lost it. I started to cry, and I became his submissive, effeminate, partner again.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Don't leave me Jake, Please don't leave me," I sobbed.

"I didn't pine for you for the best part of a decade, to leave you now. I love you so much. By the way my bags are packed. Tomorrow I'll ask Jerry to give me a hand, moving into your apartment. I'd like to help you run this place. I've even figured out how we can add another wing inexpensively. It would have ten to twelve additional rooms."

"When did you intend on telling me all this?" I asked petulantly.

"When I had teased you enough," Jake started to laugh so hard, I was afraid he might choke. He wrestled me to the floor, and even though we had just made love, and even though we were two middle-aged gentlemen, we fucked each other to glory one more time that night.

"Once I get settled into your apartment, would you like to invite that third party you talked about into our bed?" Jake asked without expecting an answer. "I've got my eye on this one hottie, I've seen at the pool. I spoke to him this afternoon. He's on a two week leave from the navy. Even as we spoke innocently, he kept rubbing my biceps with his palm."

"Point him out tomorrow at the pool. I'm sure I'll approve, and if I do, let's invite him to spend the night with us."

"Fuck," Jake laughed. "Isn't this the greatest place in the world to retire to?"

More tales to cum......



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