The next day, just before practice, my team mates  passed furtive glances at each other when I showed them the ‘scratch’ on my  arm, which was covered by a Band-Aid.  I  told them that a wolf had done the nasty deed.   Then I further confused them.  I asked  if they could smell anything strange in the locker room.  When I got nothing but negatives, I said, “I  don’t know guys.  Everything smells so  different to me today.”

“How so?” One of them asked.

“Pungent, acute, sharp,” I answered.  “All of the above.”  

More furtive glances were exchanged around the room,  and then came the crowning blow.   In  walked Wolf and asked to speak to the coach.   Coach Baker came over, and Wolf said, “I’d like to try out for the  team.  I know there are only two games  left this season, but I’d like to play all next year.”

The looks around the locker room were so precious, I  wish I had a camera.  Disbelief filled  the air.  The coach looked dubious.  “Come outside with me.”

Wolf and Coach went outside, and moments later they  returned with Coach’s arm around Wolf’s shoulder.  Wolf told me later that they tossed the  football back and forth a few times, Coach hugged Wolf, and asked where he had  been all these years.  

Back in the locker room, he told the guys that Wolf  had been added to the team.  For now he  was a wide receiver, but he was also a backup quarterback.  He gave him some gear, and Wolf joined us in  practice.  At first the team was  doubtful, but by the end of the practice session, Wolf was an accepted member  of a grateful team.

When Wolf and I were both absent from school at the  next full moon, there was plenty of whispering behind our backs, but nobody  said a word to our faces.  The thing that  was most evident to me, was that nobody showed fear, only respect.  I liked the idea of everyone thinking we were  werewolves.

We won the next two games by wide margins thanks to  Wolf, but our seasonal record was not good enough to compete in the  regionals.  I was positive that the  following year would be different.

Notwithstanding that both sets of parents were aware  of our union, and had approved, they were as strict as ever about our  commitment to our studies.  Having sex  remained restricted to weekends, but with a difference.  We divided our time, between our two  homes.  

At this point I should say that our love making  improved every time Wolf and I had the opportunity to do so.  We even told Carl about a few tricks we had  developed, and he added them to his manual.   Carl had not included any mention of the role ‘golden showers’ might  play in the sex lives of some people.  He  felt it was not a universal enough practice to include it.  Wolf and I told him how excited we got when  we peed on each other in the shower, while indulging in chapter one.  At our insistence, he added a chapter on  peeing, and we described our routine to him.

It had happened quite by accident one day while we  were in the shower.  We were happily  soaping our bodies, paying particular attention to our ass holes, when I said,  Shit.”

“What?” Wolf asked.

“I gotta pee really bad.  I’ll be right back,” I answered as I started  to step out of the shower.  Wolf grabbed  my arm.

“What kind of wuss are you?” he asked.  “Pee in the shower.  In fact, pee all over me.” 

I had heard about golden showers, but it was not  something I ever thought I would want to do.   However, I loved Wolf so much, I would try anything with him, or for  him.  I started to pee on the floor, and  then Wolf handed me one hell of a shock.   He fell to his knees, and placed his mouth directly below my piss  flow.  I was so shocked, I tried to stop  peeing, but Wolf had already swallowed what he had drunk.  “Pee all over my body,” he commanded.  I had plenty of stuff still in me, and I  barraged him with my piss.  

He rubbed my pee all over his hairy body, and  announced loudly, “Man, that felt so good.”

By now, after watching the joy I had given Wolf, my  lust had grown beyond control.  “Do it to  me,” I screamed, and Wolf obliged me.  In  future sessions, we not only peed all over our bodies, but we peed in our  mouths, and in our asses.  Unfortunately,  we both had to shit afterwards.  We  laughed like hyenas, when Wolf got to the commode first, and I had to wait for  him to finish.

“Hurry,” I commanded him, “or I’ll shit on the floor.”

When we were all cleaned up, and lying in bed,  attempting to improve on chapter two, oral sex, we found ourselves unusually  horny, and attributed it to our recent shower scene.  “Beats Hitchcock’s Psycho shower scene,” I  laughed.

Afterwards we told Carl how much it had enhanced our  love making.  We convinced him to write a  chapter on the practice, or at least to include it in chapter one, what to do  in the shower.  When we asked Carl one  day, what he was going to do with his finished manuscript, he said that he  would send it off to a publisher he knew.   The man published gay erotica, and even though Carl did not expect to  earn any royalties, he wanted to share the joys of gay love, and all its  possibilities, with his brothers.

Our united families celebrated Christmas together that  year.  Carl and Miriam did most of the  cooking.  Sitting with Wolf in our church  on Christmas morning, I reflected on the fact that I had never been happier in  my life.  I held Wolf’s hand and squeezed  it.  I didn’t care who saw me.

I knew that my father felt the same way.  As much as he missed my mother and brother,  the peace and serenity, he had found with Carl in this stress free environment,  was very evident.  I certainly could  recognize contentment when I saw it on someone’s face

After the service one of our team mates came over to  speak to us.  “I didn’t think that wer……,” he started to say something, but stopped in mid-sentence.  I was sure he was going to say that he didn’t  think werewolves went to church, but instead he said, “Merry Christmas,” and  disappeared.  We laughed about it all the  way home.  

This time, the holiday dinner was in Wolf’s home.  Wolf and I did what we could to help, but when it became a matter of sitting around, and waiting for all the food to be  ready, we went to his bedroom.  We  undressed rapidly, and fell on the bed for a quick game of sixty-nine.  We both tried very hard to stifle our  climactic groans, but I was sure the old folks could hear us.  Well, it couldn’t be helped, and we didn’t  mind that we kept them aware of how much we loved one another.

When we returned to school after winter break, the  football season was over, but we were just beginning basketball, and I was on  the team.  Wolf surprised me by trying  out, and making, the team.  Of course, he  was a valuable asset.

The biggest surprise of all, was when he began to hang  out with our team mates at the mall on Saturday nights.  I had stopped going so I could use the hours  to make love to Wolf, but he knew I missed the socializing, and he changed his  hermit ways to please me.  I loved him  more every day.

During the summer, Wolf worked on the farm, and I  worked in the store.  We couldn’t wait to  begin our senior high school year.  We  concentrated on our studies and on achieving a great reputation in sports.  The irony was that in the end, we both got  academic scholarships to The University of Montana.  We were going to room together and start a new phase in our lives.  We would no  longer be able to participate in the wolf ceremony, and the only ones who might  suspect that we might be werewolves, would be any of our old high school  friends, who would be attending our University.   We actually hoped they would spread the rumor and continue the mystique,  but none of them did, for fear of being labelled a nut case.

The first parents’ weekend was scheduled for the  second weekend in October.  Carl and Dad  came to see us, but Luke and Miriam were unable to get away, and said they  would see us for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wolf and I were excited to show my parents around the  school and the city.  They were staying  in a nearby hotel, and arranged for the four of us to have dinner at their  hotel.  It was at dinner that Dad dropped  an atom bomb.

He looked Wolf straight in his eyes.  “Wolf,” he said, “you know that Tim has had  sex with Carl and me.”  He stopped  talking and Wolf nodded.

“Well, we, Carl and I, were talking, and if you have  no objections, we would like to make it a family affair.”

The silence at our table was deafening.  I was mute.

“If you would rather not, we’ll understand, and no  hard feelings, “Carl said.  

There was another long silence.  At long last Wolf said, “I once asked Tim if  you three guys ever had sex together, and he didn’t deny it.  I told him how lucky he was.  Now you offer me the same love and luck.  Of course, the answer is yes.

The destiny which had brought us to Montana, was  fulfilled that night.  We four men, who loved each other emotionally, more than any other human beings in the universe,  were blessed to express our love physically before the day was over, and the  world was a wonderful place.



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