Oliver Jones: Oliver is the ex of Semoi and Kemar. He is very manipulative and is attracted to Adrian. He has golden blond hair and golden hazel eyes. He also has an affinity for fire.

Kemar Black: Kemar is the leader of the circle and the boyfriend of Eddie. He is very protective of his boyfriend and believes that Edison is his soul mate. He is very charismatic and has the ability to control others not just their mind but also their bodies.

Adrian Anderson: Adrian is newest of member of the circle. He is an empath and not only can he sense the emotions of others but he can also alter their emotions even allow them to feel pain. He is best friends with Lavar, Ian and Kyle and is drawn to Oliver the moment they meet. He is also the reincarnation of Nairda Nosredna, a warlock who is believed to have dark magic.


Adrian woke up to find that he's chained and alone in what seems like a wooden room. He lay on his back with his arms and legs chained. How did he get here? What is it that surrounds his feet? It looks like ash and some white substance. The door to the room burst open and three men came in. They seemed to be in their thirties and all dressed in black robes.

"You're awake I see" said one of them.

"What do you want? Let me go?" Adrian screamed while pulling frantically at the chains.

"I wouldn't try that if I were you" said another of the men. His eyes were black as night with an evil look in them.

"You're not strong enough and in case you haven't noticed, you're surrounded by a circle of ash." He smiled a wicked grin.

Adrian became overwhelmed with a sudden panic, desperation to get free and then in an instant all he felt was rage. "Let. Me. Out." He snarled and the chains suddenly burst setting him free. He got up and saw the startled look on the men's faces and then the surprised look when they flew into the wall. Adrian too should have been surprised at what just happened but all he could think of was that he had to get out of here; wherever here was. He ran through the door and found himself

surrounded by trees. He was out in the forest. What should he do? I can't stay here.

He thought to himself. I need to get away from here as fast as I can. At least then I

have a better chance of surviving. Without another thought, he headed into the


After running for what felt like an hour but was possibly minutes he found himself

in front of two paths. He stood there panting. He felt tired and weak. How long had he been out? How had he gotten there? As he tried to search his memories he heard a low growl. No not growl but growls coming from dogs. No not dogs, the sound

sounded more sinister and even predatory. A startling realization began to hit. He was in the woods. The woods had hunters, eagles and possibly wolves. As the thought occurred, Adrian saw three wolves step forward in a predatory manner. He was desperate to get away from those men that he hadn't thought about what could be lurking in the woods. Behind him were men who probably wanted to kill him and in front him were three hungry wolves. They started surrounding their prey. Fear shot through Adrian. This was it, he was gonna die. Adrian didn't dare move and then suddenly there was a loud noise. A gunshot. ADRIAN

Adrian nearly jumped out of bed as he woke up from the dream. It wasn't the first time that he had a dream like that but this time it felt so real. He glanced at the clock. It shone 5:45am, he had an hour to get to the school and two hours before school starts. This was his first day at school. He would be attending an all boys' boarding school and would be a senior. He arrived the night before and was staying at a guest house. He was supposed to arrive at the campus at 6:45 where he would be introduced to his room, roommate and would be moving in his things in time for classes which began at eight o clock.

He arrived two minutes early where he saw a man and a woman waiting for him outside the gate. The woman had hair as red as a rose and her hair was shoulder length. Her eyes dark brown and she looked about 5feet 9inches. Adrian noticed that she was wearing 3inch heels. Adrian was taller than her by about 4inches. The man however hovered over Adrian. He was about 6feet 7inches with a thicker frame than Adrian. They both seemed to be in their mid-thirties.

"Hello lad, my name is Mr. Craig and this here is Mrs. Hutchinson," said the man.

"We will be showing you to your room" said Mrs. Hutchinson.

The man took up both of Adrian's suitcase.

"Is this all your luggage?" the man asked. "Yes sir, everything I need."

"Good, now let's get moving."

The boarding house was separate from the school. It was separated by the library. The boarding house had four floors and Adrian's room was on the top floor.

"There are a hundred and twenty students at Robert Lee, you included." Mr. Craig said.

"Each floor represents a grade and at the very top are the seniors."

They stepped out of the elevator and headed straight to the end of the hall. Adrian passed 13 doors on his way down.

"Now, you'll be rooming with Ian Ferguson. He is a nice guy and also a quarter back. I think you too will hit it off quite nicely."

Mr.Craig gave Adrian a wink before opening the door. Ian stood in front of them.

"Ahh, Mr. Ferguson, waiting for your roommate I see"

"Well you know me, I like to friendly" Ian smiled a gorgeous smile. He was drop dead gorgeous. He had light skin, a little lighter than Adrian's and he had short wavy hair. His eyes were beautiful and dark brown. Adrian could get lost in them and his lips, god he had beautiful pink lips. Adrian couldn't stop staring at them. As if he saw what was happening, Ian's smile widened exposing his beautiful white teeth.

Mr. Craig finished placing down the suitcases and came back out.

"I'll take everything from here Mr. Craig" Ian said with a crooked smile.

"I bet you will" answered Mr. Craig leaving Adrian with his new roommate.

Kemar stood in his living room looking at the text on his phone. Eddie was coming over. The thought sent a thrill to his spine. Eddie was his world, his soul mate. He was coming over because he had another vision about the final member of the circle. Kemar was a warlock and so was Eddie but Kemar was the leader of the circle, a group of young warlocks. The circle is incomplete. It takes ten members to be whole. At the moment there were only nine members. The circle was also divided. Semoi wanted to be head of the circle and Oliver...he can't stand to be in the same room with him. Oliver was his boyfriend until he cheated on him with Semoi. Still he had to learn to forgive and forget for the sake of the circle.

The circle needs each other. They may not want to admit it but they do. They don't know the danger that's out there. They need each other to protect themselves. That's why their ancestors formed a circle hundreds of years ago. It was also up to Kemar to ensure no harm came to the members and to guide them. It was a responsibility he was given not one he wanted; though he didn't mind protecting his friends, especially Eddie. Eddie was more than his friend. In his eyes Eddie was the most helpless of all. Each warlock has a special ability; Kemar had the ability to glamour others while Eddie had visions in the form of dreams. Still, Eddie is smart and he knows how to fight. Kemar knew Eddie wasn't helpless after all he could move things with his mind; all warlocks can but the thought of something happening to Eddie sickened him. That's why they needed the tenth member.

By the time Adrian and Ian got their breakfast Adrian had been introduced to the football team, soccer team and the debating team. Everyone was friendly and a lot of the guys were good-looking. Some of them even seemed gay. Most of them were juniors, sophomores and freshman. He only met 5 seniors. They were heading to find a seat when a guy with black hair and sky blue eyes came up to them. 

"Semoi wants to see you." The guy said

"Can't it wait, I have to show my new roommate around" Ian sounded annoyed.

"Hey there I'm Michael" before Adrian could respond Ian said "Michael here is a senior and happens to have bad timing. Michael this is Adrian. Now what does Semoi want?"

"He wants to see all of us." Michael said as if he was speaking in codes.

Ian grunted. "Fine, hey Simon."

An Asian guy came forward. "Take care of my friend here for me will you?" "Sure thing Ian" and off they went.

Eddie was dumbstruck. He had just seen Adrian. Here, at Robert Lee. Maybe he is a new student. But he hadn't seen him here until this morning. Maybe his eyes were fooling him. Maybe it was an after effect of his earlier vision. But he had never experienced after effects before and what about the premonition he had? He could sometimes tell when someone was near and that was what alerted him to Adrian's presence. He had to be sure.

"Are you ok?" Oliver asked.

"Yeah I just have to go see Mr. Craig." Eddie replied.

"What for?"

"Just stuff about school. I'll see you at Chemistry class" Eddie shouted as he got into the elevator. If there was a new student at school that Eddie didn't know about then Mr. Craig would definitely know.

Lavar scanned the room. There was another meeting being held and he wasn't a part of it. Not that it mattered because Semoi wasn't actually the leader of the circle and he always attended meetings held by Kemar. Still he should be at the meeting even if it is not an official one. He felt like an outcast. Everyone else had been invited to meetings but not him.

He knew why though, it was because of his abilities. Semoi may be able to fool everyone else but not him. He could read minds and Semoi knew that if Lavar was invited to meetings then he could tell if he was lying and see his true intentions. Lavar began to eavesdrop. He knew he shouldn't, that he should respect people's privacy but he couldn't resist the temptation, plus he was bored. He heard the thoughts of the other boys; sex, girls, boys, cars, sports, family and then blank. It was like having a conversation on the phone and then the line went blank. The only time that ever happened was when Kemar put up a wall to prevent him from hearing his thoughts. But Kemar didn't attend this school, not anymore. He scanned the crowd and saw no trace of him. Instead he saw someone else, someone who must be new. He was the most beautiful thing he ever saw.

Lavar wasn't into black guys. He wasn't racist but he wasn't attracted to black men, except for Ian. Ian was something else, he was also mixed. This guy seemed like he was also mixed but with Puerto Rican and black. He had seductive lips, dreamy eyes and a beautiful face. He was about 6feet 1inches tall and athletic build with broad shoulders and toned biceps. He was walking with Simon, one of Ian's friends. Lavar tried entering the boy's mind and found that he couldn't. Was he a warlock? He had to know. Lavar headed straight towards them.

Eddie was standing outside Mr. Craig's office waiting on Mrs. Hutchinson to come out.

"Edison is everything alright?" she asked.

"Everything is fine Miss just have to speak to Mr. Craig."

"Ok well I'll see you in History class."

"What can I do for you my boy?" Mr. Craig asked.

"I was just wondering if there was any new student here by the name Adrian."

"Actually there is, he boarded in this morning and is rooming with Ian. Why is something wrong?"

Eddie's heart was racing. He's here. He's really here and he is rooming with Ian. This is great news. He had to tell Kemar and then Ian and the others. The final member of the circle is at Robert Lee.

"Castile, are you listening to me?"

"Yes sir. I mean no sir, no problem. I just heard people talking about a new student named Adrian attending Robert Lee and up until this morning I had never heard of it. So I wanted to hear from the horse's mouth, so to speak."

"Well you best be getting ready for first period and get something to eat if you haven't as yet."

"Ok, will do sir." And off Eddie went to call Kemar and deliver the good news.

Ian mentally did a role check. Everyone was present except for Oliver, Eddie and Lavar. Lavar wasn't coming and the other two were possibly late.

"What was so important that I had to abandon my new roommate on his first day at school?" he asked. Not hiding how furious he was.

"Don't mind him, he is just pissed that he got called from flirting with a hot guy. Which I might add that you do every day" Michael stated. Before Ian could reply Oliver walked in.

"What's the big emergency?" he asked.

Semoi got right to it. "As you know today is the start of our senior year. Now as seniors it is our duty to make this our best year at Robert Lee and as warlocks it is up to us to make sure this is a year no one will ever forget."

Ian tensed. "What are you saying?" was his reply.

"I'm saying that we need to pair up. After all, that is the only way we can cast spells." Semoi said with a wicked grin.

"Are you crazy? We are not suppose to cast spells in school let alone on others!" aguy with pale blond hair shouted. Semoi continued like the boy never spoke.

"Oliver and I will be working together, Alex and Michael, Ian and Kyle..."

"Last I checked you weren't the leader of the circle" Ian stated firmly. Semoi continued

"You can inform Eddie that he and Lavar are partners."

Adrian and Simon were about to sit when he saw a guy approaching them. Adrian had to admit he was cute. There was something about the way that he walked. He walked with confidence. He had a boyish face with brown eyes, tanned skin and dark brown hair.

"I don't believe we've met before I'm Lavar." The guy held out his hand to shake Adrian's. Adrian noticed the way the boy was staring at him. At first his gaze was accusing, and then it was like fascination, like when you were intrigued by something and then it was like he saw the most beautiful thing in the world. Adrian felt it too. It was like he was seeing through the boy's eyes yet he wasn't. He could feel his own touch coming from the boy and also his reaction to that touch.

"I-I'm new, I mean my name isn't new it is Adrian but I'm new here." 

Where did that come from? I've never stuttered. Adrian thought to himself. The boy smiled a boyish smile.

"I believe we will be great friends." spells as long as were within a hundred meters of each.

" Semoi spoke next. "The tenth member is here?"

"That's what I just said and Ian knows who it is."

Ian looked puzzled "I do?"

"Yes you do. You saw him this morning." A startling realization hit but it was Michael who spoke.

"You mean Adrian's the tenth member Ian's new roommate?"

Ian searched for Adrian but couldn't find him. He wasn't in the cafeteria and he wasn't in his room. Where could he be? Simon said he was talking to Lavar when he headed back to his room for his phone. Lavar wasn't answering his calls nor responding to his texts. He wasn't searching for Adrian because he was the tenth member of the circle. He was searching for him because he was new and as his roommate they were to stick together but it was more than that. He felt protective of Adrian the first moment he saw him. Now that he knew who he is he feels like he has to protect him from Semoi, Oliver and every other guy who has use for him. Adrian was no doubt the cutest guy at Robert Lee and depending on how you looked at it he was probably the hottest guy too. Adrian had a big round arse that would probably turn straight guys gay. Looking at his lips you would imagine him wrapping them around your cock or pressed against your own. Just thinking about it made him hard. He had gotten a glimpse of Adrian's body when he was putting on his uniform. He had well defined abs and a broad chest and his nipples....

No he should be looking for him not lusting after him. But if he were doing it then others are doing it too and he needed to protect him from them because no matter how sexy he looked, no matter if he is a warlock; he was still humble. He had this humble and even timid presence and he was also angelic. Five minutes until the bell rings. He would just have to wait until second period to see him. Lavar was up to his locker with no Adrian in sight. Ian headed straight towards him.

"Why haven't you been answering your phone?" Ian growled

"Last time I checked we were no longer a couple."

"As I recall we were never a couple just friends with benefits." Ian growled again.

He didn't want to start this. Not now and not when he could care less about Lavar. If it wasn't for circle business he would gladly delete his number.

"You were hanging out with my new roommate and I was checking to see if he was ok." He said in a surprisingly calmer tone.

Lavar looked at him and was about to read his mind when he thought better of it. 

"Afraid I'm gonna get to him before you have a chance to use him and toss him aside?" Lavar asked.

Ian's rage came back as he spoke his words the locker began to shake. "Piss off! Where is he?"

Lavar turned as if he isn't fazed. "Screw you!" before he could walk away Ian changed his tactics.

"Did you know he was a warlock?" Lavar turned around not looking surprised.

"Yes, I knew the moment I laid eyes on him." He said with a smile.

"Did you know that he is the tenth member of the circle?" That got a reaction out of him.

"What?" "Look you know how Semoi and Oliver are. I just wanna make sure they keep their claws out of him."

"He went back to his room to leave his phone."

"Ok, thanks."

"Is he really..." "Yes he is,"

Adrian got back from his dorm just a few minutes before class started. He was walking to his locker when he noticed a blond guy eyeing him. He was golden blond. He had a handsome face, tawny golden Hazel eyes and beautiful lips. His face was captivating. He was about 6feet tall, with broad shoulders. He had the body of a jock. Adrian couldn't stop himself from staring.

"That's Oliver he's cute isn't he?"

Adrian turned around to find another blond looking at him. He was just as gorgeous. He however had sandy blond hair, his hair was a little longer and he had lime green eyes. His frame wasn't as athletic as the other blond; instead it was lean. While the other boy's eyes seemed somewhat angelic this one seemed somewhat sinister. He was beautiful but in a devious kind of way. 

"What?" Adrian's asked. "I'm referring to the boy you were drooling at." The boysaid.

"I'm Semoi, that over there is Oliver or as I like to call him, the heartbreaker."

"I'm Ad..." "Adrian, the new guy, I've heard all about you."

Adrian wanted to ask him what he had heard and from whom but then the bell rang.

"I'll see you around." Semoi said.

As Adrian got into class he was followed by the teacher. She had short blond hair and blue eyes and was wearing a red coat.

"Good morning everyone, now as you realize we have a new face in our midst. His name is Adrian Anderson. Adrian is not only a scholar but he is also good at track and field and is a debater."

Adrian could hear the teacher's announcement to the class but he was focused on a guy sitting at the back. It wasn't because he was cute, even though he was. The guy was a Latino and had fair skin. His had long dark wavy hair with its length just above his shoulder. His lips were to be admired, god they sexy. His frame was similar to Oliver's except he was both lean and athletic build. Still, it wasn't because of his looks why Adrian was staring at him; it was because of the way he was looking at Adrian. It was a look of fascination like how Lavar looked at him.

Adrian also felt more than saw that he longed for Adrian; to meet him.

The teacher was now finished with her announcement and said, "Please to meet you Mr. Anderson, my name is Mrs. Craig."

Adrian went to his seat which was beside the Latino.

"I'm Edison Castile but you can call me Eddie, welcome to Robert Lee. IF you need anything, whether it's help with school work, research at the library, extracurricular activity, you name it I'm your guy."

"Thanks." was Adrian's reply.

Throughout 1 st and 2 nd period Adrian was overwhelmed by emotions that weren't his own. He felt lust, fascination and curiosity and he could guess who they were coming from. As soon as the bell rung he was the 1 st one through the door. His next class was Chemistry and he had Mr. Craig. He guessed Mrs. Craig must have been his wife. Adrian saw that in the class were Ian, Eddie, Michael, Semoi and Oliver. Oliver kept looking at him with those golden eyes. He was sitting beside Eddie. Semoi had a crooked smile and was sitting beside Michael. Ian made a gesture for Adrian to sit beside him but was cut off by Mr. Craig who not surprisingly had a smile on his face.

"Today everyone will be pairing up and since Adrian is new I'll be his partner."

There were a few groans in the class.

"Now, today we will be mixing chemicals and please do not inhale the vapors nor drink the chemicals. Let's begin."

Ever since Adrian stepped into the classroom Semoi had been staring at Oliver, Eddie and Adrian. Eddie, he guessed was probably amused, Oliver however was looking at Adrian like he was a predator trying to figure out how to capture his prey.

"Do you think he knows he's a warlock?" he asked Michael.

"Who? Adrian?"

"No, I mean my dick. Yes I mean Adrian." Semoi snapped

"I don't know." The boy replied.

"Before my eye is a warlock, turn his chemical into black"

"What are you doing?" Michael asked.

"I'm Experimenting." Semoi said.

Adrian felt a prickling sensation. He had felt it before; it was some kind of alert. He was about to throw a drop of alcohol into the bottle but now he didn't want to. 

"Mr. Craig, I'm not sure I did everything right. Can I try again?" he asked.

"There's no need. I was guiding and watching you the whole time."

"But what would happen if I did make a mistake?"

"The chemical would probably boil over. Here, I'll do it," he said.

As Mr. Craig was about to drop the two drops of alcohol the feeling hit Adrian again: before he could stop him the alcohol touched the chemical and the liquid turned black and the glass suddenly shattered.

"Ok, who did this?" Mr. Craig said furiously.

Eddie was staring at the shattered glass. Mr. Craig was furious.

"Ok, you all have detention after school."

The protests came but Mr. Craig didn't budge. He may not know who it was but Eddie knew the culprit, Semoi. He didn't stop there, He later caused Adrian's chemical to boil over. That resulted in everyone having a week's detention, except for Adrian. Semoi seemed to have learnt his lesson but then he caused ink to spill on Adrian. Eddie decided that he would deal with him at lunch. He also noticed that at each incident Ian was at Adrian's side. He also couldn't help but notice that Oliver kept staring at Adrian.

Adrian was not having a good morning. 1 st someone was sabotaging his experiments, then someone accidentally spilled ink on his blazer and he had to go change and when he came back he found his notes missing. The book was right where he left it and no page were missing but the page he wrote on was blank. That was number one on his list of crazies today. He was so relieved when the bell signaled lunch. He was on his way to find a seat when the feeling of alert hit him. He turned around just in time to see a chair just a foot away that would surely knock him on his feet. However suddenly the chair froze and Ian appeared.

"Hey, you ok?" He said as he placed a foot on the chair.

"Yeah, I was just gonna sit with Lavar and Simon."

"Ok, I'll join you soon." And he walked off towards Semoi who was standing nearby with Michael.

"Hey there, enjoying your 1 st day?" Lavar asked curiously.

Adrian was about to tell him about his eventful morning when he became overwhelmed with rage and sudden migraine. He grunted and held his head. Lavar was about to ask him if he was ok when the light in the cafeteria all started to blink on and off. Suddenly it was like a huge wind was blowing as Lavar's chicken sandwich that was in his plate flew off the table. Adrian then felt hands on his shoulders pulling him backwards; he looked up and saw that it was Eddie but what he didn't see was what had just flown right pass him.


Eddie was about to approach Semoi and give him a piece of his mind when he saw an angry Ian. "What the hell are you doing? That chair could have hurt him if I didn't stop it. I had to watch you pull your pranks in class but I'll be damned if let you continue!" The larger man held Semoi's shirt looking down at him with his piercing dark eyes. That's when Eddie felt it; the danger. He looked across and sawAdrian with his head on the desk. The lights were winking and he saw that a chair was flying right towards Adrian. He could have stopped it before it hit but not without risking exposing himself. He ran across with lightning speed. He wasn't more than 15feet away. He pulled Adrian away just in time before it could hit him.Adrian was too busy surprised by being jolted that he didn't see the chair fly right pass him until it landed into the wall. "Thank you; I would have been a goner." Theboy said gratefully. "I haven't been having a good day," he finished. "Just a little bad luck." Eddie stated "I'm sure as the day goes on it will change." He gave the boy a smile and headed straight for Semoi whom he was gonna give a good lecture. "That wasn't me I swear." Semoi said as Edie reached him. "Like hell it isn't!" "He is telling the truth." Lavar interrupted. "Ian who didn't believe him thenasked, "So if he didn't then who else?" "Adrian did it." Lavar sated firmly "What? That's..." "It's true, I saw him hold his head like he was having a migraine and then everything happened. I don't think he knows how to control his power. I don't

even think he knows he has powers." "Well that still doesn't account for what Semoi did." Eddie said apparently not fazed by Lavar's revelation. "I was just having a little a fun. Just because you're dating the leader doesn't mean you have to be a snob" Eddie who looked like he had had enough walked over to Semoi and said in a calm low voice. "I mean it, no more." He then held out a finger towards Semoi and he fell back and landed on his butt. Eddie then turned and walked away.^^^^^^^Adrian was now in his room and Ian was in detention. He never got to eat with Lavar or Ian. Simon said that they were probably eating with the other elites. "There used to be 9 of them last year. Back then they had a senior named Kemar, he's graduated now," he had said. After lunch the day went by pretty fast and smooth. He had just taken a shower and was now in bed as he became overwhelmed with exhaustion and fell asleep. He was running. He wasn't running for his life he was running from someone. Someone was calling him. He didn't recognize the voice and after a few seconds the voice sounded familiar like Lavar. Adrian! Adrian! Adrian woke up to see Lavar standing outside his door. "I wanna show you something," he said.


Kemar and the other members were at the old abandoned warehouse. "I see Oliver is making it a habit of missing meetings," he said in an annoyed voice. "He has to show up for the ceremony." Eddie assured him. "What about Lavar?" Kemar asked "He said he had something to do." "Ok, well as you all know Adrian is the one we have all been waiting for. Now that he is here we can do spells on our own. However, until we bind together we won't be at our strongest. It has come to my attention that he doesn't know about his abilities. This is why we are going to take things slow. 1st we help him to discover his abilities then show him what it means to be a warlock. Only until then can we bind together." "And how long will that take?" Semoi asked impatiently. "As long as it takes, it could be days or weeks." "I don't see why we can't tell him everything today." Semoi said. Kemar would have responded but he heard Lavar's car arrive.^^^^^^^^^^They were out in the woods, about 2miles from school. Lavar had told Adrian he wanted to show him something; apparently that something was out here in the woods. Lavar parked his car beside 3 others. They were parked in front of some

old warehouse. "Come on," was all he said to Adrian. Lavar opened the front door and Adrian heard someone say, "Well look what the cat dragged..." He stopped when he saw Adrian. It was Semoi. With him were 5 other familiar faces from school and some other guy Adrian didn't know. He had chocolate skin, charcoal eyes, low cut hair and an angelic face. He was also about 5feet 9 and shoulders as broad as Semoi's. They all had a look on their faces like they were stunned that he was there. "What is he doing here?" It was Semoi who spoke. "I thought he should meet the gang." Lavar responded. The unfamiliar guy spoke next. He had a commanding look to his face. This must be Kemar, Adrian thought. "Lavar, get him out of here."His voice sounded oddly familiar, though they have never met before. "Actually I think he should stay. I think he deserves to know the truth, don't you? The sooner, the better." Semoi walked over to Adrian. "Semoi" Adrian heard Kemar say in a voice that made Adrian tremble. He wasn't wanted here and he no longer wanted tobe here. Semoi shrugged him off. "You're not like everyone else; we're not like everyone else..." All of a sudden Semoi stood still with his mouth open. He lookedlike a statue; he looked frozen. Lavar spoke next. "I think he has a right to know." "He is not ready," Eddie said. "What difference will it make if we tell him now? His reaction will be the same." An unfrozen Semoi continued to speak. "We are

able to do things that others can't. That's because we're warlocks." "Yeah and I'm Harry Potter," Adrian said not believing him. Semoi continued like Adrian never spoke. "After the Salem witch hunt in 1692, our ancestors formed a circle to protect themselves. However, a hundred years ago our families separated. Your ancestors were a part of the circle; with you here the families have been reunited." "Ok, I am not a witch and you have got to stop watching the Charmed." Adrian said."I never said you were a witch, I said warlock. Witches are in tuned with nature and cast little spells. We however can do much more but we have to perform a ritual. Until then we can only do minor spells" "Like make a glass explode." Ian interrupted. "Or make the notes off your paper disappear." Semoi finished. Adrian who had heard enough turned to walk away but found himself surrounded by Semoi, Michael and a guy with brown hair and dark blue eyes. "Let him go!" Ian shouted. "So he can run off and tell everyone we're warlocks?" Semoi asked. "You should have thought of that before you decided to expose our secrets." Kemar said.Just then Adrian did a circling sweep kick which landed the three boys on their backs flat and he ran out the door. Adrian was fast; he had run 9.50 seconds at his old school. He had just passed the parked cars when he heard someone calling him.

Just then Adrian knew why Kemar's voice sounded familiar; he had heard it in his dream, a dream which was now a reality. Adrian stopped dead in his tracks, he couldn't move. A few seconds later Kemar caught up with him. "You didn't think you could outrun 8 warlocks did you?" "I'm pretty fast," Adrian said. "Yeah well when you can move things with your mind speed really isn't a challenge." Kemar said with a sly smile. "If you can do all that then why do you need me to join your cult?" Adrian asked. "We need you because..." Kemar paused as if deciding what to tell him and what not to tell him. "Together we are a lot stronger and we can help you master your powers and also discover your own special ability." Adrian got the sense he was holding something back but instead hesaid. "What do you mean?" Kemar looked pleased. "Well other than being able to cast spells and move things with your mind each warlock has a special ability passed down to every 1st born son. Mine is being able to glamour people, Eddie is has dreams of the future and Lavar reads minds." Adrian felt flushed. As if sensing it Kemar said, "You've had an eventful day, let me drive you back to your dorm." Adrian wanted to object but his dorm was 2miles away. "Ok." He said.


Eddie was running in the woods. He had to escape the men in black robes. He couldn't see their faces but from how they looked they had to be men. He found himself now on a beach. He turned to see if the men were following him but all he saw were eight figures in white robes. Their faces were covered. Another figure appeared in the waves and another appeared behind him. He was trapped. Just thena lightning struck right beside him and he jumped. He was about to use his powersbut found that he couldn't. He also found that he was frozen and he couldn't feel his legs. Fire started to emerge from one of the figures; it headed towards Eddie and then surrounded him. He was going die; burnt to death, but that didn't happen. Instead the ground opened up and he fell right in. He woke up sweating and saw that Kemar was looking at him. "You had a vision didn't you?" Eddie didn't want to lie, despite how awful it had been. He never lied to Kemar. "Yes, it was awful." Kemar took him into his embrace. Eddie loved being in his arms, he loved that Kemar was his. It was times like these that he was glad Oliver cheated on Kemar. "Can we talk about it in the morning? I just want you to hold me." Eddie said. Trying to change the topic he said, "Adrian had an eventful 1st day." "No shit Sherlock" was Kemar's reply. "We have to look after him. The last thing we want is Semoi or Oliver to get their hooks into him."


Adrian was dancing with the flame. Suddenly a piece of the flame flew into the palm of his hand but it didn't burn him. He began juggling the flame from one palm to the next and after a few tries the flame scorched him. He woke up and saw Ian sitting at the edge of his own bed. "Can't sleep?" Adrian asked. "I was sleeping just fine until your bed began to shake and then my own. Did you have a bad dream?" "Not really, what did you mean the bed began to shake? Was there an earthquake?" "No, it was you. Whatever you saw startled you and triggered your powers." He looked amused. "Sorry." Adrian said. "No need to apologize it's normal for your powers to be a little out of control. If you want I can teach you how to control it.""Kemar said everyone has a special ability, what's yours?" Adrian asked. Ian opened the mini fridge, took out an apple and then threw it to Adrian. The apple froze in the air before Adrian could catch it. "Remember when Semoi was about to tell you something and then he froze? That was me. I can slow down molecules so that it looks like time has been frozen." Ian explained. "That's what you did with the chair in the cafeteria. How long can you stop time for?" Adrian asked. "Only 30seconds and it's only limited to a confined space and one object per time."

"That's cool." "You probably have a cool power too." "I don't know. I've never really done anything out of the ordinary."


Semoi was in Oliver's room. He was giving him an update about Adrian. "Now that he knows I plan to tutor him" he was saying. "Why have you taken such an interest in him?" Oliver asked. "Because silly I need him to perform the ceremony." Semoi said in a husky voice. He leaned over and kissed Oliver. He and Semoi dated a couple months before calling it quits but on the occasion when Semoi needed something from him he would flirt with him. He pulled away. "I see the way you look at him you know?" Semoi said. "He is next on your list. You can hook up after I've gotten what I wanted." So that's what this is about. He didn't want Oliver to ruin his plans. Oliver couldn't stop thinking about Adrian. There was something about him that was absent from all the guys he had been with. He'dbe damned before he let Semoi get what he wants. "We all need him to bind the circle." He stated firmly. "And I think you have overstayed your welcome."


Adrian saw Oliver as he entered History class. Mrs. Hutchinson was the teacher. "I don't think we have been formally introduced, I'm Oliver." The heartbreaker Adrian thought as he sat in the seat before him. "Adrian," was his response. "Maybe we could get together after school, say about 3 o'clock?" "Actually could we meet up at four? I have to meet up with my roommate after school." "Sure." Oliver said with those beautiful hazel eyes. After school Ian drove Adrian out to the forest. "Ok, this is where we will do your training," he said. "I want you to try and levitate a pebble. Try to picture the rock floating that helps." Adrian pictured the rock floating and with his mind he said move. Nothing happened. He tried concentrating but still nothing happened. "Ok, try closing your eyes. Last time you did it your eyes were closed. Adrian closed his eyes and tried picturing the rock move. When he opened them he saw 3 boulders floating.It took him half an hour to perfect it and then he was now on to deflecting objects. They were now on the final part of the training, they were battling each other. Adrian sent rocks flying at Ian, he turned them to dust. Ian levitated a broken branch off the ground and it came up behind Adrian. He made a flip and pictured Ian flying backwards. Ian was caught off guard and was sent flying into a tree but Adrian stopped him in time in mid air. "You're good." Ian said looking pleased. "Let's head back."


Oliver waited for Adrian at the campus gate. He was wearing a red t-shirt and dark blue jeans with red and white sneakers. He was 2minutes early and Adrian was right on schedule. Adrian was wearing a white short sleeved v-neck shirt that exposed his toned biceps and buff chest. He also had on a blue jeans pants accompanied by white sneakers. He had decided that Adrian was the most gorgeous guy at Robert Lee, this confirmed it. "I was hoping we could get acquainted. I know this Italian restaurant in town." Oliver said. "Well I'm new here so it would nice if someone showed me around." Adrian said before smiling. Oliver was drowned in his smile. Adrian had perfect teeth and his lips had Oliver wanting to kiss him right there. "You have ridden on a bike before haven't you?" Oliver asked. Adrian shook his head. "Well there is a first time for everything." At the restaurant they both had pepperoni pizza and Adrian told him how he and his father didn't get along and that he lived with his mother. His father was half African half Caucasian and his mom was Puerto Rican. When they finished eating he decided he would show Adrian what he could do. They were alone in the forest. He had the sense to kiss him but decided there were plenty of time for that. "So

you and Ian are good friends?" he asked. "Well I haven't been here for more than two days but he and Lavar are the closest of friends I have." "So are you going to join their little club?" Oliver asked. Adrian looked startled. "Oh yes I know all about their circle, after all I am a part of it." ^^^^^Adrian should have known. He saw Oliver with Semoi and he knew there were ten families. In the abandon warehouse there were only 9 persons present; he included.It only made sense that Oliver was the tenth. He saw Oliver turn over his palms and out came a flame. "That's my special ability, what's yours?" he asked. "I don't know." Adrian said truthfully. Oliver started to mutter something under his breath and then he threw the flame into a pile of leaves that caught fire, then the flame extinguished. "I can only create the flame. If I want to throw it then I have to say a spell. Otherwise the flame goes out once it leaves my hand." Oliver said. "Have you ever tried a spell before?" he asked. Adrian shook his head. "Well now is a good time to try." Immediately a spell formed in Adrian's mind. The animals are wild, the birds are free Set fire unto the tree.

Instead Adrian said, "In order to wash away my pain, I summon the clouds to bring me rain." Rain drops immediately started to fall. Then an image of a burning tree flashed in Adrian's mind. Just then there was a crack of lightning in the sky followed by another then another. Then a lightning struck the tree in front of Adrian and it caught fire. The rain immediately stopped. "Whoa that was intense," said an astonished Oliver. "We have to put out the fire," said a bewildered Adrian. With a wave of his hand Oliver extinguished the flame. "You shouldn't have been able to do that." Oliver said when they were in the elevator going up to their room. "What do you mean?" Adrian asked. "You're only supposed to do minor spells on your own." Oliver said "A weather spell like that isn't minor. I'll see you tomorrow." And with that he was off.


Adrian was in the library working on a history project. He had to find out about the customs of the Mayas and Aztecs. It was Thursday and he had pretty much all the warlock stuff locked down except that he didn't know what his special ability was. Maybe it was being able to cast powerful spells. After conjuring up a thunder storm he had tried getting back at Semoi. He had tried erasing all of Semoi's notes but

instead he made his books disappear. Ian had helped reverse the spell. Then Adrian placed acne all over his face and gave the boy freckles. It took 3 warlocks to reverse it. Finally he did a spell which revealed Semoi's fear. It was just suppose to let Adrian know his greatest fear so he could use it against him. Instead he conjured up a giant spider and a boa. It took the whole circle to get rid of them.He was just about done with his research when Kyle came up to him. Kyle was Ian's best friend. He had pale blond hair and beautiful ice eyes. "So what are you planning on doing to Semoi now?" he asked. "I'm done trying to get back at him. I think I got back at him when I gave him the acne." Adrian smiled. "So are you going to bind the circle?" Adrian had just about had it. Everyone kept coming up to him about binding the circle. How it was the best thing to do, everyone except for Ian and Lavar. "Look until I've figured out what my special power is and I've mastered it, I'm not binding the circle. Kemar gave me the ok." Just then Lavar came up. "Hey, can I speak to you for a minute?" he asked. Lavar was agitated. Kyle got the sense he wasn't wanted and vanished into thin air. "He is a teleporter."Lavar said after seeing the look on Adrian's face. "Do you plan on joining the circle?" "Help me figure out my power and I'll join." "If I could read your mind then maybe I could." "Why can't you?" Adrian asked. Lavar was able to read everyone's mind except Adrian. Adrian wondered if that was his special ability like Bella from twilight. Lavar didn't answer him instead he said "We're working something out. I'll let you know what I find.


Kyle was coming out the store with a case of 6 packs. An old lady was trying to open the trunk of her car but was having trouble with the key. Need some help?" he asked the old lady. "Yes, please." she said. Kyle tried the key. It wouldn't even budge. "Are you sure this is the right key Maam?" "It's the only key I have other than my house key." "May I see it?" He tried the key and the trunk opened. "Could you be a darling and go get my bags? They're at the entrance to the store." He went back towards the store but saw no bags. Suddenly the world started spinning and he fell to the ground.


Ian was sprawled out on his bed when Adrian came in the room. "Is everything ok?" He asked. Ian was the only one who wasn't pressuring Adrian about joining the circle. He even got upset at anyone who kept bothering him about it. "What do you know about this binding ritual?" Adrian asked. "Did someone hassle you about it?" Adrian smiled. Ian was protective of him, like the way a big brother was. i just feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I wanna know what
I'm getting into before making a decision." Adrian said truthfully. "Well I don't
know a lot. Other than Kemar I'm the only one who is the son of a 1st
 born warlock."
Kemar had told Adrian this. He also said that unless you were a first born son you
wouldn't possess a special ability. The females are able to cast spells but only with
other warlocks and the males were able to move things with their mind. Kemar's
father was a 1st born but he abandoned Kemar when he was five years old. It was
Ian's father who told them about the binding ritual and their family history. He
didn't much about the ritual himself because the last ritual was performed a
hundred years ago. "The ritual links us together and makes us stronger. We will be
stronger 10 times fold and we will be able to perform spells on our own regardless
of the distance between each other." Ian finished. "I just don't wanna unleash all
this power and then everything turns to chaos. I mean look at Semoi, what's gonna
happen when he is ten times stronger than he is now?" Adrian asked. "I have
considered that and that's why I'm not pushing you to join. But whatever your
decision I'll stand by you."
Adrian waited till Ian was asleep. He knew he shouldn't be messing with his
powers; hell he knew he shouldn't be casting a spell like this after what happened
to his previous spells but he had to figure out his power and the spell would only
last for 24 hours.  He chanted the spell.
Powers of my ancestors rise
Across the ocean and the skies
Come to me I summon thee
Give all your powers to me
He woke up the next morning feeling energetic. Ian was in the shower so he had to
wait. He wondered if the spell had worked.  The spell was supposed to amplify his
powers.  Ian came out the bathroom and Adrian went in. While he was showering
he was hit with a bunch of emotions; anger, pain, fear and nausea. It was all too
much to bear and then the mirror in the bathroom shattered followed the pipe
bursting and spewing water.
Lavar was worried. Kyle didn't come home last night and he wasn't answering his
phone. He went straight to Eddie's room. "Kyle's missing" A distraught Lavar said.
"He didn't come home last night and he isn't answering his phone." "Have you
asked the others if they've seen him?" Eddie asked. "Not yet." Lavar said "Ok,
contact the others and we will all meet here." They had all skipped breakfast when
it was confirmed that Kyle was indeed missing. They had no way of finding him
and they would have to wait until after school to look for him. "The teachers will
notice that he is gone." said Semoi.  "Not if we cast an illusion spell," Eddie said.
Everyone was hurrying to get to 1
 period when a strong gust of wind blew across
Adrian's face. He turned just in time to see Semoi. "Have you figured out what
your special ability is yet?" "Not yet, but I will." Adrian said as a matter of fact.
"You're just trying to avoid the inevitable." "Is that so?" Adrian said not looking
fazed "One more thing, leave Oliver alone." "Or what?" Adrian was feeling daring;
it was like a contagious poison passing from Semoi to him. "You do not wanna
mess with me." The green eyed boy said. Adrian stepped closer until they were so
close they could kiss. They were staring eye to eye. "Do you wanna try that again
cause I didn't quite buy it?" Adrian kept eye contact while he reached in his locker
to take out his lab book. The locker slammed and it would have crushed his fingers
if he didn't sense what Semoi would do. "Do not push me," was all he said when
the lockers began to shake like there was a tremor and then all the lockers in the
hall flew open then shut. Semoi stepped back looking frightened. On other
circumstances he would have wondered if that was possible but instead he turned
and headed straight for Chemistry class.
In Chemistry class Adrian felt the same wave of emotions that he felt in the shower
but this time there was no rage. He would have been happy if he weren't so
depressed. God what was wrong with him. Was he bipolar? One moment he was
happy the next he felt rage then lust, fear and now depression. On top of that he
kept seeing faces in his head; a face for each emotion. Then it hit him. It wasn't the
 time he felt these emotions; they just weren't this strong. He knew why they
were  this strong. He had cast a spell; a spell to maximize his powers so he could
identify his special ability and now he knew. Just then the chemicals in each bottle
boiled over and then they all began to break. Everyone took cover except Adrian
because he didn't have to. The flying glass bounced right off like there was a wall
around him.
Everyone one was sitting at one table during lunch time. They were gonna plan
their next move in finding Kyle. This was the 1st
 meeting Adrian attended. Eddie
spoke 1st
. "Ok, before we make a plan about finding Kyle we need to talk about
what happened in there." "It was my fault." Adrian said needing to get everything
in the open. "I'm sorry it's just that there were so many emotions in the room and I
couldn't block them all out and the next thing I know glasses started flying." He
said in one breath. "What do you mean?" Oliver asked "He is an empath." It was
Lavar who spoke. "That's your special ability?" Semoi asked not looking amused.
"We can talk about that later."Eddie said. "Right now we need a way to find Kyle."
"Is there a spell we could say to find him?" Adrian asked. "We could probably try
tracking him if we used something of his." Ian said.  The tracking spell only led
them to where he was last seen which was at the store. With no way of finding him
the circle head back to their dorm.
It was nightfall when Lavar invited Adrian out for dinner. Adrian wanted to object
with Kyle missing but after a few protests Lavar convinced him. They snuck into
the school and Lavar carried him up to the roof to what looked like a glasshouse.
"It was built by the science and environmental club." He said. He placed what
looked like a picnic mat onto the floor and gestured for Adrian to sit. Adrian
guessed he would use magic seeing as how he hadn't carried a bag; he was right.
Before our eyes is our table,
 Bless it with all that are able
Adrian watched as a bottle of wine and two wine glasses appeared followed by two
plates of fried rice and baked chicken, two bowls of soup and forks and spoon.
"Aren't you a charmer?" Adrian said. Lavar flashed that boyish smile. Just for a
couple of hours there problems were gone. Lavar wasn't thinking about his missing
roommate and Adrian wasn't worried about what had happened to Kyle; they were
both lost in the moment. They were just about finished and the world started
spinning again. Before they got up Lavar leaned over to Adrian and pressed his lips
against his. Adrian could taste the wine on his lips. His lips were soft. It wasn't a
passionate kiss, it wasn't filled with lust. It was intimate and Adrian could feel how
Lavar had wanted to kiss him from the moment they met. He felt guilty. Adrian
thought he was cute but he never saw himself kissing Lavar. Now that he did, he
enjoyed it.
A few seconds later they broke away. They were about to go through the door
when Adrian pointed at the leftovers from their dinner.  Lavar simply said a spell and it all vanished. They were outside Adrian's room when Adrian sensed a little tension coming from Lavar. He turned around. "I like you." Lavar said. "And I really wanna be with you." Adrian didn't know what to say. Lavar kissed him and this time the kiss was passionate. Maybe it was because Adrian was an empath, maybe it was because his powers were amplified but he wanted nothing more than to be with Lavar and to be in his arms. "I want to be with you too." He said. Lavar smiled and went into his room. Adrian did the same. He was so love drunk that he didn't realize that Ian wasn't lying in his bed. Adrian went to sleep feeling like he was on cloud nine. He had gotten himself a boyfriend.


Come on Eddie pick up, Pick up!" Kemar was worried. He had call Eddie several times and no answer. The last time they spoke was the day before when he told himthat the tracking spell was a bust. He said he was exhausted and he was going home. Kemar wanted him at his place but he said no. He didn't wanna seem possessive but he didn't want any harm to come to Eddie. He tried calling other members in the circle but got no answer. He had a bad feeling in his stomach. He tried Lavar again. He answered on the second ring "Hello?" "Have you seen Eddie?" he asked. "No I'm still in bed. It's Saturday I don't usually get up till nine and it's barely after seven." The boy sounded irritated. "Well could you just check on him? And if you see him tell him to answer his phone or call me." He tried sounding as calm and neutral as he always is. "Ok, I'm getting out of bed now."


He had gotten himself a boyfriend. Adrian was worried as he remembered last night's events. What had he gotten himself into? He like Lavar and he was a good kisser but he was attracted to Oliver and Lavar and Ian use to be together. He probably wouldn't mind them being together but still what could have possessed him to make such a hasty decision? Ian wasn't in his bed Adrian realized. He was probably out getting breakfast or trying to find Kyle. Yes, finding Kyle is more important than a little teenage drama. He would focus on finding Kyle then deal with Lavar and Oliver. Adrian's phone rang. Kemar, he thought. He didn't need to look at the caller I.D. "Hello?" "Have you seen Eddie?" "Not since we got back, why?" Adrian had a feeling in his stomach. "I just can't seem to reach him." Kemar said. "Well do you want me to go look for him" Adrian asked. "Yeah that would be great." Kemar replied. Adrian was sick to his stomach. Not only couldn't he find Eddie but everyone else seemed to be gone as well. He kept hoping that they all went to find Kyle on their own and leave him out because he was new but then why hadn't Kemar gone with them. Maybe they were doing something they knew he would disapprove of but Adrian's gut kept telling him something was wrong. He couldn't even find Lavar. To make matters worse their vehicles were still on campus. It was after one in the

afternoon and Adrian had searched everywhere on campus. They were nowhere to be found. His phone rang and he knew it was Kemar. "Please tell me you know where everyone is?" Adrian couldn't hide the frantic note is his voice. "You mean you can't find anyone?" Kemar wasn't even hiding his surprise. Adrian told him how he searched the school upside down and found no one. "Ok, stay in your room and I'll come get you." Kemar said. "How? You're no longer a student here." Adrian asked "No, but I'm a warlock." "I'll just take Oliver's bike and come to your house." "You don't know where my house is! Besides, it isn't safe for you to be alone. You need to be in a crowded area." He was shouting. "Maybe your next, maybe someone's attacking the members of the circle." Adrian tried to use logic. "You're a part of the circle too." Kemar remindedhim. "But not many people would know that would they?" Adrian countered. "I've only been here a week and I've never attended any circle meetings." Before Kemarcould respond Adrian saw Simon, Ian's friend. "I've got to go." He said and hung up."Hey Simon, you haven't seen Ian or any of his friends have you?" "Actually yeah, I just saw Lavar at the supermarket on Oak." "Great, um he wasn't with anyone was he?" "No, I just saw him." Adrian got on Oliver's bike and went straight to the supermarket. It was only when he was looking for Lavar's car when

he remembered that his car was still at school. He was puzzled. If Lavar was here then why didn't he take his car and why wasn't he answering his phone. He had just left the supermarket when he saw an old lady standing at the bike. "Nice bike you got here." She said. "Actually it's a friend of mine." Adrian didn't know anything about bikes. He just got on it and said a spell that drove the bike in auto pilot. Just then he got a prickling sensation. He looked around and saw 3 SUVs approaching. He cast out his senses and suddenly felt like he was being hunted. He jumped on the bike and started to ride when he was blocked by 3 other SUVs. He parted them out of his way and continued riding. Something hit the back wheel of the bike and he flew off. He had good reflexes and landed on all fours. No more Mr. Nice guy. These guys were after him and they probably had Kyle, Ian, Lavar and Eddie as well as the rest of the circle. Kemar was right. He got up and cast out his senses. If he was gonna fight he needed all six senses. He felt annoyance, disgust and rage coming from his would be captors. Five men came at him and he sent them flying not caring where they landed nor if they got hurt. Burning desire give me fire He shouted the words and 6 men behind him caught fire. He got another prickling sensation and as a reflex turned around to reflect whatever was coming. He then saw a knife do a 360degree turn and land in the chest of the old lady who now

looked like thirty without her wig and what was apparently make up. Three SUVs remained and Adrian didn't know how many men were in there. He was about to cast a spell that would call down lightning on them when he remembered something. There was a limit. How could he have forgotten that there was a limit? The circle wasn't bound therefore you had to be within a hundred meters of another member for you to be able to cast a spell. That means that when he casted aspell on Oliver's bike someone was present within a hundred meters and someone probably Lavar was present now. He was probably unconscious. He silently took his measurements and found that the 3 SUVs were within a hundred meters. As if reading his mind the SUVs started to reverse then he felt a sting in his back. He turned and saw one of the men he had sent flying. Adrian squinted and the guy fell on his knees. Adrian was also hurt and he fell on his knees as well. One of the SUV stopped but it was out of range and Adrian shelled itinto pieces revealing only men in black, no one he knew. He tried casting a spell to test his theory and just like he thought it didn't work. Persons started coming out the store so he hid out of sight and called Kemar. ^^^^^^

"Serves you right." Kemar said in the car. He and Adrian were heading to the hospital. They were going to find one of them and make him talk. When he saw themess that Adrian had caused outside the store he was wondering how he was gonnacover it up. Luckily no one saw anything and the injured men didn't say anything. Not that they would because that wasn't their style. Adrian was now telling him what happened. "I can't believe you did all that." Kemar said disbelievingly. "I knew you were able to do powerful spells but setting 3 men on fire." He left it hanging. "Do you know who they were?"Adrian asked him. "I've never seen them before." Kemar said truthfully. He hadn't but he knew what they were. "Anyone that you guys pissed off with your magic that I should know about?" Adrian asked. "No."They got into the hospital without any trouble. When the man saw Adrian his eyes widened in terror. "He isn't the one you should be worried about, I am." Kemar said. They got what they wanted in a matter of minutes. Kemar wanted to torture him but Adrian cast a truth spell. When they were leaving Kemar warned him that if anything happened to any of his friends he would certainly regret it. "Hunters, they were hunters." Adrian spat. "You knew didn't you? You had to have known." "Adrian" "Don't even try! I'm an empath. I can tell if you lie and right now your heart is racing and it's not because your boyfriend is missing." "I knew. I dreaded

when this day would come and I prayed that it wouldn't but when I heard Kyle wasmissing I knew." "When were you planning on telling me?" Kemar was silent. How could he tell him that he never planned on telling him, not even after the circle was bound? Instead he said. "It's why I wanted to bind he circle." "Do the others know?" Adrian asked "Yes, they know about hunters. I didn't wanna tell youbecause I didn't wanna scare you." "Well it doesn't matter now does it? You showed me the joys of being a warlock but you didn't tell me the pain that comes along with it." ^^^^^^^^^Ian woke up to see everyone unconscious. What happened? Last thing he remembered was someone knocking on his door and when he opened it everything went black. He scanned the room. Eddie was beside him on his right and Lavar was on his left. Every member of the circle except Adrian and Kemar was present. He tried breaking the chains with his mind but nothing happened. He tried using brute strength and the results were the same. "Eddie! Eddie!" There was no response. It was the same for the others. ^^^^^^^^^

"Ok, stay close to me. We go in we take out whoever is in our way and we rescue our friends." Kemar looked like a warrior ready for battle Adrian thought. "Ok." They were walking through the woods when Adrian felt the presence of 3 men. He sent them flying into the trees. They had to face 12 men before they reached the cottage. Adrian was sure they were all dead. He wasn't a murderer and he just sent them flying into trees but if they didn't die then they were gonna have a serious concussion. Kemar said it was necessary. He said that they would keep coming back if they weren't dealt with. He kept setting them on fire. They were now outside the cottage.


Lavar felt like he had a hangover. "Nice to see you are awake" Ian said to him. "The others are knocked out cold." Eddie told him. "Where are we?" Lavar asked "Your guess is as good as mine" said Ian. "So you devils are awake? Well it doesn't really matter because in a few minutes you will all be sent back to hell." The man was wearing a black robe; he was a hunter and there were eight of them. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." One of them was saying as he poured gasoline on the floor. They were going to be burnt to death. The match was drawn and Lavar could hear Ian's protests and Eddie's insults but all he could think of was that he got to kiss Adrian before he died. Just then the door flew open and sure enough Adrian was standing there. The chains broke and the men flew into to the wall. The match was out and Lavar thanked god. "We have to get the others out of here." Adrian shouted. Within minutes everyone was out but somehow the house was set ablaze.


Everyone was safe and Adrian could breathe a sigh of relief. Well almost. When everyone was out Lavar wanted to kiss him but he couldn't, not in front of Oliver so he avoided contact with either. Kemar and Eddie were kissing. Adrian felt glad for them and was a little jealous. "Is there anything else I should know before I decided whether or not I should bind the circle?" He asked. Adrian could sense all their emotions; relief and guilt. "Adrian" "Don't!" it was Lavar but Adrian didn't care. "You used me! All of you! You wanted me to walk blindly into binding the circle." "Well guess what, I'll do it. But when all is said and done I am done with you. All of you!" Adrian wasn't sure why he was angry. Maybe it was because they lied to him, maybe because he felt jealous that Kemar was kissing Eddie when he couldn't kiss Lavar or Oliver, maybe he was upset because it was his own fault he couldn't or maybe he just wanted to be a drama queen. Either way he turned his back and drove one of the SUVs back to his dorm.


Everyone was gathered outside the abandoned warehouse and a fire was lit. The members surrounded the fire ready to bind the circle. As leader Kemar took the knife he had and gave everyone a cut in their palm. Then they all said the spell.Give me light so that I may seeAll the mysteries held for meEarth, fire and air to sustainAll the powers we now gainOur hearts and souls we bound as oneA bond that's brighter than the sunAs together our battles now are won Adrian watched as everyone started to glow a different color and then he felt his heart skipped a beat. He wondered what color was he and if the others were seeing what he was seeing. Just then he saw a silver chord which now attached the members of the circle even him.


Kemar was asleep right next to Eddie. He looked peaceful. Eddie didn't want to wake him. He went to take a shower and when he came out Kemar was sitting up in the bed. "Hey sexy" he said. He had a look in his eyes. One that Eddie knew all too well. "Stay like that," he murmured. Then he crossed the room to the area that housed a coffeemaker, mini-fridge, sink, and bucket for ice. Eddie watched as Kemar pulled a plastic cup from the stack beside the coffeemaker and filled it with a little bit of water and some of the ice they'd stuck in the freezer earlier. Eddie almost groaned. Seriously? He's thirsty right now? But Kemar didn't drink the water. He brought the cup back over to where Eddie lay watching him and set it on the nightstand. Then he climbed onto the bed, lean thighs straddling Eddie's hips. Eddie licked his suddenly dry lips. Kemar's body really was beautiful-his chest toned but not bulky, waist trim and narrow, cock long and wet at the tip. Eddie reached out to touch it, but Kemar took hold of his wrists and pressed his arms back against the pillows. Kemar gave him a look that told Eddie to keep his arms where they were. His fingers trailed across Eddie's collarbone from shoulder to shoulder. "You know what I love?" he asked. Eddie shook his head, staring up at Kemar with wide eyes.

His own cock was nestled in the crease of Eddie's ass and happy to be there. He shifted his hips, rubbing lightly, and Kemar chuckled and swatted his thigh. "Stay still." Eddie gave a breathless laugh and stopped moving."I love your eyes," Kemar said. "I could get lost in them." He touched Eddie's collarbone again. "Your skin is perfect. I miss the taste of your skin" Eddie laughedagain. "Taste them then.""I will." Kemar's fingers skimmed across Eddie's chest to circle one of his nipples."And I'll taste you here." Over to the other one. "And here." He shifted, moving back onto Eddie's thighs, and those long fingers kept trailing down-past Eddie's belly button, the base of his cock, his balls, lower, to the place he wanted Kemar most. "Here too." Eddie moaned and spread his thighs a bit wider. "Do it. Please do it.""I will," Kemar said again. "Promise." Then he leaned down and followed the pathhis fingers had taken with his tongue.Eddie writhed on the bed as Kemar nipped and sucked on his nipples, as Kemar's tongue trailed lower and lower, paused to dip into his navel, and then continued on,along the crease where Eddie's pelvis met his thigh, across his balls and the sensitive place beneath. Then that tongue was at his opening, swirling, licking, pushing gently until his muscles relaxed. And just when Eddie thought the teasing

was over, that Kemar would finally slide his tongue inside and end the torture, Kemar abruptly pulled back and sat up.Eddie made a tormented sound. "D-don't. Please don't stop.""Not stopping," Kemar said as he reached for the cup of ice water he'd set on the nightstand earlier. "Just moving on to something better." He dipped two long fingers into the cup and fished out some ice, popping the small cubes into his mouth like candy. Eddie watched breathlessly as Kemar withdrew another. That one didn't go into his mouth with the rest. Instead he placed it against Eddie's sternum, smiling when Eddie shuddered at the cold, and slid it down, over the taut expanse of Eddie's abdomen, along the length of his throbbing cock, up to the tip, and there, at the spot just below the slit, he stopped and held the cube in place. Eddie almost came out of his skin. That tiny spot was the most sensitive area on hisbody. He liked it to be licked, touched, and he loved it when Kemar licked it.Eddie started trembling, unable to stop himself, his fingers curling into pillows behind his head and gripping tight. "Oh, God..." His hips jerked, whether to press into that cold little touch or pull away, Eddie didn't know, but just when it was getting to be too much, just when he'd parted his lips to utter a protest, Kemar suddenly released the ice cube and leaned down to put his mouth on Eddie's cock.Eddie's back bowed off the bed. "Fuck!" The inside of Kemar's mouth was cool, but warmer than the ice had been. He was sucking, taking Eddie's cock in deep,

and before Eddie even realized what was happening, Kemar had a finger in his ass,and he was coming like he'd never come in his life. His vision went black and he bucked on the bed, crying out Kemar's name. Kemar had replaced his mouth with his hand, stroking fast. Eddie felt the spatter of his release across his lower belly and moaned at the feel of it, almost hot in comparison to the cold air of the room."That's it," Kemar said softly. His voice sounded awed. "You're fucking gorgeous." All Eddie could do was moan again. He looked up at Kemar's face, his heart clenching at the tender expression he found there. "Kemar..."Kemar smiled at him, a dark, wicked smile that would have made Eddie hard againif his body had been capable. Kemar moved up on the bed, dragging his cock through the slippery warmth on Eddie's stomach. "Finally," Kemar said, his voice muffled. "I thought I was gonna die if I went another day without touching you."^^^^^^^Lavar was in a store shopping for clothes. You would think he developed a phobia after what happened but no, he was here buying clothes for Adrian. After what happened he was trying to get in his good graces. He didn't betray Adrian. He just didn't tell him that Hunters existed. Still, Adrian was pissed. While he was picking up a vest which he thought would go well with a blue v-neck shirt he started

hearing voices. He looked around but saw that no one was talking. He also noticedthat only 4 persons were standing where he was and he could hear dozens of voices. Amazing he thought. He wondered how far he could hear people's thoughts. He stretched his mind out to as far as he could and immediately wish he didn't. It was too much. He was hearing thousands of thoughts and he couldn't shutthem out. His head felt like it would explode but it didn't. Instead every glass and every window in the store began to explode. People would have thought he was crazy except everyone else was taking cover and had their hands on their head or was shielding their eyes. After a couple seconds when every glass was shattered in the store Lavar went into his car and drove off.


Michael and Oliver were in the woods practicing their magic. Before the binding ritual Michael was able to make plants grow. He knew he had and affinity for earth so now he was testing just how strong he really was. At first he assumed control over the vines, then he made the trees dry up before bringing them back to life. He also managed to create an earthquake but then lost control and now there was a hole about 400 meters wide and 5000 feet deep. He was now trying to put it back together. He had been trying for all of two minutes. "I don't understand how you could have caused a massive earthquake but you can't put back what you destroyed." Oliver was saying. "I could probably say a spell but I'm trying to practice on my affinity," was Michael's reply.

"Ok, you're trying too hard. Instead of trying to get everything to reverse itself try thinking about the way it was before you moved it then will it to happen." Michael did just that and then everything started falling into place. In the end it was like there was never an earthquake.


Oliver was pleased with his best friend. Not only had he caused and earthquake but he also filled a hole that that was 5000feet deep within seconds and he did it without a spell. Now it was Oliver's turn. Just like how Michael had the affinity forearth and Alex had the affinity for water he had the affinity for fire. He willed the flame into his hand like he always does, this time without the aid of a spell he held out his hand imagining the flame being throw .The flame went straight into the treeand scorched it. "Nice." Michael said. Oliver smiled. This time he held out his hands to the tree and flames kept shooting out turning the tree to ash in seconds. He was just getting started. He pictured the tree on fire and projected it into reality

Just like that another tree caught fire but he was just getting warmed up. One by one the trees caught fire until he was surrounded by burning trees. He was now surrounded by flames. "Um, you may wanna stop before it gets out hand." Michaelcautioned him but it was futile. "Get beside me." He said. The flames started getting brighter and larger and it slowly turned into a tornado of flames. Oliver was so caught up that he hadn't remembered that the forest stretched out for miles. He also didn't notice that the flames were spreading further away from him until Michael showed him. He tried commanding the flames but it was harder than he thought. He tried again and it stopped but only for a few seconds

"Oliver." Michael sounded worried. So was Oliver but he couldn't show it. He tried once more this time closing his eyes and imagining the flame going out, all at once the flames were extinguished but evidence of a wildfire remained.


Semoi and Alex were near the harbor. No one was present just them. Semoi watched as Alex tried out his knew abilities, first he walked on water, then he turned the lake into ice, summoned a huge tidal wave and now he was trying to create water out of thin air by manipulating the water molecules. Semoi was bored.

Freezing the water was interesting and the tidal wave was cool but this was ridiculous. "Ok, you had your turn." The green eyed boy said. "Let's see what I can do, strike." Just then there was a crack of lightning then two then three and finally one came right in front of him. He smiled and the sky went grey. Tornados started forming around him and lightning kept flashing more frequently. "More!" Semoi said. Tornados started appearing on the water and rain started to pour. The waves kept getting bigger and Alex had to manage to calm them down but the winds kept coming. "You need to call it off." Alex said. "Ok." Semoi said but no matter what he did the storm kept getting worse then suddenly a tree was struck with lightning and it fell on him. ^^^^^^^Alex started to panic. Semoi was unconscious and there was a storm going on. A storm which Semoi started and which should have stopped the moment that he got knocked out. He managed to dissipate the tornados which were around them but Semoi needed to be taken to a hospital. He tried calling Ian but no answer. He then tried Lavar but the service died. He had only one way of trying to reach someone and it was Lavar. Maybe Lavar's ability had increased and he could hear his thoughts no matter the distance. He had to hope. He had to try. Lavar! Lavar! Can you hear me? I need your help Semoi's unconscious help!


Lavar was about 2miles away from civilization. He had managed to get the voices out his head but only after reaching a certain distance. He tried opening up his mind but the only thoughts he heard were his own or the animals and he had managed to block them out Lavar! Lavar! Can you hear me? I need your help Semoi's unconscious help! It was Alex. But he was out of reach so how was he hearing his thoughts. Maybe it was some kind of spell. Alex I'm here what's wrong? It's Semoi he's hurt, we're near the harbor. Lavar he started a storm and it's pretty bad. Ok I'm coming just stay there.


Ian had asked Adrian to meet him in the library. Adrian was starting to regret it. The moment he walked in the room he felt the emotions of all 40persons present including Ian. He also could hear all their hearts beating and could tell what each beat and each pace meant. He had just seen Ian a couple feet away when all their visions and images flashed through his mind. That's when he lost it. Books started flying, shelves collapsing, desks lifting and turning over then suddenly everything froze. It was Ian somehow he had managed to freeze everything; from the teachers and students to the shelves and books. The images and emotions weren't frozen butit wasn't hard to deal with. "I've been accidentally freezing and unfreezing ever since I woke up." Ian said. "I've finally got it locked." He said smiling his white teeth. Adrian found himself wondering what would happen if he dated Ian. He was a nice guy. He had the looks, the personality and the body that screamed boyfriend material but Ian didn't do boyfriends. He knew Ian had a crush on him the same as Lavar but how long would that last after they hooked up? "So how long does this freezing thing last?" Adrian asked instead. "Half an hour" "That gives me enough time to fix this mess."


After Eddie left Kemar had Kyle come over. "We are going hunting." He said. They were now in front of what looked like a mansion. "You can go now. I'll call you if I need you to teleport me back." He said to Kyle. Kyle just shook his head. "I'm not leaving you to battle hunters by yourself." Kyle simply told him. They walked up where two men were guarding the front door."Do you want me to teleport us in?" Kyle asked. Kemar smiled. "All I need you to do is teleport the guns if they're holding any." "What about these guys?" "They're gonna let us in." and they did. Right before they fell dead. Kemar and Kyle walked in. One look from Kemar and they all fell to the ground. Kyle had no idea how he was doing it. He didn't even need to teleport the guns because the men were all falling dead.

They reached the basement where they saw three men in robes. "You'll burn in hell." One of them cried. "Funny you should say that." Kemar said."Do you know what it's like to burn?" The man instantly fell and started rolling on the floor like he was on fire. "What do you want?" Another man asked. "What I want is a peace of mind, what Ineed is for you and your hunter friends to leave me and my friends alone." Kemar had a look in his eyes. His eyes were dark like he had no soul. Kyle wanted to whimper and cower in fear even though he wasn't the one in trouble, even though he knew Kemar was just looking out for them; for Eddie. Kemar blamed himself for their capture. He knew they could have died under his watch. He was their leader, he was supposed to protect them and keep them safe and he had failed. NowKemar was going to do everything in his power to keep them safe. Power, beforethe ritual Kemar could cast glamour, now he could make you see and feel whatever he wanted. He could control your mind, body and soul."You're going to tell me everything you know. And if you have killed less than 3 warlock then I won't kill you" "Please I'm begging you; I have a wife and kids."The last of the 3 men was saying.

"Begging?" Kemar hissed "There is no redemption for you! There is no begging when you kidnap our kind and slaughter them like animals! You will tell me what I want to know and you will do it now." Kyle was relieved and felt guilty when Kemar let both men live. Instead he wiped their memories clean and ensured that they would never harm anything that was alive.


Eddie was looking out his window when he saw a flash of lightning and the sky went black instantly. He knew immediately that there was something supernatural about the weather. He went to find the others and saw Michael and Oliver coming through the campus gate. Just then a lightning struck the light pole hovering over their heads. Before it could fall and cause any damage it froze. "Please tell meneither of you conjured up a storm." Ian said. The boys shook their heads and ran inside just as Ian unfroze the pole and set it back down. "The lights are out." Adrian came up saying. "The pole was just struck." Eddie responded. "Maybe we should say a spell that will stop the storm." Oliver said. They were all up in Michael's room when Adrian said he wasn't up to doing any spells. "Oh no, Alex and Semoi are at the beach training." Michael announced. "Do you think they could have started the storm?" Ian asked. "I wouldn't put it pass Semoi" Adrian said. "Me neither." said Oliver. Just then Eddie who was standing near Alex's bed had a vision. He saw a distraught Alex holding a lifeless Semoi's body in the rain.

Eddie came out the vision gasping for breath. It was the 1st time he had a vision while he was awake."I saw them. Alex was holding Semoi is in his hands. He looked like he unconscious." "We have to go get them." Michael stated the obvious. In the end only Eddie and Ian went to get them. Eddie thought that he could use Ian's freezingand that Oliver wasn't much use in the rain. He also said that Michael and Oliver would be better off trying to stop the storm. What he didn't say was that Adrian was unstable to cast a spell and to help Semoi and Alex.

They were driving on the road and Lightning was clapping every second. Eddie could just imagine what damage the storm was causing. Destroying people's houses and taking lives. Each time Eddie had a premonition of a lightning that would cause damage Ian was there to freeze it. A lightning had just struck and Ian had frozen it before it could hit through the windshield when a tornado landed on the car, lifted it up and threw it crashing into the trees. The car did a twirl in the air and landed upside down. ^^^^^^^^Kyle was teleporting back to school. Kemar lived 8miles from school and the mansion they raided was only half the distance. Apparently he couldn't teleport further than 2miles. It was a major improvement than before the ritual he considered. He was only able to teleport as far as he could see but now he can just think of a place within a 2mile radius and he was there. He was now about a mile and a half from school when he saw a car got picked up by a tornado and then got thrown towards a tree. It was Eddie's car. He teleported into the car, put his hand around Ian and Eddie then teleported them into his room. ""How did you?" Ian was about to ask but Eddie cut him off. "You've got to get to the harbor. Semoi's unconscious and Alex is with him." Without another thought Kyle teleported to the harbor.


Lavar got to Semoi and Alex Fifteen minutes after speaking telepathically. Lavar was going to be a doctor and he had a first aid kit in his car. Semoi's head was bleeding and he was unconscious. He wrapped the bandages on his head. He and Alex were carrying Semoi to his car when Kyle appeared. "He needs to get to a hospital." Lavar told Kyle. Kyle placed his hands on Semoi's head and then he wasgone. When Lavar and Alex were entering the school gate he said. "That was a neat spell you did." Alex looked puzzled. "What spell?" "The one when you sent me a message saying Semoi was hurt." "That wasn't a spell. I hoped that you would be able to hear me. I was surprised when you replied. I never thought you could do that." "My power doesn't surpass two miles." Lavar said.^^^^^^Michael and Oliver had cast 3 spells and none of them worked. The first spell didn't do anything. The second stopped the storm for a few seconds and the last spell stopped the storm for a few minutes. "Maybe you should try." Oliver said to

Adrian. "The last thing we need is for the storm to get worse." Adrian replied. "I don't understand. Shouldn't the storm have stopped since Semoi is out cold?" Michael asked. "He's unconscious not dead." Adrian answered. "Our power has been increased tenfold. We should be able to stop a storm; if not individually then together." Oliver was saying. "Semoi's special power is to manipulate the weather. That means he has the advantage even if we are doing weather spells." Adrian explained. "You've always been able to perform powerful spells. Now that your power has increased tenfold you should either be able to cancel out Semoi or stop him." Oliver said. "You won't know until you try." Michael encouraged him. A spell began forming in Adrian's mind. What did he have to lose? I am strong no longer weak To stop this storm is what I seek No more disaster no more pain Stop the lightning and the rain Powers of the weather come to me Stop this storm I command thee Adrian repeated the words out loud and instantly the storm stopped. A few hours later and the sky was blue without a single cloud in sight.


For the next two weeks everything went back to the way it was. Semoi had recovered and was now in total control of his powers. Adrian however was falling in love with both Lavar and Oliver. It wasn't hard to. Lavar kept charming him and making him smile. He was also his best friend. He told him everything; well everything except that he was seeing Oliver. Oliver and Lavar were very different and brought out different sides to Adrian. When he was with Oliver he felt wild and free but with Lavar there were certain grounds he did not cross. With Oliver healways felt a desire to be with him and he forgot all about Lavar. The circle had learned that they could communicate with each other in their minds regardless of the distance. Everyone agreed that they would use it if they ever gotin trouble and needed help. Some however used it for other purposes. Kemar andEddie no longer texted, Semoi, Michael and Alex used it to cheat and Lavar occasionally sent Adrian messages during class. He was wondering how long itwould take before Lavar read Oliver's mind and found out his boyfriend was cheating on him.


Everyone was at the beach except for Semoi and Oliver. They kept casting spells and using their powers to have fun. Kemar and Eddie was making out. Lavar and Adrian left them and went for a stroll underneath the pier. It was anobvious place for a lovers' tryst, and that gave Adrian a frisson, half of fear andhalf of excitement, as Lavar pulled him into the shadow of one of the pillars.Because it was an obvious place for a lovers' tryst, though, it was that much less likely that anybody would interrupt them. He caught faint moans and sighs fromeach side of them, and knew that other couples were taking advantage of theadvancing twilight and the shelter of the pier. They were too intent on their own business to have any interest in his.

He wondered if it was something about the sea air that put people in the mood. Or maybe it was the fact that they were on holiday, away from the cares and responsibilities of day-to-day working life. The sense of danger added an element of excitement that had Adrian's cock leaking into his underpants even though Lavar had not so much as touched him. He'd never felt so randy in his life before.

Lavar placed his hands softly on his chest and backed him up against the rough,weathered wood of the pier. He kissed him thoroughly, bruising his lips with his urgency before working his tongue into his mouth to play it against his. When he pulled away, his eyes looked almost black in the uncertain light, dilated as his pupils were with his arousal. He ran his hands down Adrian's chest and over his stomach, working with efficient, practiced movements to undo his fly. Then he went down on the sand on his knees in front of him.

Adrian almost swallowed his tongue. He was... Christ, he was going to suck himoff. He found that he was trembling with desire and anticipation. When Lavarpulled Adrian's trousers down, far enough to let his cock bob free, he thought for amoment that he might come right there, shooting his cum into Lavar's brown hair.The thought almost made sure that he did, and he trembled for a moment on thevery edge of control. He leaned his head back against the pillar and wriggled,trying to ground himself, and he felt the roughness of the wood, wind- andweather-bleached, as it abraded the skin of his buttocks. He felt the heat of Lavar'sbreath on his cock, and he ran his fingers into that beautiful brown hair, not pullinghim closer but enjoying the silken texture of the strands between his fingers. Heheard a desperate whimper of encouragement and thought it came from one of the other couples engaging in some hanky-panky under the pier before he realized thathe had voiced it himself.

It was so husky and tortured that at first he hadn't recognized the involuntary sound as coming from his own throat. He caught his breath as Lavar delicately flicked his tongue over the sensitive thread of flesh beneath his foreskin, then circled his tongue around the head, dipping his tongue in quick, shallow movements into the slit at its tip. Then he took him all the way into his mouth,enveloping him in hot, wet velvet. Adrian resisted the urge to thrust. His cock throbbed as Lavar bobbed his head, his lips, sticky with saliva, sliding from root to tip, making arousal coil in Adrian's gut like a spring that had been wound too tight. At any moment, he might snap. He knotted his fingers harder in Lavar's hair and panted, and he heard Lavar give a brief laugh, felt the vibration of it go down his shaft to the root of his cock and into his balls. He was conscious of a rapid, rhythmic, moist sound and realized that Lavar was pulling himself off as he sucked Adrian's cock.

The thought sent him over the edge, and, as Lavar hollowed his cheeks, massaging him and sucking, he came in a wave of sensation that had him thrusting, despite what he had promised himself. Thrusting and thrusting, coming and coming, as Lavar swallowed him down, and then withdrew. Adrian slumped back against the pillar, dizzy, and looked down just in time to see Lavar spilling thick strands of white semen into the sand. Adrian began to come back to himself as Lavar took a paper napkins from his pocket and wiped them both down, making himself decent then tucking Adrian back into his trousers and buttoning him up as he sought for air and for clarity. They settled themselves on the sand, leaning their backs againstthe pillar, leaning against one another, their fingers entwined. For a while they satin comfortable silence, content in each other's company, feeling no need to speak.

Lavar lifted Adrian's hand to his lips and kissed his knuckles, and Adrian allowedhis eyes to briefly flutter shut before turning his head to give Lavar a weary smile.Lavar returned it with a charming flash of his sharp white teeth in the encroachingtwilight. "That was..." Adrian had never been a man of many words, and now he foundthat, although he knew what he felt, he didn't know how to say it. But, as it turned out, he didn't have to.

It was, wasn't it?" Lavar squeezed his fingers and Adrian returned thepressure, grateful that he didn't have to put his tumultuous feelings, his sense ofstrange, tumbling joy, into words




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