Warning: This story contains gay, homosexual content and may depict fantasy and mythological creatures differently than how they are socially portrayed. I deeply apologize if you are offended in any way by the characters or any part of the story, really, I'm sorry T-T 

  The night was clear, stars decorated the sky like diamonds, and the full moon shone beautifully on the Earth. There, in an open space of the forest, was a band of bards. The bards were in a small group, consisting of only six members that were pros at any instrument -- even their vocals were amazing -- with the genders evenly distributed: 3 males and 3 females. They were gathered around a campfire to fight against the chilly night. The group, however small, was just as lively as a giant band. They were all happily playing their instruments and telling stories, however, their night of fun was about to come to an end.

  "The brave knight stood valiantly in front of the monster," one male bard was in the midst of story telling, "he stared at the viscous eyes of the creature and shouted at him, 'Creature of the dark, your reign of tyranny has come to an end! Now die! Die on my blade and may the souls of those departed by you live in piece!' He charged at the monster but, as expected, the beast had fight in him! The two clashed, no side gaining the advantage, until the creature leaped out at the knight and the knight ducked, finding the weak point of the beast, and drove his sword through his heart. The beast let out a cry like, Awooooooo!"

  "Kya! What was that!?" One of the female bards jumped and looked frantically in every direction.

  "My dear, that was me imitating the cry of the beast!" The story teller chuckled.

  "No, that sounded too real to be you," she looked frantically again.

  "Heh, that means my imitation skills are pretty amazing if they sound that realistic!" He and the other bards laughed. 

  "You all can laugh, but I know what I heard," she gave them all a hard stare before extinguishing the fire, "Goodnight!" She said sternly.

  The rest of the bards groaned, "What a party pooper," "She must be dillusional," "My imitation was pretty good right?" "Very convincing!" "Anyways, since the fire's out, might as well sleep, good night!" Everyone slept on the moist soil, sacks and satchels used as pillows.

  The male bard awoke as he felt his hands fall in something that was warm and wet. Checking it, he gasped in fear, next to him was the body of the "dillusional" female bard, lying in a pool of her own blood. He examined the body and saw her body was badly mutilated, as if something dug for her intestines. 

  "U-uh, s-sir?" A quivering voice spoke to him. He turned to see the rest of the bards huddled together, distant from him. They wore fear on their faces as their bodies trembled. 

  "What's...wrong with you guys?" He asked softly and slowly, with a hint of fear in his voice. One of the female bards pointed at him, knowing what was causing all the terror was behind him. He slowly turned, fearing what he might see, but all he saw was a blurred image as scream mixed with the chilly air.

  His eyes swung open with a jolt, waking up from a bad dream. The incubus got up and placed his face in one hand, and another rested on a tree for support, trying hard to remove the image of the horrors in his dream. He heard a rustling sound as he looked and saw the naked knight toss around the make shift bed of clothes in his sleep. Kevin smiled, and the thought seemed to magically leave his mind. "Why is he so cute in his sleep?" 

  As if he overheard his question, Arthur's eyes slowly opened and a cuter smile fell on his face, "Well, good morning Kevin," he said groggily, yet still a hint of happiness.

  "Good morning to YOU," Kevin pointed at Arthur's morning wood, "seems you slept well!" He chuckled.

  Arthur looked down at his erections and playfully despaired, "Oh no! My member seems to be uncomfortable. Is there anyway someone can help?" He smiled at Kevin.

  Kevin took the hint and moved closer to Arthur, and his wood. "Hmm, nothing that I can't fix!" He said playfully, as he dove down and swallowed Arthur's dick whole. 

  "Ungh, fuck..." Arthur moaned as he propped his head up with one hand, and guided Kevin's head up and down his cock with the other. "You seem to be enjoying this a bit too much," he commented after seeing Kevin's raging boner -- however, Arthur learned about the permanent erections of incubi. "Hgnh!" He exhaled sharply as Kevin continued to slurp his dick and used his tounge to play with the tip of his member's head. "Aww fuck yeah! You like that cock in your mouth, don't ya?"

  "Mhmm," Kevin muffled though his dick sucking. He then proceeded to finger Arthur's wet hole.

  "Ah, shit!" Arthur groaned at the arrival of the fingers in his ass, and he spilled some precum out his member. Kevin began to lick up the salty juice oozing from Arthur and continued to engulf his dick, tounge swirling all around the meat in his mouth. "Damn, this feels great!" Arthur moaned even louder and more sexually. The action was getting Kevin so hot, he began to violated his own ass with his tail. Arthur looked at the scene, "Shit Kevin, that's hot!" He forced Kevin to suck his dick harder and faster by pushing and pulling his head up and down his dick. 

  "Fuck, I'm gonna come!" Arthur yelled. Kevin took this chance and shoved his whole fist into Arthur's ass, "Fuck!" Arthur forced Kevin to swallow his whole dick and kept it there as he shot his load down Kevin's throat. "OH MY GOD! FUUUUUCK!" Arthur cried out as he came. 

  He released Kevin as he swallowed his entire load. "Damn Kevin, you incubi know how to swallow loads too!" Kevin just smiled as he took his fist out of Arthur's hole and used both his hand to jack himself off, his tail also continued to fuck his ass harder and deeper.

  "Fuck, I'm close!" Kevin exclaimed as he positioned himself over Arthur's dick, facing him. 

  "Aw yeah babe! Shoot your load on me!" Arthur's words seemed to have done the trick as Kevin roared, shooting his monster load onto Arthur's face and body. Arthur began to lick his mouth to get the cum he could reach with his tounge, and then swallowed all the cum he gathered on his face with his hands. Kevin decided to help Arthur out by slurping up all the cum that landed onto Arthur's giant pecs and washboard abs. He gulped it down and Arthur remarked, "Shit, seeing a guy swallow his own cum is fucking hot," They laughed as the two came in closer to share a loving kiss.

  They reached the outskirts of Astraia, a village with a bustling market place. "Okay Arthur, here's the plan. You get in that market place and buy the biggest cloak you can find, then come back and meet me here," Kevin instructed.

  "But why do I have to buy clothes for you? I rather travel and see you naked all the time!" Arthur complained.

  "Well, I need a disguise in order to roam the world. I can only retain a human form, not magically put on a pair of clothes!" Kevin replied, in his human form.

  "Aw, but I like your wings, and your tail, and your cute little horns," Arthur objected, "But I guess you're right, other people would feel uncomfortable if they saw you walking around bare skinned. Alright, I'll get going," Arthur headed off to the gates of the village, wearing his armor but holding his helmet close to his hips.

  He entered the busy market place as people frantically walked around, buying goods before they were gone. The smell of delicious cooking meat was in the air, and his belly rumbled. He followed the scent and found himself in front of a pub. Deciding with his stomach, he walked into the place and found lots of people chatting and eating. He made his way to the bar and called up the bartender, a bald man with a mustache and muscles that looked like his shirt would rip at any second. "Hey, can I get an order of beef please? Oh, and do you sell any large cloaks?" 

  "Yes and yes! Beef up chef!" He turned and yelled at the kitchen. "Now what's a stud knight like you doing here?"

  "Oh, nothing much. Just happened to pass by," the bartender bent down and pulled out a giant cloak from behind the bar, "Thanks! That'll do just fine!" Arthur held the cloak and turned his head, something caught his attention. "Ay, what's with him?" He nodded at a man with messy, shoulder length hair in ripped clothes that still hid his cock, but revealed an amazing sculpted body. He was spazzing and muttering to himself.

  "Ah, him? He's just nuts! He came in here crying over the death of his friends. Said they all got killed by some creature in the forest last night. I highly doubt it will live through tomorrow though, this village is home to a very experienced knight corps, and they are going to send a patrol to kill the monster tonight," the bartender explained, "Anyways, here's your beef!" He laid a plate of delicious smelling beef in front of Arthur. 

  He sniffed the aroma and grabbed his utensils, "Thank you for the food!" As he stabbed the beef, he turned back at the tattered man and jumped as he came face to face with him.

  "Kill it, before it kills you," he said in a grave voice before walking back to his table, muttering and shaking.

  After finishing his meal, Arthur went back to Kevin and brought him the cloak. "Wow! Surprised they had one my size," Kevin commented as he wrapped the cloak over himself and hid his body behind it. 

  "Yeah...hey, in the pub, I met a weird man. He looked very unstable, but the bartender told me that he witnessed his friend being killed by a monster in the woods," Arthur explained.

  "These woods?" Kevin looked back and his eyes shot open, "I don't think we should sell his story short. I can definitely feel an ominous presence in these woods. We should get going!"

  "Wait!" Arthur tugged on Kevin's cloak, "He also told me that a patrol of knights was going to confront the monster tonight. Maybe we should help, I feel that the patrol won't be enough. Anyways, the crazy guy also told me 'Kill it, before it kills you,' so it must be high class monster,"

  "Hmm...you're right. A patrol of knights won't even stand close to this monster. Look, I think that's them!" Kevin pointed at a group of around 10 men plated in silver armor.

  "What should we do? Should we try to stop them?" Arthur asked, troubled.

  "No, we'll follow them. Most likely, they will lead us to the monster," Kevin answered.

  The moon was high up in the sky. The patrol they followed was sleeping on the dirt space in the woods, while Kevin and Arthur camped on trees above them.

  "You sure the guy wasn't crazy?" Arthur whispered.

  "I don't think so, I felt an ominous feeling earlier so the monster may still be here," Kevin whispered back.

  "Hmph, maybe your senses are a little off," Arthur said to himself. Suddenly, there was a sound of twigs snapping, and the two jolted on their branches. Following that up was a loud howl that woke up a few of the soldiers. Kevin and Arthur looked on silently as the soldier cautiously got up, one by one, huddled tightly together, weapons in hand. Then, out from the shadows of the trees, a figure darted out and attacked the soldiers. It had a muscled body that was extremely attractive, pointy ears like a wolf, shirt silver hair, and relatively smooth skin, aside from its hairy forearms and legs that had sharp claws coming out of it. And it was definitely male since a pair of nice big balls dangled from his pelvis, as well as a big erect cock -- about 10 1/2" in length. The two in the tree exchanged looks of fear.

  "You've got to be kidding me, the monster in these woods is one of the highest rank of monsters, a werewolf!?" Arthur exclaimed over the voice of screaming men.

  The werewolf continued his assult as the men lay unmoving on the ground, aside from one lone survivor. He stood, shaking in fear as the wolf came closer and closer to him, and just as the wolf was about to strike, Kevin dashed out from his hiding spot and charged at the werewolf. A little late, since the soldier fell to the ground already. The wolf growled in anger and started to strike at Kevin, who tried to dodge, but his cloak would get ripped and torn. So he jumped back and reverted to his incubus form, his horns, wings, and tail tearing the cloak off him. "Alright big boy! Time to get serious!" He charged at him once again, this time, nails extended and lashing out. However, the werewolf kept dodging and tried to get a few hit in.

   On the side, Arthur was checking up on all the soldiers. He made sure to check if any were still alive. As he placed his fingers to check their pulse, he found something unusual. "Weird, they are all still alive, and no blood was spilled," he checked the bodies and found their armor to be torn at the waist, revealing their dick and butts. "Hmm...wait a minute," Arthur rushed to the fight.

   Kevin kept attacking but to no avail, he could not make contact with the swift werewolf. But what bothered him was that the wolf was drooling during the fight, as if he was enjoying something. "Kevin! The werewolf really means no harm to guys, he's gay and just wants some sex!" Arthur shouted.

  Kevin stared at the werewolf, "Is that true?" He then looked at himself and back at the drooling face of his opponent. "That would explain a couple thing!"

  The werewolf hung his head down, "Yes," he replied in a gruff voice, "It's true. I just wanted to fuck some guys, and that group there looked like a good bet, but then you came along. Honestly, I think I hit the jackpot!"

  Kevin took his chance and knocked the werewolf onto the ground, staring deep into his eyes and charming him like he did to Arthur. "Now then, wolf, you will get the fucking you want!" Kevin shouted, with authority.

  "Oh boy!" The werewolf hung his drooling tounge out and breathed quickly as he wagged his fluffy tail in excitement. "No need to be gentle!"

   "Oh I don't plan to be, now then, suck my dick," Kevin ordered. With an eager mouth, the werewolf easily engulfed the head of his penis and made his way down the entire length of it, gagging and struggling as he tried to get the last half of it. "Mmm...fuck! You really are horny, taking in half my dick already!" Kevin moaned, "Let me help you with the rest!" He grabbed the werewolf's head from behind and rammed his dick down the back of his throat and began to face fuck him. "Aww, fuck! You are one slutty bitch! Oh shit! Mmm...fuck yeah!" Kevin moaned loudly as he continued to fuck the werewolf deep in his throat.

  Arthur came up to the scene, stripping as he did. "I want in on this!" He was completely naked and revealed his studly body, along with his hard dick.

  "Alright then, wolfie, get on all fours and let Arthur here fuck your ass!" The werewolf complied, with only muffles from enjoying Kevin's dick down his throat. 

  Arthur came up from behind, held the werewolf tightly from the hips, and slammed his dick into his ass. The werewolf mad a muffled yelp. But continued to take in the intense face and ass fucking at the same time. "Fuck! This bitch's hole is so tight!" Arthur groaned as he pound the wolf's ass aggressively. "I bet you're enjoying this alot!"

  A muffled sound came from the werewolf, "Ugh!" Kevin moaned, "I think he's saying yes," Kevin grabbed onto the werewolf's hair and fucked his throat harder and deeper. 

  The threesome continued for a while, moans and groans becoming more louder and sexual, fucking became more intense, and soon, the threesome was about to blow. 

  "Hrrrgh! Ughhhh!" Arthur's breathing became more rapid, "Shit, I'm gonna shoot in your ass!" And he let out a series of shouts, indicating his climax. 

   "Fuck, that was awesome, Arthur!" Kevin panted. "You," ordering the werewolf and taking out his dick from his mouth, "lie on your back so you can fuck Arthur! Don't worry, I'll give you back my dick too, just not in the mouth," The werewolf was excited and happily turned over on his back. Arthur hopped on his dick and rode it up and down its whole length with his tight ass, while Kevin moved to the werewolf's anus and shoved his dick hard in the beast's ass. The werewolf let out a howl of pain and pleasure, while he had his cock ridden hard by a tight ass and his loosened ass took in a bigger cock that  brought him to state of full ecstasy.

  "Damn," the werewolf huffed, "You guys are amazing! I never had a fucking this great!" 

  "Urgh!" Kevin groaned, while drilling his ass deep and hard, "We're having a blast too, right Arthur?" 

   "Oh fuck yeah! This is the best threesome I ever had!" The three hunks continued to groan, moan, and fuck as their climaxes built up. "Ah shit! I'm gonna cum again!"

  "Me too! FUUUUCK!" The werewolf said back, while pumping his dick in and out of Arthur's ass.

   "Same here guys! FUUUUUUUCKING SHIT! I'm gonna blow!" Kevin roared as he fucked the werewolf's hole harder and faster.

  "Shit, here it comes!" They all yelled, and as they came together, they all let out sexual roars along with their cum. The werewolf, dumped his load into Arthur's tight ass, Kevin pumped all his cum inside the werewolf -- definitely and literally filling him with cum -- and Arthur shot all over the werewolf's smooth chest and abs. Arthur, being the cum slut he was, immediately gathered all the cum splattered on his chest and abs, and kissed the werewolf. "Mmm..." They shared the passionate kiss, and the sweet taste of Arthur down their throats. 

  Kevin took out his cum covered cock from the werewolf's hole and brought it between the two. "Can you guys help clean me off?" The two exchanged smiles and worked their mouths and tounge down Kevin's monster until it was cum free.

  "So what are we gonna do about them? More importantly, him?" Arthur asked Kevin, pointing to the group and the werewolf as he put on the last pieces of his armor.

   "Don't worry, I worked up a bit if a spell on them. They won't remember anything that happened. As for you," Kevin spoke directly at the werewolf, "You can...just go do whatever you want!" 

  "Really!? If that's the case, I wanna go with you guys! You're really fun!" He wagged his tail happily.

  "Um, I'm not entirely sure th-" Kevin started.

  "That's great! You should come join us on our adventure!" Arthur interrupted. "The more the merrier! What do you say, Kevin?" He flashed his cute smile of his.

  Kevin hesitated for a moment, but lost to Arthur's smile. "Fine, come join us if you want,"

  "Yay!" The other two cheered.

   "But we need to know your name, unless you prefer wolfie," Kevin stated.

  "Wolfie's fine, but my real name Lycano" he replied.

  "Lycano...Lyca...LYCO!!!" Arthur piped up, "How about we call you Lyco, it's shorter and easier to remember!"

  "Fine by me!" Lyco said.

  "Alright then, Lyco, glad to have you with us! Now let's go before these guys wake up. My sleeping spell is about to break!" 

  So the group grows bigger with the addition of Lyco. What will happen next for the group as they find more action, sex, and a bunch of other stuff?


P.S. I'm extremely sorry about the length of my stories, and apologize if it bores you. I'll try my best with the newer episodes though^^


Kev J.


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