Playing  Games with a Straight Guy

“Fucking son-of-a-bitch, I hate his guts.” Max Brewer  took another swig of his beer, and continued his tirade.  “The bastard gives me all the worst  assignments, because I’m gay.  He doesn’t  come right out with it, but when he’s assigning stories to cover, I get the  ladies’ garden parties, and my co-workers get the juicy murder and sex  stories.  I know what he’s up to.  There’s always a smirk on his face when he hands  me an assignment.”

“Why don’t you quit?”   Curt Sommerville asked.  Curt was  Max’s best friend, and once, when they were both stewed, they were fuck buddies.   It had never happened again, drunk or  sober.  They were like brothers, and it  was just too weird for both of them to have sex together.  Strangely, they had done a few three-ways  together, and that didn’t seem to bother them at all.

“It’s too soon,” Max answered.  I want to build up my resume a little.  Maybe after I finish my novel, I might quit  then.”

“How do you know the guy picks on you because you’re  gay?  Maybe he just doesn’t like  you?”  Curt was trying to make his buddy  feel better, in a back-handed sort of way.

“If you could hear his anti-gay rhetoric, you would  agree with me.  I’m certain that it’s my  sexual orientation that irks him, but he’s very careful not to be so overt that  I could accuse him of anything.”

“Maybe you could try having a talk with him,” Curt  wasn’t giving up.

“He would just deny everything, and worse, he might  tell me that my work isn’t good enough for better story assignments.”

Suddenly Curt broke out laughing.  “Why don’t you offer to give him a blow  job?  You could point out that it is a  universally accepted maxim that gay guys give the best blow jobs.  Even a straight man couldn’t get turned off  by the anticipation of a first rate blow job.”

“He would most certainly turn it down, and things  would get worse,” Max mused.  “If I had a  chance to show him how good I could make him feel, it would have to be without  his knowledge and consent.  Even if he  loved it, when it was over, he could accuse me of rape.”

“He couldn’t do that if he didn’t know who was giving  him the blow job,” Curt continued to press the issue.

“Are you volunteering?” Max asked.

“Maybe.  What  does he look like?”

“He’s very good looking.  Actually, when I first met him, I was very  attracted to him.  If I didn’t hate him  so much, I could go for him myself, especially since he’s single.   He’s six feet even, and built.  I found out he works out at Duffy’s gym three  or four evenings a week.   He’s got green  eyes, and dimples when he smiles, which is a rare thing for him to do.  I happened to get a glimpse of his junk in  the men’s room one day.  He’s cut, and I  could tell he’s well endowed, but it’s hard to figure his measurements by  viewing a half exposed cock.”

“We could grab him when he leaves the gym some  evening.  We’d wear masks, and we could  take him to my apartment,” Curt grinned.   We could both suck him, and when he’s hard we could shove his cock up  one or both our asses, until he cums.   He’d love it.  I’d do all the  talking, Max, so he’d know we’re guys.   You could stay as quiet as a deaf mute.   When we’re done with him, I’d make him admit how good it felt.  We could drop him off in the park somewhere,  and take off.”

“I’d make him shower before we let him loose, so there  would be no DNA.”

Curt laughed.   “Do you think that he would dare to report that he’d been 

raped to the police?   He’d be too fucking embarrassed to do that, but it wouldn’t hurt to put  him under the shower, just in case.”

“But you’re missing the point,” Max said.  “I don’t want us to rape him.  I want us to have good sex with him, so that  he thoroughly enjoys it.”  They both  laughed at the possible scenario they had created, and in the days to come,  they forgot all about it.  

Max’s boss, Gary Grayson, seemed to get harder and  harder on Max with each passing day.  He  blue penciled his articles so severely, that there was little left of Max’s  original stories.

One day, in sheer desperation, Max asked his boss why  he hated him so much.

“Because you’re a fucking cocksucker,” Gary spat  out.  There was venom in his voice.

Max was shocked.   “Yes,” he said, “I’m a cocksucker.   I’ll always be a cocksucker, and you’ll always be an ignorant bigot.”

“Why don’t you quit,” Gary suggested, and his eyes  narrowed into a slit.

“No way.  I  wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.   You’ll have to fire me, and I’ll sue you and the newspaper.  I’d have the pleasure of taking you down with  me.”

“You couldn’t prove anything.”

“Maybe, maybe not, but I’d severely taint you and the  paper.  You’d lose every gay reader in  the city”

“Get out of my office.   You disgust me.”

“The feeling is mutual.”

That evening, Max called Curt.  Without any hemming and hawing, he said,  “Remember what you suggested we do to my boss?”

“Yes.  Are you  considering it?”

“I have considered it.   I want to do it.  Let’s start  planning our little caper this weekend.”

“You’re on, buddy.   This is going to be fun.”

Curt and Max discreetly followed Gary around every  evening after work for nearly three weeks.   At the end of the orientation period, they were familiar with all his  routines, and began to make plans.

Gary went to the gym three or four nights a week.  His gym nights varied, except for  Fridays.  He always went on Friday.  After working out or not, he went directly home.  Once he got home, he stayed there.  He  didn’t seem to have any social life at all.   Given his mean disposition, Max was not surprised in the least.

He always left the gym at approximately 10 PM.  The parking lot was in the rear of the gym,  and he always left through the back door.   The lot was nearly deserted at that hour.  Max and Curt agreed that the following Friday  would be the perfect time to execute their plan.

Max kept having second thoughts about what he was  about to do, but that Friday Gary was particularly cruel in belittling his  work.  He made up his mind to go through  with it.

Shortly before 10 PM, Max and Curt hid behind Gary’s  car.  When they saw him approaching the  car, they pulled down their knit hats, covering their faces.  They had cut eye holes in the caps.  They ran around the car, and approached Gary  from the rear.  They both grabbed him,  immobilizing the man, and Max placed an ether soaked rag on his face.  Gary passed out in seconds, and they loaded  him into Curt’s car.  Max found Gary’s  car keys in his hand.

He drove Gary’s car to his house, and parked in his  driveway.  They wanted neighbors to think  that Gary was home.  Curt followed him  there.  Max threw the car keys through  the mail slot in the front door, and got in the back seat of Curt’s car.  They drove to Curt’s apartment, which was  located in a very gay section of town.   Curt’s parking lot was deserted also.   They pulled Gary out of the car, and headed toward the apartment building,  supporting him under each arm.

They met one neighbor in the lobby, while they were waiting  for the elevator.  He was leaving the  building.  They never had to say a  word.  The neighbor said it all.  “Some guys should never drink,” he said.  “He’s as drunk as a skunk.”

“You got that right,” Curt said.  “He certainly can’t drive, so I’m putting him  up for the night.”

As the neighbor departed, he started to laugh.  “Remember,” he said, “it’s unethical to fuck  a guy while he’s drunk.”  He kept  laughing so hard at his own joke, they could hear him laughing until the lobby  door closed behind him.

Once inside Curt’s apartment, they stripped Gary down  to his birthday suit, and tied him to the bed.   They blindfolded him and taped his mouth so he couldn’t scream.  He was on his back, and when the guys saw his  dick they drooled.  He was flaccid at the  moment.  As Max had correctly observed he  was cut, but they were unprepared for what they now saw.  Gary had to be at least six inches  flaccid.  That was nice enough, but  neither man had ever seen a fatter cock.

“Are you really going to take that monster up your  ass?” Curt asked.

“I want to more than ever, and I’ll tell you one  better.  After he cums, I want to turn  him over and fuck him.  Why should he  have all the fun?”

“Okay by me.   We’ll both fuck him.”

Just then Gary moaned, and shifted his body.  In his stupor he realized that he was  virtually immobile, and he started to strain at his bindings.

Curt raised his finger to his lips indicating that it  was time for Max to be silent.  The two  men stripped naked.  Curt crawled between  Gary’s spread legs, and started to suck his cock.  Gary had showered before leaving the gym, and  he smelled delicious to Curt.  At first  he stroked up and down the underside.   Then he started swathing Gary’s crown.   Gary showed no signs of erecting, so Curt took his cock into his  mouth.  He could only get about a half of  it in.  He ran his tongue in feather like  strokes up and down the shaft, while his tongue pumped like a beating heart.

Watching all this aroused Max, and he started to kiss  Gary’s neck.  He tickled Gary’s ears with  his tongue, and then he pinched his nipples with his lips.  He forgot for the moment that he was  caressing the man he hated most in the world.   He didn’t realize that he was making love to him. He was acting on pure  instinct, wanting to give his partner as much pleasure as possible.  

His sensual actions aroused Gary, and he began to get  hard.  He started to sigh and his butt  began to move up and down in a fucking motion.   Curt stopped sucking immediately, and Max looked at him quizzically.  Curt pointed to Gary’s balls, and Max could  see that they had hardened and constricted.

“After he calms down, let’s switch, Duke,” Curt  said.  Max had to laugh.  Duke was the name of the dog Curt owned when  they were kids.  They waited a few  minutes, and noticed that Gary did not lose his erection.  Max went down on him, but stopped rather quickly.  Gary was ready to shoot.

When Max stopped sucking his cock, Gary moaned  loudly.  He obviously needed to cum, and  his captors were torturing him.  While he  was suffering, Max and Gary put a condom on his vibrating dick.  His moaning got louder.  They greased their asses and the condom, and  Max went first.

He straddled his captive boss, lowered himself slowly,  enduring the searing pain of the oversized cock, and got all of it into  him.  He could actually feel Gary growing  even bigger inside of him.  He sat on  Gary without moving until all the pain was gone.  Then he pumped up and down a few times, got  up, and relinquished his post to Curt.

Curt hurt even more than Max had, but he finally got  Gary in to the hilt.  It only took Gary  two or three pumps of Curt’s body and he shot his load.  He couldn’t scream, but his groans told the  tale.  The two criminals stood over him  until he calmed down.

“Nice wasn’t it?” Curt asked.  “I’ll bet you enjoyed it.”

Gary didn’t move.   There were tears in his eyes, but the two captors could not see it.  They didn’t have to wonder if Gary was crying  tears of joy, or tears of fear and dismay.

Suddenly Gary felt a cold rag on his nose.  He recalled the moments before he lost  consciousness, and he passed out again.   This time they only left the rag on a few seconds, just enough to turn  him over and retie him.

They put on condoms, greased their cocks and Gary’s  ass.  “Are you awake?” Curt asked.  Gary nodded, and was rewarded with Curt’s  hard cock entering his ass.  He tried to  scream, but of course he couldn’t.  Curt  started to pump, and he began to rub against Gary’s prostate.  Gary began to sigh with pleasure, and Max  smiled at Gary’s unseeing eyes, just as Curt unloaded his cum into the condom.  

Max took Curt’s place.   He entered slowly.  He didn’t want  to hurt Gary.  He wanted him to  experience the joy of gay sex.  He took  his time before starting to stroke, and when he did, he came even faster than  Curt had.

“I don’t know about Gary,” Curt said, but I had a  ball.  That was one hot sex session.  What do you think, Duke?”

Max smiled at Curt and nodded strenuously.  They gave Gary another small dose of ether,  untied him and took him into the shower with them.  They dried and dressed him carefully.  Max’s boss slept fitfully through all of this.  His face was contorted.

It was now the middle of the night, and they didn’t  encounter another living soul while getting Gary back in Curt’s car.  They took him home, found his house keys in  his trousers, and deposited him on his own bed, fully dressed.  Curt dropped Max off at home, and the  adventuresome night was over.

Max was sure they had pulled it off without Gary being  able to identify them.  He couldn’t wait  to get to work on Monday.  He slept well,  secure in the knowledge that he and Curt had accomplished a successful caper.  The next day was Saturday and he fully  intended to sleep in.  Alas, it was not  to be.  At precisely 7 AM, his land phone  rang.  It rang several times before he  was awake enough to pick up the handset.

“Hello,” he said hoarsely, and hardly above a whisper.

“Max,” a familiar voice said, “it’s Gary Grayson.”  That woke Max up quick enough.  He was in full panic mode, but he came to his  senses quickly, and decided to play dumb, and take the offensive.

“What the fuck do you want?  Are you going to begin to torture me on  weekends at home now?”

“No, Max, I swear.   It’s nothing like that, but I have to see you.  Something has happened to me.”

“Why would you possibly think I can help you with  whatever it is?”

“Because you’re gay, and I need the perspective of a  gay man.”

“Did you have gay sex?   Do you want to switch teams?  Do  you want me to teach you how to be gay?   Forget about it.  You can’t learn  to be gay.  You are born gay, and no  lessons are necessary.”

“Please Max.   You’ve got the wrong idea.  I  really need to talk to you.  Could you  meet me for breakfast in an hour at Jimmy’s Diner, around the corner from the  office?”

Max wanted very much to say no, but he had to know  what Gary remembered from last night, and if he suspected him at all.  He reluctantly agreed to meet his boss.

Max grew frightened when he saw his boss.  He had black bags under his eyes, and he  looked ten years older.  His hair was  uncombed and he was unshaven.  Gary was  usually meticulous in his appearance.  

“Good God,” Max said.   “You look like you were hit by a truck.”

“Not a truck, but I was mugged by two huge guys.”  

Max smiled to himself.   He and Curt were hardly huge men.   “Wow, have you reported it to the police?  Did they hurt you?” Max asked out of real  concern.

“That’s the crazy part.  They didn’t hurt me at all, and they didn’t  take any money or credit cards.  I didn’t  go to the police for that reason and for one other.”

“One other?” Max repeated innocently.

“Yes, and that’s what I want to talk to you about.”

“Well, I’m here, so talk.”

“Let’s order breakfast first,” Gary mumbled in a vain  attempt to delay the moment when he would tell Max that he had been violated.

When the waiter left with their order, Gary looked  down at his hands which were in his lap.   “They raped me,” he said.

“What?” Max screeched, acting out his utter  disbelief.  “Good God.  I can see why you would be too ashamed to go  to the police, but it is the right thing to do.   You should go.  There might be DNA  evidence on your body, or on your clothing.”

“They used condoms, and bathed me afterwards.  I doubt there is forensic evidence.  Besides, I don’t want to have them arrested.”

“Why not.  If I  was raped I’d want the bastards punished.”

“Well that’s the point.  I don’t think that rape is the right word to  describe what happened.  They were gentle  with me.  We actually had sex.  I almost felt as if at least one of them was  making love to me.  He kept kissing my  neck and my ears and my nipples.”

“Wow,” Max said.   “I’m not a shrink, but I have to ask?   How did that make you feel?”

Gary was silent for a long time.  Max was about to ask him once more how he  felt, when Gary looked into his eyes, and said, “I wanted more.  I didn’t want it to end.”

Now it was Max who was speechless.  After another long silence, he said, “That’s  crazy Gary.  A straight man can’t turn  gay by having sex with another man.  He  may enjoy the carnal part of it, but only a woman could meet his emotional  needs.  I could have sex with a woman if  properly aroused, but it wouldn’t ever be something I could do with passion, or  even love.”

“That’s the point, Max.  I realized during all the sex activity that I  was growing passionate, and I felt like telling them that I wanted to be  involved, but my mouth was taped and I couldn’t do it.  I wanted to thank them for freeing me.”

“Freeing you?   What do you mean?”

Gary took Max’s hand and held it between both of  his.  Max was shocked, but decided not to  do anything about it.

“Let me explain,” Gary said.  “In my younger years, I was a BMOC in high  school and college.  I was on several sports  teams, and I had earned several letters.   The girls were all over me, and I had more than a few chances to fuck  some of them.  I actually tried twice,  and I couldn’t perform, so I went down on them, and got them off, so they  wouldn’t tell anyone that I couldn’t get it up for them.

“On the other hand, in the locker room, I had to fight  getting hard.  I began to suspect that I  was gay.  The idea so revolted and  frightened me, that I became homophobic.   As a result, at thirty-five, I am still a virgin.  Until last night I had not ever had sex with  a woman or a man.”

“Wow,” was all Max could say.

“Those two guys opened my eyes to the joy I was  missing.  I don’t know who they were, or  if I was a random victim, or targeted.  I  don’t care.  I’m not going to hide who I  am anymore.”

“That’s commendable,” Max said facetiously, and with  relief.  Gary didn’t know who his  assailants were.  “I still don’t see how  you think I can help you?”

“I could lie and say that I need a friend, that I need  you to mentor me, but I’m not going to do that.   I’m going to lay all my cards on the table, and confess something to  you.”

Now Max was frightened.  Did Gary suspect that it was he who raped  him?  No!   He didn’t rape him.  He made love  to him.  He wanted to run from the  restaurant, but at the same time he desperately needed to hear what Gary had to  say.

“When I interviewed you for the job, I was very  impressed with your resume and your accomplishments,” Gary continued.  “About a month after you started, you  candidly mentioned to a co-worker that you were gay.  I overheard you, and I panicked.  You see, by that time I was madly in love  with you.  I kept fighting my feelings.  You frightened me so much, Max.  Now, knowing you were gay made it worse.  I did everything I could to make you hate me,  and to make you quit, but you wouldn’t give in.   You fought my meanness, and I have to admire you for that.

“Every day, I wanted you more, and I grew more and  more terrified of my feelings.  Last  night changed my life.  I don’t want to  hide myself in a closet anymore.  I want  to get out of my house.  I want to love  and be loved, and I want to beg you, Max, to join me in my journey of  discovery.  Give me a chance to show you  how much I love you.”

Max was too stunned to say anything.  His mind was working overtime.  He thought back to last night.  Why had he kissed Gary at all?  There was no need.  Did he maybe have feelings for his boss,  which were clouded by the awful way Gary treated him?  His kisses had signaled to Gary that one of  the rapists was making love to him.  To  say that he was in turmoil would be an understatement.

Finally Gary begged, “Please say something.  I’m going crazy here.  I’ve just bared my soul to you.  Say something please.”

Max could not speak.   Gary was still holding his hand, so he squeezed Gary’s hand, and smiled  in his eyes.  Just then their breakfast  was served.  They ate in silence, but  every so often their eyes met, and they smiled at each other.  Max could not believe that he was beginning  to feel pangs of love for a man he hated above all others just an hour  ago.  He accepted the fact that his love  was growing when he realized that Gary had explained away his animosity.

Finally, when the waiter brought over the check, Max  got his voice back.  “I have a simple  question,” he said. “Your place or mine?”

“I’m closer,” Gary smiled.  “Follow me home.”

“In the foyer of Gary’s house, they fell into each  other’s arms, and kissed passionately.   Gary grabbed Max’s hand and literally dragged him to his bedroom, where  they stripped rapidly.

“Lie down on your back,” Max said.  “I’m going to do all the work, and I want you  to take notes.”  Gary laughed.  As soon as he was lying prone in bed, Max  fell on top of him.  He started to kiss  his way down Gary’s body.  As soon as  Max’s tongue tickled Gary’s ear, and then his neck, Gary knew who had made love  to him last night.

A few minutes later, when Max was sucking his cock,  Gary said, “Please let me fuck you later.   This time I need to participate in this love session.  I don’t want you to do all the work.”

“Do you really expect me to let you shove that monster  up my ass?” Max laughed.

“Yes, I do.  You  did it last night, and you can do it now, and forever and ever.”

Max jumped up and lay side by side with Gary.  He was ashen white.  “How did you know?” he asked.

“When you began to kiss me, I knew.  I swear I didn’t know until then.”

“You don’t hate me?”

“I told you that if I knew who did it to me, I’d want  to thank them.  Thank you, Max, or should  I say Duke?  Thank your friend also.  Now, I’d really like to suck your cock.  It will be a first for me.”

“Before you do, I want to thank you as well.  Last night when I was having sex with you, I  also realized I had real feelings for you in spite of everything.   I also realized that I was making love to  you, not having sex.  That’s why I felt  the need to kiss you.  Your mouth was  taped so I went for the jugular, so to speak.”

Max and Gary turned toward each other.  Their arms entwined each other, their cocks  rubbed together, and they kissed passionately.

“I’ve been a jerk for so many years,” Gary said.  “I can’t afford to waste any more time.  Please, Love, let’s stop talking and make  love with each other.”  With that he  moved down and took Max’s entire cock into his mouth.

At that precise moment they began to live the lifetime  of love which lay ahead of them.



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