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I'm just a regular guy who works in an office.  I've been writing since high school.

I grew up in a place where one being homosexual was an anathema.  I am certain that had I come out, my parents and family would have disowned me, and I would not have survived.

For a quick description of the first 35 years of my life, read this:  https://danny76227.weebly.com

I want my writing to be the best it can be; please rate and comment on the stories; each positive response lifts me in ways I cannot begin to explain.  Each critique is taken seriously.

I wish each of you the best.

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Aaron's Discovery (ch. 3)

5 Dec 2023 18 readers comments 12 Min Read

Aaron plans for his date with Chad, and the two nervous men run into Dirk in the dining hall.

Topics: Fiction, College, Sex, Hookups & Dates

36 Votes

Aaron's Discovery (ch. 2)

26 Nov 2023 914 readers comments 9 Min Read

Aaron has waited three months for this day, but it's turned into a day of confusion and heartache.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Oral & Blowjobs

123 Votes

Aaron's Discovery

20 Nov 2023 4022 readers comments 13 Min Read

Aaron, 18, alone, struggles with finances as he begins his studies.

Topics: Prostitution, Friends, College, Coming Out, Twink, Sex

26 Votes

Aaron Smith's Life Adventures (ch. 15)

16 Oct 2022 797 readers comments 17 Min Read

Aaron is shocked about his strong feelings for Eric. Aaron is stood up for their date. Jim (Aaron's father meets a kindred spirit).

Topics: Romance, Daddy, Sex

35 Votes

Aaron Smith's Life Adventures (ch. 14)

13 Sep 2022 1010 readers comments 16 Min Read

Aaron's love life on campus is non-existent, so he goes to work at his father's job where he meets the security officer's cousin.

Topics: Fiction, College

34 Votes

Aaron Smith's Life Adventures (ch. 12)

18 Aug 2022 1059 readers comments 20 Min Read

It's a time of learning new things for Aaron. He discovers the truth about his father, the size of his roommate's penis, and his favorite college professor.

Topics: Romance, Friends, Sex, Hookups & Dates

32 Votes

Aaron Smith's Life Adventures (ch. 11)

8 Aug 2022 898 readers comments 13 Min Read

Aaron is healing; he discovers things about Mitch that he didn't know. He has a few other shocking discoveries waiting for him.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Hookups & Dates, Family

71 Votes

Aaron Smith's Life Adventures (ch. 3)

11 Jun 2022 2602 readers comments 8 Min Read

Aaron's night with Jerry was interrupted by Roger. Will Aaron be tempted by Roger's over-sized member?

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction, Rimming, Kissing

87 Votes

Aaron Smith's Life Adventures (ch. 2)

28 May 2022 3456 readers comments 8 Min Read

Aaron's encounter gave him a little more self-confidence--enough to agree to a movie night with Jerry.

Topics: College, Hookups & Dates, Kissing

155 Votes

Aaron Smith's Life Adventures

21 May 2022 7003 readers comments 5 Min Read

Aaron's been thinking about it for a few years. His parents throw a party, and it might be the opportunity he's been looking for.

Topics: Anal Sex, First Time, Hookups & Dates

104 Votes

Charlie's Mistake

22 Mar 2022 3415 readers comments 9 Min Read

Charlie's mother has been dating Ty for a few years, and Charlie has fallen in love with him. One day, Charlie acts on his feelings.

Topics: Romance, Sex

89 Votes

Mr. Dennis Ford

16 Feb 2022 2642 readers comments 7 Min Read

Aaron knows a secret about his best friend, but it's his friend's father that drives his fantasies.

Topics: Romance, Lust

102 Votes

Drinking by the Pool

1 Feb 2022 3233 readers comments 4 Min Read

A horny guy sunning himself by the pool and a hot, hung man looking for fun. What more do you need? (A micro-story)

Topics: Anal Sex, Oral & Blowjobs

35 Votes

New Year's Eve is Not Charley's Day

31 Dec 2021 1053 readers comments 10 Min Read

I’ve been asked several times in e-mails to dispense with the fluff and get right down to the sex. No one’s interested in the weather and where they live. The sex isn’t raunchy or rough enough. There’s just too much love and happily ever after. This is my response.

Topics: Fiction, Drugs, Sex, Lust

113 Votes

Another Lonely Day

10 Dec 2021 2278 readers comments 14 Min Read

Gusts of wind blew the loose snow over the ground. From my bedroom window, I watched the patterns that formed over the greyish-beige of the sidewalks that passed by my apartment. I couldn’t get rid of the chill in the air. The thermostat read seventy, but I felt much colder.

Topics: Fiction, Romance

72 Votes

By the Campfire Light (ch. 4)

26 Jul 2021 2066 readers comments 9 Min Read

Jed's father comes to pick him up and smells the sex in the tent.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Camping

78 Votes

By the Campfire Light (ch. 3)

22 Jul 2021 2163 readers comments 9 Min Read

Jed and Ethan are together to monitor the campfire as it dies out. Will their passion ignite another?

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Camping

104 Votes

By the Campfire Light

19 Jul 2021 3593 readers comments 7 Min Read

Ethan's step-father sends him to a party to meet a girl; he meets Jedediah instead.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Twink, Camping

86 Votes

Geology 101 (ch. 4)

18 Jul 2021 1828 readers comments 8 Min Read

Matt's anger with the situation builds, and he becomes violent.

Topics: Fiction, College, Sex

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