The CUMfort Inn Tales

Chapter Two

The Doctors' Tale

My name is Darius Dimitri, and everyone calls me DD. I am the proprietor of The CUMfort Inn in Fort Lauderdale on the beach. The CUMfort Inn is for men only and clothing is optional. So that there will be no misunderstanding, I run a gay resort hotel. We have never had women try to book a room, but if they did I would refuse them, politely of course. I wouldn't want to be accused of discrimination. On the other hand, in the two years we have been in business, I suspect more than one straight dude has checked in out of curiosity. Be that as it may, this is a tale about two gay partners. They had been together for fifteen years, and were discussing the pros and cons of getting married, when they booked a room for a week in early November.

Buddy Bronson and Jacob Lowry met in medical school. There was instant chemistry between them, and they became BFFs almost immediately. It took a little longer to become lovers, but eventually it happened. The delay wasn't because they were shy. Neither of them hid their sexuality, and were out all during their high school years, or should I say their prep school years? They both had attended private institutions. The hesitation occurred because they liked each other a little too much, and didn't want to spoil their growing friendship, until they were sure about where their relationship was headed.

The two men rented a furnished apartment for their last three years of med school, and they lived together. They were both from affluent families in New York City, and they were fortunate enough to secure internships together at Beth Israel Medical Center in lower Manhattan. Once again they roomed together in hospital housing on Second Avenue.

Ian Bronson was born two whole days before Jacob Lowry. Coincidentally they were both born at Beth Israel. Mrs. Bronson was just being wheeled out when Mrs. Lowry was being wheeled in. By the time he was six months old, Ian was a chubby roly-poly baby. His father joked that he looked like a little Buddha, and he began to call him Buddy, a nick-name he would carry the rest of his life. Jacob was called Jake from day one.

The two doctors specialized in pediatrics, and eventually started a practice together on Upper Fifth Avenue. Family money saw them through until the practice took off. They were together all day at work, and all evening and night at home or at play. They were poster men for the ideal couple. They loved each other dearly, and had an active and inventive sex life. Neither was shy about asking the other to try anything he had in mind. Sometimes their love making was pretty kinky.

It is hard to say what caused their relationship to start breaking down. One day they joyfully started to discuss getting married, when it became legal in New York, and the next day they both began to exhibit boredom, and then total disinterest in each other. They hardly spoke to each other at home, and they only talked business at work. They even stopped having sex. This situation did not happen gradually. It seemed to have been an overnight phenomenon. Unfortunately neither of them seemed to care enough to try to find out what the problem was, nor to rectify it. Finally, after some months of this passive behavior, Buddy decided to do something about it, even if it marked the end of their relationship, both personal and business. He spoke to Jake, who wanted to cancel their booking at The CUMfort Inn, but Buddy was so insistent, that Jake very reluctantly agreed not to cancel their reservation.

When I was checking them in at the front desk, I thought to myself what a stunningly handsome couple they were, but they never spoke to each other. They were like two strangers about to go to separate rooms. If they were strangers, they surely would have been attracted to one another. I sensed immediately that something was wrong, so I tried to engage them in conversation to lighten the mood.

"We have a get-to-know-you party every Friday night at the pool. It's free, the food is good, plenty of eye candy, music, dancing, and you name it. Everyone always has a lot of fun. It starts at 9 PM. I'll see you there. Clothing is optional anywhere, anytime, in the hotel, but at this party I require a bathing suit or shorts. I don't want things to get out of hand." I smiled. The two doctors did not smile back. I called for Jerry, the bellhop, handed him two keys, and he escorted them to their room.

Jerry usually flirted with the guests, and offered them his services. I am sure that he had a hefty income from moonlighting. But the sour mood of these two men, caused him to be all business. He accepted his tip from Jake, and left quickly, without uttering a word. He could only wonder what the hell they were doing here in a hotel designed for love.

When they were alone in the room, Jake turned to Buddy. "Okay, why the hell did you drag me here?" he asked.

Buddy looked sad. "You know why, he sighed. "Our relationship hasn't just gone south. It's crashed. I thought we needed some time off together to rekindle the old flame."

"Look," Jake sighed this time. "Maybe we're just bored with each other. We work together all day, we live together all the rest of the time, and we make love together, at least, we used to. I think we should have taken separate vacations."

"Are you saying that you'd like to be with other men?"

"Yes." Jake muttered.

"Well, I think there'll be plenty of guys on the prowl tonight at the party. Take your pick, handsome."

Jake smiled for the first time since arriving at the hotel. "You haven't called me handsome in a very long time. Am I still handsome?"

"Of course. "

Jake did not return the compliment. "It was a long trip from New York, and I'm tired," he said. "I think I'll take a shower and a nap before the party tonight."

"That's a good idea. We haven't showered together in months. Would you like to?"

Jake scowled. "No, I might get lucky tonight, and I want to save myself. I'm not as young as I used to be."

Buddy got sick to his stomach, but he grinned, and said, "Yeah, me too. You go first."

Jake stripped, and Buddy watched his partner. He was so beautiful. His body was like a Greek statue. Buddy sat down on the double bed, and when Jake went into the bathroom, he completely broke down. He started to sob quietly, and wondered what had happened to them. He'd give anything to have things back the way they were, but Jake didn't seem to want to go back to their once beautiful life.

Then he got an idea. He stripped naked, and lay down on his back above the covers. He was completely exposed. He began to stroke himself. He thought that when Jake came back in the room, and saw his erect cock, he might desire him again.

But when Jake saw his partner lying on the bed, with his seven inch cut beauty facing the ceiling, he merely smiled. "It's your turn to shower," he said not unkindly. "You're a very enticing picture," he candidly admitted as an after-thought. Buddy was encouraged by that remark, but was quickly deflated when Jake put on a pair of boxers and lay down in bed. "I just want to take a nap before the barbecue," he sighed, and rolled over on his belly.

After his shower, Buddy lay down next to Jake, but he hadn't put anything on. He was completely naked. He hunkered up to Jake and put an arm around his middle. Jake made no move to rebuff Buddy, but maybe because he was fast asleep. In a short time, Buddy fell asleep also.

Buddy woke up first, but he didn't move. He was happy to have his arm around Jake. They hadn't been this intimate in months. He hunkered closer, and his cock was crushed against Jake's thigh. He moved his hand from Jake's middle to his abdomen.

He wondered what time it was. It was dark outside. He wanted to stay in bed like this with Jake for the entire week, but he feared that Jake would be angry with him if they missed the barbecue. He nudged Jake's shoulder gently.

"It's dark outside, honey. I think we should get ready for the barbecue. Besides, I gotta tell you, I'm hungry."

Jake woke up, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and said, "Yeah. Let's get ready for this shindig. I can't wait to check out the meat factory, which DD calls the pool area." He got out of his boxers and put on a skimpy bathing suit. Buddy went to the bathroom to pee, and when he got out, Jake was gone. He didn't feel like going to the party, but he put on a bathing suit and headed for the pool. Suddenly he was angry. He decided that he was going to pick somebody up before Jake did.

He spotted Jake immediately. He had a drink in his hand and was deep in conversation with a cute young man in his early twenties. As far as Buddy was concerned, the guy had just graduated from twinkie-school. "I'll show him," Buddy thought. He scanned the assembled crowd and he saw HIM. A gorgeous hunk of man, who seemed to be about forty-five, was talking to a young man who could not have been over twenty-three. Buddy could tell that the more mature man was bored and disinterested, and that the young man was working on securing a sugar-daddy. He didn't know how he knew that, but he would have bet on it.

Buddy sauntered over to the duo, caught the older man's eye and smiled at him. The man smiled back, and nodded slightly. Buddy knew that the man wanted to get away from the youngster.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," he said taking the hunk's hand. "Buy me a drink, will you, honey?" he said, and the younger man retreated into the crowd. As soon as he was gone, the man smiled at Buddy.

"Thank you for rescuing me," he said. He stuck out his hand. "I'm Bill Palmer," he smiled seductively.

"Buddy here," Buddy said, taking Bill's hand to shake. I'm always glad to help."

"Let me buy you that drink, you asked for." He took Buddy's hand and led him through the mob to the bar. The food was free, but there was a nominal charge at the bar. I had to charge something, or these Friday night soirees would have bankrupted me.

As luck would have it, they stood right behind Jake and his young friend. After ordering, Jake turned around. Buddy was talking loudly to Bill. He wanted Jake to hear him, but the crowd was noisy, and he had to talk loudly anyhow.

"Jake," Buddy sang out, "what a pleasant surprise. Allow me to introduce you to Bill." Jake looked very surprised, and maybe a little perturbed. Buddy was in seventh heaven, when he realized how shocked Jake was. He and Bill shook hands. When Jake got his and his friend's drinks they disappeared into the mob scene. Bill ordered drinks for him and Buddy.

As soon as they left the bar, Bill asked suspiciously, "Who was that?"

Buddy laughed. "He's my business partner. We have slept together on occasion, but it's been a long time now, and I assure you, we aren't committed or monogamous."

"I'm glad to hear that," Bill smiled seductively at Buddy. "You see, I have designs on you. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have sex with you tonight. I didn't expect to meet someone so handsome and seductive right out of the starting gate, but you are all of that. And if that's not enough, you are my knight in shining armor, who rescued me from a predator."

Buddy was more than flattered. "Thank you," he said. "I feel the same way. Do you have a roommate? Is your room available? Unfortunately, I'm sharing mine with Jake."

"I'm sharing mine with a perfect stranger. He's not at all my type."

"In that case we'll go to my room. Jake won't mind. Besides he might get lucky with that young kid."

"Let's finish our drinks and get out of here."

They entered Buddy's darkened room, and he lit the light in the bathroom. The room was bathed in a soft eerie glow. "Do you need to shower?" Buddy asked. "I showered just before the party."

"Me too," Bill grinned and he began to strip. Buddy followed suit. Of course, he checked Bill out. He was a replica of himself, uncut and about seven inches in his erect state. They smiled at each other and Bill fell on the bed. Buddy lay down beside him, and pressed his hard cock up against him. Bill sighed and offered Buddy his lips. It was their first kiss, and very chaste, but Buddy was scared stiff. It was the first time he had ever cheated on Jake. He was shaking like a leaf, and Bill asked him if something was wrong.

"No," Buddy lied. "For some reason, I always shiver when I am aroused."

They resumed kissing, but this time with open lips, and tickling tongues. They reached for each other's twitching cocks, and started stroking slowly with feathery gentleness. They both sighed, and Bill released his hold on Buddy. He twisted around into a sixty-nine position. They ran their tongues up and down each other's cocks, and then took them into their mouths.

Just then, the door opened. Jake came in, gasped, and stood frozen. Bill looked up, and said, "Lock the door, Jake, and join us." Bill and Buddy interrupted their endeavors and sat up in bed.

"I don't want to interrupt," Jake said bitterly.

"Nonsense," Bill said. "The more the merrier."

"What happened to you and the high school football hero?" Buddy asked sarcastically.

"He's very young. He came quickly, and without satisfying me, he ran back to the party. I've got blue balls, and I came back to whack off."

"No need," Bill said. "Get undressed and join us in bed.

"Sure," Jake said, and he looked at Buddy spitefully.

A naked Jake climbed into the bed, leaving Bill in the middle. Immediately the three of them started groping each other. Bill turned from side to side, and kissed Jake and Buddy alternately. Primal need and instinct took over, and Jake and Buddy went down on Bill simultaneously. Each licked one side of his cock, and each one took him into his mouth as the opportunity arose.

They were both swiping Bill's crown, when it happened. Their lips brushed together. At first, they hardly touched, but Jake pushed in harder. Bill's cock was forgotten for the moment, as Buddy and Jake began to kiss passionately.

"Now," Bill yelled, and the three men formed a daisy chain, and started sucking wildly but sensuously. By some miracle they came simultaneously, and swallowed every drop. Incredibly they immediately fell into a deep sleep, still in the daisy chain position.

Jake woke up first. The first sign of a dawning new day was streaming through the nearly closed blinds. Bill was gone, and he was lying head to foot with Buddy. He could smell the delicious, musky aroma of Buddy's cock, and he smiled to himself. He kissed Buddy there so lightly, that he was certain he wouldn't wake him.

He got out of bed quietly, and went to pee. He debated brushing his teeth, and decided to defer it till later. He didn't want to wake Buddy, who looked like a cherub. Instead he got back in bed, and hunkered up to his lover.

"What happened to us?" he wondered. "I love this man so much. What pulled us apart?" It didn't matter. He fell asleep again with his arm wrapped around Buddy's waist.

They did not awaken until almost noon. They woke up at the same time. "Where's Bill?" Buddy wondered.

"Don't know and don't care. Just hold me tight. This is like old times," Jake said, and pressed hard against Jake.

Buddy looked at his watch. "It's almost lunch time, and I'm starved," he observed. "Will you shower with me now? Then I'd like to go out to lunch."

Jake smiled, and jumped out of bed. He ran towards the bathroom. "I'll shower with you the rest of my life."

And what a shower it was. They sucked, rimmed and fucked each other several times. Neither could believe they had that much mojo. While they were dressing, Jake said, "I feel like I've exorcised some demon that was in me. I love you so much. What happened to us?"

"I don't know, but whatever it was, I never stopped loving you, and I never will."

"Do you think we should ask Bill to join us for lunch?" Jake asked. "Whatever brought us to our senses, Bill seems to have been the catalyst."

"Good idea. We owe him."

They stopped at my desk, and greeted me with a cheery, "Good morning." I was happy to see how much their mood had changed, and I attributed it to the love hotel.

"It's hardly morning," I quipped. "In less than a minute it'll be good afternoon. What can I do for you doctors?"

"Can you tell us what room Bill Palmer is in?" Buddy asked.

"That name isn't familiar," I said. "Let me look." I checked the registry, and I had no Bill Palmer registered. I expressed regrets.

"Maybe he didn't give me his real name at the party last night?" Buddy suggested.

I smiled at my two guests. "That's entirely possible," I said. "I get a lot of straight men, and plenty of wannabee married men, who register incognito. If they hook up, they may use the name they registered under, or even use another name. They don't even use a credit card, and prefer to pay for everything in cash. It's unbelievable how frightened they are of getting caught. I was in the closet once. You don't know how liberating it is to be who you are."

"I was never in the closet," Jake said, "neither was Buddy, so I can't say I can fully appreciate what these men are going through. Anyway, maybe we'll run into Bill today at the pool. We were going to invite him to lunch."

They never did run into Bill again before their stay was up. While they were checking out, they confided to me, that they were beginning to doubt that Bill had ever really existed, and that their little vacation had fulfilled its purpose. Alone in the confined space of their room, they just simply realized how much they loved each other, and the split in their relationship just began to close up.

Jake and Buddy book a week with me once a year now. They keep their eyes peeled for Bill, but they have never run into him again. They tell me that his memory grows dimmer every year, and they sometimes wonder if he ever existed.



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