Peter's Dad

The eighteen year young man stood in front of the brownstone, checking the address he had written down on a crumpled piece of paper. He checked it over and over again to make sure that he was in the right place. Or was he just delaying knocking on the front door?

He was pale, and he looked very weak. It wasn't very cold, but he pulled his jacket closer around him, trying to protect himself from the chilly, early spring breeze. He shivered, and started up the three steps to the front entrance. He was so weak, he had to hold on to the railing, or he would not have made it.

Finally he reached his destination and rang the bell. He shivered even more, partly from the cold, but mostly from fear. The few seconds it took for the homeowner to answer the door, seemed like several hours to the shivering young man.

The man who opened the door looked nothing like his visitor. He was thirty-eight years old, healthy and robust. His ruddy face showed a few freckles on his nose. His hair was auburn, and the young man was sure it had been red in his youth, just as his had been. His jade green eyes were majestic. He was wearing an undershirt and a pair of gym shorts. His attire did nothing to hide his hard muscled body.

With great effort, the young man held out his hand for the older man to shake. "I'm Peter Brennen," he said.

"I know. I've been waiting for you. Please come in."

No sooner did the young man enter into the foyer, when he collapsed, and fell into the older man's arms. Alan Fielding caught the sick young man and easily carried him into his living room, where he laid him on the sofa. When Peter awakened, Alan sat him up, and started to feed him some clear broth, which he had prepared while Peter slept.


Peter was not always sickly. He used to be a strong, healthy teen-ager who participated in almost every sport his high school had to offer. But something happened to him in his senior year. He began to tire too easily, and he had trouble completing any game, in any sport. One day, he just collapsed at third base during a baseball game.

He was hospitalized, and diagnosed with chronic nephritis. His kidneys were simply failing. The young boy was placed on dialysis, and on a kidney transplant waiting list. His only living blood relative in the whole world was his mother, who was not a compatible donor.

"Where's the boy's father?" Doctor Spengler asked Grace Brennen.

"I'm not sure," she lied. "He was a sperm donor, and we didn't stay in touch."

"Do you think you could locate him? If we wait for Peter to get to the head of the donor list it might take months, and the boy doesn't have months."

Grace nodded. "I'll try," she said, and broke out crying.

That evening, she got Peter comfortably settled in his bed, and searched the telephone book. She told nobody, but she had kept track of Alan Fielding ever since she got pregnant. She did this in spite of their agreement.

She and Alan were high school friends. Grace had no relatives, and lived in foster care. Her current foster parents loved her as much as real parents could, but never adopted her. They found out that she was a lesbian when she graduated college, and after that, they had nothing to do with her.

Grace knew her sexual orientation from the time she was twelve, and Alan knew that he was gay for just as long. They were good enough buddies to have confided in each other. They did everything together with their crowd of friends. Everyone thought that they were an item, and nobody suspected that they were gay. They were covers for each other.

During her college years, Grace met Joanna Wright. Joanna was older than Grace; a successful fashion model. After graduation, Grace moved into Joanna's luxury apartment. The two women wanted desperately to have a baby, and Grace approached her good friend, Alan, about fathering a child. He was hesitant at first, but Joanna had her attorney prepare a document, absolving him of any parental rights and child support. In return, he agreed to stay out of his child's life. Joanna paid him $5000.00 for his efforts. That was a fortune for a young law school student.

When Peter was born, Grace secretly called Alan, who saw his baby at the hospital just one time, and then disappeared, as his contract required. Before Peter reached his first birthday, Joanna decided that a baby was interfering with her life. She and Grace split up. Grace was too proud to ask Alan for help, so she became a struggling single mother. She and Peter didn't have a lot of material stuff, but they managed.

Alan answered his phone one evening, and the caller identified herself as Grace Brennen. He was totally shocked and left speechless. While she was explaining the reason for her call, Alan's first reaction was that there was no way he would give a kidney to a stranger. He rationalized that Peter might reject the kidney and die anyway. Where would that leave him? One kidney missing, and no son and heir. Then he recalled the beautiful infant he had seen in the hospital, and he softened.

"I want to meet him first," he said. "When can you bring him around?"

"I can't afford to miss any work, and risk getting laid off," Grace sobbed. "I need to maintain our health insurance policy for both our sakes. Can I send him around alone tomorrow?"

"I'll leave work a little early. Do you think he could get here by 4 PM?"

"I'll make sure of it," she answered. "And Alan, if you're compatible, please, please don't let him die. He's so precious to me. He's all I've got. Joanna left me before his first birthday."

"Then why didn't you contact me when he was a baby? I would have helped you. I would have had a son. Now he's a stranger to me."

"He was always my responsibility, and I promised you that I would not allow him to be a burden to you."

"Well, let me meet him before I make up my mind. I'll be home and waiting for him."

Alan had not expected to see someone quite as sick as Peter. If he had known, he never would have allowed him to come around by himself. He would have gone to see him. But now that he was here, Alan vowed to be his caregiver. The only other place he was going to allow the youth to go, was to the hospital. The minute Alan laid his eyes on his son, he knew that he would give him a kidney. If Peter wasn't so frail, Alan would have smothered him with kisses.

Grace didn't go home after work that day; she came to Alan's house. He set her up in his guest room, and he shared his big king-sized bed with his son.

In the morning Alan called for a taxi to take Peter to and from dialysis. Grace arranged a quick visit to Dr. Spengler's office to test Alan for compatibility. It was determined that Alan was a compatible donor, and the doctor made arrangements for the double surgery to be performed as soon as possible. Alan took a medical leave of absence from work, leaving his case load to one of his associates. Peter and Alan had a week together in Alan's house before the surgery. Alan drove Peter to dialysis every day, and in that week, they bonded as father and son.

After surgery, they shared a hospital room, and became even closer. Alan was released first, but even though the doctor would not give him the go ahead to return to work, he visited Peter every day at the hospital, and Grace was there every evening.

Alan converted his den into a third bedroom. It had been a bedroom originally, and he made Grace move in with him. That would help ease her financial burden. With his townhouse converted to a three bedroom dwelling once again, he, his son, and Grace could each have a private room.

On the evening before Peter was discharged from the hospital, Grace and Alan were sipping hot tea, and Grace confessed that after Joanna, there had not been anyone else. She occasionally had a one night stand, but it was very rare.

Alan admitted that after all these years, he had not met Mr. Right either, and all he ever had was an occasional one night stand as well. "Here's to two lonely souls," he said as he raised his tea cup. "I'm really happy that you're living with me, Grace. It's like old times, and as a bonus, our son will be home tomorrow." They hugged, kissed each other on the cheek, and went into their separate bedrooms.

The next day, Alan brought Peter home from the hospital. He got him settled in his own room, but Peter said, "Alan, I don't feel secure enough yet to be alone. Would you mind if we slept together until I feel better. It will be just like it was before my operation."

"You were very sick, then," Alan reminded Peter. "You're getting better and much stronger every day now, so it might not be appropriate."

"Please Alan," Peter begged. "I don't care if it's appropriate or not. I'm afraid to be alone."

"Very well then," Alan responded, "but in that case, I insist you call me Dad. I'll pretend you're a little boy, and want to sleep with your old man. It's something I missed when you were a kid, so let's go for it."

They both went to sleep in boxer shorts. The bed was big enough that they never touched each other during the night. Everything went well for the first two nights. On the third night together, when Alan was waking up early in the morning to pee, he realized that Peter was hunkered up against him, and his erect penis was settled right in Alan's crack. He decided that it was just an accident, and he would not make an issue of it. Anyway, Peter was straight. At breakfast he asked Peter if he was ready to sleep alone, and Peter begged for another few nights.

"OK," Alan said. "I'll give you until the weekend, and then I want my room back." He winked at Peter. "After all, I'm going out Saturday night, and I might get lucky."

"It's a deal," Peter said, and he smiled at his father. Inside he was experiencing pangs of jealousy, and he knew exactly why.


Nobody suspected that Peter was gay, not even his mother. He vowed that he would not come out until (if) he met the right guy, and wanted to settle down with him. The moment he laid eyes on his father, sick as he was, he lusted after him. He didn't see Alan as a father. He was a perfect stranger to Peter.

As the young man regained his strength, and grew healthier every day, he began to have stronger and stronger feelings for Alan. He knew that his father would never consent to make love to him, so he set out on a course of seduction.

He begged Alan to allow him to sleep with him, and he was a perfect son until the third night. Then, while Alan slept, he nested against him and allowed his erect penis to start humping Alan's crack. When he sensed that Alan was awakening, he stopped stroking, and lay perfectly still. He waited for Alan to return to their bed after peeing, but instead Alan went to shower, and to prepare for work. Peter realized that he might have frightened Alan, and decided to slow down his seduction.

Before he became too sick to attend classes, Peter was a couple of weeks shy of graduation, and he had been accepted to CCNY. His high school graciously awarded him his diploma, and allowed him to graduate with his class. Sick as he was, he insisted on attending the ceremonies with his friends.

As he grew stronger, his wish to go to college was rekindled in him. One morning, he and Alan went to the college admissions office, and arranged for Peter to take a limited number of courses beginning with the spring semester. Father and son were ecstatic that Peter was strong enough to restart his life. To celebrate, before taking Peter home and going back to work, Alan took Peter out to lunch.

"How are you feeling about starting college in January? Do you really feel strong enough?" Alan asked.

"I feel great. Life is good," Peter answered. "I only have one regret, and that is that I didn't have a father growing up, specifically you." That brought a tear to Alan's eye. He took Peter's hand in his and squeezed it gently.

"You've got me now," Alan whispered, "and I ain't goin' nowhere."

"I have two confessions to make, Dad," Peter said seriously.

"Shoot. You can tell me anything."

"I want to be a lawyer, just like you. Do you think I could hang around your office and do odd jobs in my spare time?"

"Wow. That makes me so happy. Sure you can. That'll give us even more time to be together."

Encouraged by that last remark, Peter screwed up his courage. "My second confession is that we are more alike than even you thought. I'm gay, Dad."

Alan was stunned. "I didn't see that coming. Are you sure? Have you ever......?"

"Yes, Dad. Before I got sick, I had a couple of friends. At first we joked around and experimented a little. After a while, Johnny didn't want to play anymore, but Danny came to our apartment with me one day after school. Mom wasn't due to come home for hours. That afternoon, we went all the way, and tried everything. After that, we both knew that we were gay, and there was no stopping us."

"Where's Danny now?" Peter asked. "Are you still seeing him?"

"Not really. He went off to Syracuse University, and we've kind of lost touch. The last time I heard from him, he told me that he was seeing some guy seriously."

Peter laid his hand on Alan's knee. "I love you, Dad," he said.

Alan smiled at his son, and laid his hand on top of Peter's. "I love you too, Son, and I too regret the years we didn't have each other."

Peter wanted desperately to shout out that his love was THAT kind of love, but he held back. It was too frightening, and he suspected that the time wasn't quite right. With two more nights in his father's bed, perhaps the opportunity to confess his carnal love would be realized.

Alan had been afraid of sleeping with Peter. He was afraid of his own feelings about the young man, who had suddenly come into his life. Somehow, today was different. He was no longer afraid. He couldn't wait to go to bed with Peter. It would give him a chance to hold his near naked son, and kiss him goodnight. Yes, he was determined to kiss Peter this evening, before they fell asleep.

Alan dropped Peter off at home, and went to his office. Because he had been out all morning, he found himself swamped with work. He came home later than usual. When he opened the door, he was overwhelmed with the aroma of culinary delights. Grace had come home early and prepared a special dinner for the occasion.

"Thank goodness you're home," she said. "Another ten minutes and dinner would have been ruined. The three of them ate Grace's delicious meal, and afterward, she and Alan made Peter relax while they cleaned up.

When they were alone in the kitchen, she smiled at him, and said, "Alan, honey, I've met someone. Now that I don't have to worry so much about Peter, I'm going out on a date with her Saturday evening. If I don't come home, please don't worry."

"That's fantastic. Good luck." Alan kissed Grace on her forehead. "If something comes of it, I don't want you to be concerned about Peter. He's my responsibility now too, and I want you to live your life, and be happy."

"Alan, why did I ever let Joanna talk me into excluding you from our lives? All I can say is thank God that Peter and I have you back where you belong."

When they returned to the living room, where Peter was relaxing on an oversized club chair, Alan said, "You've had a big day, Son. I think we should turn in early." Peter was all for that.

As they were undressing, Peter said, "Now that you know that I'm gay, I'd like to go out with you Saturday night. Are you going to a gay bar?"

"No way! You aren't strong enough yet. Besides you'll cramp my style."

Peter knew that Alan was joking. "Please, pretty please," he begged.

"We'll see. In the meantime let's go to bed."

They crawled under the top sheet, and Peter began his seduction. He pretended to be crying, and he sobbed loud enough to make it obvious.

"What's wrong?" Alan asked.

"Nothing. I'm crying because you have made me and my mom so happy." Peter crept closer to his father and planted a chaste, close mouthed kiss on his lips.

"Hold me please," Peter begged. "I need to feel your love. I've missed it all my life." Alan wrapped his arms around his son, and they lay perfectly still facing each other.

Peter felt his cock get stiff and hard, and he pulled in closer to his father, who was embracing him in a way that was more than fatherly. Alan felt it immediately. Peter's cock was crushing his, and he was getting stiff also. Both of them pushed as hard as they could against the other.

"Let's take off our underwear," Peter whispered. They unwrapped from each other for a brief moment while they got naked. Then they resumed where they had left off.

"This is wrong," Alan moaned. "We shouldn't be doing this, but I can't stop myself. God forgive me."

"It's not wrong," Peter said. "It's beautiful. Make love to me, Alan." He purposely did not say, "Dad." He leaned into his father to kiss him. This time their lips parted, and they gave each other plenty of tongue.

Once again, Alan had regrets, but he was powerless to stop himself. "This is wrong, Peter, wrong. You should go to your room."

"No Alan. I love you. I have to make love to you, and I want to show you how much I need you."

He moved his body downward and began to tease Alan's nipples. For Alan, there was no turning back now. He surrendered completely to Peter's seduction. By the time Peter was sucking his innie, he was a goner. Peter would have enjoyed foreplay for a lot longer, but he was afraid that Alan might yet change his mind, so he headed straight for Alan's cock. He ran his tongue up and down Alan's shaft and fondled his father's balls delicately, and with love.

"You have such a nice big cock, Alan," Peter moaned. "I'm going to love sucking it, and more." Peter took Alan into him, and made love to his father's manhood.

Alan could not hold out very long. "I'm cumming," he announced. His whole body was squirming. He thrust upward, nearly choking Peter, as he shot stream after stream of the very seed that made his son, into his son's mouth. Peter swallowed all that he could, and offered what was left to his father via a very sensuous kiss.

They lay perfectly still for a while, holding each other tightly. Kissing and fondling each other, they both whispered, "I love you." After a few minutes, Alan reached into his bedside table drawer. He pulled out a box of condoms and a tube of KY jelly and handed it to Peter.

"I presume you know what to do with these, but only if you feel well enough."

"Oh yes, Alan, I know just what to do." He put on a condom, and generously lubed himself and his father. He was about to ask, how do you like it? when Alan rolled on his back, answering the unasked question.

Alan was cut and very well endowed. Peter was uncut and even better endowed. Nonetheless, he entered his father relatively painlessly. Alan felt his son's cock massaging his prostate immediately upon entry. He was shocked at what happened next. He had another mind-blowing orgasm, even before Peter came. Shortly after that, he felt Peter cumming inside him.

When the spasms stopped, Peter fell exhausted on top of his father. Alan wrapped his arms around his son, and started to cry, as he asked God to forgive him. Peter was no weight at all, and they fell asleep with Peter on top of Alan. Alan's strong arms held Peter in a vice all night.

In the morning, Alan had to roll Peter off of him. He got out of bed to pee. When he returned to the bedroom, Peter was sitting up in bed, smiling at him. Alan was not smiling back.

"This will never happen again," he said. "I love you Peter. Please go to your own room, and promise me we can both forget about this. Let's pretend it never happened."

"No, never. You are the only man I can ever love. I'm not going to let you toss me away, because of some misguided rules you think we should live by. Love is love, and nobody will ever love you more than I do. I've got one of your kidneys in me, and half of your DNA. That bonds us totally together. It's very early, Alan. Please get back into bed, and try to get some more sleep." Alan was defeated. He crawled back into the bed, and Peter embraced him. He fondled his father's cock, and the two men fell asleep once again.

Alan was now convinced of two things. What they were doing was wrong, but he also deeply believed that they could never end it.

For the next two months, Peter slept in his own room, while his mother slept at home less and less. She introduced Alan and Peter to Darla, the woman she was seeing; they both liked her a lot. When Grace announced that she was moving in with her, Alan and Peter were elated.

From the time of their first coupling, they had to make love at stolen moments. Peter went to his father's office often. They would stay late, until everyone left. Then they locked the office, and made love on the plush carpeting in Alan's office.

When Grace told them she was moving out, they knew that they would be able to sleep together every night. In time Alan stopped feeling guilty about loving his son, sexually. He came to believe that fate had conspired to reunite him with his son, and for him to finally find his true love.

The day Grace moved out, Alan and Peter made a farewell dinner for her and Darla. As the meal was winding down, Grace took hold of her son's hand.

"I want you to stop sneaking around and worrying so much," she said. "I knew about Danny, and I know very well that you and Alan are lovers. You two are the only men I have ever loved, and I will continue to love you both for the rest of my life. Make love openly and proudly. You don't have to keep secrets anymore. You do have different surnames, and you can hide the truth if you want to, but how you handle it is up to you."

Both men embraced her, and cried. Darla joined the group hug.

When Grace and Darla left, Peter and Alan stood in the doorway and waved goodbye. They remained there until Grace's car pulled away from the sidewalk and disappeared into the night. Once the women were out of sight, Alan took Peter's hand, and they went back into the house.

"Dad, please take me to bed, and make love to me."

Alan swooped Peter up into his strong arms, and carried him upstairs to their bedroom. They had no inhibitions now; no reticence. They made love lustfully, but sensuously, and with caring. After several hours spent delaying their orgasms, they carried each other into Paradise.



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