Uncle Ben's Apartment

Part One

I had accelerated three grades in school during my formative years. I was exceptionally bright, and I was about three years younger than my classmates at Fordham Law School in New York. I was graduating at the ripe old age of twenty-two, as opposed to the average graduate of twenty-five.

When my folks heard that I had accepted a job with a prestigious law firm in Los Angeles, with a starting salary far exceeding my wildest dreams, they were panic stricken. After all, I was still a baby in their eyes, and they feared I could not survive without them in a strange, forbidding, and ultra-huge city. They completely ignored the fact that I was a street-smart New Yorker.

Besides the generous salary I had been offered, I chose to get as far away from home as possible, because I desperately needed to come out, and lead a gay life. I had hidden my sexual preference for years, and I didn't want to live a lie any more. I was an only child, and my parents constantly talked about how happy I would make them when I got married, had children, and made them grandparents. I didn't want to shatter their dreams just yet, but in a distant city, I could live my life as I perceived it, not as others did, and I could delay telling them. I loved them dearly, but they were driving me crazy, and I couldn't wait to move.

Uncle Ben (Benjamin Franklin Scott) unwittingly came to my rescue. I barely knew the man, but he became my unexpected savior. At the time of my graduation, my dad was forty-seven and Uncle Ben was thirty. My dad was the eldest of six siblings, and Uncle Ben was the youngest. All I knew about him was that on the day he graduated from Brooklyn College, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles.

Nobody in the family ever talked about him, they were barely in touch with him, and I knew practically nothing about him. My dad had not heard from him, or about him, for nearly six years. It would have been expected that my folks would have urged me to look him up when I got to California, but they never brought up the subject, nor did they ever mention my uncle's existence.

Imagine the shock, when my dad got a call from him on the very day before my graduation from law school. He said that he was staying at The Plaza, and would be in town for a week on business. He expressed a desire to take the three of us out to dinner before he left.

Dad reversed Uncle Ben's playing field. "We are celebrating Bryan's graduation from Law school tomorrow night," he said. "Coincidentally, we are dining at The Plaza. Meet us there, and I'll call and change our reservation to four."

When we entered The Plaza, Uncle Ben was waiting for us in the lobby. He and my dad shook hands cordially, like two perfect strangers meeting for the first time. I couldn't help thinking that if I was reuniting with a long lost brother, I'd be hugging him, and even kissing him, if not on the lips, at least on his cheek or his forehead. He gave my mom a peck on the cheek, and surprised me by hugging me tightly. I can't swear to it, but I think I felt his package, an ample package at that. He smiled at me in such a way that I believed I was correct.

Uncle Ben looked more like he could be my big brother instead of Dad's kid brother. We were both blue-eyed blonds, and Dad had brown hair and light brown eyes. My dad was a couple of inches taller than me at six feet, one inch, but Uncle Ben was just my height. His jacket did not fit him well; not because it was carelessly tailored, but because his muscles bulged indecently, and prevented the jacket from lying correctly. I too worked out regularly to keep my sexual urges in check, and I had the same problem with ill-fitting clothes.

The first thing Uncle Ben said when we were seated was, "I want it perfectly understood that dinner is on me tonight." I thought my father would object for two reasons. He had already decided that he was treating the family in honor of my achievement, and the other reason was that he was the big brother and the local, whereas Uncle Ben was a visitor. My father surprised me by remaining silent, and tacitly agreeing.

I knew nothing about my uncle, so I asked him what he did for a living and what brought him to New York. He told us that he worked for an international banking and brokerage firm, and he was in town investigating a possible investment for a client. My father looked surprised. I realized that he didn't know what Uncle Ben did for a living, perhaps because he was too disinterested to have asked.

Uncle Ben also seemed disinclined to catch up on things with my parents as well. He turned all his attention to me. When he learned that I was leaving for L.A. in a few days, he got genuinely excited. "I'll have family close by at last," he beamed at me and took my hand. I felt like a perfect stranger to this man, but he was acting like he was a loving uncle, who had been in my life since I was born. I didn't mind at all. I liked him, and I liked that he was holding my hand.

When he inquired as to my flight information, he gave out a little scream. "We're on the same flight," he said. "Tomorrow morning I'll call the airline and see if I can get you transferred to first class with me." I was beginning to think that Uncle Ben was loaded, and first class sounded good to me. I hoped he could make the change. Then, as if I wasn't euphoric enough, things got even better.

"Where are you staying when you get to L.A.?" he inquired.

"I have a reservation in a small hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. I won't be starting work for a few days, so I'll have time to look for an apartment."

"Nonsense. You can cancel the reservation. I have a three bedroom condo and you'll stay with me. I live alone and would welcome the company." He gave me his card so that I would know where to ship my stuff.

I was being overwhelmed by his generosity, but I added to his last statement, "At least until I find an apartment of my own." I was trying to figure out why Uncle Ben was being so good to me. All the while he was talking, my parents were strangely quiet. I did't think they liked what was happening, but what could they say? After all Uncle Ben was Dad's kid brother, and a close enough relative to me, that nobody would find it odd that we were living together. In fact, Uncle Ben barely spoke to my parents. All his attention was centered on me, as mine was on him.

It wasn't until the waiter came to take our order that the atmosphere became much friendlier. Uncle Ben asked if we would mind if he ordered for us. I think all three of us knew instinctively that whatever he ordered would be a lot more expensive and gourmet, than what we would have ordered, so we all agreed immediately. He ordered braised grapefruit halves as an appetizer, and rack of lamb, with roasted potatoes, asparagus, and of course, mint jelly, as our entree. For desert, he ordered peach-melba. He made sure that the waiter brought over two bottles of the finest red wine.

After a couple of glasses of wine, conversation began to flow more readily, and things warmed up considerably. Dad and Uncle Ben began to reminisce about old times, and some of the crazy pranks they and their siblings had pulled on my grandparents. Mom and I could not stop laughing.

When we said our good nights, Dad and Uncle Ben hugged each other, and Dad kissed his baby brother on the cheek. Uncle Ben kissed my mom on the lips, and he gave me a hug to end all hugs. I was sure he might have cracked a rib, and this time I was sure I felt his package. I was more than titillated. Something was definitely going on.

"I'll call as soon as I know something about switching your plane seat," he said, and I can't wait to see you at the airport next Friday." He gave me a second hug, and punch me if I'm lying. His package had definitely grown, and mine wasn't behaving either.

Part Two

My parents and I said our tearful goodbyes in our apartment in Brooklyn. My departure was too traumatic for them, and they didn't want to prolong it. Dad sprung for a taxi to take me to JFK. All I had was a carry-on bag, which contained my travel documents and a few essentials, should my suitcases not arrive tomorrow as expected. Knowing that my luggage was going to a safe destination, I shipped everything I could to Uncle Ben's apartment, as he had instructed me.

I had printed my boarding pass the previous day, so I went right to the security check point. It took about twenty minutes to get cleared through. All the while I searched for Uncle Ben, but I didn't see him. I got to the gate about an hour and a half before flight time, and about an hour before boarding time. The monitors said that my flight was on time. I found a seat, and waited patiently.

After about forty-five minutes I had to pee, so I went to the nearest men's room. When I walked in I spotted him immediately. Uncle Ben was staring straight ahead and peeing away. I ignored the alternate urinal rule, and stood next to him. He glanced over and saw me.

"Hi Bryan," he said, and proceeded to check me out. I had felt his package and was curious myself, so I checked him out also. I couldn't tell how long he was, since not all of him came through his fly, but he sure was fat around. He had the kind of cock I wanted to hold and fondle. It was uncut and I wondered at that. My dad was uncut also, but I was circumcised.

I wasn't as fat as Uncle Ben, but I was well hung and hefty enough. The limited number of guys I had previously had sex with, were all satisfied with what I had to offer them. We finished our business and went back together to the waiting area.

As soon as we were comfortably seated, I thanked Uncle Ben for getting me into first class. He smiled, put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me tight. I loved the sensation that created in me, but at the same time I was uncomfortable, because we were in a public place, and we looked like contemporaries, not like an uncle and his nephew.

I had a million questions I wanted to ask my benefactor, but just then the squawk box announced that first class passengers, the airline's frequent flier customers, and persons with special needs, could board the plane. I decided to hold all my questions until we were airborne. After all, the flight was five hours long.

As soon as we were seated and our carry-ons were stowed in the overhead bin, the flight attendant came over to take our drink order. She was a woman in her late thirties, still quite pretty and comely.

"All the cute, young male attendants are in coach," Uncle Ben complained. "Maybe next time I'll fly coach or business class," and he started to laugh. I, of course, was speechless. That's what a gay man might say. I decided to let it slide.

Instead I asked, "Uncle Ben, why did you go to L.A., and leave a large loving family, when you were so young?" I was dying to know.

My uncle smiled at me and said, "Bryan, it's just the two of us now; no family around. I insist that you drop the "Uncle" and just call me Ben. After all, we are closer in age, than your father and I. I've already decided to introduce you to my friends as my kid brother. I want us to be buddies."

"Sure Ben. I'd like that actually. Now tell me why you got out of Dodge, better known as Brooklyn, at such a young age."

"For the same reason you did, my young friend." He smiled at me, and I thought he was just about the handsomest man I knew. At this point I wasn't surprised to learn that he was gay; he had given me enough hints. But how did he know about me?

"You know about me?" I asked incredulously.

"Sure I do. First of all my gaydar is impeccable, but besides that, a little bird told me. Shall I go on?"

I was intrigued. "Please," I stammered.

"Even before you told me at The Plaza that you were going to work for Barnes and Gray, I knew. You see, your firm and mine have dozens of wealthy clients in common. I know every lawyer you'll be working with. You were recruited by Ray Harmon, weren't you?"

I was speechless. All I could do was nod my head.

"The truth now, what did you think of Ray?"

I thought for a while and then I answered. "Well he's in his mid to late thirties, and I found him very attractive. In fact, my not so trained gaydar suspected he might be gay. I was surprised to find myself very hot for him. I think that influenced my decision, in addition to wanting to get as far away from New York as possible."

"Your gaydar isn't bad at all, kid brother. He is gay, and what's more, he and I are fuck buddies. That's how I found out about you. We had just finished fucking ourselves silly, shortly after his return from back east, and he asked me if I had family in New York. I said that I did, and asked why he wanted to know. He told me that he had recruited a young man named Bryan Scott, who looked just like me. When I told him you were my nephew, we both could not believe it.

"Ray let me know that he thought you were gay, and warned me that when you got here, he was going to make a play for you. I told him that if you were all he said you were, I'd go after you myself."

Ben started to laugh, and he put his hand on my cock (which was rising). He squeezed it lightly, and threw a kiss at me.

"How'd you like to do a threesome with Ray?" Ben asked. "I'll set it up."

Did Ben say a threesome? That meant he intended for us to have sex together. My cock was getting harder by the minute. "I'd like that a lot," I said "but I think I'd like for us to get to know each other better as a twosome first."

"I like the way you think, lovely little brother. We are going to have a glorious time tonight."

Once we were airborne, Ben requested a blanket. He spread it out over both of us, and we pretended to doze off. His hand wandered down to my crotch under the blanket. He was groping at my zipper so I was obliged to help him. Once my cock was released from its bondage, I reached for his manhood, which he gladly took out. It was as huge as I expected, and when I took it in my hand, I smiled at him to show my appreciation.

We continued to pretend to be asleep so as not to be disturbed, and we happily whacked each other to orgasm. Ben wiped us both with the blanket, and we restored our cocks where they belonged. He folded the blanket with the cum on the inside. He made several folds, and then used the diminished blanket as a pillow; he dozed off for real.

As soon as we deplaned, I called my folks to let them know that we had landed safely. They sounded very relieved.

We had to go to baggage claim as Ben had two pieces of checked luggage to retrieve. While waiting at the carousel, we were approached by a very handsome young man, no older than I. "Mr. Scott," he called, "welcome home." I detected some sort of an accent.

"Vittorio, it's great to be home. I want you to meet my nephew, but I'll be introducing him as my kid brother, so please remember that." Then he turned to me. "Bryan, this is Vittorio. My firm has assigned him to me as my personal driver." Vittorio shook my hand.

He carried Ben's two suitcases, and we each toted our own carry-ons to the car. Vittorio put everything in the trunk of the Lincoln, and Ben instructed me to sit up front with the driver, while he would sit in the back. Vittorio smiled at me, and we got underway.

"My condo isn't very far," Ben said. "We'll be there shortly."

Every time we stopped for a red light, which was quite often, Vittorio reached over and caressed my crotch. By now, nothing surprised me anymore. I slid as close to the console as I could to make it easier for him. Finally I groped him back, which seemed to please him, because he gave me a big grin.

He pulled up to a high rise building in Century City. A doorman rushed out with a suitcase caddy, the likes of which I had only previously seen in hotels. Vittorio and the doorman loaded our luggage on the carrier, and the two of them steered it toward the elevator. The doorman helped us roll the carrier on the elevator, and left. When we were all aboard, Vittorio pushed a button clearly marked PH. Ben lived in the penthouse. I was beginning to feel intimidated, and a little fearful. I was way out of my comfort zone.

We entered directly into Ben's apartment from the elevator, and I was overwhelmed. Surely this was a movie set. The place was enormous, and lavishly furnished. We were greeted by a man and a woman. They were introduced to me as Mr. and Mrs. Light. Dan was the butler and valet, and his wife Jeanne was cook and house cleaner. Ben told them that I was his kid brother. They fawned all over me.

"Put the suitcases in my room, please, Vittorio. Bryan's stuff will be arriving by UPS tomorrow, hopefully." Vittorio did as he was asked, and the Light's disappeared somewhere.

When he came out of the room, Vittorio asked, "Will you be needing my services anymore this afternoon, Mr. Scott, or perhaps this evening?" I was right. His accent was very definitely Italian. Now another surprise; Ben walked over to him and they embraced passionately.

"I won't need you anymore today," Ben said, "but don't worry, Bryan and I will be calling on you very soon." He smiled and kissed Vittorio one more time. Then Vittorio came over to me, and kissed me and hugged me."

"Don't keep me waiting too long," he whispered in my ear.

Ben took my hand and led me into a bedroom. "This is your bedroom," he said. The room was three times the size of my room back home. It was beautifully furnished, and had its own bathroom. My heart was beating so hard, I thought it might burst. He took me by my hand again, and led me toward his bedroom.

"Help me unpack," he said, "then we can relax. I'll make us a cocktail. I've asked Mrs. Light to cook dinner tonight. She and her husband do not sleep in, so we will be alone after they leave." When he said that, I started to erect.

"I'm much too tired to go out this evening, but I promise you, we will. I can't wait to introduce you to gay Los Angeles. The boys will be dying to come home with us. We are going to have the time of our lives, little brother. We both have hefty salaries, and we will want for nothing. Does a life of hedonism appeal to you? It does to me."

"I haven't thought of it, Unc....I mean big brother, but I think it does appeal to me, a lot." My liberation, from the constraints of Brooklyn, was well on its way.

Ben's bedroom was twice the size of mine. In fact, the bathroom and dressing area were probably equal in size to my quarters. Believe me, I had nothing to complain about. Besides, I had a feeling I'd be sleeping more in Ben's bed than in my own, and perhaps others would join us. His bed was custom built, and four people could easily sleep in it.

We unpacked, and he threw most of his clothes in a hamper, put the clean stuff in dresser drawers, and hung up his ties and two suits. When we were done, he hugged me and put his lips to mine. The kiss he gave me, was the most passionate kiss I had ever had in my life up to that time. He parted my lips with his tongue and we let our tongues play with each other for a good length of time. Finally he broke away and said, "Come, I'll make the drink I promised you."

For the next two hours, we sat on his terrace milking our drinks. The view of the city was magnificent. As the sky began to darken, and the lights began to appear, the vista changed, and it was nothing short of magical. Suddenly Ben's phone rang. He looked at it and laughed. "It's Ray," he said.

"Yes, sweetie, he's here ........ No you can't come over tonight ....... This is the night my little brother and I are going to get acquainted .......I know he's my nephew, but I'm going to introduce him as my kid brother .......Yes, at your office too .......Thank you for being so understanding .......OK .......The three of us will have dinner together tomorrow evening, and then we'll see what happens ....... Good night, old man."

When Mrs. Light called us to dinner, I was almost disappointed that I was giving up the view. She made a good old down home dinner, which surprised me; beef stew. It was wonderful and Ben and I both had seconds. We ate it all, and drank red wine. Between the red wine and the cocktail, I was getting woozy. That was the last thing I wanted to happen tonight. I wanted to be alert and get laid, so I stopped drinking.

After everything from dinner was cleaned up, and the kitchen was immaculate, Mr. and Mrs. Light went home.

Ben grabbed me. "We're alone at last," he said as he began to kiss me. He grabbed my cock at the same time. We rushed into his bedroom, and undressed quickly. He took us into the dressing room and bathroom area, which boasted a huge Jacuzzi. He ran the water until the temperature suited him, and then he let the tub fill. When he was satisfied with the height of the water, we went in and sat side by side, kissing, and stroking our hardened cocks.

Part Three

The water jets played with our backs, and we put our asses up against them. Then we allowed the jets to hit our pricks. We both purred like kittens. All this time, we kissed and fondled. Ben started to insert a finger up my ass, so I did the same to him. When we reached three fingers, Ben straddled me. He positioned my cock at the entrance to his man vagina, and guided me in. It was my first experience with anal sex, and I was reveling in it. I came way too fast, and I insisted we reverse positions.

When his cock entered me, it hurt a little, but nothing to what I expected. The combination of the water and his fingers, which had reamed and prepared me, made for an easy entrance to my virgin ass.

We dried ourselves and went to bed. We fell into a sixty-nine position, and, even though it took a little longer, we sucked ourselves to another glorious orgasm. There wasn't any mess, because we both swallowed everything the other had to offer.

We were lying side by side, kissing and fondling. "I am so happy we reconnected," Ben said.

"Me too."

"Tomorrow is Saturday. The servants don't work on weekends, so we can spend the time doing nothing but making love. There is a hitch though. Ray has a key to the apartment, and I'm betting he'll drop in."

"You gave him a key?" I asked. "Sounds serious to me."

"Ray and I are kindred souls. We have a special relationship, but I doubt either of us will ever settle down." Those were the last words we spoke, as we both fell asleep.

I was still on Eastern Time and I woke up much too early. As I started to awaken, I felt Ben caressing my cock, and occasionally swiping it with his tongue.

"Very nice," I murmured. "Please don't stop."

But he did stop, and I heard a voice say, "So, my pretty little associate is awake." I looked down to see Ray Harmon smiling at me. He crawled up to me, and planted a luscious kiss on my mouth. He was totally naked. No wonder Ben liked him. His erect cock was enormous, at least ten inches and very thick. My first thought was to suck it, if I could get it in my mouth. I grabbed it with my hand, leaned down and managed to put about three inches into me. I thought I might break my jaw. I started swabbing it with my tongue. Ray began to purr. His pelvis started to buck, and he unloaded into my mouth. Well, now we did have a big mess. There was no way I could have swallowed the bucket full he had presented to me, and a good deal of jism landed on the sheets.

"We should get out of bed, and into the kitchen now, my beauty. Ben is making breakfast for us."

"I've had breakfast," I said with a glint in my eye. Ray laughed and enveloped me in his arms. I decided that I was going to love L.A. We didn't bother to put any clothes on, not even a robe.

Just as we entered the kitchen, a wall phone rang. Ben was as naked as we were. He picked up the handset. "Yes?" he asked.

"This is John at the front entrance, Mr. Scott. Vittorio Marci is here to see you."

"Thank you John. Yes, let him in, please." Ben turned to us. "It looks like there will be four of us for the weekend. I'd better make some more scrambled eggs."

Vittorio waltzed off the elevator, and greeted me first, with a very sloppy wet kiss. Then he kissed Ray, and said, "I'm glad to see you here, Mr. Harmon." Finally he went to Ben. I have never seen two people kiss more passionately. To tell the truth, I became insanely jealous. All through breakfast Ben and Vittorio could not keep their hands off each other. Ray was paying equal attention to me. It was very plain to see, that I was going to enjoy a sex-filled weekend with Ray, while Ben and Vittorio ravished each other. Once or twice we did switch partners. Vittorio was more delighted than I was.

Before the four of us had sex together, Ben produced several packets of lubricated condoms. My lawyer's brain came to a quick conclusion. When Ben and Ray had sex with each other (and now with me), they did not protect themselves. When someone else entered the picture, out came the condoms. Ben and Ray meant more to each other than even they suspected. The evidence spoke for itself.

I never did look for an apartment of my own. Ben would not hear of it. I spent the next two years in utter debauchery. By day, I was a conservative lawyer, practicing law with a very prestigious and very conservative firm. At night, Ben and I made the rounds of gay bars, and almost every night of the week, we brought a guest or two home with us. We always had protected sex, except when Ben and I were alone.

We reserved the weekends for Ray and Vittorio. I always ended up with Ray, and Vittorio always ended up with Ben. What amazed me the most was that I didn't care. After all, I had Ben all week, and Ray was a kind and considerate lover with a lot of staying power.

One Friday night, Ray held me very tight. He ran his hands up and down my back, and kissed me delicately on my mouth. Then he looked in my eyes, and said, "Houston, we have a problem!"

"And what might that problem be?" I asked jokingly.

"I have fallen madly in love with you, Bryan. The thought of anyone else touching you, even Ben, upsets me. I'm nearly twice your age, and I don't know what to do about it. I know it's wrong, but I can't help loving you. I pine for you all day long. When I see you in the office, I want to jump your bones. I'm helpless, and hopeless."

Ray certainly left me speechless. I didn't know what to say. What could I say? I cared for Ray very much, but I had never been in love before, and I wouldn't know how it felt.

"Please say something," he urged.

"I really don't know what love feels like, Ray," I answered honestly. "Can't we just go on like we have, and see how it all plays out?"

Ray stroked my cheek. "I guess I'll have to settle," he said. When I went to return the favor and stroke his cheek, I realized that he had been crying. I grabbed him to me in a vain attempt to comfort him, and as I held him, soothing him, stroking his back, I wondered if this was love.

Part Four

I had been in L.A. just shy of two years, when my folks called to say that they were coming for a visit, and would arrive two weeks hence, early on a Saturday afternoon. Ben's room had accumulated an awful lot of my stuff. The evening before their arrival, we made sure that everything was back in "my room." Mrs. Light prepared the third bedroom, which was a guest room. It too, had a private bath. My folks were going to love it. Lastly we called Ray and Vittorio and told them they couldn't come around this weekend or the next. My folks were returning to New York, the following Sunday evening on a red-eye. That evening, after Mr. and Mrs. Light left, Ben and I made love desperately, like it was for the last time, even though it was only going to be a week.

We went to the airport together to meet them. I gasped when I saw them. Even though it was late May, and far from summer, they were dressed as if they were going to a Caribbean resort. They were wearing shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sandals, straw hats with wide brims, and sun glasses. I realized that they had never been to Southern California before, and assumed a tropical climate.

We all hugged and kissed, and they let me know that I never looked better. They thanked Ben for taking such good care of me.

"I hope you brought warmer clothing than this," I couldn't hold back saying. "It gets very cool at night."

"Oh sure," my dad said. "I checked the average temperatures for this time of year on the internet. This is for warm afternoons only." I sighed with relief.

We spent both weekends of their visit sight-seeing. They kept themselves very busy during the day while Ben and I worked, and they were very adventuresome. Vittorio chauffeured them around, after he dropped Ben off at work. One day, they went to Disney Land, another to the museums, La Brea Tar Pits, etc. They visited Rodeo Drive, but just window shopped. We ate dinner at home three nights of their visit, and Mrs. Light outdid herself. The other nights we took them to some of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles.

I loved having them, and realized how much I missed them, but I couldn't wait to get them on the plane home, so I could crawl into bed with Ben. That Sunday we made love all night, got up, showered, and went to work without either of us having slept a wink.

When I got to the office, Ray said that I looked like hell. I told him I felt sick, and he insisted I go home and take the day off. Bless his heart! And with that one innocent act of charity, my life was about to change forever.

It's a miracle I got home without incident that morning. Every time I stopped for a red light, I dozed off. Honking horns behind me, served to awaken me, and I'd plod on. As I entered the lobby of my building, I said a silent prayer, thanking my guardian angel that the elevator was in the lobby, and not half way up the building. I made a bee-line for it, and just as I was about to push the PH button, I heard a voice yell, "Hold the elevator, please."

A young man about my age bounded aboard. If I was weak-kneed a moment ago, I damned near collapsed when I saw him. A Greek god was in the elevator with me. He was an inch or two taller than I, even if I wasn't slouching. He had short, curly black hair, which lacked a laurel wreath to attest to his divinity. His skin was very pale, and his eyes were ice blue. To me that was a killer combination. His body was lean and hard, but not skinny. He was carrying a bag of groceries in his arms, and his biceps were bulging.

Once he was in, he asked, "Would you press nine please?"

I pressed PH and nine, and we looked good and hard at each other. He was checking me out as much as I was checking him. He had a killer butt, and I became aroused. I could not glean anything about his package, but if he was looking at mine, which he was, he had to see the bulge beginning.

"Do you live here or are you just visiting?" I dared ask.

"I just moved in with my folks two days ago, and I hope I can find an apartment quickly. Who wants to live with parents at our age?" I thought it strange that he said "our" age. I guess he assumed, as I had, that we were about the same age.

"I just got my doctorate from Harvard. I'll be teaching physics at USC starting next semester. How about you?" he asked. "I'm impressed you pushed the PH button."

All the while he talked, he kept taking furtive glances at my crotch. If this hunk wasn't gay, I was Hercules. I intended to find out and quickly. I stuck out my hand.

"I'm Bryan Scott. I live in the pent house with my older brother. He's an investment manager, and I'm an attorney."

"My name is Dave Berg. It's a pleasure to meet you, counselor."

"The pleasure is all mine, Doctor." I could be as formal as he was. "Have you got anything pressing to do today?" I probed. "I'm home because I decided I needed a day off."

"I had intended to start apartment hunting this afternoon, but it can wait another day." Dave looked at my crotch, and I knew we were getting something started.

"Drop off your groceries, and come on up to my place. I'll have our cook make as a great lunch, and we can get acquainted." He nodded and smiled at me; I was overwhelmed by that ingratiating grin.

He got off at the ninth floor, and said, "Seeya in a sec."

The Lights were surprised to see me come home. I alerted Mrs. Light that I was getting a visitor for lunch, but I needed to freshen up a little. I asked her to make him comfortable, and told her that I wouldn't be long. I got out of my business attire, and tried to wash the puffiness out of my face. I put on a pair of shorts, a tank top shirt, and sandals. When I got out of my room, there was Adonis. He was out on the terrace admiring the view, and he was dressed just as I was. I knew we both had the same idea. He was facing out and couldn't see me, so I decided to be really bold.

I approached him stealthily, and when I was close enough, I threw my arms around him, and pushed my rising cock against his roundish butt. I was afraid that he might object, but all he did was push his butt back against me.

He turned his head slightly and whispered, "That feels so nice Bry. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

I was sure it was, and I whispered back, "I hope so too."

Lunch was delicious, and while we were eating, I casually mentioned that Mr. and Mrs. Light did not leave until after dinner.

"My folks are at work and won't be home until after six," Dave informed me. Maybe you'd like to see my apartment?"

"I'd love to."

We entered his apartment and I was so hot to ravish Dave, I didn't even notice how beautifully furnished his parents' apartment was. As soon as we closed the door, we embraced in one of the most passionate kisses, I had ever been a part of in my life. I think we just stood there for a half hour, kissing, and fondling. I discovered that Dave was very well hung. As we kissed, we undressed each other, and when he could stand it no longer, Dave pulled me into his bedroom and we fell on his bed.

We took our circumcised cocks in our mouths, and we began a lusty game of sixty-nine. Dave came almost instantly. It took me a little longer, considering last night's non-stop debauchery. I didn't want him to think I was a wuss, and I certainly didn't want him to know that I had made love to my brother all the night before, so I casually asked, "How soon do you think we can fuck?"

He answered me in all sincerity. "It takes me two or three hours to recover. I hope you won't mind. We can cuddle and fondle in the meantime."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "That sounds wonderful to me."

For the next two hours we kissed, cuddled and fondled, and the hedonic demon in me had an epiphany. I loved lying with Dave this way. I was overwhelmed with contentment. I wasn't itching to begin fucking or to get fucked, to suck or get sucked. I was happy with the status quo. If his folks weren't coming home later, I could have lain in his arms like this all night. The thought occurred to me that this might be love.

Then when I thought my euphoria had peaked, Dave whispered in my ear, "I know it's way too soon, and the last thing I want to do is scare you away, but I think I have fallen in love with you, Bry."

I could feel his body tense, fearing that I might bolt out of his bed, but I held him tighter, kissed him harder, and he relaxed in my arms. After a long silence, I murmured, "I love you too, Dave, and it doesn't even scare me, like I always thought it would."

Part Five

We never did fuck that afternoon. We lay in each other's arms, and had a conversation that I never thought I would ever have. We were actually planning a life together, and neither of us could fathom it. How could this happen so fast? A friend once told me that time was meaningless. He promised me, that when I met my soul mate, I would know immediately.

We got out of bed about five, and Dave told me that he and his parents were going out to dinner this evening. He begged me to come with them, and bring my brother Ben. I was sure Mrs. Light had prepared dinner by now, and I had to beg for a rain check.

Leaving his apartment was pure torture. We kept kissing each other, and Dave kept pulling me back in. Eventually, I made it to the elevator. I had to talk to Ben about all this. He was always full of wise advice for me, as was Ray. Poor Ray, he told me he loved me, but I was in love with someone else. Now I did become scared. I was confused, and needed some solid advice.

I changed for dinner, and by the time I did, Ben was home. He was changing also. I went into his bedroom. Neither of us ever knocked. I guess I had a look on my face that made him wonder what was going on with me, because he asked, "What???"

I told him to sit down. He plopped down on his huge bed, and looked at me quizzically, waiting for me to talk, to explain. For the first time in two years, I called him 'uncle'.

"Uncle Ben, I've met someone. We're in love. I was with him all afternoon, and we've been talking about moving in together." I braced myself, waiting for the tirade I expected to come.

But Ben stood up, put his arms around me, kissed my cheek, and said, "I expected this day to happen eventually. I didn't expect it so soon."

"I have your blessing then?"

"Of course you do."

"Uncle Ben, listen to me carefully. My decision, impacts on you also, and I gave it a lot of thought, even before I met, Dave. I'd like to see you settle down. You aren't getting any younger, and neither is Ray. The two of you don't want to admit it, but you love each other, and were meant for each other. It's time you both grew up and realized it. You don't have to say goodbye to your boy toy, Vittorio, if you want to share him, but it's time he went and found someone special also."

"My dear nephew," Ben smiled, "you're being very avuncular. Shouldn't I be giving you this advice?"

"Yes, my dear uncle, but I fear I grew up and matured before you did."

He nodded his head. "I think you're right. How am I going to let Ray know how I really feel about him?"

"Simple. Just talk to the man. Tomorrow, in the office, I'll tell Ray about Dave, and indicate that I'll be making big changes in my life real soon. I'll gauge his reaction."

The next day at work, Ray buzzed my phone. "Take a break and have a cup of coffee with me," he advised me. We got our coffee and sat down in the employee's lounge. We were alone, and I sprung it on him. My intent was to shock him, and I succeeded.

He was more concerned with my moving out, than with my decision to be monogamous with Dave. "I'll miss you," he said. "You know I love you."

"You don't love me. You love the sex we have together." He didn't answer me, so I continued. "It's Ben you really love, but the two of you are stubborn old fools, and refuse to accept the obvious. What a wonderful life you guys could have together if you'd only open your eyes."

"I gotta go," he yelled, and ran out of the lounge. I was so afraid I had gone too far. Maybe Ray wouldn't want to be my friend anymore. That thought thoroughly deflated me. We generally had lunch together, and when I went to inquire after him, his secretary told me that he had left for the day. Now I was very depressed. I wanted desperately to call Dave and tell him about all this, but I didn't want to reveal my sexual relationships with Ray and Ben. In the end I did call Dave, just to hear his voice. It was a great comfort to me.

Before he hung up, Dave said, "I want us to fuck each other so badly. Do you think we could get out tonight and rent a hotel room?"

"No need, Love. My brother is gay, and he won't give a damn what goes on behind my closed door."

Imagine my surprise when I got home and found Dave waiting for me in the lobby. "What's up?" I asked. I didn't care who saw us. I planted a big kiss on his lips.

"I told my folks about us and they want to meet you, so let's get that out of the way, and then I want to meet your brother."

My knees shook. I realized that I was about to meet the parents. If that wasn't evidence of a commitment, what was?

This time when I entered Dave's apartment, I noticed how beautifully appointed it was. I also got a few surprises. Dave's father, Arthur, towered over both of us. He was at least five inches taller than his son. How did that happen? Then I met his mother, Bea, who was a foot shorter than her husband. I guess my Dave ended up in middle ground. Notwithstanding their Mutt and Jeff appearance, Dave's parents were an exceptionally handsome couple.

Art pumped my hand so hard, I thought my fingers might get crushed. His barely greying hair, handsome manly face, and athlete's body were really turning me on, and I had to divert my attention to my beloved. When Art finally let go, Bea began to slobber me with kisses. It was obvious that they had accepted Dave's life style, and approved of me at first sight. I learned that Art was a UCLA graduate, where he had played basketball. He owned an upscale ladies dress shop and boutique on Rodeo Drive, and Bea was an interior designer to the stars. That explained a lot.

"My son tells me that you live with your brother, and you are going upstairs to introduce David (ah, his parents called Dave, David) to him right now. While you are up there, please arrange a date for the five of us to have a celebration dinner as soon as possible. I insist on making you two an engagement dinner, so it's on me."

An engagement dinner? Did Art think that Dave and I might want to get married? I never thought that far ahead, but we certainly could do it now. Of immediate concern to me, was to come clean and tell the Bergs that my brother was really my uncle.

"I have a confession to make," I started. "Ben is not my brother. He's my uncle, my dad's kid brother. He and I are closer in age than Ben is to my father. He always introduces me as his kid brother. It's an ego thing, I guess."

"As a middle aged man," Art said, "I can empathize. If I wasn't twenty-eight years older than David, I'd introduce him as my kid brother also." Art started to laugh. His hearty laugh was infectious. "Go meet Uncle Ben, David, and set up our dinner. And Bry (they were calling me by my nick-name already), if your Uncle wants to bring a date, she's welcome." I decided to wait for another time to tell Art that my uncle would more likely bring a 'he.'

The surprises that day were never ending. When Dave and I entered Uncle Ben's apartment, I was shocked to find Ray there. I got over the shock quickly, and I was pleased as punch. Did my match-making work? I introduced Dave to Ben as my uncle, and to Ray, as my law associate.

"We're both your uncles," Ray laughed.

"What's going on?" I wanted to know.

"After our little talk at the office this morning, Bry, the light finally dawned. If you and Dave moved away, Ben would be so lonely. He has grown so used to having you around, of having you in his life on a daily basis. Then it struck me that I was already a lonely aging man. You opened my eyes to see how much I loved Ben, and how much I needed him. I called his office, and told him to meet me in his apartment, no excuses. What I had to say was more important than his work load.

"When we got here, I asked Mr. and Mrs. Light to give us some privacy. I told Ben about our conversation, Bry, and that I realized how much I loved him, and prayed he felt the same." Ray paused and Uncle Ben took over.

"I started to laugh. I told Ray that you and I had the same conversation, and you made me realize that I needed Ray in my life more than I had ever imagined. Hell, I loved him. I always had. We've been in my locked bedroom making love all day until you guys came home. I can't imagine what the Lights were thinking."

"I'm giving notice at my rental tomorrow, and I'll be moving in with you and your Uncle," Ray said.

"Would your folks be upset, if you moved into Bry's room, Dave?" Ben asked.

"I don't think so. They wouldn't even mind if Bry moved into my room."

"Maybe that would be a better idea," Ray said. "It would avoid temptation."

"What?" Dave asked. He was shocked by that last remark.

Uncle Ben thought fast. "You two are stunning hunks, and we're aging perverts. If we lived together, we might have awkward moments."

"Oh," was all Dave could manage to utter. "Even so, it would be fun for the four of us to go to some of the gay night spots together. I'd like that."

Now I was stunned and pleased. "Before we all go moving hither and yon, we have to make a date for all of us to have dinner together. Dave's father, Art, wants to make us an engagement celebration."

"Call them, Dave, and ask them to come upstairs. I'll make cocktails, and I'll ask Mrs. Light to prepare dinner for all of us. Then together, as a family, we can plan the celebration dinner, and our futures together."

"Too bad your folks just left, Bry. We could have asked them to fly out for the celebration," Ray interjected.

"How would you like to visit The Big Apple at winter break, Dave?" I asked. "You'll meet my folks and I'll have time to break the news to them that I'm gay, and that Uncle Ben is also."

"Christmas in New York. I couldn't think of a better time to visit."

Dinner that night was not a challenge for Mrs. Light. She had already made dinner for four, which in her philosophy was enough for eight. We feasted and celebrated far into the night, and then I spent the night in Dave's bed, and Ray spent the night with Uncle Ben.

It was the first time since they met that they made love during the week, and not on a weekend.  Better yet, Vittorio was not a third party....at least not for this night.



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