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A former SR71 jockey, journalist, diplomat, and spy who now writes novels in the mainstream in another, entirely different, facet of his life. Between his two pen names habu and Dirk Hessian, the author has more than 100 GM titles on sale in the marketplace. For illustrated GM stories by habu and his writing partner, Sabb, and their combined writings under the name Shabbu, visit www.barbarianspy.com. Habu's extensive collection of e-books can be found on Amazon, B&N, Allromanceebooks.com, Smashwords, KOBO, etc. He also writes and publishes GM historicals under the name Dirk Hessian.

Stories by Habu

  • Crossing the Stream

    Letting it all hang out in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Lottery Winner

    Older men find each other on Caribbean gay men's cruise

  • The Golden Cord

    Young stable groom plays sacrificial prince to help Crusaders escape Saracen siege at the Heights of Bestal.

  • Pull of the Grove Ch. 4: Pushing Back

    Krit is doubled by two soldiers and then, when tempted with sounding, turns back to his sailor hunk.

  • Pull of the Grove Ch. 3: Subbing for Danny

    Rent-boy Krit cross-dresses for and services older man grieving for his boyfriend.

  • Pull of the Grove Ch. 2: Sailor Boy

    Rent-boy Krit gives a hunky sailor his first ride in a Wilmington motel room.

  • Pull of the Grove Ch. 1: Marconi Plaza Cruising

    Cruising for sailors in south Philly, rent-boy Krit finds rough bondage and sounding sex.

  • The L from Oak Park

    A visitor to the Oak Park collection of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes has to decide his preference in gay lovers while on the L Train back to downtown Chicago.

  • Close-Up

    Wanting Father leads novelist and photographer to son.

  • Train Escape

    Small town train station gay café attendant fantasizes taking the train out to life anywhere but there.

  • Avoiding the Inevitable

    Officer-Enlistedman Army sex in Guatemala in 1967 moves through the years from blackmail to affection to revenge.

  • Honey Tom

    An April Fools' Day story: This story, inspired by a book habu was reading at the time about hard times in mountain coal mining areas in the last century, goes up into the "hollars" of the Blue Ridge mountains,

  • Fool's Contract

    An April Fools' Story: Magician performances are engaged at an April Fool's party in the mansion world of Newport, Rhode Island, in 1902-1903 to free a young man from sexual bondage.

  • Shell Game

    April Fools' Day Story: A cat and mouse game is played out in Las Vegas juggling who is making who the fool in struggles between gangster families.

  • Back on the Track

    A funeral in Oak Park serves as a catalyst for the meeting of two former gay lovers coming and going their separate ways on trains to and from Chicago.

  • Final Turn of the Wheel

    An "almost too late" for two old friends having maintained restraint in regard for others.

  • Strangers Off the Street

    High-class London rent-boy take busman's holiday in Barcelona.

  • Ripe for It

    Danny taken into the snowy Colorado mountains to escape family fetish.

  • The Capitol Limited

    Senator's aide finds out what it means to fully serve on the train to Chicago.

  • Eight Seconds

    Vince and Cal's relationship is challenged by a bull-riding competition.

  • An Evening Out

    Getting a push to prepare for moving on in Asheville.

  • Shared Crisps

    Making the most from a simple misunderstanding in a UK bus station.

  • Code on The Crescent

    Rent-boy plies trade on train in servicing signals.

  • Stranger at the Door

    A knock at the door on a snowy New Year's Eve

  • And I Will Be Yours

    The seven-minute total submission solution

  • Sugar-Coated Hot Pepper

    Banished CIA agent mixes it up in Key West.

  • Finding a New Sam

    Keith loses war buddy Sam; looks for a new Sam.

  • On a Snowy Afternoon

    Serious secret doings at Swiss scientific conference.

  • The Window CleanerCh. 03: Maury

    Ad agency headviews position vying of Boyd and Drake.

  • The Window Cleaner Ch. 02: Drake

    The window cleaner's view of his rise in the ad agency