The CUMfort Inn Tales


My name is Darius Dimitri. My friends call me DD, and that is how I will refer to myself, if you don't mind.

I joined the Navy when I was eighteen, and retired twenty-five years later, with the rank of Chief Petty Officer, a good pension, and a dynamite muscular body. At forty-three, I was still a fine specimen of manhood. My retirement also allowed me to breathe easy at last.

Toward the end of my last hitch, I could have come out without fear of a general discharge, and loss of my pension, but I had been in the closet, hiding my sexuality, for so long, that I stayed in the closet out of habit.

Of course, I never married, and therefore had no children. As a result, I had a very hefty nest-egg. After my discharge, I bought a small, one bedroom condo in Ft. Lauderdale. I went on a couple of gay cruises. I had a ball, but I knew that I was too young to live the rest of my life in a permanent playground, and I began to think seriously about what to do with the rest of my life.

One evening, I was at my favorite gay bar, and I was deep in conversation with a thirty-something young man from Boston. We both knew (after two minutes) that we would share a bed that evening. The only variable was, would it be my bed or his bed in a motel room? I was sure I could get him to come home with me, and I could enjoy my familiar surroundings. I don't remember his name, so I'll call him Joe. Joe was lamenting the fact that he had been coming to sunny South Florida for two weeks, every winter, for the past seven years.

"When I first started coming down, there were dozens of gay resorts between West Palm Beach and Key West. They are disappearing faster than the dinosaurs," he said. "This year, after trying to book four different resorts, which were still listed in The Gay Yellow Pages, but were no longer in business, I just decided to stay at a motel, as near to the beach as I could get."

"What's wrong with that?" I asked. You still know where to go to meet guys." I winked at him, and I gave him my killer smile, which by the way, the navy had paid for.

"It's not the same. I prefer to be where clothing is optional, and the parties go on all night, even after all the bars are closed. If I knew of such a place, I would reserve a booking for at least five years in a row. But each successive year, my favorite resort goes out of business, and the pickings are getting slimmer."

Bells went off in my head. I had plenty of money. I could open a gay resort hotel, on the ocean, if possible. Managing the resort, would keep me plenty busy during the day, and I could have plenty of fun at night, while I was still young enough to enjoy it. It would be the best of all possible worlds.

I was so excited thinking about purchasing a gay resort, that I had trouble having sex with Joe that night. He had no trouble telling me how disappointed he was in my performance, or I should say, lack of it.

One year to the day, I opened my resort hotel on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. It was a completely renovated facility, and I called it The CUMfort Inn. I hoped to see Joe there one day. After all, it was his idea, but alas, I never ran into him again. It's too bad, because I had an apartment on premises, and the hotel became a sort of Love Boat. Many permanent liaisons were made there, and I am happy to say, I was part of it.

Chapter One

 The Mariner's Tale

I advertised the grand opening in the gay press in American and Canadian cities with the largest gay populations, and I began to take reservations about a month before opening. There were many delays during the renovation process, and I sweated out opening night. I made it by the skin of my teeth. Private rooms were more expensive than doubles, and doubles could be converted to triples, if need be. As an added incentive I offered singles the opportunity to share a room, and cut their costs. About eighty-five percent of the singles chose to be doubled up.

One of the first letters I got was from a sailor in the US Navy. He wanted to rent a room for his one week leave which was coming up when he finished boot camp. He had no problem being paired up with another single man, but he preferred someone about his own age, which was nineteen. He also let me know that he had grown up on a farm in Idaho. As his week, and my grand opening loomed, the best I could find for him was a twenty-nine year old New Yorker. I paired them up and hoped for the best. I was sure the sailor, Matt Randolph, would be a naïve farm boy, and Jason Horvitz would be a street-wise, joke cracking, big city boy. You know what they say about making assumptions? Well I sure made an ass of myself.

Jason arrived first, and shattered every stereotype I had of New Yorkers. This skinny runt of a man approached the front desk, which I was manning, and he gave me his name. I was stunned, so let me describe Jason. First off, he asked me to call him Jase, and he signed in under that name. I think it made him feel more macho, which he certainly was not. As long as he was being so informal, I introduced myself as DD.

Jase stood about five feet, eight inches tall. He was very thin, and I was sure he had no muscles at all. Good luck getting laid this week, I thought. He had straight, mousy brown hair and hazel eyes. His nose was smallish, but it was way too big for his thin face. He was almost thirty, but he still had an occasional zit on his face. He shocked me when he opened his mouth. He had a deep basso voice, which belied the rest of him.

He spoke very little, and it was obvious that he was no wise-guy from the streets of a dangerous city. At least, he didn't act like one of those. He was more of a nerd. I sure was wrong about him. Yet, the more I heard his voice, the more it fascinated me. It was lyrical, and when he spoke, he sort of sang a little. "Is my roommate here yet?" he asked. I had the urge to yell Bravo. It sounded like he was singing a lullaby to me.

I was curious, so I asked, "What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a chorus member with The New York City Opera," he smiled with pride.

I thought that with a voice like that he should be a lead singer, not a chorus member. I gave his key to the bell-hop, and suggested he get comfortable. "Maybe you'll want to take a swim in the pool. It will be filling up soon with hot naked bodies." I winked at him, and he smiled again. I registered the fact that he had a sweet smile, and it made him less plain.

The bell-hop led him to his room, and Jase told him he wanted the bed closest to the window. The young man laid the suitcase on a small table at the foot of the bed. As Jase tipped him, the boy said, "My name is Jerry. If you need anything during your stay, I'm at your service, and I mean anything." He winked, and left the room.

Jase unpacked and put his empty suitcase on the floor of the closet. It had been a long trip from New York, and he decided to shower, and then go down to the pool to soak up some sun. The temperature was in the low eighties, and when he had left New York, it had been thirty-eight. He didn't want to waste the weather napping in his room. He stripped and placed his underwear in a laundry bag he found in the closet. He stepped into the bathroom, and did not bother to close the door. While he was in the shower, Jerry came back into the room with Matt.

When Matt had checked in at my desk, I did a double take. He was only two inches taller than Jase at five feet, ten inches, but it was seventy inches of pure muscle. He looked like the hero of a Horatio Alger story, blond hair, blue eyes, straight chin with a small cleft, and to top it all off, he had dimples on both cheeks.

Matt realized that his roommate was showering, since the bathroom door was wide open. He had just spent three months, shitting, showering, and shaving with forty-nine other men in a barracks, so he thought nothing of walking into the bathroom. He had to pee badly. He exposed himself and went to work.

Jase was oblivious to his being in the room. Matt was just tucking his cock back into his shorts, when Jase emerged from the shower. Matt was just average; four uncut inches flaccid, and six inches hard. He went to the sink to wash his hands, and Jase froze in his tracks. He was surprised to see Matt in the room.

Matt dried his hands and stuck out his right one. "I'm Matt," he said, "How are you doing bu...?" He stopped in mid-sentence. As he was shaking Jase's hand, he was also checking him out, and what he saw sent him into a complete daze.

He saw a man of slight stature, who was so skinny, he looked like a concentration camp survivor, but his cut cock was the largest Matt had ever seen. It was at least as thick as a good sized salami, and its beauty was in its length. It hung nearly to Jase's knees, but his balls were small, so he was all cock. Jase didn't score easily, and he was a particularly horny dude at the moment. As Matt gawked at his cock, it began to erect. Jase was staring into Matt's beautiful face, and was unaware of what was happening to him. In seconds, his cock was fully erect and pointing to the ceiling. It grew a lot fatter, but not a lot longer. Matt could not believe how fat and big this cock was. He reckoned it was thirteen or fourteen inches long. He yearned to taste it, and he had to wonder if he could get it in his ass.

Jase took Matt's hand to shake. "My name's Jase," he stated simply, and Matt got another shock. Jase's voice was seductive. Even though Matt was not physically attracted to Jase, he wanted desperately to taste that magnificent cock, and hopefully get fucked by it. Jase started to move to the door.

"Where are you going naked?" Matt asked.

"Down to the pool. Naked is all right there."

"Wait up a sec. I'll go with you. If we are going to live together for a week, let's get to know each other."

"Sure," Jase said, and both men smiled at each other.

They were among the first to arrive, so it was easy for them to find adjacent lounge chairs at the pool. After they settled down on the chairs, Matt began to apply sunscreen lotion, which he had brought with him. Of course, he asked Jase to help him with his backside, as he rolled over on his stomach. Jase was not shy, he put plenty of sunscreen on Matt's bubbly butt, and accidently on purpose ran his fingers along Matt's crack. His efforts were rewarded by deep sighs from Matt.

He handed the tube back to Matt, and said, "My turn now." Matt returned the favor, but Jase's skinny ass was not much of a turn on for him.

They lay back on their chairs, and Matt asked first, "Where ya from, Buddy, and whatcha do?"

"I'm from New York City and I'm a singer," Jase answered simply. He was not much of a talker. Matt waited for him to ask him the same question, but Jase never did.

"I'm from Idaho," Matt volunteered, slightly peeved. "I grew up on a farm, and certainly I never saw an ocean. In spite of that I joined the Navy. I just finished boot camp, and I got two weeks shore leave. I spent a week back on the farm, and I decided to spend my second week here. I didn't get much action in boot camp. There's no privacy. Maybe now, as I move up, I'll be luckier."

"Good luck to you," Jase said, and turned his head toward the sun.

Other men were beginning to arrive at the pool, and Matt gave them his attention. They seemed to range in age from the early twenties to death. Sizes and shapes abounded; fat, skinny, tall, short, big cocks, little cocks, cut cocks, uncut cocks, something for everybody. Matt got plenty of stares back, but all he craved was Jase's oversized love machine. Matt knew that he could have any guy at the pool, but he set his sights on Jase, or at least, on Jase's prick. It made him bold.

"Don't I appeal to you even a little bit?" he dared ask Jase.

Jase turned to Matt and smiled. He took a long time to answer. "Look at me," he said sadly. "I'd give my right arm to crawl into bed with you, but I could never get a hunk of a guy who looks like you."

It was the most Jase had spoken since they met, and his deep basso voice was quickly seducing his roommate. Matt could not recognize or understand the feeling he was feeling. He managed to say, "Don't belittle yourself. What you have below the belt, is far more enticing than a pretty face or a hunky body."

"So what you're saying is that if you threw a blanket over my face, you could manage to have sex with me." Jase turned away from Matt's gaze again.

"Geez, Jase, stop being so sensitive. What I'm saying is that I would love to have a go at it with you. I want so badly to taste your cock and shove it up my ass. Look," he said, pointing at his own erect, and throbbing cock.

Jase smiled, and his face became less plain again. "Me too," he said and pointed at his whopper. "According to the bulletin board in the lobby, DD is making a get-to-know-you barbecue at poolside this evening. I doubt you'll feel the same way, after the party. Some good looking guy will surely glom on to you."

"Don't underestimate the appeal of that cock of yours," Matt said and burst out laughing. "Stand up and walk around the pool. I think I'll be the one begging you to spend the night with me."

"No begging necessary."

Matt was wrong. Bathing suits or shorts were a requirement of the get-to-know-you party. Matt's speedo left nothing to the imagination. He was cruised by almost every hotel guest there. No matter what their age or size, they hoped to get to be with him during their stay. He either ignored them totally, or told them to buzz off, politely, of course. All the while, he kept looking for Jase, wondering where he had disappeared to. If he had his way, Jase's cock was to be his prize this evening, and he feared someone else had stolen his roommate.

He needn't have worried. Jase's greatest asset was well hidden inside a pair of loose fitting cargo shorts. He was sitting alone, far from the bar and the barbecue grills. Nobody came close to him, which was exactly what he expected. He was used to it. He contented himself just watching the other guests socializing. He kept losing sight of Matt, who jumped into view every once in a while.

"What's cookin', Bro?" he heard Matt's voice. He looked up to see Matt smiling at him. "Have you eaten anything?" Matt asked. Jase shook his head. "Let's go get something to eat." Jase was happy to oblige. Matt put his farmer's brawny arm around Jase's waist, and the singer almost fainted.

Matt got a hot dog, which he garnished with mustard and sour kraut, and Jase got a burger which he smothered in ketchup. They found an open spot about two feet in diameter, and ate standing up. When they were finished, Matt said. "You know, I've had enough of all this chaos. Let's go to our room, and we'll get better acquainted."

"You don't have to ask me twice." Jase smiled broadly at Matt.

God, Matt thought, his smile does a number on me.

They entered their room, and Jase sat down awkwardly on his bed. Matt double-locked the door, and drew the curtains shut. Jase just stared at him. He was too scared, and too disbelieving to do anything. Matt walked over to Jase, and stood in front of him. He dropped his speedos, and stepped out of them. He did this slowly, by inches, teasing Jase, who just stared. Now his cock was fully exposed and standing up. His usual six inch cock had grown to at least six and a half inches. The sailor was really aroused. His cock was waving around right in front of Jase's face.

Jase grabbed it, and started to stroke it. After several strokes with his hand, he started to swab it with his tongue. Several times he sobbed so softly that Matt could not have heard him. All of Jase's fantasies were coming true. Finally, he engulfed Matt's cock in his mouth, and started sucking like he would an all-day sucker. By now, Matt was groaning, and he begged Jase to stop. He pulled away.

"Can I fuck you?" he asked.

"Please. I want you to."

Matt held out his hands, which Jase took. The farm boy easily lifted Jase into a standing position. He placed his lips on Jase's, and Jase began to grow faint again. He finally got hold of himself, only to discover Matt trying to part his lips with his tongue. Matt's tongue entered Jase's mouth like a slithering snake, and the tip of his tongue started to duel with Jase's. Jase returned the kiss with all the fervor in him.

Matt started to remove Jase's shorts slowly and sensuously, as he had done with his speedos. Shit, the guy was wearing Jockey shorts, probably to contain his monstrous appendage. Matt suppressed a laugh. He didn't want to embarrass his roommate. He removed the under shorts with one swift, deft movement, and Jase's hardened rod popped straight up in the air. The damn thing reached his nipples, and Matt began to salivate.

"Lie down on your back," he instructed the love starved man. As Jase was getting into position, Matt opened his suitcase. From a side pocket, he took out a condom and a tube of lube. He was about to remove the condom from its wrapper, when he said, "I haven't had sex since I left the farm. Even then it was protected sex. I couldn't be sure, if any of the other recruits were of like mind, and I didn't want to find out, so I stayed in the closet. If you know you are clean, I assure you I am too. I'd like not to have to use condoms."

In spite of his fear, Jase laughed. "I haven't been with anyone for almost two years. Nobody is interested in me. I can't believe that you are."

"Those idiots never went far enough to see you naked. Luckily I did."

"Then you can skip the rubber. Anyway, I have never found one big enough to fit me." Matt smiled and returned the condom to his suitcase. He lubed his cock, and Jase's ass. He reamed Jase with three fingers, stretching him. Jase was more uncomfortable than hurting, but he said nothing. His dreams were coming true, and he wasn't about to stop the progress.

"I think I'm ready. Go for it tiger," he murmured, and Matt went for it. He entered Jase's ass as slowly as he could, and Jase was loving it. It was a few long minutes before Matt was in all the way. Then he lay still as Jase moaned and sighed, and cried a little.

"Are you Okay?"

"I'm fine. Pump away handsome."

Matt was still a teen-ager. He came much sooner than he would have liked, but he was unable to rein back. "I'm sorry," he whined. I couldn't stop myself."

"It's Okay. We have all week, and you can fuck me whenever the mood strikes you, or anyone else in the hotel for that matter."

"You promise?" Matt asked.

"I promise."

"I want to suck that salami of yours, and then I want to be fucked by it. Are you up to it?" Jase just smiled his answer. They exchanged positions on the bed, and Matt went down on Jase. He could get very little cock into his mouth. He did the best he could, and then he just stroked up and down the massive member with his tongue. When he was satisfied, he took hold of the tube of lube.

"I have a confession to make," Matt said. I used to make it with one of my dad's hired hands. He was huge, not nearly as big as you, but very big. I hope I'm still stretched out."

"Well, I'll get you ready, and we'll find out." Jase was able to ream Matt's ass with four fingers, but that was it. When that milestone was reached, he put Matt's legs up on his shoulders and began his entry. Matt was in excruciating pain, but he wouldn't admit it. Jase continued a slow insertion, and when he was almost all the way in, he said jokingly, "I'll bet plenty of sheep, cows and donkeys have been up that hole."

Now Matt was the naïve one, and he blurted out, "Never! Never"

Jase chuckled, and looked into Matt's face. Every time he smiled, he got more attractive to Matt. When he was all the way in, he lay as still as possible. He wanted Matt to get used to his massive member. It was already resting on Matt's prostate, and the pain was almost all gone, but still Jase didn't move. He was savoring the moment as much as Matt was.

Finally, Matt could stand it no longer. He started to gyrate his hips, so Jase started pumping. With the first slow, short movements, Matt's prostate was stimulated, and he knew immediately that he would have another orgasm, probably before Jase. Jase was older than Matt by ten years, and he was able to hold back a little longer, but he was so sex starved, he lost the battle quickly. The two men had a simultaneous orgasm. It was the best either of them had ever had. When they came down from cloud nine, they smiled at each other, rolled over, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

They made desperate love all week, like each day was the last, and finally one day was the last. Matt was going off to the naval base in San Diego, where he was to attend a meteorology school, and of course, Jase was going back to New York, and singing. Matt said that he would send Jase his address as soon as he knew what it would be.

Jase informed Matt that the opera company would be performing in San Diego for four performances during the first week of August, so they made plans to see each other if possible. As unlikely as it appeared, based on their outward appearances, they had fallen in love. Matt was convinced that no other cock besides Jase's could satisfy him anymore. When they parted neither of them promised celibacy.

While Matt was busy studying meteorology, Jase determined to change his appearance. He joined a gym and hired a personal trainer, who recommended a nutritionist. The trainer also befriended Jase, and decided to help him in a complete makeover.

A dermatologist helped clear his skin. Under the watchful eye of the nutritionist, he gained thirty pounds, and thanks to the trainer, it was all muscle. His face filled out, and he actually looked attractive. The trainer helped him buy a whole new, very stylish wardrobe. Speaking of stylish, he began to have his hair cut by a stylist, instead of an ordinary barber. By the time, he and Matt met in San Diego a few months later, Matt didn't recognize him. Matt had loved Jase, the nerd. He adored Jase, the hunk.

Due to their busy schedules, they only had one night together. Matt attended his first opera, Carmen, and with much difficulty, he identified Jase as one of the smugglers. Later that night, as Jase was fucking him, he noted that he had never been fucked by a smuggler before. That made Jase smile, and he got better looking. Their parting was more difficult than the first time.

Three and a half years later, Matt showed up at Jase's doorstep waving his discharge papers at him. "I've got a job as a meteorologist at LaGuardia airport," he announced grinning widely. "We'll never be separated again."

The first opportunity they had to vacation together, they booked a week at The CUMfort Inn. I didn't recognize either one of them, but they told me that they had found love here, and would be forever grateful to me.

More tales to cum......



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