• The Inmate

    After picking up a hitchhiker and finding out he was just released from prison, things develop.

  • Caught

    Life after getting caught having sex with another male.

  • The glory hole

    What happened at a glory hole at a local video store was beyond belief.

  • Office Encounter

    Office play becomes unexpected

  • Love Triangle

    After years of not finding true love, suddenly I have two men interested.

  • The Cruise

    Having won a cruise in a contest at work, I won morethan I expected.

  • Discovering who I was and more

    After becoming curious about male sex, things progressed faster than expected.

  • Finding myself and more

    After being curious I found I enjoyed man sex but found more than expected.

  • My two Dads

    This is a story about what happened when I found my dad and step-dad together.

  • Unexpected Discovery

    After an unexpected assault in my own home, the discovery of who it was caught me off guard.


    Finding out things I never expected. things developed into more than I dreamed.

  • The Stranger

    You never know what might happen when a stranger enters your life.

  • Unexpected Discovery

    Things are unexpectedly discovered about family members.

  • Cruising

    While on a cruise, the unexpected happens.

  • Just a number

    Being in y early twenties, I discovered that age is just a number.

  • Friends and Family - A second story

    What happens when friends end up having sex with other friends and their family.

  • At your service

    After meeting someone, you never know what might happen.

  • First and ten: Chapter 2

    Football sex continues

  • First and ten

    Working in sports, you never know what you might discover.

  • Redneck Neighbours

    After meeting my redneck country neighbors, things develop.

  • The Step-dad

    After Mom remarries, my brother and I have problems accepting him until we make an awesome discovery.

  • The Neighbour

    After exiting a booth with another man at an adult video store I run into my neighbor, who later asked me to introduce him to man pleasures.

  • The Lumper

    Finding love when you least expect it.

  • The Handyman

    After moving into a new apartment, the handyman catches my eye.

  • The ultimate gift

    Having found an older man that cared about me, he provided me with the ultimate gift

  • Out of work

    After helping an out of work man get back on his feet, things develope

  • The Bus Trip

    A bus trip on greyhound turns into more than expected.

  • Unexpected Discovery

    First there was my baseball coach followed by other discoveries.

  • Caught

    After getting caught shoplifting, my life changes.

  • The nephew and the marine

    Life with my nephew living with me and him considering the Marines.