Writing a "How To" Manual"


At the risk of sounding like the Montana climate had scrambled my brains, I decided to ask Dad and Carl about my suspicions about Wolf.

I came home late every week day because of football practice, and they no longer allowed me to sleep with them on school nights. By the time I came home, it was dinner time. After dinner I did my homework and went to bed. Friday nights were reserved for football games at home and away. My weekends were reserved for Wolf, so I had to catch my folks at just the right time to discuss my growing suspicions about him.

The weather was getting colder by the day, so Wolf and I were no longer going to his private, hidden sanctuary. For some reason, he did not want to make love in his own home, even though his parents were fully aware of our relationship, and had no objections. In fact, they seemed to approve.

My folks allowed me to leave the store early on Saturdays. Wolf would come over about five. We would make love for about an hour, and then join my dad and Carl for dinner. Wolf slept over, and we all went to church together on Sunday. After church, Wolf went home to do his chores, and his homework. We were forced to establish a very rigid routine for work and love.

Our science project was moving along nicely. We made a good team, in school, and in life. Most of that work was done in the chemistry lab and we stayed totally professional, that is to say, no hanky-panky.

With all that going on, I couldn't seem to find a time to speak to my father and Carl. In fact, we were preparing for Thanksgiving, and I still hadn't spoken to them. I really got more and more suspicious of Wolf's true nature, when he did not show up at school on the next two full moons. My class mates knew that we had become best friends, and they kidded me about having a pet wolf. I had no idea if they knew we were lovers.

My parents were uncertain if the tribe celebrated Thanksgiving. Even if they did, they were certain that the Coldfoots would not be celebrating with any of their kinsman. They were way out of the loop, especially since they lived off the reservation, and sent Wolf to a public school. Without informing me, they invited Wolf's family to Thanksgiving dinner. They accepted, much to my parent's surprise and joy. Miriam told them that they would come over after church, and help the men prepare the dinner. She also said that she would make one traditional Arapaho course.

The school break was from Wednesday to Sunday. Tuesday after dinner, I did not rush to do any homework, and announced adamantly that I was sharing the master bed that night, and there was to be no arguing. My father laughed.

"We'll tire you out so much, you won't have anything left for Wolf," he said.

"Let me worry about that," I smiled back at him. "But before we go to bed, I have something very serious I need to speak to both of you about."

"Shoot," Carl said.

I didn't know where to begin, but I got started by telling them how Wolf missed school every month on the day of the full moon. I described his hairy body to them, and they interrupted by telling me how lucky I was to be making love to a bear. I did not appreciate the interruption, and besides, Wolf was not exactly a bear, except in the context they referred to.

"One afternoon, at Wolf's fishing hole," I continued, "we heard a wolf howling. He told me that the wolf was giving us his blessing. He seems to understand any kind of wolf communication."

I stopped to let all this sink in. Finally, Carl asked, "What are you trying to tell us?"

"I think he's a werewolf."

My parents broke out laughing. "There's no such thing, Tim" Carl said. He was laughing so hard, he could hardly get the words out.

"Why don't you ask him?" Dad said. "He loves you. I'm sure he would tell you."

"I did ask him."

"And?" Carl asked.

"He said I should just accept the fact that he was different."

"I think your imagination is working overtime," Dad said. "I also think we should go to bed. Carl and I will quickly make you forget your fears. His manual is almost done, and he wants to experiment on a few new things with us tonight."

"Wow," I said, "then let's get a move on. What's your experiment, Carl?"

"I want to see if your dad and I can get you off only by rimming. When one of us gets tired, the other will take over, so take all the time you need, and enjoy the game to the fullest."

In the shower, they scrubbed me all over, but cleaned my ass so many times, I was sure the flesh was raw. I must admit, I felt nothing but pleasure when they were cleaning out my ass hole. The pleasure accelerated when Carl began to rim me in bed. He lasted for about ten minutes, and then Dad took over. They went back and forth for a little over an hour. All the time I felt an orgasm growing, but it was building so slowly, that I felt constantly on the edge.

I never felt such erotic pleasure in my life, even with Wolf. I couldn't wait to educate him about this. I kept telling my parents what joy I was feeling, and begged them not to stop. When I finally erupted, I screamed so loud, I sounded like Wolf when he came, like an animal.

I was being rimmed while I was on my stomach, so Dad and Carl had placed a towel under me. It was soaked with my cum. They scooped it up, and threw it on the floor.

"I guess you enjoyed that," Carl commented.

"More than I can describe to you. This procedure will make a great addition to your manual, Carl," I said laughing.

I suddenly realized that Carl and Dad had indeed tired me out. I began to fall asleep, and as I did, I heard my father say, "Oh, Timmy, Carl and I love you so much."

The next day was the day before Thanksgiving. The store was very busy, and I helped out. This also gave Carl an opportunity to make some holiday meal preparations in our own kitchen. By now, we knew most of our customers. Everyone was in a holiday mood, and they wished us a Happy Thanksgiving. It was also obvious to us that at least some of the Arapahos celebrated the holiday. We returned the sentiment, and I had an epiphany. I realized what a segregated, insular life we lived in New York City, even when my mom and brother were alive. The whole town of Fremont was our extended family. I suddenly felt very good about our move.

When I spotted Wolf at the Thanksgiving service in church the next day, I wanted to just run over and hug him, and kiss him until he was out of breath. Of course I restrained myself, even though I suspected that the whole town knew about us by now. We sat side by side and discreetly held hands throughout the whole service. At that moment, I couldn't care less if he was a werewolf. I had read lots of fictional stories about werewolves and vampires. If they were to be believed, there were good werewolves and vampires, and bad ones as well. Surely Wolf was one of the good guys. Besides, after the full moon, there were never any reports of wolves attacking any livestock or human beings, so maybe Wolf was human after all.

My head was spinning with all this speculation, and I hardly heard the sermon. Wolf had to tap me on the shoulder to let me know that the service was over. We piled into our car, the Coldfoots climbed into their truck, and we went home to give thanks to God.

Everybody pitched in, and in no time all the food was cooking, and the table was set. Miriam estimated that the turkey would be done, and everything else ready to serve, between 2:30 and 3:00. The adults sat down in the living room to socialize and chat, so I asked Wolf if he would like to toss around a football in the back yard. It was pretty cold out now, but not too cold to toss the ball.

I had not known Wolf to participate in any sports except in gym class, so I was pleasantly surprised when he said that he would love to. The surprises never ended. Wolf tossed and received the ball like an NFL pro. No matter where I threw it, he found his mark, and never dropped the ball once. His tosses were like a bullet in a jet stream. I could barely hold on to anything he sent my way.

Suddenly I yelled at him for no apparent reason. "Fuck you Wolf Coldfoot. Why didn't you ever join the football team? We sure could use you."

Of course, I knew the answer. Except for me, Wolf remained shy and retiring with the guys. If he was on any sports team, he would have to interact in society. It was not something which would be comfortable for him.

The poor guy thought that I was really angry at him. He looked so sad and his shoulders drooped. "Please," he begged, "don't be angry at me."

I started to laugh, and ran to him. "You are such a naïve jerk," I giggled. "Do you think I could ever be mad at you? Do you have an inkling of how much I love you?"

I threw my arms around the taller of us, and hugged him as close as I could. I looked up into his face, and we kissed the most tender, sensuous kiss, I had ever given or received. "Come with me," I commanded.

I took him into the store through a back door. The store was closed for the holiday, and I led him into a small storage room in the back. It was hardly bigger than a broom closet. I fell to my knees, pulled his pants down, and took him into me. As I swathed up and down his enormous cock, bathing it with copious saliva, I heard him crying. If he was a wolf, he had to be a good wolf. I started to cry along with him, and as he began to spurt his cum down my throat, he wailed, and said over and over again, "I love you Tim."

I was getting good at swallowing all of his seed, and I left none for him. When we were both settled down, we switched position, but instead of going down on me, he said, "Fuck me, Tim. Please fuck me. I want you to teach me chapter three of Carl's manual."

"Just a minute," I said. I ran out into the store, and found a small tube of Vaseline. I greased his ass with the gooey stuff, and then my cock. There was precious little space in the room, but I made him bend over as I lined myself up with his ass. I entered him slowly, and announced when I was all the way in.

"Don't move yet," he ordered me. "I want to remember this moment forever. This is the moment when we were truly united to each other, and to nature."

Beautiful words, but I was only human, even if Wolf wasn't. Without moving I felt myself building to an orgasm. I began to thrust wildly.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I can't hold back," and I shot a generous load up his ass.

When he felt my fluid running through him, he began to cry again. Wolf cried at the drop of a hat. He kept telling me how much he loved me.

"The next time we are together, I want you to fuck me," I pleaded.

"It will take a lot more preparation, won't it?"

"I've been fucked before by two guys who are very well endowed, but not as big as you. It shouldn't be too bad."

"It was Carl and your father, wasn't it?" Wolf asked.

I didn't know what Arapahos thought about incest, and I feared to say it, but I did. "Yes, it was them," I whispered.

After some hesitation, Wolf said, "Lucky you."

We got ourselves together and returned to our Thanksgiving feast.

To be continued..........



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