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Hi Mom,

I know it's been long overdue, when was the last time we spoke? Three months ago? It doesn't matter now, I just wanted to know how you were doing and if you were taking care of yourself. Tell me how life is over at New York? Still busy I guess.

Mom I just wanted to fill you in on what's going on in my life currently. I love it here, against the odds I really do! It peaceful , and oh so quiet. I visit gran and Theo often, you will be happy to hear that nothing's changed with them, the verbal war still going strong but I love it, they spoil me too much. Especially Grandpa, he just bought me a Yamaha. It's fantastic. I guess he grew tired of me constantly asking for rides but you never know with that old man! You should call them sometimes, they miss you.

I also kinda wanted to tell you that I met someone. Bay cove of all places! Weird I know. His name is Stephan, he lives a bit out of town in the country side. It's actually quite a funny story on how we met, but I'll tell you that some other time. Oh mom he has the brownest eyes and such a kind soul, we have gone on a couple of dates so far and things are progressing...slowly. But I guess that's for the best, I'm not quite sure I'm ready but when I'm with him it just feels right.

He makes me forget all the shitty things that have happened, he makes me smile. In fact just yesterday we went over to this little gelato place (best sundaes EVER) and he somehow managed to smear some all over his shirt, can you imagine a grown man with strawberry ice cream all over his shirt? Hilarious!

He is also very sweet and attentive, he is patient with me. Also very old school, like he will open the door for me and walk me to the front door, and give me pecks on my cheeks! I really like him! I know you would too, when you meet him of course.

Well before I forget mom, I take the pills as often as I can. You know how much I hate taking them, the side effects are exhausting. But I still do, Dr Posen was right though. I needed a change of pace. Well we can only pray that things get better from here on out. One more thing mom, please stop trying to call me. I'm not ready to hear your voice just yet, I know it sucks to say that but I just can't bear to hear your voice. This is the best I can do, I'm reaching out mom but one step at a time. I love you.

Take care of yourself

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After incessant convincing from his grandparents Penn finally reached out to his mother. It's not that he harboured ill feelings towards her it just he felt that she reminded him too much of his past, too much of his father. When he was ready, he would take the next step and reconcile with her but for now he wanted nothing more than to distance himself.

Penn sat quietly in his home, thinking of Stephan of course. The last two weeks had been a dream, a sweet dream. Stephan it seemed was always on his mind, he would think of his handsome face, his big comforting hands and the warmth that emitted from him when they hugged.

They were taking their time though, exploring these new found feelings. Ever since Penn confessed that he liked Stephan, and Stephan reciprocated they were constantly spending time together. Going on more romantic dates and getting to know each other better. A growing frustration was bugging Penn, he liked that they hugged often and sometimes when the mood was right they held hands but that was as far as personal contact went. He desperately wanted to taste his fine lips, but he didn't want to seem just that; desperate.

Maybe the perfect opportunity had not yet presented its self he thought. "Argh, but that's bullshit. We have gone to so many romantic places. He could of kissed me when we went to the pier or whenever he walks me to my fucking front door damn it!" he thought aloud, his voice echoing in the empty house. "Relax Penn, you are over thinking things as usual" He then turned on the tv, hoping to catch something decent to watch. 30 minutes into the movie, Penn had already fallen asleep.

Outside his house, in the obscure darkness Stephan was watching the youth. He had been for the last two weeks, an old habit that refused to die. He took in all of his delicate features, especially focusing on how his lips slightly parted when he was asleep. "An angel, if ever there was one on Earth" he poetically whispered to himself.

He had always been drawn to broken souls, the mere concept made him feel a strong sense of being the one to fix everything, the one to turn to. It made him feel just a bit human. Stephan often thought back to when he read Penn's mind and the thoughts had depressed him. He couldn't fathom how someone so special felt like everything was failing around him. He wanted to convert that misery into happiness, it was slowly becoming his own personal mission.

A conflict however formed in his mind, he wanted to be with Penn that much he was sure off but he also didn't want to curse him. He knew he saved the pale boys and they were grateful but they all still in the back of their minds wished to be normal. "Would he even accept me for what I truly am?"

Penn's allure drew Stephan in like a moth to a flame, against his reasoning he crept into the household wanting to feel the heat and to smell him. He crept into the living room as silent as a jaguar and took a seat next to the warm body.

"What do you do to me Penn?" he whispered the question to himself. His close inspection revealed the slight rise and fall of Penn's chest, the silent breathing, a true sleeping beauty. Stephan drew out his hand ever so quietly and softly stroked Penn's face, his powerful feelings for Penn overwhelmed his natural desire, it's almost as if he couldn't hear his heart pumping delicious waves of essence, almost. "Sleep well baby" and with that he quietly left Penn to his dreams.

The next morning Penn woke, feeling haggard. The dream or rather the nightmare had returned last night to him. Its appearance was less frequent than before but it still impacted him. He remembered it so vividly because it was the same horrible scene playing over and over again that cursed him not only in his sleep but in his day to day thoughts.

He didn't feel safe falling asleep in fact he dreaded it, he was in constant fear of the dream reoccurring. The few weeks he had been in Bay cove had sort of repressed the dream and the thoughts because he was finally on the road to happiness but that seemingly wasn't enough to completely dispel them. He was very pensive this morning, thinking especially of his father.

The dream was a constant variable, everything was always in place, every motion happened perfectly and the reaction was always the same. He didn't want to dwell on it too much because whenever he thought of Stephan's face it always brought a sense of relief something to look forward to. Today he didn't feel like running, he just wanted to stay home and relax. So he brewed himself some coffee to wash over the zombiness and instantaneously his phone began to ring; it was Stephan calling.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning! How are you and the boys?"

"We are all fine, what's wrong? You sound off"

"Oh it's nothing really, just feel a bit drained so today I'm gonna be lazy"

"Sounds like fun, I wanted to ask you if you were able to join me for dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to"

"Great! I'm slightly busy today have a meeting with the mayor so it saddens me to not be able to spend the day with you" Stephan couldn't see it but Penn's cheeks flushed rose.

"Is that why you're inviting me for dinner? Can't stay away huh?"

"Something like that you cheeky bugger"

" Haha, what's on the menu?"

"Salmon, hope you are okay with that?"

"Yes of course, I'm just a bit worried though"

"Why is that?"

"I don't want to die from your cooking"

"You have nothing to worry about, in some circles they refer to me as a true culinary connoisseur "

"Sure they do Stephan, keep thinking that. Just know that if I do die, then I'll haunt you forever"

"I'm shaking in my pants"

"I think I can be a very menacing ghost"

"Sure, if you consider puppies to be menacing"

"Wait and see! By the way, is there a dress code?"

"No come in whatever makes you comfortable"

" So even a bunny rabbit onesie?"

"Okay definitely not that, I know you are charming enough to make that look work but save it for the upcoming Halloween party"

"Oh you are no fun at all, you are hosting it this year hey?"

"Yes but we will talk about it when you get here, I'll come pick you up by 7"

"No it's ok, I have that awesome bike Theo gave me remember?"

"I'm wounded Penn, thought you liked riding with me!"

"You know I do, but your hands will be full trying not to poison me!"

"Charming as ever , alright I gotta go... see you later baby"

Stephan quickly ended the call before Penn could answer, a grin plastered itself on his face. "He called me baby" and immediately his day was brightened. He distracted himself on his phone, looking at his instagrarm liking a few pictures commenting on others generally trying to not bore himself to death. He then switched his attention to his own personal phone gallery, amongst the hundreds of landscape photos his recent pictures were all of Stephan and him.

He was always so taken back by how handsome Stephan really was, even thinking how unfair it is that he is also photogenic. Picture after picture of him is just glorious but his favourite picture of Stephan happens to be one where he is smiling boyishly into the camera with that gigantic gelato stain. Penn's day continued as he lazed around catching his favourite shows on Netflix and chatting with a bunch of old friends back in New York.

With Stephan gone for the meeting, the pale boys were busying themselves with the Halloween party preparations. Wesley was most excited for the party, "Ah this party is going to be great! I cannot wait to spin a few tunes, I have an awesome list of music ready!" Ben smiled at his enthusiasm thinking back to when he found him at a roaring party during the 80s. "You always loved to party!"

"I was a wild child back then" As the two kept reminiscing of lighter times, Matthew was withdrawn. He was unloading a few boxes into the main house, ignoring the other two as they goofed off. 'Idiots, how can you laugh when our whole balance is starting to shift' he thought to himself. For the past few weeks Matt's anger was quietly building, a few times he expressed his powerful emotion on a tree that now lay shattered on the property.

Recently however, he began concocting a plan. A devious plan to get rid of Penn. He couldn't kill the boy, all evidence would surely point to him. Instead his mind was working on a way to drive Penn away from Stephan.

After all Matthew had deduced Penn to have a weak mind, scaring him off would be the best solution but how? He knew what Stephan was planning; he is currently courting Penn letting him fall in love with him then when the time is right he will deliver the truth. All this love bullshit is pretence to soften the blow. Penn's emotions would steer him into overlooking the truth and accepting him for who he is. Of course at that point it could go either way, he may choose to just accept the vampires or he may want to become one.

Matthew knew he couldn't let it go that far. His mind raced with various ideas and he anticipated the outcome for each one. He narrowed it down to Penn discovering the truth on his own, he had to somehow present the evidence without traces of his involvement.

'Maybe he could walk in on feeding day' his eyes lit up wickedly as he imagined the look of horror on Penn's face in that situation. 'No, Stephan would surely start taking precaution and he would know if Penn were in the house, heck we all would smell him'

"How will I get rid of this thorn?"

"What thorn Matt?"

"Huh? Oh just some silly pop song stuck in my head"

"Well okay, I'm going to go set up the sound systems and all. Hey maybe later we could...."

"We could what Wesley? Just say what you want to say"

"We could fuck? You've been so uptight and weird lately and I know just the way to make you relax" as he said this, he closed the gap between their cold bodies and placed his hands on Matt's hips slowly rubbing his thumbs on the small of Matt's back, his arousal was clear as day in his shorts. "I'm not in the mood" Matt replied with an exasperated sigh.

"Yeah that's why I said maybe later" His hands travelled up and down Matt's back, his erection doing some rubbing of its own.

"I'll think about it, now fuck off"

"Jeez someone has an attitude, but I like it. See you later" Wes released his grip and with a quick wink skipped his way up the stairs. Matt let out an annoyed sigh once again cursing under his breath at Wesley.

He continued thinking of a way to let the cat out of the bag but all the scenarios that played in his head had negative outcomes for his sanctity but he wasn't going to give up so soon, and in that moment as if an imaginary light bulb lit up on top of his head like in cartoons, Matthew got the perfect Idea "Madison Woods" he exclaimed with an evil grin.

"Oh yeah before I forget, my room or yours?" Wesley interrupted once again.

"Surprise me" Matthew then walked out the front door, continuing with what he was doing earlier.

7 o'clock was quickly approaching and Penn still hadn't even taken a shower, he did however ring his Gran and asked her to prepare a bottle of white wine for him to pick up on his way to the mansion. He got up, stretched and shuffled to the bathroom.

Usually he would take a while to shower, but he was running late and he was eager to see Stephan, to touch him. After a quick scrub and rinse he was done and made his way to the bedroom deciding on what to wear.

Since this house was previously used as a vacation home, he had a lot of clothes left over in addition to the ones he brought with him. He was overwhelmed with choices. After almost suffering a mini break down and lying in a pile of clothes he decided on a simple white oxford shirt with a pair of casual denims he had never worn and leather dress shoes. He finished the look with a black leather jacket he recently bought for his new motorcycles misadventures. Contempt with how he looked, Penn then made his way out the house and towards his grandparents abode.

"Hi sweetie. Oh my! Don't you look handsome! Are you going on a date?"Margaret said as she handed the wine bottle to her blushing grandchild.

"I'm just going for dinner at Stephan's" Theo had come to the door way with a grumpy expression, he didn't like Penn hanging out with Stephan all too much. He was among the few human beings who actually knew of Stephan's true identity. It was a secret he swore he'd never tell ANYONE, not even his wife. None the less he did not fear or hate Stephan, in fact Stephan confided in him the one true way to kill a vampire. That still did not change the fact that he wasn't comfortable with Penn dating him, he didn't like it at all.

"My love you can stop pretending you are just friends with Stephan. He came over the other day asking for permission to date you. Such a gentleman!"

"Oh my gosh, did he really?" Penn smiled at the sweet gesture.

"Yes he did" Theo said with a sneer.

"Theo you have to agree that Stephan is way better for Penn than Nancy ever was, he treats our little heart so well" Penn shuddered as he remembered his last relationship and how horrible it was.

"I suppose, but Stephan and I need to have a man to man"

"Theo why can't you have a man to man with me instead?"

"Because kiddo, I wouldn't care if YOU broke his heart. If he knows what's good for him, he won't dare hurt you" Penn surprised his grandfather with a tight embrace, they were each other's favourite people.

"Holy crap I'm so late! Bye guys love you" He couldn't waste more time chit chatting, he was late and he didn't know how Stephan would react. His phone was in his pocket , on silence. He cursed at his own stupidity. There were about 4 missed calls and 2 text messages. Penn cringed at the time, he was 30 minutes late.

After almost crashing into some careless driver, Penn pulled up to the front door. The house was deviously dark except for the security lights. He rang the door bell but no one came to answer. His hands found the handle and before he could push it open, it creaked and opened by itself. "Creepy" he quietly thought.

The house was eerily quiet, he realized he had never actually been inside the house always just on the porch or deep within the property. He cautiously began to walk hoping to find anyone. The grand hall was dimly light, decorated with a mighty crystal chandelier that hung above him. As he looked up he took in the details on the ceiling, he likened it to cathedrals with the gold pattern linings stretching throughout. It was beautiful.

He made his way past the kitchen, which he could tell was a kitchen since the door was slightly ajar and his eyes caught all the things you would find in a kitchen. "Stephan?" he called out but nobody answered him. He continued lightly walking past the living room which was empty and the dining room which was also empty but the table had already been set.

He felt that familiar sensation of being watched, he quickly looked behind him but there was nobody there. He heard footsteps on the floor above him, he decided to follow the sound. It would surely be either Stephan or one of the pale boys.

He crept up the stair case, his heart beating just a little faster. 'This house sure is creepy' he mused to himself. When he reached the top of the stair case he followed the carpet into the long hallway. "Stephan?" he called out once again, lit candles were placed on holders stuck to the walls. He counted 5 doors in total, two on either side and the last one at the complete end of hallway. He figured that to be the master bedroom, Stephan's room.

He awkwardly stood in the middle of the hallway, he was debating knocking on the doors 'but wouldn't that be rude?' he thought. His phone was useless in this situation as the battery had already drained. On the ceiling where the light could not reach, Matthew was silently watching Penn. Studying him once again.

He noticed Penn let out a frustrated sigh, not knowing what to do. He knew it was a matter of seconds before Stephan would be here, they could all smell his blood. Stephan, Wes and Ben were outside most likely herding the horses back into the stables. Matt luckily had been inside and followed Penn throughout the house, stalking him from the shadows. He wanted to study his mannerisms it would come in handy later on.

"Fuck it, I'm just going to knock" Penn finally decided to just knock on Stephan's door, he was tired of waiting. His footsteps were lighter than ever, he did not know why he was taking this much precaution he even giggled at the silliness.

"What's so funny Penn?" Stephan's warm velvety voice appeared out of nowhere making the youth jump.

"Oh my gosh, don't do that! I almost shit myself Stephan" Penn said clutching his chest feeling his humming bird heartbeat. Stephan quietly chuckled then closed the space between them, pulling Penn in for a warm embrace. Penn automatically melted and felt at ease, sinking into the hug relishing it. 'Ah in his arms again' the youth adoringly thought. Stephan smiled, he felt pleased to hold him as well.

"You're late"

"I'm sorry, I lost track of time.. Oh and before I forget I didn't come empty handed" Penn said, reluctantly pulling away from the hug and handing the bottle over to Stephan. "You didn't have to bring anything Goldie but thank you anyways. Come, I'm sure you are hungry" Stephan said smiling as he took Penn's hand into his and lead him to the dining room.

"Did you just call me Goldie?" Penn said feigning shock.

"Hear me out first; your hair is so golden and shiny. Plus the boys call you goldilocks, I figure Goldie is much better than that don't ya think?" Now Penn was actually horrified much to Stephan's amusement.

"THEY CALL ME WHAT? Those pricks, ah now I have to come up with something for all of you"

"I'll be waiting Goldie, but for now let us eat and drink this fine wine and enjoy each other's company"

Penn couldn't help but blush, Stephan was really good at being romantic. He knew what to say and when to say it, taking charge and setting up all their dates. Penn knew where he stood in their set up, he was quite frankly happy to be the once chased after, the one taken care off for once. He didn't mind being the 'girl' so to speak in this relationship. The jigsaw fit.

They sat down on opposite sides of the table, starring directly into each other's eyes. With a clap of his hands, Wes and Ben came out holding entrees and dressed as waiters. Penn laughed quite loudly at the scene, especially at their mock French accents making up nonsense words along the way as they each read the menu. So Stephan was romantic and funny, he was perfect in Penn's eyes.

The boys graciously served out the food for the two, never once breaking character. They also poured out the wine and scurried off into the kitchen. "Did you get them to do that?" Penn asked taking a sip of the delicious wine. "It was actually their idea, they won't bother us for long though. They have plans down at the bar"

"Okay, it was funny though....So how was your day?"

"It was alright, kind of boring. The meeting was fine, we went over the Halloween party this Friday. Word has gotten out pretty quick so we expect a huge turnout this year. There will be a raffle and all the proceeds will be used to expand and rebuild the shelter." Stephan said with a passionate tone as he looked on to Penn.

"That's wonderful, but will the money be enough?"

"Well that was what the mayor insisted, originally it was just going to be a raffle and I was going to cover the whole costs needed for the shelter. The damn mayor can be persistent though so eventually I gave in."

"You are such a beautiful soul Stephan, that makes me happy to hear how supportive you are."

"Well I wouldn't have known about the shelter had you not pointed it out last week, your passion for helping out those people inspired me. You Penn Monroe are the beautiful soul." Penn smiled up to Stephan, his blushing fit subsiding. They continued their conversation, enjoying the food that Penn had to admit was very delicious.

"Wow, what a meal. I'm stuffed"

"I'm glad you liked it"

"Thank you that was very sweet of you to cook for me, next time I'll invite you over for a meal as well"

"I look forward to it Goldie" In response to the comment Penn threw the wine cork at a laughing Stephan.

"Speaking of sweet, it was also very sweet of you to ask my grandparents for permission"

"I told you Penn I'm an old school kinda guy"

"I know, it's very sexy" Penn was slightly horrified he let that slip out at such an inappropriate time, he just began to notice how slightly light headed he was feeling. He had drank a lot of the wine by himself, Stephan couldn't really taste the food or the wine he just did it to humour Penn. Stephan of course sensed Penn was getting drunk, the delicious blood was rushing to the surface.

"How about we go for outside for some fresh air ?" Stephan said while getting up from the table, Penn nodded in agreement 'maybe some fresh air will do me good' he thought. They walked hand in hand onto the porch. Taking in the view of the property once again, which looked especially beautiful under the moon light.

A comfortable silence had taken over as they were both staring out into the open field. Stephan's hand gave Penn's a quick squeeze eliciting a shy smile from him. Penn then turned his body to Stephan who did the same. Their eyes locked and the space between them closed in. 'This is it, fuck he is going to kiss me'. A sly grin replaced the warm smile that was on Stephan's face. His brown eyes darkened with desire, Penn was stuck in their spell. A cold hand then placed itself on Penn's cheek slowly caressing it, Stephan leaned in and ever so slowly planted his lips onto the youth's soft ones.

Their kiss was slow and steady, both taking time to enjoy these new sensations. Stephan's hand dropped from Penn's face to his waist where his other hand soon joined. Automatically Penn wrapped his arms around the Stephan's strong shoulders.

The kiss became electrifying, as Stephan's tongue ventured into Penn's willing mouth. Penn wasn't shy with his tongue, sensually rubbing it in contact with Stephan's. They broke off after a couple more seconds, Stephan resting his head on Penn their hot breaths colliding with each other. Stephan then moved his hand onto Penn's chest feeling his erratic heartbeat.

"This is what I do to you baby?" He whispered.

"Yes, you make me nervous but you also make me feel like I matter"

"You do matter, you matter a lot to me Penn. I want to be with you, I want to be your boyfriend"

"I want to be with you too" Penn crashed into Stephan, resting his head on his shoulder feeling like finally something good was happening to him. Stephan stroked Penn's back, listening intently to the youth's elated thoughts feeling that warm tinge at his core again. It was clear now, every time he was with him he felt this way. Penn was the one for him.

Matthew stood close to the sole grave in the entire property. It belonged to Madison Woods. In his hand was an old witch's occult journal he remembered Stephan had kept in the study. He spent majority of the day trying to figure out how to summon the spirit of the deceased. One incantation seemed the most appropriate and with Halloween approaching, it would make the process easier. He began a summoning spell, recited entirely in Latin. Once he finished the spell, he eyes darted around checking to see if anything had changed.

"Matthew Corley why do you summon me?"



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