Older mature man that loves writing gay stories, with some basic facts in some stories true events. live in Texas and love sucking a hard cock. .

Stories by mrbill

  • At your service

    After meeting someone, you never know what might happen.

  • First and ten... continuation

    Football sex continues

  • First and ten

    Working in sports, you never know what you might discover.

  • Redneck Neighbours

    After meeting my redneck country neighbors, things develop.

  • The Step-dad

    After Mom remarries, my brother and I have problems accepting him until we make an awesome discovery.

  • The Neighbour

    After exiting a booth with another man at an adult video store I run into my neighbor, who later asked me to introduce him to man pleasures.

  • The Lumper

    Finding love when you least expect it.

  • The Handyman

    After moving into a new apartment, the handyman catches my eye.

  • The ultimate gift

    Having found an older man that cared about me, he provided me with the ultimate gift


    After helping an out of work man get back on his feet, things develope

  • The Bus Trip

    A bus trip on greyhound turns into more than expected.

  • Unexpected Discovery

    First there was my baseball coach followed by other discoveries.

  • Caught

    After getting caught shoplifting, my life changes.

  • The nephew and the marine

    Life with my nephew living with me and him considering the Marines.

  • The Neighbours

    My experiences with some neighbors and with one in particular.

  • The Lineman

    after being seen in an orgy by a power company lineman, things develope.

  • The Promotion

    You never know what might happen at work.

  • The Unknown, A short story

    Sometimes the unknown is best.

  • It pays to advertise

    Being new in town, I needed a way to meet men for sex.

  • On the road

    Totally TRUE experiences of my life while a traveling salesman. All encounters are ninety-five percent true, with mainly just the names being changed.

  • Never Enough

    The more cum I ate the more I wanted and finally got my wish


    After finding out my identical twin is gay, I try it and found it was for me also. then we both discover more.


    It's interesting what happens after someone is caught having sex.

  • The Blizzard

    Finding love in a blizzard.

  • Hidden Secrets

    Over time. I find that both my dad and I have some hidden secrets.

  • Getting a virgin (or two)

    I love sucking a virgin cock.


    After buying a spy cam, I discover things I never imagined.

  • Direct Orders

    Army life can be fun.

  • The Trucker

    After meeting a hot trucker on the road, I introduce him to man to man pleasure.