The CUMfort Inn Tales

The Twinkie's Tale

Chapter Five

My name is Darius Dimitri, proprietor of a gay resort hotel on Ft Lauderdale Beach. When Diego Rodriguez checked in for a week's stay at The CUMfort Inn, I had to ask for his ID. He didn't look a day over fifteen. Fortunately, he had celebrated his eighteenth birthday not two weeks earlier. It just so happened to be spring break time. Ft Lauderdale had lost its appeal for most college kids as a destination for the event, but there was still plenty going on, and many underage high school kids wanted to get in on the action. I had to be extra careful checking IDs.

His name was pure Latino, but he looked nothing like his name. He was stereotypically white Anglo-Saxon. He had sandy, light brown hair, and a very fair complexion. Only his dark brown, almost black eyes, suggested a Latin background. I figured mama was a wasp and papa was Latino. He was slight in stature, maybe 5'8" at most, but he wasn't scrawny. He was well-muscled and I was sure he worked out a lot.

Diego had requested a double room, and trusted me to be the matchmaker. The roommate I fixed him up with was a twenty-two year old named Luis Martinez. I figured two Latinos would be compatible. As usual, I assumed too much.

"Thanks for choosing The CUMfort Inn for your getaway," I said to Diego. It was my routine welcome to all guests. He smiled and thanked me. I then told him about the get-to-know you barbecue that evening, and informed him that shorts or a bathing suit was required attire for this event only.

"The brochure said that there is a gym nearby. May I ask where it is?"

Aha! I was right about his working out. I told him where the gym was located, and told him he might see me there also. I handed his room key to Jerry, the bellboy. Jerry made Diego his usual offer for services, but Diego had neither the means nor the inclination to pay for sex.

"I'll think about it," he told Jerry. He didn't want to give him a flat out 'no'. He preferred to leave a door slightly ajar ... just in case. Diego was determined to lose his virginity before he went home to New York City.

Since his roommate had not checked in yet, Diego chose the bed closest to the window, and proceeded to unpack. Then he did the boldest thing he had ever done in his life. He went out to the pool with only a towel, and his birthday suit in full view. And what a view he was. This short, muscled, hunk had a hidden asset. His cock was at least five and a half inches flaccid, and Diego knew that it exceeded eight fat inches when aroused. He was cut, and his father and grandfather were uncut. When he was little, and could question these things without adult like embarrassment, he had asked his father about it.

"When you were less than a month old, you developed a terrible infection in your penis," his father explained. "The doctor said that your foreskin was too thick and too long, and that for matters of health, you should be circumcised. I didn't like it, but I had to go along with it for your sake."

He found a lounge chair at poolside, and spread his towel out so that it covered the seat and back. He did all this slowly, deliberately and dramatically. He wanted to be noticed, and he was, but nobody made a move on him. Perhaps it was because he looked like jail bait.

Sitting naked on the lounge chair, Diego began to doze off. This was highly dangerous in the semi-tropical Florida sun. Fortunately, he didn't doze long enough to hurt himself. As he drifted off he began to have flashbacks of his life, and the events which brought him to this moment in time, the most adult thing he had ever done. Here he was, nude, in a gay resort hotel. He was elated at the thought.

He was only five when his mother and grandmother were erased from planet earth by a very drunk young man, who had been celebrating his twenty-first birthday. The women were returning home from a shopping spree, and were hit broadside, when the drunkard ran a red light. He was killed outright, but the two ladies lived almost forty-eight hours before succumbing to their wounds.

Diego's grandfather sold his house in the suburbs, and came to live with his son and grandson in the city. Neither man ever remarried, but the three of them became closer than ordinary son, father and grandfather. By the time he was twelve, Diego knew that he was different than his schoolmates. He was scrawnier and shorter than most of them, and they bullied him unmercifully. One day, one of his tormentors called him "a fucking fag."

Diego had no idea what those words meant. He had never heard either of them before, so he asked his father to define them for him. Diego's father, Rico, Jr., figured that by twelve his son was probably whacking off regularly, so he explained what each word meant, literally. He tried to stay age appropriate, but when he explained fucking, that became a difficult task. Diego was fascinated by everything he learned that day, including the fact that he was probably a fag.

He was close enough to his father, and his grandfather, that he could have admitted it to them, except that one thing stopped him. These two gentlemen were macho, macho men. Their muscles had muscles, which had been earned from long hours at the gym, and even longer hours playing sports in high school and college. Diego had never cared much for sports, but he worked out diligently with Rico, Jr. and Rico, Sr. at the gym. Diego believed that they were so hetero, and so Catholic, that they would kill him if they learned the truth. He kept his secret buried in his closet.

When he graduated high school, he decided to lose his virginity at the ripe old age of eighteen. He was determined to make that goal a reality. He researched long and hard before booking a week at The CUMfort Inn. He was well into his freshman year at college, and he told his father that he was spending spring break with friends from college in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Diego had never had many friends, and Rico, Jr. was delighted. He drove his son to the airport, but he didn't park the car. He just dropped him off at curbside. Diego quickly took the shuttle bus to another terminal and flew to Ft. Lauderdale.

Lying on the lounge, basking in the sun, Diego had two emotions sweep over him. Of course, he had pangs of guilt about lying to his father and grandfather, but he was also filled with despair. He believed he had so much to offer, and not one of the guys had approached him or made a move on him. He wondered if he would have the nerve to make the first move on one of them. He also hoped that maybe his roommate would like to be a roommate with benefits. He swore to be more proactive.

He was beginning to feel the harmful rays of the sun, so he decided to go back to his room, meet his roommate, and get ready for the party. He knew what he would wear; his sexiest speedos, which left nothing to the imagination. When he returned to his room, he was still the only occupant. He lay down on his bed totally naked, and dozed off once again. He was lying on top of the covers, flat on his back, and he was having an erotic dream. He dreamed he was having sex with his father and grandfather, and his hard-on was reaching for the ceiling.

That's how Luis and Jerry found him. Jerry made his usual offer, knowing full well that Luis would reject him for that succulent cock in the bed. He retreated hastily from the room. Luis's mouth watered for Diego's cock. It was one of the biggest, fattest rods he had ever been privileged to gaze upon. He tried not to disturb his roommate, and so he unpacked as quietly as possible. Unfortunately all the dresser drawers were warped from the hot, humid climate, and they squeaked terribly when he tried to open them. Still, Diego slept.

When he was unpacked, Luis stripped and decided to go to the pool to check out the action. He had plenty of time before the big party that evening. Before going to the pool, he had to pee. He didn't bother to close the door, and somehow the sound of piddling, and running water in the sink, finally woke the sleeping beauty.

"Hey." Diego said as Luis exited the bathroom.

"Hey," Luis responded. He walked over to Diego's bed. Diego made no move to cover himself.

"I'm Luis," he said extending his hand.

"Diego. Are you going to the pool?"

"Yeah," Louis answered. "Would you like to join me?"

"No thanks. I've been there already, but the sun forced me to make a quick retreat. Maybe you would prefer to stay here and get better acquainted?" Diego asked, and waved his hand toward his exposed manhood.

"I have never seen a more enticing cock, but I'm here to find a sugar daddy, and you sure don't fit the bill. I need to save myself for when I find the right guy."

"How do you go about finding a sugar daddy?" Diego asked, naively.

"Come to the pool my little beauty, and observe."

About the time the two young men were headed for the pool, I was checking in two much more mature gentlemen, who would be sharing a room. I assumed that they were married, or partners at least. The younger appeared to be in his early thirties and the older in his late forties. I found out later that they were forty-two and sixty-four. It was quite a shock. I have never seen so perfectly preserved, hard bodies in my life. They were both very handsome, and I must say that my cock twittered.

The younger one signed in as Ricky Ricardo, and the older signed in as Trini Lopez. Obviously they wished to remain incognito. This happened a lot. I would often get older guests, who were probably married to women, and who had told their wives that they were on a business trip. They would sign in using false names, and lucky were the guys they hooked up with. These men were hungry to make up for lost time and missed opportunities. They were tigers in bed. I wouldn't have minded being in the middle between those two hunks that night.

At the pool, Diego observed Luis carefully. He had no trouble approaching older men and flirting. Diego also noticed that the men he approached were not the best looking guys at the pool, but they weren't the ugliest either. They all had one thing in common. They were very flattered by the handsome young man who was coming on to them. Standing really close to these guys, Luis would cop a feel, encouraging reciprocal action.

After just five minutes of conversation with one of them, Luis began to leave the pool with a man Diego guessed to be about fifty. He was very plain, somewhat overweight, and under-endowed. Diego now realized what Luis's secret was. Luis winked at Diego as he went off to his pick-up's room. Luis never returned to their room until mid-morning the next day, and spent most of the week with his conquest. Diego was about to return to his room when he heard a voice behind him.

"Did your buddy just score?"

"I suppose," Diego said as he turned around to see a handsome man who appeared to be in his early thirties. Unlike Luis's conquest, this man was tall, handsome, uncut, and very well hung. He had a dark complexion, but Diego knew he wasn't a Latino. He smiled at Diego.

"Here," he said. "Sit beside me." Diego sat down on an unoccupied adjacent lounge chair.

"My name is Hawk," the man said offering Diego his hand.

"Hawk?" the young man asked, wondering at the strange name. "You're Native American, aren't you?"

Hawk smiled. His pearly white teeth sparkled in the late afternoon sun. "That I am," he said. "But what really defines me is that I'm a lawyer from New York."

"I'm from New York also," Diego smiled right back. "Manhattan, to be more specific."

Would you like to do what your buddy is doing?" Hawk asked boldly.

"Not really," Diego answered. Hawk looked surprised and disappointed at the same time, so Diego quickly explained.

"Don't misunderstand. I want to have sex with you, but this is my first time, and I want it to be special. I don't want to have a quickie before the party. Can I take a rain check until after the barbecue? We can go slow and easy then, and we can spend the night together."

Hawk smiled revealing his pearly white teeth again. "I like the way you think," he said. "I'm all for it." They assisted each other in applying sunscreen, and spent about an hour chatting.

When they got up to go shower, and get ready for tonight's shindig, Hawk gave Diego a chaste, closed mouth kiss on the lips. "You see that lamp post in the corner under the canopy?" he asked. "I'll be waiting for you there."

While Diego and Hawk were making a date for later that evening, Ricky and Trini were unpacking in their room. They had already told Jerry they would consider a threesome with him. They left him with their promise of 'maybe.' They both found young meat to be very arousing.

When everything was unpacked and stowed away, Trini stripped naked and lay down on the double bed (which they had requested instead of twin beds) and he posed enticingly for Ricky. He turned his ass toward the younger man and spread his cheeks.

"I've got no will power," Ricky said, and fell on Trini. His tongue found Trini's spread asshole and entered it. He licked all around the opening and about a half inch further in. Trini began to moan and to twist his body.

"Please," he said, "don't waste time. Fuck me."

Ricky took lube out of his suitcase and prepared both of them. They had been lovers for many years, and no condom was necessary. Ricky entered Trini effortlessly, and they fucked for almost an hour. After all these years, and into their maturity, they had both mastered the art of edging, and could delay their climaxes for an exceptionally long time.

After Ricky spilled his seed high up Trini's gut, his semen swam onward and upward, fruitlessly seeking an egg to fertilize. He lay on top of his lover, unable to move, totally spent. After what seemed at least another half hour, Ricky reluctantly got up. "Fuck me now," he requested.

"Later," Trini said, it's getting late. I'll fuck you after the barbecue."

Ricky smiled and kissed his lover. "I'll hold you to it," he said. "Now let's shower."

Hawk had no way of knowing, but I always set up the bar adjacent to the lamppost where he had asked Diego to meet him. What they thought was an isolated section of the pool area was thick with nearly naked bodies of all shapes and sizes, and that goes for the variety of cocks also. A hint of what the men had to offer was clearly outlined in their tight fitting speedos and shorts. There was no way either of them could meet up or hang out there. Diego had arrived early, but he was standing aside with eyes roaming all over trying to locate Hawk. Because he was searching far and wide, he spotted them first. Ricky and Trini were trying to push their way to the bar. Along the way, more than a few pairs of hands fondled them.

When Diego saw them, he froze. He wanted to run, but he couldn't. His brain was exploding in confusion. What were his father and grandfather doing here in a gay resort, and why hadn't they told him they were going on vacation the same time as he was? He tried to move a foot and run, really he did, but he was paralyzed. In fact, he was so paralyzed that Trini spotted him before he could disappear from view. He grabbed Ricky's arm, and now he was frozen in place.

Ricky didn't see Diego at first, but Trini had renewed the muscle power in his legs, and he was dragging Ricky toward the stunned boy. Ricky saw Diego soon enough. He grabbed Diego's arm and dragged him away from the pool area to a small courtyard behind the pool's cabanas. In one of life's most surreal moments, Diego spotted a guy giving another one a blow job behind a bush. At that moment, he would have welcomed death.

He certainly didn't expect what happened next. Ricky grabbed him in a bear hug, and Trini stood by grinning. They both began to kiss him on each of his cheeks, and he heard Ricky say, "You lied to me. You said you were going to Colorado."

"Dad," Diego started to say.

"Ricky," his father corrected him. "I'm Ricky here, and Grandpa is Trini."

"As much as I could use a drink," Trini said, "I think we should stay right here and discuss this."

Ricky agreed, but Diego said, "I was supposed to meet a guy at the barbecue. I don't want him to think I stood him up."

"We won't be long, and we'll get right back to the party," Ricky said.

"I don't know about your father, but I sure am bowled over," Trini said.

"You can think about it all night tonight, and all day tomorrow, but now I need an explanation from you two. You are the two people I love most in the world. How could I not know that you were both gay."

"Not only gay, Son, but lovers. Let me tell you all about it. From the day our wives died, Grandpa has been living with us, as you know. One evening, early on, you had just gone to bed, and we began to reminisce about our lost loves. Suddenly I was crying like a baby. Grandpa stood me up and put his arms around me. We hugged each other so hard, I felt his package rubbing against mine. Neither of us was really aware of anything. We were both getting hard, and we began to rub harder and harder. Grandpa whispered in my ear to let me know he was cumming. He tried to push away from me, but I pulled him in tighter, rubbing even harder, and we both came.

"Then the strangest thing happened. Instead of apologizing and expressing regret, we smiled at each other, and our lips met. No words were spoken, but we both knew that we had found our new lovers. We tried to be very discreet. We only made love when you were not home, or when we were sure you were asleep. Not that we don't miss you like hell, but we couldn't wait for you to go off to college."

The courtyard was plunged into an eerie silence. Noises from the party were sifting in, but still it seemed deadly quiet.  Aren't you going to say anything, Diego?" his grandfather asked. "Condemn us or give us your blessing, but don't remain silent."

"For Pete's sake. I'm standing here as jealous as I can be. You guys have been doing what I have only dreamt about for years. I'm still a virgin. I was hoping to end all that tonight with this guy I was supposed to meet, but now my dreams have changed. I still want to lose my virginity, but I really want to make love with both of you also. I've fantasized about it for years. I dream about it all the time."

Suddenly they heard a voice. "I thought I saw you head out here," the voice said. It was Hawk. "I didn't know you were into old men Diego," Hawk said insulting the young man and his elders.

Before Diego could answer Trini said, "He's not into us, sir. We are all old friends from home. We were quite shocked to run into each other here. Let me introduce ourselves, I'm Trini, and this is Ricky."

"I'm sorry guys. I was just kidding. You two men are very hot. I could climb into bed with either, or both of you, any day of the week."

"Well, we have plenty of time to explore that possibility, but for now, why don't you two have the date you planned for tonight," Trini suggested.

Diego grabbed Hawk's hand and off they ran to Hawk's single room. Once there, they dropped their skimpy groin coverings, and fell into each other's arms. "I don't want to be a virgin anymore," Diego pleaded. Hawk led him to the bed and laid him gently down on his back. Diego's major asset was standing straight up, daring itself to reach the ceiling. It nearly crazed Hawk, but he restrained himself.

Hawk laid his body on top of Diego's and placed his lips on the young virgin's. They kissed with closed mouths, and Diego began to shed a silent tear. Hawk opened his mouth, and his tongue forced open Diego's lips. Now they began to kiss earnestly, and with great passion. Diego was filled with such joy as he had never known before. His arms encircled Hawk's body, and pulled him so close their bodies almost fused.

Hawk began to slither down Diego's body. His intention was to give the boy a long and sensuous trip around the world, but he was too aroused and he tongued his way quickly down Diego's torso. He gave one swipe of his tongue along the underside of Diego's massive shaft. The youngster spasmed and screamed and came gushing all over Hawk's face.

When he calmed down, and Hawk had wiped Diego's cum off his face, he moaned, "I didn't want to cum so fast. I'm so sorry." Hawk just smiled.

"You're young," he said. "I'm sure you'll recover soon enough. Now, how would you like to taste cock?"

"I'd love to, but I want you to do me a favor."


"If possible don't cum. I want you to fuck me and cum in my ass. Okay?"

"The pleasure will be all mine."

For the next twenty minutes Diego sucked Hawk's cock. Hawk was not silent about giving the young man instructions, and telling him how he liked it, and how to do it. Diego loved the taste of Hawk's cock. It was everything he dreamed of. He was fondling Hawk's balls when he felt them getting hard and shrinking. Hawk pulled away. He smiled at Diego, jumped out of bed and went to his suitcase which was sitting on a stand. He removed some condoms and lube.

He prepared his protégé by inserting one, two and then three greasy fingers up Diego's ass. He reamed that virgin ass until he felt the boy was ready. Then he entered him with his sheathed, lubed cock. He entered slowly, and the pain was minimal. He began to pump immediately, as Diego groaned in rapture. Both men thought the same thing: Diego was born to be a bottom. Hawk was very aroused, and he came quickly.

When they were recovered and lying side by side, Diego said, "That was awesome. I'm hard again. Could I do that to you now?"

"With pleasure."

Diego repeated everything Hawk had done, and this time it took him longer to cum, much to Hawk's delight. Diego would have loved to have gone on having sex all night, but Hawk fell asleep in his arms and slept until morning.

In the morning they showered together, and went out naked to the poolside for the complimentary breakfast. There they ran into Ricky and Trini, and once again, Hawk admired their endowments.

Hawk had not come to the inn to find the love of his life. He came to fuck as many men as he could. Now that he had conquered his twinkie, Hawk was already on the prowl for his next prey. He spotted a likely looking candidate, excused himself, and approached a middle-aged man. Hawk did not discriminate against age or skin color.

Ricky saw the look of despair on Diego's face when Hawk left them. He took the boy's hand, and said, "Don't worry. There will be many more just like him, but sooner or later you'll find your soul mate." He smiled and took Trini's hand.

"You're right. I know. But for now let's discuss you two guys, and what the three of us are doing here. I have a right to be part of the family, and therefore, to share your secret."

"Yes. After breakfast, let's go back to our room and we'll discuss the whole situation."

Diego could hardly eat his breakfast. He just wanted to get back to his father's room. He had every intention of using every bit of his wiles to seduce the pair of them. If he only knew how ready they were to be seduced.

At last they were back in Ricky and Trini's room. They were naked and all three were sporting well-endowed erections. No words were necessary. Ricky and Trini wrapped themselves around Diego. He felt himself being slathered with kisses from all sides. The kisses started at the upper part of his body and started to work downward.

Ricki laid his son on the bed. Diego was on his back with his eyes closed, so he had no idea who was doing what to him. All he knew was that one of them was sucking his cock and the other was rimming him. The sucking continued but suddenly the rimming stopped. Diego felt the cold gushy feeling of lube being applied to his ass, and he knew that he was being prepared to be fucked.

Suddenly he was pulled to the edge of the bed. Whoever pulled him, raised his legs, and started to enter his man hole. He had just been fucked a few hours ago, and the cock entered easily. He was more certain than ever that he was a great bottom. He tried to open his eyes to see which ancestor was fucking him, and which of them was still sucking him, but he couldn't. He was off in space somewhere.

He felt an orgasm growing steadily in his groin, and he started writhing in erotic agony. Finally he shot out a massive, thick, creamy, load into someone's mouth. He heard that someone moaning, "Umm. Umm." And he knew it was his grandfather. As that realization hit him, his father unloaded into his ass. There was no condom this time, and when Diego felt his father's juice spraying far up his gut, he fainted dead away.

Diego came to almost immediately. There was a wet cold wash cloth on his forehead. He looked at his seniors, and started to cry. "Thank you," he repeated over and over. As he was expressing his gratitude, he realized that his grandfather had not reached Nirvana. He and Trini were lying side by side. Diego leaned over and started sucking his grandfather's cock. Ricky did not try to cut in. Given his age, Trini came rather quickly, and Diego shared his seed with his grandfather.

When they were well rested, they showered, dressed and went out for lunch. After lunch they undressed again and went to the pool to sun bathe. Hawk spotted the trio in adjacent lounge chairs. He came over to say hello, and he whispered something in Ricky's ear. Ricky whispered something back.

"What was all that about?" Diego asked.

"We're going to have company in bed tonight. Hawk is joining us. I think that's okay with everyone, and didn't need to be taken to a vote." Trini and I smiled in approval.

A few minutes later Luis came over to say hello to Diego. He looked at the two older men very suspiciously, so Diego introduced them.

"Luis," he said, "this hunk here is Ricky and this other hunk is Trini. They're my two very generous sugar daddies."

He only wished that he had his phone with him so that he could record the look on Luis's face. It was precious.

More tales to cum......??



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