• Inner Demons

    Poor Jason, kidnaped by a pair of demonic brothers to be their new toy...


    "You think I give a fuck about hurting you?" He growls. "No, I don't!" To prove himself he suddenly shoves his entire 12 inch, hot rod inside me. "Argh!" I cry out in pain. Leo pulls out and shoves himself all the way back in hard and quick.

  • Inner Demons Part 2

    Jason wakes up after his confrontation with Leo...With Dean at the foot of the bed

  • Jamie Truman

    I sighed as I clicked off the tv now leaving my house in total darkness. It was quiet. It felt like of you exhaled a light breath people would clearly hear you.

  • Lucif Chapter 1

    Lucif, or what many of you have known as Lucifer is the topic of this tale, though depicted in a light you have not yet seen. With heart soul and sadness he trudges the world. This is another of the series I'm working on and I hope you enjoy.

  • Lust of an Incubus 1: Escape From Lilith

    Kevin, a gay, horny demon of lust starts a long journey to satiate his stress.

  • Lust of an Incubus 2: A Spring Knight

    Kevin leaves the cave and soon encounters a demon-slaying knight. What will happen between the two?

  • Lust of an Incubus 3: Midnight Fight

    Kevin and Arthur stumble upon a rumor of a creature wreaking havoc in a forest. The two will confront the monster, but what happens next is the mystery.

  • Mark Of The Beast - New Born

    Transformation - In a flash the beast was pinned to a tree with an arrow in it's head.It was Peter, one of the royal vampire guard.

  • Mark of the Beast Awakening

    I felt the pain and wanted to scream my head off, but I couldn't, I couldn't do anything except burn.

  • Midnight's Rainbow Chapter 1

    Another in the series of stories I'm writing. Vampires and Slegna (No... not angels) enter into the scene in a twist that is not your average tale. I hope you enjoy and that I hear from you soon!

  • Mirage

    They saw what was there, the problem was that nobody else did.

  • Moonlight - 1

    Chapter 1 - Life After Death

  • My Dark Angel Ch. 08

    James and Louis return from their date and things heat up a little and James has a surprise visit......

  • My Dark Angel Ch. 09

    James recovers after his ordeal with Iōannēs..............

  • My Dark Angel Ch.10

    James receives some unwanted attention at school..............

  • My Dark Angel Ch.10 (Continued)

    *Accidentally submitted only the first half before, this is to rectify that mistake*

  • My Dark Angel ch.2

    Louis and James continue their activities.

  • My dark angel ch.3

    James and Louis move their activities to his home.

  • My Dark Angel chapter 1

    Louis is a 228 year old vampire who has found love.

  • My Dark Angel Chapter 4

    James wakes up with Louis and discovers that he is not completely human, but belongs to the same paranormal world that Louis exists in. He is another supernatural.

  • My Dark Angel Chapter 5

    James and Louis have the problem of having to survive a day at school whilst trying to keep their hands of each other. And James finds someone else like him.

  • My Dark Angel Chapter 6

    James gets injured after his fight, But the evening continues with James and Louis preparing for their night out to Norfolk.

  • My Dark Angel Chapter 7

    James and Louis are confronted by Iōannēs, Is his interest in James innocent or something more?

  • My Wolf - Part 1

    Eighteen year old Sam Taylor has left his pack searching for a new home being different and openly gay from the rest of his old pack wasn't cutting out so fleeing north to a small village of Timber he meet's a wolf. His mate.

  • My Wolf - Part 2

    Now that Conrad has found his mate, he has to figure a way to get to know him. He has too.

  • My Wolf - Part 3

    As Conrad took a short cut through the woods to get to the Pack's camp grounds, his mind couldn't stop reeling back to watch just happened. As Conrad enter's a clearing he can't help but look up at the nearly full moon shinning bright in the sky.

  • My Wolf - Part 5

    After spending months running from the very person that torn his family apart and took everything from him. His old pack Alpha has finally found him, in this conclusion what will Sam do? Will he fight the most powerful Alpha in existence to save his mate and pack or will he run and leave them to his mercy?

  • Naughty Angel

    This was posted under Anonymous for some reason. It's my story, I made it. It's a revision of an earlier work, posted under the name Damion.

  • Naughty Angel

    It's a rewrite of Devil's Angel by Damion (me like 3 years ago).